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Raised to New Life: The Symbol of Baptism

Baptism has no saving power in itself, but it is an important symbol that demonstrates our covenant vows to Jesus.

Early August 2017 Presuppositional Apologetics’ Links

Here are the links related to Presuppositional Apologetics gathered between August 1st-7th, 2017. 1.) Christianity: The Only Worldview of Truth 2.) No Absolute Truth 3.) Logic and Lily Pads 4.) Do …

Interview with Carl Trueman on Reformational Theology - Westminster Theological Seminary

Watch Marvin Olasky interview Dr. Carl Trueman on the themes of the Reformation and how they apply to our contemporary situation.

You Need the Gospel Every Single Day

Christians never outgrow their need for the gospel. We need simple gospel truth every single day.

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1 Ligonier Ministries

The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. Your gift enables our worldwide outreach. Donate Now

Matthew 18:18 and Binding Satan in Prayer - Christian Research Institute

I sometimes wonder how many times a day the words “I bind you, Satan” are declared. Through popular books, widely viewed blogs, and YouTube clips, prayers binding Satan or other malevolent spiritual forces have become routine in various circles of the Christian church. Generally speaking, the idea behind prayers of binding and loosing, whether for one’s self or others, is often expressed as enabling the “breaking of spiritual strongholds” and as achieving a more “effective ministry” in light of perceived demonic incursion and activity. On some occasions, the focus of binding and loosing prayers seem related to one’s own experience of achieving freedom and wholeness. On other occasions, the focus of such prayers relate to those who seem troubled, held back, or otherwise rendered impervious to Christian truth. In one particular manual, binding and loosing prayers are encouraged on a daily basis and are applied not only in the face of alleged spiritual attack but also for a host of situations and conditions ranging from financial hardship, tormenting thoughts, and sexual sin to protection before anesthesia, blood transfusion, or surgery.

3 Friday, August 18, 2017 — The Briefing

As Solomon warned, “Of making many books there is no end” (Ecc 12:12). There is no way to read everything, and not everything deserves to be read. I say that in order to confront the notion that anyone, anywhere, can master all that could be read with profit. I read a great deal, and a large portion of my waking hours are devoted to reading.

4 The TC Apologetics Daily

Run the Race to Finish

The race of faith is life’s journey for the Christian. Imagine what would happen if we looked to Jesus every day. Every weight would fall off and every sin would untangle from us. Each look at Jesus would strengthen us to endure and finish well. He waits for us on the other side. He is our crown, and we will be with him forever. Every huff, every twinge of pain, and every prolonged day on earth is worth patiently enduring the journey to get to the finish line — to get to Jesus.


It’s amazing to me that some people even try to blame God for the messes in their lives. But God’s will never contradicts God’s Word. If God says, “Don’t do that” in the Bible, he will never tell you “yes” through a feeling. I don’t care how good the feeling is — when you listen to your feelings instead of God’s Word, you’re walking straight into a trap. One of the most common excuses I’ve heard to justify a multitude of sins is, “God wants me to be happy, and this will make me happy.”

7 The TC Apologetics Daily

Christianity: The Only Worldview of Truth

9 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

Where to Bring Your Broken Heart

Instead, the key is to marry an emotional outlet with hope. This does not mean that we always, at every single moment, need to sustain a conscious feeling of hope alongside our grief — God makes room in Scripture for passages like Psalm 88 and Job 3. He does not ask the believer to take a Pollyanna view of the believing life. But Paul reminds the Thessalonians that their grief is different from a mere emotional outpour (1 Thessalonians 4:13). It is grounded in the truth of the gospel which is the spring of hope and life itself (Romans 15:13; 1 Thessalonians 4:14–17). Gospel hope is the foundation of healthy grief. We may not always see it or focus on it, but it is there, and it will rise again (Psalm 51:12).

White Supremacy Is Spiritual Bondage

For this special episode of The Gospel Coalition Podcast , I spoke with Mika Edmondson, pastor of  New City Fellowship OPC , a church plant in southeast Grand Rapids, Michigan. He recently earned a PhD in systematic theology from Calvin Seminary, where he wrote a dissertation on King’s theology of suffering . We talked about how sin doesn’t go away with time, but can only be healed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, and about the need to practice loving church discipline for unrepentant racists. My questions include:

The Eternal Shore: Five Things We Forget About Heaven

We tend to think about the spiritual joy of heaven more than its physical pleasures. But I think heaven will have both. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know how to imagine all the details, but I don’t think God created waterfalls, raspberries, relationships, and art only to destroy them forever so we could float in an ethereal, cloudy realm. And I’m pretty sure the “pleasures forevermore” at God’s right hand (Psalm 16:11) are not exhausted by an eternity of singing praise choruses.

Books - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

Correct, Not Politically Correct: How Same Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone Why not legalize same-sex marriage? Who could it possibly hurt? Using sound reasoning and evidence—not religion—award-winning author Frank Turek shows that everyone will be hurt including children, the nation, and even homosexuals themselves. Turek provides concise answers to objections about equal rights, discrimination, and being born a certain way, and he exposes the real reason gay activists are trying to impose same-sex marriage on the country without a single vote from the people. Turek’s message is direct but respectful. It is correct, not politically correct. And it is a message that we must not ignore. For details, see .

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Today's Quote of the day comes from 1 Corinthians  #PremierDrive

On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision - Kindle edition by William Lane Craig, Lee Strobel. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

This concise guide is filled with illustrations, sidebars, and memorizable steps to help Christians stand their ground and defend their faith with reason and precision. In his engaging style, Dr. Craig offers four arguments for God’s existence, defends the historicity of Jesus’ personal claims and resurrection, addresses the problem of suffering, and shows why religious relativism doesn’t work. Along the way, he shares his story of following God’s call in his own life.

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Student Testimony: Apologetics as an Aid to Faith's Renewal

Student Testimony: Apologetics as an Aid to Faith's Renewal by Joshua Johnstone My name is Joshua Johnstone, and the following is my testimonial concerning my renewal of faith in Christ. First, a bit of background: Born and raised in North Carolina, my family sporadically attended an Episcopal church as I was growing up. I participated actively in the church as an acolyte and cross bearer, and was confirmed at the age of fifteen. Towards the end of high school and into my undergrad years at NC State University, I fell out of practice with my faith, and grew more and more distant from God. I tend to think very analytically, and I started to ask myself difficult questions. Why does suffering exist if there is an active, benevolent God? Why do we ask God for things through prayer if He already has a plan? How could Christ have performed miracles, and how could he have been raised from the dead? Is there a need for God when science can explain such a great deal? Faced with such questions, I gradually transitioned from Christianity to atheism. I became indifferent about faith and religion.

How to Stay in When It’s Hard: Making Disciples in Difficult Places

“The Ring-bearer is setting out on the Quest of Mount Doom. On him alone is any charge laid: . . . the others go with him as free companions, to help him on his way. You may tarry, or come back, or turn aside to other paths, as chance allows. The further you go, the less easy will it be for you to withdraw; yet no oath or bond is laid on you to go further than you will. For you do not yet know the strength of your hearts, and you cannot foresee what each may meet upon the road.”

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Opinion | Sundar Pichai Should Resign as Google’s C.E.O.

That is a blatantly dishonest characterization of the memo. Damore wrote nothing like that about his Google colleagues. Either Pichai is unprepared to understand the research (unlikely), is not capable of handling complex data flows (a bad trait in a C.E.O.) or was simply too afraid to stand up to a mob.

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I'm packing to go around the world in 80 days. What should I take with me? @ericmetaxas @bigvox @BillBubbaBussey

The Number One Reason to Learn Apologetics - New York Apologetics

It should be well understood that in each of these five verses the word apologia is utilized in context of hope known and shown through suffering. Also to acknowledge that seven of the eight uses of apologia are in view of Paul and his real time Hope in Christ. Amidst suffering

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Appearance of Evolution or Appearance of Design? The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology and Intelligent Design …

Lay Aside the Weight of Insincerity

And no one more is more impressive than Jesus. He’s the one we want everyone else to see. The glory of his grace is more clearly seen through our sins that he has paid for and forgiven, and the glory of his power is more clearly seen in our weaknesses (2 Corinthians 12:9–10). When we wax our jars, we are doing far more than concealing our defects; we are concealing Jesus’s glory.

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White superiority is your central issue? In case you haven't noticed, Racial Superiority has been flexed by all races recently.That's Gospel

BreakPoint on Twitter

In the wake of events in #Charlottesville , we re-present a commentary by Chuck Colson on the root of human #evil .

Local Atheist or Modern Pharisee — Who Is the Greater Threat?

Welcome back to the Ask Pastor John podcast. We close out the week with an email from a listener named David. “Hello, Pastor John! Up until his crucifixion, Jesus faced far more opposition from the Pharisees and others with an unhealthy religious spirit than he did from the Romans and the secular society. Do you believe that, in a similar way, the greatest opposition to God’s kingdom comes from within the church or the religious world, more so than the secular world?”

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All five are worthy, but only one will win. Vote today for the ministry that moves you most. … #HopeAwards #compassion

Mr. President, Right Now We Need a Unifier, Not Just a Fighter | The Stream

Mr. President, I write this with the utmost respect, knowing the weight of responsibility you carry and understanding how divided we are right now as a nation. My appeal to you, sir, is straightforward: Please help unify our country.

Leaders, find your identity in Christ — Southern Equip

As you grow in your skills and leadership, be careful to not find your identity in what you’re particularly good at doing. If you begin to lead, and if you show a type of grit that is befitting of a person of God, and you’re making those decisions, and if you begin to be recognized for being gifted in that arena, you are in the dangerous spot of easily letting that gift define who you are as a man or woman. It’s where your confidence comes from. It’s where you’re most comfortable with who you are. It’s where you know what to do. It’s where you have direction. Perhaps this reveals itself most on your days off of work. You know the feeling I’m talking about. It’s when you wake up on your day off and you feel kind of lost and you don’t know precisely what to do and you kind of look forward to getting back to work or back to the role where you know you are gifted. Be careful! This might be a sign of finding your identity in the wrong place. How do you guard against finding identity in your leadership and work? Contemplate your true identity!

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Apologetics Leads to True Worship

Apologetics and worship? Aren’t those mutually exclusive? Christian apologetics, the reasoned defense of the faith, is often seen as rather dry and clinical – a very cold, sterile niche of Christianity set aside for those kinda weird nerds or those that are a little more quarrelsome than they should be. Meanwhile, worship is of the heart, not the head, right? Well, this nerd begs to differ. Worship is certainly more than feelings. I would dare say that many mistake the beat of a good tune for the moving of the Spirit of God, but I digress….

35 How Does James’ Belief in Jesus Corroborate the Resurrection?

The astute reader will be astonished to see, in Acts 12, that James, the half-brother of Jesus, is mentioned by name by Peter before Peter leaves Jerusalem to escape Herod Agrippa. Let’s quickly review what we know of James from the Gospels.

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Instead of getting married at age 16 due to pregnancy, young people abstain from having sex until they are more mature & financially secure.

building into young people during their gap year

IMPACT 360 The Impact 360 Institute (with quality leaders like Dr. Jonathan Morrow) is making a proactive effort to build into high school kids and graduates during their gap year before college, helping them to know Jesus more deeply, be transformed by him, and live a life of Kingdom influence. ( More on that here ).

Laura Ingraham Interview with J. Warner Wallace (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

Laura Ingraham interviews J. Warner Wallace about his book, Cold Case Christianity

The God Who Commands Our Emotions

Which is why Augustine says, “Command what you will, and give what you command.” Because premise number three in Fletcher’s argument is true. You can’t turn them on and off, which is why people think they can’t be commanded. It makes us feel helpless. “You are commanding me to be happy in Jesus? What do you expect me to do — kind of start jumping up and down and hope it happens?” That is the kind of response you get.

How Were People Saved Before Christ? | J Warner Wallace

The “exclusivity” of Christianity is a stumbling block for many skeptics. How can Jesus be the only way to heaven? A claim such as this seems arrogant and intolerant in the pluralistic world in which we live. How can Christians believe millions of devout people from other religious traditions will be condemned just because they don’t know Jesus? Several years ago I received an email from a podcast listener who told me he believed all “good” people would eventually be “saved” just like the Old Testament saints. After all, the Bible acknowledges the salvation of devout Old Testament believers even though they lived and died long before Jesus walked on earth. If Old Testament saints can go to heaven without knowing or trusting Jesus, why can’t people today get to heaven by simply obeying the Ten Commandments?

Future Grace

Future Grace is one of Piper's most theological works, looking in detail at the nature of saving faith; at the same time it is one of his most practical, serving as a wartime manual for fighting the fight of faith. This combination makes it among his most important books, and I hope this new edition will make it better known. I hope readers notice that this is not merely a repackaging of an older book with a new look, but represents a careful recalibration at a few key places as Piper has become more Christocentric and more clear on the role of imputation and the function of bygone grace. Readers will find a sophisticated, nuanced, and hope-filled exploration of what it means to walk in the Spirit as we live by faith in all of God's promises in Christ. Justin Taylor, Executive Vice President, Crossway

Weakness and Wonder: How to Worship Like a Child

How many times have I approached the throne of grace with protective walls built around my heart? More times than I know. Corporate worship is a time for authentic vulnerability before God and others. We must come as we are, not fearing judgmental glances from others in the pew, but looking together to our gracious Savior. To Jesus, our walls are paper thin anyway: “And no creature is hidden from his sight, but all are naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give account” (Hebrews 4:13).

Defending the Accuracy of Scripture, One Coincidence at a Time

McGrew defines an undesigned coincidence as “a notable connection between two or more accounts or texts that doesn’t seem to have been planned. . . . Despite their apparent independence, the items fit together like pieces of a puzzle.” In other words, an undesigned coincidence occurs when multiple passages of Scripture include details that at first seem unrelated but which, upon further reflection, fit together in a way that only makes sense if both accounts are based on the same underlying historical truth.

Skeptic Gives a Fake Name Trying to Prove a Point

A skeptic at Southern Illinois University gives Frank Turek a fake name in attempt to discredit the New Testament. You may be surprised to see how he gets it in the end.

The War Within: Flesh Versus Spirit

Verse 17 says, “For the desires of the flesh are against the Spirit, and the desires of the Spirit are against the flesh; for these are opposed to each other to prevent you from doing what you would.” The main thing to learn from this verse is that Christians experience a struggle within. If you said to yourself when I was describing the flesh, “Well, I have a lot of that still left in me,” it does not necessarily mean you aren’t a Christian. A Christian is not a person who experiences no bad desires. A Christian is a person who is at war with those desires by the power of the Spirit.

The Stuff We All Agree on When It Comes to Origins | Cold Case Christianity

I get the chance to speak around the country and talk about how we, as Christians, assemble circumstantial evidence related to the reliability of the Gospels and the existence of God . As a result, I meet all kinds of Christians who hold a variety of views related to the Genesis creation account. Many are “Literal Day” creationists, while others lean toward some version of “Gap Theory”, “Day-Age Creation Theory”, “Creation Revelation Theory”, “Progressive Creation Theory”, “Genesis Creation Day Theory” or “Genesis Literary Theory” Creationism. Some believe that the universe is very young, others that it is very old. Some believe that God created everything in the form we see it in today (as the result of some form of “instantaneous” creation); others that God shaped His creation through some process of progressive interaction. When you ask these folks about the Bible, all of them will tell you that they believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God. All will agree that the Bible is the final authority. All will tell you that they believe what the Bible teaches. Christians simply disagree on how to interpret the first book of Moses.

Christ Levels the Dating Field

Don’t settle for a person who isn’t in ardent pursuit of the Father’s heart, and don’t fail to be in daily pursuit of him yourself! Don’t settle for a person who isn’t striving for God’s glory, and make strides in the race towards him yourself! Seek those who will call out sin in your life, help you walk through it, and spur you ever onward towards Christ. These seem rare in the world (the West particularly), but I think that’s often because we mark them off the list for superficial reasons too soon.

Podcast 65: Who Was Adam? with Dr. Fuz Rana of Reasons to Believe - A Clear Lens

On today’s episode, Nate and Gene play a Genesis trivia game, analyze a television clip from ABC’s The View on being a “pansexual homorantic”, and they welcome biochemist and apologist Dr. Fuz Rana (of  Reasons to Believe ) on the show to discuss his recent book:  Who Was Adam? A Creation Model Approach to the Origin of Humanity

Dear College Freshman: 5 Ways to Stay Strong in the Lord

Dear freshman, it is the glorious gospel of grace that will drive you to find a solid church home, foster a strong devotional life, establish healthy friendships, and pursue sexual purity. Good intentions, personal resolutions, and parental expectations may inspire for a time. But only by abiding in the incomparable love of Christ will you remain steadfast and immovable during your first year in college and beyond.

50 Brannon Howse

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