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Lady Gaga Breaks Down Revealing She's Alone Despite Fame, as Her Former Christian Teacher Warned (Video)

Lady Gaga's former teacher, evangelist Chris White, once warned the pop star that she would be left feeling empty from her fame. In a new preview for her upcoming "Five Foot Two" documentary, the singer tearfully reveals that she is in fact alone despite her fame.

Special Report on Sexuality and Gender | HeadHeartHand Blog

Some remarkable findings from recent scientific research into sexuality and gender.

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Around the World in 80 Days with Larry Alex Taunton

Author, columnist, and cultural commentator Larry Alex Taunton is circumnavigating the globe and chronicling his journey along the way. Check out his posts , and subscribe so you don’t miss an update!

Tabletalk: The Devotional Magazine of Ligonier Ministries

We are moving to a new format for our monthly newsletter. Our desire is that the newsletter be not only an update on news and current events of the Study Center, but a modest…

Nashville Statement

In the months and years to come, the mission of CBMW will include distributing The Nashville Statement and developing resources to equip pastors and churches to stand firm for the Bible’s teaching on marriage and sexuality. One way you can be involved is to join us in prayer for the Lord’s blessing on our efforts, as well as to make a financial gift in support of this very important work.

4 Wednesday, August 30, 2017 — The Briefing

The recovery and renewal of the church in this generation will come only when from pulpit to pulpit the herald preaches as never sure to preach again, and as a dying man to dying men.

5 Wednesday, August 30, 2017 — The Briefing

The recovery and renewal of the church in this generation will come only when from pulpit to pulpit the herald preaches as never sure to preach again, and as a dying man to dying men.

Packing To Go Around the World in 80 Days

When you're traveling to 23 countries and 6 continents in 80 days, what do you pack? Larry Alex Taunton reviews some of what's going in his bag. Follow the #ATW80 journey:

Why the Nashville Statement now, and what about article 10?

As The Nashville Statement began to trend today on Twitter, we began to see a lot of support gathering for the statement. We also began to see a great deal of criticism and more than a few questions. All of this was to be expected. This will be an ongoing conversation going forward, and we will be engaging the substantive issues at stake in the days ahead in this space. But I wanted to take an opportunity to address three items that have come up today—two mundane points and one substantive.

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What happens when others use technology to literally put words into someone else's mouth? #FakeNews

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Rohingya Muslims continue to flee violence in Burma … #TheSift @onize_ohiks

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New blog post: @HankHanegraaff on Eclipses, False Prophets, and Intelligent Design | … #Apologetics

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Encephalitis outbreak blamed for deaths of more than 200 children in India … #TheSift @onize_ohiks

The Danger of Easy Theism

Not long ago, Oprah Winfrey interviewed distance swimmer, Diana Nyad , and inadvertently started an online firestorm over their comments related to atheism and theism. During the show, Nyad identified herself an atheist and said, “I can stand at the beach’s edge with the most devout Christian, Jew, Buddhist, go on down the line, and weep with the beauty of this universe and be moved by all of humanity. All the billions of people who have lived before us, who have loved and hurt and suffered. So to me, my definition of God is humanity and is the love of humanity.” After hearing this, Oprah responded, “Well, I don’t call you an atheist then. I think if you believe in the awe and the wonder and the mystery, then that is what God is. That is what God is. It’s not a bearded guy in the sky.” Nyad attempted to reaffirm her lack of belief in a Divine Being, but Oprah seemed to miss the point, attempting instead to rope her into some form of theism on the basis of Nyad’s admitted awe of God’s creation. Later in the show, Nyad spoke of her belief in the soul, in spite of her atheistic worldview: “We all have souls and I feel their (humanity’s) collective souls.

A New Theory for the Moon’s Origin

One might object that the four gas giant planets were so massive that collisions with them played no significant role in the formation of their satellites. Or that their huge masses constrained their satellites to have orbits out of the ecliptic. But what of the other three terrestrial (earth-like) planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars? As previously mentioned, Mercury and Venus have no natural satellites. Mars has two tiny satellites, but they likely are captured asteroids. Evolutionary scientists invoke a completely different scenario for the origin of the many other natural satellites in the solar system. Supposedly, only the earth’s moon formed by glancing collisions with the planet it orbits. Why did the earth alone undergo this unique process (at least 20 times)? Doesn’t that appear to be a long chain of improbable events? Isn’t it more reasonable to believe that the moon and its origin is unique because the moon was made to fulfill many specific purposes?

Gene Editing Will Soon Be a Reality—Now What?

We love our son. And it’s not as if we love him even though he has Down syndrome. No, we would miss that extra chromosome if he were to wake up tomorrow without it. It’s part of what makes him who he is. The idea that so many in our world seem to view people like him negatively saddens me. And as I think about the bright future that John told me about, I fear it may not come to pass. After all, it’s clear that a lot of people seem to think they are better off if their kids don’t have Down syndrome. It’s also clear that many well-intentioned people see those with Down syndrome as in need of fixing. Perhaps the great strides that we’ve made won’t last.

Building a case for the historical Jesus

When I wrote my first book (co-authored with Stanley Porter) just over ten years ago, my friends were very excited. The first question was always on what the book was about. When I explained that the book presented the evidence for the historical existence of Jesus, their expressions became confused. Writing a book showing that Jesus actually lived was as relevant as writing a book that the Earth was round. Everyone already knows that.

Politics Won't Solve America's Division

My greatest fear is not that the supremacists will succeed, as I am quite confident they will not. My greatest fear is that we would settle, as a nation, for the medicine rather than the meal, and overdose on the poison of politics. My hope is that we will recognize that all of us, on either side of the protest line, were created for something more and that our leaders would cease their polemics and finally set the table.

Legislating Morality: Is it Wise? Is it Legal? Is it Possible?

Winner of the Gold Medallion Award! All laws legislate morality. The only question is "Whose morality will be legislated?" Turek and Geisler give compelling answers as they reason from the Moral Law.  Keywords: 9781592441525, Frank Turek, Legislating Morality, ethics, moral, morals, morality,  politics, government,   Relativism, Legislating Morality: Is it Wise? Is it Legal? Is it Possible? - Frank Turek and Norman Geisler

Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World (Signed Book)

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Eric Metaxas comes a brilliant and inspiring biography of the most influential man in modern history, Martin Luther, in time for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation   On All Hallow’s Eve in 1517, a young monk named Martin Luther posted a document he hoped would spark an academic debate, but that instead ignited a conflagration that would forever destroy the world he knew. Five hundred years after Luther’s now famous 95 Theses appeared, Eric Metaxas, acclaimed biographer of the bestselling Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy and Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery , paints a startling portrait of the wild figure whose adamantine faith cracked the edifice of Western Christendom and dragged medieval Europe into the future. Written in riveting prose and impeccably researched, Martin Luther tells the searing tale of a humble man who, by bringing ugly truths to the highest seats of power, caused the explosion whose sound is still ringing in our ears. Luther’s monumental faith and courage gave birth to the ideals of faith, virtue, and freedom that today lie at the heart of all modern life.

What to Pray When You Don't Feel Like Praying

“I don’t pray for long periods of time … my prayers are relatively brief. The times I really feel blessed through prayer is when my prayers are sincere—when I kind of think through what I’m going through, or I’m going through a hard time and I use that prayer to talk to God about everything.”

Queensferry Crossing opening marked with church's bridge of kindness - Premier

Church members have carried out 320 acts of kindness to mark the official opening of the Queensferry Crossing.

Churches must 'listen to unhappier teens' - Premier

Churches are being urged to listen to young people after new research found teenagers in the UK are more unhappy today than they were ten years ago.

Michelle Higgins: The Idea of Racial Reconciliation Is Bankrupt

Devastating proof of the deadliness of white supremacy surrounds us. If we cannot see it, it is past time to ask why. It is time to reckon with this selective sight that we play off as innocent, ignorant blindness. “Open the eyes of my heart Lord!” but not to the sins of my white-centered church. What will the saints who worship white Jesus do when they see a brown-skinned savior lifted up above creation. What will we do when He tells us His dwelling place was with the poor all this time, that His gospel—as He told us—was good news for them. When the last become first, what will we do? The time is now (and the time was a while ago) to grapple with chains that we have laid in gold, with the log we’ve set in our own eye. It is time to confess that America’s addiction to a seemingly comfortable deception is keeping us from the truth that would set us free. The church’s refusal to de-center whiteness is the primary reason we have failed to address its cultural impact. More plainly: American churches are often the benefactors of America’s sins.

The Imitation of Christ for Protestants

The most difficult connection is on “mirroring the artistic genius of Jesus” (ch. 6). There’s not a lot of close textual connection there, and in my opinion it would’ve been easier to make a case for creativity by focusing on imitating God. But before you doubt the relevance of such a chapter, you’ll want to take a look at Williams’s brilliant application of John Calvin (57). Better yet, read the whole thing. Williams will be at work on you the whole time, with the goal of expanding your perspective on “Christlikeness” in ways your quasi-gnostic Christian upbringing never would have imagined.

Book Review: Why Does God Allow Evil? by Clay Jones

Each of the book’s eleven chapters answers a specific question. The first, “Why Do We Suffer For Adam’s Sin?” explores the origin of evil and why we, thousands of years later, suffer the consequences. Chapter two is the most difficult of all to read, examining “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?” This chapter displays the full depravity of mankind through excruciating detail from human history. The following chapter, “Are There No Good People?” follows a similar theme, but from a biblical perspective.

KBC Harvey Relief Efforts

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Pastor Mark Driscoll on Twitter

. @PastorMark ’s top seven tips to help your kids know and love the Bible in today’s #dailydevo :

Thinking Like Jesus

Several years ago, I was asked to give a convocation address at a major theological seminary in America. In that address, I spoke about the critical role of logic in biblical interpretation, and I pleaded for seminaries to include courses on logic in their required curricula. In almost any seminary’s course of study, students are required to learn something of the original biblical languages, Hebrew and Greek. They are taught to look at the historical background of the text, and they learn basic principles of interpretation. These are all important and valuable skills for being good stewards of the Word of God. However, the main reason why errors in biblical interpretation occur is not because the reader lacks a knowledge of Hebrew or of the situation in which the biblical book was written. The number one cause for misunderstanding the Scriptures is making illegitimate inferences from the text. It is my firm belief that these faulty inferences would be less likely if biblical interpreters were more skilled in basic principles of logic.

New study: switching male and female marriage roles makes both sexes unhappy

When I was a high school student, I can remember trying to decide between being an English teacher, being a prosecuting attorney, or being a software engineer. It was my Dad who pointed me towards software engineering. As an avid stock picker, my Dad was seeing tech stocks exploding in value, and he knew that I would be able to find work even if I was laid off during tough times. I am glad that I listened to his advice, although my career still has not been easy, which is why I saved money for the two times where I was laid off (both times my subsidiary was folded by the parent company!). My reason for going into a field where I could earn more money was because I wanted to get married, have 4 children, and “heal” the experience of being neglected by my mother (who stuck me in day care after 6 weeks and worked full-time until she retired) by watching her parent my kids as a stay-at-home mom. I knew enough to know that marriage works better when the man provides and the woman focuses on the children – at least until they are 6 years old. Since then, I’ve discovered homeschooling, and I would definitely have done that.

What do skeptical ancient historians think of the earliest Christian creed?

That Jesus’ followers (and later Paul) had resurrection experiences is, in my judgment, a fact. What the reality was that gave rise to the experiences I do not know. “I do not regard deliberate fraud as a worthwhile explanation. Many of the people in these lists were to spend the rest of their lives proclaiming that they had seen the risen Lord, and several of them would die for their cause. Moreover, a calculated deception should have produced great unanimity. Instead, there seem to have been competitors: ‘I saw him first!’ ‘No! I did.’ Paul’s tradition that 500 people saw Jesus at the same time has led some people to suggest that Jesus’ followers suffered mass hysteria. But mass hysteria does not explain the other traditions.” “Finally we know that after his death his followers experienced what they described as the ‘resurrection’: the appearance of a living but transformed person who had actually died. They believed this, they lived it, and they died for it. (14)

Why Aren't There 12 Gospels?

Why are there only four Gospels in the Bible instead of twelve? Connect with the Hank Hanegraaff and the Christian Research Institute (CRI): Subscribe to our channel: For past episodes, hundreds of free articles, and carefully curated resources, visit CRI’s website: Facebook: ... Hank on Twitter: Bible Answer Man on Twitter: Bible Answer Man on Instagram: ... Bible Answer Man on SoundCloud: Subscribe to “Hank Unplugged” on iTunes: ... “Hank Unplugged” on Spreaker: Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with CRI as a partner: Subscribe to the Christian Research Journal (6 issues for $39.50): ... Listen to the Bible Answer Man broadcast live, Mon.-Fri., 6:00 -7:00 PM ET. To ask Hank a question, call toll-free 1-888-ASK-HANK (275-4265).

An Illumined Reading of Scripture - Westminster Theological Seminary

Therefore, having this ministry by the mercy of God, we do not lose heart. But we have renounced disgraceful, underhanded ways. We refuse to practice cunning or to tamper with God’s Word, but by the open statement of the truth we would commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience in the sight of God. And even if our gospel is veiled,  it is veiled to those who are perishing. In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake. For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. (2 Cor. 4:1–6)

Envy Never Hunts Our Hearts Alone

It’s all too easy to get angry when we see God bestow blessings on others — a high-paying raise, a dependable husband, a beautiful wife, obedient children, a smart mind, that spiritual gift you always wanted, or the ability to serve the church better than you ever thought you could. It’s also too easy to rejoice at others’s loss because it opens up an avenue for our “success” — whatever that may be.

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Thoughts on Discipleship from a Marine Conservationist

If you watch a reef for long enough, or have the pleasure of a night-time snorkel, you will see small flower-like animals emerging all over the coral's surface. Coral is not just a hard skeleton—it is a colony of animals called polyps. Each polyp lives within its own calcium carbonate cup, which it builds by drawing minerals from the seawater. The animals emerge under the protection of night and use their tentacles to snatch passing food from the water around them. This feeding behavior only supplies a fraction of what they need. The bulk of their fuel is collected during the daytime from a relationship with colorful single-celled algae called zooxanthellae. These tiny organisms live within the polyp's body tissue, converting energy from the sun into carbohydrates.

There's a Difference Between Evidence and Proof | Cold Case Christianity

How can Metzger come to such a different conclusion than Ehrman? Was he looking at different evidence? No. Both men are examining the exact same set of facts, yet coming to two very different conclusions. How can this be? All of us, as fallen humans, are at war with the God who created us. All of us have an enmity toward God that must first be removed if we are ever going to see the evidence clearly. Only God can do such a thing. So, while I am always delighted to examine the evidence with someone, I recognize that I am only one of several means by which God can reveal Himself to those He has already called. I am prepared to make the case, but only God can turn the evidence into proof.

Ecumenism and Lutheranism – Reformation 500

2017 marks the 500th anniversary of what is hailed by many as the start of the Reformation: Luther’s sharing his 95 Theses. I’ve decided to celebrate my Lutheran Protestant Tradition by highlighting some of the major issues that Luther and the Lutherans raised through the Reformation period. I hope you will join me as we remember the great theological (re)discoveries that were made during this period.

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When a mission trip leads to a missionary call

At the end of your short-term trip, you head to the airport to return to your “normal” life, only it does not seem quite as normal as it did. Your heart breaks as you get on the plane and leave behind new believers, disciples who have not been discipled, and brothers, sisters, and friends. Somewhere on the trip home, you realize that your life will never be the same again. You want to come back again and serve God among these people. You want to learn their language and life, their culture and customs, and their love for food and fun. You know that God is calling you to be a missionary in this place, to these people, for His glory. Then, you realize something else: you never touched your candy bars.

Some Christians Hate Joel Osteen More Than They Love The Truth. And That's Wrong.

Be silent. I waited to spill some ink on this topic. I had one thought at first. And another thought as the facts came out. What if I had piled on at the beginning? Or defended their decision too quickly? It has been best to be silent until there is something to say. And perhaps the best is to simply pull the plug.

5 Things God Is Teaching Us through Miscarriage

Our hope comes from our confidence in God’s sovereignty, his character, and his promises. When we read “all things work together for good” (Rom. 8:28), that good isn’t necessarily the growth of our family; we read it and are comforted that God works all things for his own glory, which is inexplicably tied to our good. We’re confident he will use this experience to make us more like Jesus, to teach us to trust him, and to give us the ability to comfort others. But our greatest hope comes from the finished work of Jesus. Those who hope in him lack no good thing.

Signs of torture on Christian mum who died in prison, relatives say - Premier

The family of a Christian mother who died in an Eritrean prison earlier this month fear she was tortured, after her body was found with scars.

God Will Talk to You When You Read

When we come to the Bible to hear from God, we don’t close our eyes, or shut our ears, or disengage our minds. Rather, it is through these very natural means that God then miraculously, supernaturally opens our spiritual eyes (Ephesians 1:18), ears (Mark 4:9), and minds (1 Corinthians 2:14–16).

Renewing Your Mind | The Love of God | Aug 30, 2017

Love is a word often used in the world, yet seldom defined. Today, Steven Lawson teaches on God's infinite and eternally self-giving love.

Hundreds accept Jesus at Soul Survivor - Premier

More than 1,300 young people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour during four weeks of Christian festivals held by Soul Survivor this summer.

Check Out | HeadHeartHand Blog

The conferences we attend, the books, magazines, blogs, and websites we read, and the podcasts we listen to are produced by big-city, large-church pastors. Gradually, though no one has ever said this to us, we may have come to feel like we’re junior varsity. We have not been gifted or called to influence the influencers in the big city. We’re doing the best we can, seeking to be faithful pastors in our forgotten places, but sometimes we may wonder whether we’re missing the real action. If that’s you, I want to encourage you in four ways.”

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Created in His Image? The Ongoing Struggle against the Culture to Defend Intrinsic Human Value. … .

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Zachary's Vlog, Day 0: 'Merica!

Larry Alex Taunton's son Zachary joins his expedition Around the World in 80 Days. From a college student's perspective, this is his version of things. But before he left, he did everything American he could fit into his final day. Follow the journey at

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