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REBOOT | Youth Apologetics

Once a year, REBOOT meets in the centre of London to explore questions such as ‘How can we know God exists?’, ‘Why does God allow suffering?’ and ‘Hasn’t science disproved God?’. REBOOT provides a place for young people from 12-18 years old, with or without any faith or church background, to raise their objections and investigate different perspectives. Through its annual conference, online resources, and speaking invitations, REBOOT aims to equip young people to understand and be able to answer some of these big questions for themselves. Our team from the Zacharias Trust and the OCCA [the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics] want you to have confidence in what you believe, and the chance to be honest about your doubts. Since its launch in 2013, REBOOT has welcomed over 1000 young people, and this year we are excited to see more of you than ever!

David Oyelowo: Christians Can’t Abandon Hollywood

The blockbuster actor with unflinching faith has a fresh vision for Christianity in film.

Rare Earth Redux: Design Inference, Anyone?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Ideas (About Bioethics) Have Consequences

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Devolution: A Belgian Mother Is Euthanized for Grief

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

The Human Body Continues to Give Evolutionary Biologists High Blood Pressure

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Life Imitates Art: Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek Tricked into Saying “Turd Ferguson”

Jeopardy, or JePARODY? Last night, life imitated art ... or at least late-night comedy shows, when a contestant on the iconic game show made host Alex Trebek say the words “Turd Ferguson.” When the Final Jeopardy category was “Blame Canada” contestant/hero Talia Lavin answered “The Love Ballad of Turd Ferguson p.s. Hi Mom ;) Being the consummate professional, Trebek read the answer—making Saturday Night Live fans everywhere flash back to years of sketches where Will Ferrell (as Trebek) put up with mountains of abuse from Norm MacDonald (as Burt Reynolds). Check out Lavin’s moment of victory below

Europe Bans Animal -- Not Human -- Cloning

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

See to It that No One Fails | Resources

See to It that No One Fails

Week 4: Should abortion be allowed for rape or incest?

Week 4: Should abortion be allowed for rape or incest?

Watch Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake and Will Ferrell Demonstrate the Art of Dramatic Cinematic Glances

Truly great actors have the ability to use their facial expressions to communicate more words and emotions than carefully scripted lines of dialogue ever could. Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake and Will Ferrell are not typically regarded as their generation's truly great actors, but that doesn’t stop them from giving it their best shot in this weird Tonight Show short.

The Destructive Nature of Pride in Ministry | Resources

The Destructive Nature of Pride in Ministry

On H. naledi, Separating Fact from Interpretation

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

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WORLD | Unprecedented meeting on religious freedom | Emily Belz | Sept. 19, 2015

Germans in particular had a high profile at the gathering, matching their government’s role as a leader in taking in hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East. A German foundation, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, provided significant funding to bring the parliamentarians together. Volker Kauder, one of the leaders of the German parliament, opened the meeting speaking about the plight of religious freedom in the Middle East. He urged the UN to address the matter at the General Assembly.

Talking to Kids about Sex

What is the worst thing you can do when talking to your kids about sex? Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty of the Southern Baptist Convention and TGC Council member, quickly helps us think through this question.

What Your Pastor’s Jeans Say About Their Theology

Instead, we’ve elected to run a valuable piece of journalism and insight to edify and enlighten our readers: After months of research, investigation and study, we’ve uncovered an issue that the Church must reckon with: Our team of reporters and theologians has finally been able to determine what your pastor’s jeans say about their theology.

The Christian Post on Twitter

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Christian Billionaire Wants to Buy an Island for Syrian Refugees

Sawiris’ idea is ambitious, and even he admits there are some challenges to making it a reality. He explained , “The challenge for this idea is not just finding the island and buying the island.” Sawiris said that logistics, like getting consent from the prime minister of Italy or Greece, getting customs agencies on board and getting the legal aspects in place, could be difficult. “After that, the rest I can do ... I would build temporary housing and temporary school and temporary hospital ... Then we will use these people and provide them jobs to build a new city on the island, to build this island ... I'm here in Belgrade and I met the minister of interior today and he was telling me that his biggest fear is that the winter is coming, it's going to be snowing and how will they sustain this weather and everything? I mean, we need to move fast.”

The Secret Enemy in Your Marriage

Honest confessions and authentic apologies aren’t weapons to keep in your back pocket for a time when you’ll need to whip him back into shape, or keep her quiet about one of your weaknesses. An attack against one of you is a threat to both of you. Marriage isn’t about winning, but moving forward together.

The Scientific Case for Forgiveness

But, it's important to define forgiveness well. Forgiveness is accepting what happened and moving on without wishing harm on the one who hurt you. It is not placing yourself in situations where you will continue to be hurt or abused. You can forgive someone and still maintain necessary boundaries in a relationship. In cases of severe abuse, that boundary may need to be no further contact.

9 Reasons Christians Should Welcome Muslim Refugees

Historically, Christians have been on the forefront of caring for orphans and widows. Now is the true test of our faith. Will we also care for immigrants, refugees and foreigners, or will we turn our backs, saying it’s too hard?

If the Gospel Isn’t Shaping Your Church, What Is?

But “gospel-centered” means many things to many people. It’s a creed that’s commonly claimed but rarely defined. What, then, does it look like to have the gospel—the good news of God’s astonishing mercy to sinners in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus—shaping the culture and identity of our congregations? 

Why Don’t Churches Talk About Health?

This is such an important issue! Thank you for bringing this up! My church actually started a fitness group last year after our pastors invited a certified doctor to come and speak at our church. It has made such a difference! People in my church, who formally dealt with many health issues (from back pain to failing organs), have radically changed the way we view health & fitness. Whole families are changing their diets, getting active, and generally just feeling better. I'm telling you - joy and peace are absolutely connected to taking care of our physical bodies. I don't sell anything... I'm just a huge advocate for health because I've seen what it has done in my friends' and family's lives. It's about way more than losing weight. It's about living an abundant life. The more we educate ourselves about our physical bodies and adopt a healthy lifestyle, the more effective our testimony will be in spreading the gospel. Health is His will--it should be ours, too!

Why Bad Feelings Can Be Good for You

These are two examples where we are actually commanded by God to "be angry". We are also given instructions on how to keep our anger in check. God gave us every emotion for a purpose. Anger is considered a warning emotion that something is wrong. Often times that something wrong is legitimately wrong, not just a skewed perception on our part. We have done ourselves a disservice to ignore these emotions as if the emotion itself is a sin. Unfortunately for many years, we have seen a shift in the portrayal of Christ as an always mild, calm, gentle, passive, affirming Christ. This is just not accurate. When Jesus violently turned tables over the tables in the temple because of the horrible misuse of God's house, He was showing great emotion, including anger and it was very justified and certainly not sinning since we know Christ was without sin. What we take away is that being an imitator of Christ means we include all aspects of Christ, not just the aspects (including emotions) that seem more safe, recognizing only the positive, feel good parts. That isn't presenting all of Christ, not representing the fullness of His Character.

Raising a Child in the Lord: The Art of ‘Conferencing’

As we think about family devotions, I think conferencing provides parents with a good model. The goal isn’t handholding, but imitation. We need to press our children beyond their current knowledge by helping them grasp the breadth of biblical revelation, but we must also help them learn that the Lord is sovereign over their hearts as well as their minds. We need to create a context where our children can be angry with God, and lament the reality of this broken world and God’s seeming absence from it. And we need to avoid simple and clean solutions when they’re not justified. As my mentor used to frequently remind me, what we do with our children in the intimacy of their deepest questions will teach them how to pray. Prayer isn’t taught to a child simply by teaching them what to say in prayer. Prayer is a way of relating to another, one who knows their heart and can handle their sin. If a child has never known this intimacy with their father and mother, prayer will turn into a place to hide from God rather than be with him. My mentor’s words still resonate with me: “Prayer is not a place to be good, but a place to be honest.

Cross Examined

The Cross Examined App features inspiring content from author and apologist Dr. Frank Turek, president of CrossExamined.Org . Featuring a "Quick Answers" section that helps you respond to popular objections to Christianity, the Cross Examined blog, speaker schedule, and radio recordings- this app can help you grow and defend the faith. Share your discoveries via Twitter, Facebook or email. WiFi internet is required for iPod touch. For more information about Cross Examined, please visit: The Cross Examined app was developed with the Subsplash App Platform.

Whole As Whole Can Be: Dieting While Loving Ourselves and Our Neighbors

Two hours after my artfully arranged lunch and here I am, miserably hungry, sipping iced green tea and dreaming about scones. I smooth my T-shirt over my shorts and try to think loving thoughts about my overweight body. I don’t want to dwell on how I’ve landed smack-dab in the middle of America’s complicated tension over food and bodies. We are a nation of overeaters and dieters, of workout obsessives and “fat acceptance” advocates, and I find myself somewhat lost in the perspectives on what it means to feel good and look good. I want to be healthy and happy, but I want it to be based in something deeper than appearences.

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20 Truths from The High Definition Leader by Derwin Gray

1. A high-definition leader is a leader who is so passionate about the glory of God being revealed through the local church that he or she is willing to learn how to be a cross-cultural, gospel-of-grace preaching, organizational-strategizing, leader-developing disciple of people who partners with the Lord Jesus in building local churches that reflect the future of the church in the present. (17)

The Surprising Sin-Killing Power of God’s Presence

When we look at Christ, then, we find one who fought temptation the same way we do—or at least the same way we should: with Scripture and the Spirit. And what’s more, he won. Jesus is the presence of God, not in some philosophical sense but the one who came in the flesh to give his life as a ransom for many and to model a life lived by faith in a broken world. And God has promised to never leave or forsake us. He fulfills this promise with the gift of the Spirit, who propels our daily pursuit of becoming like our Savior by his indwelling presence.


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Disney Is Making a New ‘Mary Poppins’ Movie

Disney is recycling yet another one of their classic films. The studio has announced that a follow-up to the 1964 Academy Award-winning family film Mary Poppins is in the works. Though the new story will still be based on the work of author P.L. Travers, it will be set decades after the events of the first, now in 1950s England. Like the original movie, the revisited flick will also be a musical. Mary Poppins joins a list of upcoming classic children's movies being revisited including The Jungle Book, Mulan, Sword in the Stone, Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo and Pinocchio as Disney screenwriters desperately continue the search for just one more good new idea.

LeBron James Is Going to Help Parents Get Their GEDs

Just weeks after announcing that he would be paying for more than 2,000 young students in his home state of Ohio to go to college, Lebron James has unveiled a new part of his “I PROMISE” campaign that will help their parents. In a partnership between the LeBron James Family Foundation and Project Lean of Summit County, the basketball star’s organization will assist the parents of the 2,300 at-risk children currently benefitting from the campaign, which will pay for the college tuition of students who eventually graduate high school (while meeting outlined academic goals).

Stephen Colbert on Twitter

. @BernieSanders : The rare candidate willing to take a stand on issues that matter, and the ones that don't. #LSSC …


DDiv, Biola University) is the senior pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, Georgia. He has served as a national evangelist with the American Missionary Fellowship and the Urban Evangelistic Mission, and as associate director of Campus Crusade for Christ. He is a frequent speaker at professional sporting events, including three Super Bowls and the NCAA Final Four Chapel, and has spoken at conferences, churches, conventions, and evangelistic outreaches throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and the United States. He is the author of six books, including

The Ebola Crisis Isn’t Over

Amber: I was becoming increasingly worrisome. Seeing Kent become sicker and sicker and his fever increased over days. I anticipated that they were doing his lab work and testing him for ebola. He called me as soon as he found out. And I cried. I wanted to come up with something that would be an encouragement to him, something to say that would strengthen him or give him a reason to hope, but I didn’t have those words. I could just say that “I’m so sorry. We’re all praying for you.”

Ligonier Ministries

The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. Your gift enables our worldwide outreach. Donate Now


This story also has the potential to be tensely thrilling—provided you don’t know the ending. But the film has widely been publicized with its ending, since it's based on Smith’s book about her experience. Maybe I should have expected this, but I didn’t hear about Smith’s ordeal—which was legitimately harrowing—as it was happening. I’ve talked to several Southerners since, and they tell me the story was followed by news all over the region. But just knowing that the film is based on Smith's book means that if you're paying any attention, you know how the story ends.


“I prayed through Psalm 23 with tears streaming down my face, asking myself, why have I not done this before? Perhaps you’ve been told to pray the Scriptures, but you haven’t because you were never taught how to. Whitney’s simple approach makes praying through the Bible accessible while also leaving space for the Word and Spirit to work in your heart. Don’t give up on prayer! Praying the Bible will help transform your prayer life.” Trillia Newbell , author, United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity and Fear and Faith

30 tips for new seminary students

Take the languages early and often. Not only is this vital for any pastor or teacher’s tool belt, but it also allows you to slow down and look more closely at the biblical text in Greek/Hebrew as well as English. It is hard work but well worth it. Once you take the languages, consistently read in them. You will begin to gain more proficiency the more you read. Personally, I find it best to set a time goal rather than a verse goal. In the beginning set a goal of 5-10 minutes a day and gradually build on that. In my experience, when you set your goal via verses or chapters you can get stuck on a verse and spend more time than planned trying to make your way through it.

John Piper’s Foreword to Tom Schreiner’s New Book on Justification by Faith Alone

Making the attainment of heaven contingent upon our works is a great error, but denying new life in salvation is also an error. United to Christ in faith, one possesses all the righteousness of Christ’s perfect righteousness imputed, including heaven and eternal security, as well as the righteousness of Christ in our heart by the active, indwelling Holy Spirit. We are justified by the imputed righteousness of Christ alone, but will always have new life, as “he who hath not the Spirit of God is none of His.” To say that salvation does not come from our works is true, but to say that assurance never comes from the evidence of God’s work in our hearts is not true. Scripture is replete with descriptions of evidence for true faith, both with respect to others, but primarily with respect to ourselves. “If you love me, you will keep my commandments” (John 14:15 ESV). Perfection? Absolutely not. A new heart and direction, a new love of holiness and hatred of sin, a heart that cries “Abba Father”? Yes. Stumbling and bumbling? Yes. But, no new love and desire to please Christ? No. The error of adding to the complete work of Christ is not corrected by denying new life in Christ, but by a proper understanding of the relationship of new life to justification, which requires a systematic understanding of all of what Scripture teaches about them.

Ministry on the Bookshelf

On this particular morning I was down, saddened by the events of the previous days and arrested by the dreary morning haze that had been slung over my heart. Suddenly, I became aware of the songs movement. It caressed the flight of birds and padded the passing pavement with soft glimmer. I was reminded of this God that we are united with, I was reminded of who I am and why I am here. During moments of sneaky, dark despair Einuadi’s music had found a voice in my life over the past months. But, this time I thought, “I am so happy that he wrote this. I am so thankful that he spent so many years in training and hours at the piano all to compose this piece…. He’ll never know. He’ll never know how thankful I am.”

Ways to Welcome the Refugee

Finally, World Relief is one of nine organizations contracted by the federal government to help resettle refugees within the States. Our offices (in about 25 locations nationwide) receive word from the State Department that a refugee is arriving, and then we’re there to meet them at the airport—whenever possible, with a small group from a local church who, supported by World Relief staff, have committed to walking with them through at least the first several months after arrival. Together, we help refugees settle into an apartment, find jobs, learn English, understand American culture, enroll their kids in school, and integrate into our country. Eventually most are financially self-sufficient and don’t need much additional help, but we hope those church-based volunteers continue as friends indefinitely. 

Our Unspeakable Privilege

Could Jesus have taken any more exalted words upon his lips? When Jesus said, “Before Abraham was, I AM,” he took up all the majestic truth of the name of God, wrapped it in the humility of servanthood, offered himself to atone for all our rebellion, and made a way for us to see the glory of God without fear.

6 reasons church is not optional for seminary students

Whenever I hire a staff member, I will always get around to asking what he did in seminary. Where did he go to church? How did he serve when no one was paying him to do the job? If the Holy Spirit and a man’s calling don’t compel him to love and serve the church, he won’t do it well for a paycheck either.

How Christians Should Engage this Election

Good advice, but we should also address how we Christians often put a strong theological bent on the outcome of elections. We seem to think that God is upstairs waiting to bless or curse us as a nation if one candidate or party gets in the white house. Untrue, and this seems to be based on a misreading of the Old Testament covenant between ancient Israel and God, such that God operates with modern America according to the same covenant stipulations. This can lead to a near crisis mentality and turns the election into a moral mandate upon which our very survival is resting. This is not to minimize moral issues and their impact on society, but neither do we need to cry apocalypse.

Crossway on Twitter

What really happened in Bethlehem 2,000+ years ago?

35 “Mere” Christianity | Reasonable Faith

Thank you, Otavio, for your kind remarks and admonition! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see the Lord using our work in the lives of people across Christian confessions in various countries like Brazil. I have made it my goal to be a spokesman for what C. S. Lewis called “mere” Christianity, that is to say, the cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith affirmed by all the great Christian confessions, whether Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, or Coptic.

WORLD | True rest for the weary | Janie B. Cheaney | Oct. 3, 2015

And of course, it’s a time: the Sabbath, created as a day to be with God, talk to Him, listen to Him, and contemplate Him as He contemplates us. One day out of seven connects us with our eternal destiny: “There remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God, for whoever has entered God’s rest has also rested from his works as God did from his” (Hebrews 4:9-10). Ceasing from “works” on earth doesn’t mean we will not work in heaven. It does mean that the frustrations, the deadlines, the failures, the redos, the sheer temporality and apparent futility of our labor will be a thing of the past. Rather than working against, we’ll be working with our Lord, for His glory and our pleasure.


J. I. Packer is widely recognized as a pillar of 20th-century evangelicalism and has had a profound impact on millions of Christians living today. Now in his late eighties, Packer still exerts an enormous influence on pastors and laypeople around the world through his many books, articles, and recorded lectures—works that overflow with spiritual wisdom related to the Christian life. In this soul-stirring book, well-known pastor Sam Storms explores Packer’s legacy and profound insights into prayer, Bible study, the sovereignty of God, the Christian’s fight against sin, and more, offering readers the chance to learn from a true evangelical titan.

38 At Least 34 Migrants Drowned in the Aegean Sea This Weekend, Including Young Children

Officials from the Greek Coast Guard said that at least 34 people drowned in the Aegean Sea this weekend, 15 of whom were children. Four were only infants. According to reports, the overpacked, dangerous wooden boat had left Turkey and encountered strong weather, causing the boat to overturn. The Greek Coast Guard was able to rescue 68 people, and at least 30 were able to swim to shore. Thousands of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa have recently been making their way to Europe, many of them are refugees seeking safety from ongoing conflict in Syria. There, millions have been displaced by a years-long civil war. According to The New York Times , in 2015 alone, the Greek Coast Guard has intercepted boats carrying more than 230,000 migrants and refugees attempting to get to Europe.

Immigration Insights with Marcus Jones & Martyn Eden // Premier

Immigration is one of Britain’s most divisive issues. Whether in the pubs and workplaces of the land, across our schools and universities, press, social media, or in the highest echelons of parliament – it seems everyone has a view. Listen to Premier's Group Head of News, Marcus Jones, speaking with Premier's Political Editor, Martyn Eden. They discuss the issues getting people talking and see what the Bible says about immigration. For more politics stories go to: | For more video and audio content: | Like us on Facebook | Tweet us @TogetherPremier

4 of Pope Francis’s Most Challenging Ideas

Evangelization can be a way to unite our hopes, concerns, ideals and even utopian visions. We believe this and we make it our cry. I have already said that, “in our world, especially in some countries, different forms of war and conflict are re-emerging, yet we Christians remain steadfast in our intention to respect others, to heal wounds, to build bridges, to strengthen relationships and to ‘bear one an­other’s burdens’. The desire for unity involves the delightful and comforting joy of evangelizing, the conviction that we have an immense treasure to share, one which grows stronger from being shared, and becomes ever more sensitive to the needs of others.

Secrets Kill: Choose Life Through Honesty - Kevin A. Thompson

But secrets rarely stay small. They grow at a seemingly insignificant rate until they suddenly multiply in an uncontrollable manner. Initially, they seem pointless, but suddenly they become unstoppable. Both conditions make them difficult to control until, one day, they are inevitable sources of destruction. The only hope of a person is to delay the damage because they know they can not completely bypass the pain.

Does God exist?

Whatever argument you might accept or deny, it seems that your presuppositions are what determine if you believe in God or not. Atheists, of course, presuppose that God does not exist--by faith. They can't "know" he doesn't exist, nor can they prove that in all the universe (or outside of it) there is no God. But, their atheism means they will deny any evidences or explanations used to affirm His existence. On the other hand, Christians who claim to have an encounter with God rely on the revelation of Scripture to tell them who Christ is and who God is.

7 Ways a Small Group Can Reach People for Jesus

“Some men arrived carrying a paraplegic on a stretcher. They were looking for a way to get into the house and set him before Jesus. When they couldn’t find a way in because of the crowd, they went up on the roof, removed some tiles, and let him down in the middle of everyone, right in front of Jesus. Impressed by their bold belief, he said, ‘Friend, I forgive your sins.’”(Luke 5:18-20, Msg)

Truthbomb Apologetics: B.O.M.B. Video Review- Mining for God

B-Background Mining for God tells the story of Brandon McGuire who grew up with a middle class view of Christianity.  After college he spent three years in Africa. There, he witnessed and experienced a practice of Christianity quite unlike that of the American church. When he returned to the United States he began wondering why this difference existed and   began asking people "What is Christianity?" and the responses he received revealed a more fundamental problem.  As McGuire discussed Christianity with various people with various beliefs, he began to see that people here in the States   are especially confused in regard to the Christian faith .   In truth, some seemed to outright reject many of Christianity's central doctrines.  He began to wonder what ideas had led to the apparent misunderstanding of Christianity or the rejection of it.   Mining for God explores the American mind and brings to the surface the big ideas that have influenced the way we think about ourselves and about God. O-Overview McGuire's documentary is professionally done and features interviews with some of the top thinkers in apologetics, philosophy and ancient history today.

10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Angels - OnFaith

The director of the FBI recently said of terrorists: “It’s almost as if there is a devil sitting on the shoulder saying, ‘Kill, kill, kill, kill’ all day long.” He was speaking fairly biblically, as the scriptures say that evil spirits and fallen angels (the demons) have a great deal to do with what is going on with our world and with evil people.

Man Creates a Pumpkin Boat ... Because Why Not?

The Gourd boat captain, Todd Sandstrum, says he made the 3.5 mile trip to raise awareness for agriculture. And that his sacrifice came at a great personal cost. “I’m still in awe of the amount of pain that I pushed through to get it done,” he told Enterprise News .

Died: Menes Abdul Noor, 85, Former Pastor of Middle East’s Largest Evangelical Church

In the 1960s, Abdul Noor worked as an editor, but later returned to the pastorate. In 1970, Abraham Sahid, the founder of Kasr el-Dobara, died. Six years later, the congregation hired Abdul Noor, known for his Bible-based preaching, as its senior pastor.

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Bass/Ehrman Debate - Did the Historical Jesus Claim to be Divine? by The Bible & Beer Consortium

Dr. Bart Ehrman & Dr. Justin Bass will meet up together at the Preston Ridge Conference Center in Frisco, TX to debate the topic, "Did the Historical Jesus Claim to be Divine?"

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