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Will Provine (1942-2015): A Personal Remembrance

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Human Exceptionalism Prevails in New York

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Toppling Another Evolutionary Icon, ENCODE Data Suggests Endogenous Retroviruses Are Functional

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

SES Conference

Welcome to the 2015 annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics (NCCA). Every year, Southern Evangelical Seminary hosts one of the largest apologetics events in the country. Join us on  October 16-17 (the final lecture is on Saturday at 4:30pm) , as we discuss this years theme, "Ideas Have Consequences."  Every consequence, whether good or bad, ultimately begins with an idea. This year's conference will equip Christians to engage today's most prevalent ideas, encouraging attendees to speak words of grace, so they may "know answer each person" (Colossians 4:6). Help us spread the word by following our Facebook page! 

Syrian Refugees Greeted by Cheering Crowds in Munich

In recent days, officials in Germany welcomed thousands of refugees from Syria, and in Munich, a BBC crew captured this scene, where crowds gathered to welcome them into the country. The refugees, fleeing violence in Syria, were greeted with cheers, snacks and presents after arriving at train stations.

This Toddler ‘Ninja Warrior’ Is the Champion We've Been Waiting For

This toddler named Yoshi is such a huge fan of the athletic competition TV show American Ninja Warrior, his parents built him his own backyard course. As this clip attests, no obstacle is too great for the determination of young Yoshi. Admit it, it's by far the most adorable thing you will see on the Internet today.

This ‘Floating Card’ Trick Would Make David Blaine Jealous

Zach Mueller is a master of "cardistry." As this YouTube video demonstrates, the slight-of-hand wiz can somehow handle playing cards in a way that makes them appear to be floating in air. It’s an illusion so good that even David Blaine would be impressed.

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Greg Koukl explains how to be a consistent moral relativist

Relativism makes it impossible to criticize the behavior of others, because relativism ultimately denies that there is such a thing as wrong- doing. In other words, if you believe that morality is a matter of personal definition, then you can’t ever again judge the actions of others. Relativists can’t even object on moral grounds to racism. After all, what sense can be made of the judgment “apartheid is wrong” when spoken by someone who doesn’t believe in right and wrong? What justification is there to intervene? Certainly not human rights, for there are no such things as rights. Relativism is the ultimate pro-choice position because it accepts every personal choice—even the choice to be racist.

27. Why are Christians so judgemental?

Nathan Betts ( of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries answers the question "Why are Christians so judgemental?" This video is episode 27 of the "Short Answers to Big Questions" series, in which we take 50 of the most common questions and objections about Christianity and attempt to give short, succinct answers to each of them. In such short videos, we realise we can only often scratch the surface—nevertheless, we hope to give you lots of food for thought. Do feel free to download each video, circulate it to friends, or share it on social media. More about "Short Answers to Tough Questions": More about RZIM Canada:

6 Times Stephen Colbert Got Serious About Faith

I am an Atheist who is the world's biggest Stephen Colbert fan. It's interesting because as an Atheist, I watched the interviews with Mr. Ehrman and Mr. Zimbardo and what I saw was a completely different interview than what was described in this article. You see what you want to see. Those who are Evangelical Christians will see the interviews as they are described in this article. I think if you are a more moderate Christian (like Stephen) you will probably see it more like a civil debate between two people where both people make good points for their side of the argument. If you are a militant Atheist you may see it as the complete opposite of what's described in this article. I am not a militant Atheist. I am a comedy fan, which is why I love Stephen. I saw it as a man playing a character who is pretending to be willfully ignorant about what the guest is talking about and has told the guest as much prior to the interview. I saw a guest who is trying to disabuse the character Stephen of his ignorance. Stephen wants the guest to have fun and the audience to laugh. When he is doing his show, his main goal is to try to be funny, not to try to score a victory for Christianity.


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Why I Go To Church Even When I Don’t Feel Like It

I’ve benefitted from the sacrificial commitment and consistency of countless people who have welcomed me into community over the years, and now I recognize the invitation for me to do the same thing for others: to hold that space even on days when I don’t seem to personally benefit from it. When the songs don’t do anything for me, when I don’t want to talk with people about the difficult week I’ve had, or when I’d rather sleep in instead—it is then that I am invited to go to church anyway.

12 Books Every Social Justice Advocate Should Read

Any list of this nature is going to have haters just like trying to compile a top ten songs or movies of the century but thanks for taking the time as it certainly puts some more books into focus - i would agree with the need for a John Perkins book and although i have some questions about the Simple Way praxis having lived there for 18 months i would still suggest Shane Claiborne's Irresistible Revolution as the theology in there is solid... love Sarah Bessey but would not put Jesus Feminist on a top ten list - think it is perfect for people stuck in patriarchal ways but beyond that not so much and definitely would keep Michelle Alexander and The New Jim Crow and possibly add a book by Father Greg Boyle who lives out what he speaks which for me is the most important...

This Is the Best of Times, And the Worst of Times

In 1859, while Hudson Taylor was still in China [on his first missionary term before founding the China Inland Mission], a revival broke out in Northern Ireland that led to a religious movement so pivotal in British religious history that it came to be called the Revival or “Awakening of ’59.” . . . Although Taylor missed the first phase of the revival, he arrived in Britain in time to reap its benefits. As J. Edwin Orr noted, “there is reason to believe that the whole [of the China Inland Mission’s first] party [of 1866] was made up of converts and workers of the 1959 Awakening. . . . It is generally agreed that “something happened” in 1859–60, and that its ripples continued to reverberate for the rest of the century. (82–83, 85)

Resistance to toad toxin shows evolution can repeat itself

This striking convergence on a few evolutionary outcomes probably occurs because sodium channels play such a critical role in cells. “There are very few options for a gene to modify itself to develop resistance without impairing function,” says Casewell. “It suggests that in this system, evolution can be highly predictable.”

Signs of Life from an Unlikely Source

Gangsta rap is a stain on the rap genre, but we can’t allow it to define the genre. If N.W.A. and others wish to tell the story of self-centered, violent prowess, Christians enter into the genre telling a better story. In so doing, we redirect the fans of the genre to Christ. Instead of creating a narrative with the MC at the center, the Christian artist works within a master narrative that places Christ the King at the center. The Christian rapper does not live under the illusion that he is at the center of the story or in control of his own destiny, but urges his audience to give up this illusion in exchange for reality.

Prayer Movie ‘War Room’ Took the No. 1 Weekend Box Office Spot

A Christian film is officially the biggest movie in America. War Room , a movie about prayer from the Kendrick Brothers (the filmmakers behind faith-based flicks including Facing the Giants, Fireproof and Courageous ) has taken in nearly $28 million since its release two weeks ago, despite being produced on $3.5-million budget and receiving mostly negative reviews from critics.

Standing on the shoulders of giants: The preacher and his books

One of my favorite quotes is from Sir Isaac Newton, discoverer of the law of gravity. In a letter to Robert Hooke on February 5, 1676, Newton wrote, “If I have seen farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Newton saw farther than anyone had before, precisely because he was willing to learn from those who had gone before him. Just imagine what life would be like if all anyone ever knew was the knowledge they accumulated on their own. There would be no electricity, no light bulb, no telephone, no computers, no cars, no airplanes, no space travel, and, gasp, no iPhone. But because men learned from those who had gone before, these inventions and many more were possible. Sadly, many preachers like to work in an anti-intellectual vacuum, gleaning nothing from the God-gifted men who have gone before them. God has especially equipped the body of Christ with teachers, evangelist, and pastors. I thank God for men like Justin Martyr, Tertullian, Augustine, Anselm, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Newton, John Bunyan, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, and a host of others, who are, without a doubt, God’s gifts to the church.

Moses and Jesus Didn’t Have Their Dream Jobs By 30, Either

These traditional markers of success don’t mean as much to our generation, though. We care more about having financial independence right now than planning for a vague retirement 40 years down the road, and, because we are more mobile, we view home buying as more of an investment opportunity than a way of putting down roots. But even as we shrug off others’ expectations, we can still be haunted by the old narrative. As we watch peers on a more traditional path taking plum jobs or scoring big promotions, we wonder, “Shouldn’t I be further along in my career by now?”

Russell Moore Wants to Keep Christianity Weird

The public-policy leader for the largest US Protestant denomination isn’t worried over Christians’ loss of power. He says it might just be the best thing to happen to them.

The Duty Of Lower Magistrates To Face Down The Tyranny Of Same-Sex Marriage

The interposition of the lower magistrates is not subjective or lawless. There are only three reasons for open defiance to the higher civil authority. First, they are to oppose and resist any laws or edicts from the higher authority that contravene — violate, oppose, or contradict — the law or Word of God. Second, they are to protect the person and property of those who reside within their jurisdiction from any unjust or immoral laws or actions by the higher authority. Third, they are not to implement any laws or decrees made by the higher authority that violate the U.S. Constitution or their state constitution–and if necessary, resist them.

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A Franciscan Moment

T he exodus of the nones and the dones is a part of this phenomenon. They will not be won back by evangelical churches that echo the politically correct mantras of a waning mainline religion. They and others will be won only by a biblical vision of a full-sized God, transcendent and tender—the God, as St. Augustine said, who burns with love but is not consumed. But the evangelical church must be re-evangelized if the faith is to be passed intact to the rising generation. As parachurch groups like Campus Crusade and InterVarsity appealed to an earlier generation, so today movements such as The Gospel Coalition, Acts 29, and the Passion conferences are calling thousands of young Christians to take up their cross and follow Jesus—not the tame Jesus who would fit in well at a social gathering but the fierce Christ of Easter faith.

Don’t Fear the Future

In this new roundtable video , Tim Keller of Redeemer Presyberian Church in New York City and Russell Moore of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission talk with The Gospel Coalition editorial director Collin Hansen about our rapidly changing culture and the vital role Christians still play in it. Rather than being paralyzed by fear, we can help influence our world with the good news of grace. They also consider how we can testify to Christ’s power and whether we should lament what we’ve lost.

Pope Asks Catholic Leaders in Europe to Take in Syrian Refugees

Tens of thousands of Syrians have fled violence from the civil war and the spread of ISIS in the country, seeking safety in European countries. The crisis has been continuous among some political leaders who have limited the number of Syrians refuge-seekers their countries will accept. In his address, Pope Francis said , "May every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary of Europe host a family, starting from my diocese of Rome,” adding that, “the two parishes in the Vatican these days will welcome two families of refugees."

City of Baltimore Reaches $6.4 Million-Settlement with Freddie Gray’s Family

The family of Freddie Gray, who died from serious injuries sustained while in police custody, will receive $6.4 million from the city of Baltimore. The agreement must now be approved by an official that oversees spending. Six officers who were involved in Gray’s arrest and transport to jail—in which he sustained the fatal neck injuries—have been charged with various crimes including second-degree murder, though the city’s mayor released a statement saying the settlement “should not be interpreted as a judgment on the guilt or innocence of the officers facing trial.”

A possible reason why God permits suffering and evil: the soul-making theodicy

Have you ever had that happen to you? Where something terrible happened and you found yourself having to pray, and care for others, and drop all your plans, and be unselfish? It’s happened to me. In fact, I think this is one of the main things that Christians should be doing. We ought to respond to setbacks as if they were opportunities for us to show our real character. Don’t treat the needs and sufferings of others as something to avoid, treat it as your opportunity to be more like Jesus. I know that we all have dreams of things that we would like to do and achieve. But sometimes, an opportunity arises for us to imitate Jesus by being obedient with suffering, or by caring for the suffering of others by putting our own needs and desires second. It’s tempting to think that our super-duper plan to change the world is the most important thing, but it really isn’t. Don’t miss the chance to form your character when you suffer, or when someone close to you is suffering.

Speedy Ortiz Start a “Help Hotline” For Anyone Who Feels Unsafe at Their Shows

“We want to play shows that are built upon community, support and mutual respect,” says the band on a new flyer they put out about the hotline. “Together we can make shows safer and more inclusive for a wider community.” They continue on to note that they hope other bands will follow suit.

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@LeeStrobel : THE CASE FOR HOPE -- now nearly half off for pre-orders at GET YOURS TODAY!

Zelda Williams’ Message to Those Suffering from Depression: Hold on to Hope

Avoiding fear, sadness or anger is not the same thing as being happy. I live my sadness every day, but I don’t resent it anymore. Instead, I do it now so that the wonderful moments of joy I do find are not in order to forget, but to inhabit and enjoy for their own sake. It’s not easy. In fact, I’d say it takes much more effort to consciously do than it does to just stay sad, but with all my heart, I cannot tell you how worth it it is. And for those suffering from depression, I know how dark and endless that tunnel can feel, but if happiness seems impossible to find, please hold on to the possibility of hope, faint though it may be.

Don’t Let The Media Control Your Experience of Election 2016

That conversation has stayed with me. It reminds me that one of the biggest forces in an election year isn’t the candidates themselves but the journalists who want to win your eyeballs — on print pieces, online articles, television talk shows, or viral videos. There are more stories available to journalists when there are multiple candidates grappling for power and prestige.


Any parents are going to want to know that their child is responsible before they give the inheritance. Oftentimes parents test their children in small amounts before they are given a larger amount. The same is true with you spiritually. This life is your test. God is testing you to see what you do with little amounts before he trusts you with more in eternity. He’s watching what you do with that little bit of talent to see whether you’re going to be responsible enough to get greater talents in Heaven. He’s testing you to see how you handle the little bit of wealth he’s given you. How do you handle the relationships he’s given you? How do you handle the little opportunities he gives you?

Being a Champion to Your Wife and Kids (Part 1 of 2)

Carey: Well, quite naturally, I have my brothers that help keep me accountable, as well. And then, I even have a son who's 27 years of age that works with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, great, godly young man. His mother did a great job raising him. But asking one another the tough questions, but then, me tempted as a man, folks that I can call when I'm in a hotel room, when I know I can turn on that channel in my room. And then, not only that, but people lookin' me in the eye when I'm in public, with ladies and things that come around me and people that want to be around you. And not shutting the door in my office, if you will, but leavin' it cracked, if you will. But then, windows in your office when I pastored. That's what I did also; I had windows in every office of our staff.

Feedback: Why Are the Gospels of Matthew and John Different?

As an example, imagine if a family of four took a road trip. Suppose the father drives the car for a notable distance with both children awake, and then the mother assists him in the driving responsibilities while one child sleeps and the other child remains awake. Neither child would be incorrect in their observations if one of them later records that their father drove them out to a destination while the other child records that their father took them some distance and then their mother assisted him. No one would argue the legitimacy of either report, especially if either child’s point of view was in some way limited (as was very likely in the accounts of both Matthew and John given the lack of mobility in Jerusalem on Passover week). No one would contest the report of either child. Similarly, a straightforward reading of the Gospels presents numerous differences in perspective and detail that supplement each other but do not contradict.

Report: Nickelodeon Working on Movie Featuring a Bunch of Classic ‘90s Characters

A few days ago, we learned that executives from Nickelodeon were in talks to bring back classic characters from the network’s '90s heyday, now we’re getting a glimpse of what they might have in mind. According to The Tracking Board , Nickelodeon is working on a feature film that will star characters from shows including Rocko’s Martin Life, Hey Arnold!, Ren and Stimpy and Angry Beavers , joining together in an “ Avenger ’s-esque team-up” adventure. Their sources have told them that in addition to employing a “hefty amount of self-referential humor and charm” the Nicktoons movie also cites live action/animation mash-ups like Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Space Jam as influences. This all sounds well and good, but if Doug is not included in this massive '90s reboot, we will organize a protest.

Sam Smith Has Recorded the Next ‘James Bond’ Song

English pop star Sam Smith has officially recorded the theme song for the upcoming James Bond film Spectre . The new tune, “Writing’s On the Wall,” drops on September 25. As fans of the series probably know, some of the movies' signature songs are almost as memorable as the films themselves, with artists including Adele, Tina Turner and Duran Duran contributing music to the franchise over the years.

Judge: Kim Davis Can Go Free If She Does Not Prevent Marriage Licenses from Being Issued

I do not understand why she had to go to jail. Could she not have just been let go from her job? or resign? I guess she wanted to make a statement and be a hero by taking part in a stand off and being in contempt of court. Canada has had same sex marriage for nine years and it did not harm the institution of marriage as far as I can tell. No one wakes up and thinks, oh I think I will leave my marriage and become gay, do they?? Is that the fear in giving gay rights?

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Christian charity CSW makes religious freedom toolkit for MPs to raise awareness about persecution – Premier Premier

Mervyn Thomas, from CSW, told Premier: "It's the sort of dummies guide to raising awareness in whatever their sphere of influence and will hopefully make a difference to those who really matter - those in prison, those that are persecuted, those families of those that have even been martyred for their faith."

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Our youngest guest ever was on Woman to Woman today: 3 month old Brielle was joined by her mother and @Childrencan !

White House releases footage of President Barack Obama and Bear Grylls' Alaskan adventure – Premier Premier

The White House has released footage of President Obama and Bear Grylls cooking a fish that was half eaten and discarded by a bear, which the Christian adventurer stumbled upon a river bank.

Massive Stonehenge-like Monument Discovered in England

Researchers have found a giant circular monument made up of about 100 huge rocks, just two miles away from England’s legendary Stonehenge. Archeologists believe the structure is about 4,500 years old. It was discovered three feet underground using radar by researchers with the Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project. One of the archaeologists told The Guardian , “What we are starting to see is the largest surviving stone monument, preserved underneath a bank, that has ever been discovered in Britain and possibly in Europe.” Using their radar images, artists with the project created images of what they think the monument looked like. Researchers say the discovery completely uproots previous assumptions about the history of Stonehenge. Somewhere, the men of Spinal Tap are working on writing a new song.

Assisted Dying Bill puts vulnerable people at risk without improving access to care, say experts – Premier Premier

A group of experts which specialises in end of life care has warned vulnerable people will be put at risk if MPs back the Assisted Dying Bill.

Frank Turek - Should You Do Your Job or Obey Your Conscience?

Should Christians ever disobey their government? Some say no. But Kim Davis sides with Martin Luther King and thinks civil disobedience is justified. Ms. Davis is the Rowan County Kentucky clerk who spent five days in jail for refusing to put her name on same sex marriage licenses. Claiming to be a new Christian, Ms. Davis is also a long-time Democrat.

Burkina Faso bishops call for "peaceful, free and transparent" elections – Premier Premier

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Anderson discusses the social science evidence that kids flourish best with moms and dads, he shows how sexual orientation is not like race, and he illustrates the false tolerance that is often propagated in the name of “inclusion.” For instance, Apple didn’t like the message of the Manhattan Declaration , and removed it from the App Store. Anderson defends the right of Apple to do this! And yet he points out the irony of this statement by Tim Cook, Apple CEO: “Our message, to people around the country and around the world, is this: Apple is open. Open to everyone, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, how they worship or who they love”. As Anderson observes, Apple’s message should be: “Apple is closed. Closed to those with beliefs we disapprove of” (p. 115).

Speaking Up or Keeping Silent in Science Class

Scripture clearly states that at certain times silence is a virtue. Yet at other times remaining silent is wrong, cowardly, and traitorous. The question for many creationist students is: how can we know when to “keep silence” and when to speak? While the Bible doesn’t offer a specific answer for each particular situation, it does give principles that can help you evaluate each situation you face. These guidelines will help you wisely assess not only when, but also how to speak up.

Tebow Time Is Over ... For Now

Tim Tebow's NFL comeback appears to be over ... for now. This weekend, the Philadelphia Eagles made their final round of roster cuts before the start of the NFL Thursday, and among the players not to make the team was former Heisman trophy winner, humanitarian activist and noted sideline prayer warrior Tim Tebow. Despite the news—which was somewhat unexpected considering the team traded fellow back-up QB Matt Barkley days before—Tebow took the high road, Tweeting out a thank you message to the team for the opportunity.

Ligonier Ministries

During Jesus’ earthly ministry, one of the primary ways He would instruct His disciples was through parables. People would gather from far and wide in order to listen to what Jesus said about the kingdom of God, and the most common way He would explain the kingdom was in parables. But what does God want us to learn from these parables? In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul examines several parables of Jesus, exploring the rich truths they reveal about who Jesus is and what He came to achieve through His life, death, and resurrection.

The Difference Between Great Leaders and Leaders Who Appear Great

Who can tell you “no”? Who feels safe to meet with you one-on-one and lovingly confront you? If 2-3 people don’t immediately come to mind, you have a problem. No matter how long you’ve been in leadership, no matter how solid your character or relationship with God, you must be accountable to someone else. Whether this is a Board of Directors, elders, or close friends who’re willing to “tell it like it is”, please protect yourself and those you lead by being accountable. It’s too easy to believe the accolades of people who’re depending on you for a paycheck or who see you as someone with spiritual authority. Find 2-3 people who don’t depend on you for anything, who you can trust to be honest and upfront with you. Andy Stanley stated at a recent Catalyst One Day conference that, “The more influential you become, the more accountability you should have.” I couldn’t agree more.

Queen's Chaplain says "the Queen knows that God knows her heart very thoroughly" – Premier Premier

Canon Ann Easter, the Queen's Chaplain told Premier that: "My mum and her Majesty were born in the same year and I know how much her faith meant to my mum - in a very simple and straight foward way - and my feeling is probably with the Queen it's just the same.

NT Blog: The End of the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife Forgery Debate

A masterful overview of and retrospective on the scholar's case for forgery. The link to Suciu and Lundhaug's blog post of Sept 27, 2012, is particularly pertinent, since it was there that the true nature of line 6 of the fragment was unraveled, first by their accepting my suggestion for the interpretation of the verbal prefix 'mare-', and second by their noticing that 'e' was overwritten over 'i', so that what appeared to be 'ene' was actually intended to be 'eine' ('bring'). Also notable for the late (Oct 9th) comment by Richard Budelberger that the missing direct-object marker on line 1 mirrored the 2002 version of my interlinear, which was I believe the first public statement of that, although you had noticed it earlier and (after a comedy of errors) it became a blockbuster on NT Blog two days later.

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Christian clerk Kim Davis released from jail in gay marriage spat – Premier Premier

A Christian county clerk in Kentucky who has repeatedly defied court orders by refusing to issue marriage licenses for same sex partners has been released from jail.

Bear Grylls: Christian faith is "strong backbone in my life" – Premier Premier

"I will give it my all, but will you help me? It's never more complicated than that. I probably don't go to church enough, but my faith is a quiet, strong backbone in my life, and the glue to our family."

Premier Christian on Twitter

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