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Inside the Wild Biblical Conspiracy Theory That Says the World Will End Next Week

The end is, once again, near.

Woody Harrelson Read From the Bible at a Killers Concert

A recent Killers performance in London opened with a dramatic moment this week: Actor Woody Harrelson stood at a microphone and read Matthew 9:10-12.As Uproxx notes, Harrelson is famously an atheist, who once called the Bible “just a document to control people.” Killers frontman Brandon Flowers is a devout Mormon.The Scripture reading opened for the song “The Calling” and is off their upcoming album Wonderful, Wonderful. As you might expect, it too contains a lot of religious references. You can see a fan-shot video of the performance above.

Christopher Hitchens debates William Lane Craig at Biola U: Does God Exist?

Here is the video of the debate: TOPIC: DOES GOD EXIST? MY NOTES ON THE DEBATE: (WC = William Lane Craig, CH = Christopher Hitchens) WC opening speech: Introduction: WC makes two contentions: &#821…

How to Read and Think More Clearly As A Christian Case Maker | Cold Case Christianity

In this episode of the Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast, J. Warner begins to discuss the practices and principles of good investigations and applies these techniques to the Christian worldview. How do detectives investigate cases, and what can be learned from their approach to document evidence? Can any of these principles be applied to the reading of scripture? It all begins with learning how to read and think carefully. This investigative approach is described in more detail in Forensic Faith: A Homicide Detective Makes the Case for a More Reasonable, Evidential Christian Faith. Be sure to check out Forensic Faith and the accompanying curriculum. Be sure to watch the Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast on NRBtv every Monday and Saturday! In addition, here is the audio podcast (the Cold-Case Christianity Weekly Podcast is located on iTunes or our RSS Feed):

Citizen Newt - Thomas Nelson

Citizen Newt is the definitive, authorized biography of one of the most important, provocative, and visionary political figures of our time.

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1 Do the Laws of Logic Provide Evidence for God? | Reasonable Faith

Here is my question: Why do you not employ the laws of logic as evidence for the existence of God? It seems to me that God (a necessarily existing mind) is the best explanation for the laws of logic in a similar way that he (a necessary personal being of moral perfection) is the best explanation for certain necessary moral truths. Am I mistaken about logic as evidence for the existence of God? Is there a reason the laws of logic should not be used in an argument similar to your argument from objective moral values and duties?

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But Why Do Biology Textbooks Retain Discredited Evolutionary Icons? | Evolution News

The “experts” who swoop in to assure schools that the textbooks are in no need of fixing present a psychological puzzle. But an insistence on conveying untruths that touch on ultimate questions, year after year, to students compelled under law to read these textbooks — whether evil or merely corrupt, that’s certainly not a very pretty thing.

Six Ways to Redeem Playdates

I recently shared my feelings with a few other moms (ironically at a playdate), and I was surprised to learn that they feel the same way. How is it that we — a group of moms who love Jesus — can gather for two hours and talk about nothing more than diapers and diets?

#STRask - September 14, 2017 | Stand to Reason

#STRask - September 14, 2017

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3,500-year-old tomb of Egyptian goldsmith found … #Beginnings

How Many Churches Does America Have? More Than Expected

Brauer did not include the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), America’s largest Protestant denomination, in the denominational section of his estimate, because Baptist congregations can be accidentally counted more than once due to affiliation with multiple denominations. The SBC’s latest Annual Church Profile tallied 47,200 churches, which could mean there are more SBC churches than Brauer’s largest included denomination, the UMC, which has 35,700 churches.

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Militant attack in Iraq kills at least 45 people … #TheSift @onize_ohiks

10 The TC Apologetics Daily

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Saudi Arabia’s Neighbor Defends Religious Freedom of Individuals

“We unequivocally reject compelled observance,” states the Bahrain Declaration for Religious Tolerance, released September 13 in Los Angeles with Muslim, Christian, and Jewish leaders in attendance. “Every individual has the freedom to practice their religion, providing they do no harm to others, respect the laws of the land, and accept responsibility, spiritually and materially, for their choices.”

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Study: White evangelicals are suddenly much more likely to forgive politicians' immoral conduct

A Deeper Debate over Drums in Church

Maracle’s drum playing began during a period when Native American communities were reexamining their own cultural practices—a soul-searching catalyzed by the New Age community’s interest in Native spirituality, says Huron Claus, who was among the 75 Christian Native leaders who met in 1998 to address “the resurgence of Native religious traditionalism and how it impacted the Christian Native church.”

Questions from a Muslim about the Trinity | Reasonable Faith

Yes, each person in the Trinity is maximally perfect. “ However, does not the New Testament portray the other persons of the trinity as subordinates, at least in some respects, to the Father? ” Here theologians have helpfully distinguished between the ontological Trinity and the economic Trinity. In my model the members of the Trinity considered ontologically (in abstraction from their relations to the world) are equally and maximally perfect. But in the divine economy, for the sake of our salvation the members of the Trinity assume different roles in the plan of salvation. The Father sends the Son into the world; the Son assumes a human nature and dies a sacrificial death; the Spirit comes in the name of the Son to continue his work until his return. The Son’s voluntary submission to the Father no more implies his inferiority to the Father than my wife’s submission to me in the economy of the family implies her inferiority to me.

A Christian Speaks Calmly on Immigration

The texts of encyclicals themselves are not treated as infallible. But they may contain dogmas and moral principles that are part of the original deposit of faith, and that have been taught from the very beginning. Those are unchangeable. The central teaching of Humanae Vitae, about the nature and implications of human sexuality, including contraception, reiterate those perennial teachings. Also, they are taken to be derivable from the natural law (though most people fail to see that, especially when culture points in the other direction). HV is also important because it reiterated the perennial teaching even though everyone expected Paul VI to capitulate to the spirit of the age. And it contains predictions about the sexual revolution that bear witness to its truth. In contrast, the Church has no perennial teaching about, say, government-to-government foreign aid, or the precise number of new immigrants a country must admit each year, or precisely how sensitive the atmosphere is to carbon dioxide. So such matters simply can’t be part of the perennial teaching of the Church.

Why FEMA Should Fund Churches Damaged by Disasters

Conflicts between FEMA and houses of worship aren’t new. In 1995, there was a debate over whether churches could use federal aid to repair damage from the Oklahoma City bombing. (Congress passed a law saying yes, they can.) In 2002, the Justice Department said Seattle churches were eligible for earthquake aid. In 2013, the House voted overwhelmingly to say churches can get FEMA funds for Hurricane Sandy but the bill ultimately died in the Senate.

The Power of Confession in Your Small Group

Most importantly, confession spurs spiritual growth as Jesus forgives and cleanses us from sin. “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us,” the apostle John writes. “But if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:8–9). As we confess our sin, we remember the gospel—that Christ lived, died, and rose so we would be forgiven and cleansed by his blood. We then walk in this truth, putting away sin’s deceitfulness before God and others. Confession and repentance are an integral part of making progress in the Christian life.

Has Science Made Christianity Obsolete? - LogosTalk

Many influential sectors of our culture today promote the idea that Christianity and science are mutually exclusive—that Christianity represents superstition and dogma, while science represents reason and evidence. Many skeptics claim to follow science rather than religion, and some believe that science will eventually banish religion to the dust heap of history. The so-called new atheists, in particular, are notorious for pitting science against religion, equating religion with belief in fairies or Santa Claus.

How a private meeting with Billy Graham changed actor Steve McQueen’s life

“Steve McQueen” American Icon” is a documentary feature film about the Hollywood actor’s spiritual journey, which included a meeting late in his life with Charlotte-born evangelist Billy Graham. The story of the 1980 meeting, just days before McQueen’s death, is told in the film, which will be shown in theaters in Charlotte and across the country on Sept. 28.

Philippians 1:12–14: Suffering Can Advance the Gospel

In this lab, Pastor John revels in the fact that although bullets can stop pastors and shackles can stop missionaries, nothing can stop the gospel.

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God invites us to participate in His work to restore all things under Christ—here's an exciting example #freeclinic #

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When Obama was in office, only 30% of white evangelicals would forgive a president's immoral behavior. Now it's 72%. …

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Former CIA Deputy Director @MichaelJMorell resigns as Senior Fellow at Harvard Kennedy school over their hiring of Chelsea Manning

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Jesus Specifically Said, 'I am God'

As a skeptic, I was willing to accept a “nice guy” version of Jesus. You know, the wise sage from the past who was misunderstood and mythicized into something divine by leaders of a movement who were either mistaken or deceptive. Jesus might have been a nice guy and a great teacher, but did he ever really claim to be God? I had atheist friends who knew more about the Gospels than I did, and they said that Jesus never claimed to be God in any of the New Testament accounts. Once I began to examine the Gospels for myself, I discovered my friends were wrong; Jesus did say specifically that He was God. Now don’t get me wrong, Jesus didn’t use those exact words. But His listeners sure understood what He meant.

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Q & A with Dr. Craig: Where Have Christian Academics Been Hiding?

About two years ago I watched your debate with Michael Payton in which you made the startling remark that in the past half century a revolution had taken place regarding Christian philosophy in the Anglo-Saxon realm. At that time I thought that this was just some disingenuous rhetorical trick to try to fool the ignorant public into thinking Christianity was an acceptable point of view in academia, but at that time I thought minds like Richard Dawkins were enlightened thinkers, since no one in church I asked the questions he proposes was able to satisfactorily answer them, and I was simply unaware that such a revolution had actually taken place. At that time, I hadn't even heard of thinkers like Plantinga, Swinburne and yourselves. After having studied some philosophy, I've come to see what you mean by this revolution, but if I hadn't come across videos of John Lennox and your debate with Christopher Hitchens, I probably would never have known about these answers to difficult questions that these great Christian thinkers have provided and have become a vehement agnostic/atheist myself now.

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If @benshapiro is a fake jew, why does he not show up at my Sat nite dinner party until after sunrise & refuse to eat my non-kosher food? …

Hagfish Eyes Debunks Claim Eye Evolution

Living hagfish actually do have some retinal pigment, but not melanin. Both hagfish and lampreys have melanopsin in their retinal epithelium. Melanopsin serves only non-image-forming light-detecting roles in people, but it is thought to serve image-forming functions in some animals, possibly including the lamprey, which does have complex functional eyes. Melanopsin is encoded by only a single gene in both the hagfish and the lamprey, but that gene is expressed differently. Hagfish melanopsin is primarily found in only one sort of cell in the hagfish retina but in two sorts of retinal cells in the lamprey. Because the modern hagfish’s eye is not equipped to focus an image on its retina, its melanopsin can now serve it only as a light-dark detector. From Lanfang Sun et al., “Distribution of Mammalian-Like Melanopsin in Cyclostome Retinas Exhibiting a Different Extent of Visual Functions,” PLOS One 9, no. 9 (2014): doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0108209 .

Don't Just Give Up on 'Bad' Friends

When given the option of fight or flight, more often than not, I have chosen flight. I’m a runner. I have run from difficult relationships because it’s easier that way and I like easy. I know all too well that the people who push my buttons have the ability to expose the ugliness of my heart. I want, more than anything, to protect myself by shutting down and running away from the relationship.

Awesome Advice for Aspiring Apologists

After his first talk I immediately purchased one of his books and went up to the long line forming at his merch table so I could get his autograph and ask him where I should begin as a youth pastor needing to answer tough questions my students were raising. Sean could see that I was interested in learning more about apologetics and using this discipline to strengthen the faith of the students in my youth group and to increase my evangelistic efforts. He told me as I began my journey that I was going to run into many roadblocks! He said I was going to be confused and constantly stumped time and time again. To my surprise, he told me not to be dismayed by these questions in which I had no answer. Rather, he instructed me to actually be encouraged by these questions…

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Hath God Truly Said, ‘Avoid Foolish Controversies’?

It turns out that lustily fighting for the truth isn’t what God asks of us.

Religious Liberty Could be Big Loser in Wedding Cake Challenge

DuBois, the former director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships under President Obama, got to the heart of the divide over religious freedom in his remarks.  As he recalled conversations with past ‘civil rights giants’, DuBois posited that “Religious liberty advocates…are often the most dangerous and destructive to the civil rights cause because they thought that their first principles and their civility would save them without interrogating the depths of the evil in human hearts that they saw around them….[Religious liberty] was almost an opiate that slowed justice down.”  To DuBois and many progressives of his ilk, religious liberty is often a simple guise for problematic opinions, many of which may impede “progress”. It is therefore only tolerable insofar as it is compatible with the prevailing definition of justice.

What Did the Jewish Historian Josephus Really Say About Jesus?

Friend: “Yea, another Christian friend of mind said something about Josephus. I had never heard of him. So I looked it up and found out that the passage by Josephus that mentions Jesus is disputed by scholars today.”

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Are Christians Cursing America?

And they are not alone. I am a God-believer living in a place where most people I know identify as spiritual but not religious. I have a novel vantage point from that gap, and I just want to call it like I see it, in the interest of inserting a big, thoughtful pause before the next time you speak about yourself, your loved ones, your future or your country: Christians are cursing America.

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Milking Roaches for All They’re Worth

In learning more about God’s creation, we come to know Him better. God’s creativity is as infinite as He is, and discoveries like the protein sequence in roach milk point back to our amazing Creator. Isn’t it exciting to know that God has created innumerable resources for us—even some that we haven’t figured out yet?

David Platt to Be a Teaching Pastor—Is it a Bridge Too Far for IMB President?

“Our president, Dr. David Platt, has expressed a deep sense of calling to serve as teaching pastor of McLean Bible Church while also continuing to lead the International Mission Board,” Dilbeck, senior pastor of Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, said. “We respect Dr. Platt and his sense of the Lord’s leading; and we recognize our responsibility to hold him accountable for his work leading the International Mission Board. Over the coming months, while Dr. Platt serves as teaching pastor for McLean Bible Church, the trustees of the International Mission Board will evaluate Dr. Platt’s fulfillment of his responsibilities as IMB president. Trustees also will evaluate McLean’s level of partnership with the Southern Baptist Convention. We plan to revisit this matter in our February trustee meeting.”

Three Ways To Teach Your Kids Apologetics (Without Them Realizing It)

I teach apologetics at a seminary partly because of my kids. I want them to grow up in a world where belief in God is viewed as plausible and desirable. Unfortunately, there are loud voices—Internet atheists, new atheists, new new atheists—who think belief in God is on the same level as belief in fairies, leprechauns, and flying spaghetti monsters. And there are other voices—fideists, anti-intellectualists, naïve believers—who think evidence for God exists as much as evidence exists for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Both views are extremes, and both are mistaken.

It Looks Like President Trump Struck a Very Tentative Deal With Democrats to Protect DACA

Late Wednesday night, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi issued a statement saying they’d reached a deal with President Donald Trump on enshrining DACA into law, protecting the some 800,000 Dreamers from deportation. That deal, according to them, included funding for extra border security but—crucially, for Democrats—did not include funding for “the wall.”

Reasons Why I Know God Certainly Exists

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Fear Not

No matter how comfortable we are with ourselves or how many accomplishments we’ve racked up, nearly everyone gets intimidated by other people sooner or later. It may be feeling nervous when forced to make a presentation at work. Or it can be that tightening of the gut that occurs when your boss calls you in for a one-on-one meeting. Maybe it’s talking with strangers or meeting new people in your small group at church. The problem is that in order to be real, we need authentic self-confidence—not arrogance or smugness but a genuine sense of our true selves that we bring to every situation.

The Social Media Strategy of John the Baptist

As I recently studied John’s Gospel, the idea of followers popped out as I read about John the Baptist and the first Jesus followers. John—despite his strangeness—was an influential man. He was the son of a priest. He was chosen by God to bear witness and point people to the long-awaited Messiah (John 1:7–8). John was clear he wasn’t the Messiah, but he created such a stir with his baptism and message of repentance that he developed his own following. He had disciples who were learning from him.

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