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Meet the Celebrities Who've Spoken Out Against Porn

Terry Crews, Pamela Anderson, Kirk Franklin and more.

Kings of Leon Has Just Released the First Single Off Their Upcoming Album

After teasing the release of their new album Walls this week—their first in three years—Kings of Leon has released its first single “Waste a Moment” day. It sounds, well, like a Kings of Leon song: Driving guitars, a big chorus and a southern rock-meets-The Strokes vibe. The new record drops on Oct. 14.

The Trailer for Christian Bale’s War Epic ‘The Promise’ Is Heavy

The first trailer for the upcoming war epic The Promise, starring Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale and Angela Sarafyan has just been released, and it looks like it is going to be heavy. From filmmaker Terry George, best known for directing Hotel Rwanda, the film takes place during WWI as the Armenian genocide unfolds. The film releases later this year.

Video: A Pre-Modern Reflection on the Modernist Roots of Postmodernism by Peter S Williams

Video Description: Romans 12:2 says: 'Be not conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, for your provi...

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America After 9/11: Is Religion Evil? - Apologetics Guy

Attitude Adjustment How did 9/11 change America’s attitude toward religion? An interesting post on CNN’s Belief Blog says: “Before 9/11, many atheists kept a low profile. Something changed, though, after 9/11. They got loud… Criticism of all religion, not just fanatical cults, was no longer taboo after 9/11.” Indeed. Around the 10-year anniversary of 9/11, American Atheists …

9 Things You Should Know About the 9/11 Aftermath—15 Years Later

Here are nine things you should know about what happened in the aftermath of the events on September 11, 2001.

Solar Eclipse: By Design or

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

There's Quality Control Even in the Cell's Trash Pickup

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Interview with Lee Strobel - Part 2 (Cold Case Christianity Broadcast #71) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace is interviewed by Lee Strobel and describes the evidence he assessed when trying to determine if the Gospels were reliable accounts

The Truth Matters Conference

Because the truth will set you free.

Challenge Response: There Is No Evidence for God

Here's my response to this week's challenge:

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U.S. and Russia announce cease-fire deal, military partnership for Syria


I'm a husband, a father, and a Christian. Being a Christian is not something I do on Sundays but rather it is who I am. My faith influences everything I do. Christians are commanded to always be ready to give an answer – a reason for the hope that is in us. I take that command seriously. Psalm 19:7 says that the testimony of the LORD is sure. If we base all of our thinking on the Bible, we can't go wrong. I started this blog to encourage other Christians and challenge critics on a variety of issues. Whether you agree or disagree with me, you're welcome here. Please follow me on Twitter and friend me on FaceBook! God bless!!

.@Ichthus77 #Apologetics Daily

.@Ichthus77 #Apologetics Daily, by Maryann Spikes: Daily Christian apologetics and news fresh to your desktop, courtesy

Can Christians Learn from Colin Kaepernick?

While Christians should submit to the state, pray for its leaders, and render qualified obedience to its laws, to pledge allegiance is a profoundly religious act. It’s a religious statement infused with divided loyalties and borders on syncretism. I think the burden of proof rests on those followers of the crucified Lamb to show that citizens of heaven can truly pledge allegiance to anyone other than Christ--and that's something Christians need to think about deeply.

Book Preview: Cold Case Christianity for Kids by J. Warner Wallace and Susie Wallace

About the Authors J. Warner and Susie Wallace have been training young people in the church setting for over a decade. J. Warner is a cold-case homicide detective who has been featured on Dateline, FOX News, Court TV and other crime related television shows. A former atheist, he is the author of Cold-Case Christianity , God’s Crime Scene , and Forensic Faith . J. Warner has a master’s degree in theological studies, and Susie has a master’s degree in speech pathology. About the Book Children between 8 and 12 are at the critical age when they start to ask if Christianity is true. Cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace knows the thrill of high-stakes investigation and presents the case for Jesus in a compelling way while training kids “how to think, not just what to think” as they examine their faith intelligently. Cold-Case Christianity for Kids includes author illustrations, and is supported by an interactive website that allows kids to download chapter activities and “case note” fill-in sheets. When these are successfully completed and assembled in an “Academy Notebook,” readers will be qualified to earn a Cold-Case Academy “Certificate of Merit.

Buying Secondhand Stuff Will Change How You See the World

But this kind of savvy serves a greater purpose than pre-bankrolling a future, comfortable stage of life. As you form simple habits of buying secondhand, you create new liturgies for your everyday life. Over time, these daily rhythms actually form and remake two important elements of the world: your heart and the systems you live in.

An Entire Church Joined Colin Kaepernick’s Demonstration and Sat While the National Anthem Was Played

Yes, this may be freedom of speech, but I find such attitudes to be insulting. The United States isn't perfect. Which country is? And we have many issues to mend. We won't agree on how the fix these issues. But the United States, no matter how imperfect it is, represents a lot more good than otherwise. As a former member of the US Army, think about the honorable men who served to help keep our great country free, some of them making the ultimate sacrifice. Disrespecting the national anthem is seen by many as an insult to them. God bless the United States of America.

Protecting Planned Parenthood in California

John 3:19 says "And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil." The proof of this is the very existence of Planned Parenthood, who's sole purpose, in my opinion, is to hide the truth of what abortion really is; the murder of human beings. I am learning to never underestimate man's ability to hide the truth despite the obvious hypocracy of their actions. This Califorinia Bill is a classic example of this.

Loving Your Enemy, Even When It's ISIS

Sadiq knows what it feels like to stare death in the face, to know your next breath could be your last, to contemplate dying at the hands of ISIS. He knows what it’s like to be hiding in fear, praying for a miracle that the enemy will move on before they spot you.

Cover Story

Four out of five pastors (83%) said they had visited a correctional facility, and about three out of four pastors whose churches averaged 250 or more attendees reported that individual members were ministering to those in correctional facilities (80%), the families of the incarcerated (73%), and those coming home (78%). But these same churches were far less likely to have formal programs: Just over half (53%) said a team from their church worked in correctional facilities. About 1 in 4 churches had a formal ministry to families of incarcerated people (24%) and people leaving correctional facilities (22%).

Unbelievable? Live! in California: Ryan Bell & Sean McDowell on ‘Why I am an atheist / Why I am a Christian’: Saturday 10 September 2016 2:30:00 pm - Premier Christian Radio

Justin presents a live audience edition of the show from Church Everyday in Northridge, California. He’s joined by atheist Ryan Bell, a former Christian pastor who took ‘A Year Without God’ after coming to doubt his faith, and Sean McDowell a Christian thinker who tells his own journey of doubt and coming to a conviction that Christianity is true.

It's Time to Remove the Mental Health Stigma

Look at other things: There’s not a stigma with breaking your arm; there’s not a stigma with getting the flu, or even with something like dealing with cancer. But when it comes to mental health or thoughts of suicide, there very much is a stigma. We don’t approach it the same way; we don’t talk about it the same way.

Do Some Christians Pray with More Power?

So, we know that there are some whose prayers are hindered for reasons of sin, but those who pray diligently in faith and keep God’s commandments will have more effectual prayers. Satan trembles when he sees the weakest Christian on his knees — imagine when Christ bent down in prayer. Then let us strive for the holiness of Christ, the Spirit-given holiness which commended his prayers to God, making them powerful and effective in their working.

Apologetics Press - El Pr�ximo Domin�: La Poligamia

Derechos de autor © 2007 Apologetics Press, Inc. Todos los derechos est�n reservados. Estamos complacidos de conceder permiso para que los art�culos en la secci�n de "Temas Pr�cticos" sean reproducidos en su totalidad, siempre y cuando las siguientes estipulaciones sean observadas: (1) Apologetics Press debe ser designada como la editorial original; (2) la p�gina Web URL espec�fica de Apologetics Press debe ser anotada; (3) el nombre del autor debe permanecer adjunto a los materiales; (4) cualquier referencia, notas al pie de p�gina, o notas finales que acompa�an al art�culo deben ser incluidas a cualquier reproducci�n escrita del art�culo; (5) las alteraciones de cualquier clase est�n estrictamente prohibidas (e.g., las fotograf�as, tablas, gr�ficos, citas, etc. deben ser reproducidos exactamente como aparecen en el original); (6) la adaptaci�n del material escrito (e.g., publicar un art�culo en varias partes) est� permitida, siempre y cuando lo completo del material sea hecho disponible, sin editar, en una extensi�n de tiempo razonable; (7) los art�culos, en totalidad o en parte, no deben ser ofrecidos en venta o incluidos en art�culos para venta; y (8) los art�culos no deben ser reproducidos en forma electr�nica para exponerlos en p�ginas Web (aunque los enlaces a los art�culos en la p�gina Web de Apologetics Press est�n permitidos).

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I started using to be more efficient on the way I manage out Twitter communities. My favorite features? The prioritized feed to focus on the relevant members of the community - Orange

The People We Really Want to See Moderate Presidential Debates

The presidential debates are like some gross vegetable your great-aunt made on Thanksgiving: You don’t really want to consume them, but you ended up doing it anyway out of a weird sense of obligation. And spectacles like last night’s three-hour test of human willpower only underscore a big problem: Traditional news outlets have made presidential debates—arguably our country's most important televised forum and exchange of ideas—into mind-numbingly boring talk-a-thons, where a bunch of rich, powerful people needle each other for hours about past career decisions while dodging any question of substance.

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19 Three Things You Need to Reach Muslims

Some people think that since I’m an apologist, I always lead with an apologetic point when talking to a person who doesn’t share my faith. That’s not true. I don’t believe apologetics is an end in itself. Rather, it’s a means to an end. The end is the Gospel and that’s the first thing I present to someone when I share my faith. Sometimes, though, people don’t accept the Gospel for various reasons. Only when they reject it do I try to discover the reason or cause. I start asking questions to try to find out, as Francis Schaeffer said, “what is troubling their heart and mind.”

Stop the Revolution. Join the Plodders.

It’s sexy among young people—my generation—to talk about ditching institutional religion and starting a revolution of real Christ-followers living in real community without the confines of church. Besides being unbiblical, such notions of churchless Christianity are unrealistic. It’s immaturity actually, like the newly engaged couple who think romance preserves the marriage, when the couple celebrating their golden anniversary know it’s the institution of marriage that preserves the romance. Without the God-given habit of corporate worship and the God-given mandate of corporate accountability, we will not prove faithful over the long haul.

21 The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus (Case for ... Series): Lee Strobel: 0025986345860: Books

Like many American Christians, I was brought to church most Sundays and endured countless sermons and lessons. Despite this seemingly rich education on Christian principles, I never was exposed to a lesson or class on the existence of God; God's existence was assumed as fact. As I matured into my twenties and went to college, the existance of God was no longer taken for granted. I encountered many agnostics and atheists among my many college professors. The net result of their influence was to question my faith in the existance of God. I never lost my faith, but I found it was a faith that could not withstand scrutiny. Reading Lee Stobel's "The Case For Christ" began in me my search for the certainty of my faith. Strobel's book is an excellent place to start. He presents interviews with several Christian apologetics that involve issues related to the veracity of the Biblical account of Christ, the Son of God. The issues are as follows: The trustworthiness of the Gospel accounts. Historical evidences for Christ outside of the Bible. Archaeology and the Life of Christ The "Jesus Seminar" account of the life of Christ.

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23 Hit the Book. Every Day

Whatever tool you use to get into Scripture every day . . . do it! But of course, don’t forget to ask the Lord to give you ears to hear and eyes to see what He wants you to.

Tampons in the Men’s Room and Other Campus Insanity | The Stream

Trigger warnings are unnecessary 100% of the time due to the fact that people who are easily offended have no business randomly browsing the internet anyways. As a result of the phrase’s irrelevance, most opinions that start out with this phrase tend to be simplistic and dull since they were made by people ridiculous enough to think that the internet is supposed to cater to people who can’t take a joke.

Marriage Isn't About Finding a 'Best Friend'

When I was single, it was actually really important to me that my future husband would be my best friend. Not because I was suckered into Hollywood romance, but because I had never really seen it before. The people whose marriages I witnessed the most were not friends with each other, and a lot of their interactions were not friendly. It scared me to think I could be in a relationship with someone who did not consider me a friend, and from my experience (what I saw), if my husband did not consider me a friend, that meant a whole bunch of other things in terms of what he thought of me, his expectations, how much he would care about my thoughts and feelings, etc. As it turns out, I did marry an absolutely wonderful man who is my best friend and he really considers me his best friend, and I trust him so much because of that!

Mindy Kaling and Reese Witherspoon Are in Talks to Star in ‘A Wrinkle in Time’

The three immortal, shape-shifting angelic beings in Ava DuVernay’s adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time may soon be cast. According to Variety , Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling are in talks to star in the big-screen adaptation of the classic sci-fi novel from Madeleine L’Engle, which is known for its underlying Christian themes. Oprah Winfrey has reportedly signed on to play Mrs. Which with Kaling in talks to play Mrs. Who and Witherspoon to play Mrs. Whatsit.

Really Recommended Posts 9/9/16- Zionism, Lewis on Medieval Literature, and more!

Hello friends! I have gathered some links from around the web to share with you! Be sure to let the authors know if you find them interesting, and let me know what you think in the comments.

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The Mysticism of Prayer

No, quite the opposite. I’d say what characterizes God speaking is very often a sense of gratuity, a sense of vitality. It’s not dogmatic words. Probably the word that would cover most bases is it’s a descendance of presence. So it’s not that you come out of prayer with a big message, but I hope after years of practice you do speak with a greater clarity, compassion, freedom and grace. It’s cumulative in terms of how you hear God and it’s always a sense of gratuity.

Andrew Fuller

In this short biography, John Piper puts Fuller’s movement-inspiring life and theology on display, calling all Christians to devote themselves to knowing, guarding, and spreading the true gospel — even to the very ends of the earth.

“I like apologetics, where should I start?”

Thank you for this list – I think generally speaking its coming from one field of apologetics and that will leave you limited -they have their place but I’d start a little bit further back by getting to grips with presuppositional apologetics if you want a starting point. This will help you to think not just about evidence for a particular point but the whole world view system someone is running with and the presuppositions their thinking is founded on. So John Frame Apologetics to the Glory of God is a great starting point. Examples of this at work – have a look at Tim Keller The Reason for God or in the UK Barry Cooper and Paul Williams, If you could ask God one question. James Sire “Why believe anything at all” is useful too.

Our Prison Ministries Are Too Small

“Churches have created a cone of silence around this issue. It becomes so stigmatized. I can’t tell you all the times I go and preach or teach at a church and the pastor is completely unaware that people are dealing with this,” said Gilliard, who is writing a book about restorative justice . “People are lined up after service to come to talk to me because this is the first time that they heard their church talk about this.”

Why the Historical Jesus is the Best Starting Place for Apologetics

If you start a discussion with a skeptic on arguments for design, for example, your first premise (typically something like “Design present in the world supports the presence of a designer”) is dependent on facts that can be interpreted in different ways.  I, as a Christian, believe that theism is the most reasonable conclusion from these arguments, but must concede that alternative explanations (no matter how unlikely) are indeed possible.  But when your first premise is that of the historical Jesus, this is not the case.  While the laws of thermodynamics don’t necessarily point to Jehovah per se, historical evidences for the existence of a literal Jesus, including but not limited to his presence in extrabiblical historical accounts, a physical, known tomb, and multiple eyewitness accounts from known historical people, the first premise is hard to reject.  This progresses the discussion quicker, instead of getting hung up on the first premise.

Reasons To Believe : 3 Keys to Reaching an Atheist

This interview is uncut and unedited as it originally aired September 9, 2016 on Moody Radio’s Brian and Kathleen Mornings. Views, opinions, and third party advertisements in this recording were selected and placed by the original owners and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of Reasons to Believe.

Metaxas on the Street - Episode 1

Eric hits the streets to find out who's heard of the Eric Metaxas Show! Share this video on Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win two mugs! Winner will be announced on the air on Wednesday, September 13, 2016. To listen to the Eric Metaxas Show visit:

Metaxas on the Street - Episode 1

Eric hits the streets to find out who's heard of the Eric Metaxas Show! Share this video on Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win two mugs! Winner will be announced on the air on Wednesday, September 13, 2016. To listen to the Eric Metaxas Show visit:

The Foundations of Grace & The Pillars of Grace: They Speak with One Voice

In Pillars of Grace, Dr. Lawson shows that the doctrines of grace have been understood and taught throughout church history. From the time of the early church fathers to the era of the Reformers, key men in the church stood on the foundation of Scripture and upheld the truth of God’s sovereign role in salvation. The inescapable conclusion is that the doctrines of grace are no innovation, but the consistent witness of some of the greatest servants of the church.

What Became of the Christian Intellectuals? A Conversation with Professor Alan Jacobs -

Delivered daily to your inbox, this is one of the best ways to stay on top of current events from a Christian worldview perspective.

“The Atheist Delusion” – Why Millions Deny the Obvious

By downloading “The Atheist Delusion” now, you will help us to produce future Christian movies and get to watch “The Atheist Delusion” two months before its release on YouTube (and DVD)! As a token of our appreciation, you will also receive the following items:

Too Many Settle for Too Little in Bible Reading

Just because you’ve looked at your Bible — even memorized it — doesn’t mean you’ve seen what’s there, much less understood its meaning and significance for your life. Most of us are far to quick to run to commentaries or other aids to understand the meaning of the text in front of us, but such Bible study produces a shallow, second-hand payoff.

41 How Do I Interpret General Relativity Theory?

Your friend’s assertions that “ it is impossible to have a derivation of GR without using the principles of Einsteinian SR ” and so a neo-Lorentzian interpretation of special relativity “ does not allow a pathway to GR and thus no theory of gravitation ” makes it evident that he mistakenly believes that general relativity is an extension of special relativity. It’s true that Einstein  tried  to extend his principle of relativity to cover not only uniform motion (special relativity) but accelerated and rotational motion as well (general relativity). But this is the part of Einstein’s paper that is generally recognized to be a failure. He did not succeed in enunciating a general principle of relativity or in relativizing all motion. What he did do was discover a new theory of gravitation to replace Newton’s. The name “general theory of relativity” is thus recognized to be a misnomer, a historical vestige. It is a gravitational theory, not a relativity theory. That Lorentz’s interpretation of special relativity is not incompatible with general relativity should be evident by the fact that Lorentz, long after Einstein’s publication of his general theory, continued to lecture on both theories while never abandoning his commitment to absolute time and space.

The Price Isn’t Quite Right

Mr. Money-love says that learning a life-hack lifestyle in the world helps you become a more efficient and effective Christian. It’s not unlawful, therefore, it’s lawful — to get a rich wife, with good customers, and good gain is “most wholesome and advantageous” (117). “Why wouldn’t God want that for us?” he asks. “Why wouldn’t God want me to be Tim Ferris?” Interrogate your heart’s financial infatuation as you become a skilled “getter” — don’t easily allow a Christian justification for money-love without eyes wide open toward who you’re becoming.

Is A Divine "Intelligent Designer" Just a "God of the Gaps"?

In my new book, God’s Crime Scene: A Homicide Detective Examines the Evidence for a Divinely Created Universe , I make a comprehensive case for the involvement of a Divine, Intelligent Designer based on eight attributes of design seen in biological organisms . Many skeptics believe intelligent design inferences are premature and impulsive, however, driven primarily by those who are impatient with the explanatory power of science. As our scientific understanding has increased in the past two centuries, much of what was once a mystery is now a matter of scientific knowledge. Skeptic Michael Shermer argues, “Just because Intelligent Design theorists cannot think of how nature could have created something through evolution, that does not mean that scientists will not be able to do so either.” When we infer the existence of an Intelligent Designer, are we simply inserting such a Being because we presently have a gap in our scientific understanding? Are we defaulting irrationally to a “God of the gaps”? No:


Celebrating 50 Years of Star Trek: Top 25 Moments, Times Two #5-1

Readers of this blog know that I’m a huge science fiction fan. Science fiction is a genre that has more worldview seeping into it and through it than almost any other one, in my opinion. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, I have teamed up with Mike Poteet of The Sci-Fi Christian (an excellent site and podcast you should follow in all forms) to share our top 25 moments each (50 total!) from all of Star Trek on screen. That’s right, from The Original Series all the way through Star Trek Beyond , we’re bringing you our favorite moments. Some of these are steeped with worldview, and some are just fun or interesting. Check them out, and let us know  your  favorites in the comments.

Strong Families, Successful Schools | Institute for Family Studies

Broward County, on the southeast coast of Florida, is the second most populous county in Florida, and the 18th most populous county in the U.S. Its county seat is Fort Lauderdale. With nearly 30 percent of adults having college degrees, it ranks among the top ten counties in Florida in terms of adult educational attainment. It is also above average with respect to median family income. It is below average in terms of the formation and maintenance of two-parent families, however, with 58 percent of households with school-aged children consisting of married-couple families. It has only a middling rank with respect to four-year high school graduation rates, with an average rate of 74.8 percent during the 2011-2015 time period. It has shown an upward trend in graduation rates in recent years, but the annual rate of gain has been below average for Florida school districts. Eighth grade students in the county have shown an upward trend in their scores on standardized tests of reading skills, but not math skills. Broward is a “majority minority” county, and as of the 2009-2013 time period, two-thirds of its public school enrollment was comprised of African-American (37 percent) or Hispanic-American (29 percent) students.

Why Andy Stanley is Right About the Foundation of Christianity and How to Defend It

#1 Clearly we cannot believe in Jesus being the Messiah if we never knew that a Messiah was going to come? Where do we learn this from? From the Bible or the Old Testament. #2 One of Frank’s point’s in knowing that Jesus was God is prophecy. We know He is God because He does what only a God could do which is fulfill prophecy. What prophecy? Where is this prophecy written? It’s found in the Bible! So often when we read the gospels we see the writers state, “and this was done to fulfill what was written.” What was written? Where was it written? It was written in the Old Testament. #3 The church fathers quoted scripture so we know (even though the 66 books of the bible were not yet put together) that there were manuscripts that existed that people read and used for guidance. These manuscripts eventually became part of The Bible! This is an argument again Frank makes in His book, which most atheist and even Muslims argue against stating that the Bible came into existence after 325 A.D. The problem as Frank points out is that we have manuscripts that people read and again these manuscripts became part of our Bible! #4 If we reach nonbelievers on the idea of “Who Jesus is and pin Him against the Bible” because that’s exactly what Andy does (I’m sorry but I don’t see this any other way).

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C.S. Lewis Institute on Twitter

In the legacy of Lewis, the C.S. Lewis Institute endeavors to develop disciples who will articulate, defend and live their faith in private and public life.

Now Britain Is Building a ‘Great Wall’ to Keep Out Refugees

Officials in Britain have announced plans to build a massive wall bordering a refugee camp in Calais, in an effort to prevent refugees—fleeing violence in Syria and unrest throughout the region—from entering the U.K. Their goal is to stop residents of Calsis’ large refugee camp in northern France from entering into the U.K. through a tunnel that connects to Britain, and from attempting to cross the channel.

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