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Octopus Genome Defies Evolutionary Expectations

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Understanding Cardiovascular Function: Real Numbers and Valvular Heart Disease

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Listen: How Long Was the Cambrian Explosion?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Air New Zealand’s ‘Men in Black’ In-Flight Safety Video Is a Masterpiece

Air New Zealand is known for their ambitious takes on in-flight safety videos, but their latest Men in Black-themed blockbuster takes things to the next level. The word "epic" gets thrown around a lot on the Internet, but for a mandatory video about generic safety info, this one can confidently wear the label.

Justin Gatlin Declares He's 'Honest Christian Man' After Usain Bolt Beats Him in World Championship 100M Final

American sprinter Justin Gatlin, 33, who was twice banned from international competition for doping, invoked his faith Sunday when he declared himself "a[n] honest Christian man" after he was questioned about running the best times of his career this year.

Steven Matz: Faith, Fastballs, & the Future; NY Mets Pitcher is 'Prepared' to Do 'Whatever' the Team Asks to Win [INTERVIEW]

“Let’s go Matz, let’s go Matz” chanted tens of thousands of Mets fans now on their feet as rookie pitcher Steven Matz made his historic big league debut. For months the young stud pitcher from Stony Brook was being heralded as another ace to add to the team’s dynamic foursome of Matt Harvey, Jacob DeGrom, Noah Syndergaard, and Zack Wheeler.

Conversations with David Berlinski: Is Math Discovered or Created?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

6 Guys and 0 Instruments Make for an Unbelievable Rendition of 'Hotel California'

These guys use an incredible form of a capella vocal arrangements that aren't heard much nowadays. In this video, a group of six men sing a popular song by using just vocals and it's incredible!

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Mayim Bialik: Faith Will Never Be Trendy in Hollywood

Bialik, who recently launched a website called about faith, parenting and culture, also said that just because she dresses conservatively, she shouldn’t be labeled a prude. “Being a modest dresser, that for me is a certain amount of my religious faith—privacy and chastity. Just because I have a body doesn’t mean it means to be on display … It's important, especially for children and men and my sons to hear I'm not ashamed of my body, I just don’t feel the need to display it with two tiny pieces of fabric when I want to go swimming."

Bumper Sticker Worldviews: Do They Make Sense?

Since the Christian worldview is largely on the defensive these days, it is easy to forget that non-Christians also have a worldview.  They are not neutral or undecided about the nature of reality, but have a network of beliefs that is designed to explained the way the world works, or more importantly, the way they think it ought to work.

The Briefing 08-24-15

1) Ohio bill banning Down Syndrome abortions exposes shame of America for permitting such deaths

Faithful Thinkers: Book Review: Rock Solid- Reasons to Believe Six Crucial Biblical Truths

Conclusion Rock Solid is a work that was well-thought out for multiple audiences. Not only does Gender address the intellectual challenges to each of the six doctrines, but he also provides application to the readers' lives. This allows this book to be an easy fit for small Church groups- not only will the readers receive theological training, but they will learn to defend their beliefs to others as they live out the implications in their own lives- a great combination of actions and words communicating the Gospel. Gender wrote in a way that is quite accessible to the everyday-Christian, and he covered so much material concisely that it is a wonderful place to begin for anyone who wishes to get introduced to defending the faith. If a small-group leader wishes to introduce their class to providing a case for the truth of their convictions, Rock Solid will provide an accessible, engaging, but not overwhelming source to do so. Check out the NEW Book Reviews Page for more.

762. Does The Bible Approve Of Sex Changes?

Bobby takes an honest look at what the Bible has to say about sex changes.

Arkansas Democrat switches to GOP because of Planned Parenthood | Live Action News

If standing against women’s health care including Pap smears, breast cancer screenings, STD testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, prenatal checkups, or the equality of all Arkansans is important to Rep. Holcomb, then he’s found a good home in the Republican Party of Arkansas.

breakfast song

This song aired on The Mornin' Show, a local program carried by NBC affiliate WTVA in Tupelo, Mississippi. BREAKING NEWS: BREAKFAST SINGERS IDENTIFIED! This from Tom Joyners website The lady singer was interviewed on his March 13th show. In the clip, Minister Cleo Clariet and his fiancé Katherine Lane are shown singing on "The Kay Bain Show" in Tupelo, Mississippi in May or June of 2004. Clariet passed away from congenital heart disease on Dec. 13, 2004. Lane said he would have been thrilled to know his song is now entertaining so many people.

Organic Food, Essential Oils, and the Gospel of Grace

While eating organic foods and using non-traditional medicine certainly can be valuable, the danger comes when we develop a sense of superiority to go along with it. In our attempt to create a more organic, natural lifestyle, it can be easy to begin looking down our noses at someone who isn’t on our bandwagon. When promoting our own choices for food and medicine is becoming the latest form of evangelism, we are showing where our hope really lies — and that we are close to forgetting the gospel we say we hold dear.

The Quran, the Bible, and the Islamic Dilemma The Quran affirms the inspiration, preservation, and authority of the Christian scriptures (including the Torah and the Gospel). Yet the Quran contradicts the Christian scriptures on fundamental doctrines (e.g., Jesus' death, resurrection, and deity). By affirming scriptures that contradict Islam, the Quran self-destructs.

Grace to You Radio

A one-minute radio feature where John MacArthur applies biblical truth to daily living.

Human Capital Project Trailer

Human Capital Episode 1 Planned Parenthood's Black Market in Baby Parts

65,000 Pro-Life Advocates Protest at 342 Planned Parenthood Sites

This Saturday morning, from 9 to 11 AM, thousands of pro-life activists are expected to participate in one of the largest demonstrations ever against Planned Parenthood, the abortion provider that engages in supplying fetal body parts to research labs.

The Eric Metaxas Show - The Show About Everything

Emmy-winning actor Tony Hale joins the show talk about his children’s book, Veep and Arrested Development.

Agents of Babylon - What the Prophesies of Daniel Tell Us About the End of Days

In Agents of Babylon, noted prophecy expert, Dr. David Jeremiah, explores the many prophecies, dreams and visions outlined in the Book of Daniel through the lens of its central characters, explains what they mean, and shows us how they apply to the world today, so that we can better prepare for what is yet to come.

The Prosperity Gospel Creates Poor Christians

The prosperity message has gone to the extreme. Although I dislike the term prosperity message (usually coined by those who believe Christians should be poor), I do believe it has become an extreme point in many religious groups. Just like grace or law, which is often taught in the extreme in churches, the Bible does speak about our financial needs and wants (from going town to town with nothing spreading the Gospel), the fault becomes when it supersedes the Gospel. I actually hear a lot less about it nowadays. But, just like I hear SO MUCH about tolerance and compassion, don't judge, love is all- as a bigger focus than the Gospel, if any subject is spoken about more than the Good News, it is a turning away from our first love. It is hard to find that balance. I believe God wants us to be financially secure, whether that's to give to missions, or have your needs met as a missionary, as long as we acknowledge He is our source. The teaching started because of financial hardship and to teach the congregation that we can't look to ourselves or our jobs, our spouse or others to provide our needs, but that our trust should be placed completely in God.

3 Ways We Prevent the Gospel from Making Our Churches Attractive

Here’s an example of that kind of community: a few years ago, a Harvard professor visited my church. He was an expert in crowd psychology. He wasn’t a Christian. The relationships in the church fascinated him. It seemed people had nothing to gain from each other. He didn’t see any plausible explanation for what drew this ungainly group together—until, underneath it all, he discovered the gospel. Today, he is following Christ in our church.

God's Not Dead: If Bacteria are so Fit, Why Evolve into Mozart?

Large body mass creatures are much less fit than the tenacious organisms like bacteria and cockroaches. The evolutionists do not have to deal with just a missing link; the whole chain is gone. Only God and His revelation can give us a foundation for science.[3] The theory of survival of the fittest does not comport with the reality of ultra-resilient cockroaches because they do not need to evolve into higher forms. They do just fine without knowing Mickey Mouse or Plato. Bacteria would not become more stout and produce more survivable offspring if they could read poetry or applaud Tiger Woods. Bacteria do not have determination or conviction. Even if they did, how could that resolve give them the innate force to evolve? They would need purpose and the means to fulfill that purpose, a teleological reason. This can only come when there is intelligence and purpose. A universe composed of only matter and motion cannot produce teleology, hence unguided evolution is a myth; it is fable for profligate adults. It not only does not gel with the facts; it is impossible for it to be true.

Why Won't You Be My Neighbor?

All this means that Americans are growing farther apart and talking less with people who have different opinions. “It used to be that even if you lived in an enormously conservative area, you would meet some liberal college professor who was worried about some progressive cause,” says Dunkelman. “In those everyday interactions that you would have, you might not be convinced they were right, but you’d begin to understand that they have a legitimate point of view.”

Stop Trying to ‘Fix’ Your Friends

This is the beauty of the Body: God appoints weakness and strength at different times, and He calls us to bear one another’s burdens. In Mark 2:1-12, friends of a paralyzed man carried him through a roof and into a meeting where Jesus was, believing He could heal him. We are invited to live the same way in our strong seasons, holding our loved ones before the Lord and believing He will heal.

Can Someone be ‘Too Christian’?

Ooo the feels on this question. I have to admit that I feel the same way. I have a lot of friends who are arguably really conservative when compared to myself but I don't know if I ever saw it as 'too Christian'. I think the only people I can think that may fit this category are a pair of siblings I grew up with at my old church. Don't get me wrong, they're great people and strong servants of Christ, and the only moment I thought they were 'too Christian' was when we were graduating highschool. My friends and I were all gunning for the best school we could get into. It was what we worked hard for our whole lives. The other two on the other hand, rolled by with B's and C's because they had already decided to head to a small Christian college that didn't have grade criterias. In fact, you could show up on day 1 with a check and they'll let you in. Anyways, one day we were chatting about college and when we mentioned where we were all going, the two of them looked at us like we were nuts. The first words out of their mouths were, "Why aren't you guys going to a Christian school?" The tone wasn't so much as judgemental as it was in wonderment that we never even considered a 'Christian' university.


People are leaving the church J.D. Greear pastors. Big givers. Key volunteers. Some of his best leaders and friends....

The Future of the Church

Last year, The Future of Protestantism brought together three theologians for a lively discussion about the state of Protestantism. Now, four members of different traditions will gather to move that conversation forward. What is the future of the church? What changes might we need to make for greater unity to happen and what healthy distinctions need to be maintained? Join us for this important dialogue.

ThinkChristian on Twitter

Stephen Colbert quoting J.R.R. Tolkien: … That's just one of the delights of his GQ interview.

A Call for a More Reflective Christianity

The mindset the psalmist suggests is hard to maintain. It is contrary to the technique-driven life. In order to live a reflective life, then, you must be okay with the tension of not always having immediate answers and quick fixes. You must be patient with people, with prayer, and with the Spirit of God for wisdom. You must be comfortable with failure and with repentance. You must be okay with other people’s successes while you are tangled in trials. None of us are good at those things, naturally.

Ants are able to 'self-medicate' when sick - the first insects observed doing so

It appears that ants, usually seen as the ultimate self-sacrificing workers, are also not bad at saving their own skins.

Michael Gerson: Saying goodbye to my child, the youngster

The end of childhood, of course, can be the start of adult relationships between parents and children that are rewarding in their own way. I’m anxious to befriend my grown sons. But that hasn’t stopped the random, useless tears. I was cautioned by a high-powered Washington foreign policy expert that he had been emotionally debilitated for weeks after dropping off his daughter at college for the first time. So I feel entitled to a period of brooding.

Is There Any Actual Demand for Same-Sex Marriage?

*Throughout this article—and this series—I’ll refer to same-sex marriage without the use of scare quotes. The reason is because I find the use of such quotes tedious for the reader and not because I believe “same-sex marriage” to be marriage. In fact, let me clarify that despite any attempts by the culture or courts to redefine the term, marriage is an institution that only exists between a man and a woman. The lack of scare quotes does not imply any endorsement of the linguistic and ontological errors embedded in the phrase “same-sex marriage.”

Why You've Been Duped Into Believing The Myth That The World Is Getting Worse and Worse


Now before we finish I need to remind you that this is not just an ancient heresy. Modalism is a doctrine that is alive and well, not in the evangelical church –because you can’t be evangelical and be a modalist, but it is alive and well within the evangelical subculture. There are teachers out there, musicians, diet gurus out there who have self-consciously adopted this particular error and nevertheless have found a wide audience among evangelicals. We need to be on guard because we have to understand that heresy and heretics do not come equipped with easy-to-see devil horns.

Avail: Helping Women Choose Life

Avail NYC has been around for almost two decades, but it has seen an increase in demand over the last two years. It is itching for a growth spurt. As Susanne Metaxas, president and CEO of Avail, put it at the organization’s annual fundraiser this spring, Avail was founded “in response to the overwhelming number of abortions that occur each year in New York City. At 37 percent, New York City’s abortion rate is almost twice the national average — a staggering reality.” The goal at Avail is “to support, educate, and equip women to make the best choice for themselves and their unborn children: life. Our hope is to reduce the number of abortions in New York City, one life at a time.”

New Proofs for God's Existence - Cosmological Argument

1)      The Grim Reaper – this analogy was originally conceived by Jose Benardete in 1964 and modified slightly by Alexander Pruss. 2   Consider a Grim Reaper (GR) who will kill Fred in 1 BC but if only if all other GRs failed to previously. Similarly, an additional GR will kill Fred in 2 BC if he is still alive in that year. There is a separate GR for each year prior to that with the same instructions going back into the infinite past. This story is possible if an infinite regress is possible. However, this scenario is not logically possible because it leads to a contradiction. At least one Grim Reaper has initiated a death warrant, since otherwise all would have failed to do their duty. Suppose it was the N’th GR. But GR #N would have acted only if all earlier GR’s did not act. So both GR #(N+1) and GR #(N+2) did not act. But if GR #(N+2) and all earlier GRs did not act, then GR #(N+1) would have acted and thus a contradiction results. Thus we have a reducio ad absurdum and an infinite regress is logically impossible.

Change You Can Believe In

I’m not calling for political apathy. I think that is irresponsible. Christians desperately need a biblical view of government and a just society. Instead, I’m calling for believers to cast their anxieties about the immorality of society on Jesus and be on mission in their neighborhoods and cities.

Americans recount French train attack: 'He was ready to fight to the end. So were we.'

“It seemed like he kept pulling more weapons left and right – pulled out a handgun, Alek took that; took out a box cutter, started jabbing at me with that. We let go,” said Stone. “All three of us started punching him while he was in the middle of us. I was able to grab him again and choke him unconscious while Alek was hitting him in the head with the pistol or rifle….

Innovative Apologetics: A List of Religious and Theistic Scientists and Geniuses

Correcting four myths about the history of the Crusades

What had happened? Most people actually know the answer, if pressed—though for some reason they do not usually connect the answer with the crusades. The answer is the rise of Islam. Every one of the listed regions was taken, within the space of a hundred years, from Christian control by violence, in the course of military campaigns deliberately designed to expand Muslim territory at the expense of Islam’s neighbors. Nor did this conclude Islam’s program of conquest. The attacks continued, punctuated from time to time by Christian attempts to push back. Charlemagne blocked the Muslim advance in far western Europe in about a.d. 800, but Islamic forces simply shifted their focus and began to island-hop across from North Africa toward Italy and the French coast, attacking the Italian mainland by 837. A confused struggle for control of southern and central Italy continued for the rest of the ninth century and into the tenth. In the hundred years between 850 and 950, Benedictine monks were driven out of ancient monasteries, the Papal States were overrun, and Muslim pirate bases were established along the coast of northern Italy and southern France, from which attacks on the deep inland were launched.

Bonhoeffer’s Seminary Vision: A Case for Costly Discipleship and Life Together

Chapter 6 concludes the book with “some possibilities for incarnational seminaries.” This chapter applies all House has observed in Bonhoeffer’s life and writing. It also encapsulates his own burden for reforming seminary education. He holds Bonhoeffer’s seminaries as models from which modern educators can learn and selectively imitate. In discerning what is “transferable to our work today” (184), he answers a handful of objections and proceeds to make applications at a variety of levels (e.g., large seminaries, small seminaries, seminary enrichment programs, university theology departments, etc.). This is the most unique part of the book, and the one to which theological educators should give the most consideration.

John Piper Prays Planned Parenthood Will Stop Killing Children Before Crowd of 6,000 at Minn. Protest

As thousands of Christians and others gathered outside Planned Parenthood clinics across the country Saturday to protest government funding for the abortion provider, theologian John Piper stood among the crowd at a clinic in Minnesota and prayed for the highly controversial organization.

Donald Trump Compares Himself to Billy Graham; Says 'My Favorite Book Is the Bible'

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump looked at the crowd gathered for his rally at a 40,000-seat college football stadium in Mobile, Alabama, saying he now knows how evangelist Billy Graham felt. He also said the book he likes the most is the Bible.

Why We Should All Practice Confession

If you’re Protestant, you may also have got the idea that confession is just for Catholics, that it’s always done in a booth, and that the priest—kind but nail-bitingly meticulous—only absolves you after dragging out of you horrible, malicious little deeds you’re not even quite sure were wrong. Perhaps that’s why in the movies you never see someone coming in for confession every week. It’s always “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It’s been half a century since my last confession.”

Convictions and Cultural Change: A Google Hangout with John MacArthur Tomorrow at 3pm

As we seek to leverage new technology for the advancement of God’s Kingdom, we regularly host live Google Hangouts with Christian leaders.

Banksy Created a Parody Theme Park Called ‘Dismaland'

Anonymous British street artist Banksy has revealed his latest display in the form of a “ bemusement park .” The park features a run-down Cinderella’s castle, a police tank outfitted with a slide, a handful of very miserable-looking workers along with unique takes on traditional attractions such as “crazy gulf,” an “oil caliphate-themed golf course.” In usual Banksy fashion, the park was constructed in secret. The residents of the English town where it sits were told a film was being shot at the construction site. It’s set to open to the public tomorrow, and tickets are already in high demand, though potential attendees are finding the website rather hard to figure out (which some figure may just be another intentionally dismal part of the whole experience).

God Does Exist: Applied Apologetics: Without God One Falls into Irrationality and Relativism

5 Things We Can Learn from the Ashley Madison Scandal

I'm a counselor, working quite a bit with the issue of sexuality and pornography in relationships. One of the things that continues to surprise me is how Christian young women are NOT being educated about the realities of pornography use today. I hear this story over and over: "I love my boyfriend, he's great, we're talking about getting married, but he just told me he's been looking at porn since age 10. What am I supposed to do?" After answering that question individually many times, I wrote a little ebook to empower young women with information, with conversation starters, with tools to make healthy, informed decisions in their dating lives. It's called Porn and Your Boyfriend, available at Amazon.

America’s Criminal Justice System Is Broken

I find it incredible that on a "Christian" website like Relevant, there are comments looking to justify the abhorrent actions of a government system skewed towards incarcerating poor black men. Since the incarceration rates are disgustingly high, us Christians, should be letting our government, at every level, know that this is a travesty that must stop. If we are truly for rehabilitating these people who commit crimes then we, as a society and especially Christians, should offer a much better path to reduce recidivism. Using biased statistics to blame the abnormally high incarceration rates on black people themselves is a poor excuse to let this injustice continue. We Christians cannot continue to standby and point fingers at others when we have clearly not loved our neighbors as ourselves by locking away so many prisoners without a true path to redemption.

Your Dreams Are Impossible, and That’s Okay

Let’s be honest: embracing your impossible dreams will be tough. There will be a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of people questioning whether or not you’ve gone off the deep end. During those times it’s important to remember that if God gave you a dream, He will be faithful to fulfill it. That doesn't mean it'll be easy, of course—but it'll be worth it.

Ligonier Ministries

So then, the Bible requires us to believe that Adam was a historical person. Now, taking up our second question, what are we to make of the argument that nothing in the gospel would be lost if we were to deny Adam’s historicity? May we uphold universal sin and death while discounting the way in which the Scripture says sin and death entered the world? The answer is no. The Bible does not give us that option. It clearly teaches that sin entered the world through the one action of one historical man, Adam (Rom. 5:12). If we reject the Bible’s account of a historical point of entry for sin into human existence, then, as Richard Gaffin has rightly observed, sin is no longer a matter of “human fallenness.” It is a matter of “human givenness.” It is just the way that human beings are.

Original Sin: Its Importance & Fairness - Christian Research Institute

Many Christians appeal to “federal” (or “representative”) headship of Adam. 7 The idea is that a head can be chosen to represent the other members of a group or country and, just as a country’s leader may declare war without polling that country’s individual citizens, so Adam, the federal head of the human race, chose to rebel against God, thus also making rebels of his race. Adam’s progeny may not have “voted” for rebellion against God, but, just like the citizens of a country at war, Adam’s progeny have become enemies of God by the act of their representative. Adam’s children might object that they didn’t have the opportunity to choose their representative, but God knows who is best able to represent the human race. As theologian William Shedd put it, “The sin of Adam, consequently, is imputed to posterity in the very same way that the righteousness of Christ is imputed to the believer—namely, undeservedly and gratuitously.” 8 Proponents of this view point out that it wasn’t fair that Christ should die for humans. One act may have made us guilty, but one act makes righteous all who trust Jesus.

How a Woman Can Harness Power of Prayer: You Need to 'Craft Your Own Strategy' to Fight the Devil

" Fervent  will uncover the enemy who is lurking behind the scenes of some of your life's most pressing problems. Then, it will equip you with the tools you need to craft your own strategy of prayers so that you can stand firm against his (devil's) schemes," explains Shirer, a New York Times best-selling author and co-founder of Going Beyond Ministries, to The Christian Post.

Van Til's Common Grace and the Gospel - Reformed Forum

Hermonta – A rhetorical question? Reformed Forum doesn’t control modes of publishing for P&R;neither does Dr. Oliphint. While it is 2015, and a variety of digital publishing paths are available (Kindle is not the only game in town), it is still a world of publishing rights and marketing agreements. Old or existing agreements for distribution are not automatically abrogated or updated because new technologies appear. Also, it is a matter of publishers deciding if they can agree to Amazon rules for Kindle, Apple rules for iBooks, etc. A publisher still needs to see a decent return on sales to stay in existence. Your question is best addressed to

'Jihadi John' Vows to Return to UK With ISIS' Leader and 'Cut Heads Off' of Nonbelievers

A masked, black-clad militant, who has been identified by the Washington Post newspaper as a Briton named Mohammed Emwazi, stands next to a man purported to be Steven Sotloff in this still image from a video obtained from SITE Intel Group website February 26, 2015. The "Jihadi John" killer who has featured in several Islamic State beheading videos is Emwazi, a Briton from a middle class family who grew up in London and graduated from college with a degree in computer programming, the Washington Post newspaper said. In videos released by Islamic State the masked, black-clad militant brandishing a knife and speaking with an English accent appears to have carried out the beheadings of hostages including Americans and Britons.

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