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Excitement builds amid final preparations for Mother Teresa canonisation - premier

Thousands of people have travelled to Rome for the canonisation of Mother Teresa.

First look at Jude Law as pope in new TV drama - premier

A chilling trailer showing Jude Law as a dark and evil pope has been released.

You’ve Never Been as Excited About Anything as This Kid Is About Going Back to School

It's that time of year, where kids around the country head back to school, after three glorious months of summer. But not every student dreads getting back into the classroom. This young fourth-grader in Austin wants the world to know that he is pumped to hit the books once again. And, he also uses the opportunity of being interviewed on the local news to address some issues with his mother’s rules, particularly not allowing him to walk to school and forcing him to wear “protective gear” while riding his bike. His case is compelling: He's in fourth grade; he knows how to ride a bike, mom!

Paul Rudd Hasn’t Aged Since Appearing in This Super Nintendo Commercial in the Early ‘90s

Something happened during the filming of this Super Nintendo commercial that has caused Paul Rudd to stop aging. Trust us, you can’t tell the difference between ‘90s Paul Rudd and today’s Paul Rudd.

How a Dry Seed Can Live a Thousand Years

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Netflix Just Released a Teaser for ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2

Well, this is exciting. Netflix has just released a brief teaser for the new season of their hit sci-fi series Stranger Things. The clip is more about hints and clues than major revelations, but, it’s an exciting peak the follow-up to the acclaimed first season. There’s no release date set yet, though according to the clip, it will drop sometime in 2017.

In The Kingdom of Speech, Tom Wolfe Tells the Story of Evolution's Epic Tumble

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

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WORLD on Twitter

No injuries in record-tying, magnitude 5.6 Oklahoma quake; shaking felt from Texas to Neb.

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3 'Born this Way’ Is Shaky Science

To be clear, the research will continue, and this report isn’t exhaustive of all the studies out there, but it is enough to prove that the science isn’t settled as we’re often told. And to be clear, those using the levers of cultural power to impose this new vision of sex, marriage, and humanity aren’t driven by, nor will they be unconvinced of their vision, by science.

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The UK's most famous mentalist and illusionist was once a Christian. Derren Brown... More

5 .@Ichthus77 #Apologetics Daily

.@Ichthus77 #Apologetics Daily, by Maryann Spikes: Daily Christian apologetics and news fresh to your desktop, courtesy

The Origin and Insufficiency of the Black Hebrew Israelite Movement - Christian Research Institute

30 The Origin and Insufficiency of the Black Hebrew Israelite Movement by Jimmy Butts Today’s Religious Movements: The Black Hebrew Israelite movement has infiltrated black communities on the basis of two principal claims: (1) All African Americans biologically descend from the ancient Hebrews, and (2) The means of salvation for African Americans is obedience to the Law of Moses. Although Black Hebraism addresses important issues in black communities, their worldview has no foundation in history or Scripture.

Red Letter Gospels | Reasonable Faith

In fact, several years ago, a group of radical critics calling themselves the Jesus Seminar made headlines by parodying red letter editions of the Gospels by printing certain passages deemed to be authentic in red, passages that sounded like Jesus in pink, passages that were dubiously uttered by Jesus in gray, and inauthentic passages in black. Less than 20% of the words attributed to Jesus in the Gospels were printed in red in their edition of the Gospels, reflecting their scepticism.

Old Testament: History or Hoax

I absolutely love the Old Testament. While many view it as difficult or confusing, I love to get lost in the stories of real people, in real places, living out real experiences with our Living God. But is that really what the Old Testament is? Christianity is often undermined by the claim that the Old Testament should be viewed as a collection of moral stories. This is not a claim external to the church, for there are many Bible believing, born again Christians who will tell you that while there is much we can learn from the Old Testament, it was never meant to be viewed historically. Many of these individuals are solidly committed to the New Testament, but just as strongly against the historical reliability of the Old Testament.

Science and Faith Shouldn't Be at Odds

We’re called to show that God exists not by proving he’s real through science, but through displaying a love that reflects His goodness. We’re called not just to “defend” truth, but we’re called to literally embody it. And we are the Body of Christ not by refuting lab results or theories that challenge our understanding of scripture, but by displaying the character and nature of Christ.


Introduction Have you ever asked a theological question of a Christian and were told "who are you to question God?" This is all too common today in the Church. I remember experiencing this quite often as a child, teenager, young adult, and even just in the last couple weeks. I have written about the importance of asking questions about our worldview ( here and here ), but the most recent admonition included a biblical appeal that I believe needs to be addressed. My frequent readers know that I often post and converse on science/faith issues. I believe that it is important that we defend not only the correct overall worldview , but also the details of the worldview . These details often include our views of origins, and these in-house discussions can get heated. My recent discussion was with a fellow brother-in-Christ. He takes a young-earth creationist position (YEC), and I take an old-earth creationist (OEC) position. In my efforts to understand his view better (and demonstrate a possible inconsistency in his view), I posed several theological challenges (you can find the details in this post: Historical Science, Deception, and Blind Faith) , in the form of questions, to his particular position.

What is Religion? Does evolution qualify? Atheism?

Evolutionists are notorious for redefining evolution to suit their needs for the occasion. In other words to keep evolution from being exposed as the total fraud it is, they keep changing the meaning of the word “evolution”; so they wind up claiming you’re not speaking about the same thing; though you’re speaking of the same evolution the discussion started with.  For instance, you may start out with a statement like “molecules to man evolution has never been observed.” They’ll return something like, “Do you know what evolution is? It’s a change in the allele frequency of a gene pool.” These are two different things; two different discussions, and thus  you can never convince them of anything.   Steven Meyer and Mike Keas have documented 6 of the common uses of the term “evolution” that evolutionists switch between. 1   There’s a term for that tactic.  It’s the logical fallacy known as equivocation .

In a minute... Mother Teresa

In a minute find out more about Mother Teresa. For more news and current affairs from Premier go to All images and footage from Press Association/Evert Odekerken/Túrelio (via Wikimedia-Commons) Audio from AudioBlocks | For more video and audio content: | Like us on Facebook | Tweet us @TogetherPremier | For more video and audio content: | Like us on Facebook | Tweet us @TogetherPremier

Why the Efficiency of Biological Organisms Cannot Be Explained by Evolution.

The most obvious and reasonable inference seems to be elusive to naturalists who try to account for the appearance of design in biological organisms. No explanation employing the laws of physics or chemistry from “inside the room” of the natural universe is adequate. The appearance of design in biology is yet another evidence demonstrating the existence of an “external” Divine Designer. This brief summary of evidence for design is excerpted from God’s Crime Scene , Chapter Four – Signs of Design: Is There Evidence of An Artist?

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Introduction Nabeel Qureshi 1 is the award-winning author of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (Our review is here .) and Answering Islam: A Better Way Forward .  He is a speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries  and his credentials are impressive.  He holds degrees in medicine (Eastern Virginia Medical School), Christian apologetics (Biola University), and religion (Duke University).  Qureshi is currently pursuing a doctorate in New Testament studies at Oxford University. Qureshi begins this work by thanking the reader for taking the time to read his current offering.  He then explains how  No God, But One: Allah or Jesus? differs from Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. He writes: "That book [ Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus ] is the heart of my story, detailing the relationships, emotions, and spiritual struggles in my search for God.  No God but One: Allah or Jesus? is the mind of my story, examining the religions and their claims.  In the course of this book, I hope to elucidate two overarching matters in particular: that the differences between Islam and Christianity have great implications, and that the evidence of history strongly supports the Christian claims.

What Will You Do When the End Comes?

Jeremiah had just told them what in the previous verse: “Shall I not punish them for these things? declares the Lord, and shall I not avenge myself on a nation such as this?” (Jeremiah 5:29). If you will not have God as your treasure, you will have him as your enemy.

Why Do So Many Christians Dismiss Apologetics?

Mistaken view of apologetics . A couple years ago I spoke with an influential youth leader about the present state of youth culture. When I inquired about his views on apologetics, he quickly dismissed it, even though his own research showed that many kids were leaving the faith because they had unanswered questions. As I probed further, it became clear that he equated apologetics with a cage-match where people defend their hot-button issue without relationship or gentleness. If that is what apologetics is, then I would dismiss it too! What should apologetics be about? Dallas Willard Perhaps said it best:

Thoughts Everyone Has Secretly Had While Bored at Church

It’s Sunday morning, and even though we’re in church, our brains are elsewhere. We’re not saying it’s a good thing to let your mind drift during a Sunday morning service, but it happens, OK? We’re not monks.

“The Atheist Delusion” – Why Millions Deny the Obvious

By downloading “The Atheist Delusion” now, you will help us to produce future Christian movies and get to watch “The Atheist Delusion” two months before its release on YouTube (and DVD)! As a token of our appreciation, you will also receive the following items:


Around the world, nations often deny religious freedom. We need to show the world a better way—the one our Founding Fathers laid forth. When Christians demand religious freedom for ourselves and do not speak up for others, we miss the teaching of Jesus, who said, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets” (Matt. 7:12).

Separating the Value of Black Lives From the Black Lives Matter Movement | The Stream

That’s why it’s essential for those who really want to address questions of social injustice — be it the effects of the Democrat-led welfare system or apparent disparities in prison sentences or other apparent injustices — to distance themselves from the Black Lives Matter movement and take a reasoned stand for righteousness.

Discipline That Connects with Our Children’s Hearts

In our home, our rambunctious kids had frequent conflicts and were extremely distractible. Our rigid, punitive discipline careened off the tracks quickly. Our oldest would often glare at us afterward, and his resentment was building. We felt an increasing desire to let God’s grace guide our parenting. We began to do lots of do-overs and taught skills and biblical values to guide kids away from misbehavior. As soon as our kids could utter full sentences, we helped them learn how to reconcile conflicts. They figured out creative ways to make it right with each other after they had hurt each other. As a result, they learned to joyfully focus their energy for God’s purposes, developed wonderful relationships in life, and have functioned as peacemakers in tense situations.

Sitting on Our Hands – R.C. Sproul Jr.

On the third hand, we have those who are objecting that this is somehow a slap in the face to those who have made sacrifices for this country, it’s a demonstration of failure of appreciation for this country. I get that. But at the same time, I don’t get the argument that says “Because others have sacrificed that we might have free speech, we should excoriate those who exercise free speech.” That is, it doesn’t seem quite right to me that people are saying “Isn’t it great that we live in a country where people can say what they want, and isn’t it horrible that this fellow said this?” But I’ve got another hand still. The good news is that Colin Kaepernick’s suffering for his commitment and conviction is not, in a sense, a political suffering. That is, he’s not being threatened with jail or execution. He’s merely experiencing some public ridicule and disparagement. On the other hand, (I’ve still got more), I recognize the reality of what Mr Kaepernick is concerned about within our country. I don’t have a particular stand on a particular event that’s caught our headlines on issues of race relations, but I do know that things are not perfect.

24 The TC Apologetics Daily

The TC Apologetics Daily, by TC Apologetics: The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian.

Pray for Nabeel Qureshi and Family | RZIM

Our hearts go out to Nabeel and his family, and our prayers are for him. No doubt this is a valley that no one anticipates so soon in life. The entire RZIM team and our families are in impassioned prayer on his behalf. We ask you to join us in lifting him up during this time.

26 Finding Your Calling in an Age of Entitlement

The Protestant Reformers understood calling to be not primarily about passion, but as a commitment to glorify God in whatever station we find ourselves. It may be your calling right now to be a student, or a mom or a dad, or a minimum wage employee simply just having to make a living. Whether directly connected with our passions or not, God calls us first and foremost to do the next thing well, to His glory, with all of our might.

God Might Wreck Your Dreams

There is really only one surefire way to not blow a gasket when plans fall through and that’s to trust God. Proverbs 16:9 says that “the heart of man plans his ways, but the Lord establishes his steps.”

J. Warner Wallace on Twitter

Cold-Case Christianity for Kids is only weeks away! Pre-Order Offer:

Study: We Mostly Become Friends with People Who Think Just Like We Do

It is reasonable to expect people would be friends with people of a similar educational level, for two reasons. One because they may well have met them through their degree (or through friends who met them at their degrees), and two, because it is reasonable to expect you would want to spend more time with people you have more in common with, so you can have conversations with them. And the income thing is laughable, really. Someone who is barely just surviving financially is not going to go to the same places as someone who owns several houses, cars and a yacht, simply because on an ongoing basis they can't afford it. How is any of this unexpected?

Evidence That Humans Are Evolving Is Not Evidence for Human Evolution

Evolutionary biologists propose two models to explain the origin of lactase persistence. The lead hypothesis argues that the mutation that led to lactase persistence occurred recently after animal domestication took place. (Most studies support this idea.) The ability to digest nutrient-rich animal milk offered an obvious advantage and consequently took hold and spread quickly among human populations. The other model—a reverse-cause hypothesis—asserts that the mutation for lactase persistence was present in humans well before the Neolithic revolution…

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UPDATE: New Kids' edition releases Oct 1, 2016! Click here.  Introduction Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels ( Paperback , Kindle , Audiobook ) is one of the latest books to examine the evidence for the reliability of the New Testament. Homicide detective J. Warner Wallace  was an atheist before he began putting Christianity to the same tests that he places witnesses and suspects to in his investigations of crimes. He split his book into two sections. The first deals with the methods used in detective work. He uses his own experiences to illustrate and applies them to different aspect of Christianity. In the second part he specifically targets the reliability of the four gospels as eyewitness accounts of history. This review will be a chapter-by-chapter summary but should not be taken as comprehensive of Wallace's presentation: Section 1: Learn to Be a Detective Chapter 1: Don't Be a "Know-it-All" In the first chapter Wallace begins his training of the reader by speaking a bit about presuppositions.

How to Find Real Community After College

So when you ask yourself—what does good community look like to me? You may want to re-evaluate what good community actually is, because chances are you had an encounter with good community that is only realistic at college—maybe even only the first year or two of college. I urge you to explore and dig deeper into what community may look like for you in the future.

A Fundamental Problem With The Presuppositionalism of Cornelius Van Til

Cornelius Van Til was, without a doubt, one of the most influential apologists of the Neo-Calvinist movement of the twentieth century. Van Til received his philosophical training under W. H. Jellema at Calvin College (a gifted philosopher who had received his training under well-known English Idealists such as Josiah Royce, F. H. Bradley, and T. H. Green), and then later at Princeton where he completed the work for his Doctorate in philosophy under Archibald Allen Bowman (also a well-known Idealist). Van Til was raised in the Dutch Reformed Theological tradition, and while at Calvin College, he began studying Dutch Reformed thinkers like Abraham Kuyper, Herman Dooyeweerd, and Herman Bavinck.

Festival defends Franklin Graham invitation amid protests - premier

He went on: "We felt very clearly that the support is so broad, it's so strong, that three, four individuals that have a difficult time with Franklin Graham really should not in any way overshadow the strong support and the request of... hundreds of ministries and organisations that are looking forward to the Festival of Hope.

10,000 Syrian Refugees Isn’t Nearly Enough

In reference to this issue, I compiled several questions for myself but hopefully anyone reading this to ponder. 1) Why are these Syrians leaving in droves from their own country? Why are they not assisting with the fight to rid their country of ISIS? Why is it that we (U.S. and our allies) are risking our lives and our resources to fight a fight for a country where their own citizens won’t do either? The Kurds are fighting and dying for their land! 2) Why are the five wealthiest Muslim nations in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain) refusing to take in any refugees? 3) Why not resettle the refugees in other Middle Eastern countries? According to The Center for Immigration Studies ( ) it costs 12 times more to resettle refugees in the U.S. than it does to resettle them in neighboring countries. We could help to resettle 12 times more refugees in areas that would be easier for them to adjust to. 4) Why were the religious minorities basically forgotten? They are the most persecuted and should be the priority. According to only .

Missionary who devoted her life to the poor is shot dead in Haiti - premier

A missionary from Spain who devoted her life to helping the poor in Haiti has been shot dead in the country's capital.


Introduction As a defender of the Christian worldview, I do not defend just a "mere Christianity" but an entire worldview that encompasses morality and ethics. Unfortunately, politics is necessarily dependent upon those two. How a person governs, legislates, judges, and even votes all comes down to their view of morality and ethics. In any political season, it is necessary for the Christian to understand the proper (true) ethical view to guide their decision in how they vote. They need to not only be grounded for their own decisions, but they need to be prepared for the times in which they can have intelligent discussions on the topic, rather than contributing to the simplistic emoting that we see on the internet today. In this post, I want to take a look at how (if) a Christian should vote when the given option is not clear (who or if we should vote). I will conclude with books that I highly recommend for everyone interested in ethics and politics to read. Please take the time to read this post carefully and the links provided at the end. I believe that they will help prepare you for making the right decision when you go to the voting booth and will help you intelligently discuss and defend your decision.

Church of England bishop reveals he's gay and in celibate relationship - premier

The Bishop of Grantham has revealed that he is gay and in a celibate relationship, becoming the first Church of England bishop to publically come out.

Daily Devotions

The daily readings and reflection questions may make you laugh or really think, and each will help you discover how to do the right thing during the ups and downs of daily life.


It just makes sense. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 9:6, “Remember this, whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously” (NIV). Every one of us wants others to be generous with us. Do you think that by sowing miserly selfishness you’re going to reap a generosity from God and others? God says that’s not the way life works. There is a law of sowing and reaping. So if you want to reap generosity, you have to sow generosity.

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In New Zealand, the Future of Pizza Delivery Is Now

"It doesn't add up to deliver a two-kilogram package in a two-ton vehicle," Scott Bush, a general manager for Domino's Pizza Enterprises, told CNN. "In Auckland, we have such massive traffic congestion it just makes sense to take to the airways."

When All Your Dreams Come True

The problem — our problem, as Daniel Gilbert points out so masterfully in his book — is that we are terrible at predicting how a particular thing will make us feel. In particular, we all tend to overestimate how good we will feel when our unregenerate “dreams come true.” Inevitably, when we finally achieve our worldly dream or success or relationship, we feel duped because it failed to deliver on what we thought it promised. As Ravi Zacharias has said, “The loneliest moment in life is when you receive that which you thought was the ultimate, and it lets you down.”

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Objections to Apologetics: It's Intellectual

Many people just don’t see the place of the intellect in Christianity. Naturally, someone may object to the apologetic enterprise by saying some variation of “it’s intellectual.” This can be a huge obstacle blocking the way to apologetics.

48 Apologetics Events « Apologetics « Biola University

The willingness of the apostles of Jesus to suffer and die for their faith is one of the most common arguments for the resurrection. During this lecture, Dr. McDowell will investigate the evidence that the apostles actually died as martyrs and consider what this means specifically for the resurrection argument and generally for apologetics. The lecture will explore the following issues:

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Hear ColdPlay’s Brief But Beautiful Tribute to Gene Wilder

Coldplay posted a clip to Twitter, taken at a concert last night in Denver where they closed “The Scientist” with a verse from one of Gene Wilder’s best known musical comedy’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory . The comedy legend died yesterday at the age of 83.

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