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Steelers Antonio Brown "Crane Kick" / Karate Kid Parody

Facebook: Twitter: Antonio Brown uses the "crane kick" against the Browns in this parody of...

How Can We Make Sense of An Immaterial Mind Creating the Material Universe?

For more resources visit: On April 18th, 2012 William Lane Craig and Klemens Kappel debated the topic "Does God Exist?" in Cop...

Porn is super-empowering: just ask the Duke University porn star

Porn is 'empowering' and 'freeing' and 'the way the world should be,' swears Miriam Weeks. Except she forgot a few important details.

Arzell's Recovery | A Salvation Army Story

Gangs, extreme violence and drugs ruled Arzell's life until he visited the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center. The Work Therapy Center saved him from that ...

J.P. Moreland Responds to Criticisms of the Argument from Consciousness

Visit the post for more.

Lecrae on his rap, theology and Billboard success

National Correspondent, Sarah Pulliam Bailey sat down with hip hop artist, Lacrae, to discuss his music and theology. How Lecrae mixed rap and theology to fi...

A Former Lesbian Shares Her Joy in Jesus

A former lesbian shares her story with Dr. Brown after he spoke on “Can You Be Gay and Christian?”

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What Is the Covenant of Grace?

The Reformed creeds and confessions express the continuity of God’s covenant of grace despite its many historical variations. For instance, the Heidelberg Catechism says: “… God himself first revealed [it] in Paradise, [and] afterwards [it was] proclaimed by the holy Patriarchs and Prophets, and foreshadowed by the sacrifices and other ceremonies of the law, and finally fulfilled in his well-beloved Son” (Q&A 19). This means the Bible is one story of the gospel, which God has spoken “in many times and in many ways” (Heb. 1:1), whether in Paradise to Adam; during the days of the patriarchs, such as Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses; through the ministry of the prophets, such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, and Joel; or through the ceremonies of the Levitical sacrifices. All of this came to fruition in Jesus Christ.

2 CRI on Twitter: "Talking w/@HankHanegraaff at @bottradio & @CRIBAM KC,MO event as Hank signs books."

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Liberty, Knowledge & Love

Paul’s answer indicates the Corinthians included in their letter a defense for eating meat sacrificed to idols. In 1 Corinthians 8:1, he acknowledges what may have been their first point of defense with the words “we know that we have all knowledge.” Taken on its own, that’s an egotistical statement, even if it’s partly true. It reflects a feeling of superiority from knowing and understanding God’s Word—a feeling Paul immediately undercuts in the latter half of the verse: “Knowledge makes arrogant, but love edifies.”

4 Are there degrees of reward in heaven? - Christian Research Institute

That is how heaven will be. As a master musician can appreciate Mozart more than can an average music lover, so too my strenuous training allowed me to more fully appreciate the architectural nuances of Cypress Point. As phenomenal as Cypress Point is, it pales by comparison to what Paradise will be. I spent one day at a golf haven; I will spend an eternity in God’s heaven. It stands to reason, therefore, that I would put a whole lot more effort into preparing for an eternity in heaven with God than I did for playing eighteen holes of golf. That is precisely the point Paul is driving at in one of his letters to the Corinthians. Pressing the analogy of athletics he writes, “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last; but we do it to get a crown that will last forever” (1 Corinthians 9:24–25). Thus, says Paul, “I do not run like a man running aimlessly; I do not fight like a man beating the air. No, I beat my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize” (vv.

Quite Possibly The Cutest Conversation Between 2 Sisters and a Boy – 'You Poked My Heart!'

You will have to see this one to believe how adorable these three cute toddlers are. The boy is arguing over whether it is raining or drizzling and the girls believe they have the answer.

Why We Play

A Christian who takes his role as a minister seriously must be able to lead people in godly play. As a pastor of a dear flock of growing saints and teacher of college students who generally have a deep hunger to know God, I’m convinced that helping God’s people survive in a broken world requires a well developed ability to play. A minister of the gospel must be able to cry and mourn, laugh and play with godly gusto, and lead others in these as well.


Best-selling Christian author talks about the advice every millennial needs to hear and every parent…

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Incest a 'fundamental right', German committee says - Telegraph

Laws banning incest between brothers and sisters in Germany could be scrapped after a government ethics committee said the they were an unacceptable intrusion into the right to sexual self-determination.

How Sen. Kay Hagan’s husband won stimulus cash

“There’s a lot of renewable energy-generating capacity in the stimulus package,” Hagan told The Shelby Star, a North Carolina newspaper, weeks after she cast her vote. “We’re hoping to create enough renewable energy to power 6 million American homes — obviously, that’s not all in North Carolina. This Legislature is going to deliver on our simple promise to change the way things work in Washington, and it’s going to be for those working families and not the special interest.”

Grace to You

As a child, you may have been taught that prayer is reserved for mealtimes, bedtime, or church services. That's a common misconception many children carry into their adult years. But believers are to be in constant communication with God, which is simply the overflow of seeing all of life from His perspective. Just as you would discuss your everyday experiences and feelings with a close friend, so you're to discuss them with God.


The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. Your gift enables our worldwide outreach. Donate Now

Homosexuality as Dividing Line — The Inescapable Issue

The SBC Executive Committee was acting in its ad interim capacity on behalf of the Convention itself. Between the annual meetings of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Executive Committee fulfills its functions. When the SBC met earlier this year in Baltimore, Southern Baptists had just learned days before that the New Heart Community Church had affirmed its pastor in declaring a “third way” on the issue of homosexuality — in effect allowing for the affirmation of same-sex sexuality and relationships. In an hour-long video posted to the church’s website, Pastor Danny Cortez explained his personal change of mind on the question of homosexuality and traced his journey back to an August day in 2013 when “I realized I no longer believed in the traditional teachings regarding homosexuality.”

Farmers to Lesbian Couple: ‘We’re Not Hateful People’

“We’re not hateful people,” Gifford said in an interview with The Daily Signal, holding back tears. “We just believe that a marriage is between a man and a woman, and we do not want to hold a [same-sex] marriage ceremony here on our family farm because the state tells us we have to do it.”

Police Reveal Gruesome Beheading Detail in Oklahoma Food Distribution Plant Murder

Gruesome new details have been revealed regarding a woman murdered in Moore, Oklahoma, Thursday. According to local outlets, she was beheaded by a man who was reportedly in the process of converting to Islam.

The Church Dropout Problem Is a Disciple-Making Problem

“is the idea that [the Christianity they’ve been taught] does not have much, if anything, to say about their chosen profession or field … It is a modern tragedy. Despite years of church-based experiences and countless hours of Bible-centered teaching, millions of next generation Christians have no idea that their faith connects to their life’s work.”

Go To Sleep

God's character doesn't change (see Numbers 23:19, Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 13:8, James 1:17). He is loving, wise, patient, strong, and kind at all times. He is a steadfast rock. When your joy and peace are rooted in his character, you have reason to fall asleep, even when life is crashing down. David is a good theologian, and his theology enables him to rest.

What Gossip Says About God

What we say reveals what we believe. We can’t hide it. Fresh water, salt water, and the like (James 3:11–12). Some forms of speech reveal in a more straightforward manner: “I believe the sun will rise tomorrow.” Thanks. Others are more complex, like gossip. “Can you believe that about Laurie and John? What she said? How he reacted? You know Amber overheard them, right? And she knows Laurie, and she said that. . . .” What does that reveal?

Peyton Manning Says a Relationship With the Lord is His 'No. 1' Priority – Hear What Else He Had to Say! (VIDEO)

Although Peyton Manning goes through a long football season and dedicates a lot of his time to the sport he loves, he knows that there is something that means a lot more. The Lord is his number one priority and admits he has a very close relationship with God.

How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Theology

The Gospel Coalition is a fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming our ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures.  We yearn to work with all who, in addition to embracing our confession and theological vision for ministry, seek the lordship of Christ over the whole of life with unabashed hope in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform individuals, communities, and cultures.

New Iran Bible Debuts as 460 Prayer Vigils Seek To 'Save Saeed'

It was a tremendous honour that Juliet Michaelian, the widow of Rev.Tateos Michaelian, was with us for the dedication. In May 1994, right at the start of this Bible project, Elam's director, my father Sam Yeghnazar, had written to his friend Tateos Michaelian, Iran's most experienced translator, asking him to take a leading role in the work. He accepted the invitation, but one month later Tateos Michaelian was shot dead. He was murdered for his faith.

Half of Earth's water formed before the sun was born

Good news for hunters of extraterrestrial life: Water may be more widespread in planetary systems than previously thought. A team of researchers studying the origin of the water in our solar system has concluded that up to half of it formed before the sun itself was born—that is, in the cloud of dust and gas that was the progenitor of our solar system. If water can form in abundance in such clouds, then it may be found everywhere.

History Helps Put Things in Perspective

As someone who was in church from a very early age because my dad was the preacher, I agree with having the kids in church early. But over the past 15 or so years I have worked in the nursery (birth – 5 year olds) and started a toddler Sunday School class about 6 years ago. Toddlers are in the class from age 1 up until 2 years old. All Sunday School classes in the preschool area beginning with the toddlers begin laying a foundation of learning. At the end of their year in Toddler class, they have the knowledge of what they should do during church time when they get to the 2 year old class and the 2 year old class lays the foundation for the 3 year old class, etc. all the way through Kid’s Worship time (up to 3rd grade) during Church services. Little ones don’t know when to listen unless they are shown how to a little at a time. By the way, the little guys and gals that are toddler age (in or outside a church) learn MUCH more than people think they can! Why not let them learn what to do while at church, to worship God and learn about Jesus!

The secret to a long marriage? Coming from a big family helps - The Sacramento Bee

These long unions stand out in the shifting landscape of marriage. While 78 percent of American adults were married in 1950, according to census data, only about half are married today, and they’re waiting longer to do so. The age of first marriage for men has risen to almost 30, compared to 23 in 1960. Fewer people marry each year, and confidence in marriage is at such a low point that a recent Pew Research Center survey showed that 40 percent of unmarried Americans think the concept of marriage is outdated.


Marriage is under siege in our time, and Christian unions are not going unscathed. Dr. Michael A. G. Haykin believes that love letters written by Christian husbands and wives of the past can help strengthen the ties that bind believing spouses today. In this anthology, he brings together letters from one or both parties in twelve significant relationships from church history. The contents range from courtship communications to proposals of marriage to final words before dying, but most have to do with the ups and downs of married life. In the end,  The Christian Lover  is a celebration of marriage, an intimate window into the thoughts of men and women who were deeply in love with both God and one another.

26 Free Radio Offers

Yes, I’m a student. Below is my information so you can send my free copy of Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong (Softcover) .

The Truth about the Crusades - Clay JonesClay Jones

invaded the lands of those Christians and has depopulated them by the sword, pillage and fire; it has led away a part of the captives into its own country, and a part it has destroyed by cruel tortures; it has either entirely destroyed the churches of God or appropriated them for the rites of its own religion. They destroy the altars, after having defiled them with their uncleanness. They circumcise the Christians, and the blood of the circumcision they either spread upon the altars or pour into the vases of the baptismal font. When they wish to torture people by a base death, they perforate their navels, and dragging forth the extremity of the intestines, bind it to a stake; then with flogging they lead the victim around until the viscera having gushed forth the victim falls prostrate upon the ground. Others they bind to a post and pierce with arrows. Others they compel to extend their necks and then, attacking them with naked swords, attempt to cut through the neck with a single blow. What shall I say of the abominable rape of the women? To speak of it is worse than to be silent. The kingdom of the Greeks is now dismembered by them and deprived of territory so vast in extent that it can not be traversed in a march of two months.

Franklin Graham Says the American Church Must Do More to Help Christians Persecuted Abroad (Interview)

WASHINGTON — Rev. Franklin Graham, the outspoken son of evangelist Billy Graham, believes the American Church hasn't done enough to act against the persecution of Christians abroad.

Rand Paul: Don't Tell Me 5 Lb Babies Have No Rights Simply Because They're Unborn

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., who has an uneasy relationship with the pro-life community, took a stand in opposition to late-term abortions in a Friday speech at the Values Voter Summit.

Stone Age groups made similar toolmaking breakthroughs

In the 1990s, archaeologists proposed 2 that the Levallois method first evolved in Africa, and that it became widespread after a group of hominids migrated to Europe and Asia and carried it with them. The hypothesis sought to explain why stone tools made by the Levallois method apparently appeared earlier in Africa than in other parts of the world. It assumed that the superior method would quickly replace the simpler bifacial technique that had been used for the previous million years.

RELEVANT Podcast: Lecrae

This week we talk to hip hop artist, Lecrae. Plus, Jeremy Courtney of Preemptive Love comes by to talk Iraq, ISIS and the work his organization is doing. And we catch up on the week’s news and entertainment, read your feedback and much more ...

A Guide to Being a Single Millennial

1) I have no freedom, despite being single. My family (ie. my parents) consider me to still be an adolescent. If I wanted to go 'travel' to Italy or China or wherever, their expressions and body language make me feel guilty, as if I'm 'abandoning' my parents and siblings to pursue my own selfish ambition. Of course, when I point out that my peers, who got married already, are traveling the world to Asian and Europe, they're perfectly okay with that, because my peers are married to another who they are traveling with them, so *that* is not considered selfish. Bottom line---I'm only independent when I have my *own* family/married, but so long as I'm single I'm considered to be selfish if I try to pursue my dreams/ambitions solo. I don't think I'm alone in this; I feel like a lot of other millennials who grew up in conservatives homes are made to feel the same way. We are conflicted between honoring our possessive parents and pursuing our dreams without a spouse (because we haven't found one yet). So althought single, I *DO* have the responsiblity and restrictions of having a family, without actually having a family (of my own).

God Created Man . . . Male and Female

Over the last several decades, this postmodern deconstruction of masculinity and femininity has, I believe, been fostered by the widespread acceptance of gender-neutral language. Many recent Bible translations (NRSV, NLT, CEV, NIV 2011) have adopted such language, despite the fact that God himself (Gen. 5:1–2) refers to the human race by the name of the first man, Adam. McDowell and Stonestreet do not use one of these translations (they use the ESV); still, I think their own use of gender-neutral language has the unintended consequence of downplaying the sexual complementarity on which strong and fruitful biblical marriages rest.

Georgia Allegedly Fires Christian Public Health Expert Because He Believes Homosexuality Is a Sin and Evolution Was 'Created by Satan'

Eric Walsh, a Christian public health expert and lay preacher, is accusing Georgia's Department of Public Health of religious discrimination and retaliation after officials there rescinded a job offer because he believes homosexuality is a sin and evolution is a "religion created by Satan."

One-Armed Christian Pro Surfer Bethany Hamilton to Appear on CBS' 'The Amazing Race'

Christian pro surfer Bethany Hamilton and husband Adam Dirks will appear as contestants in the premier of "The Amazing Race" Friday night, where the couple was pushed to their physical limit during an obstacle-based journey around the world.

Questions about the Cosmological Argument | Reasonable Faith

1. Doubtless, the majority of philosophers in the West do not think that any version of the cosmological argument or, indeed, any argument for the existence of God is sound. Otherwise they would be theists! But although atheism is a philosophy in retreat among American philosophers, it is still the dominant viewpoint. So obviously they reject all forms of the cosmological argument. In response to your question as to why this is the case, I cannot speak to the psychological motivations of such persons but must consider at face value the arguments they give for their perspective. I’ve tied to interact responsibly with their proffered arguments and found most of them pretty unimpressive and the rest not insuperable. See my published work on the arguments in its different versions. There’s just no getting around doing the homework of considering the arguments pro and con.

Is Divorce Equivalent to Homosexuality?

This week my denomination, through its executive committee, voted to "disfellowship" a congregation in California that has acted to affirm same-sex sexual relationships. This sad but necessary move is hardly surprising, since this network of churches shares a Christian sexual ethic with all orthodox Christians of every denomination for 2,000 years. One of the arguments made by some, though, is that this is hypocritical since so many ministers in our tradition marry people who have been previously divorced.

38 Six Enemies of Apologetic Engagement - Christian Research Institute

The evangelical world today suffers from apologetic anemia. Despite the fact that Holy Scripture calls believers to give a rea­son (Greek, apologia) for the hope we have in Christ (1 Pet. 3:15; see also Jude 3), we sadly lack a public voice for truth and rea­son in the marketplace of ideas. We do not have a strong intellectual presence in popular or academic culture — although some evangelicals influence some areas, such as philosophy and politics, more than others.


How will you survive the judgment of God? Why should God let you into heaven? In short, what is the gospel? In this message, young people were asked the above questions, and like so many, young people are depending on their own merits to be accepted by God. Their answers were candid, genuine, and many of them horrifying. Out of all the answers that were given, Dr. Sproul affirms with Scripture that “Christ is the Only Way.”

Southern Baptist Convention Cuts Ties With California Church Over Pro-Gay Marriage Stance

The Southern Baptist Convention withdrew a California church known for its "third way" on gay unions and homosexuality from its church membership, officials announced Tuesday.

Judges Stop Him at First, But Then He is Given a Second Chance and Blows the Judges Away!

Jake Quickenden steps up to the X-Factor U.K. stage with a guitar in hand ready to sing for the judges. A few seconds into his audition one of the judges stops him and tells him "you have it all wrong."

5 Famous Christian Quotes About Coping With Change

For salvation we must change our own minds and agree that God's way is better than our own. It is important for us as Christians to realize that God would not bring us into a situation we should not be in. He does things so we build character and become a stronger person.

Pope Francis Fires Paraguayan Bishop Accused of Protecting Pedophile Priest; Bishop Hits Back at Vatican

Paraguayan Bishop Rogelio Ricardo Livieres Plano, who has been accused of protecting a priest suspected of sexually abusing minors, has been officially removed from his post by the Roman Catholic Church. In a subsequent letter to the Vatican, Plano hit back against the decision and said that Pope Francis "will have to answer before God."

My Top 5 Books for Political Leaders

A s former head of the White House’s Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, Joshua DuBois was hailed by Time as “pastor-in-chief,” sending President Obama an e-mail every morning with a snippet of Scripture. CT asked DuBois—who recently compiled The President’s Devotional (HarperOne) and who now heads the Values Partnerships consulting firm—to choose the five books every political leader should read.

Oklahoma Horror: Muslim Who Tried Converting Colleagues Beheads Woman, Stabs Another After He Is Fired From Job

An Oklahoma man who recently converted to Islam and had been trying to convert some of his co-workers reportedly went on a murderous rampage, beheading one woman and stabbing another shortly after he was fired from his job at a food processing plant.


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Should Christian Parents Spank Their Children to Discipline Them? Pastors Weigh-In After Adrian Peterson Switch Beating

"I am against it," Rev. Beth Boisvert of the Community Church of Francestown (United Church of Christ) in New Hampshire told The Christian Post. "I think it proves—even when used, as some claim to do, in a controlled manner without anger—that those with power must do whatever they can to hold onto it. I think it is completely against Christian standards, and particularly the teachings of Jesus. But even Paul wrote a lot about how communities should engage with each other, and I think that goes for families as well."

Embattled evangelicals: 'War on religion' is aimed at us - Religion News Service

Paranoia, that’s all it is. The fear that someday someone is going to put his foot down and no longer allow white evangelicals to try to dictate to the rest of us how we should live and what we should believe. Are they kidding? They had eight years of Bush the Younger starting wars galore, bashing science, hating gays and turning his back on the environment. Luckily for the rest of us, Bush was just too ignorant and self-absorbed to fully use his powers to flesh out his white evangelical neo-con fundamentalist agenda. Paranoid because Obama is black, Democrat and other. Racism and immaturity. They are still fighting an abortion war that ended almost 40 years ago with Roe v. Wade, still fighting a losing battle over gay rights, still fighting a losing battle against the New Atheism, which is attracting thousands of young Americans every day (the Europeans and Scandinavians are already in a post-Christian transition). Preachers who rail against gays from the pulpit now sound like kooks, which they are. We have seen through and around them and we aren’t taking any more of their B.

49 The New Trailer for ‘Big Hero 6’ Looks Pretty Great

H ere’s the latest trailer for Marvel/Disney’s upcoming superhero adventure Big Hero 6 , an animated movie that’s already getting some buzz for how it deals with some surprisingly heavy themes. As you can see from the trailer, it’s definitely a kids’ action movie, but like Wreck It Ralph , the underlying emotions of the story about a robot “programmed to heal the sick and injured” may to have an ageless appeal ...

Stephen Hawking Confirms Atheist Beliefs: 'There Is No God,' Physicist Says

Hawking is famous for his physiological findings and theories as well as for putting his complete faith in science rather than a higher power or God. His book, A Brief History of Time posited that there was, in fact, a God and that humans could know the mind of that God if one specific physiological theory commonly known as the "theory of everything" could be proven. However, in another book, The Grand Design, Hawking took back that theory and hypothesized that God was unnecessary for creation.

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