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Why Can't Morals Be Grounded In Society?

Dr William Lane Craig was invited by the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) Christian Union, London to give a lecture titled "Can we be good witho...

Family of the Year - Hero (Lyric Video)

Hero by Family of the Year from the album Loma Vista 'Loma Vista' featuring 'Hero' out now available at 대한민국; http://...

#2: Sexual Abuse of 13-Year-Old is No Problem to Indianapolis Planned Parenthood

A second Planned Parenthood in Indiana covers up the statutory rape of 13-year-old: Video #2 of the Mona Lisa Project has more info abo...

Point of View Livecast - August 14, 2014

↓↓↓ CLICK "SHOW MORE" BELOW TO VIEW CHAPTERS ↓↓↓ Today on Point of View, Kerby welcomes President of Barna Group, David Kinnaman, who talks about the Trends ...

556. Are Beliefs Determined By Where You Grew Up?

Brett Kunkle looks at whether or not birthplace is the main determiner of one's beliefs about God.

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The Briefing 08-15-14

1) Explosive growth of Islam in US indicator of vast change in Christian mission field

Worship Songwriter Vicky Beeching Comes Out as Gay

“What Jesus taught was a radical message of welcome and inclusion and love,” said the 35-year-old Anglican, who recently left the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) world to become a TV news commentator, but still makes a living from royalties when American churches sing her worship songs. “I feel certain God loves me just the way I am, and I have a huge sense of calling to communicate that to young people.”

Who are my brothers and sisters?

Jonathan Merritt has a fascinating interview with Vicky Beeching, Christian musical artist who has recently come out as a lesbian. It’s a fascinating interview on a number of levels. Explaining her view that Christianity is compatible with gay marriage, she follows very closely one of the arguments made by Matthew Vines in his book God and the Gay Christian . I have commented on that argument elsewhere , so I won’t belabor the point here.

The Briefing 08-15-14

1) Explosive growth of Islam in US indicator of vast change in Christian mission field

5 "Guardians of the Galaxy" - Chaos, "Human" Nature, and the "Good Guys"

“Guardians of the Galaxy” has been a smash hit at the box office, and it has also received critical acclaim. It’s been branded as a happy-go-lucky film. That said, every story has a worldview. What might we find in “Guardians”? Here, we will analyze the movie from a Christian worldview perspective. There will be  SPOILERS  in what follows.

Free Twitter Management Dashboard | Twitter Marketing Tool |

Kiva uses to measure its impact and engagement on Twitter. But the service goes far beyond that. It gives us all the tools we need to listen to our most influential fans and followers..

Free Twitter Management Dashboard | Twitter Marketing Tool |

Kiva uses to measure its impact and engagement on Twitter. But the service goes far beyond that. It gives us all the tools we need to listen to our most influential fans and followers..

Sunday Schooling Our Kids Out of Church

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, my generation, Baby Boomers, rebelled against the “institutional church” just as we did with every other institution our parents built/supported.  We rebelled by dropping out: 2/3rds of my generation dropped out of church.  In the late 1970’s/early 1980’s, innovative pastors and congregations of all sizes and denominations looked for ways to draw Boomers back to church.  They began to create worship experiences based on the unique “personality” of the Boomer generation. These churches went “contemporary,” “seeker,” and/or “seeker-friendly.”  Because these were the primary parenting years for Boomers, these congregations recognized the need to not only provide Boomer-friendly worship experiences for adults, but the need to create dynamic experiences for their children as well, knowing that if the kids wanted to come back, the parents were more likely to come back.


While South Korea is known for sending missionaries to other countries, the local church is…


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Acts 29 Removes Mars Hill, Asks Mark Driscoll To Step Down and Seek Help

Dr. Paul Tripp joined our Board of Advisors and Accountability in November 2013 and has been an immense help to our leaders over the past year. Dr. Tripp has extensive experience in discipleship and biblical counseling. Earlier this month, we made the decision together to open the opportunity for him to work with greater focus on issues directly related to his expertise, namely the continued development of our community and redemption ministries. Because simultaneously being a board member and a consultant does not allow for the required definition of independence, Dr. Tripp graciously submitted his resignation from the BOAA in early June so that he can more extensively serve our church as a consultant. We are excited to continue this work with him, and are thankful for his continued support of Mars Hill Church.

Transformation Church

The Vision of Transformation Church is to be a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, mission-shaped community that loves God completely (Upward) , ourselves correctly (Inward) , and our neighbors compassionately (Outward) .

Five Back-to-School Basics

The beginning of August signals the beginning of back-to-school shopping, or at least back-to-school-shopping commercials. You may not know it, but whether you’re a freshman or senior, you’re going to need more than notebooks, pencils, and a strong book bag.

Everything You Need to Know* About Rick Perry's Newest Scandal - The Texas Observer

He threatened , publicly, to use his line item-veto power to zero out the Public Integrity Unit’s budget. Since that part of the Travis DA’s office played a statewide role, it was funded by the state. This kind of threat isn’t unusual. Executives use veto threats all the time to get what they want. The difference this time was that Perry had the audacity to do it all publicly. It’s unusual for an elected official to bully another elected official into resigning. And when threats didn’t work, he followed through on it. At the end of last year’s legislative session, Perry eliminated the entirety of the Public Integrity Unit’s funding–some $8 million over two years. Money that was going to investigate, in small part, his own party’s mismanagement of state government agencies, including alleged corruption in CPRIT.

Grace to You

Everyone who is repentant, who acknowledges his or her sin and turns from it, is the object of Jesus’ call. The familiar Greek word (kaleo-) rendered here “to call” is also used of inviting someone to your home to enjoy good hospitality. This implies that Jesus did not invite the Pharisees to a meal with other sinners for the same reason He does not call any self-righteous person to salvation. In both cases, the people do not see themselves as needy, do not want to associate with those considered lower than themselves, and therefore can’t identify themselves with the Lord Jesus.

When We Best Learn the Bible

If you have ever had to learn a skill, you will probably remember the frustration that accompanies it — the feelings of inadequacy, the monotony of repeating a process until you have learned it, the strong desire to quit or to find an easier way. Learning to study the Bible well introduces all of these same feelings, which is why we must study with patience .

Homeless Man Arm Wrestles For $100, But What He Does at the End is Jaw Dropping

These YouTube pranksters go around NYC looking to find a homeless man who wants to arm wrestle. Whichever man wins will receives $100. Many videos lately have been showing how generous homeless people have been, despite the fact they have nothing. They are extremely generous and know what it's like to struggle for survival.

Grace to You

The Corinthians, in truth, were jealous of one another's spiritual gifts. First Corinthians 12:31 literally says, "You are earnestly desiring the showy gifts, but I show you a more excellent way." The word translated "earnestly desiring" is translated "jealous" in 1 Corinthians 13:4. It means "to boil" and speaks of the inner seething that comes from wanting something that someone else has. In 1 Corinthians 3:3 Paul rebukes them for the jealousy and strife that existed among them.

3 Ways to Pray for Our Enemies

Another, less frequent, reason we don’t pray for their conversion is because we fear they may actually repent. Like Jonah in Nineveh, we want our enemies to receive their just desserts, not mercy and forgiveness. Consider all of the Christians who dutifully prayed for the Nazis. How would they have felt if they discovered that Hitler, in the moments prior to his death, had truly repented of his sins and was forgiven by God? Many of those Christians would have felt cheated, as if it was unfair of God to forgive such horrific crimes. They would likely want to complain, as Jonah did when God spared the Ninevites, “I knew that you are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love, a God who relents from sending calamity” (Jonah 4:2)?

The Daily

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God Does Not View Your Labors as ‘Filthy Rags’

It is terribly confusing when people say that the only righteousness that has any value is the imputed righteousness of Christ. I agree that justification is not grounded on any of our righteousness, but only the righteousness of Christ imputed to us. But sometimes people are careless and speak disparagingly of all human righteousness, as if there were no such thing that pleased God. They often cite Isaiah 64:6, which says our righteousness is as filthy rags. . . . [But] when my sons do what I tell them to do—I do not call their obedience “filthy rags” even if it is not perfect. Neither does God. All the more because he himself is “working in us that which is pleasing in his sight” (Hebrews 13:21). He does not call his own, Spirit-wrought fruit, “rags.” ( Future Grace , 151-152).

Confuse Students to Help Them Learn

"Common wisdom holds that confusion should be avoided during learning and rapidly resolved if and when it arises," wrote a team of researchers in a paper published earlier this year. While this might be true when it comes to superficial tasks such as memorizing facts and figures, "Confusion is likely to promote learning at deeper levels of comprehension under appropriate conditions."


Jonathan Edwards is well known as perhaps the greatest theologian the United States has ever produced. He is equally noted for his preaching and writing. But in this Long Line Profile, Dr. Steven J. Lawson considers the unique focus and commitment with which Edwards sought to live out the Christian faith. 

WORLD | Cheerios tells the awesome truth about dads | John Stonestreet | Aug. 15, 2014

A new online ad for Cheerios gives us a chance to say to something in the culture, “Do more of that!” The video shows a married father helping his children through their morning routine while monologuing into the camera:

25 Is Legislating Morality Biblical? - Christian Research Institute

Some laws do not address moral issues but conventional issues, such as how many representatives will be in Congress, or on which side of the street we should drive. Nevertheless, we all have a moral obligation to obey those laws, especially ones where disobedience could result in great harm (such as driving on the “wrong” side of the street). Moreover, I am not saying that all laws are good or moral; I am saying that all laws legislate someone’s moral position, which may actually be an immoral position. For example, legislating that a woman has a moral “right” to choose an abortion is actually an immoral position because a child is killed in the process. There is no moral right to kill an innocent human being. The right to life is the right to all other rights.

How E-Reading Threatens Learning in the Humanities

Readings in the humanities tend to be lengthy, intellectually weighty, or both. The challenge of digital reading for the humanities is that screens—particularly those on devices with Internet connections—undermine our encounters with meaty texts. These devices weren’t designed for focused concentration, reading slowly, pausing to argue virtually with the author, or rereading. Rather, they are information and communication machines, best used for searching and skimming—not scrutinizing.

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Islamic State Seizes Iraq's Christian Capital: Qaraqosh

As IS militants continue their sweep of northern Iraq toward the capital of the Kurdish region, tens of thousands of Christians are on the run, trying to avoid the IS ultimatum given in Mosul and other areas: convert, pay a protection tax, leave, or die.


It's a definite possibility, says Bottke. Such severe impacts could help explain why the air became rich in oxygen only around 2.4 billion years ago . Oxygen is a waste product of photosynthesis, and photosynthetic bacteria may not have been able to gain a foothold on the early Earth under such heavy bombardment. Bottke says there may have been a "back and forth battle", with life "fighting sporadic setbacks" from asteroid impacts.

True Grit

But this biblical grit differs from worldly, bootstrap-variety grit in a crucial way. Biblical steadfastness and endurance has, at its core, a faith that rests on the promises of God and therefore is full of hope (Romans 15:13). True godly grit is able to strive hard and stand fast because it is empowered by God’s grace. That’s why Paul could say things like, “I worked harder than any of them, though it was not I, but the grace of God that is with me” (1 Corinthians 15:10).

Viral Anxiety

When we remember that we have been rescued from a fate worse than death and we are always running headlong into future grace, maternal anxiety gets put in its place. Even though situations arise where anxiety seems like the only available option because you can’t understand what God is doing, by faith you can believe that he is always acting in accordance with his redeeming love. The worries that lurch your heart back and forth like a rocking chair lose their momentum in the face of this wondrous truth. In Christ, a mother’s heart can rest. “In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety” (Psalm 4:8).

Yes, Katy Perry, Babies Need Daddies

When we have a pop icon flippantly saying she doesn’t need a dude to raise a child (and she’s not the only one), and when we have conservative pundits equating “making it work” with how much money you have—as if men were mere ATMs—those who know better need to speak up and not be afraid of coming across as intolerant or judgmental. That’s because we are the ones who truly know by our own experiences what is best for children. We have seen the tears, the insecurities, the longing looks as our children who stand alone watch friends high-five their dads after a soccer game; or the way they get too attached to that first boyfriend or girlfriend because they’re trying to fill that missing place in their hearts where their father should be; or the yearning they feel when they talk about how they like to go over to their friend’s house to eat because their mom and dad sit down with them as a family.

Ten Books on Racial Reconciliation and the Church

“[An] honest picture of both the history and the present state of racial reconciliation in evangelical churches...Charting progress as well as setbacks, his words offer encouragement for black evangelicals feeling alone, clarity for white evangelicals who want to understand more deeply, and fresh vision for all who want to move forward toward Christ's prayer "that all of them may be one."

Navy Reverses Decision to Remove Bibles From Rooms, Reviews Policy

The U.S. Navy has reversed its decision to remove Bibles from Navy rooms, and has noted that it would be reviewing its policy. Navy Exchange Service Command officials had previously said they would be removing all religious literature, following complaints from an atheist group.

35 Is the New World Translation of the Bible credible? - Christian Research Institute

Jehovah’s Witnesses claim that the New World Translation (NWT) is the “work of competent scholars.” Conversely, they contend that other Bible translations are corrupted by religious traditions that are rooted in paganism. In reality, the NWT is the work of a Bible Translation Committee with no working knowledge of biblical languages. Their bias is so blatant that Dr. Bruce Metzger, professor of New Testament at Princeton, not only characterized the NWT as a “frightful mistranslation” but as “erroneous,” “pernicious,” and “reprehensible.”

The Giver

Once Jonas begins his training, the film runs into all sorts of structural and formal problems. The back story is dribbled out in bits and pieces, making it seem like (for anyone who doesn’t already know the story) new narrative rules are being made up as they go along. Wait! There is a line beyond the map where, if the receiver passes, the magical brainwashing spell will be lifted. And there was another receiver before Jonas who failed the training. Somehow the success of this project is also wrapped up in killing all the newborn babies that don’t make weight. As Jonas feels pleasure for the first time, the images on screen acquire color, and we are subjected to random screensaver shots of sunsets and other pretty things gleamed together from Tree of Life ’s cutting room floor.

How to Raise Up Leaders in the Church

That's the question that launches a fascinating discussion on leadership in the church among pastors Andy Davis, J. D. Greear, and David Helm. In one sense leadership is simply another way of saying how to multiply influence for the sake of Christ. And everyone has been gifted by God to spread the gosepl and build up the church. But in another sense, not everyone has been specifically gifted as a church leader, so pastors must keep an eye out for men who have been called to vocational ministry. Greear cautions church leaders not to assume, though, that the men on the platform will have the most influence. He observes the pattern of Acts where God works through laypeople in such a way that seems to suggest a certain paradigm for gospel expansion. 

North Winds

Jacob Montague is a producer and multi-instrumentalist by day (Branches), and folk-tronic composer by night. His cinematic compositions weave a musical landscape composed of big beats, plucked strings, minimal patterns within grand combinations, and honest ethereal sounds. His arrangements live primarily in an instrumental narrative, but there are occasional lyrical moments of vulnerability and layers of vocal textures found throughout.

Duggars '19 Kids and Counting': Jessa Duggar Engaged, Ready for God to Write Next Chapter of Her Life

Duggar and Seewald began courting 11 months ago and decided not to hold hands until they were actually engaged. They also decided to save their first kiss until their wedding day, as is Duggar family tradition. Older sister Jill recently married her boyfriend, and the couple also followed the conservative rules of courtship.

His Classmates Teased and Bullied Him Until They Realized Why He Sings (VIDEO)

They bother him because he carries around an old guitar and sings when he thinks no one is watching. The bullies make fun of Nut as he walks by them and behind his back. One day, a classmate walks by and finds out the real reason why he sings.

Church Polity and External Boards: Does the Bible Speak to This?

I have written on this for 9Marks a few times, but I do not believe that evangelicals are free to essentially make up their own church government. I think that Scripture teaches that a body of elders should govern one body of believers in localized form. In other words, a group of men lead one church–by which I mean what we today call one “campus”–to shepherd the flock and present it holy and healthy to Christ. Texts like Acts 14:23 and Titus 1:5, showcasing the appointing of elders in every NT-era town where the gospel took root, point me in this direction, as do texts like 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9, speaking as they do to the duties of elders who, it is expected, will oversee the congregation. There’s more to be said here, for sure; this is a start.

Mars Hill Cancels Annual Resurgence Conference Amid Controversy Surrounding Mark Driscoll

Mars Hill Church announced the cancellation of their annual Resurgence Conference late Thursday which was expected to feature a lineup of leading evangelical preachers, some who have reportedly cut ties with Pastor Mark Driscoll.

Former 'Prince of the Mafia' Michael Franzese Headlines Evangelist Greg Laurie's SoCal Harvest

Harvest organizers say, "With a trademark ability to present a clear gospel message in a culturally relevant format, drawing on the latest in current events, contemporary Christian music, and technology, Greg Laurie's Harvest events have been attended by more than 6.5 million people worldwide since 1990, both in-person at stadium and arena events and via live Internet broadcasts. Laurie also serves as senior pastor of one of the largest churches in America, Harvest Christian Fellowship which has campuses in Riverside and Irvine, California. He serves on the board of directors for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association."

Pope Francis Warns Against Materialism, Urges Evangelism in First South Korea Public Mass

Pope Francis urged South Korean Catholics to hold fast to the spirit of evangelization and reject "inhumane economic models" as their country's economy continues growing. The pope was addressing close to 50,000 people at Mass in his first ever visit to Asia.

Denver 2014

Denver is Redeeming Work's third city and last in 2014. As a former frontier of the Western United States, this "mile-high city" is now a frontier to a new kind of working force. Diverse in industry, how does the city engage with culture through a meaningful work-life-and-faith balance? How can pastors support and help their congregation find value while at work?

Three Steps to Stop Wasting Your Life

Every day, you and I will be tempted to waste the precious life God has given us. The book of Proverbs is filled with wisdom to help us navigate these daily pressures and impulses. Proverbs 3:5–6 — two of the most popular verses in the Bible — offer three steps for experiencing as much of God’s grace as possible today.

Home Sweet Home, Again

And frankly, I’m scared of being lonely. Introvert though I am, I like the feeling of having other people in the house. As blogger Julie Rodgers recently wrote , most of us want, even need, our lives to be “witnessed” in some way. It’s a bonus when those other people are people I love, and who love (and put up with) me. I could try to go the roommate route, but roommates, as I learned in college, are a lot like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates: You never know what you’re gonna get. Sometimes, as Forrest neglected to point out, you can get a pretty bad experience. I’m not ruling that option out completely, but it’s one that I would undertake only with great care and caution.

On the Death of Robin Williams

Why…why did God rescue me from my suicide attempt…but he allows others to die?  Why did he rescue me from my death but not other people?  It almost makes me angry to have survived.  I’m no more special than anyone else, I still haven’t figured out what I’m really good at, yet God decided to rescue me?  Why?  I was still a follower of Christ, if I had died, I would’ve gone to heaven and been with the Lord.  But there are some who don’t follow him who kill themselves, and their despair is even worse in the afterlife instead of having peace.  Why God…why did you rescue me from death…but you don’t rescue others from the grips of suicide?  Their lives are just as precious as mine!  Robin Williams was doing good in the world – he made people smile when they thought they couldn’t.  But I don’t do any good in the world.  I don’t make any contribution to the world.  So why did you rescue me?  My soul aches…people are hurting so much…and there is so much death around me…people killing each other…people killing themselves…this is not what you created us for!  All this death and violence…this isn’t what you wanted for us!  What are we to do in world that is killing itself and breaking down?  Will we all eventually kill each other to the brink of extinction?  No, that won’t happen.

Renewing Your Mind | Blessed Are Those Who Hunger | August 15, 2014

When Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst,” He was not referring to a physical desire for food or water. Instead, He was referring to a spiritual longing for righteousness, and a desire to be filled with the Bread of Life. In this lesson, Dr. Sproul explains the practical meaning of this Beatitude.

33 Logical Fallacies Everyone Should Know

Post Hoc Fallacy:       This fallacy is committed when one assumes that things happen after an unrelated experience. For instance, athletes participate in certain rituals before they take the field. They believe these rituals will help them perform in the game. In reality, there is no correlation. Note: some sites have claimed that the efficacy of prayer is a post hoc fallacy. However, this claim is committing several fallacies including the anecdotal and black-or-white fallacy. The author who claims that prayer is superstitious is abiding by their own preconceived notions that God does not exist. If God does exist, then it is entirely logical to expect an answer to one’s prayer. It is just as logical as expecting a person on the other end of the telephone line to respond to one’s question. Beware of sites that promote a genetic fallacy in designating that people of faith are automatically wrong because they believe in the power of God.

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