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Five Back-to-School Basics

The beginning of August signals the beginning of back-to-school shopping, or at least back-to-school-shopping commercials. You may not know it, but whether you’re a freshman or senior, you’re going to need more than notebooks, pencils, and a strong book bag.

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Shark Week Jumps the Shark

And yet, here I am, tuning into yet another Shark Week, with all its campy, over-the-top programming. Even the ads get me—from the poster in the train station of a great white rising from foamy waters to the promos on Facebook. In my house, Shark Week has consistently succeeded at getting all five of us in one small room, in front of one small(ish) TV without arguing about what we were going to watch for a bit once they come in from playing. The decision is made for us. Duh, it’s Shark Week.

God Does Exist: Applied Apologetics: Transcendental Analysis Defeats the Anti-Trinity View of the Jehovah's Witnesses

Do We Live in the Matrix?

So sometimes what people do in describing quantum mechanics is they will pretend that space is kind of like a chessboard and that particles can only sit on certain places: they can only be on a square, they can’t be between squares. And then if we go back to the chess board analogy, the description they write down about it is kind of like, “I pick up the rook and I move the rook three spaces forward.” The way you would write that down quantum mechanically is, “Delete the rook from its current position and create it at its new position.” That is what I do when I pick up the piece and I put it back down on the board. I remove it from one spot and I put it in another. And quantum mechanically, the mathematical description you can write down is something like, “I destroyed the rook from existence, and then I recreated it at the new spot.” That amounts to the same thing as me picking it up and moving it. The rook was at one position and now it is at another. So sometimes we write down mathematical formulations that are very much like that. Destroy the rook from existence and then recreate it at the new position.

Reading the Bible Like Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards teaches us to see Scripture as a means of grace so that we come to the Bible to be transformed by God’s Spirit. To know Jesus truly, we need the Spirit to reveal him to our hearts directly. After first learning about the spiritual disciplines, I felt tired. Rather than pointing me to true life, I felt an incredibly heavy burden to carry it all myself. But when I learned about the means of grace as understood by Jonathan Edwards, I didn’t feel the same burden. Means of grace are gifts to be with God; they are opportunities to know and love in response to being known and loved by God.   Getting oriented to Jesus Means of grace are meant to orient us to Jesus so our hearts pour out in love and affection to him. The goal of the means of grace is to share God’s own mind and will so that we think and will as Christ does. Just as David is called the man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22), all believers are called to be “after God’s own heart.” As Edwards puts it, “The chief of the means of grace is the Word of God: that standing revelation of the mind and will of God that he gives the world, and it is as it were the sum of all means.

Transhumanism's Eugenics Authoritarianism

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution, including breaking news about scientific research.

Apologetics helps young men to resist being shamed by their secular peers

That excerpt is basically a summary of my life – that’s how I started out as a teen – with apologetics. I’ve been a Christian the whole time in between then and now. I think many parents and churches are wondering how it is that you get a young man to stand up to the culture and peer pressure. The answer is apologetics, and I think integrating Christianity with every other area of knowledge helps as well. Winning arguments over and over is an excellent way to build a suit of armor against temptation and peer pressure.

12 How depression manifests itself in teenage boys | HeadHeartHand Blog

In  this video , Christian counselor Dr. Emilie DeYoung explains how teenage boys respond when depressed.

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14 Really Recommended Posts 8/15/14- Christians and Romans, Bible Measurements, Robin Williams, and more!

Here I have another go-round the web as we survey a posts on creationism, early Christianity, measurement in the Bible, interactions between men and women, and Robin Williams. Let me know what you thought of the posts in the comments, and be sure to leave a comment on those whose posts you enjoyed!