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Faith and the New Golden Age of Late-Night TV

What the Church can learn from the late-night revolution.

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Like The Gulag Archipelago, the Planned Parenthood Videos Show Us the Victims of a Utopian Dream | The Stream

The Planned Parenthood videos released make us face the victims of Margaret Sanger's sex utopia-- just as deadly as Marx's political and economic fantasy.

This is what Donald Trump’s popularity says about us. And it ain’t pretty.

Donald Trump is to presidential politics what Family Guy is to cartoons.

Watch This Insane Dude Set a World Record By Slacklining Between Two Mountains

You may be familiar with slacklining. It’s sort of like tightrope walking, except the line is less taut, allowing walkers to do cool tricks on it (as demonstrated here during the Super Bowl halftime show and, even more impressively, by Andy Samberg in this image). Insane daredevil Spencer Seabrooke recently set a new world record by slacklining—without being tethered to the line—between two huge mountains in Canada. Watch if your nerves can handle it.

Chimps as Incipient Humans? Darwinists Debate

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Transhumanism Is Really Minushumanism

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

What Was That About Being "Anti-Science"?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

14 Wordpress Plugins to Skyrocket Conversion (CRO)

Are you getting enough sales and leads? News flash: there are 14 Wordpress plugins that will help boost your conversion rate to the moon. Find out how you can get more sales, leads, social shares and click throughs.

Origin of Life, Theater of the Absurd

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

WORLD | Housing and home | Sophia Lee | Sept. 5, 2015

TELEVISION | Show Me a Hero uses race and local politics to tell a masterful story of human nature

Conversations with David Berlinski: Is Math Discovered or Created?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

A Christian Response to Bruce Jenner - Christian Research Institute

A caller asks Hank how Christians can voice disagreements regarding Jenner without being accused of being judgmental., 1-888-7000-CRI

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1 Don’t Trust God to Protect You from Pain - Stand to Reason Blog

“To affirm God as First Cause is not to embrace the occasionalist position that only God ever really causes anything to happen. [We must be careful to distinguish] between occasionalism , mere conservationism , and concurrentism . Whereas the occasionalist attributes all causality to God, mere conservationism goes to the opposite extreme of holding that although God maintains things and their causal powers in being, they bring about their effects all by themselves. Concurrentists like Aquinas take a middle ground position according to which secondary causes really have (contra occasionalism) genuine causal power, but in producing their effects still only ever act together with God as a “concurring” cause (contra mere conservationism). To borrow an example from Freddoso, if you draw a square on a chalkboard with blue chalk, both you as primary cause and the chalk as secondary cause are joint causes of the effect – you of there being any square there at all, the chalk of the square’s being blue. God’s concurrence with the secondary, natural causes He sustains in being is analogous to that.

3 Ways Christians Turn People Off from Church

Let's take the Sandy story as an example. I think it would've been much more powerful if you shared stories of how you got to a point where you were able to get over your bias against inappropriately dressed people. Such as: "My friend Kristy used to be a stripper, and she invited one of her old colleagues, Candace, to our church one time. Everyone was happy Candace was there, even though she dressed a bit provocatively, but she never came again. I asked Kristy why Candace didn't want to come back, and was surprised by her answer. Even though no one made any comments about her attire, Candace could tell everyone was uncomfortable with her outfit, and it made her feel unwelcome. Parents dragged their kids away in the foyer so they wouldn't see Candace's legs, only the women greeters would shake her hand - the men ducked for cover hoping their wives wouldn't see them greeting someone dressed inappropriately, and worst of all, people were cordial to her. By cordial, I mean they were diplomatic - they greeted her with a smile, but no one asked her to join them for lunch. They were nice, but didn't make an effort to get to know her.

We Know They Are Killing Children—All of Us Know

One biblical principle of justice is that the more knowledge we have that our action is wrong, the more guilty we are, and the more deserving of punishment (Luke 12:47–48). The point of this blog post is that we know what we are doing — all America knows. We are killing children. Pro-choice and Pro-life people both know this.

The Christian Post on Twitter

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Ayn Rand's The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe

the two emblematic instances I can point to without rereading anything or looking it up are when she pretends to Trumpkin that she was only accidentally a better archer, she only shot better because of the wind or some such thing, even though putting him in his place is required to prove their identifies and secure his aid – I believe there's even a line about how she feels terrible even as she strings her bow, because she knows she's better and she knows it'll humiliate him (which – if I may digress for a second – is every bit the thing that would also damn her forever if this really were Ayn Rand's Narnia; doing less than your best, or pretending not to be better than someone else to spare their feelings i.e. falsifying your own pure dominant nature for the sake of an altruistic impulse, can you imagine – that is, if you will, Susan's tragedy, that she is living in Ayn Rand's Narnia while the rest of them get to live in the comparatively gentler Lewis's Narnia.)

The Surprising Ways Other Countries Think About Abortion

Why do we have to have governmental policies telling us to do what we, as Christians, should naturally be doing? These issues of abortion and pre- and post-natal care should not be ones of a government to decide, rather they are issues of our society's heart. If you are so concerned about the welfare of a woman during and after pregnancy, what are you personally doing about it? When was the last time you brought a meal to a new mother or helped clean the home of an expecting mother on bed rest? When was the last time you came along side a woman in a "crisis" pregnancy and offered emotional, physical or fiduciary support? Why do we have to have our government take care of our people, is that not what the Church is for?

Time With God Shouldn’t Be a Chore

If being outside makes your soul come alive, set aside intentional time to connect with God in the great outdoors. The One who called the earth into existence is the same God who died on the crossbars of a tree to save us. The whole earth is full of God’s glory (Isaiah 6:3)—so go and encounter Him there. Sit by a river and meditate on Scripture. Go on a hike and let the beauty of the earth remind you of God’s beauty.

Hillary Clinton Sent Emails Containing Info 'Born Classified'

A review of emails found on Hillary Clinton’s private server has revealed dozens of instances in which she sent and received a type of information which is “born classified,” according to the government’s own rules.

Reflections on a Planned Parenthood Protest

This morning I was one of several thousand people who gathered in St. Paul, Minnesota, to say to Planned Parenthood that killing children is not an acceptable response to crisis pregnancies. And to say to our government that killing children should not be funded by tax dollars. Among other things.

Ten Things to Remember as the Presidential Campaign Season Gets Into Full Swing

9. It is extremely unlikely that either party will nominate someone with no political experience. Not a wish, just a prediction I can make with almost complete certainty. Do you know how many presidents we’ve elected without a high military rank or experience in electoral politics? Two. And both of these men had previous political experience (even if they hadn’t been elected to anything): William Howard Taft was a judge and the Solicitor General before becoming President, and Herbert Hoover was the Secretary of Commerce under Presidents Harding and Coolidge. Do you know the last time either party nominated someone who had never been a governor, senator, representative, or vice president? The year was 1952 and that man had recently saved all free peoples of the world from totalitarian tyranny. So, yeah, Eisenhower is kind of the exception that proves the rule. Besides Ike, you have to go back to Wendell Willkie–the dark horse candidate who won the Republican nomination in 1940 and lost 85% of the electoral college vote to Roosevelt–to find a major nominee who had not held elected office.

Why Church History Matters

The women and men of faith who came before us, those “saints who from their labors rest” were our fellow people of the Way, our spiritual ancestors. Reading, understanding and retelling their stories is vital to the health of the Church and should indeed be exciting and encouraging as we ask similar questions, face similar dilemmas, and—above all—worship the same triune God through the preaching of the same Word and the administration of the same sacraments.

6 Barriers to Finding 'The One'

I have a question about expectations vs. reality. First of all, I am a dreamer and an idealist. In the past, I have had very little success with relationships because I would automatically put the person I was interested in on a pedestal and then be let down. I recognize my tendency and I try not to let that happen. However, I frequently wonder how standards fit in. I have a few standards (this article is essentially about standards) and for the most part they are pretty open and vague--mainly that he should challenge and inspire me to be better and that our dreams and passions are compatible/in line with each other. I've decided that I would rather be single than be with someone who doesn't fit that that unreasonable?

Innovative Apologetics: God is Required for Reason and Logic

Planned Parenthood Subject of Nationwide Protest on Saturday

This Saturday morning, from 9 to 11 AM, thousands of pro-life activists are expected to participate in one of the largest demonstrations ever against Planned Parenthood, the abortion provider that engages in supplying fetal body parts to research labs.

Report: Will Smith Is Rebooting ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’

It’s time to blast your Tom Jones album and start doing the Carlton dance: The Fresh Prince is Coming back. According to a report in TVLine , Will Smith may be producing a reboot of his iconic ‘90s sitcom about a kid born and raised in West Philadelphia, who got in one little fight and his mom got scared, only to be informed later that he would be moving with auntie and uncle in Bel-Air. Though, according to TVLine, the reboot in such early stages that the new plotline and characters are still being worked out. No network has signed on to pick up the sitcom at the moment, but an NBC executive told reporters, they'd “be happy to talk to Will [Smith] about it.”

Questions to Ask Before Watching an 'R-Rated' Show

“If your Roku causes you to sin, tear it off and throw it away, lest your entire body be cast into hell” (Matthew 5:29-30). OK, so Roku wasn’t a popular device during the time of Second Temple Judaism. But Jesus’ warning nonetheless applies to this very subject—and it goes beyond forbidding us from what constitutes as porn (though it certainly does do that, at least). Jesus says we should go to the utmost extremes to prioritize our love for God and cultivate holiness in our lives.

Stealing From God (paperback)

FANTASTIC! This book takes the tiger by the tail and calls those that rant against Christianity to the carpet, with THE EVIDENCE, THE TRUTH, and breaks down EXACTLY what they "stand" for and against, and what is shown in this book, they have NOTHING to stand on. EVERY CHRISTIAN should know the facts and tactics, atheists use against Christianity, and with that knowledge, the atheist sand castle can't possibly stand. Thank you, Frank for all the effort and research to put this book together. It compels me to know Hiis Word and their tactics, and now I feel MUCH more equipped, and confident when I encounter and engage, an atheist, not to rant back at them, but to present real truth, to help them think and prayerfully find who it is they rage against, and truly find Jesus.

Stop and Enjoy the Ordinary

Ecclesiastes teaches us that life on earth is full of suffering and tragedy. And yet at the same time we are called upon to enjoy everyday life. The call to enjoy life is a persistent theme in the book (Ecclesiastes 2:24–26; 3:12–13, 26; 5:18–20; 7:14; 8:15; 9:7–10; 11:9–10). We find these words in chapter 3, “I perceived that there is nothing better for [human beings] than to be joyful and to do good as long as they live; also that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all his toil — this is God’s gift to man” (Ecclesiastes 3:12–13). We are not being told here to eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die (cf. 1 Corinthians 15:32). Instead, we are being told how to live our lives during this present evil age.

Weakness is the Way by J. I. Packer

J. I. Packer helps Christians to embrace weakness as he shares about his own struggles in this book of meditations on 2 Corinthians. Ultimately, Packer directs us to the ultimate source of strength and power: Christ himself.

Tina Fey and the Team Behind '30 Rock' Are Making a New Show

The comedy trio who gave us award-winning shows 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are creating a new show . This time, Tina Fey, writer Tracey Wigfield (who also worked on The Mindy Project ) and writer-producer Robert Carlock are making a sitcom for NBC about a millennial-aged girl and her mother. Apparently, the untitled project will follow the mother-daughter relationship through a weird scenario: the mom gets an internship at the same news network where daughter works. There are no cast members named yet, but we can only hope that mom equals Fey. President of NBC Entertainment, Jennifer Salke, told Mashable, "With this super-talented trio at the helm, we’re eagerly looking forward to their next great show.”

No One Uses ‘Lol’ Anymore to Laugh Online

After reading an article in The New Yorker about e-laughter, researchers at Facebook decided to dive into their data to see how people actually communicate laughter online. The findings are actually pretty interesting: More than half of all Facebook laughers used “haha,” while about 33 percent used a laughing emoji, 13 percent used “hehe” and less than 1.9 percent used “lol.” People who used “haha” were more likely to add more letters to convey that they were laughing hard (“hahahahahaaa,” for example), while people who used emojis usually only used one. The data also showed that women are more likely to use emojis, while men use “haha” slightly more. You can read the full report here , then get back to deciding whether to comment "hahaha" or an emoji on your friend's hilarious Facebook post.

Christian Unity without Doctrinal Indifferentism

Today is the last day of my summer study leave. I didn’t make as much progress on my doctoral work as I would have liked, but I did get a draft of a chapter written and a good working start on another chapter. I don’t suspect much of what goes into a dissertation is interesting to the average reader (or almost any reader!), but perhaps these few paragraphs on John Witherspoon’s passion for church unity (1723-94) will tickle one or two fancies. If not, chalk this post up to my version of “What I Did on My Summer Vacation.”

Leo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese are Teaming Up Again for ‘The Devil in the White City’

A movie version of Erik Larson’s best-selling book The Devil in the White City —which tells the story of a serial killer who killed dozens of women during the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago—has been in the works for more than 10 years, bouncing around between studios and directors. And now, finally, the film is getting off the ground. Martin Scorsese has agreed to direct the film, with Leonardo DiCaprio producing and also starring as killer Dr. H.H. Holmes. It will be DiCaprio and Scorsese’s sixth film together since 2002. Screenwriter Billy Ray ( Captain Phillips, The Hunger Games ) will write the script.

When ‘Discernment’ Leads to Disaster

That 2000 CBF policy, still in effect, dates back to when an older generation was leading the CBF and it reflects the fact that many of the churches that were ready to join the CBF in the 1990 were not (yet) ready to endorse homosexuality. The CBF has no argument against homosexuality on biblical terms, so it is only a matter of time before it changes its policy. Even in 2000, the group announced the policy but claimed to take no “position” on homosexuality itself: “CBF values and respects the autonomy of each individual and local church to evaluate and make their own decision regarding social issues like homosexuality.”


Acclaimed filmmaker Darren Doane returns for his third documentary Stonewall -- The Coming Free Speech Apocalypse. Doane's previous films include the groundbreaking Collision, featuring Christopher Hitchens, and the box-office breakout hit Unstoppable, starring Kirk Cameron. Stonewall is sure to be Doane's most controversial film to date. "Racist, sexist, anti-gay" reveals what is considered to be true blasphemy in our day. And no other figure has been affected by this debate more than American pastor Douglas Wilson. The Johnny Cash of preachers, Wilson has not been one to back down from his opponents. Wilson sat down for this exclusive interview and recounted his now infamous trip to Indiana University in Bloomington, where he spoke on sex, gender and the biblical worldview. What ensued was one of the most explosive attempts by "free speech" activists and LGBT communities to shut someone down simply because they disagreed with him. Fortunately, there were police present, not to mention cameras. Stonewall is an unprecedented look into the plays and techniques used by the diversity-mongers and how bold, intelligent and unashamed individuals can respond and refuse to be silenced.

Mistress America

Tracy first meets Brooke in Times Square, who descends from red bleachers as if greeting Tracy from her chateau stairway. “Welcome to the Great White Way!” she exclaims, henceforth ushering Tracy into a world of parties with B-list bands and a posh apartment (in Times Square…) and stories that revolve around Brooke’s own success and how jealous of it others are. Tracy’s mom and Brooke’s dad are getting married, meaning the women are about to be stepsisters. But their relationship morphs into an unhealthy symbiosis: Tracy sticks with Brooke because it’s more exciting than sitting in her dorm room; Brooke keeps Tracy around because, as she says, “You make me feel really smart.”

Donald Trump, Alabama and the ghost of George Wallace

Wallace, an avowed segregationist, was the last presidential candidate to win electoral votes as a third-party candidate. The threat of Trump doing so, propelled by a hardline immigration stance that many have condemned as racist, looms over the Republican Party now as it did over the Democratic Party then, even as the enthusiasm of his following, for once, fell far short of expectations.

Common Core Meets VBS

“VBS groups need more time to prepare the lessons [in order] to use those standards effectively so it doesn’t feel like school,” Joyner said. “It takes time—it’s almost like rewriting the whole lesson plan. You have to decide which core standards will work in your lesson.”

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Bible paper 101. What you need to know about the special, thin paper your Bible is printed on:

An Introduction to the Orthodox Worship Space

Welcome to the Orthodox Church! Join Frederica Mathewes-Green, in this video series, on a journey into the Eastern Orthodox Church. Learn about Orthodox teachings and dogma, Orthodox architecture and terminology, and what it means to live an Orthodox life. In this video, "An Introduction to the Orthodox Worship Space," Frederica explains the basic architecture of an Orthodox Church—the Iconostasis, Apse, and Altar. These videos are based off of Frederica's new book, "Welcome to the Orthodox Church." Buy the book: Frederica Mathewes-Green: Music by Holy Cross Choir: Special thanks to Evan Brown for all his work on set. Videos produced by Theoria (Ben Cabe): Theoria Youtube Channel:

Transgender Regret Is Real Even If The Media Says Otherwise

The fallout of the media’s inclination to overlook the negative findings is simple: nothing will change. It’s insanity to continue the cover-up and expect different outcomes. Thirty years from now, the environment will be the same. Co-existing mental illnesses in transgenders won’t be treated. The attempted suicide rate will be high; transition regret will occur with frequency. Every time a transgender ends his or her life, the LGBT will blame society or the victim and push for more laws to “protect” them.

Can Someone be ‘Too Christian’?

Jesus describes lukewarm people, those that are indifferent to Him and His laws, as people He will reject. Many times, lukewarm people want the Christian label without the sacrifice of following Christ. I think of the rapper Andy Mineo’s lyrics, “I talk about Jesus, all the Christians love me/ I walk like Jesus now they wanna judge me, ain't it funny?” Ask yourself, am I looking to remain comfortable in my faith? Does this person’s dedication to the Lord reveal my apathy toward Him?

Thousands protest outside Planned Parenthood clinics around the country

The protests come after an antiabortion group secretly filmed a series of videos that show Planned Parenthood staffers discussing the extraction of fetal tissue from aborted fetuses before it is sent to research facilities. Abortion opponents claim the video captures an illegal operation in which organs are harvested for money, but Planned Parenthood officials have claimed the videos were edited to bolster critics’ false claims, according to the Associated Press .

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Maybe the Snake Crusher would still come from the gnarled branches of the this family tree:

Hummingbird tongue is really a tiny pump: UConn biologists and an expert on fluid mechanics join forces to prove a point

Biologists have long believed that hummingbirds pick up floral nectar in the same way fluid rises in a capillary tube. However, researchers have now demonstrated that this long-held theory is wrong. Instead, they say, the tongue itself acts as a tiny pump.

In This Day and Age, Evangelism Is Spelled: A-P-O-L-O-G-E-T-I-C-S - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

Dr. Richard Land , the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary has been saying this for some time now . When interviewed about his opening speech as the seminary’s fourth president, Lamb recalled, “I said in my inaugural address, that we were going to be involved in doing ‘apologetic evangelism’; that I was increasingly convinced, and have been even more so during the time that I’ve been here, that the way we’re going to spell evangelism, the way we’re going to spell missions, the way we’re going to spell discipleship in the twenty-first century is going to be APOLOGETICS.” I think Land is absolutely correct. We often hear it said “No one is argued into the Kingdom,” and while this statement may be true in many ways, my own experience converting to Christianity has convinced me of the truth of Dr. Land’s thoughtful insight.

The new financial squeeze for millennials

At the same time, millennials are already struggling with student debt and depressed wages, thanks to the lingering effects of the Great Recession. Employees who start their careers during a downturn earn as much as 9 percent less annually than those who don't for about 15 years after they enter the work force, the White House noted in a 2014 report on millennials. As a consequence, the generation isn't making as much money as their parents did at their age.

Why Does Anything at All Exist?

William Lane Craig gives the Carswell Lecture at Wake Forest University on "Why Does Anything at All Exist?" Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States -- March 28, 2008 We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums:

Rethinking Parenthood: Biblical Foundations of the Family - Christian Research Institute

As Christian parents, we want to model Christlike character in our daily lives. We want to influence our children so that they will do the same. Often, however, we are unsure how to go about doing this. We also want to have an influence for Christ and His kingdom, in and through the lives of our children. A significant problem related to this has to do with the confusion and controversy over what it means to be a parent that exists in our society, and within the church over how to best fulfill our responsibilities in this important role. Followers of Christ should see themselves as stewards of their children, acting for their good on God’s behalf. In this way, parents can make use of the wisdom of God rather than contemporary culture as they seek to love their children and encourage their growth as persons and followers of Christ.

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Praying with the ‘fire of God’s Word’: Whitney revives ancient spiritual discipline

41 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Ashley Maddison and an Alluring Gospel

It is good for sin to be exposed because when the guilt and the shame of an action is felt, the Gospel is enticing. When sin moves from the abstract to the concrete, the love of God is felt ever so much more. And as millions are feeling the real pain from their transgression, let us be quick to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to them rather than our condemnation. The liberating power of forgiveness will feel warm and comforting to those steeped in darkness. It will be alluring if we can get out of our own self-righouess way. 

Faithful Thinkers: Book Review: 7 Truths That Changed The World

Introduction Philosopher Kenneth Samples ( Reasons to Believe ) recently published his third book: "7 Truths That Changed The World: Discovering Christianity's Most Dangerous Ideas" ( Paperback ,  Kindle  and GoodReads ). The idea behind the book is to examine ideas in the Christian worldview that stand in direct opposition to the majority of worldviews, making them dangerous to believe. Samples' approach to defending the truth of Christianity in this book is based on building a cumulative case for the worldview (not just a single doctrine, such as the existence of God). He introduces each idea by explaining the idea that Christianity will challenge, then he goes into a good amount of detail of the idea as he provides evidence for its truth versus the challenged idea. Dangerous Idea #1: Not All Dead Men Stay Dead Samples begins his presentation with what he calls "Christianity's most dangerous idea." He examines the claim that Jesus of Nazareth died and came back to life. Samples goes over seven pieces of evidence that critical scholars tend to agree took place.

Islam vs. Islamic extremism: How should we speak about them?

The speech of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden last Saturday at the memorial for the five unarmed servicemen killed in Chattanooga demonstrates the difficulty, uncertainty, and confusion among politicians in dealing with Islam and Islamism. The speech shows the apparent dissonance among the various voices in the same political party.

45 The Resurrection Was a Real Event in History - Stand to Reason Blog

“ The disciples [or some other party] stole the body .” We are back now to the idea that the disciples sincerely believed the resurrection to be true, so it’s highly unlikely they stole the body. Additionally, had anyone else stolen the body (the Jews or the Romans), they (the body-stealers) could have easily produced a body and put an end to the unrest that was resulting from the birth of the church. This church had its start in Jerusalem where critics had a reason to stop it and the means by which to do so if any body still existed. They did not produce a body, and the church continued to grow.

David Crabb on Twitter

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$1.99—Beloved Dust—by Jamin Goggin & Kyle Strobel

$1.99—Beloved Dust—by Jamin Goggin & Kyle Strobel

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Honored to visit @CityLifeAU in Melbourne! Please pray as I preach again today on "Jesus Among Other Gods." #rzimau

49 The Skopos Observer

The Skopos Observer, by Skopos1: Press On Towards the Prize!

Faithful Thinkers: 6 Quotes from Donald E. Johnson on Information in Living Systems

"Laws of chemistry and physics which follow exact statistical, thermodynamic, and spatial laws, are totally inadequate for generating complex functional information or those systems that process the information using prescriptive algorithmic information. Unfortunately, most people investigating origins are unfamiliar with the immensity of the problems, and believe that time, chance and natural selection can accomplish almost anything." "One cannot use the information of life to 'prove' that information can arise purely from physicality, as that would simply be a tautology based on the assumption of life from physicality. In examining any complex functional information where the source of the information is known, it invariably (no known exceptions) resulted from a source other than chance and/or necessity." "Those who insist on purely physical causes of life are in an untenable position when it comes to known science. Not only can they not prove that it's possible (non-zero probability) for life to come about by the physical interactions of nature, but the information content of life precludes that possibility.

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