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At we focus on Christian Apologetics. We seek to present evidence that the Bible is true. Our organization was founded in 2006 as a Christian Apologetic Ministry

5 Pro-Life Issues That Have Nothing to Do with Abortion

The Christian call to protect life is bigger than a single issue.

University of Toronto Biochemist Admits Most ID Critics Can't Win a Debate with Us

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Paul Nelson Will Host Atlanta Premiere of Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Adorable Little Children Teach Us the Power of Prayer

These little children are such a blessing. Listening to them explain the power of prayer, and who they thank in prayer, will light up your soul.

Andy Mineo's 'Uncomfortable' Paints a Love Letter to NYC with Classic Beats & Raw Hip-Hop; Emcee has Never Sounded Better [REVIEW]

Hip-Hop artist Andy Mineo is quickly rising to the top of Christian rap's caveats as he is continuously getting exposure in the mainstream and for good reason. Now with the release of Uncomfortable coming on September 18, the emcee is ready to take the music world by storm with undoubtedly one of the best HIP-HOP albums of the year.

6 Bible Characters Who Should Get Their Own TV Dramas

We'd totally watch these.

Bishop T.D. Jakes Helps Bring Singer Angie Stone & Daughter Back Together After Violent Public Altercation in New Show [SEE HERE]

For the first time publicly, Angie Stone and her daughter sat down together to discuss their brutal fight that was made public, one which left Angie arrested, and her daughter missing teeth and bashing her mom on Facebook. Watch full episode below:

Initial Reflections on My Recent Debate with Dr. Shabir Ally - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

Last Sunday (August 16th), I participated in my first formal public debate, with Muslim scholar Dr. Shabir Ally in London, England (video recording embedded above). It was a pleasure to meet such a distinguished scholar and debater, and an honour to share a platform with him. It was also a great honour to have internationally renowned Muslim scholar Dr. Jamal Badawi in the front row of the audience. The event was live-streamed online, and was also filmed by Muslim TV station, Iqra TV. Having read a number of comments from people who were at the event, or who saw the livestream or recording, I have identified a number of important lessons that I can take forward into my future debates. The general opinion seems to be that my arguments were solid but that the impact of a lot of my points was lost because they were not presented with sufficient clarity for a non-academic audience. I also ended up on the defensive for the majority of the debate, and the offence on my part could have been made stronger by reminding the audience of the positive arguments presented in my opening statement — many of which were not addressed. I do not think of such debates in terms of “winners” and “losers”. The goal is to understand one another and to ensure that the audience have two alternative views presented to them fairly. Such debates are starting points for further study, not ends in themselves. But if one wants to be convincing to an audience who are not yet persuaded of a position, I have now learned that presentation and rhetoric can be just as important factors as the strength of one’s argument content. Over the course of several subsequent blog posts, I am going to provide my own analysis …

This Funny Seal Won't Leave Until He Gets a Belly Rub

Diver Gary Grayson has done something many of us wish we could experience. It's not so often you encounter a seal, especially one that sticks around for a belly rub!

T-Pain’s Auto-Tune-Free National Anthem Was Incredible

Hip-hop star T-Pain sang the National Anthem to open a Dodgers game this week—without the use of his signature Auto-Tune voice modulation—and the video serves as further evidence that T-Pain is actually an amazing singer. Watch the video below, and wonder why he’d ever use Auto-Tune in the first place.

In Covering Intelligent Design, Wikipedia Engages in "Information Sabotage"

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

American Student Tells Jimmy Fallon How He Stopped a Terrorist Attack on a French Train

The Tonight Show recently hosted American student Anthony Sandler, one of three Americans who helped stop a suspected terrorist attack on a train in France. Sandler was traveling with two of his friends—who are both members of the American military—when a gunman began opening fire. Not only were they able to physically overtake the terrorist, who was also armed with a box cutter, the trio administered lifesaving medical assistance to one of the shooting victims.

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Bill Maher and Rick Santorum Spar Over Pope’s Teaching on Climate Change

The two discussed Pope Francis’s recently encyclical, in which he said there was a Christian imperative to help poor communities affected by man-made climate change. Santorum previously said that Pope Francis needs to “leave science to the scientist” (as others have pointed out, the Pope has a chemistry degree) and previously told Chris Wallace, “I’m saying, 'What should the Pope use his moral authority for?' I think there are more pressing problems confronting the earth than climate change.” In this week’s interview with Maher, Santorum said he loves Pope Francis and believes that his teachings on climate change are a way to bridge bridges with people who may disagree with the Catholic Church on other issues. He even pointed to the fact that Al Gore has publicly said that he is now considering becoming a Catholic because of the Pope’s teachings. Throughout the interview though, the two disagreed on what affect human activity has on the environment.

Love Your Calling: Part Three

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The Briefing 09-02-15

1) Pope's 'Year of Mercy' exemplifies problems of sacramental system, changes nothing

TGC Launches New Podcast Network

Are you looking for edifying audio to redeem the time you spend commuting, cleaning, or working out? Starting this month, The Gospel Coalition has expanded its offerings to three distinct podcasts updated regularly to bring you new episodes throughout the week.

Clarity on the TT Situation

Some of you people make me sick. You’re the very reason people avoid Christianity and coming to know Jesus. I’ve never seen a more hypocritical brood of vipers in my life. Guess what? He’s a human being. A flawed sinner. Did he make wrong choices? Yes. Did he disregard his marriage vows before men and God? Yes. With that out of the way, let me share something about Scripture some of you have seem to forget, or just taken out of context your entire life. There’s this thing called GRACE. Spooky, right? Yeah, the man failed. He had a high calling as a pastor and a husband, and he blew it. But if he admitted his sin, repented publicly, and chose to be humble: His slate is clean before God. He is clothed in the Righteousness of Jesus. You remind me of the Pharisees. Proud, haughty, tipping your nose at the sight of sin as if you’d never committed one. Whether you like it or not, you’re in the same boat. Ever looked lustfully at another person? Guilty! Adulterer! Ever thought ill of your neighbor? Murderer! If anyone needs to be on their knees, asking for forgiveness, and stepping down from their high horse: it’s hypocrites like yourselves.

God’s Crime Scene by J. Warner Wallace – A Review

I magine you’ve been called to a crime scene where a fatality has taken place. As you wait for your CSI Unit (Las Vegas, Miami, or New York—your call) you take a look around the room. There’s blood everywhere. You see the victim on the floor. Now, make a quick decision. Time is of the essence. Is this murder or is this accidental death, suicide, or by natural causes? If it’s murder, then an intruder must be involved; if not, then this is a closed crime scene and all the necessary evidence will be available in the room. Of course, in order to answer these questions you must first examine the evidence. This is true of any investigation, isn’t it? In God’s Crime Scene: A Cold-Case Detective Examines the Evidence for a Divinely Created Universe, J. Warner Wallace, the man known to Dateline as the “Evidence Whisperer,” seeks to apply his years of experience as a cold-case detective and apply it to the question, does God exist? Every journey to discover the ultimate meaning of life begins with the answer to this question. If God does exist, then it follows that we must look to Him for meaning.

Renewing Your Mind | The Psychology of Atheism | September 2, 2015

Answers to questions concerning the existence of God are continually demanded by atheists. Why is that? Is it that not all of the atheist's questions have been answered? Actually, they have all the answers they need, and they understand them. So if there is a God, then why are there atheists? In "The Psychology of Atheism," Dr. Sproul explains that it is not a lack of information that is keeping the atheist from believing, it is something else.

Fox News Will Air Planned Parenthood Exposé

This summer, a series of secretly recorded videos have exposed a business in fetal tissue. Already a number of politicians have called for the defunding of Planned Parenthood, a primary target of the sting, while others support the organization and call this just another salvo in the War on Women. The Fox News Reporting special … delves into the controversy, featuring exclusive new details about the making of those videos, and investigating an industry and field of scientific research that many didn’t even know existed.

Students protest transgender teen's use of girl's locker room

But some students have expressed discomfort at the idea of Perry using the ladies’ room. And many parents have also voiced concerns. A Thursday school board meeting that preceded Monday’s walkout was highly attended, and what bathroom Perry should use was a topic of debate.

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11 Cross Examined

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12 Grace to You Radio

A one-minute radio feature where John MacArthur applies biblical truth to daily living.

Your Shattered Dreams and Shaken Faith

When my plans crumble and God takes me away from my dreams, I must trust in God’s infinite wisdom. When my cup of suffering seems too much to bear, I need to rest in his immeasurable love. When my life spins out of control, I need to remember God’s absolute sovereignty.

Ask Pastor John

Daily audio clips of John Piper answering tough theological and pastoral questions.

Expert: Don't wait until AC unit breaks

Air conditioning maintenance companies have been booked ever since the temperatures spiked, but there are several things residents can do to keep an AC unit from needing a fix. "I mean, you gotta be, like I say, you gotta have a Ph.D. in engineering just to use your thermostat," said Alvin Plantinga, whose air conditioning unit stopped working. "And that seems over the top to me."

The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden

The Bible is full of exciting stories that fill children with awe and wonder. But kids need to know how all those classic stories connect to Scripture’s overarching message about God’s glorious plan to redeem his rebellious people.

Ellen Page confronts Ted Cruz over LGBT rights

The Canadian actress, who came out as gay last year at a pro-LGBT conference organized by the Human Rights Campaign, got into a heated back-and-forth with Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair on Friday

Apologetics Guy

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The Future of the Church

Last year, The Future of Protestantism brought together three theologians for a lively discussion about the state of Protestantism. Now, four members of different traditions will gather to move that conversation forward. What is the future of the church? What changes might we need to make for greater unity to happen and what healthy distinctions need to be maintained? Join us for this important dialogue.

Innovative Apologetics: Jesus Christ vs. Muhammad: There is No Comparison

Inheritance of Tears: Trusting the Lord of Life When Death Visits the Womb

Suffering is not unique to Christians, but the way in which we experience it differs greatly from the way the rest of the world does. The Bible says we have been united to Christ in his death and resurrection (Rom. 6:5, 2 Cor. 4:10, Gal. 2:20) and that we, as his church, are members of his body (1 Cor. 12:27; Eph. 5:23). The unity between Jesus and his ransomed people greatly affects the way we suffer because it means we do not suffer alone. We face loss, pain, and death as those loved and comforted by our holy Savior. Jesus tasted death (Heb. 2:9) and experienced grief partly for the purpose of personally sympathizing with us . (65)

Did Jesus Say He Was God? - Apologetics Guy

I’m content to let that observation rest, and don’t intend to be drawn into protracted discussion here when I am both short on time, and have already suggested that the sincere, more rigorous and higher-level question is whether Jesus is in fact divine. His statements do not exclude that in the least, as you suggest. I will simply note in closing how your analysis of “Son of Man” leaves much to be desired. To suggest that “bar enash” would be better translated “human being” and not not “son of man” in Daniel 7 is hubristic, in light of established scholarship. This is an exceptional term for “man,” where “adam” would have been expected if it were generic as in Ezekiel. The text portrays this figure as being in heavenly company. Son of Man certainly indicates a human form, as Messiah was understood to be, but it does not reduce to human being in every sense. The text does not say that he is human, only that in the vision, this being was “like” a “bar enash.” This appellation, moreover, as distinct from “bar adam,” has the connotation in ANE literature of being heir to a royal throne.

Why Should We Study Systematic Theology?

I do think it is a mistake to minimize the importance of study when it comes to our faith. It is true that we are saved through faith, and we continue to live our Christian life by faith. But that faith is not some mystical, uninformed feeling. There is a definite knowledge aspect of faith, where we know the facts of the Gospel, a basic understanding of God, man, and sin. Faith is not merely knowledge however. There is a definite heart aspect of it as well, where our heart’s allegiance has been joyfully joined to Christ. We love Him now so we obey Him. Yet, I do not believe that Jesus would advocate that we be satisfied with this basic Gospel knowledge and only concern ourselves with sharing that basic knowledge with unbelievers. Paul prays that God would give a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, Eph. 1:17. This desire is not for unbelievers, but for Christians. Paul tells Timothy to study to show himself an approved workman rightly handling the Word of truth. I think studying systematic theology is merely an attempt to help make these Godly desires a reality.

"Marriage Overruled": The Book We Didn’t Want to Need | The Stream

Anderson cites solid, peer-reviewed research to show the grave harm this social change has done to the most vulnerable people in America: the children of the poor. Our prisons are disproportionately full of boys who grew up without fathers, and our welfare rolls of young girls who were sexually exploited and made pregnant as young teenagers, in part because they had no father to protect them. They in turn are likely to raise children without their biological fathers. This cycle of dysfunction can all be traced to the loosening of the marriage bond, which is only further weakened when the law itself — and even the U.S. Constitution — is invoked by our nation’s highest authorities to affirm that sex has no permanent unitive meaning, and that children’s interests must play second fiddle to the emotional needs of adults.

Here’s What to Do When a Friend Is Depressed

Some of the most comforting people in my life lately have been the ones who are quick to say, “I’m here for you when you need me. But if you need to be alone, that is OK, too.” They have been the ones who are only a phone call away, but who have given me the permission to grieve in the ways that I have needed to grieve. They are the ones who have made their care for me known, who have offered companionship, but who haven’t taken it personally if I’ve needed some space. They are the ones who have shown up at our house with flowers, but said, “I won’t stay long. I’m just here if you need me.” Or have texted or emailed to say, “My phone is with me, call if you need.”

Mom’s Battle with Back-to-School Anxiety

The school years shouldn’t be looked at as a dreadful encounter with adolescent life, but an exciting time of discovering God’s plan for our children. I needed to be excited for her and the young woman she is becoming, not living in fear of all the what-if situations. My husband’s words convicted me of not trusting the decision that God had led us to make. And he caused me to re-evaluate how I should be thinking in this new season of life. For all you moms who might be tempted to fret over your schooling decision for this year, here are a few points to consider with me.

‘Mister Rogers’ Is Headed to Netflix

TV’s favorite Presbyterian minister is headed to Netflix . The streaming site has posted an updated list of content that will be available next month, and along with notable additions like Moonrise Kingdom, The Walking Dead (season 5), Gotham and VeggieTales in the House , the first season of the classic children's series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood will be available watch on demand. Go ahead and plan on binge-watching all of the folksy wisdom and cardigan sweaters you can handle.

Standing on the shoulders of giants: The preacher and his books

One of my favorite quotes is from Sir Isaac Newton, discoverer of the law of gravity. In a letter to Robert Hooke on February 5, 1676, Newton wrote, “If I have seen farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Newton saw farther than anyone had before, precisely because he was willing to learn from those who had gone before him. Just imagine what life would be like if all anyone ever knew was the knowledge they accumulated on their own. There would be no electricity, no light bulb, no telephone, no computers, no cars, no airplanes, no space travel, and, gasp, no iPhone. But because men learned from those who had gone before, these inventions and many more were possible. Sadly, many preachers like to work in an anti-intellectual vacuum, gleaning nothing from the God-gifted men who have gone before them. God has especially equipped the body of Christ with teachers, evangelist, and pastors. I thank God for men like Justin Martyr, Tertullian, Augustine, Anselm, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Newton, John Bunyan, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, and a host of others, who are, without a doubt, God’s gifts to the church.

Too Soon? Billy Graham's Grandson Tullian Tchividjian Lands New Job at Willow Creek Church

Less than two weeks after he filed for divorce from his wife, Kim, about three weeks since he was deposed by the Presbyterian Church, and about two months since he resigned from Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Florida due to an extramarital affair, Billy Graham's grandson, Tullian Tchividjian, has landed a new job with Willow Creek Church in Winter Springs, Florida.

The Latino Protestants In Our Backyards

Most Hispanics speak English, but the expectation of a language barrier still prevents many white families from making friends with Latino families. Segregated cities mean some don’t cross paths with Latinos. They may even believe there are no Latinos in their community… even though Hispanic grocery stores, restaurants, and businesses tell another story. And so does the church landscape. Protestant Latino congregations are thriving in our backyards, if only we’d take time to notice.

Woman to Woman 2015 – Premier Radio

A one-day event to rejoice in the Lord followed by a life-transforming worship evening to celebrate faith in everyday life!

Frank Turek on Twitter

#Apologetics Speaker, (co)author: I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist; Stealing from God, Correct Not Politically Correct, Legislating Morality

What is God calling me to? Your past could be key to your future

In fact, my first three years in school were marked by vocational uncertainty. I could tell you what I didn’t believe God’s call on my life entailed, but I couldn’t tell you what it did mean. I was certain I wasn’t called to be a pastor. I thought maybe it was to some sort of educational ministry but at that time my understanding of such a thing was limited to the educational minister that I had observed in our most recent church home. That sense of calling, however, wasn’t out of conviction. It was out of default. I just didn’t know what else was out there. As I learned more, I began to question more. What is it that God’s called me to do?

"Why we went to Calais" // Jamie Cutteridge // Premier

Premier's Jamie Cutteridge and a team of youth workers went to visit the refugee camp in Calais; here’s why they went and what they saw. Jamie is the deputy editor of Premier Youthwork magazine and Premier Childrenswork magazine. ---------------------------------------- ­---------------------------------------- ­-------------------------- For more Premier video: Like us on Facebook Tweet us @TogetherPremier

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We need a more nuanced understanding of why so many Americans support Trump: …

37 Grace to You

There is now a new way to listen to the “Grace to You” and “Gracia a Vosotros” broadcasts. Keeping with our goal of making John MacArthur's teaching ministry as widely available as possible, we're adding to our repertoire of radio and television, podcasts, streaming audio, and mobile apps the ability to listen to our broadcast by phone.

Couldn’t God Have Used Evolution?

I am fairly at a loss to comprehend how anyone, for a moment, can doubt that Christian theology must stand or fall with the historical trustworthiness of the Jewish Scriptures. The very conception of the Messiah, or Christ, is inextricably interwoven with Jewish history; the identification of Jesus of Nazareth with that Messiah rests upon the interpretation of the passages of the Hebrew Scriptures which have no evidential value unless they possess the historical character assigned to them. If the covenant with Abraham was not made; if circumcision and sacrifices were not ordained by Jahveh; if the ‘ten words’ were not written by God’s hand on the stone tables; if Abraham is more or less a mythical hero, such as Theseus; the Story of the Deluge a fiction; that of the Fall a legend; and that of the Creation the dream of a seer; if all these definite and detailed narratives of apparently real events have no more value as history than have the stories of the regal period of Rome—what is to be said about the Messianic doctrine, which is so much less clearly enunciated: And

Lessons I Learned While Trying to Save the World

As a twentysomething right out of college, I packed those dreams with me as I traveled through Africa to launch a nonprofit focused on the HIV/AIDS and water crises. But it didn’t take long before I was blindsided by the painful truths about how hard it is to do a good thing in the world—and to stick with it through the hardship, burnout and disillusionment.

Carly Fiorina Says Kentucky Clerk Should Issue Gay Marriage Licenses or Resign

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina offered her take on the growing controversy of the Kentucky county clerk who is refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses because it violates her religious conscience.

WORLD | E = R3WCG | Marvin Olasky | Sept. 5, 2015

So, that’s my formula: E=R3WCG three Rs times Wonder times Christian understanding times Grit. We need all of those elements: A Christian school that has chapel yet doesn’t encourage wonder and grit among its students is wasting money and lives. But don’t take school formulas too seriously: Kids are individuals and flexibility is important. Please do take Christian education seriously: No other work is more important. May God bless all those who make large sacrifices to bless other parents and children.

Whatever My God Ordains Is Right

Whatever My God Ordains Is Right

Alan Shlemon - Nominal Christianity

SHOCKER!!! Greg Koukl & Alan Shlemon, on live radio -- admit they support ABORTION!!!

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Twelve Tribes | Apologetics Index

Beliefs: "The Twelve Tribe’s beliefs resemble those of Christian fundamentalism and Messianic Judaism; however the group believes that all denominations are fallen, and so refuse to align themselves with any denomination or movement. They believe that in order for the messiah to return, the Church needs to be restored to its original form seen in the Acts 2:38–42 and Acts 4:32–37. This restoration is not merely the restoration of the 1st century church, but of a new Israel consisting of Twelve Tribes in twelve geographic regions. Part of this restoration is the return to observing the Sabbath, maintaining Mosaic law including dietary law, and Jewish feasts. This interpretation of the prophesied restoration of Israel, combined with the perceived immorality in the world leads the group to believe the end times have arrived, though no date has been set." 2 Members in the group take on Hebrew names, but instead of referring to Jesus as Yeshua they use Yahshua -- in common with those within the Hebrew Roots and Sacred Name movements. They believe that communal living is necessary for salvation.

On Guard

This concise guide is filled with illustrations, sidebars, and memorizable steps to help Christians stand their ground and defend their faith with reason and precision. In his engaging style, Dr. Craig offers four arguments for God’s existence, defends the historicity of Jesus’ personal claims and resurrection, addresses the problem of suffering, and shows why religious relativism doesn’t work. Along the way, he shares his story of following God’s call in his own life. This one-stop, how-to-defend-your-faith manual will equip Christians to advance faith conversations deliberately, applying straightforward, cool-headed arguments. They will discover not just what they believe, but why they believe—and how being on guard with the truth has the power to change lives forever.

Atheists Demand 'No Gods' Statue in Arkansas After State Approves Ten Commandments Monument

After a statue of the Ten Commandments was officially approved to be erected on the grounds of the Arkansas state capitol last month, a Wisconsin-based group called the Freedom from Religion Foundation is demanding that a statue be erected representing atheism.

Forcing March for Life to Pay for Abortifacients Makes 'No Sense Whatsoever,' Judge Tells Obama Admin

March for Life, the organizers of the largest pro-life event in the U.S., won a historic victory Monday when a federal judge stopped the Obama administration from forcing the group to pay for drugs that could cause an abortion.

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Is Jessa Duggar Suggesting Brother Josh Is Not a Christian by Sharing Father-In-Law's Scathing Blog?

Former "19 Kids and Counting" star Jessa Seewald, (formerly Duggar), questioned her brother Josh's Christian faith yesterday by sharing a blog penned by her father-in-law, Michael Seewald, in which he suggests her brother's recent actions point to him not being a believer in Christ.

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64 Migrant Crisis Has Reached 'Biblical Proportions' With Millions of Refugees Overwhelming Europe, UK Leader Warns
65 Master of Arts Sports Ministry Program to Launch Fall 2015
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