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New Planned Parenthood video: Organs harvested without informed consent - Hot Air

"I'm not going to tell a girl to kill her baby just to get money -- and that's what this company does."

Do You Have a Few Minutes to Listen to Matt Chandler on Abortion?

An insightful and powerful sermon clip from Matt Chandler.

Living Waters Opens with a Splash for Pacific Northwest Premiere; DVD Now on Sale!

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

WORLD | ‘These mothers don’t know’ | Lynde Langdon | Aug. 12, 2015

ABORTION | Former StemExpress employee says technicians sometimes take tissue from an aborted baby without the mother’s consent

National Center for Science Education Whitewashes Scientific Racism

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Encountering The God Who Suffers

Jefferson Bethke talks about our God who suffers inspired by the Levi Lusko book "Through the Eyes of a Lion ".

Passengers on the Subway Take Part in an Epic Journey and Sing Over the Rainbow Together

It was about 7:50 a.m. on a winter morning in Australia as commuters shuffled onto a crowded train bound for their jobs. A man named Peter Sharp got on the train with waiting to give them a surprise. He unites the train to sang along to "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."

New Grandfather-to-Be Jumps for Joy, But Not Until He Thinks No One is Looking – HAHA!

It doesn't really matter how tough of a parent you are, hearing you will be a grandfather will definitely make you jump in joy. A couple prepared a surprise pregnancy announcement for their parents. They set up a sign that had all the baby information on it and a hidden camera in the room. Their reaction is priceless!

Bishop T.D. Jakes Says He Has Not 'Evolved' on Homosexuality and Does Not 'Endorse' Gay Marriage

Bishop T.D. Jakes has clarified that his method of ministering to gay people who choose to attend The Potter's House church was "evolving" and said he does not endorse same-sex marriage, after a recent HuffPost Live interview led some viewers to believe that he had "shifted" in his biblical convictions regarding human sexuality and marriage.

Denny Burk

A commentary on theology, politics, and culture

A 6-Year-Old Orphan Gives to Others and Expects Nothing Back But A Smile

When Jaden Hayes was 4 years old, his father died. Then just 2 years later, his mother had passed away. A very traumatic situation for a young boy to deal with. But, Jaden is tired of seeing people sad, and decided to do something amazing for others.

"The Wisdom of Repugnance"

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Several Killed, Hundreds Injured in Huge Explosions in China

A mysterious explosion at a port in Tianjin, China shook the city around midnight local time. The blast—which state media attribute to hazardous goods at the port, triggered a second explosion and shock waves that reached up to 6 miles away. The explosions killed at least seven people and injured up to 400. Several videos of the explosion showed up on social media, and they are pretty terrifying.

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How Abortion Kills the Future

The future of a standard fetus includes a set of experiences, projects, activities, and such which are identical with the futures of adult human beings and are identical with the futures of young children. Since the reason that is sufficient to explain why it is wrong to kill human beings after the time of birth is a reason that also applies to fetuses, it follows that abortion is prima facie morally wrong.

Katharine Welby Roberts // Who God Is // Premier Drive

Katharine Welby Roberts speaks to guest presenter, Carrie Lloyd, about knowing who God is, depression and dealing with it on a daily basis. Carrie Lloyd was just one of our guest presenters on Premier Drive's Takeover Week To find out more go to: Premier brings you the show that puts you in the driving seat. With music, guests and the big issues from the day's news. Premier Drive is home to the latest Christian music and plenty of chat too! Join Loretta Andrews Monday - Thursday at 3pm on Premier Christian Radio. | For more video and audio content: | Like us on Facebook | Tweet us @TogetherPremier

Girls Who Were 12-Years-Old at the Time of the ‘Slender Man’ Stabbings to Be Tried as Adults

Their defense attorneys told the judge that the two girls—who are now 13—are mentally ill, and one still believes that make-believe characters like Slender Man, and even Harry Potter, are real. Their victim, who they brought to the woods and repeatedly viciously stabbed, survived the attack. Slender Man is one of the Internet’s more notorious creations: The mythical villain—who is the subject of YouTube videos and message board threads—is said to kidnap children and stalk playgrounds.

Episodes in a Reading Life: Smith Family Bookstore, Eugene, Oregon

That first year in Eugene was a lonely one. However, First Baptist Church became my spiritual home. Dr. Jack MacArthur’s powerful and eloquent preaching and Pastor Mike Hilty’s teaching for our college group grounded me in Scripture and the Christian life, as did my new Christian friends. Yet I lived by myself, was often melancholy, did not have a girlfriend, and found myself ensconced in books—those for college courses and those from Smith Family and other bookstores. I was a young Christian and a young man who was beginning to sense a hunger for knowledge. Smith Family offered a plethora of used and mostly inexpensive books on every topic of my interest—philosophy, psychology, religion, theology, the Bible, and more.

How Apologetics Serves Evangelism in Our Post Christian Culture

Thinking this morning about where our culture has been and where it is going, I could not help pondering about the church’s effectiveness in this post Christian culture in reaching those without Christ. Our culture has taken on a different face, very quickly, as a result of a judicial fiat decision. Should we do anything differently in our evangelism?  Has anything really changed?

Renewing Your Mind | Holy, Holy, Holy | August 12, 2015

Ultimately, the antipode of Babel’s ziggurat — and so, the ordained way of approaching God toward which the narrative arc leads — is the Tabernacle consummated at the end of the book of Exodus. The movement from the beginning of Genesis through to the end of Exodus, then, is from the creation of the cosmos (macro-temple) to the creation of the Tabernacle (micro-cosmos), from the divine Presence lost to the divine Presence received. The God who exiled sinners from paradise is the God who descends to dwell among them in the wilderness. Between these bookends of descent (humanity’s in Gen 3 and God’s in Exod 40), there are relevant and notable narratives, like Jacob’s astonishing discovery of the “stairway” whose “top reached into the heavens” (Gen 28:12), the very “gate of heaven” (v 17) being opened to one who never knocked; and like the hallowed ground of Isaac’s binding atop Moriah (Gen 22) — “in the Mount of the LORD it shall be provided,” indeed. The most immediately significant narrative, however, is that of Mount Sinai.

Bad Atheist Arguments: Bible Contradictions & 7 Ways To Respond.

Secondly, atheists are very uncharitable when reading the Biblical text. They no longer attempt to remain objective as possible, but instead look for contradictions, and often when none even exist. Take one skeptic’s challenge (chart depicted) where he lists over 60 000 alleged discrepancies and contradictions in an interactive chart (2). This is absurd considering my Bible is, give our take, 1200 pages. Are there really 50 to 60 contradictions per page? I don’t think this is probable at all even if the Bible was totally full with errors/contradictions! it’s just more atheist propaganda. Although I’ve explained some alleged contradictions at this blog, I have also looked through many more, and found out that most of these alleged contradictions are answerable to lesser and greater degrees. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think there are some difficult passages (there are), but rather I have concluded that atheists are very uncharitable, and grossly unfair in their exegesis. However, at most they are attacking the doctrine of inerrancy, not the truthfulness of Christianity.

Book Review: "God's Crime Scene" by J. Warner Wallace

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9 Meet the Bereans

send to a friend #14  Posted by Jamie Gilman  |  Wednesday, August 12, 2015at 8:03 AM I can't tell you how much the biblical teaching of John MacArthur has helped my husband and I. We were sincere believers of Christ in college who unfortunately grew up in homes where the word was never a part of our daily Christianity, which lead us to bring susceptible to hyped up, radical Christian movements and teachings. We then became involved with And indoctrinated with IHOP. We were there for 9 yrs.... Which at that point we were so unfaithful, insecure and scared of losing our salvation because we felt like we weren't measuring up. This was the perfect set up for the next 4 yrs of our life in which another wolf in sheep clothing promised freedom through the gospel by getting free of spirits that bound us and made us unfruitful. This was introduced by prophetic prayer that gave you an original design, and all the strongholds and spirits that were keeping you from it.

WORLD | CCCU loses Union University | J.C. Derrick | Aug. 12, 2015

“The board’s process of calling all member presidents has yielded great insight and wisdom and has revealed that almost all appreciate the opportunity to give input and support the board’s desire to follow a good and respectful process,” she said. “Following a good and respectful process does not mean that we do not recognize the importance of this issue in our current cultural climate. We do, and as such, CCCU is advocating vigorously on behalf of schools that hold the orthodox view of marriage, and we will continue to do so both for our members and for others who hold that view but are no longer members.”

It Is Well

The key to suffering well, at least for Horatio Spafford, was Christ. This father had met, and loved, and enjoyed, and worshiped the man, his Savior, Jesus Christ. And that love was able to carry him across the most violent waves of life. He knew the heart of Philippians 1:21, where Paul — a man who suffered more than most — wrote, “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

Baby Got Book (OFFICIAL)

The Official Director's Cut from Dan "Southpaw" Smith. Song available on iTunes at . Also available on CD and DVD at "Baby Got Book" c 2004 Dan Smith

BREAKING: Planned Parenthood sold baby parts without woman's consent says former tech

“Experiences like Holly O’Donnell’s show that Planned Parenthood’s abortion and baby parts business is not a safe place where vulnerable women can be cared for, but a harvesting ground for saleable human ‘product.’ Taxpayer subsidies to Planned Parenthood’s barbaric abortion business should be revoked immediately, and law enforcement and other elected officials must act decisively to determine the full extent of Planned Parenthood’s offensive practices and hold them accountable to the law.”

14 Grace to You Radio

If you’re a Christian, you’re in a battle — a spiritual conflict you can’t avoid. What will make the difference between victory and defeat? In his study Spiritual Boot Camp , John MacArthur looks at fundamental disciplines that can lead you to victory over sin and a deeper relationship with Christ.

Blue Bell Ice Cream on Twitter

️RT “ @ILoveBlueBell : Our trucks are on the road again… And yes, they are filled with Blue Bell Ice Cream!  ”

Jimmy Carter Says That He Has Cancer

"Recent liver surgery revealed that I have cancer that now is in other parts of my body," the former president, 90, said in a statement today. "I will be rearranging my schedule as necessary so I can undergo treatment by physicians at Emory Healthcare.

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One of J.R.R. Tolkien's unfinished stories will finally be published this year

Tolkien fans rejoice! The  Lord of the Rings author's estate will soon release a 100-year-old manuscript that was never before released to the public. Titled The Story of Kullervo , the work is one of Tolkien's earliest efforts, and helped lay the foundation for the stories he'd tell about Middle Earth throughout his career.

Union U. Quits CCCU Over Mennonite Members' Same-Sex Marriage Moves

Oliver is also worried that the CCCU’s lack of action could have legal implications. He and other Christian college leaders fear that their schools could be at odds with the federal government over their policies on sexuality. Because of that concern, Union wants to “maintain a consistency and unanimity with their faith family’s commitment on issues like same-sex marriage.”

The Greatest Enemy of the Church

Perhaps it’s liberal Supreme Court judges and the sexual ethics of secular society. Or maybe it’s ISIS and the looming threat of radical Islam. Perhaps it’s the rapid increase of those that identify religiously as “none.” Or maybe it’s Planned Parenthood and others who advocate for an adult’s right to comfort over a child’s right to life and barbarically snuff out life in the very womb that is for its protection and growth.

The 6th Planned Parenthood Video

Planned Parenthood and supporters will say she’s lying. 2 Timothy 3:1-7 But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, 4 treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people. For among them are those who creep into households and capture weak women, burdened with sins and led astray by various passions, always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth.

Hope for the Unhappily Single

The good news for the not-yet-married is that no one in Christ is single, and no one is married in heaven. We need to anchor our feelings of loneliness and longing in the gospel. If we are in Christ, there’s really nothing single about us. We all know there are intimacies that are — and should be — unique to marriage, but those that matter most really can be experienced in the bride of Christ, his church. A husband or wife may help and provide for you in ways others can’t, but a true, Spirit-filled, persistent, and present brother or sister in faith can care for you in remarkable ways. In Jesus, none are single, no not one.

New Poll Finds High Support for Religious Liberty

A recently released poll shows significant public support for the protection of religious liberty—especially when special rights based on sexual orientation are being advanced at its expense.

HuffPost Religion on Twitter

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What We Get Wrong about Worship

Michael's comment makes sense, but it's about prayer and obedience. This article is apparently about singing in corporate worship. Prayer is usually private, and obedience is too, and they are important in our walk of faith, but... I could be wrong, but I believe the article is intended to encourage worshippers to not watch, but participate. Faith is by nature private, but we are also called to be a body, to encourage and evangelize. Those things cannot happen when we are alone. Have a great day.

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist (Book)

Norman Geisler and Frank Turek argue, however, that Christianity is not only more reasonable than all other belief systems, but is indeed more rational than unbelief itself. With conviction and clear thinking, Geisler and Turek guide readers through some of the traditional, tested arguments for the existence of a creator God. They move into an examination of the source of morality and the reliability of the New Testament accounts concerning Jesus. The final section of the book deals with a detailed investigation of the claims of Christ. This volume will be an interesting read for those skeptical about Christianity, as well as a helpful resource for Christians seeking to articulate a more sophisticated defense of their faith. 

The Hill on Twitter

RT @thehill : White House warns states: Defunding Planned Parenthood "may be in conflict with federal law"  // Shocker

Free eBook from Ligonier Ministries and The Gospel Project

Ligonier Ministries and LifeWay Research have set out to determine what adult Americans believe in seven key doctrinal areas. The result is the new The Gospel Project eBook, The State of American Theology , a collection of research and thoughtful essay responses from renowned theologians, including: • R. C. Sproul • John Piper • Trillia Newbell • Trevin Wax • Alistair Begg • Thabiti Anyabwile • and many more. This is eBook is yours for free, along with four free session of The Gospel Project for Kids, Students, and Adults. Just enter your info below to get started.

What Is CIA? - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

CIA is an intense three-day program where you will learn how to present I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist—which involves four main topics: Truth, God, Miracles and the New Testament—and how to answer questions about those topics in a hostile environment. During those three days, in addition to hearing lectures and participating in discussions, you will be asked to present a portion of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist and answer questions from several instructors including Frank Turek, Greg Koukl, Richard Howe, and others.

6 Barriers to Finding 'The One'

Be willing to put yourself out there if you do want to get to know the person you have a crush on, but if they haven’t reciprocated, move on. You deserve to be with someone tangible who likes you for you just as much as you like him or her. Don’t let yourself miss out on other potential relationships because you’re hung up on someone who’s not interested or available.

The Surprising Ways Other Countries Think about Abortion

Sure, that's what the church is for. This country is not one big church, though... there are plenty of women who have no support systems in place (be it family, religious groups, or neighbors), so why should those women have to suffer from a lack of support? Is the government not there to protect and support its citizens? Also, why does it seem so often that pro-life means only pro-birth? Why does women's health and work place security have to take a back seat to pro-life stance? If we were truly pro-life, these issues would be one in the same. If women (be they married or not) find themselves unexpectedly pregnant, they might not feel the need to get an abortion if they knew that they would not lose their job for being pregnant or for wanting to take maternity leave or for fear that they wouldn't be able to support themselves or this new life. Why shouldn't the government step in to ensure that women (half of their citizen base) is properly taken care of in the work place?


Who are the people who “live under the law of Moses”? The Jewish people, the nation of Israel, lived under the Law of Moses in the Old Testament. This verse is saying that God’s grace is available not just to Jews who live under the Law of Moses. It is available to everybody with faith.

Faithful Thinkers: Book Review: Creating Life In The Lab

Introduction Creating Life In The Lab: How New Discoveries in Synthetic Biology Make A Case For The Creator is Dr. Fazale Rana's latest contribution to Christian apologetic literature. The goal of the book is to provide a case for God's existence from the controversial efforts of scientists to "play God" by creating life. He has written the book with the backdrop of Franenstein to provide some cultural connection. The book has thirteen chapters plus an appendix that includes a short refresher on biochemistry. The book, though not officially, is divided into two parts: the first examining the quest to create artificial life and the second investigates scientists research behind the origin of life. Chapter 1- Waking Up in Frankenstein's Dream Dr. Rana begins his book by giving a little of his own history- what made him want to study biochemistry and what brought him to the point he is at now. He then begins setting the stage for the rest of the book. He explains what has happened regarding origin-of-life research. He starts at the Miller-Urey experiment and brings the reader to the present.


Pre-order your copy: Contrary to popular belief, doubt is not the opposite of faith. Rather, doubts call for an important decision--will you give in to unbelief, or will you continue the journey toward faith? Doubt can lead to confusion, hopelessness, and despair. But as this eye-opening book demonstrates, doubts can also deepen your dependence on God, develop your sense of empathy for others, and motivate you to find satisfying answers to life's biggest questions. Here you'll find practical ways to use your doubts to build your faith, such as... -letting your doubts drive you to Jesus -finding a safe community where you can doubt out loud and find support -using a journal to clarify your doubts and the answers you find No one can eliminate all doubt this side of heaven. So for now, discover how to use your doubts to keep you headed in the right direction--toward faith.

High School Senior, Prepare to Launch

This means your final year of high school ought to be the prepare-to-launch phase of your life. No coasting, no going through the motions, no bunker mentality. Instead, as you look to the horizon and see the next stage of your life approaching, your attitude ought to be one of leaning in and going on offense. You’re the Israelites, and the future is the land of Canaan. So take the land; don’t be taken by it. Disciple the nations; don’t be discipled by them. Plunder the Egyptians of their wealth; don’t, as one pastor put it, go dumpster-diving in Egypt.

For the Single Mom Who Feels Invisible

The problem is, if we don’t recognize these families and their needs (both practically and spiritually), we probably won’t hear about them otherwise. In my experience serving in women’s ministries, single moms are among the least likely to speak up and make a request. Writing for the women’s site XOJane , one single mom confessed, “I don’t like asking for help. As a single mother, my biggest fear is that I won’t be enough for my children.”

38 And Here’s a Clip of Ryan Adams’ Cover of ‘Bad Blood’

Last week, Ryan Adams revealed that he’s creating a Smiths-inspired cover album of Taylor Swift’s album 1989 . He’s been sharing snippets of songs ever since, and today he shared a bit of his version of ‘Bad Blood.‘ As can be expected, the Internet is going nuts.

39 If the Quran Is True, Then It’s False - Stand to Reason Blog

Therefore, if the Quran is true, then what Mohammed said about the New Testament is also true. Mohammed instructs Christians to judge the Quran by what is in the New Testament. Ironically, if you do this you find that the Quran hopelessly contradicts what “Allah has revealed” in the New Testament. For example, the New Testament teaches that Jesus died on a cross for the sins of the world and then rose from the dead three days later. Conversely, the Quran says that Jesus was never even crucified on a cross and, thus, had no need for a resurrection from the dead. The Christian is forced to conclude that the Quran is in error. Therefore, by the Quran’s own standard, if the Quran is true, then the Quran is false.

Mike Adams - Three Kinds of Christians

Recently, an angry LGBT activist (please pardon the redundancy) told me “not all Christians are alike.” He was in the middle of a failed attempt to argue that some “Christians” can actually find Biblical support for homosexuality. So he was dead wrong on the specific point he was trying to make. But like a blind squirrel occasionally finding a nut he did accidentally stumble upon a fundamental truth. Indeed, not all Christians are alike. In fact, there are three distinct categories of Christians in 21 st Century America.

True Faith Will Make You a Fighter

We believe that all who are justified will win the fight of faith. They will persevere in faith and will not surrender finally to the enemy of their souls. This perseverance is the promise of the new covenant, obtained by the blood of Christ, and worked in us by God himself, yet not so as to diminish, but only to empower and encourage, our vigilance; so that we may say in the end, I have fought the good fight, but it was not I, but the grace of God which was with me (2 Timothy 4:7; 1 Corinthians 15:10).” (Five Points, 16)


It is also true…that no Greek or Roman author from the first century mentions Jesus. It would be very convenient for us if they did, but alas, they do not. At the same time, the fact is again a bit irrelevant since these same sources do not mention many millions of people who actually did live. Jesus stands here with the vast majority of living, breathing, human beings of earlier ages”

Ligonier Ministries

One of the cultural plagues of the twenty-first century is our historical illiteracy. The comedian Jay Leno capitalizes on this when he asks random questions to people. Leno’s “Jaywalking” skits demonstrate that regular Americans are not up to speed with the basics of U.S. and world history. In one memorable scene, Leno asked someone to name one of the Ten Commandments. The reply: “Freedom of speech.” Enough said.

Defenders 3 Podcast: Doctrine of God | Reasonable Faith

Copyright Reasonable Faith. All rights reserved worldwide. Reasonable Faith is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

"Is Faith In God Reasonable?" William Lane Craig vs Alex Rosenberg

For more resources visit: On February 1st, 2013 at Purdue University, Dr William Lane Craig participated in a debate with Dr Alex Rosenberg on the topic, "Is Faith In God Reasonable?" Over 5,000 people watched the event on the Purdue University campus along with tens of thousands streaming it live online from around the world. We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Add Reasonable Faith On Facebook:

Is The Smartphone Killing Weekend Church Services? - Carey Nieuwhof

For other churches I’ve been a part of and follow, though, I wonder how much we accommodate the culture to make people feel comfortable and if the level of accommodation actually harms the overall purpose. There should be a certain amount of discomfort when confronted by the truth of Scripture and the corporate worship of a body that says, “We’re not the point of this life.” That doesn’t mean make church archaic, but perhaps it raises the bigger question of what’s so distinct about the Christian gathering?

Kidnapped Priest Killed, Chopped Up by ISIS as 'Christians Become a Form of Currency' in Mid-East War, Says Aid to the Church in Need

Dozens of kidnapped Arab Christians have been ransomed, tortured, beheaded and killed over the past year, including a priest who was chopped into pieces, in attempts to raise funds for radical Islamic terror groups and to strike fear into the hearts of Christians across the Middle East and throughout the world.

WORLD | Edifying CHAT | Emily Belz | Aug. 22, 2015

CHAT grew out of the hospitality of Percy and Angie Strickland, who are part of East End Fellowship, the neighborhood church closely tied to CHAT. The Stricklands began having neighborhood children over after school. Now, 13 years after the organization started, the group has close relationships with about 160 children in the high-unemployment neighborhood. Most CHAT staffers live in the neighborhood and go to East End Fellowship. The city has repeatedly “de-prioritized” Church Hill, said Stephen Weir, CHAT’s executive director, leading to a neighborhood that is often isolated from the relationships that can lead to education and economic development.

The tools your church needs for effective family ministry

In the first place, help parents to see that if they are believers in Jesus Christ, God has already equipped them with his Spirit, his Word and the community of faith (John 16:12–14; Eph 4:11–16; 2 Tim 3:16–17; Heb. 13:21). Through these gifts from God, it is possible for the gospel to reshape every part of life, including practices of parenting. In whatever problem parents may face, the gospel is foundational to the answer. If the gospel is not foundational to the answer, either we don’t understand the problem, or we don’t understand the full implications of the gospel.

Sex is More AND Less Important Than You Think

In response to this radical downplaying of the seriousness of sex, the Church must step up and say, “Sexuality is far more serious than you think.” Casual sex is a myth. It is a radically diminished view of sex that kidnaps it from its covenantal home and strips it of its spiritual dimension. That’s why the Church must  say  and show  how sexuality is a serious matter.

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