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Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Why Should We Believe the Gospels Are Reliable? | Cold Case Christianity

Bobby Schuller interviewed J. Warner Wallace and discussed the reliability of the New Testament Gospels from the perspective of a cold-case detective.

Sunday Praise: "I Look Up" We Are Messengers

Stand firm in Christ, Chase

The Gospel at Work | Sept 23-24 | Richmond VA

The "Gospel At Work" conferences exists to helps Christians think biblically about their jobs and to live out their faith at their workplaces in extraordinary, gospel-centered ways. The Richmond conference will be held Sept 23-24. Click for more info.

Psychologists Say

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Teach the Uncompromised Truth of Genesis in Church

I have a real burden that Christian leaders will stand on God’s Word and equip people to defend the christian faith.

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Crossway on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

The Biggest Temple in Town

How much am I building my life around my favorite team and its games, and what important things in life are suffering because of this growing priority? Am I getting so attached to this team and to this season that I’m neglecting much more important realities like family, friends, work, studies, and most significantly the stirring of my heart for Jesus? Am I closer to him because of sports, or are the games subtly moving me away by eclipsing him in my heart?

Life-Risking Courage in the Cause of Love

Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet. You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 5:11–16)

Does a Multiverse Explain the Fine Tuning of Our Universe?

According to proponents of eternal inflation models, if an infinitely old vacuum has been experiencing inflation, and the tiny bubble universes we described have emerged, each bubble universe might have its own characteristics and physical laws. Other physicists (such as Alex Vilenkin) propose “quantum tunneling from nothing” to explain the existence of an ensemble of universes without eternal inflation. In these quantum tunneling models, diverse universes pop into existence, because in “quantum mechanics the behavior of physical objects is inherently unpredictable and some quantum processes have no cause at all.”

An Interview with Marine and Apologist Jason Ladd

I've been reading and listening to Ravi Zacharias for years now. Frank Turek is super engaged with our culture and has an active presence speaking to our youth in the universities. Dinesh D'Souza--thought widely know now for his political commentary--skillfully lays out arguments for the faith. And I'm becoming a huge fan of Os Guinness.

Apologetics and Your Kids: Avoiding Lazy Thinking

Last time I drew attention to some fallacious ideas which circulate on the airwaves and in popular culture. There are many more. In fact, even Christians have manufactured some pretty misleading mottoes and aphorisms which they use as watchwords instead of Scripture. Perhaps I’ll come back to that later, but right now I want to press on with the subject of worldviews.

Donald Trump Calls for Permanently Banning Taxpayer Funding of Abortions |

The first order of business for Clinton and her friends at the abortion company is to force Americans to pay for abortions with their tax dollars by attempting to overturn the Hyde Amendment, which has protected Americans from funding most all abortions since the late 1970s. Upheld by the Supreme Court, the Hyde Amendment is now a target of abortion advocates who have moved from pro-choice to pro-abortion — forcing Americans not only to accept unlimited abortions before birth but to pay for them.

Stem Cell Research—Lifesaving Alternatives

Given these advances, it’s no wonder Ian Wilmut, who cloned Dolly the sheep in 1996, has abandoned using embryonic stem cells in his research. Likewise, Bernadine Healy, former director of the National Institutes of Health (USA), pronounced embryonic stem cell research “obsolete” and pointed out its dangers, such as an embryonic stem cell experiment that caused tumors in a patient. Even President Obama has cautioned, “The full promise of [embryonic] stem cell research remains unknown.”

Watch Colony House Perform Songs Off Their Upcoming Album on Billboard Live

Nashville’s Colony House stopped by Billboard Live this week to play a few songs off their upcoming album, and, as the video shows, they are a really good live band. Only the Lonely drops in January.

11 .@Ichthus77 #Apologetics Daily

Daily Christian apologetics and news fresh to your desktop, courtesy by Maryann Spikes

Worship the State - or Else: How Should the Church Respond?

It’s a right Americans have protected, albeit imperfectly, since our founding. But now, this right is being trampled on, by judges, mayors, and college administrators. Astonishingly—for America—we are now going a step further: We are, in effect, facing a demand that citizens worship false gods—or pay a high price.

FREE Social Media Management Dashboard | Twitter/Facebook Marketing Tool |

I started using to be more efficient on the way I manage out Twitter communities. My favorite features? The prioritized feed to focus on the relevant members of the community - Orange

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The Globe Is Warming, But It’s Not Your Fault!

Though it is relatively easy to estimate the amount of heat that greenhouse gases absorb and emit back toward the earth (climatologists call this “forcing”), it is much more difficult to determine how the planet will adjust to the additional heat (climatologists call this “feedback”). Essentially all the current climate models have overestimated the global temperature in the past and future. Many climatologists believe that there are stronger positive feedbacks within the climate than negative feedbacks. In other words, they believe that the climate amplifies warming caused by greenhouse gases rather than moderating it. If that were true, why hasn’t the global temperature already gone out of control? Negative feedback systems, like the thermostat in your house, are known to lead to stability; whereas positive feedback systems often lead to instability, like the deafening audio feedback when a speaker and a microphone are put too close together. It seems more likely that our climate is dominated by negative feedbacks since Earth’s temperature has been amazingly stable for at least 2,000 years with only a 1.

The Dictatorship of Relativism Comes to Campus

The quintessential illustration of the authoritarian and fundamentalist idea of truth came from a Wallace Stevens poem we read in class called “Dance of the Macabre Mice.” Stevens writes sarcastically about an equestrian statue of some military hero holding an outstretched sword. He depicts the equestrian statue not as heroic and glorious but as militaristic and oppressive. Mice crawl all over the statue and then dance “out to the tip of Monsieur’s sword.” They are light-footed and victorious in their battle with the dead equestrian hero. “What a beautiful tableau,” the poem declares with archness and irony, “The arm of bronze outstretched against all evil!” It mocks not just the idea of heroism but the very idea of goodness and evil.

3 Lessons from Netflix’s Adaptation of ‘The Little Prince’

The story also offers moments of allegory; in fact, some argue the entire narrative is an allegory. For example, when the Little Prince is on his way to earth, he meets a myriad of characters, all of them portraits of the consuming and hindering effects of hubris. He meets a king who claims to rule over all with absolute power; he exercises his power over the sun by ordering it to set . . . . but only at sunset. The Little Prince is not fooled, for he sees the king’s “power” is no more than a farce. He’s trying to make himself seem important, but his significance is a vapor.

Find a Friend to Wound You

And of course, friends must be more than this — after all, we aren’t Pavlovian puppies to be shocked every day. But in a world of political correctness and hyper-sensitivity to criticism, such friends with backbones are nearly as extinct as they are unwelcomed — even within the church.

Jesus central in my life, says mother of 100 bone fractures family - premier

A Christian mother who revealed she and her two daughters have suffered more than 100 bone fractures combined, including a broken spine, says faith is a "central part" of her life and she has never regretted being born.

Hugh Ross on Twitter

Hawaiian crows develop functional tool use without training from adult crows or humans.

Christians, Let's Not Give In to Pessimism | The Stream

When Trump spoke about immigration and trade the way he did, then the rest, I knew I had just heard a cutting edge message and the way out. Of course, I have shared all the dismay about the man’s self-centered and rather petty tendencies, and some others. Then I noted those surrounding him and the solid ones who have been his long-time friends in the political arena and those he chose and those who gravitated to him as he has come along. I believe God has worked with him and will continue to do so. He will not have this daily exposure and the speech making venue when exercising the duties of the presidency. I think he will settle, has grown and definitely needs to receive the Lord, but so much has changed since that season of dread before I heard him assert his deep concerns for this country.

Our new logo! - Tactical Faith

With all that in mind, when we decided to change the logo, it was with the orthodox mindset in the lead. Our old logo, was contemporary, and modern. It was also commonly confused with a medical distribution organization, which as a salve works. We do wish to heal the church in a way that brings theological renewal. But in the end, we felt that we needed to emphasize the ancientness of the faith that we long to represent. As such, we wish to spread wide the arms of the cross to all christians, regardless of denominations, tertiary theologies, and minor differences in the interpretation of scripture. All these things are important, but as a non-profit, this is not where are emphasis is. It is with anyone willing to align themselves with the Cross of Jesus Christ. The Cross and all its immediate emphasis in salvific history was a first priority in  crafting the new logo. I felt compelled to combine the T and the F into a single typographical element. This is not always meant to be a stand alone symbol, but it is meant to be an independent component when needed.  As this cruciform began to take shape, I felt it only natural for the arm of the F to represent the spear that penetrated the side of Jesus.

What Does TV Say About Sex?

Our words often both reflect and affect our hearts, and that seems to be the case particularly when it comes to sex. If we’re imagining it, joking about it, or crudely discussing it, we’re headed in the wrong direction. Our heart is creeping closer to sin, not fleeing in the opposite direction. Crude sexual talk, humor, innuendo, and flirtation lower our defenses and heighten our temptation. Paul’s charge is clear: Don’t do it. And don’t even talk about doing it.

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The Sycamore is named after the biggest tree in Connecticut. It's OLDER than Connecticut. AMAZING. #Bethel #Sycamore

Sandra Bland's Family Settled a Civil Lawsuit for $1.9M

The suit against the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Waller County jail was settled for a combined total of $1.9 million—Texas Department of Public Safety will pay $100,000 and the Waller County jail will pay $1.8 million.

Doctrine of the Church Part 3: Baptism as an Ordinance

For more resources visit: Defenders is Dr William Lane Craig's weekly Sunday school class on Christian doctrine and apologetics. This video is Part 3 of the Doctrine of the Church. Be sure to check out more doctrines as well as the audio of Defenders: We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel which contains short clips: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Like the Reasonable Faith Facebook Fan Page:

Travel Back to an Early Clinton Scandal

Voters have the impression Hillary isn’t trustworthy. She’s been reinforcing it since 1993.

28 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network is a website founded and edited by Greg West, a passionate defender of Christianity committed to ... by Greg West

29 BreakPoint This Week: Is Persecution Coming to America?

Americans in a crisis of trust: According to polls, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump remain two of the least popular presidential candidates ever, even with their own parties. David Brooks at the New York Times writes about this avalanche of distrust, not just in our presidential candidates, but in each other. Writing at BreakPoint, G. Shane Morris argues ( part 2 ) that the Internet is largely to blame for this unhinging of Americans’ trust in one another, especially through the spread of conspiracy theories in what Ed Stetzer calls our “post fact-check culture.”

Cold-Case Christianity on the NRB Network | Cold Case Christianity

With the rules of evidence clearly in mind, he examines the case for the existence of God, the reality of dualism, the reliability of the Biblical text, and the deity of Jesus. Along the way we also take a critical look at the nature of the Christian Church in America today. Why are so many young people leaving the church? Why are so many older Christians apathetic and unengaged? Why do so few Christians understand what they believe, and why do even fewer understand why they believe it? Join J. Warner each week as he sorts through the evidence for the Christian Worldview and examines the life of the Church.

I Overlooked the Rural Poor—Then Trump Came Along

Trump’s ascent ultimately revealed a large demographic of Americans who were off my radar. Early primary polls showed that his supporters were more likely than voters overall to be poor, white, without higher education, and from rural counties or small towns. Though class conflict and rural/urban divides are not one and the same (there are people of all classes in small towns and in cities), their overlap exposes profound class and cultural divisions in America.

Case-Making 101: Five essentials in Christian Apologetics

“Finding answers [about Christianity] is too important to approach causally or in sporadic snatches of time. I knew—and hope you agree—that these are urgent matters. Jeremiah 29:13 encourages us to seek God and his truth “with all your heart.””  –

Catch The Light for Intelligent Design Audio Play - 9th Clip

Listen to this 9th clip of the CTL audio play teaching evidence for Intelligent Design. Then stay tuned to listen to 10th CTL clip tomorrow. Get the full audio play from Audible ( ), or from

“The Atheist Delusion” – Why Millions Deny the Obvious

By downloading “The Atheist Delusion” now, you will help us to produce future Christian movies and get to watch “The Atheist Delusion” two months before its release on YouTube (and DVD)! As a token of our appreciation, you will also receive the following items:


That means any time you use your money to buy a Christian book that helps you grow, you’ve invested in what I call God’s “Growth Fund.” Any time you use some of your money to pay for a retreat or a conference that helps you improve your life, you’ve invested in the Growth Fund. Any time you spend money on a class that helps makes you more of what God wants you to be, God smiles and says that’s a good use of money.

Have You Made Busyness an Idol?

I don’t know about you, but I often find that it’s when I’m most busy that the really important stuff happens to me. My friend calls late at night needing to talk. Or my husband and I need to have a heart-to-heart. In the middle of a stressful work day, there’s an opportunity for me to encourage a colleague at work.

Instagram photo by J Warner Wallace • Sep 17, 2016 at 11:19pm UTC

WORLD on Twitter

Life as a dhimmi in medieval Islamic Spain: And what it can teach American Christians today …

Correcting four myths about the history of the Crusades

The verdict seems unanimous. From presidential speeches to role-playing games, the crusades are depicted as a deplorably violent episode in which thuggish Westerners trundled off, unprovoked, to murder and pillage peace-loving, sophisticated Muslims, laying down patterns of outrageous oppression that would be repeated throughout subsequent history. In many corners of the Western world today, this view is too commonplace and apparently obvious even to be challenged.

Ligonier Ministries on Twitter

If you don't hold to sola gratia you can't hold to sola fide. — @RCSproul #ligcon

Instagram photo by @louiegiglio • Sep 17, 2016 at 2:42pm UTC

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Q&A with Dr. Craig: Multiverse and the Design Argument

QUESTION: How do you answer sceptics who say that our universe doesn’t need a designer because it’s just a part of a bigger multiverse which is composed of all kinds of universes?  No matter how improbable our universe looks, the chances are that there will be some just like it somewhere in the multiverse.  If you deal the cards enough times, eventually every hand will come up sooner or later. — Bill

Evangelicals for Life 2017 - Be a voice for life

The value of human life isn’t just an issue for Congress or activists or ethics professors. It’s an issue for every single Christian and every single local church. The church is the embassy of the Kingdom of Christ, and the Kingdom is where the unborn are prayed over, where the widows are visited, where the orphan is adopted, and where the disabled and the “unwanted” are made heirs with Christ of the universe. The church must speak a prophetic, gospel word to our culture of death. The cause of life is not a liberal vs conservative or red state vs blue state issue. It’s a Kingdom issue, and children of the King must stand up in defense of all human life. Will you join us as we do just that?

How Can We Tell If The Universe Has Design?

Question: In most arguments from design, the universe is compared to a designed object. For example, Paley uses a watch to illustrate design, since we all know watches are designed. What other universe is the proponent of Intelligent Design comparing our current universe to so he can show design? We would need another universe that is designed or undersigned to compare this one so we can decide about design. With only one universe to evaluate, we can make no valid comparisons about design.

Sixteen Going On Seventeen

The sound of music - Sixteen going on seventeen reprise

The sun won't die for 5 billion years, so why do humans have only 1 billion years left on Earth?

In a few billion years, the sun will become a red giant so large that it will engulf our planet. But the Earth will become uninhabitable much sooner than that. After about a billion years the sun will become hot enough to boil our oceans.

Daniel Dale on Twitter

The Associated Press is using some highly unusual language to accurately report on Trump: …

49 Fun Islamic Facts 12: Muhammad Explains the Weather (David Wood)

Welcome to “Fun Islamic Facts,” where I share fun facts about Muhammad and the Qur’an whenever jihadis go on a killing spree. According to first-grade science textbooks around the world, the four seasons—spring, summer, fall, and winter—are caused by the earth orbiting the sun on a tilted axis. Different areas of the earth receive more sunlight at different times of year, and are hotter during those times. Areas that receive less sunlight are cooler. But as we saw in Fun Fact 10, Allah and Muhammad informed us that the sun sets in a muddy pool, and is therefore much smaller than the earth. If the sun is much smaller than the earth and sets in a pool, it obviously can’t be the cause of changes in the weather. So what does cause the heat of summer and the cold of winter? Fortunately for us, Muhammad has the answer. In Islam, hell isn’t just hot. There’s also a cold part of hell called “Zamhareer,” to torment people who don’t like cold. Summer and winter, according to Muhammad, are caused by the hot and cold parts of hell. Sahih al-Bukhari 3260: Narrated Abu Hurairah: Allah’s Messenger said, “The (Hell) Fire complained to its Lord saying, ‘O my Lord! My different parts eat up each other.

The First Country to Officially Defend Christians Persecuted by ISIS

“Today, Christianity has become the most persecuted religion, where out of five people killed [for] religious reasons, four of them are Christians,” Catholic News Agency (CNA) quoted Hungary’s Minister for Human Resources, Zoltan Balog, as saying. “In 81 countries around the world, Christians are persecuted, and 200 million Christians live in areas where they are discriminated against. Millions of Christian lives are threatened by followers of radical religious ideologies.”

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