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Towards Belief follows pastor and host, Karl Faase as he interviews over 30 leading thinkers as they seek to defuse the belief blockers to Christian faith in...

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Lay Aside the Weight of Irritability

Our irritability never has its roots in the soils of righteousness. It springs out of the soil of selfishness and springs up fast, like the sin-weed that it is. We get irritated or easily provoked, not when God’s righteousness or justice is scorned, but when something we want is being denied, delayed or disrupted. It works like this:

Hero Drummer Adds a Little Pizzazz to Hillsong United's 'Oceans'

H illsong United's 'Oceans' has become a new worship staple, and as is the case with new staples, artists are lining up to give their own spin on it. Some are more successful than others, but this hero drummer gives it his all, and we think you'll agree it's just the manic shot of energy the song needs. Some people might call it "overpowering" but, then again, some people called Galileo insane. Play on, hero drummer ...

5 Big Lessons from Heroines of the Faith

Hello to every one out here, am here to share the unexpected miracle that happened to me three days ago, My name is Jeffrey Dowling,i live in TEXAS,USA.and I`m happily married to a lovely and caring wife,with two kids A very big problem occurred in my family seven months ago,between me and my wife so terrible that she took the case to court for a divorce she said that she never wanted to stay with me again,and that she did not love me anymore So she packed out of my house and made me and my children passed through severe pain. I tried all my possible means to get her back,after much begging,but all to no avail and she confirmed it that she has made her decision,and she never wanted to see me again. So on one evening,as i was coming back from work,i met an old friend of mine who asked of my wife So i explained every thing to her,so she told me that the only way i can get my wife back,is to visit a spell caster,because it has really worked for her too So i never believed in spell,but i had no other choice,than to follow her advice. Then she gave me the email address of the spell caster whom she visited.

Today's Podcast | This is the Day | Moody Radio

Moody Radio produces and delivers compelling programming filled with solid biblical insight and creative expressions of faith that helps you take the next step in your relationship with Christ. We desire to be the place where you turn—for truth, direction and hope. Through the power of the Word, you will hear and experience more of the life God intends for you in every moment, in every situation.

5 Defenders Class Live | Reasonable Faith

Defenders is Dr. William Lane Craig's Sunday school class on Christian doctrine and apologetics. Join leading Christian scholar Dr. Craig as he carefully and articulately teaches a comprehensive survey course from the Doctrine of God to the Doctrine of the Last Things, explaining Christian apologetic arguments along the way. Click on the link to watch live on Sunday mornings at 11:30 EST or to enjoy archived classes at your convenience.

Why Christian parents should not want good, happy, safe kids

That incredulous assertion is an all too familiar response from parents (including myself) who discover a child has sinned. But for Christian parents, such an assertion is anti-Christ because it constitutes speaking as if the gospel is not true. It represents the response for a parent who desires to rear a religious Pharisee. If a parent’s goal is to keep up appearances and maintain an external image of righteousness, then it is right to myopically focus on outward performance. After all, we too often reason that we are not like “those people” who do things like that. We are the “good people.” Such parenting is not cruciform even if the parents are Christians. It is not uncommon for Christian parents to begin with good intentions then subtly fall into serving the dream of what they want for their children’s lives rather than what God would want. Rather than loving God by loving their children, they begin loving their vision of what raising successful children will look like. A child successfully living out the parents’ aspirations can grievously become the way parents validate themselves.

The Song

Religious audiences may also be surprised to find that there is little overtly spiritual content in this “faith film.” With the exception of one subtle and almost ill-placed reference to “someone who loves you enough to die for you” by Powell’s character during a performance at the “American Roots Music Awards,” all God-talk is limited to sparsely-placed narration quoted from biblical poetry. Secular audiences will probably never catch the subtle scriptural nuance woven into the script and soundtrack. Only the biblically literate will catch the cleverly hidden nods to the story of King David and Bathsheba, the “rose” of Sharon, and dozens of subtle references contained in the lyrics of Jed’s songs. (Look for Solomon’s famous judgment to “split the baby”, and the romantic language of Song of Solomon in “The Song” Jed pens for his wife.)

8 Eric Metaxas, Kirsten Powers & Dennis Prager

The goal of this event is to allow prominent voices in the public square to engage in an open, honest and entertaining dialogue about religion and the challenges we face as a nation and civilization.

The Strange Legacy of Theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg

He vehemently defended the Resurrection but denied the Virgin Birth. He was hugely influential but leaves few disciples. What you need to know about the German giant who died this month.

The Daily

The Daily, by updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Postmodernism, Open Theism, and Philosophy

Questioners ask Dr. Craig about current issues in theology and how to balance philosophy and the Scriptures. Dr. Craig also counsels a man in a relationship with a woman who does not share his faith!

Now It's Whale Hips: Another Icon of Darwinian Evolution, Vestigial Structures, Takes a Hit

Male genitalia evolve rapidly, probably as a result of sexual selection. Whether this pattern extends to the internal infrastructure that influences genital movements remains unknown. Cetaceans (whales and dolphins) offer a unique opportunity to test this hypothesis: since evolving from land-dwelling ancestors, they lost external hind limbs and evolved a highly reduced pelvis which seems to serve no other function except to anchor muscles that maneuver the penis. Here we create a novel morphometric pipeline to analyze the size and shape evolution of pelvic bones from 130 individuals (29 species) in the context of inferred mating system. We present two main findings: 1) males from species with relatively intense sexual selection (inferred by relative testes size) have evolved relatively large penises and pelvic bones compared to their body size, and 2) pelvic bone shape diverges more quickly in species pairs that have diverged in inferred mating system. Neither pattern was observed in the anterior-most pair of vertebral ribs, which served as a negative control. This study provides evidence that sexual selection can affect internal anatomy that controls male genitalia.

Efforts underway to change the GOP on same sex marriage

(CNN) -- Gay conservatives are undertaking the most coordinated effort yet to change the Republican Party's position on same-sex marriage. Their approach: one state and one Republican activist at a time.

How 727 Megachurches Spend Their Money

Leadership Network and Vanderbloemen Search Group surveyed 727 of America's largest churches regarding their finances earlier this year. Though the researchers acknowledge their examination of church financial trends is not "randomly based nor is it statistically accurate for all larger churches," they explain the findings "do indicate many general trends, and is likely the most comprehensive financial perspective available on large churches."

How the Church Is Helping in the Fight Against Ebola

We continue to distribute things like the Jesus film. We continue to distribute Sunday School materials. But it’s really gone more to an arms-length engagement with radio and literature in the infected areas. And where Ebola is not yet affecting communities, we’re trying to get out ahead and educate church leaders as well as community leaders—even police and prison populations—about what Ebola is and how to take steps to fight Ebola. But the Church is very much, along with our staff, the hands and feet in our water sanitation and hygiene programs.

Secret Service reviews White House security after fence-jumper enters mansion

The Secret Service on Saturday launched a security review to learn how a man carrying a knife was able to get inside the front door of the White House on Friday night after jumping a fence and sprinting more than 70 yards across the North Lawn — the first time that has ever happened.

The Fifth Gospel | Bobby Conway

“Few Christians can rightly say with the apostle Paul, ‘Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.’ Bobby Conway is just such a Christian, and, as such, his passion for Christ is contagious. Read, no, prayerfully devour

How to Steward the Power of Marriage

It is hard to imagine a single person inviting our family over for Thanksgiving dinner (though I will say that single people have invited us over for lovely meals in the past although they had to overcome some natural social barriers to even extend this type of hospitality). It is hard to imagine a single person inviting our family on vaction. It is hard to imagine a single person reaching out to me to ask for the type of practical help and companionship my husband provides. But we have a family into which we could pretty easily receive other people. I'm not suggesting an open invitation to all single people in the church on special events, though of course that would be nice too. I'm suggesting something more intimate--each married couple committing themselves to one or two single parents or single men/women throughout the years, offering an invitation into a spiritual family.

Agnosticism, Beyond Belief - BBC Radio 4

When it comes to belief how tenable a position is "I don't know"? According to a 2013 You Gov poll, 18% of young people when asked about belief in some "spiritual greater power" answered exactly that. The noisy debate between atheists and religionists has drowned out those that fit into neither camp - the Agnostics. But beyond "I don't know" what does it mean to be an Agnostic and is it a viable theological and philosophical position when it comes to the biggest questions of life?


The Takeaway: If you only take your kids to church on Sunday and don’t spend much time applying your beliefs at home, faith will likely not be prominent enough in your kids’ lives to get their deeper attention (particularly if faith isn’t intrinsically relevant for them). If you’re not praying with your kids, finding time to study the Bible with them, having regular faith conversations, etc., there’s no time like today to take a first step.

How I Got "Dead Poets Society" Wrong

As a freshman at SPU in 1989, I found that this idiosyncratic professor lived up to the reputation I’d heard from former students. I learned to love how, when he handed back my essays, he had written almost as much on them as I had written in them. An exploration of The Canterbury Tales , a coffee conversation about the origins of the Arthur legends, an independent study of Old English, a post-movie talk about Quentin Tarantino—every time we met, we dug deep into the substance of our subject.

Joy Designed

But in this case, the marriage metaphor of election cannot begin with the attractive beauty of the bride. God makes his initial move toward his bride while she is morally unattractive. She is Gomer. In appropriately raw language, to be elected by God is to be a specially chosen whore pulled from a brothel. We cringe at the language of the dark side of the beautiful wedding metaphor. But we cannot make sense of election without it. In eternity past, God makes up his mind. He will elect for himself spiritual adulterers who are depraved, and he will love them to himself, and for eternity. This act of unmerited love will make the marriage language of Hosea shine in brilliant grace and point forward to an unfolding marriage-love connection to eventually be revealed in greater detail (Ephesians 5:22–33).


A key indicator of whether we are using psychotropic medication wisely is whether we are (a) using medication as a tool to assist us in making needed lifestyle and relational changes, or (b) using medication as an alternative to having to make these changes. “Option A” is wise. “Option B” results in over-medication or feeling like “medication didn’t work either” as we continually try to compensate medically for our volitional neglect of our mental health.

Stephen C. Meyer And Marcus Ross lecture on the Cambrian explosion

Access Research Network is a group that produces recordings  of lectures and debates related to intelligent design. I noticed that on their Youtube channel they are releasing some of their older lectures and debates for FREE. So I decided to write a summary of one that I really like on the Cambrian explosion. This lecture features Dr. Stephen C. Meyer and Dr. Marcus Ross.

Race to repentance and forgiveness | A guide for husbands

Jesus once told a parable about a servant who owed a significant amount of money to the king. When he was ordered to be sold along with his wife and children in order to pay the debt, the man fell on his knees and begged for mercy. Out of mercy, the king forgave the man his debt and released him. When that servant found someone who owed him only a small amount, however, he grabbed the man, began choking him, and demanded, “pay what you owe me.” When the man begged for mercy, the servant refused and had the man thrown in debtors prison.

A.T. Robertson remembered for pastoral scholarship, 80 years after death

Born Nov. 6, 1863, A.T. Robertson professed faith in Christ at the age of 12 and was licensed to preach four years later. He attended Wake Forest College, where he earned his M.A. (1885), before enrolling at Southern Seminary. Broadus, his Greek professor, quickly recognized Robertson’s aptitude for the biblical language and selected him as a teaching aide. In 1890, Robertson was elected assistant professor of New Testament interpretation, and would teach at Southern for 44 years until his death in 1934.

God's Not Dead: God's Not Dead! Nietzsche, Moral Absolutes, and Evolution

Some cultists advance the idea that life is about knocking on enough doors to sell magazines or to participate in enough temple and occult rituals to please God. Selected Hindus suggest one must stay pure to escape the Karmic cycle. The Prussian born Friedrich Nietzsche advanced the idea that life was about attaining power. Nietzsche wrote of the will of power, the Superman, and magnificent destinies. Yet, Nietzsche was a physically and emotionally weak man: headaches, unattractive, bad eyesight—a tragic figure. He ironically asserted, “A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.”[5] A few years later, he fell into insanity and repeatedly declared that he was Jesus Christ.[6]

28 Sunday Quote: Aliens and Paganism?

The mythology is effective because we understand the symbolism and can apply it with effect to ourselves in our non science-fiction lives and have a better understanding of what it is to be human from these fictional narratives. Any ‘new’ mythology is really the same mythology in some new form, in the same way a romance novel is the same story about the same human concerns no matter in what century and setting the narrative is placed. Swords and sorcery fiction is the same story in Greek anthology as it is in the Star Wars universe with the same themes represented by princesses in need of rescuing and Dark Lords to overthrow who entrap them. The struggle each of us undergoes in our lives cannot help but be of a similar kind dealing with exactly these same themes. And that’s why mythology itself is a timeless teaching tool. And if there be any doubt about the power and effectiveness of this teaching tool and our biological response of attention to it (regardless of form), go gather a group of children and start to tell them a story.

Would You Kill a Chicken with Your Bare Hands?

Tim happens to be a line chef at Salt of the Earth, an award-winning restaurant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that specializes in dishes prepared with local ingredients. But they are by no means alone. The local food movement has been gaining steam, ever since somebody discovered that the average distance food travels before it reaches your table is 1,500 miles. Those concerned about the economic and health implications of long-distance food supplies have coalesced into a movement, complete with a string of indie documentaries decrying commercial food production, and a bevy of artisan restaurants sourced with locally grown ingredients in almost every major city. Foundational to the movement is the trust between consumers who are close (relationally and geographically) to the people who grow and prepare their food, something that dramatically reduces the "food-footprint" of any meal. It's the dietary equivalent to "I know a guy who knows a guy."

Answering Muslims: Muslim Says He Wants to Use My Wife as His Sex Slave

Hello Dr. David! I loved the way you handled things in the very way CHRIST would have. Please I am not an American (Not that Americans are soft please guys do not get me wrong) I would like you to teach him an unforgettable lesson by showing him where this vile language comes from, (from his quran or hadeeth). Anyway I will put it to him this way: Dr. David if you may permit me please I will change the name of your loving wife from Mary to Aisha Mr. Man I would like you to now say that you will use Aisha as a sex slave or I challenge you to say you will use his wife as a sex slave Please say it if you are real man. And let me remind you that your quran says that Mary is the greatest woman who ever walked this planet, greater than the mother of your prophet, greater than the child wife of your prophet (Aisha). I am not saying that Dr. David's wife is the mother of CHRIST but she is a Christian (CHRISTLIKE). With this little information from you quran the implication is that when you will die allah won't send you to heaven and the consequences of you not going to heaven is that you won't have 72 virgins.

Did Muhammad Deny the Incarnation or Paganism?

Muhammad’s knowledge of the orthodox doctrine of the Incarnation (which was well established by the sixth century A.D.) is questionable at best. The Qur’an clearly misrepresents what Christians actually believed and still do believe about the triunity of God. However, the Qur’an rightly and accurately condemns the pre-Islam polytheism that permeated the Arabian Peninsula. What Muhammad denied then was the pagan deities of his native peoples, yet he mistook the Christian doctrine of the Incarnation as being nothing more than a Christianized version of pagan belief. Simply put, Muhammad denied the very same doctrines that Christians have denied for over two- thousand years. The difference being that for over fourteen- hundred years Muslims, as prescribed by the Qur’an, have attributed to Christians a belief that no orthodox Christian has ever held to. So, did Muhammad deny the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity as it relates to the Incarnation of Jesus Christ? No!

Dating + Courtship = Dateship

I just wrote a piece for  Boundless entitled “21st-Century Love”  that is my attempt at helping singles who want to get married find their way to the altar. I propose a system called “dateship” which is 1/4 cup dating and 3/4 cup courtship.

Jennifer Roback Morse on the injustice of the American family court system

First, no-fault divorce frequently means unilateral divorce: one party wants a divorce against the wishes of the other, who wants to stay married. Kim Basinger dumped Baldwin for no particular reason, unleashed the power of the Los Angeles Family Court system to inflict pain on him and, in the process, inflicted untold damage on their child. Second, the fact that one party wants to remain married means that the divorce has to be enforced. Baldwin wanted to stay married and to continue to be a husband and father. Yet, the coercive and intrusive machinery of the state must be wheeled into action to separate the reluctantly divorced party from the joint assets of the marriage, typically the home and the children.


Dr. Sproul starts this section by discussing betrayal and includes Peter in that category and then continues by detailing Peter's changing devotion to Jesus. As he continues with the passage Dr. Sproul relates that he believes the unnamed disciple who is able to get Peter admitted to the high priest's courtyard is John and this admittance brings about Peter's first denial of Jesus. Jesus undergoes his illegal trial with Annas and is then sent on to Caiaphas and Peter warming himself by the courtyard fire denies Jesus two more times. Dr. Sproul discusses Peter's failure to keep his allegiance oath of laying down his life for Jesus sake in 13:37b.

Three Things The Gospel Authors Would Have Never Invented About Jesus

Over the years, one of the common complaints by skeptics of the Gospels is that the Gospel writers supposedly took great liberty to make up or embellish certain parts of their work to make their point. In other words, many parts of the Gospel authors  ‘invented’ or ‘fabricated’ certain aspects of the life of Jesus. Also, the Gospels are supposed to be so biased and given they are written by the ‘insiders’ how can we trust these documents? In response, the more I have studied the Second Temple Jewish period in Jewish history, I have found the exact opposite. Let me offer a few examples:

What’s The Truth Behind Palestinian Water…or the lack thereof?

Water shortages in the Palestinian Authority are the result of Palestinian policies that deliberately waste water and destroy the regional water ecology. The Palestinians refuse to develop their own significant underground water resources, build a seawater desalination plant, fix massive leakage from their municipal water pipes, build sewage treatment plants, irrigate land with treated sewage effluents or modern water-saving devices, or bill their own citizens for consumer water usage, leading to enormous waste. At the same time, they drill illegally into Israel’s water resources, and send their sewage flowing into the valleys and streams of central Israel. In short, the Palestinian Authority is using water as a weapon against the State of Israel. It is not interested in practical solutions to solve the Palestinian people’s water shortages, but rather perpetuation of the shortages and the besmirching of Israel.

Aiming High Sporting Clay Shoot

Make your mark on the next generation of gospel leaders. Support the inaugural Aiming High Sporting Clay Shoot. Enjoy top-flight recreation, silent auction, awards, breakfast, and lunch. All proceeds benefit the Southern Seminary Annual Fund, which helps lower student tuition and free future gospel ministers to serve without the burden of education debt.

Twishort / DrOakley1689: Earlier today I attempted to hav…

Earlier today I attempted to have a Twitter convo with @RAhmed83 who jumped into a Muslim discussion that had begun with someone else. When this individual began spouting self-contradictory conclusions from naturalistic scholars from all sorts of different perspectives, I asked a simple question: are you a Muslim? He would not answer, saying it was irrelevant to the discussion. Well, of course, it was not irrelevant at all, and here is why. 1) If you do not know where someone is coming from in a conversation, you cannot hold them accountable to their own worldview. They can bend and sway in the wind all they want, and never be held to account for it. Total waste of time. 2) The reason I asked was simple: he had dismissed John as ahistorical. But, if he is a Muslim, he believes the Qur'an quotes Jesus. Not a single one of the vaunted naturalistic or liberal scholars he was quoting would, for a second, believe *anything* the Qur'an has to say about Jesus would be historically valid or relevant. Hence the constant contradiction of the Islamist: if you embrace modern liberal, naturalistic scholarship to attack Jesus, the historicity of the gospels, etc.

The Three Things You Need to Read this Week (09/20/14)

While everyone was coming to the conclusion that the NFL Commissioner is just as blind as many as his refs, I was compiling the Three Things You Need to Read this Week: