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You Need the Gospel Every Single Day

Christians never outgrow their need for the gospel. We need simple gospel truth every single day.

Real Mercy Begins with Jesus

Unless we’re giving people Jesus, our handouts are only adding rest stops on the way to eternal destruction.

Debating This Saturday (August 19th) in Philadelphia

For those of you in the Philadelphia area, Robert Spencer and I will be debating Sakhawat Hussain and Sayyid Atiq Ebady this Saturday. H...

Did God create evil? — Southern Equip

Resources for Church Leaders

From Bloodlines to Bloodline

God takes all of us from our various racial and ethnic bloodlines and leads us to the one bloodline of Jesus Christ.

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Gospel contradictions? Why they don't exist. A Little Experiment to Teach Skeptics about trying to mindlessly refute the NT - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

You amuse yourself with the account of what the scripture calls many saints, and you call an army of faints, and are angry with Matthew for not having told you a great many things about them.—It is very possible that Matthew might have known the fact of their resurrection, without knowing every thing about them; but if he had gratified your curiosity in every particular, I am of opinion that you would not have believed a word of what he had told you. I have no curiosity on the subject; it is enough for me to know that “Christ was the first fruits of them that slept,” and “that all that are in the graves shall hear his voice and shall come forth,” as those holy men did, who heard the voice of the Son of God at his resurrection, and passed from death to life. If I durst indulge myself in being wise above what is written, I might be able to answer many of your inquiries relative to those saints; but I dare not touch the ark of the Lord, I dare not support the authority of scripture by the boldness of conjecture. Whatever difficulty there may be in accounting for the silence of the other evangelists, and of St.

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Today's quote of the day is attributed to John Wesley #PremierDrive

Greg Koukl on Twitter

Need clarity after this past week's events? Take those ?'s to Greg today 4-6pm PT, 855-243-9975. Listen live: … .

4 The TC Apologetics Daily

Are Evangelicals Donating Too Directly to Missions?

Younger donors also are more likely than older donors to research an organization before giving (96% vs. 88%), as well as to choose ministries that do long-term humanitarian work such as caring for orphans (89% vs. 85%) or providing education (76% vs. 68%). They’re less likely to favor things such as making the Bible available (90% vs. 96%), teaching Christians to live as disciples (77% vs. 83%) or strengthening marriages and families (70% vs. 76%), ECFA reported.

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Family identifies American killed in Barcelona attack #TheSift …

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College Is Not A Day Care: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth

PIPER: Chesterton told us that if you want freedom you have to build a fence. He also said that when you get rid of big laws you don’t get liberty but rather thousands of little laws that rush in to fill the vacuum. Jesus said you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. If you stop teaching truth it always leads to tyranny. There is no liberty without law and there is no freedom without fences. This message was born in Bethlehem not Berkeley. The proof is in the pudding. Just watch these college protests and ask yourself who is really more free. Who really believes in openness and debate? Who really believes in a robust exchange of ideas? Which worldview lends itself to intellectual freedom and which one seems shockingly close to ideological fascism? Berkeley or Bethlehem? You choose.

9 The TC Apologetics Daily

Do You Read the Bible Like a Nonbeliever?

All of us know what it is like to read without seeing “wondrous things.” We have stared at the most glorious things without seeing them as glorious. We have seen marvels without marveling. We have put God’s sweet kindness on the tongue of our soul without tasting sweetness. We have seen unspeakable love without feeling loved. We have seen the greatest power and felt no awe. We have seen immeasurable wisdom and felt no admiration. We have seen the holiness of wrath and felt no trembling. Which means we are “seeing without seeing” (Mattew 13:13). This is why we must continue to weave the thread of God-dependent prayer into our reading: “Show me your glory” (Exodus 33:18).

Book Preview: Five Proofs of the Existence of God by Ed Feser

You can checkout his blog here . About the Book Five Proofs of the Existence of God provides a detailed, updated exposition and defense of five of the historically most important (but in recent years largely neglected) philosophical proofs of God's existence: the Aristotelian proof, the Neo-Platonic proof, the Augustinian proof, the Thomistic proof, and the Rationalist proof. This book also offers a detailed treatment of each of the key divine attributes -- unity, simplicity, eternity, omnipotence, omniscience, perfect goodness, and so forth -- showing that they must be possessed by the God whose existence is demonstrated by the proofs. Finally, it answers at length all of the objections that have been leveled against these proofs. This book offers as ambitious and complete a defense of traditional natural theology as is currently in print. Its aim is to vindicate the view of the greatest philosophers of the past -- thinkers like Aristotle, Plotinus, Augustine, Aquinas, Leibniz, and many others -- that the existence of God can be established with certainty by way of purely rational arguments.

How to Be a Buddhist in Today’s World or Not

President Trump Right to Reset Afghanistan Strategy

In his address to the nation Monday, August 21, President Donald Trump articulated a new vision for the way forward for the United States in Afghanistan, and the broader region as a whole. This approach included a recommitment to security in the region, holding partners accountable for their actions and building strong relationships with those with whom the United States shares common interests. Dr. James Carafano released the following statement in response to the president's address, and the shift in strategy it highlights: 

'House of Cards' Keeps Scraping the Bottom of Evil’s Barrel

This sense of predictability casts a shadow over the entire season, which begins with Frank’s campaign race against Republican newcomer, Will Conway. But any dramatic possibilities this competition might hold quickly evaporate as Frank and Claire settle into their familiar roles. In short, we already know how the race will end. We know that the couple will stop at nothing to consolidate their power, that they view the entire justice system as nothing more than an elaborate obstacle course, that votes will be rigged, and innocent blood will be shed. It’s not just that Frank’s ill-gotten victory over Conway is a foregone conclusion; it’s that we no longer care. Invulnerable characters are boring characters.

Steve Bannon Out; Source Says Trump Fired Chief Strategist

President Donald Trump has fired his chief strategist Steve Bannon, a person familiar with the decision told Reuters on Friday.

True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In - Kindle edition by James Choung. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

"Christianity seems like just another screwed-up religion!" Anna said. "Seriously, what has Christianity done for us—or for the world, for that matter? They're just a bunch of hypocrites, that's what I think! Are they good for anything?" "I don't know, Anna," Caleb said. "I just don't know." Caleb has been a Christian for a long time. But he realizes that he can't bring himself to share his faith with anyone because it doesn't sound like good news anymore. Christianity's truth claims come across as hollow, arrogant and intolerant. Christians have a bad track record of hating and condemning those they disagree with. Worst of all, it feels like Christianity is just about "saving souls," giving people an escape ticket to heaven while the world falls apart. Is it only about Jesus forgiving our sins? There must be more to it than that... In this engaging narrative, James Choung weaves the tale of a search for a Christianity worth believing in. Disillusioned believer Caleb and hostile skeptic Anna wrestle with the plausibility of the Christian story in a world of pain and suffering.


Develop your gifts. Gifts are like muscles: The more you use them, the bigger they get. You can strengthen and develop and grow what God has given you. Any gift that God gives you can and should be developed. You get better at it by practice, studying, and learning from other people who have the same gift. I’ve learned that when God gives you something, he will give you even more of it if you use it well — more talent, money, influence, relationships, or responsibility. He says, “I can trust that person. I’m going to give that person more and more and more.”

The Haunting Problem of Pain

Used effectively, this can plant a seed of doubt as to whether a good God can exist. Granted, there is no reasonable way to get from the statement “it doesn’t seem fair,” or, “it doesn’t make sense,” to the conclusion, “he doesn’t exist.” But that doesn’t matter. Your patient simply needs to feel that it makes sense. The problem of evil then becomes the problem of God.

The Multiverse Is Science’s Assisted Suicide | Evolution News

Eugene Lim  insisted  at  The Conversation  in 2015 that parallel universes are science: “Whether we will ever be able to prove their existence is hard to predict. But given the massive implications of such a finding it should definitely be worth the search.” Very well, but some people research ghosts on the same basis. What makes the multiverse quest “science” but the ghost hunt “anti-science,” once evidence no longer matters as much as it used to?

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Cambridge Press reverses course on Chinese censorship … #WorldTour @onize_ohiks @CambridgeUP

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Why Would a Good God Allow Moral Evil? | Cold Case Christianity

Every year, millions of scissors are manufactured and sold in countries across the world. Everyone knows how valuable and useful scissors can be. No one is arguing for laws to prevent the manufacturing or sale of scissors; we understand how beneficial they are. Yet every year, hundreds of homicides and assaults are committed with scissors (I’ve actually investigated some of these). While scissors were designed for a good and useful purpose, they are often used to commit great evil. In a similar way, our personal “free agency” is a beautiful gift that allows us to love. It was intended to provide us the means through which we can love one another and even love God. But this freedom, like a pair of scissors, can be used for great evil as well if we choose to reject its original purpose.

Bringing Back Baylor

And then we do a lot of media relations and building contacts in various communities. At Baylor, being connected with the Waco community is important, along with the broader array of communities in Texas. There are now multiple aspects of what you do as a president that are beyond what is happening on your campus, yet they influence deeply what happens on your campus. In the end, you do all that in the context of setting the vision, direction, and strategy for the university.

I Don't Take The Bible Literally, And Neither Does Anyone Else

A recent report from Pew tells us that only 39 percent of Christians take the Bible literally. This is very bad news for believers’ fidelity to Scripture, but not for the reason you might think. It’s also a poor reflection on the good folks at Pew.

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The Point: The Triage Trap

But don’t fall for it. This is a triage argument—it’s a problem of choosing whom to save when you can’t save both. But except in very rare cases, abortion is not triage. Almost always it’s a simple question of whether to intentionally kill a human being who’s considered inconvenient. If neither the life of the mother nor the unborn child is in danger, then stay out of the proverbial weeds. Only one question matters in this debate: What is the unborn?

Black and White Christian Leaders Lament Charlottesville

“We want to hear of the pain and anger from African American leaders, and we want to hear the resolve and commitment from white leaders,” stated Birdsall, past leader of the Lausanne Movement and the American Bible Society, in an explanatory email. “We also want to hear the pain and anger from white leaders, and the resolve, commitment, and vision of African American leaders.”

5 Common Answers to Kids' Questions about God That Can Do More Harm than Good

A couple of years ago, my husband and I were invited to a dinner party with a few other new parents from our kids’ Christian elementary school. After we worked our way through appetizers and the requisite small talk, the conversation turned to our respective faith backgrounds. One of the moms confessed that, as much as she loved the Lord, she struggled with how to share her faith with her son—so she had enrolled him at a Christian school where others might be able to do a “better job.”

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With events like Charlottesville, Christians must be clear and unambiguous act condemning racism & bigotry as evil. … .

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Did Jesus Commend Faith That Is Blind?

Jesus is talking here about all the people (like you and me) who will believe in Jesus not because of what we will see with our own eyes but because of what the disciples saw and recorded as eyewitnesses (“their word”). Yes, Thomas was blessed to believe on the basis of what he saw, but how much more blessed are those who will someday believe, not on the basis of what they will see, but on the basis of what the disciples saw and faithfully recorded. Jesus understood the value of evidence and continually provided “many convincing proofs” (Acts 1:2-3) to His followers so they could record their observations and change the world with their testimony. Jesus commended this process; His words to Thomas were not an affirmation of “blind faith”.

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Facing Our Legacy of Lynching

Once in town, I couldn’t find the Fourth Street Bridge. My husband dropped me at the local history museum and took our kids to play in a park. I awkwardly brought up the lynching with the man at the museum, who knew exactly what I was referring to. He gave me as much information as he had, making copies from local history books. I asked him if the museum would ever consider making an exhibit about Tucker, but the man shook his head sadly. “We just don’t have enough information” he said. “There isn’t even a single photo of Alonzo in existence.”

Faithful Theological Education

When faithful Calvinists founded Princeton Theological Seminary in 1812, they faced a religious environment where the second awakening was creating great enthusiasm in many churches. Some believed that the end of the world was near and that all energy needed to be given at once to evangelism and missions. Calvinists were repeatedly challenged with the question: do we really need all this education when all people really need is the simple gospel? In response to that question and the situation they faced, the founders of Princeton wrote: “zeal without learning and learning without zeal must ultimately prove injurious to the church.” Here is a superbly balanced statement. We may be able for a time to operate just on zeal, but in the long run zeal alone will injure the church. In the long run Christianity that is faithful and stable and deep must also have learning.

The Centuries-Old Habits of the Heart

Trump deserves strong criticism for his failure to specifically and clearly condemn white nationalism. The lure of power and votes do not justify his silence. Yet, to criticize an unpopular president is easy. Perhaps the harder, more difficult task we face in the wake of Charlottesville is to consider how we as citizens and Christians engage in a similar type of silence on a regular basis. Many of us mobilize in defense of ideals of equality every time an incident like Charlottesville occurs but quickly retreat to our comfort zones when public attention dies down. Daily battles for equality in church, education, employment, and the criminal justice system are much harder to maintain.

Thou Shalt Not Bail

By way of solutions, he suggests that we morally evaluate our impulse to bail according to three criteria: the reason, the method, and the potential impact. But I wonder if there aren’t different (perhaps more difficult) considerations for people formed into the image of Jesus. Christ called his disciples to integrity by saying, “All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one” (Matt. 5:37). Even if bailing has become a socially acceptable response to our overly saturated schedules, we should resist the urge to conform to the pattern of knee-jerk yeses overturned by last-minute nos .

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Pocket Handbook of Christian Apologetics $2.99

A Surprising Ingredient in Christian Contentment

Jesus taught a right ordering of our fears when he instructed his hearers not to fear the one who can only kill the body but instead to fear the one who has the power and authority to sentence you to hell (Matthew 10:28). Without taking anything away from the legitimate issues that people are facing, the biblical doctrine of sin relativizes every other issue and subordinates it to this one. There are over seven billion problems in the world, but none is more pressing than how we deal with the truth that wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23).

The Strength of Marvel's 'The Defenders' Is Diversity

The first few episodes set the table with aplomb. We catch up with Luke Cage, who manages an early release from prison with the help of a lawyer who will be familiar to fans of these shows. Iron Fist is traveling the world with Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) taking out members of menacing magic ninja club The Hand. There’s Matt Murdoch, whose legal career is finally gaining some traction even as he’s retired from the superhero business following the events of his own most recent season. And finally Jessica Jones, who I’m happy to report is in the exact same place we left her, wrestling to both keep her private eye career afloat and hangovers at bay, and not having a lot of success with either.

What Happens When Your Life Isn't Matching Up With Your Faith?

Oswald Chambers puts it this way, “God never gives us discernment in order that we may criticize, but that we may intercede.” If you notice some variation in the life of a brother or sister, you have been allowed to see it by God’s grace so that you may pray for them, and that you may know how to do so better than you were before. You are not seeing this so that you can feel superior to them, nor so that you can have something to hold against them. You have been given insight into an area in which they struggle so that you can pick up your sword and get into the battle with them.

World-Changers Read All the Time. Here's How You Can Too

I do believe that the most innovative world-changers today are readers, as they have been for many previous generations. So, if we are reading more than ever, what sets apart these world-changers from everyone else? The answer to this question lies not in quantity of reading, but in the quality of what is read and how it is read. Here are a few ideas on how to read more transformatively, not only for your sake, but for the sake of your church, your neighborhood and the world.

Christian politicians defend jailed activists - Premier

Trump evangelical adviser: it would be immoral to withdraw from president following Charlottesville criticism - Premier

One of Donald Trump's advisers has told Premier he has no intention of removing himself from the president's evangelical advisory board following criticism of his handling of the Charlottesville tragedy.

The Media's Glaring Double Standards on Violence and Hate

The KKK, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis are evil. I deplore what they stand for and denounce it—as a follower of Jesus, as a Jew, as an American, and as a human being. I pray that they would repent and find mercy from God, and to the extent that the media exposes their lies, I applaud the media.

My Visit to Iraq: In the Heart of Sadness, A Glimmer of Hope | RZIM

I traveled with my colleagues, Thomas Janzen and Sanj Kalra. We were accompanied by our chief of security and also by a board member, Chris Blattner. Yes, more and more we have to travel with security. The death threats and other threats abound. It is a sad world. I could give more detail here too, but I will hold back. Just know that there are those who seek to hurt us one way or the other. Some of the harshest and most cruel threats have come our way. It saddens but will never deter. I will keep going no matter what the attacks. It touches my heart that my six-year-old grandson prays that God would protect his papa from mean people. He asks why they would want to hurt me. I believe God will answer my little grandson’s prayer. Our Lord himself was attacked in every way. Can we expect any less? I have claimed Psalm 71 and Psalm 91 over my life.

Lay Aside the Weight of Insincerity

And no one more is more impressive than Jesus. He’s the one we want everyone else to see. The glory of his grace is more clearly seen through our sins that he has paid for and forgiven, and the glory of his power is more clearly seen in our weaknesses (2 Corinthians 12:9–10). When we wax our jars, we are doing far more than concealing our defects; we are concealing Jesus’s glory.

Where Is God’s Love in Loss?

For the next several years, I struggled to reconcile the truth that God loves me with the reality of my family’s pain. It took over a decade for me to find the answers I was looking for, but when I read through John 11:3–6, I finally began to properly interpret my pain through the lens of God’s love. The answers in this passage are not easy, but when we take these verses at face value, they are extremely beautiful and healing. These four verses hold the answers our hearts are looking for as we seek to embrace God’s love while also being honest about the pain we each experience.

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How Do We Make Disciples of All Nations If We're Not Gifted in Apologetics or Evangelism?

Greg shares how any Christian - no matter their skills - can play a part in making disciples of all nations. For more information, visit Connect with us: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

Alexander Vilenkin: 'All the evidence we have says that the universe had a beginning'

Did the cosmos have a beginning? The Big Bang theory seems to suggest it did, but in recent decades, cosmologists have concocted elaborate theories – for example, an eternally inflating universe or a cyclic universe – which claim to avoid the need for a beginning of the cosmos. Now it appears that the universe really had a beginning after all, even if it wasn’t necessarily the Big Bang.

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