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Going Deeper Together Marriage Conference

Week 5: Can God make a rock so big he can’t lift it?

Week 5: Can God make a rock so big he can’t lift it?

10 Upcoming Album Anniversaries That Will Make You Feel Old

A healthy dose of nostalgia.

Doctor Sued for Saying No to Euthanasia

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Coldplay Previews New Material Live at Global Citizens Fest

No word yet on when Coldplay will drop their supposedly final album A Head Full of Dreams. But over the weekend Chris Martin and co premiered a new song called “Amazing Day.” “This is about the wonderful things on earth,” Martin introduced the track. Listen to the British band’s ode to joy below.

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According to an independent analysis conducted by the Guttmacher Institute at the request of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), in 21 percent of the counties with a Planned Parenthood health center, we are the only safety-net family planning provider and in 68 percent of the counties with a Planned Parenthood health center, we serve at least half of all safety-net family planning patients. Without Planned Parenthood, many patients would not have timely access to basic reproductive health care. 

2 Frequently Abused Verses: Is It God’s Goodness that Leads to Repentance?

send to a friend #3  Posted by Sterling Brown  |  Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 6:19 AM It is tragic to see that many churches and leaders abandon the need to preach repentance. I was teaching a bible lesson in a community group and the topic was on the gospel, why give the gospel and hell. The topic of hell was rarely discussed in this community group in the church but since the church was doing a corporate study guide the topic of hell was on the list. I did my best to be as gentle as possible but also to stay firm with the truth of God on the this topic. After the class one girl went to one of the leaders of our community group and told her she was questioning her salvation. I knew this young lady (loved her dearly as all the others in the group) and had gotten reports from that unfortunately she was not modeling Christian behavior.

Renewing Your Mind | The Nineteenth Century | September 30, 2015

It is not my purpose to analyze Hodge's argument regarding the use of language. These passages, however, illustrate his contention that both a theology of the intellect and a theology of the feeling must be true, otherwise one would not believe them. He even goes on to say that because Christians more often agree regarding their inward experience of doctrine they find more agreement in hymns, liturgies, and devotions than they do in their creedal statements. One's theology of the intellect may be in need of correction from one's theology of the feelings because the former is more likely to be faulty than the latter. This does not mean that differences in doctrinal professions are matters of small importance. But it does mean that one can ascertain the real faith of people more clearly and uniformly from their hymns and expressions of devotion than from their creeds and theologies.15 If this is true, it could not be assumed that the theology of the feelings is false. The religious feelings are the result of the Spirit's working in the heart along with the objective truth found in the Scriptures.

Bill Nye: Can We Stop Telling Women What to Do With Their Bodies?

The Science Guy argues that most anti-abortion legislation is derived from outdated beliefs that predate smart science by fifty centuries. Read more at Follow Big Think here: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Transcript - Many, many, many, many more hundreds of eggs are fertilized than become humans. Eggs get fertilized and by that I mean sperm get accepted by ova a lot. But that’s not all you need. You have to attach to the uterine wall, the inside of a womb, a woman’s womb. But if you’re going to hold that as a standard, that is to say if you’re going to say when an egg is fertilized it’s therefore has the same rights as an individual, then whom are you going to sue? Whom are you going to imprison? Every woman who’s had a fertilized egg pass through her? Every guy who’s sperm has fertilized an egg and then it didn’t become a human? Have all these people failed you? It’s just a reflection of a deep scientific lack of understanding and you literally or apparently literally don’t know what you’re talking about.

The World Needs More One-Woman Men

The “one-woman man” may seem like an endangered species today. In our over-sexualized and sexually confused society, it’s increasingly rare to come across married men who are truly faithful to their bride — in body, heart, and mind. It may be even more rare to find unmarried men who are on the trajectory for that kind of fidelity to a future wife. Jaws will drop when a handsome, eligible bachelor declares he’s a virgin waiting for the wedding night.

6 Grace to You Radio

You may never face a life-or-death test of your faith. But your integrity as a Christian is tested every day, in what you think, say, do, and refuse to do. What does it take to live An Uncompromising Life ? John MacArthur shows you in this practical study from Daniel.

Rand Paul: Ted Cruz 'Done' in Senate

Rand Paul sure had me and others fooled. We thought he was a conservative, but lo and behold he’s out for himself. Ted Cruz has exposed him and this is the way he responds. He’s as crazy as his father. So refreshing to hear Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate doing what he said he’d do when he won election to the Senate, unlike the ones who talked the talk but won’t walk the walk.

Does Netflix Make Christ More Precious to You?

Let me give you four things that I think it means, because that is what you should be asking right now. You say, “Okay, I hear the words. I hear the words. I am supposed to renounce everything I have, and I am supposed to regard everything as loss. I am supposed to have this reversal of values. Just practically, I am going to get in my car. I am going to eat the food in my fridge. I am going to put on my shoes and slippers. Practically, what does that mean?” These are just bullet points that you can think about. They are worth a chapter in a book.

Caring for Your Wife in Miscarriage

God has stores of comforting grace even for the affliction of miscarriage. And he not only comforts us in our pain, but enriches our joy by making us instruments of his comfort to others who are enduring this painful affliction as well.

Eight Things We Learned from Planned Parenthood's 'Proud' Boss | The Stream

What did we learn from Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards in testimony Wednesday before the House Oversight Committee investigating the organization’s federal funding in the wake of revelations about its harvesting and trafficking of baby body parts?

‘Braveheart’ Writer on Finding God in Darkness

I think family, always. In my sense, to live a braveheart life [means being] a father, a teacher, a warrior, a sacred man and an outlaw. That way of living makes wonderful sense to me. I find the joy of being a father and of appreciating my own father, even though he’s passed away now. I find a joy in my work, and I find a peace in the sense that the struggles in my life aren’t because I’ve done something wrong, but might be because I’m doing something right. It gives me a lot of joy.

The Definitive Ranking of Dope Televangelist Suits

OK, so the pope isn’t really a televangelist, but, he does regularly appear on TV and is involved in evangelism, so technically, he qualifies. Plus, his outfit consists of a cape, a scepter and a legendarily boss hat, so there’s no way he can be left off. Plus, the key to any great suit is that it is timeless. Considering these threads date back hundreds of years, it’s safe to say that the look has stood the test of time. ( Image )

Pastors, Power, and Prettiness

I have no doubt the newly minted junior faculty member’s comment was innocent enough. But, as I explained in a meeting that followed the incident, while I as an older woman might be able to make the same comment, the context was different coming from a man in a position of authority over her. To remark on a female student’s looks was imprudent, inappropriate—and possibly actionable. Repeated comments about physical appearance or gender can be considered sexual harassment under school policies like Title IX . Being wise as a serpent but gentle as a dove takes wisdom, discernment, and maturity. So to work through such a situation with a young professor in my role was neither novel nor unexpected.

How to Manage Your Facebook Page Effectively

I run facebook for our church and we have 7 different campuses with 7 different addresses. Everything I have learned says that I should use one facebook page for all of those because it helps with building a larger audience and therefore is delivered to more people. Also our message is the same at all campuses. So is there a good way for me to have more than one address but only one facebook page to manage?

Kirsten Powers: It's time for evangelicals to speak up for animals

Kirsten Powers: It's time for evangelicals to speak up for animals 'Every Living Thing' campaign calls Christians to condemn abuse of God's animal creation. Check out this story on

Ben Carson Wants to Work with Future Presidential Candidate Kanye West

Well, I did have an opportunity to talk with him. I was extremely impressed with his business acumen. He knows a lot about business. And, you know, I talked to him about the possibility of him and maybe himself and some of the other people in the pop culture doing some music that might be uplifting, that might give young women a sense of their value and young men a sense of responsibility. I think it could be a tremendous thing in our society.

On My Shelf: Life and Books with James K. A. Smith

Well, my nightstand stack is huge. But on top right now is Jonathan Franzen’s new novel,  Purity . Franzen is one of those authors people seem to love to hate, but I just think he’s one of the “obligatory” novelists of our generation—what John Updike was for an earlier generation. I just finished Adam Gopnik’s book  The Table Comes First: Family, France, and the Meaning of Food . It’s really a philosophical meditation dressed up as a book on food and eating. Really fantastic. And Gopnik is an exemplary writer. I have the same response reading him as I do reading David Foster Wallace: he makes me aspire (“I want to write like that!”) and despair (“I could never write like that!”). Next up is David Halpern’s new book,  Inside the Nudge Unit: How Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference , which I picked up when I was in Edinburg last week. At some point I want to write a small book on how Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler’s notion of “ nudging ” has implications for public theology and cultural renewal.

Against the Flow: The Inspiration of Daniel in an Age of Relativism

Lennox covers the book of Daniel, if not verse-by-verse at least chapter-by-chapter, from the introduction of the four young Hebrews in chapter 1 to the final vision of chapter 12. But this isn’t a discussion calculated to impress professional academics. He opts for an early dating of Daniel but appears to lack the original languages and addresses only superficially the critical issues that an early dating raises. His knowledge of the technical literature on Daniel appears scanty and what sources he does cite are mostly dated. In other words, Lennox isn’t playing by the club’s rules. Members of the professional guild of Old Testament scholars are unlikely to be drawn to this volume. 

Kim Davis' Lawyer Claims She Had Secret Meeting With Pope in D.C., He Said 'Stay Strong'

"Who am I to have this rare opportunity? I am just a county clerk who loves Jesus and desires with all my heart to serve him," Davis said in the statement. "Pope Francis was kind, genuinely caring, and very personable. He even asked me to pray for him. Pope Francis thanked me for my courage and told me to 'stay strong.'"

The Dangers of Church Lingo

I also agree with the heart behind this that says words are of great importance to The God who chose to speak all of creation into existence. HOWEVER, the idea that the words we chose to use when we put on a front in no way changes the real issue at hand which is a lack of trust and transparency. I've had extremely close relationships with friends who could speak Christianese with the best of them and their week in, week out lies about the actual state of their heart were no better or no worse than the person who couldn't articulate the same lies with a more secular vernacular. I agree with the previous comments that said lack of understanding should not result in a doing away with, but instead should lead to greater levels of questioning to make sure those that are new understand the things they are reading, hearing, and seeing. Christianese exists because throughout the history of the Church the people of God have sought out ways to convey thoughts and ideas that more effectively and efficiently articulated what it was they were trying to convey. Best example I've seen: go read some well established Southern Baptist statements of faith and then go look at some random charismatic churches statement of faith and if they both are faithful true churches, then chances are, their doctrines will be roughly the same, BUT because of the church history background and understanding of the SB church, their statement will likely sound more academic and formulaic while the charismatic church statement will likely sound a bit more emotional and modern.

5 Tips For Beginner Apologists | Hope's Reason

I hear from time to time about people who have been bitten by the “apologetics bug.” Perhaps they have heard a famous apologist speak or read a great book on apologetics. It may be that they have been challenged on some issue and now realize they need to know more. Whatever the reason, there are some ways to get on the right track.

The Most Liberating Discovery

We have a name for those who try to praise when they have no pleasure in the object. We call them hypocrites. This fact — that praise means consummate pleasure and that the highest end of man is to drink deeply of this pleasure — was perhaps the most liberating discovery I ever made.

Fixed Point Foundation presents “Do We Need God?”

Does religion, or more specifically God, offer anything to society? Some would say that we have outgrown our need for God and the very concept has become irrelevant, as mankind has improved over the centuries. Others argue that God gives us the very moral foundation on which our society is based, and helps us to repress our very worst tendencies. Michael Shermer of Skeptic magazine and Larry Taunton of Fixed Point Foundation promise to offer a lively exchange of ideas on this very issue.

3 Reasons to Shed 'Us vs. Them' Politics

Instead, we should pursue the discussions and debates with respect and love. These are, after all, important conversations that will affect us and our neighbors. That's why of all people Christians should avoid getting caught up in political jockeying and focus on the real issues that really matter. We need to think, not with red-or-blue shaded everything, but for ourselves. Here are a few reasons why:

Frank Turek on Twitter

@Frank_Turek @AtheistMission I question; I don't believe dogmatically in the lack of God no more than I believe in the lack of pink unicorns

One Minute Apologist - Doubting Toward Faith

We all have doubts, and those doubts can lead to confusion and hopelessness. But, doubt can also deepen our dependence on God, develop empathy for others, and motivate us to find satisfying answers to life's biggest questions. Don't let doubts erode your faith and lead you into unbelief. Discover today how to use your doubts to keep you headed in the right direction- toward faith.

The Walk

The way this final act is shot is so viscerally thrilling (my heart was in my throat, even though I knew the story, and it took me a half hour to feel calm after it was over) that it’s worth excusing the film’s deficiencies. But it has them. To wit: it’s narrated by Petit, perched in the Statue of Liberty’s torch, and it’s a little hard to take Gordon-Levitt seriously with his French accent (though it’s not a bad one). Similarly, characters give a few too many Important Speeches About How Important This Dream Is, but it’s all in the rather maudlin vein of “follow your heart” and “follow your dream” and “do this beautiful thing” that could be transplanted into basically any movie.

There’s No Difference Between ‘Spiritual’ and ‘Secular’

But maybe it just means that you’ll show up for your job as an accountant, and you’ll do your job really well, and the world will be a better place because of it. And every day when you show up for work, you’ll embody the way of Jesus so that your boss, your co-workers and your clients will all get a glimpse of what Jesus’ way is all about—and, hopefully, an invitation to join in.

Help When Life Feels Like A Little Too Much - Holley Gerth

Good morning Holley. Oh my goodness what POWERFUL words this morning. Exactly what my husband and I needed to read as we sit here sipping our cups of coffee. For all of us with dementia and for all of our caregivers, we sometimes have difficult nights of tossing and turning. That was the case at our house last night, so my husband and I are just now enjoying our coffee and reading your wonderful Wednesday morning message together. Today my caregiver husband and I, feel like the ant in the children’s story. Holley your encouraging message and scripture have literally waked both of us up this morning. You have reminded us that “He is the One who carries us. All we have to do is go along for the ride every day/every night and hang on tight to the One who promises to get us to the other side”.

30 The Existence of the Christian God: The Craig-Curley Debate | Reasonable Faith

2. What's the subject of the debate? He said, in his opening statement, that it was about the Judeo-Christian God, whether that God exists. No, actually, what I had insisted on was that we talk about the existence of the Christian God. It may sound ecumenical and nice to say that Jews and Christians all worship the same God, but that's not true. Christians, because they recognize the authority of the New Testament, are committed to lots of doctrines Jews aren't committed to, most of the doctrines I talked about. I framed my opening statement specifically with Christianity in mind. Judaism and Christianity do have some common problems. Evil is hard to understand in both religions. The relation between religion and morality is hard to understand in both religions. But most of the doctrines I discussed in my opening statement are not doctrines a Jew would feel himself committed to by his Judaism. I know that a lot of Christians don't feel themselves committed to them either. But you notice I didn't cite any biblical passages in support of my attributions of those views to the New Testament.

CNN on Twitter

#KimDavis met with #PopeFrancis , "I was humbled to meet Pope Francis. Of all people, why me?"

HuffPost Religion on Twitter

Many LGBT Catholics were confused and hurt by the pope's meeting with Kim Davis

Jessica Chastain: Hollywood Over-Sexualizes Women’s Action Movie Roles

Jessica Chastain is calling out Hollywood executives for their treatment of women in movies—particularly superhero franchises. In an interview with RadioTimes, she pointed to several examples of how certain types of action films frequently require women to wear suggestive costumes: "If you look at films like Elektra and Aeonflux , the problem that studios have is that they try to make kicka** women very sexualized. They have to be in some catsuit.” Chastain says that backfires because studios “thought audiences weren't interested in seeing a woman in an action role who's a capable, intelligent woman and isn't only leaning on her sex." She explained, “But if you look at the most incredible female roles, like Ripley in Alien , she is a very sexy woman but she's not wearing a lot of make-up. She's in a T-shirt and jeans. What's sexy about her is how capable she is. Same with Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games —she's not wearing a catsuit, either.” Chastain stars in the new sci-fi epic The Martian , which opens this weekend.

Apologetic Nonstarters: Arguments to Avoid in Defending Christianity - Christian Research Institute

Apologetics is a necessary discipline for the Christian faith. Jesus and the apostle Paul regularly defended their beliefs through rational arguments. The apostle Peter tells us to be ready to give a reason for the hope we have in Christ (1 Pet. 3:15). This lost world needs to hear and believe the gospel of God, so, when unbelievers ask questions about the truth and rationality of Christianity, we must be ready with sufficient answers, trusting in the Holy Spirit to apply the message to their souls (Acts 1:8).

35 The Applicability of Mathematics | Reasonable Faith

can the Arealist account for the application of mathematics without regarding it as true? . . . contemporary pure mathematics works in application by providing the empirical scientist with a wide range of abstract tools; the scientist uses these as models—of a cannon ball’s path or the electromagnetic field or curved spacetime—which he takes to resemble the physical phenomena in some rough ways, to depart from it in others. . . . The applied mathematician labors to understand the idealizations, simplifications and approximations involved in these deployments of his abstract structures; he strives as best he can to show how and why a given model resembles the world closely enough for the particular purposes at hand. In all this, the scientist never asserts the existence of the abstract model; he simply holds that the world is like the model is some respects, not in others. For this, the model need only be well-described, just as one might illuminate a given social situation by comparing it to an imaginary or mythological one, marking the similarities and dissimilarities ( Defending the Axioms: On the Philosophical Foundations of Set Theory [Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011], pp.

God Does Exist: Applied Apologetics: Potent Evidence and Proof for the Existence of God

Kim Kardashian Says Kanye Is Serious About Wanting to Become President

Ben Carson may soon have a political ally in Washington. Reality TV star and wife of hip-hop artist Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, was recently a guest on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, and said that her husband was serious about running for president in 2020. She also said she was not informed about his political ambitions or that he would be making the announcement at the VMAs. The potential First Lady admitted that even though she didn’t know if he came up with the plans on the spot, "I believe he is serious. If he puts his mind to something, he'll do his best." Even GOP hopeful Ben Carson, who West called “the most brilliant guy,” seemed opened to the possibility after speaking with him. He told ABC News , “I was extremely impressed with his business acumen. He knows a lot about business.” When asked about a Kanye presidency, Carson said, “Well, I am certainly willing to give him a chance. He’ll be able to explain things and see if he resonates with the people.”

Cecile Richards Defends Sale of Aborted Babies to Congress: Just a Small Part of What We Do

Confronted about the parts-for-profits scheme, she replied that it was a “miniscule” part of Planned Parenthood’s work. But it might not represent a “miniscule” breaking of the law. At this weekend’s Values Voter Summit, Senator Rick Santorum recounted his recent interview on CNN. “Well, the procedures that we saw described in these videos I know very well, because they were partial-birth abortions. And he (the CNN host) says, well, okay, but, you know, how do you know that that’s against the law? I said, because I wrote the law.”

Atheist, Christian & Muslim Dialogue 2015

What Does the Good Society Look Like? How do we get there in the First Place? Does Humanism, Christianity or Islam provide the right path to a Good Society? Come hear three leading intellectuals, who have spent their lives studying this timeless issue, LIVE and IN PERSON with moderator Steven Martins, Jr. Scholar in Residence at the Ezra Institute and founder of Nicene International Ministries , at Jarvis Street Baptist Church . Biographies: Andy Bannister is the Director and Lead Apologist for RZIM Canada. He speaks and teaches regularly throughout Canada, the USA, Europe and the wider world. From churches to universities, business forums to TV and radio, Andy regularly addresses audience of both Christians and those of all faiths relating to faith, culture, politics and society. Andy holds a PhD in Islamic studies and is an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Islam and Other Faiths at Melbourne School of Theology. For more information visit Justin Trottier is spokesperson for the political advocacy non-profit the Canadian Secular Alliance / Alliance laïque canadienne and founder of the Centre for Inquiry Canada , an educational charitable organization advancing secular humanism.

Ehrman--Licona Dialogue on the Historical Reliability of the New Testament Gospels | The Best Schools

Drs. Ehrman and Licona will thus each provide four written contributions. All this work will be posted online at Our main task in overseeing this dialogue will be to ensure that it does indeed retain its focus—that the points of strength and weakness raised by both parties do indeed get squarely addressed in their statements, responses, and replies.

786. What Faith Is Not

Bobby describes to us the antithesis of faith.

Justin Bass vs Bart Ehrman | "Did the Historical Jesus Claim to Be Divine?"

On September 18th, 2015, Dr Justin Bass and Dr Bart Ehrman engaged in a debate on the topic, "Did the historical Jesus claim to be divine?" The debate took place at Collin College in Frisco, Texas.

Crossway on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

4 Ways To Show Your Spouse That Your Marriage Is A Priority

My marriage is a priority.  I love my wife with all my heart and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with her.  She is always on my mind and I tell her I love her every day.  In my head, all is well in our marriage and I imagine that she feels the same and knows the high level of priority that I place on her and our marriage.

WORLD | Divided House approves short-term government funding bill | Lynde Langdon | Sept. 30, 2015

House Republican leadership has averted a government shutdown over funding for the abortion provider Planned Parenthood. By a vote of 277-151, the House this afternoon approved a resolution to continue funding the government through Dec. 11, giving Congress and the White House more time to negotiate a complete budget.

Five Factors God Used to Simplify My Complicated Marriage

The only way to avoid the complications of relationships is to have none. We human beings need each other, so God created us with the capacity to love, to have friends, to get married, and to live in community with each other. But, as Facebook would attest, many of us would simply say of our closest relationships in life, “It’s complicated.”

47 Watch a Timelapse of Last Night’s Super Rare Supermoon and Lunar Eclipse Combo

Last night, earth got both a supermoon and lunar eclipse on the same night . The last time this combo happened was 1982—and the next will be 2033. Lucky for us, the Internet did a timelapse and saved a copy.

4 Ways Porn Will Ruin Your Sex Life - XXXchurch

4) Porn can make you feel naked and ashamed. A husband and wife are actually supposed to feel “naked and unashamed” when having sex with one another. But when you’ve spent hours looking at fake breasts, steroid-charged abs, and edited videos that make you think that folks can go non-stop for hours on end, it can do a real number on your self-esteem. Then, rather than feeling totally free with your spouse in the bedroom, you start to feel self-conscious about your body and sharing it with them. Yeah, porn is the worst. There’s nothing to feel ashamed about if sex is about love, sharing, and intimacy. Yet porn can make it seem so much more of a “visual act” than a sacred experience. And when that is the case, you can be well on your way to ultimately ruining your sex life. (Please don’t!)

I Was Hurt By the Church. How Can I Re-Engage?

Fourth, you state that humans have "created this organizational entity..." Well friend, I just don't think thats true at all. In Matthew 16:18 Christ clearly institutes the church and states that the gates of hell will not stand against it. I don't know about you, but I want to be part of the one divine institution that Christ has promised will prevail! He didn't promise community will be victorious. He promised the church will be. And leadership? Check 1 Tim 3 and you'll see the normal servant-leaders in a church. And budgets? Surely if individuals, families, businesses, governments, etc. have them, its not wrong for local churches to? :) Plus, Paul often talks about giving to the church (see 2 Cor 8). We want to be good stewards of what God has given us! Maybe some of these 'admin' items seem less spiritual than coffee and quiet times (both of which I love), but they are actually necessary for a church. Isn't sleeping, eating, driving, paying our taxes, etc. kinda 'anti-spiritual'? Well not really, when they help us serve God and neighbor (in various functions).

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

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