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6 Bible Characters Who Should Get Their Own TV Dramas

We'd totally watch these.

Growing a Bone Requires Foresight

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Darwinian Evolution Fails Cost-Benefit Analysis

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

SES Conference

*Apologetics Study Bibles received were a limited donation from our conference sponsor B&H Publishing. Promo Codes will be honored while supplies last. Registrant will receive their Apologetics Study Bible during packet pick-up on Friday, October 16th. Therefore, registrants must attend the 2015 National Conference on Christian Apologetics (#NCCA). Registrants whose promo codes have been redeemed will be notified by e-mail that they will receive the Apologetics Study Bible at the 2015 National Conference on Christian Apologetics on October 16, 2015. 

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Everyone Believes this Doctrine

Lecture one from Dr. R.C. Sproul's teaching series Chosen by God. Scripture very plainly uses the word “predestined” in reference to the salvation of God’s people. Most denominations and some of the greatest theologians have wrestled with this issue through the centuries and have carefully formulated statements regarding this controversial topic. What do you believe about predestination? In this message, Dr. Sproul introduces us to the doctrine of predestination and explains that “Everyone Believes This Doctrine.” Own this series on DVD: Learn more about Dr. R.C. Sproul:

Ask Pastor John

Daily audio clips of John Piper answering tough theological and pastoral questions.


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Why Science Needs God DVD

This completely turns the tables on atheists who try to use science to their advantage.  Frank actually shows that science and reason would be impossible if atheism were true!  

Letter From Hank - Christian Research Institute

Just as years of intensive planning and preparations preceded the D-Day landings at Normandy that assured the eventual defeat of Nazi Germany, so too are we engaged in research, planning, and preparations for “Going Global.” We also are engaged in systematically strengthening CRI’s infrastructure to be able to support this expanded outreach.

Is it Wrong to Choose Career Over Kids?

I'm sorry but it seems the basic premise to the response to this woman is deeply flawed. There is a biblical mandate to procreate. Being fruitful and multiplying is part of the purpose that God created mankind. As his image bearers we are to fill the earth with offspring. Having children goes down to the very core for why we were created. You see this in Gen chapter 1 verse 28, and again after the flood in Gen 9:1 as God is refocusing mankind toward original purpose and design. Being fruitful and multiplying is also one of the ways God blesses people. That's one of the reasons why when you read scripture women were ashamed when they were barren. It was viewed as being a curse from God not to be able to have children. Psalm 127:3 says, Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. What you are saying to God when you are closing yourself off to parenthood, is "God I don't want your blessing." Children are a blessing in many ways, but the true blessing comes, because they require you give yourself up for a higher purpose. As one commentator stated earlier, people say the desire not to have children is viewed as selfish.

The Power of Pro-Life Women

The dichotomy is reinforced by lobbyists, media, and tone-deaf politicians alike. In 2012, pro-choice advocates warned of a “war on women,” arguing that male politicians can’t create policies that involve women’s bodies. Meanwhile, Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment and Richard Mourdock’s statement that rape is God’s plan reinforced that, if there wasn’t a war, there was serious lack of compassion toward women. Throughout 2016, Planned Parenthood will assuredly argue that Hillary Clinton—whom they awarded for her “unwavering support of women’s health and rights”—“gets” women like other candidates can’t.

This Story Isn’t About Marriage

This story isn’t about two men who want to get married, but about two men who want to force their neighbor to violate her constitutionally protected religious beliefs. 

Three Prayers for Your Heart

In three short videos, John Piper walks us through one of these prayers in Psalm 141. He draws out several key points for our prayer lives, teaching us to call on God to move, first to meet us, then to guard and keep us, and finally to fill and satisfy us.

Take, Keep

“I’m so proud to say that we didn’t cut any corners,” says guitarist Brandon O’Neill. “We used all the guitars they had in the studio, maybe four different guitars on one song. We spent as much time as we needed to get the best sounds, from mic shootouts on vocals, to drum tuning and retuning, to piano mic placement. Everything you hear is just how we hoped it would sound.”

The Subordinate Place of Supreme Honor: A Response to Douglas Wilson

Once these sub-corpora were created, we then relied on AntConc, a corpus analysis tool, to identify keywords in each sub-corpus. In corpus linguistics, keywords are items of unusual frequency in comparison with a reference corpus. They are calculated via a statistical test which compares each word’s frequency in a text against its expected frequency in another corpus. This test allows us to rule out (to a large extent) the possibility of a keyword appearing more frequently just by chance. For example, the word ‘respect’ occurs 39 times in the wife sub-corpus and 4 in the husband sub-corpus. The ‘keyness score’ for this word is 34.8, which is far above the threshold for statistical significance (around 3.9). Further, in all four times this word appears in the husband sub-corpus, the word is actually referring to the wife’s respect. So we can safely assume that, for Wilson, this concept is strongly associated with being a wife but not a husband.

HHS Official: No Records Found of Planned Parenthood Oversight, and Unaware If Any Exist | The Stream

In response to a FOIA request placed by The Stream , Acting Health and Human Services (HHS) Assistant Secretary for Health Karen DeSalvo has informed The Stream through FOIA staff that she has “no knowledge of these records” related to the agency’s oversight of fetal tissue transfers and federally-funded experiments, “nor do they know where they may be located if they did exist.” This is alarming since under The National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act of 1993 , HHS should be performing audits on Planned Parenthood, and Planned Parenthood is required to submit paperwork indicating that its “research” is available for audits.

Whatever My God Ordains Is Right

Whatever My God Ordains Is Right

Girl's Right's Matter

Dr. Brown responds to a teenage boy insisting that he use the girl’s bathroom – and why we must celebrate gender distinctions. Order Dr. Brown's new book OUTLASTING THE GAY REVOLUTION


More than that, this was festival time. People were pouring into Jerusalem from across the countryside to celebrate Passover, one of the three festivals annually where people traveled to Jerusalem from across the nation. The national celebration’s popularity meant that the number of people in Jerusalem was said to triple during these times. Estimates of the population of Jerusalem in the first century run from 25,000 to 50,000, so the city would swell to somewhere between 75,000 and 150,000. Entrances to the city, like the one Jesus was approaching, would have been crowded as a stadium entrance just before a sporting event. Streams of people were entering the city at once. These people were coming to celebrate. They would be singing and rejoicing as they approached. From a distance, nothing too unusual would appear to be going on as along as nothing violent was taking place. Amid the commotion of the crowds entering Jerusalem, there was no guarantee at all that anything could be heard by the bulk of the soldiers hundreds of yards away.

Helping Your Daughter Understand Romantic Relationships (Part 1 of 2)

Jim: That is really good. I mean, what you're saying there is an awakening I'm sure, for many parents, to go, "Ah ha, okay." Now I've gotta ask you, talk to the mom of the 14-, 15-year-old that's gone through something hard like that. They've been rejected. You come home. Perhaps she's in tears and what are you gonna say to her when you go into her bedroom and you find out what's happened? What can a mom or a dad say in that regard to help that teenager manage something that is just part of life and that they're gonna get through it? And you know, you might even as a dad, I can see so many dads kinda snicker a little and say, "Okay, this is just what happens," but the girl is feeling this profoundly and deeply. It's not humorous to her.

The Gun Control Debate: Two Christian Perspectives - Christian Research Institute

Another part of Gleason’s case is, in his own words, the following rhetorical question: “If the government of these United States ever becomes tyrannical and desires to take over every aspect and facet of your life, are you prepared to hand over the freedom and liberty that was purchased at such great cost peacefully?” While it is possible that such a drastic change may occur, on the face of it this seems highly unlikely, given the existence of democratic institutions and a strong tradition of adherence to the rule of law. When we take into account the military might of the United States government, it is not clear how an armed populace would prevent such tyranny. If such tyranny did arise, the people could successfully resist only if they had a stockpile of weapons capable of matching the state’s firepower. If the justification for the widespread possession of guns is to deter or deal with a possible future tyrannical state, then by the same reasoning there would also be a right to possess tanks, missiles, and weapons of mass destruction, all of which would be needed to truly deter or reverse such tyranny.

Who’s Kermit the Frog’s New Girlfriend?

They say breaking up is hard to do. It apparently is also not easy being green. That is, unless you’re Kermit the Frog. After announcing the demise of his relationship to Miss Piggy, our favorite felt amphibian was photographed with a new pork paramour, who sources say is named Denise. Not so fast, says the froggy frontman. Here’s his official statement on the matter:

Is your church a culture of safety?

“I have seen so much emotional blackmail in my ministry, I am jealous to raise a warning against it.  Emotional blackmail happens when a person equates his or her emotional pain with another person’s failure to love.  They aren’t the same.  A person may love well and the beloved still feel hurt, and use the hurt to blackmail the lover into admitting guilt he or she does not have.  Emotional blackmail says, ‘If I feel hurt by you, you are guilty.’  There is no defense.  The hurt person has become God.  His emotion has become judge and jury.  Truth does not matter.  All that matters is the sovereign suffering of the aggrieved.  It is above question.  This emotional device is a great evil.  I have seen it often in my three decades of ministry and I am eager to defend people who are being wrongly indicted by it.”

‘Good’ Is a Protest Against Moral Decay

I always tell people that graphic design is loving your neighbor—that is, if it’s done right. It’s tempting as an artist to steer projects in a direction that makes me look good and promotes my agenda. But instead it’s my job to make my client look good and to communicate his or her goals as clearly and beautifully as possible. Sometimes that means challenging the client and loving them by telling them what they thought they wanted was actually ugly or is ineffective. And often this means making something less elegant because it’s beyond the scope of what they can afford or more than what they desire.

Forgiveness in the Bible and in Pop Psychology - Christian Research Institute

Note that the simple process of church discipline is enough to contradict the common misconception that forgiveness is a subjective psychological exercise by which one merely releases hurt or “chang[es] old beliefs and patterns and actions that are driven by our bitterness.” If forgiveness were so easily accomplished, there would be no need for a command to confront the offending brother (Matt. 18:15), no need to involve the church (vv. 16-17), and certainly no need to remove the offender from the local fellowship (v. 17). The believer simply could subjectively “forgive” or “release his hurt” and walk away. But genuine forgiveness is not a subjective experience related to mental health. It is an objective transaction in which one party accepts responsibility for wrongdoing and another party willingly reconciles despite the harm suffered (vv. 15–17). It is the objective reality of healing relationships in such a way as to demonstrate the mercy and love of God to others by modeling His willingness to forgive us despite the infinite harm caused to His glory by man’s sin (Matt. 18:23–35).

God and Abstract Objects | William Lane Craig, Peter van Inwagen, J.T. Bridges

For more resources visit: In April of 2015, Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES) hosted a dialogue on the existence of God and abstract objects. This dialogue included SES's Associate Professor of Philosophy Dr. J. T. Bridges and two world renowned philosophers, Dr. William Lane Craig from Talbot School of Theology and Dr. Peter van Inwagen of Notre Dame. The positions represented were Platonic Realism, Anti-Platonism/Nominalism, and Thomistic Moderate Realism. We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel which contains short clips: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Like the Reasonable Faith Facebook Fan Page:

Campaigner: Christians should open their homes to Pakistani Christians in Thailand – Premier Premier

A meeting between Germany, France and Britain is the perfect opportunity to speak about the plight of Pakistani Christians according to a charity.

Premier Christian on Twitter

Find out why 12 yearold Cathra's song is due for release on iTunes & get involved with @prospectsorguk #AbilitySunday

Egalitarian Music?

I often find myself cringing at the lyrics that pass for contemporary Christian music as I listen to the radio (which, admittedly, I rarely do). From songs like “Courageous,” which makes it sound like only men can have courage… or at least that only they were “made to be” that way; to those like “Lead Me,” which encourages co-dependence in relationships, I find myself wondering if there are any egalitarian Christian musicians out there making music that shares that message. I know of none.

Why Believer's Baptism Is Such a Big Deal

I was baptized when I was six years old.I had just come to place my faith in Christ in the summer of 1983 when my rebirth was celebrated with my Clear Fork Baptist Church family on the Warren and Logan County borders of southern Kentucky. It marked a refreshing change from my life of violent crime and gang-related activity to that point… Actually…

What Is Gender Fluidity? (And Why It Shouldn't Surprise You)

What should the Christian response be? Love. We need to meet people on an individual level right where they are and love them by sharing the truth of Jesus with them. We can protest, we can sign petitions, we can tell people they’re going to hell. That just isn’t helpful. Jesus met sinners right where they were. They were changed by His love and the truth spoken in love, not condemnation. If you know someone who identifies as a gender outside of male or female, just know that they  can  be restored. The  God who created gender – male and female – can heal the most hardened of hearts.

The God of peace.

Skeptics claim Exodus 15:3  contradicts numerous others that call God “the God of peace” (e.g., Rom. 15:33). The Bible tells us that God fought many wars for Israel to destroy wicked nations, and that He promises “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding” (Phil. 4:7) to all who repent and trust the Savior. It is clear that Exod. 15:3 is a reference to war, while Rom. 15:33 simply refers to peace of mind.

Tell Your Church What They Are

I recently met with a pastor who leads a thriving church in my area. He planted the church in 2003 and it has grown from three families to 2,500 people in attendance today. He spent an hour with me sharing a lot of fantastic insights about casting vision, setting direction, and bringing people along on mission to reach the community. I want to share with you one of the most valuable pieces of advice he gave me: Tell your church what they are.

The Relevance of Wilberforce Today

As a member of British Parliament, William Wilberforce fought to abolish the slave trade and slavery altogether. One of his frustrations was found in the fact that self-identified Christians were willing to continue and support the slave trade.

Eric Metaxas on Twitter

I finally got to see THE WAR ROOM tonight! Alex & Stephen Kendrick should be very proud. So glad to have met them.

Truthbomb Apologetics: Hasn't Archaeology Shown That The Account of the Conquest of Jericho is Inaccurate?

Taken directly from Norman L. Geisler and Thomas Howe, The Big Book of Bible Difficulties , p. 136-137. Problem: Joshua 6 records the conquest and destruction of the city of Jericho. If this account is accurate, it would seem that modern archaeological excavations would have turned up evidence of this monumental event. However, haven't these investigations proven that the account in Joshua is inaccurate? Solution: For many years the prevailing view of critical scholars has been that there was no city of Jericho at the time Joshua was supposed to have entered Canaan. Although earlier investigations by the notable British archaeologist Kathleen Kenyon confirmed the existence of the ancient city of Jericho, and its sudden destruction, her findings led her to conclude that the city could have existed no later than ca. 1550 B.C. This date is much too early for Joshua and the children of Israel to have been party to its demise. However, recent examination of these earlier findings, and a closer look at current evidence indicates that not only was there a city that fits the biblical chronology, but that its remains coincide with the biblical account of the destruction of this walled fortress.

Eric Metaxas on Twitter

Met three @TheKingsCollege students at a screening of The War Room tonight in Times Square! It was a TERRIFIC movie.

Crossway on Twitter

If left to ourselves, we'd shipwreck our lives. It's only God's grace that we don't.

Angus Menuge's ontological argument against naturalism

This is really good, WK – thank you for putting the hard work into this and providing the links. Is there somewhere that the argument is put into premise-conclusion form? I seem to have missed it. I have found that merely presenting 3-5 premise-conclusions is the most that many people can handle – although my secular ontological argument for the existence of Hell has 10 – and it is hard to keep people to stay on the premises anyway. If I don’t have that kind of form, it will be nigh impossible to present this. Thanks so much – I never get to tell you how many hundreds of times I link to and excerpt from your posts, per week.

Answers in Genesis on Twitter

“ @AiG : We are seeing more and more false prophets arising in the church today." They're all false. #charlatans #Atheism

Ligon Duncan on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Introducing Paul

There are numerous things to like about Bird’s book. It has an extremely pleasant style that all readers should find both informative and engaging. It manages to convey quite a lot of information to the reader, without using confusing technical terms or gibberish. Several helpful diagrams are included within the text, which are both helpful and simply nice to have for breaking up the walls of text. However, there are two main strengths to the book that supersede all others; the attention given to the individual letters of Paul and the amount of theology included. The chapter that focuses on each of Paul’s letters, in turn, is an invaluable resource. Often, we get so focused on reading the letters we fail to comprehend them or remember their purpose. With each letter carefully analyzed and its message plainly spoken, it becomes much easier to understand Paul’s motivation and learn the point he wants to make with each. The other key point is the amount of theology the reader absorbs while traveling through the book. The reader will find his own faith strengthened as discussions of the Gospel and Paul’s theology are discussed; an excellent addition to the book’s already outstand presentation on Paul.

Southern Seminary on Twitter

"Every single child is an unmitigated, unqualified gift—a gift to be welcomed." — @albertmohler #TheBriefing

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