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560. Can Atheists Answer The Problem Of Evil?

Brett Kunkle challenges that if Christians have to give an answer for the problem of evil then atheists do as well.

Film of G.K. Chesterton at Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts (1931)

You can now buy all four of the recorded speeches of GK Chesterton on CD or as individual MP3 downloads at CDBaby: This is ...

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7 Christian Culture References to Look for During the 'Simpsons' Marathon

In the episode “Simpsons Bible Stories,” the entire family dozes off during a Rev. Lovejoy sermon, only to each have their own Bible-inspired dream. The episode examines the story of Adam & Eve, the exodus, the wisdom of King Solomon, David and Goliath and even the apocalypse.


great tips. I would also add that we need to be pro-active in pointing out the ‘spirit world’ when it comes through, in order to show kids that there is indeed an unseen world that affects this world. As an example, on America’s Got Talent, there was a guy who introduced his ‘spirit friend’, Desmond. And Desmond performed tricks through this man that intrigued and amused the crowd. If you watch the man’s interview, you can definitely tell that it is demonic. I had a chance to tell my kids (after seeing the interview and changing the channel before his ‘show’) that demons are real and this man’s power was because of demons. I also have told them some of the clearly demonic harassment I went through (at in the Supernatural Stuff and Spiritual Armor post. If we can point these clearly spiritual things out to kids in a conversation at their level – without scaring them, but letting them know it in a matter-of-fact way – we can give them a frame of reference when mysterious things happen and help keep them from being intrigued by what seems like ‘cool stuff.


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The Briefing 08-21-14

1) Murder of James Foley can only and must be described as evil

Donnie McClurkin's Camdon Music Record Label Provides Artists With New Platform

Pastor Donnie McClurkin plans to teach and empower up-and-coming musicians with his new record company Camdon music, and has enlisted the help of Andrea McClurkin Mellini and Nancey Jackson to ensure off-the- charts success.

6 Guide of the Perplexed: A Quick Reprise of The Edge of Evolution

Where a critic might demur is on the question of how many ways exist to solve an evolutionary problem of that mutational complexity. I think that's due to a confusion about the need for particular mutations versus nonspecific mutations. While comparing the math of chloroquine resistance to mutations that have occurred in the primate line leading to humans, Professor Moran wrote, "Does he really mean that there can't be any examples of two mutations occurring in the same gene since humans and chimps diverged?" No, of course not. That overlooks the requirement for the great specificity needed to build biochemical systems. For example, to achieve chloroquine resistance malaria must at least acquire the mutations K76T plus either N75E or N326D in PfCRT -- two very particular amino acid positions in a very particular gene -- not just any two amino acids in any gene. That of course makes a huge difference to the probability.

Challenge Response: There Is No Soul - Stand to Reason Blog

Read the whole article "Ten Reasons Why Christianity is Wrong" (The "No Soul" point being the sixth) to get the full effect of what the challenger is striving towards. It is fully the mind-set of physicalism as the default correct position without evidence that would support it. Instead of having the basis for ten separate future challenges, we are faced with the premise that fuels all the debates. Physicalism must have full explanatory force with no opposing viewpoints.

Missionary Who Contracted Ebola Is Being Discharged from Atlanta Hospital

D r. Kent Brantly, the American Christian missionary who contracted Ebola while helping patients in Liberia, will be discharged from an Atlanta hospital today. Brantly and fellow infected missionary Nancy Writebol—who may also soon be released from the hospital—both received an experimental medication called ZMapp. Two of Brantly’s blood test looking for the virus came back negative. At least 1,350 people have died from the outbreak in West Africa, where, according to CNN, the maker of ZMapp has “sent its entire stock of the experimental drug” in an effort to combat the spread of the virus ...

I spent a day watching AtheistTV — and it was horrifying

AtheistTV frames atheism as a perpetual reaction against a conquering force. And that reaction isn’t reasoned debate. It’s unattractive nihilism. After the second broadcast of a single “Atheist Experience” episode, the channel showed a 2012 rally in Washington, D.C.; speakers consistently described a future in which all Americans would join the movement, a future that they’d get to by mocking and hassling the beliefs of others. One hardly needs to be religious to see the rhetorical flaws in Andy Shernoff, the frontman of punk band The Dictators, describing himself as “a little like Martin Luther King” before asking the audience “Ready for some sarcasm? Ridiculous ideas need to be mocked.” That Shernoff’s performance indulges straight-up homophobia and misogyny in a frankly mean-spirited song about giving Jesus oral sex is just a fringe benefit of being a radical truth-teller who doesn’t care whom one offends. Beyond the catharsis of mockery, what can AtheistTV offer? What alternative does it provide? Leaving aside eve

Grace to You

The doctors came up with a solution. Every night when the little children were put to bed, someone would come down the row of beds and place in each little hand a piece of bread. So the last thing the children experienced at night was grasping a piece of bread. In a matter of days they were all sleeping through the night. Why? Even though they were fed to the full during the day, experience had taught them that there was no hope for tomorrow. When they had that bread tucked in their hands, they knew that at least they would have breakfast the next day.

True Horizon Blog: Throwing Cold Water On The ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge"

...[the eldil] was simply a very faint rod or pillar of light … [that was] not at right angles to the floor. But as soon as I have said this, I hasten to add that this way of putting it is a later reconstruction. What one actually felt at the moment was that the column of light was vertical but the floor was not horizontal – the whole room seemed to have heeled over as if it were on board ship. The impression, however produced, was that this creature had reference to some horizontal, to some whole system of directions, based outside the Earth, and that its mere presence imposed that alien system on me and abolished the terrestrial horizontal.

Your Personal Responsibility in Church Discipline

Put simply, church discipline is the necessary response to any offense that cannot be safely overlooked without harm to the offender or to the body of Christ. We need to be mindful of these parameters. Peter wrote to “keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins” (1 Peter 4:8). Peter’s teaching was not in opposition to the discipline of unrepentant church members, but a reminder that Christians should overlook sins against themselves where possible and always be ready to forgive insults and unkindness.  


The seminary community gathers to worship in Alumni Memorial Chapel on Tuesday and Thursday at 10a.m.

The Behemoth

The Behemoth is a small magazine about a big God and his big world. From the editors of Christianity Today , this ad-free, digital biweekly aims to help people behold the glory of God all around them, in the worlds of science, history, theology, medicine, sociology, Bible, and personal narrative.

It's Time to Listen: "Feeling the Pain Despite the Facts," a guest post by Bryan Loritts

On one level I have a cultural hermeneutic. Seeing and reading the stories about Brown’s death takes me back to the killings of Emmett Till in 1955, Medgar Evers in 1963, Dr. King in 1968 and Oscar Grant in 2009 (Fruitvale Station). These men were cut down in the prime of their lives by whites (Emmett Till was 14 when he died). What’s more is that Emmett, Medgar, Dr. King, and Oscar are but a few in a long history of African Americans who have unjustly died at the hands of our white brothers. As if that’s not enough, in many cases, their killers were never brought to justice, and if they were it was a long-time-coming. So when I see Brown’s corpse amid reports that he was shot by a representative of both the historic (white) and vocational (police) power structure of our country, I hope you will find it more than understandable if I cry foul. I, as a black man, find it impossible not to flinch to present conclusions given the injustices of the past.


Early in my ministry, I served as a youth pastor, and like every other evangelical youth minister, I received all the advertisements from youth ministry curriculum-hawkers telling me how I could be “relevant” to “today’s teenagers.” The advertisements promised me ways I could “connect” with teenagers through Bible studies based on MTV reality shows and the songs on the top-40 charts that month.

17 J. Warner Wallace

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Grace to You

If you love others, you'll forgive them as God has forgiven you. Instead of holding them accountable for their offenses, you'll look beyond their sin to their potential in Christ. You'll heed Paul's admonition to "be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you" (Eph. 4:32). That's the character of true love.

The Daily

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American Ebola patient to be released after clean blood tests

FERGUSON, MISSOURI: Anthony Shahid, 59-years-old from St Louis, protesting Ferguson PD says "They are treating us like dogs". Photo by CNN's Jason Morris, August 14. Ferguson, Missouri, is a "powder keg," the city's police chief said Thursday, ahead of yet more protests expected after the shooting of African-American teenager Michael Brown. Ferguson has been the scene of protests since Saturday, when a police officer shot and killed Brown, who was unarmed. Police say he was trying to grab the officer's gun. Witnesses say the 18-year-old was holding his hands in the air when he was fatally shot. Follow CNN's complete coverage at CNN.COM. Follow Jason (@jmocnn) and other CNNers along on Instagram at

One Year Later: Kansas Teachers Vote to Leave Union

OSAWATOMIE, Kan. — More than a year after teachers in the Deerfield, Kan., school district voted to leave their union, leaders say the doom-and-gloom predictions from the state’s largest teachers union haven’t come to pass.

‘Aha’ Moments: Theirs and Mine

So here’s my “aha” moment, which emerges from engaging in scholarship with those who hold to inerrancy, and engaging in worship with those who don’t: you don't have to affirm inerrancy to be a Christian. And you don't have to reject inerrancy to be a scholar. For my part, I think Jesus treated the Scriptures as the unbreakable Word of God, and therefore those who follow him should assume the Bible does not contain mistakes. I’ve written and taught about this point a fair bit, and I imagine I will carry on doing so. I also think arguments about inerrancy in scholarship are frequently confused with arguments about academic freedom in confessional institutions (which is a related but separate issue), and that some of the reasons given for rejecting inerrancy are nothing like as strong as their proponents think they are. But I know some Christian brothers and sisters disagree with me, and I’m going to keep loving them, and keep listening to their conference papers, and keep reading their books. If all truth is God’s truth, then what do I


Early in my ministry, I served as a youth pastor, and like every other evangelical youth minister, I received all the advertisements from youth ministry curriculum-hawkers telling me how I could be “relevant” to “today’s teenagers.” The advertisements promised me ways I could “connect” with teenagers through Bible studies based on MTV reality shows and the songs on the top-40 charts that month.

Four Brief Theses on Suicide

I think many people were angry at the critical responses to Robin Williams’ death because the critiques failed to grasp–or at least landed on people as failing to grasp–the moral differences surrounding the different contexts for suicide. Surely someone struggling with depression on and off for twenty years who takes his own life deserves more sympathy than the man who loses everything on the stock market and jumps off the 75th floor in a moment of monetary loss. There is a moral difference between the person who gets caught in adultery and–full of embarrasment and an unwillingness to face his sin–commits suicide, as opposed to the person who finds out she was cheated on and, feeling her life cannot go on, decides to end it. The person who guns down children and then kills himself is selfish and evil and a hundred other things. The person who takes his own life while in the throes of a depression that is unwanted, unbidden, and seemingly unending will be appraised much differently. Our last action–even a sinful one–does not define the totality of our existence.

Newest Venture of a Seasoned Entrepreneur

In the past four years or so, there has been a steadiness in my daily work that wasn’t present before. I can work in freedom because I know my work is not the source of my identity, but an expression of it. My identity is in Christ. This view releases me from self-justifying work and empowers me to serve others. In terms of my specific work in platform development, it helps me to see how my work is an act of empathy. I try to imagine as much as possible how end users feel and, then, create ways to enhance their experiences. This is “faith working through love” (Gal. 5:6) because it’s seeing what cannot yet be seen and innovating ways to serve others.

We Need More Than Liturgy

Some left to cram in work, but many in this particular group were on their way to that night’s parties. In another five hours, many would be passed out on the couches of friends or strangers, a few would be rushed by ambulance for alcohol poisoning treatment, and, most horrific, some would be sexually assaulting their peers or suffering such violence. It was the weekend, and the community in question was a Christian university. The school was by no means a place where only lip service was paid to Christian ideals: students eagerly participated in voluntary ministry, including planning that night’s service. So why were their late-night identities so disconnected from their church identities?

Dawkins: Abort Down's foetuses

For Caroline White, whose son Seb has Down's syndrome, the comments are offensive. "What saddens me most and what can't be denied is he backs up his argument by saying it's what the 'majority of women' do anyway," she says. "Yes, it is. It's what most women do. Women who, like him, like me, most probably grew up in a time of exclusion. A time where disabled people and people with Down's were labelled and then hidden away, never given the chance to integrate, reach their full potential or form meaningful relationships with their wider community."

Twenty-One Former Mars Hill Church Pastors Bring Formal Charges Against Mark Driscoll

The link to the charges is above, but I want to point out that the pastors are concentrating on disqualifying actions since 2010. A rumor flying around Mars Hill Church is that Driscoll’s dismissal by the Acts 29 Network was due to offenses prior to the last three years. In this recent letter, the former pastors make a point to stress the current nature of their concerns:

29 Can We Trust the Prophecies of Joseph Smith? | Cold Case Christianity

“Nearly all the great discoveries of men in the last half century have, in one way or another, either directly or indirectly, contributed to prove Joseph Smith to be a Prophet. As far back as 1837, I know that he said the moon was inhabited by men and women the same as this earth, and that they lived to a greater age than we do – that they live generally to near the age of a 1000 years. He described the men as averaging near six feet in height, and dressing quite uniformly in something near the Quaker style. In my Patriarchal blessing, given by the father of Joseph the Prophet, in Kirtland, 1837, I was told that I should preach the gospel before I was 21 years of age; that I should preach the gospel to the inhabitants upon the islands of the sea, and – to the inhabitants of the moon, even the planet you can now behold with your eyes. The first two promises have been fulfilled, and the latter may be verified. From the verification of two promises we may reasonably expect the third to be fulfilled also.” … “The inspiration of God caused men to hunt for a new continent until Columbus discovered it.

A Resource for Discussing Abortion

A little while ago I shared an article titled Abortion: Making the Case . This was a simple way to structure a discussion on abortion while anticipating common responses and objections. Since then I have had the opportunity to teach on abortion and I prepared a slideshow to go with my presentation. I am sharing that slideshow today in case you can benefit from it. It works just fine as a standalone—you can simply click through the slides and read them in order. I have also included the file in Keynote, Powerpoint, and PDF formats if you would like to download it and use it in any other setting.

Behind Ferguson: How Black and White Christians Think Differently About Race

“My seminary education would not have served me well in hand-to-hand combat during my career, so far as all this is concerned. It’s hard to imagine slugging a guy with Calvin’s Commentary on Ephesians, or calling on a fleeing felon to stop, because of his total depravity,” wrote Waulk. “The two occasions I was shot at, and the one occasion I discharged my firearm in the line of duty could only be prepared for at the range, and on the streets. I only wish the general public knew just how profound tunnel vision and auditory exclusion are for the PO in a threatening scenario. If they understood, the more reasonable would be less apt to ask the question, ‘Why did he have to…?’”

God Does Exist: Applied Apologetics: An Impossible Hurdle for Darwinian Evolution to Overcome

Remember With Specificity

I would guess that David learned this theological skill from his ancestors. In the Old Testament, God stops the rushing waters of the Jordan River so the nation of Israel can cross on dry land. The Lord tells Joshua to set out 12 memorial stones. Why? “So that all the peoples of the earth may know that the hand of the Lord is mighty.” (Joshua 4:24)

Student 'Suspended' for Saying 'Bless You' in Class; Assistant Principal Claims It's Not 'Religious Issue'

"I asked her why it was a big deal to her," Kendra continued. "She yelled at me and said 'We will not have Godly speaking in my class!' That is when I stood up and said 'My pastor said I have a constitutional right – 1st amendment freedom of speech.' She said 'Not in my class you don't.' I said 'I will defend my religion.' She said 'You will not in my class because I trump everyone.'"

Suffering of Christians by ISIS Terrorists Is 'Unbelievable and Makes Me Cry,' Says Open Doors Field Worker

A field worker with persecution watchdog group Open Doors helping refugees in Iraq has spoken out about the "unbelievable" suffering going on in the country, which is under attack by the Islamic State terrorist group, which is better known as ISIS.


 How do we reconcile God’s sovereignty with man’s free will? Unfortunately, many in the church have offered answers that do not stand up to logic. While many others have charged that either God’s sovereignty negates human freedom, or that human freedom overrides divine sovereignty.  So which is it, Is God or man sovereign? Dr. Sproul and Dr. John Gerstner have a mock debate over this, in this message entitled “Is God or Man Sovereign?”

37 Abortion Justifications Flip Moral Reasoning Upside Down - Stand to Reason Blog

"Why are we not consistent on this moral principle of increased horror with decreased age?" I came to a (non-scientific, personally developed, unconfirmed) answer to this question recently. "We" are not consistent on this moral principle because "we" no longer operate on moral principles. Choices aren't directed by over-arching understandings of right and wrong. Instead we operate in much narrower categories and segregate out "right" and "wrong" in those narrow categories and reject any connection between them. Principles are no longer the point, even when they appear to be in use (such as an appeal to personal autonomy or individual privacy). Instead it is a matter of addressing particular issues and then deriving principles that apply solely to those particular issues as talking points/points in debate. Personal autonomy in the abortion debate is not the same as personal autonomy in the homosexuality debate which is not the same as personal autonomy in the socioeconomic medical care debate.

How to Weather a Crisis of Faith

Whether you feel like you spend most of your time as a doubting Thomas or just occasionally go through a season of wondering whether what you believe is true, below are some tips for weathering what can be a truly scary experience. If you find yourself there, try to go easy on yourself, and see if you find any of the following tips useful.

God Does Exist: Applied Apologetics: Presuppositions, God, and Truth

Why Is the World Silent While Christians Are Slaughtered in Middle East and Africa? Asks Jewish Advocacy Group Leader

As violent persecution against Christians around the world intensifies, Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, in a recent op-ed bluntly asks, "Why is the world silent while Christians are being slaughtered in the Middle East and Africa?"

Why Real Christians Are So Odd ~ Ministry Best Practices

Why Real Christians Are So Odd

Should Sermons Be Published? | Mere Orthodoxy

Calvin, unfortunately, had his hand forced by the release of fake sermon manuscripts. But most of today’s pastors are under no such pressure to publish their sermons. And so I ask: Why do we simply assume that sermons ought to be recorded and made available for free online? Why do we take it for granted that people will treat the sermon as a disembodied piece of information to be relayed at any time in any place? And why do we encourage them toward that end? If we wish to have a record of the sermons, why not record them and simply make them available to those who need them, such as shut-ins or people who missed the sermon that week? Reactionary Ludditism obviously doesn’t help the church, but neither does a thoughtless of technological trends that treats those trends as being value-neutral. If we shape our buildings before they shape us, then our use of technology isn’t simply a question of how to use neutral tools, but of how we wish to be shaped as churches. In other words, the church’s relationship to technology is not purely pragmatic, it is also formative.

God's Not Dead: God's Not Dead: There's Proof Everywhere

Moral arguments for God's existence may be defined as that family of arguments in the history of western philosophical theology having claims about the character of moral thought and experience in their premises and affirmations of the existence of God in their conclusions. Some of these arguments are on all fours with other theistic arguments, such as the design argument. They cite facts that are claimed to be evident to human experience. And they argue that such facts entail or are best explained by the hypothesis that there is a God... Other moral proofs of God's existence take us away from the patterns of argument typical of natural theology. They deal in our ends and motives. These variants on the moral argument for God's existence describe some end that the moral life commits us to (such as the attainment of the perfect good) and contend that this end cannot be attained unless God as traditionally defined exists (

When Your Father Tells You To Walk: Engaging the Sanctification Debate Through the Lens of Adoption

We obey as sons and heirs of God, not as slaves to this passing age (to which the Law of Moses pertained). As Paul himself says, “Like a father with his children, we exhorted each one of you and encouraged you and charged you to walk in a manner worthy of God, who calls you into his own kingdom and glory.” (‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭2‬:‭11-12‬ ESV) In other words, God calls us to be His sons in His Beloved Son, with all that this status entails. And this is our motivation, and the way in which we follow Christ.

One Grandmother Goes Running in the Rain and You Would Never Believe Why! (VIDEO)

Most people would put their lives on hold just to stay dry. But life is about taking chances and trying new things we never thought we would enjoy. It is the small things in life such as, running out in the rain and getting a little wet, that is a reward for living.

God's Not Dead: The Incarnation of Jesus Christ: God in the Flesh

Jesus as the Son of Man and the Son of God has two natures found in one person—Christ is God the Great I AM in human flesh (Exodus 3:14; John 8:58). The Bible reveals the dual nature of Christ and humanity’s salvation demands that be the case. It’s a mystery, but a mystery that in selected ways not only makes sense, but is necessary for redemption. Jesus, in the incarnation, did not lose His divinity. He did not lose His authority or His deity. He voluntarily came to the earth as a human baby to live perfectly as He fulfilled the Law—He took on our humanity in order to die in our place (Isaiah 53:4-6; 2 Cor. 5:21; and 1 Pet. 2:24). All the newfangled views of Christ fail to overturn such truths.

47 The Presumption of Pluralism: How religious pluralism devalues all religious persons

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The Crisis In Ferguson Is a Gospel Issue

There is a difference in wanting justice for protesters, and wanting justice for the violent. And I don't think we as Christians help spread peace by endorsing those who are acting in violence. The reality is in many news reports are that protests are turning into violence, there have been riots, looting, break ins, and violence committed by those who would call themselves the victims. We can never endorse violent people as victims. There are many victims in ferguson. On both sides. And there is undeniable injustice. But the people acting in violence and stealing and hurting their fellow man are not victims, and we cannot endorse their violent actions by calling them symptoms of oppression. The true victims are the ones who will never call themselves victims. They are the ones facing injustice, and seeking peaceful ways of reconciliation, on whatever side they may fall.

You Are More Than Your Resume

To look at the world of literature for a moment, some of the most famous authors we know of had day jobs that were not at all as glamorous as what we know them for, yet we truncate their lives and remember them solely for one aspect of their work: their writing. T.S. Eliot, the famous poet and critic, worked at Lloyd’s Bank of London and then as a director at the publishing firm Faber & Faber. A person with bank and media experience who couldn’t even defend his PhD. dissertation, Eliot kept writing poetry and went on to become one of the most famous poets and critics of the early 20th Century. Or take Stephen King, who was an English teacher for several years before he could earn enough to write full time. Even C.S. Lewis, who is beloved by seemingly every Christian on earth, and his friend J.R.R. Tolkien, were professors first and writers second during their careers.

5 Bible Verses That Show Jesus and the Importance of Helping Others

There may be many times in our lives when we feel we want to give more to those who need help. Most of the time we help those in need with money, but that is not the only way you can give to others. We can all give something, whether its time, help run errands, lift something up for someone, or even speaking to someone who needs it.

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