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America After 9/11: Is Religion Evil? - Apologetics Guy

Attitude Adjustment How did 9/11 change America’s attitude toward religion? An interesting post on CNN’s Belief Blog says: “Before 9/11, many atheists kept a low profile. Something changed, though, after 9/11. They got loud… Criticism of all religion, not just fanatical cults, was no longer taboo after 9/11.” Indeed. Around the 10-year anniversary of 9/11, American Atheists …

Birds, Insects, and What They Share

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Admit It. This Trailer for ‘Stranger Pugs’ Makes You Wish It Was a Real Show

If there’s two things the internet loves, it’s Netflix’s retro sci-fi series Stranger Things and adorable small animals. It was really only a matter of time before some YouTube mastermind combined them into a glorious, 25-second video. We, like everyone else, would totally watch this if it were a real show starring Doug the Pug.

Kings of Leon Has Just Released the First Single Off Their Upcoming Album

After teasing the release of their new album Walls this week—their first in three years—Kings of Leon has released its first single “Waste a Moment” day. It sounds, well, like a Kings of Leon song: Driving guitars, a big chorus and a southern rock-meets-The Strokes vibe. The new record drops on Oct. 14.

The Trailer for Christian Bale’s War Epic ‘The Promise’ Is Heavy

The first trailer for the upcoming war epic The Promise, starring Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale and Angela Sarafyan has just been released, and it looks like it is going to be heavy. From filmmaker Terry George, best known for directing Hotel Rwanda, the film takes place during WWI as the Armenian genocide unfolds. The film releases later this year.

Video: A Pre-Modern Reflection on the Modernist Roots of Postmodernism by Peter S Williams

Video Description: Romans 12:2 says: 'Be not conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, for your provi...

Cold-Case Christianity for Kids

Are Your Kids Sure Christianity Is True? Investigate Jesus with a Real Detective!

9 Things You Should Know About the 9/11 Aftermath—15 Years Later

Here are nine things you should know about what happened in the aftermath of the events on September 11, 2001.

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria May Be a Health Nightmare, but Not an Evolutionary One

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Cosmologist Luke Barnes on fine-tuning of the universe | Uncommon Descent

In one of my funniest and most useful episodes yet, I interview astronomer Luke Barnes about the plausibility of 11 responses to the fine-tuning of the universe. Frankly, once you listen to this episode you will be better equipped to discuss fine-tuning than 90% of the people who discuss it on the internet. This episode will help clarify the thinking of anyone – including and perhaps especially professional philosophers – about the fine-tuning of the universe. More .

Premier Drive Presents Space Week! - Premier Christian Radio

Join Loretta for Space Week on Premier Drive from the 5th – 9th September.

Sunday Praise: "Magnify" - We Are Messengers

Stand firm in Christ, Chase

The Case for Christ: An Interview with Lee Strobel | Bible Gateway Blog

Some took me to task because I didn’t interview any skeptics for the book, but I think they misunderstand my approach. I was standing in the shoes of the skeptic. As the subtitle says, this was “a journalist’s personal investigation of the evidence for Jesus.” I was asking the questions I had when I was an atheist. Obviously, you can tell from the footnotes and my questions that I had digested the writings of skeptical scholars. Then I confronted Christian experts with what I considered to be the skeptics’ most potent objections—which also were the ones I personally wrestled with—to see if they could offer cogent and convincing answers. Finally, I reported their answers and left it to readers to reach their own verdict.

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The Measure of a Man

There was a time when these sorts of skills were crucial to fulfilling the creation mandate. Expressing the image of God for most men in history meant being able to hunt or farm food or keep a fire on the hearth. And I’m thankful every day for those, like my dad, who still do this kind of work. But the age of brute strength is in many ways past, and that would be the end of the argument if we were at the same time seeing a corresponding increase in other, less tangible, kinds of strength: like moral courage, fortitude, leadership, and a willingness to sacrifice.

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4 On the 15th Anniversary of September 11, 2001: Life, Death, and the Search for God | RZIM

As some would continue to perpetrate the myth of progress, we live on this fifteenth anniversary of 9/11 under the cloud of a world dramatically changed since that terrible day. Anyone who travels sees and feels what a murderous ideology has done to our world. May we never forget what happened and ever be in pursuit of wisdom and courage to deal with those whose philosophy thrives on hate. Our prayers are with the families that lost a loved one and with gratitude for those who came to the rescue. Civilization is always threatened by ideologues who embrace the moment and lose sight of the essential value of every human life. Answers will only be found in embracing the God of love and living by his precepts. Loving God and our fellow human beings are the two laws on which all other laws stand.  May God guide our leaders. The Scriptures call us to understand the times and know what to do (see 1 Chronicles 12:32). May we be faithful.

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6 The 20th Century: Worse than You Remember

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... It is easy to cherry-pick either positives or negatives about any epoch, or other situation. It's also easy to think of one group's situation and ignore that of other groups. You can point to the described characteristics of 1916, or you could talk about how rare family dissolution or abortion were; college (and high school) education had more substance; mass killings were all but unknown; the U.S. was entering an age of global prominence, soon to be pre-eminence; mass production and electrification were rapidly making life easier for all in ways unimaginable to prior generations. Both the positive and the negative are true, and neither rose-colored nostalgia nor mean-spirited anathemizing of our ancestors is fair. (It might be noted that the same applies to discussions of the impact of religion in public life. The New Atheists think "religion poisons everything"; some Christians seem to think that Christianity's history, or at least that of their own preferred segment thereof, is pristine. The reality that "the line between good and evil runs through every human heart" (Solzhenitsyn) is ever-present.


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The People We Really Want to See Moderate Presidential Debates

The presidential debates are like some gross vegetable your great-aunt made on Thanksgiving: You don’t really want to consume them, but you ended up doing it anyway out of a weird sense of obligation. And spectacles like last night’s three-hour test of human willpower only underscore a big problem: Traditional news outlets have made presidential debates—arguably our country's most important televised forum and exchange of ideas—into mind-numbingly boring talk-a-thons, where a bunch of rich, powerful people needle each other for hours about past career decisions while dodging any question of substance.

The Mysticism of Prayer

No, quite the opposite. I’d say what characterizes God speaking is very often a sense of gratuity, a sense of vitality. It’s not dogmatic words. Probably the word that would cover most bases is it’s a descendance of presence. So it’s not that you come out of prayer with a big message, but I hope after years of practice you do speak with a greater clarity, compassion, freedom and grace. It’s cumulative in terms of how you hear God and it’s always a sense of gratuity.

Instagram photo by MaryJo Sharp • Sep 11, 2016 at 6:30am UTC

Can Christians Learn from Colin Kaepernick?

While Christians should submit to the state, pray for its leaders, and render qualified obedience to its laws, to pledge allegiance is a profoundly religious act. It’s a religious statement infused with divided loyalties and borders on syncretism. I think the burden of proof rests on those followers of the crucified Lamb to show that citizens of heaven can truly pledge allegiance to anyone other than Christ--and that's something Christians need to think about deeply.

13 ‘Devout’ Catholic Tim Kaine Butchers the Bible to Embrace Gay Radicalism | The Stream

Mrs. Clinton’s running mate would do well to submit his thinking to the Scriptures rather than twisting the Scriptures to fit his thinking. It is the senator who must change, not the Word of God.

14 How Can I Know Which Bible Promises Apply to Me?

The most basic place to start is to look at what is said to New Covenant believers versus those who were under the specific terms of the Mosaic Covenant with its promised blessings and curses . If a promise was made as a term of the Mosaic Covenant (for example, that they would have good crops if they obeyed the Covenant’s commands), then that is not part of our Covenant . However , we can learn much about who God is from how He dealt with people in the Mosaic Covenant, and His character does not change. From His dealings with people in the Old Testament, we learn that He is just, that He is gracious, that He loves undeservedly, that He’s trustworthy and faithful to those He’s covenanted with, that He has their ultimate good in mind, that He’s working everything together for His plan to glorify Himself and redeem the world. God doesn’t change, so what we learn about Him in the Old Testament is still true of Him today. The only question is about how He promises to act today on those characteristics of love, grace, etc.

It’s Not You, It’s God: Nine Lessons for Breakups

The joy is not in knowing that Jesus had it hard, too. Not much comfort there. The joy is in knowing that the one who suffered in your place died and rose again to end suffering for his saints. God saved the world and defeated death through his suffering, and your suffering in the midst of your walk with Jesus — in this case, in a breakup — unites you to that victory, the greatest victory ever won. For those who hope in Jesus, all pain — unexpected cancer, unfair criticism, an unwanted break up — was given an expiration date and repurposed until then to unite us in love to our suffering Savior.

16 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

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It's Time to Remove the Mental Health Stigma

Look at other things: There’s not a stigma with breaking your arm; there’s not a stigma with getting the flu, or even with something like dealing with cancer. But when it comes to mental health or thoughts of suicide, there very much is a stigma. We don’t approach it the same way; we don’t talk about it the same way.

Good to Glad

From the first time we hear and believe the gospel, the good news should give us more and more joy. The gospel doesn’t affect many of us like it should. We receive it as news for later, but not now. It’s news about what will happen one day, not news about something that is already taking place.

Do Some Christians Pray with More Power?

So, we know that there are some whose prayers are hindered for reasons of sin, but those who pray diligently in faith and keep God’s commandments will have more effectual prayers. Satan trembles when he sees the weakest Christian on his knees — imagine when Christ bent down in prayer. Then let us strive for the holiness of Christ, the Spirit-given holiness which commended his prayers to God, making them powerful and effective in their working.

A Shooting After a Peace Rally in Alabama Kills 1 and Injures 5

The shooting began around 8 p.m., about an hour after the rally ended, while residents and participants were still outside. They began to disperse in all different directions when the shooting began, giving police a very large area to investigate and search for evidence.

Nabeel Qureshi // Facing death threats after I left Islam for Christ

Muslim convert to Christianity Nabeel Qureshi speaks to Justin Brierley about his book "Answering Jihad". Join us for an in-depth interview with a well known Christian speaker, author or public figure every Saturday afternoon. The Profile is broadcast every Saturday at 4pm on Premier Christian Radio and is brought to you in association with Premier Christianity Magazine. For more 'The Profile' interviews, visit: Read Nabeel's story Hear him debate the issues with a Muslim | For more video and audio content: | Like us on Facebook | Tweet us @TogetherPremier

God Has Planned Your Glory

Picture the most emaciated, dying saint you have ever seen in a nursing home. These days of dying are not glorious. Many groan to put off their “earthly tent” and be “swallowed up by life” (2 Corinthians 5:4). But against this inglorious end stands the mighty word of God: This withered and wrinkled and worn out body “is sown in dishonor; it is raised in glory. It is sown in weakness; it is raised in power” (1 Corinthians 15:43). Every saint, no matter how wasted away or mutilated, will rise in glory. God decreed this — “our glory.”

Fazale Rana on Dinosaur Blood and the Age of the Earth

In the subject piece, Dr. Rana summarizes what he will be presenting at this year's  National Conference on Christian Apologetics .  Dr. Rana writes of why it is a stretch  to use the discovery of soft tissue in dinosaur fossils to make the case for the young earth view. The piece can be read in full  here . Stand firm in Christ, Chase

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What’s Wrong with Western Missionaries?

The man said, “When this missionary’s father died, he came to us and asked for our help. We didn’t have much, but we gathered an offering of love. We bought him a plane ticket so that he could go home to America and bury his father. This man and his family give everything they have to the poor. They struggle to pay rent and school fees, and put meat on the table. And when he has a great need, what does he do? He doesn’t go to the other Westerners for money. He comes to us. He comes to the scattered and the poor, he comes to local believers, and he asks for, and gets, our help.”

CRI on Twitter

Crucial historical blunder in Mark? @HankHangraaff's answerr | … #Apologetics

Renewing Your Mind | The Beauty of Being Blessed by God | Sep 12, 2016

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus provided us with what we call the Beatitudes. Each of them begins with the term "blessed." But what exactly does it mean to be blessed? In this message, Dr. Sproul begins a study on the Beatitudes, teaching us "The Beauty of Being Blessed by God."

Is A Divine "Intelligent Designer" Just a "God of the Gaps"?

In my new book, God’s Crime Scene: A Homicide Detective Examines the Evidence for a Divinely Created Universe , I make a comprehensive case for the involvement of a Divine, Intelligent Designer based on eight attributes of design seen in biological organisms . Many skeptics believe intelligent design inferences are premature and impulsive, however, driven primarily by those who are impatient with the explanatory power of science. As our scientific understanding has increased in the past two centuries, much of what was once a mystery is now a matter of scientific knowledge. Skeptic Michael Shermer argues, “Just because Intelligent Design theorists cannot think of how nature could have created something through evolution, that does not mean that scientists will not be able to do so either.” When we infer the existence of an Intelligent Designer, are we simply inserting such a Being because we presently have a gap in our scientific understanding? Are we defaulting irrationally to a “God of the gaps”? No:

Nihilism – R.C. Sproul Jr.

Down the cobbled streets I roamed until my lantern caught a strange shadow. It was a man, or rather what was left of one. “Pardon me good sir, would you mind telling me your name?” I asked with all innocence. “Why do you call me good?” the stranger asked. “Nothing and no one and nowhere is good. My name is Nyetski.” Perhaps already my search was at an end. “Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?” “It is all the same to me”, Nyetski replied. “Can you please tell me what drove you to write all those books, those essays, to teach all those courses, what exactly was your goal in bravely proclaiming your message of nothing?” Nyetski replied “It is of the utmost importance that the people of the world come to understand the truth of nihilism. They must understand that there is no truth, no goodness, no beauty, no reason for being. My one goal is to set people free so that they might do the brave and right and true thing that I have done, and embrace the nothing.”

Stealing From God (paperback)

FANTASTIC! This book takes the tiger by the tail and calls those that rant against Christianity to the carpet, with THE EVIDENCE, THE TRUTH, and breaks down EXACTLY what they "stand" for and against, and what is shown in this book, they have NOTHING to stand on. EVERY CHRISTIAN should know the facts and tactics, atheists use against Christianity, and with that knowledge, the atheist sand castle can't possibly stand. Thank you, Frank for all the effort and research to put this book together. It compels me to know Hiis Word and their tactics, and now I feel MUCH more equipped, and confident when I encounter and engage, an atheist, not to rant back at them, but to present real truth, to help them think and prayerfully find who it is they rage against, and truly find Jesus.

32 Update Your Bookmark and RSS Feed for the Stand to Reason Blog

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Christian graffiti scrawled on synagogue - premier

The spray painting of crosses onto a synagogue in southern Jerusalem has drawn condemnation from a spokesman for the Catholic Church of the Holy Land (CCHL).

Being a Public Intellectual for Christ

Os Guinness, to my mind, is Evangelicalism’s greatest living social critic and public intellectual. While holding a doctorate in sociology from Oxford, he was not called to the college, university, or seminary full time. While a superb preacher and a man of orthodox conviction, he was not called to the pastorate. Rather, he refers to himself as a speaker and writer, who “interprets the world for the church and the church for the world.” To that noble end, he has worked for both secular and Christian institutions, and started The Trinity Forum, a discussion-based ministry that reaches into non-Church settings, including business, education, and politics.

Refugee response "very slow", says Rowan Williams - premier

The Government has been "very slow" in its response to the refugee crisis and has "little to show" after pledging to reunite families separated by conflict, a former archbishop of Canterbury has said.

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Christian Aid welcomes new tax evasion proposals - premier

Government proposals to make company bosses responsible for fraud and tax evasion by their staff have been welcomed by Christian Aid.

38 Listen Live to Premier Christian Radio

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Tampons in the Men’s Room and Other Campus Insanity | The Stream

Trigger warnings are unnecessary 100% of the time due to the fact that people who are easily offended have no business randomly browsing the internet anyways. As a result of the phrase’s irrelevance, most opinions that start out with this phrase tend to be simplistic and dull since they were made by people ridiculous enough to think that the internet is supposed to cater to people who can’t take a joke.

40 The Briefing 09-12-16 -

Delivered daily to your inbox, this is one of the best ways to stay on top of current events from a Christian worldview perspective.

Lord, Help Me Feel My Need for You

Now, if our survival depends on our abiding, and we are only likely to abide in Christ when we feel our need for him — feel hungry for the food only he can provide — then what we really need is a deep, keen awareness of our dependence on him for everything. We must plead with the Vine and the Vinedresser (John 15:1) to do whatever it takes to help us cling to the Vine and prove our connection by the fruit we bear (John 15:3–4).

“The Atheist Delusion” – Why Millions Deny the Obvious

By downloading “The Atheist Delusion” now, you will help us to produce future Christian movies and get to watch “The Atheist Delusion” two months before its release on YouTube (and DVD)! As a token of our appreciation, you will also receive the following items:


You cannot fulfill the five purposes (worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, evangelism) on your own. Life is not a solo act. You were created for community. The only way you can fulfill God’s five purposes in your life is with people in your life who are giving you spiritual input. You need a church family!

Pledge To Vote | MyFaithVotes

No longer can we, as believers, afford to be indifferent or assume that, through the actions of others, our nation will be restored. It’s a period in America’s history that’s now calling for more. It calls for the intentional commitment of all 90 million believers, who, united by the conviction of our faith, pledge to vote.

William Lane Craig vs Alex Rosenberg | "Is Faith In God Reasonable?" | Purdue University

For more resources visit: On February 1st, 2013 at Purdue University, Dr William Lane Craig participated in a debate with Dr Alex Rosenberg on the topic, "Is Faith In God Reasonable?" Over 5,000 people watched the event on the Purdue University campus along with tens of thousands streaming it live online from around the world. We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Add Reasonable Faith On Facebook:

Unbelievable? Live! in California: Ryan Bell & Sean McDowell on ‘Why I am an atheist / Why I am a Christian’: Saturday 10 September 2016 2:30:00 pm - Premier Christian Radio

Justin presents a live audience edition of the show from Church Everyday in Northridge, California. He’s joined by atheist Ryan Bell, a former Christian pastor who took ‘A Year Without God’ after coming to doubt his faith, and Sean McDowell a Christian thinker who tells his own journey of doubt and coming to a conviction that Christianity is true.

Marriage Isn't About Finding a 'Best Friend'

When I was single, it was actually really important to me that my future husband would be my best friend. Not because I was suckered into Hollywood romance, but because I had never really seen it before. The people whose marriages I witnessed the most were not friends with each other, and a lot of their interactions were not friendly. It scared me to think I could be in a relationship with someone who did not consider me a friend, and from my experience (what I saw), if my husband did not consider me a friend, that meant a whole bunch of other things in terms of what he thought of me, his expectations, how much he would care about my thoughts and feelings, etc. As it turns out, I did marry an absolutely wonderful man who is my best friend and he really considers me his best friend, and I trust him so much because of that!

African Activist: Stop Using Western Aid to Force Leftist Values on Our Cultures | The Stream

Ekeocha:  I don’t think that these values I speak often of are exclusively “African values.” Rather, I believe they are universal human values shared by people of different cultures, nationalities, tribes and races. There was a time when these same values were lived and championed across the Western world. However, with the rise of certain loud, powerful and influential interest groups — like the second-wave feminists, LGBT activists, abortion rights activists — their impact on laws, medical practice, politics, education and entertainment has brought about such drastic changes in the social, cultural and moral landscape of the West that these values have been effaced.

Buying Secondhand Stuff Will Change How You See the World

But this kind of savvy serves a greater purpose than pre-bankrolling a future, comfortable stage of life. As you form simple habits of buying secondhand, you create new liturgies for your everyday life. Over time, these daily rhythms actually form and remake two important elements of the world: your heart and the systems you live in.

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73 U.S. Civil Rights Commission chairman says religious liberty is just “intolerance”
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