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Alabama Becomes Third State to Defund Planned Parenthood in Wake of Controversial Videos

In a series of tweets Thursday, Alabama's Republican Governor Robert Bentley made his state the third one to cut state funds from Planned Parenthood this week, as the fallout continues from the recent release of five controversial videos describing the harvesting and marketing of aborted babies' organs for financial reward.

The Corrupting Influence of Scientism

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

The Definitive Ranking of Christian Parody Music Videos

Now That’s What I Call Christian Parody!

Kathy Ireland Was Glamorous as Supermodel, But Something Crucial Was Missing From Her Life

Kathy Ireland always believed in God, but she never took the time out of her busy life to learn about him. All the photographers, runways, and exotic locations had pulled her away from spending time with Jesus. As time went on, she got a huge surprise from her mother that changed her life forever.

What Should Politicians Say When Asked About Evolution?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

White Evangelical Favorite Donald Trump Wins Facebook, Twitter Mentions, Ben Carson Comes Second, After GOP Debate

Unabashed billionaire Donald Trump who one poll currently shows is leading the 2016 Republican presidential nomination among both white Evangelical Republicans (20 percent) and general Republican voters (24 percent), was also the most discussed candidate on Facebook and Twitter during Thursday night's Republican presidential debate, with retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson placing second.

Children of gay parents: ‘kids need a mother and a father’

In the wake of the United States Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, adults who grew up in LGBT households have spoken about the vacuum in their childhoods caused by their missing father or mother.

Richard Dawkins said Darwin enabled atheists to be intellectually fulfilled. And yet Darwinism cannot account for the big questions of life. Theism can.

A Voice for the Voiceless - Sarah Bessey

Because of both my faith and my feminism together, I believe in advocating for life, more than ever.

This Video Essay Will Show You How Great CG Movie Effects Really Are

Computer generated video effects in movies can get a bad rap. Cheesy CG frequently gets called out by fans online for ruining movies and cheapening the movie-going experience. But, as this video essay from RocketJump Film School shows, most of the time, CG is one of the underappreciated parts of filmmaking.

Roma Downey 'Humbled' by Fans' Support for New TLC Series 'Answered Prayers' on Real Life Miracles; Encourages Americans to Seek God in Prayer

Roma Downey's riveting new six-part series "Answered Prayers," which features real-life stories of people in potentially life-threatening situations who experience divine intervention, says she's "thankful" and "humbled" by fans' support for the show.

Here’s the Trailer for Season 2 of HBO’s Post-Rapture Drama ‘The Leftovers’

HBO has released a trailer for season 2 of their acclaimed series The Leftovers, which follows a family attempting to move on with their lives following a mysterious, rapture-like event. The show is co-created by Lost mastermind Damon Lindelof, and is based on a novel by the same name. As HBO explains, season 2 takes places in an eerily unique setting: More than three years ago, 2 percent of the world’s population inexplicably vanished. 140 million people, gone in an instant. No country, no state, no city was spared, except for one small town in eastern Texas. Population: 9,261. Departures: Zero. This is the setting for a tale of two families: the Garveys, who have moved to this special place, and whose lives were forever changed by the Departure, and the Murphys, a local family, who seem to have been spared from an event that shook the rest of the world. The new season premieres October 4.

Short Answers to Big Questions | The CVM Blog

Due to be launched in the autumn, this short-read will help you to continue useful conversations with people who have their own big questions about Christianity. We take the questions seriously because every question comes from a questioner who we really want to see meet Jesus for themselves.

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich at GOP Debate: I Went to a Gay Wedding

As the question "Would you attend a same-sex wedding?" has been thrown at many Republican presidential candidates following June's Supreme Court ruling, Ohio Gov. John Kasich declared during Thursday night's Fox News Republican presidential debate that he has, in fact, attended a gay wedding.

Reddit Bans Racist Communities and Institutes New Content Policy

Our most important policy over the last 10 years has been to allow just about anything so long as it does not prevent others from enjoying Reddit for what it is: the best place online to have truly authentic conversations. I believe these policies strike the right balance … I know some of you are upset because we banned anything today, but the fact of the matter is we spend a disproportionate amount of time dealing with a handful of communities, which prevents us from working on things for the other 99.98 percent (literally) of Reddit.

Is A Divine “Intelligent Designer” Just a “God of the Gaps”? | Cold Case Christianity

It’s true that in criminal trials, the defendant is afforded the fair default position of innocence: he (or she) is considered innocent until enough evidence has been provided to shift the conclusion away from the default position. But when considering the presence of design in biological systems, eight lines of design evidence point most reasonably to the interaction of an intelligent designer “outside the room.” Those proposing an explanation from “inside the room” must provide sufficient evidence to shift the conclusion away from this reasonable inference. For more detail related to this “inside the room” or “outside the room” investigative analogy, the case for God’s existence, and the inference of a Divine Intelligent Designer, please pick up a copy of God’s Crime Scene (this blog post is an excerpt from Chapter Four – Signs of Design: Is There Evidence of An Artist? )

Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders Is Going to Speak at Conservative Liberty University

In an interview with The Washington Post , the school’s president, Jerry Falwell Jr., said, “We’ve always believed that our convocation should be a forum for different views, a time to ask questions and learn. A university is supposed to be a place where all ideas are discussed. That’s what we’re doing." The Sanders campaign added, “It is very easy for a candidate to speak to people who hold the same views. It’s harder but important to reach out to others who look at the world differently.” The Washington Post , though, has another possible take on why the Democratic candidate is being invited to the conservative school: Tax law. “Liberty’s nonprofit status and its accreditation depend on carefully managing its religious and political affiliations.” Sanders will address the school in a speech on Sept. 14.

Dad gets tattoo to match his daughter's cochlear implant

When Alistair Campbell's 6-year-old daughter Charlotte received her second cochlear implant, he wanted to show his support. So he got a cochlear implant too.

Renewing Your Mind | It's All about Me | August 7, 2015

Narcissism and egotism take our eyes off of the Lord and put them on us, but in so doing, they actually lower our understanding of ourselves, because we are made in the image of God. Without an understanding of God's image in humanity—without a right focus on the Lord as our highest end—human beings are degraded, and all manner of destruction ensues. Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. explains how a right view of the self, enlightened by God's Word, leads to blessedness, and he will direct us away from wrong views of ourselves to a right view—as creatures made in His image.

Hating Evil

I am of flesh, sold into bondage to sin. For what I am doing, I do not understand; for I am not practicing what I would like to do, but I am doing the very thing I hate. . . . For the good that I want, I do not do, but I practice the very evil that I do not want. But if I am doing the very thing I do not want, I am no longer the one doing it, but sin which dwells in me. I find then the principle that evil is present in me, the one who wants to do good. For I joyfully concur with the law of God in the inner man.” (Romans 7:14–15, 19–22)


00:09:31 - Mike Murdock Likes Onions On His Tacos 00:19:46 - T.D. Jakes' Destiny From the Perspective of Focus 00:34:57 - Chris Vallonton and Other People's Prophecies 00:47:04 - Hillsong's Statement RE: Their Famous Gay Couple 01:08:10 - Sermon Review: David and Goliath by Korey from CBGlades

9 Grief Undone: A Journey with God and Cancer - Kindle edition by Elizabeth W. D. Groves. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter again. It was Winter '07 when Al Groves left us. His wife, Elizabeth, or Libbie if you know her, chose those headings for sections of the story. The book is called Grief Undone, A Journey with God and Cancer, published by New Growth Press, and you will need some tissues nearby as you read this heart-breaking but somehow comforting tale. It is heart-breaking because it hurts to read of this loving, happy, busy family as they deal with incurable illness. And it is both sad and comforting to know they are leaning on God, the Father, Jesus, the Good Shepherd, and the Holy Spirit, who guides us through each new day. This book is incredibly sad. But if you read it, I am sure you will be incrediby glad you did. It was in the winter of '06 that Al was told that there was "a spot" on his chest X-ray. They had many scares before that and he had been through many doctors' appointments, exams, tests, biopsies, and X-rays. They were unloading groceries from the car when he told Libbie. They continued with the unloading while they were both thinking of the possibilities and not wanting to scare each other.

The Briefing 08-07-15

1) Republican debates offer insights into American mind more than candidates' minds

Choosing My Religion

In a world engulfed with false prophesies and theories, we would be mistaken to think our students are not burdened by them. In  Choosing My Religion , Dr. R.C. Sproul addresses the promises that relativism and rebellion make but cannot keep. 

The New Religious Right

You all know what a cultural pessimist I am, so you must know what a big deal it was for me to come away from the day I spent in Nashville among the Southern Baptists (at the conference on the Gospel and politics, sponsored by the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission) so optimistic about the future of the church and orthodox Christianity in this country. It’s a Russell Moore thing, I guess. The newish head of the ERLC is a refreshing combination of realism and optimism, which is something you don’t often see in my circles. He is quite realistic about the condition of American culture in this de-Christianizing era — none of this old-line Religious Right, “take back our country” rhetoric from him — but optimistic in that he really believes that losing our illusions about the character of America is a good thing for Christianity. Though a social and religious conservative, Moore is happy that the days when his tribe could be considered the Republican Party at Prayer are over.

Rod Dreher on Twitter

Ted Cruz's voice sounds like Mr. Haney's from 'Green Acres': 

14 Cross Examined

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Nonprofits objecting to the contraceptive and abortifacient mandate hope the nation’s highest court will overturn…

Surprise inspections catch 3 Planned Parenthood clinics doing illegal abortions

Planned Parenthood officials have also repeatedly claimed in recent weeks that all fees related to providing aborted baby parts to medical researchers only cover their costs. However, video after video has shown top Planned Parenthood officials discussing profit as a motive for their practice of selling the body parts – something that would appear to violate federal law against trafficking in human tissue.

26 Creative Tips and Tools for Social Media Marketers

As soon as this feature rolled out in late January, we immediately turned it on. Our background image is an ad for Social Media Marketing World, and we added the Book Now button right in front of it. In just a few days, 56 people clicked on the Book Now button, and we got one sale directly from it.

18 Grace to You Radio

If you’re a Christian, you’re in a battle — a spiritual conflict you can’t avoid. What will make the difference between victory and defeat? In his study Spiritual Boot Camp , John MacArthur looks at fundamental disciplines that can lead you to victory over sin and a deeper relationship with Christ.

The Church Is a Leadership Factory

Thus, one of our primary responsibilities as church leaders is to help God’s people uncover these ideas and to encourage them, as Paul did with Timothy, to “fan into flame the gift of God” which he’s put within them (2 Tim. 1:6). I love Paul’s imagery there: each week the congregation gathers, and it’s like I get in the pulpit and take a great big sheet and fan into flame the smoldering spiritual gift fires the Spirit has started within them. (While it reinforces the idea I’m full of hot air, I still like it.)

Radio & Podcast - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

Listen to CrossExamined with Frank Turek on American Family Radio network Saturday, 10-11 am Eastern on AFR network streaming audio and FM radio Tune in to our weekly call-in radio program hosted by Frank Turek on American Family Radio network. Join Frank as he discusses challenging topics, takes calls from listeners, and interviews dynamic Christian apologists. Sponsored by, this apologetics program is both informative and entertaining!  It is also available in podcast at the iTunes link below.

Fund Planned Parenthood you Anti-Feminist Woman Hater!

The point of this video is NOT to convince you to be pro-life or pro-choice. The point is to ask a simple question: do the folks at Planned Parenthood deserve $540 million tax dollars per year? Special Thanks to Leslee Frost and Fran Podlasek for donations.

The Smell of Babies Burning

Handling fetal remains can be especially difficult in late-term clinics. Until George Tiller was assassinated by a pro-life radical last summer, his clinic in Wichita specialized in third-trimester abortions. To handle the large volume of biological waste Tiller had a crematorium on the premises. One day when hauling a heavy container of fetal waste, Tiller asked his secretary, Luhra Tivis, to assist him. She found the experience devastating. The “most horrible thing,” Tivis later recounted, was that she “could smell those babies burning.” Tivis, a former NOW activist, soon left her secretarial position at the clinic to volunteer for Operation Rescue, a radical pro-life organization.

New Hampshire Cancels $650,000 in Planned Parenthood Funding After It Sells Aborted Babies

“The people of New Hampshire should not be forced to fund a billion-dollar corporation that was caught on camera negotiating the sale of baby body parts. The New Hampshire Executive Council should therefore be commended for ending the use of state taxpayer dollars for such barbarism. No one should miss the horrific reality of what Planned Parenthood does behind closed doors, as revealed in the recently released undercover videos. Our tax dollars should fund local public health clinics, not corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood. We join the call of Cornerstone Action and others for New Hampshire’s attorney general to thoroughly investigate Planned Parenthood.”

The Briefing 08-07-15

But when it comes to the other candidates, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush probably did not help himself in this event, largely because he was seen as the traditional front runner in terms of the nomination race, and he didn’t dominate the event last night the way a front runner generally would. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker probably also came out relatively even. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas at several points last night demonstrated once again the power of rhetoric in American politics. The power of the ability to craft a message and to stick to it. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky (certainly the most libertarian of the Republican candidates last night), he had the least face time of any of the 10, as reflected in the shortness of his answers. He probably also came out relatively even, or perhaps slipped a bit in terms of just even the face time allocated or taken during the debate. But he did have a very high energy moment in an exchange with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie over the question of national security and the gathering of surveillance from civilians. That exchange might not have hurt and might not have helped either one, but it certainly did reflect one of the rare moments of absolute difference in policy between at least two of the candidates on the stage last night.


WHERE HOPE GROWS – OFFICIAL TRAILER 1 [HD] (2015) #WHEREHOPEGROWS Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Website: Roadside Attractions is releasing WHERE HOPE GROWS in theaters on May 15, 2015. It is a wonderful feature film that is breaking new ground by casting a young man with Down syndrome, David DeSanctis, in a lead role. The film has the support of Special Olympics and Best Buddies, a volunteer organization which creates opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. David is an inspiration in his own right. He lights up the room with his charismatic, funny and smart personality. At 22 years-old, he is a Louisville native who has a passion for motivating others. When cast in the film’s starring role, the director (Chris Dowling) asked David if he could read; David licked his finger to turn the first page of the script and speedily memorized 130 lines. An ardent music lover, David used his own self-curated music playlists to help memorize scenes, as well as for dance breaks to help unwind.

If You're Honest, You're Depressed

Thus the title of this post, “If you’re honest you’re depressed (or you’re a Christian).” Now I’m not saying that there aren’t other causes of depression—of course there are. Also, I realize that Christians sometimes struggle with depression—this is a hard world after all—but Christians who envelop themselves in the hope of eternal life have much less reason to be depressed. In fact, one reason that some Christians can’t shake depression is that they have a beggarly view of the glory that awaits them forever.


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The Most Misused Verse in the Bible

Thank you for this article. So many people well-intendedly use these verses to encourage others, and often it works... if people like what happens next. For each person like the commenter here who has grown through the trials of heart attacks, there are those who love Jesus but aren't commenting because their loved one, or even themselves, have died. As Christ-followers are martyred daily, and disease and violence causes suffering in Christian homes and lives as well as the lost, we need to learn to manage our expectations of God .. to truly know Him ... and really studying and understanding of Scripture does just that. Scripture is Truth. God's Truth is absolute. There are intended meanings to God's inspired Word that we are supposed to study, learn and apply. While using verses like this, Romans 8:28, 1 Cor. 10:13 or even Phil. 4:13 to encourage people in times of suffering CAN lift them up in the moment, what happens when He doesn't do what they're hoping for? What if they're child dies? What if their mom suffers horribly and painfully from cancer for years and slowly dies? These things happen daily as well.

Daily Keller

Money can become a spiritual addiction, and like all addictions it hides its true proportions from its victims. We take more and greater risks to get an ever diminishing satisfaction from the thing we crave, until a breakdown occurs. When we begin to recover, we ask, ‘What were we thinking? How could we have been so blind?’ We wake up like people with a hangover who can hardly remember the night before. But why? Why did we act so irrationally? Why did we completely lose sight of what is right? The Bible’s answer is that the human heart is an ‘idol factory.’ When most people think of ‘idols’ they have in mind literal statues – or the next pop star anointed by Simon Cowell. Yet while traditional idol worship still occurs in many places of the world, internal idol worship, within the heart, is universal. In Ezekiel 14: 3, God says about elders of Israel, ‘These men have set up their idols in their hearts.’ Like us, the elders must have responded to this charge, ‘Idols? What idols? I don’t see any idols.’ God was saying that the human heart takes good things like a successful career, love, material possessions, even family, and turns them into ultimate things.

The Problem with Grief Avoidance

This is all rooted in our brains, of course. When you recall events and people from the past, different parts of your brain light up. For traumatic memories, your amygdala will get hyped up just as powerfully as if am imminent, physical threat was present. The power of the human brain in re-creating the past means our painful memories have exquisite power.

Pro-Life, Pro-Death Penalty, Pro-Consistency

Not much will be said about this today because right now the national conversation is dealing with the horror of Planned Parenthood. But I would like to tie these two issues together today and, in so doing, hopefully undo one of those tropes which comes to us from the Left on these issues. It is this: those of us who describe ourselves as being pro-life have been accused of somehow being inconsistent or hypocritical because most of us are, in turn, pro-death penalty. There are also those who pound their chests for their own consistency, “I am completely pro-life. I oppose the death penalty, I’m a pacifist, and I oppose abortion.”

21 Things You'll Never Regret As a Leader - Carey Nieuwhof

Carey, thanks for the post! One thing that I would add is the practice of journaling. This has been significant for me as a leader in collecting my thoughts, recording reflections. I often write things that I will later find myself using in some way as a teacher and leader. I know journaling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I have never regretted it.

Southern Seminary on Twitter

Don't miss out! Support students by participating in the 2015 Heritage Classic. Register now:


DDiv, Biola University) is the senior pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, Georgia. He has served as a national evangelist with the American Missionary Fellowship and the Urban Evangelistic Mission, and as associate director of Campus Crusade for Christ. He is a frequent speaker at professional sporting events, including three Super Bowls and the NCAA Final Four Chapel, and has spoken at conferences, churches, conventions, and evangelistic outreaches throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and the United States. He is the author of six books, including

A Powerful Commercial With Kids Reciting John 3:16

The memorable commercial brings new life to John 3:16. These beautiful children understand what this important Bible verse means, and SHARE it with the world. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." At the end of each and every one of them saying a part of the Bible verse, you will want to throw your hands up in joy!

What is Connectedness Doing to Us?

Plan your consumption. Smartphones are useful and always with us. But that doesn’t mean we really need to check them 50 times a day. Constant checking interrupts our flow, thinking, prayer, conversations and work. I consciously connect just two to four times per day. Define how many times you’ll pull out your device, when those times will be and how long you’ll be on. I actually set a timer, and every time it goes off, I swipe to close Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or Snapchat. I’m growing in the self-discipline I should have as a follower of Christ.

A Grateful Mother Does Something Extraordinary for Those Who Saved Her Son's Life

Coming up to the 10-year anniversary of a tragic car accident that claimed the life of a father and placed a baby in intensive care, a woman decided to do something for those who helped. Although her husband didn't make it, these heroes saved her little boy Eli. This story will bring tears to your eyes.

An ‘X-Men’ TV Series Is in the Works at Fox

[For] X-Men, we're in negotiations with Marvel. We're hopeful we'll be able to announce something soon … The characters from the X-Men franchise are with Fox on the feature side, so we won't be including Marvel characters that are at ABC with Disney. This will be exclusively the franchise as it has existed at Fox.

North Korea is Establishing its Own Time Zone, Of Course

Regular old time zones are not good enough for North Korea. The hermit country has been in the same time zone as Japan for more than 100 years—ever since the Japanese colonized the Korean peninsula in 1910. Now, the people of North Korea are changing their clocks to mark the 70th anniversary of their liberation from—as the state news agency put it—the “wicked Japanese imperialists.” Instead of jumping an hour to another recognized time zone, though, North Korea is just setting its clocks back half an hour, which may make things rather confusing when it comes to being on time for meetings with other countries.

How Jon Stewart Changed the News

Stewart’s legacy will rest less in how he made a mockery of politics—America’s been doing that since the Boston Tea Party—than in his gleeful evisceration of the 24-hour news cycle. CNN and Fox News were his most frequent targets, and there was grim pleasure in watching Stewart and his team of news correspondents build careful, frequently devastating cases against their bias and bloviation.

Why Increasing Racial Diversity in Denominations Is a Math Problem

If increasing diversity within our denominations is a goal—and I believe it should be—we need to come up with more advanced metrics that can help us determine exactly what a realistic level of diversity would look like. That will require more number-crunching and analysis of regional demographics than we are used to doing. But it may be the only way to truly determine both whether a denomination’s minority outreach is effective and whether they are becoming more diverse. 

Crossway on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

What Vacation Bible School Looks Like in a Nursing Home

And after sharing glimpses of this VBS-for-the-elderly on social media, I’m hoping other churches and nursing homes will too. Tom Buck, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Lindale, Texas, was among many who messaged me to ask about the program, musing that it could be an opportunity for students in his church. Buck’s own experience ministering in a nursing home as a high school student revealed that such places are “an untapped mission field with residents who have never heard the gospel,” he said.


“Preach the gospel; use words if necessary” goes hand in hand with a postmodern assumption that words are finally empty of meaning. It subtly denigrates the high value that the prophets, Jesus, and Paul put on preaching. Of course, we want our actions to match our words as much as possible. But the gospel is a message, news about an event and a person upon which the history of the planet turns.

Africa, Planned Parenthood and the Extraordinary Moral Hypocrisy of President Obama | The Stream

Yet rather than connect the dots (they were shouting to be connected) and applying this same logic to the most vulnerable of all, namely, babies in their mothers’ wombs, he instead chided them for mistreating gays and lesbians. “Obama,” Hemingway informs us, “also tied the practice of harvesting organs from albinos with racism and discrimination against gay people and urged consistency in how they view the sanctity of human life if they want to complain about human rights abuses.

Be Careful of Nice People

Now you be nice to your sister.” “Make sure you play nice tonight.” “He is such a nice young man.” As human beings, it seems that we are drawn to niceness. We like nice people and encourage people to behave in nice ways. We dislike people who aren’t nice or who don’t behave in nice ways. We teach our children to be nice and juxtapose niceness with a host of vices: grumpiness, cruelty, mean-spiritedness.

My Weird Childhood Faith Isn’t So Weird Anymore

As I look back on my childhood, although the gifts of the Holy Spirit were dear to us and we deeply believed in their practice, the real difference was that we expected God. We wanted the wild and the untamed Spirit to disrupt us. We lived out of an assumption of God's good gifts and overwhelming love. We yearned to see the Kingdom come on earth, right here, as it was or would be in heaven. We figured that was what God wanted, too. Believing power would come from on high to see the lost found and the sick healed and imprisoned set free, our church operated on a first-name basis with the Spirit.

How to Protect Endangered Religious Groups You Admire

They also give food, clothing, shelter, counsel, and comfort to millions of Americans in need. They offer some of the most important and desperately needed health, educational, and social services in the country. And they provide billions of dollars and thousands of full-time workers for international relief aid that serves vulnerable migrants, refugees, and persecuted minorities. The work of religious organizations has long been and continues to be central both to religious believers’ lives and to the welfare of others. Our communities—and, indeed, communities around the globe—would be much worse off without these organizations and their faith-informed good works.

49 Whose body parts are they?

To maintain that this “tissue” is merely part of the mother that is being donated or sold for research (or whatever purposes) is absurd on its face. One would have to actually believe–not just argue for the sake of maintaining their position–that during pregnancy, a mother grows new parts of her body such as a brain, legs, and the like, which are all characterized by different DNA (unless cloned) and around 50% of the time has a different gender. That is, not to put too fine a point on it, one would have to actually claim that women grow penises.

Fantastic Four

Then there’s the excruciatingly bad dialogue, with too many cringeworthy lines to count, including the “mentor” character’s sage advice to his millennial protégés (“The failures of my generation are the opportunities of yours”) and insightful gems from the nerdy-but-beautiful girl who listens to Portishead while she calculates teleportation equations (“We can’t change the past, but we can change the future”).

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