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Intelligent Design & Origins: Exploring the Evidence, pt. 3

Where did life come from? How did it begin? Did it come from an undirected, natural process or is it the result of a designing intelligence? In this special ...

Does Mark's Account of the Resurrection Have Legendary Embellishment?

For more resources visit: On Thursday, April 10th, 2014 Dr William Lane Craig spoke on the "Objective Evidence for the Resurre...

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The Place and Purpose of Church Discipline

send to a friend #1  Posted by David Emme  |  Wednesday, August 20, 2014at 6:06 AM Have a question which is what sin do you confront and bring to the church? Any sin? All sin? For instance, a lot of people consider smoking to be a sin-do you bring that before the body after two or three witnesses confronted the brother or sister? With out wanting to tell horror stories coming from an Independent Fundamental Baptist background where my experience is this is worst than a lot of sins in an imbalance based more on performance Christianity. Obviously, you don't paper over someone's sin because someone else had an inordinate view of what sins are really bad and which ones are more acceptable. There is also a point of a , "I caught you" or I gotcha attitude where you feel like they are going to go tell the pastor on you. The one experience I did have on this was when I caught a brother who lived in another town and caught him smoking.

Why Christian Apologists Should Study Preaching

I’ve seen the best Christian minds try to present too much, assume too much knowledge from their audience, speak too long, etc.  I have become convinced that all apologists who present in public need to take some time to study the art of preaching (or what pretentious seminarians call “homiletics.)

3 Healing Words: Biblical Models of Civil Discourse | Biola University Center for Christian Thought Blog

Both respected those he agreed with and those he opposed. To interact respectfully with others is to affirm their capacity to reason. Paul undoubtedly loathed idol worship, but he showed respect for the Athenians as reasoning people—rather than dismissing them for their practices, he reasoned with them. Love expressed as respect is the foundation of Christian civil discourse, even when we strenuously disagree with a point of view. This may be what Peter is emphasizing when he affirms that our defense of “the hope that is in us” should be made “with gentleness and reverence.” (I Peter 3:15-16)

4 UK social policies undermine work and family while rewarding hedonism and sloth

And the cycle continues, because children of “lone parents” are going to be far less likely, on average, to be able to be net contributors in the society – to pay in more than they take out. It sounds so nice to redistribute wealth from people who have something to people who don’t, until you have too few people doing the right things, and too many people doing the wrong things. What happens then? I think that the responsible, hard working people will either leave the UK or curtail their productive activities. What else do you do when the government punishes you for your success and rewards other people for failure?

5 Grace to You

In a recent, introductory sermon to the book of Acts, I made some observations about the culture in which early Christians lived.  I noted that the environment at the time of the church’s...

Government to Farmers: Host Same-Sex Wedding or Pay a $13,000 Fine

In a free society, the answer is no . Family farms should be free to operate in accordance with the beliefs and values of their owners. Government shouldn’t be able to fine citizens for acting in the market according to their own—rather than the government’s—values, unless there is a compelling government interest being pursued in the least restrictive way possible.

7 Harmful Side Effects Pot Legalization Has Caused in Colorado

As I reported a few weeks ago, some professors published a peer-reviewed article on the negative social costs to outright legalization. I noted that although overall traffic fatalities in Colorado have gone down since 2007, they went up by 100 percent for operators testing positive for marijuana—from 39 in 2007 to 78 in 2012. (Colorado legalized marijuana for medical usage in 2009, before legalizing marijuana for other uses in 2012.) Furthermore, in 2007, those pot-positive drivers represented only 7 percent of total fatalities in Colorado, but in 2012 they represented 16 percent of total Colorado fatalities.


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The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Grace to You

Often some tragedy such as this drives a person to Jesus Christ. Those who, unlike Jairus, are unaware of need in their lives will usually have no hunger for God. That’s why in evangelism, it is important to show someone their need of salvation and therefore of Christ as the only way to receive it. Jairus saw the emptiness of human resources in this situation and now knew Jesus was his last best hope. He may not have approached the Lord out of the purest motive, because his prime concern was his daughter’s life and his own despair. So his first thought was not solely to glorify Christ, but he did trust Jesus for help in bringing his child back—and he found Him truly accessible.

Our Children, Our Neighbors

Because if children are people, then they are also our neighbors. This means that every scriptural imperative that speaks to loving our neighbor as we love ourselves suddenly comes to bear on how we parent. Every command to love preferentially at great cost, with great effort and with godly wisdom becomes more than just a command to love the people in my workplace, my church, my hair salon or the local homeless shelter. It becomes a command to love the people under my own roof, no matter how small. If children are people, then our own children are our very closest neighbors. No other neighbor lives closer or needs our self-sacrificing love more.

Before Making It Big, Chris Pratt Lived in This Scooby Doo Van

H ere’s some inspiration for anyone struggling while attempting to accomplish their dreams. Actor Chris Pratt—best known as Andy in Parks and Rec and for starring in the action hit Guardians of the Galaxy —recently shared this picture that shows, once again, why we shouldn’t despise small beginnings. As he explains on Facebook , “Can't believe I found this picture!!! That is the van I lived in!!! In my hand is the script for the movie that got me out of Maui. Crazy.” Pratt was famously discovered by a director while working as a waiter in Hawaii—where he lived near the beach in the van—before becoming a global box office star ...

In Canada You Can’t Destroy Viable Geese Eggs, But You Can Abort Viable Unborn Babies

Whether your summer involved staying around home visiting the local swimming holes or travelling great distances, the chances are most of us will have seen Canada geese at some point. And, if not the geese themselves, certainly their ill-placed feces scattered across lakeside beaches.

14 Marriage, Reason, and Religious Liberty: Much Ado About Sex, Nothing to Do with Race

Whatever one’s views of marriage and however the state defines it, there is no compelling state interest in forcing all citizens to facilitate, participate in, or celebrate a same-sex relationship as a marriage. Believing that marriage is the union of man and woman is a reasonable position held by many. Bans on interracial marriage, by contrast, were grossly unreasonable. Protecting religious liberty and the rights of conscience does not restrict anyone’s freedom to enter into whatever romantic partnerships he or she wishes. Americans should remain free to speak and act in the public square based on their belief that marriage is the union of a man and woman without fear of government penalty. No one should demand that government coerce others into celebrating their relationships.

Sermon Prep 101

Preaching isn't something anyone can master, because the goal is to allow God in his Word to master the preacher. Nevertheless we desire to grow in our passion and ability to proclaim the glory and truth revealed in the Scriptures. So we asked three TGC Council members—Bryan Chapell, Mike Bullmore, and Alistair Begg—to walk us through the glory and challenge of sermon preparation, which starts for the next week the moment you say the benediction after the service ends on Sunday.

116,000 Pack Angel Stadium for 25th Anniversary Harvest Crusade

For months drivers all over Southern California have been seeing bumper stickers that read "Harvest: Greg Laurie. August 15-17, 2014: Angel Stadium." There have been radio advertisements and newspaper articles leading up to the 25th anniversary Harvest Crusade in Orange County. Christians have been praying for the event and inviting their friends. And this past weekend, they came.

The Spiritual Blessings of Seeking Solitude

We simply cannot live our whole lives in full view of others—in the crowd. Our lives are not a peep show. Without the discipline of silence and solitude, we play to the crowds, always performing yet never being quite sure of ourselves. We become puppets on a string, easily manipulated by circumstances and the flimsy whims of others. Silence and solitude leech these poisonous addictions out of us. In the silent and solitary place, we hunker down in obscurity. It's just us and God. We don't have to impress anyone. We are who we are. Naked. Our vulnerabilities exposed. This silent space affords us the opportunity to take a good, hard look at ourselves. We force ourselves to forego the pursuit of seeking affirmation from others. Eventually, our internal unrest is stilled.

College Doesn’t Change Your Heart, It Reveals It

To an extent matched by no other time in the life course, emerging adults enjoy and endure multiple, layered, big, and often unanticipated life transitions. They move out, they move back, they plan to move out again. They go to college, they drop out, they transfer, they take a break for a semester to save money, some graduate, some don’t. They want to study architecture, they hate architecture, they switch to criminal justice, a different career path. Their parents separate, make up, get divorced, remarry. They take a job, they quit, they find another, they get promoted, they move. They meet new friends, their old friends change, their friends don’t get along, they meet more new people. They get new roommates, their roommates don’t work out, they find a new apartment. They buy insurance, they wreck their car, they cancel their insurance, they borrow a car. They find their soulmate, they get involved, their soulmate dumps them, they are crushed. They believe in saving sex for meaningful relationships, they hook up, they get angry with themselves, they look for a meaningful relationship.

19 A Tool to Help You Live

"By the work of the Holy Spirit, God defeats temptation by awakening joy through belief in the word of God which is at work in us. And that word is most centrally the good news that Christ died for us so that all the promises of God are Yes in him."

It's Time to Listen: "Feeling the Pain Despite the Facts," a guest post by Bryan Loritts

On one level I have a cultural hermeneutic. Seeing and reading the stories about Brown’s death takes me back to the killings of Emmett Till in 1955, Medgar Evers in 1963, Dr. King in 1968 and Oscar Grant in 2009 (Fruitvale Station). These men were cut down in the prime of their lives by whites (Emmett Till was 14 when he died). What’s more is that Emmett, Medgar, Dr. King, and Oscar are but a few in a long history of African Americans who have unjustly died at the hands of our white brothers. As if that’s not enough, in many cases, their killers were never brought to justice, and if they were it was a long-time-coming. So when I see Brown’s corpse amid reports that he was shot by a representative of both the historic (white) and vocational (police) power structure of our country, I hope you will find it more than understandable if I cry foul. I, as a black man, find it impossible not to flinch to present conclusions given the injustices of the past.

Answering Muslims: Muslims on Twitter Defending Execution of James Wright Foley

Saw an article on Yahoo today titled "Losing My Religion". May I seek help on advice from anyone here who tells me that the Bible is also full of violent verses such as Numbers 31:7-18. I know this is not directly in touch with James Foley being killed, but if I were to say Islam is violent to a Muslim, he may counter by quoting this as well. How do I answer? It is a bit hard personally to justify God allowing entire villages to be killed.

Defenders 2 Podcast: Last Things | Reasonable Faith

Copyright Reasonable Faith. All rights reserved worldwide. Reasonable Faith is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

God Does Exist: Applied Apologetics: God Alone Supplies the Necessary Truth Conditions

Win a trip to Orlando in Renewing Your Mind's 20 Years On Air "Conference & Cruise" Promotion

Win a trip to Orlando in Renewing Your Mind's 20 Years On Air "Conference & Cruise" Promotion

25 Invitation from Hank - Christian Research Institute

Those stark and chilling words are from Russian author and Nobel Laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. As a prisoner for eight years in Soviet forced labor camps, he experienced firsthand the depravity that human beings are capable of.

Ebola Keeps Mercy Ships, African Evangelical Leaders Away from West Africa

WHO predicts that the number of untracked Ebola cases will be very high. Stephens said, “A Mercy Ship in port becomes a strong magnet for thousands of people. During the next 10-month port stay, Mercy Ships would expect to provide more than 2,400 surgeries for adult and child patients onboard ship, to treat more than 18,000 at land-based dental and eye clinics renovated for the purpose, and provide holistic healthcare education to over 160 healthcare professionals and 800 community leaders.”

‘God’s Not Dead’ Producer Reveals Details About Next Faith-Based Film: ‘Our Country Is Hungry for This Type of Entertainment’

“[Do You Believe?"] deals with the power of the cross and the relevancy of the cross in today’s society,” White said. “‘God’s Not Dead’ really dealt with, ‘Is there a God?’ … the next step — as Christians — we believe [God] is Jesus Christ.”


Christmas Card A Child Is Born to us!

WORLD | Stump of Stanford | Mary Jackson | Aug. 23, 2014

The chair across from Stump is rarely empty. For 44 years, he has been meeting one-on-one with Stanford athletes, and now meets with about 35 each week. Muffled by televised sportscasters and clattering dishes, they talk about what it means to follow Jesus Christ. Some simply have questions and want to talk. Many are believers facing the pressure of high-level sports—and the trials and temptations of college life. Stump helps them understand and apply Scripture. He also shares candidly from his life—a stint with college sports, 38 years of marriage, three children, and decades of relationships with Stanford athletes gone professional.

Conference Scholarships | Boyce/SBTS Campus Students

At Southern Seminary and Boyce College we are proud to host high-quality conferences for church leaders, lay people, and students from around the country. This is a time for them to hear theological leaders of our day and be equipped and encouraged in their personal ministry.


Now it is simply a matter of resources and resolve on the part of the U.S. and its allies. That, of course, remains the big unknown–how far will President Obama go? He has been willing in the last few weeks to apply a liberal interpretation of his original mandate for U.S. forces in Iraq, which was to protect Americans in Erbil and Baghdad. But beyond protecting the Yazidis and retaking Mosul Dam we still need a strategy to annihilate ISIS. It can be done–and if done right it will be the best, indeed the only worthy, response to James Foley’s barbaric demise.

Ask RC: Should American pastors ever preach warning us of our burgeoning police state and the erosion of our liberties?

The more difficult question is one of priorities. The question is not if we should preach against the grasping state, but how often ought we to do so? And that, I would argue, is answered not by knowing the Bible, but by knowing ones congregation.  Too often we tickle the ears of the flock not by speaking well of them, but by thundering against the sins of their enemies. A steady diet of “We are the oppressed minority who are being overrun by the state that hates us” may increase our blood pressure, but isn’t likely to increase our holiness.

Christian Former NFL Player Reveals ALS Diagnosis in 'Ice Bucket Challenge' Video

A Christian former NFL linebacker announced that he was recently diagnosed with ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, in a video challenging the entire Tennessee Titans organization to take part in the viral "Ice Bucket Challenge."

Michael Brown Case: Grand Jury Hearing Could Commence Wednesday as Family Demands Darren Wilson Arrest

A grand jury could begin hearing evidence in the Michael Brown case as early as Wednesday, the St. Louis Prosecutor's office confirmed.

35 Browns say Brian Hoyer will start, Johnny Manziel will sit

It’s about time someone came to their senses in Cleveland! Hoyer once given the starting job will be a good reliable starter unless injured. Manziel breathing down his neck for the starting job was in his head, and that’s why he wasn’t playing well thus far… Also giving Manziel the starting job after not playing particularly well and adding in his affinity for flipping birds, rolling up dollar bills, partying in Vegas, etc, would have been enough for his already big head (ego) to pop! Right now Manziel is a train wreck waiting to happen. He has to be humbled before he can really learn how to be a starting QB in the NFL… This is all a game and an ego trip for him so far. Despite what Manziel says, you can see, and his actions say that he thinks he is more like an Andrew Luck who played on Day 1 than say an Aaron Rogers who sat behind Favre for 3 yrs before playing, and if he is ever as good as either of them I will be shocked!

The Church’s Call to Steward God’s Mission in the World

Each of these good and necessary activities points to an essential facet of stewardship, but each—on its own—falls shy of capturing the inspiring vision of biblical stewardship as a form of whole-life discipleship that embraces every legitimate vocation and calling to fulfill God’s mission in the world. In this sense, holistic stewardship, transformational generosity, workplace ministry, business as mission, and the theology of work movement all share a common point of origin in the biblical view of mission as whole-life discipleship. In other words, the essence of stewardship is about finding your place—that is, all the dimensions of your many callings—in God’s economy of all things ( oikonomia ).

Get Over Your Selfie

Gazing in the digital mirror, we lose the habit of seeing ourselves as part of a bigger story.

Listening to Find Our Voice on Ferguson

The church has too often capitulated to the status quo and condoned injustice through silence. But neither should the church speak with presumption in the absence of trustworthy reports. Finding the right balance and speaking with the prophetic word of the gospel has eluded many of us in the aftermath of the police killing in Ferguson, Missouri. Reliable facts haven proven elusive to even fair-minded Christian leaders. Nevertheless, America's long history of racial injustice burdens whites in the majority to listen and understand grievances from the minority perspective.

Restoring Our Faith in Marriage

I have seen in the research what every marriage counselor knows intimately: divorce isn’t the greatest threat to marriage. Discouragement is. A sense of “why bother” is. And for too long, our confidence in marriage has been undermined by persistent misunderstandings and damaging myths.

You Are More Than Your Resume

To look at the world of literature for a moment, some of the most famous authors we know of had day jobs that were not at all as glamorous as what we know them for, yet we truncate their lives and remember them solely for one aspect of their work: their writing. T.S. Eliot, the famous poet and critic, worked at Lloyd’s Bank of London and then as a director at the publishing firm Faber & Faber. A person with bank and media experience who couldn’t even defend his PhD. dissertation, Eliot kept writing poetry and went on to become one of the most famous poets and critics of the early 20th Century. Or take Stephen King, who was an English teacher for several years before he could earn enough to write full time. Even C.S. Lewis, who is beloved by seemingly every Christian on earth, and his friend J.R.R. Tolkien, were professors first and writers second during their careers.

Author Looks at Salvation Army Founders' Love Story as 150th Anniversary Approaches

The book, so far as I can tell, is being read inside The Salvation Army and outside, and also not just by "religious" people. Many people – even those who I thought knew a lot about Salvation Army history and the Booths – have written and spoken to me saying that they discovered things they did not know. One or two have been generous enough to say it was because I presented facts perhaps already known in a new and interesting way. One or two have even said they couldn't put the book down because they found it such a good read. That's very flattering.


“Ever since the apostle Paul thanked the church at Philippi for their partnership in the gospel, churches with a vision bigger than themselves have joined together to establish kingdom partnerships. Chris Bruno and Matt Dirks help us to see how local fellowships willing to walk humbly and depend together on the power of God can become catalysts for gospel-centered outreach to their communities and to the nations. How might we multiply the seed God has entrusted to us and extend the reign of Christ with one another to the glory of God? You will be both challenged and encouraged as you read this strong exhortation to kingdom building through church partnerships.” —Bill Mills , Founder, Leadership Resources International

You Won't Stop Laughing When You See What This Nun Does to These Men Passing By (VIDEO)

A nun walking in a parking lot with a big cardboard box is approached by a few strong men to help. But, when they try to lift the box the nun was carrying, it isn't so easy for them. Not everything is what it seems in this hidden camera prank from "Just for Laughs."

This Woman's Unique Signing Voice Will Give You Goosebumps (VIDEO)

When Rachael Price starts to sing, her voice will sound very different because not many women sing in this tone nowadays. She is the lead vocalist for Lake Street Dive. Rachael wrote this song, "What I'm Doing Here," and performed it in one unedited take.

‘Aha’ Moments: Theirs and Mine

The Gospel Coalition is a fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming our ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures.  We yearn to work with all who, in addition to embracing our confession and theological vision for ministry, seek the lordship of Christ over  the whole of life with unabashed hope in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform individuals, communities, and cultures.

Southern Baptist Leaders: Christians Should Make Themselves 'Marry-able' Younger

Christian couples should marry sooner, an ethicist and a pastor with the largest Protestant denomination in the United States argue.

Bible Q&A – Why Read the Bible Every Day?

I have found morning time, first thing, to be best for reading the Bible. The house is quiet. A day’s worth of activity and anxiety has not built up. My mind is as blank as it will be all day and my body is as lethargic as it will be all day, making me well suited for unhurried reflection on the text. At times in the past I’ve tried spending time in the Word in the evening, but my mind is racing from the day’s events, and I find it extremely difficult to slow down and chew on the text in a meditative way. Coffee and Scripture first thing in the morning has become a daily ritual that I dearly love and need. Experiment with what works best for you.

Gaza Truce Collapses as Israel, Hamas Militants Trade Rocket Fire

Rockets launched from the Gaza Strip toward Israel is seen (at right) as a rocket by the Iron Dome anti-missile system (at left) is fired to intercept them, before a five-day ceasefire was due to expire, Aug. 19, 2014. A ceasefire in the Gaza Strip collapsed on Tuesday, with Palestinian militants firing rockets into Israel, prompting Israeli air strikes that health officials said killed a woman and a young girl.

49 Resources to Help You Respond to the Problem of Evil (Free Bible Insert) | Cold Case Christianity

Natural Evil: Why Would a Good God Allow Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Disease? Some “natural evil” may be the result of necessity. God may tolerate some natural evil because it is the necessary consequence of a free natural process making it possible for freewill creatures to thrive. God may also tolerate some “natural evil” because it is the necessary consequence of human free agency. Humans often rebuild along earthquake fault lines and known hurricane pathways; there are times when “natural” evil is either caused or aggravated by free human choices. In addition, God may permit some “natural evil” because it challenges people to think about Him for the first time. Finally, God may permit some “natural evil” because it provides humans with the motivation and opportunity to develop Godly character. A world such as this requires human beings to cooperate and peacefully co-exist in order to successfully respond to its challenges.

Pastor Matt Chandler Speaks Up About 'White Privilege,' 'Nonsense' Going on in Ferguson

Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village Church in Texas and president of the church planting network Acts 29, took to his blog Tuesday to expound upon his tweets about white privilege, why white people should join in the fight for justice, and how it related to the developments in Ferguson, Missouri.

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