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Here’s the Trailer for the Human Trafficking Drama ‘Priceless’

The first trailer for the drama Priceless, which delves into the world of human trafficking, has just been released. If the lead actor looks familiar, that’s because it stars For King and Country singer, Joel Smallbone. His brother and bandmate David Smallbone directed the film. Based on true events, the movie hits theaters on Oct. 14.

5 Documentaries That Will Challenge How You Think

And why you should watch them ASAP.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer (Official)

Watch the official trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in which a group of unlikely heroes band together on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire’s ultimate weapon of destruction. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story arrives in theaters December 16, 2016. Visit Star Wars at Subscribe to Star Wars on YouTube at Like Star Wars on Facebook at Follow Star Wars on Twitter at Follow Star Wars on Instagram at Follow Star Wars on Tumblr at

The Second Life of the Man Who Wouldn’t Run on Sunday

Liddell lived life to the hilt, but not in the modern “I am tenaciously dedicated to my own hedonic brand” kind of way. Liddell’s vision of an all-out life was to assess his options, count the cost, and then take the most risky step in the name of Jesus Christ. The calculation was a simple one: “Each one comes to the cross-roads at some period of his life,” Hamilton quotes Liddell as preaching, “and must make his decision for or against his Master.” This Christocentric logic made great sense to Liddell, even if it made little sense to the world. Liddell faced fierce skepticism for his attempts to live out his faith, whether in his famous decision not to run on Sundays or his withdrawal from competition in order to answer the missionary call.

NBC Olympics on Twitter

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Meet the Rio Olympians Who Put God Before Gold

“Knowing that I’m a child of God and that his love for me is determined by nothing I can achieve or do on my own has given me a quiet confidence,” DiRado told CT (click here for our full interview with her). “My faith has helped me chart my own course and pursue my goals when people around me may be going in different directions. Jesus’ love for me and all humanity is something that always helps me better love people around me when things get difficult.” When asked what she thinks God does care about as she prepares for Rio, DiRado replied, “I think God cares about my soul and whether I’m bringing his love and mercy into the world. Can I be a loving, supportive teammate, and can I bless others around me in the same way God has been so generous with me?” The California native is projected to medal in at least two of her events.

Jonah and the Great Fish

Of course! Keep in mind that modern animal classification systems weren’t exactly in use at the time of Jonah. Any aquatic creature could be referred to as a "fish." And we know that there are whales (blue and sperm) and even sharks (great white and whale sharks) that can swallow a man whole. The sperm whale grows to a length of up to 70 feet. Its esophagus is approximately 50 cm (20") wide and "sperm whales don’t have to chew their food - so Jonah could have been swallowed whole." 2 Two marine scientists from Sea World in San Diego hypothesize that it was a great white shark that probably swallowed Jonah. 3

2016 #NCCA Home Page

Yes, and thank you for asking. We need your help! Southern Evangelical Seminary [SES] has hosted the NCCA annually since 1993. We are celebrating our 23rd year. God is using SES to equip a generation of men and women to evangelize the world and defend the historic Christian faith. Your prayers and tax-deductible contributions are much needed, deeply appreciated, and will be faithfully handled. The seminary’s development office may be reached at 1-704-847-5600 x207 or

Adele Brought Christian Singer Jamie-Grace On Stage at a Concert in L.A.

“My birthday is in November and I’ll be 25—which is big year for me—on Nov. 25. Adele’s new album is called ‘25’ and I’m shooting a documentary called ‘Waiting for 25,’ so I’m very emotional about the number 25 right now. With that, I wanted to buy tickets to see her for my 25th birthday and this was the only show I could get tickets for and I spent three hours online trying to get them. So I said, let’s celebrate my birthday three months early,” she told AJC .

Christine Caine: Christians Should Be the 'Most Relationally Functional' People on the Earth

But I think in many cases we’re relationally dysfunctional, and we don’t have authentic love for one another because we are not willing to put our hearts out there and be ready to be stepped on, misunderstood, misinterpreted. It’s just safer—especially here in America where Christianity is a lot more individualized. You can basically have your whole Christian life online, and not have to do the hard work of being vulnerable and transparent and authentic in real relationships. And I think that’s a real danger for this generation.

Lay Aside the Weight of Moodiness

But we’re not only manipulated by our moods; we also use them to manipulate others. We know that others dislike and resist unpleasant emotions just like we do. So our sinful, selfish natures seek to use this to our advantage. We leverage our bad moods to make others unhappy in order to get them to do what we want or to punish them for hurting us.

Emo Kylo Ren on Twitter

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Michael Phelps Takes Down 2168 Year Old Olympics Record - NBC News

Michael Phelps owns the record for most medals (26) and most golds (22) in Olympics history, but now, after adding a record fourth consecutive title in a swimming event with his 200m IM victory, the U.S. legend finally bested a record that had stood for 2168 years. Phelps' 13th individual title, scored in Rio's pool Thursday night, eclipsed the 12 titles held by Leonidas of Rhodes, who won three foot races — the diaulos, stadion and hoplitodromos — in four consecutive festivals between 164 B.C. and 152 B.C. Phelps, 31, pulled it off four years faster than his ancient rival, but, to be fair, he never had to wear armor in the pool.

National Review on Twitter

@NRO No she will take our freedom of religion away continue Obama's policies of limiting religious freedom like the heath care mandate!

Matt Crawford on Twitter

Wondering if you're called 2 ministry? This workbook from @SBTS is a great help. If you're local,u can have my copy!

WORLD News Group on Twitter

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The New Atheism's Leap of Faith

The new atheism has been in the picture for about 15 years now. It came on the scene thanks to books like Daniel Dennett’s Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion , Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation, among others. Though there truly is nothing new in the atheistic belief system itself or the arguments they are presenting, since most of them are naturalists, what seems to be new, is that these preachers of atheism have become much more dogmatic in their stance. Many of them are even preaching doom and gloom if we do not eradicate religion and belief in God. Most of them focus in on one thing, and that is that they frankly want to know the truth instead of buying into myths and legends, and then they conclude, this is what everyone ought to be doing.

The Ruling Elder and Spiritual President

However, Hankins struggles with the specifically Presbyterian aspects of Wilson’s faith (the “ruling elder” part of the title) in part because he tries to make Wilson more Presbyterian than he actually was. By any measure, Wilson was a theological liberal, much more comfortable with liberal evangelicals like the Presbyterian Robert E. Speer or modernists like the Baptist Shailer Matthews than he would have been with J. Gresham Machen. As a result, readers would do well to keep in mind that Wilson was far less ecclesially oriented than the title might suggest.

4 Myths About Teaching Apologetics in Youth Ministry

One of my passions as a follower of Jesus is apologetics. Simply defined, apologetics is the method and practice of defending the truth of Christianity. When you engage in a discussion with someone about why you believe Jesus is who the Bible says He is, you’re “doing” apologetics.

The Amazing Pro-Life Stories of Olympians Simone Biles and Kristin Armstrong |

There are so many Olympic moments when we are compelled to think about the incredible resilience of our humanity…when we are moved to contemplate the power of Purpose. NBC’s Al Trautwig couldn’t even see the story behind the story when he ignorantly proclaimed that Olympic gold-medalist Simone Biles’ adoptive parents (which were, at one point, her grandparents until they legally adopted Simone and her sister) were “NOT her parents”.

Taking the Offense without Being Offensive

Suppose your favorite NFL team is headed to overtime in a tie game and ends up winning the coin toss. Would you want your team to kick off or receive? It’s a no-brainer. Even the most defensive-minded fan wants his team to have the ball. After all, the team receiving the kickoff can win the game by scoring a touchdown in its initial possession. While the defense could cause a turnover, pick up the ball, and run eighty yards for the tie-breaking score, there is a better opportunity to get into the end zone when your team is in control.

Talking About “Man-Boys”

These categories give us a new perspective. “Man-boys” aren’t first and foremost struggling with being men, but with being human. Singleness, solitude, laziness, video games, and Mom’s house are modern-day fig leaves — self-made coverings for men who are stripped of competence and deeply ashamed of their inability to engage with the realities of life because of their experience with the Oppressor (Isaiah 14:4), who seeks to spread confusion and chaos among God’s people (John 8:44; 2 John 7; Revelation 12:10).

5 Tips for Young Apologists

It seems strange to be writing a blog with advice for young apologists. After all, I still think of myself as young! There are many 'seasoned' apologists I turn to for advice and direction that are much older and more experienced than me (don't worry, dad, I won't mention any names!). But since I'm turning 40 this May, I do have some insights for younger apologists that I have learned along the way

Is Hillary Clinton an 'enemy' of religious liberty?

Is Hillary Clinton an 'enemy' of religious liberty?

Three Ideas That Should Guide How You Speak into Culture

But all that can be true without reaching the conclusion that it is our Christian duty to opine out loud. In fact, I’d suggest quite the opposite: Whether the subject is mass-shootings, Brexit, the coup in Turkey or any other item in the seemingly endless onslaught of high-profile and too-often bloody stories by which recent months have been marked, you don’t—as a Christian, or just as a reasonably knowledgeable person with internet access—need to have an opinion on everything; and you don’t need to broadcast in public every opinion you do hold.

Hillary Morgan Ferrer talk: Stealing Past Watchful Dragons - Athanatos Christian Ministries

ACM hosted our first annual  Athanatos Arts & Apologetics Festival  this summer, August 4-7, 2016 in Greenwood, WI, featuring many artistic expressions: music, film, novels, drama, the visual arts, etc. In the spirit of ACM’s mission to defend the Christian faith through the arts, the festival encouraged artists to appeal as much to secular audiences as with Christian ones.

Friend, Interrupted

He was amazing; a young leader gifted with insight, passion and astonishing charisma. I first met him in 1971 when he was leading a home Bible study, and though he was barely twenty one years old at the time, he taught with an authority years beyond his age. I hooked up with his ministry team, and began what was, at first, an incredibly joyful season.

#TruthAtTheGames: Help Us Distribute 1 Million Gospel-Teaching Resources

This new book, produced just in time for the Olympics, is being released in multiple languages and provides a simple summary of the Christian faith. Included will be a clear and concise gospel presentation by Dr. Sproul. It also introduces readers to helpful discipleship resources plus local churches and ministries.

The Veritas Forum on Twitter

Sri Lankan theologian and activist, Vinoth Ramachandra, on the ancient history of Christianity in the east.

Speaking in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, This Friday (August 12)

Speaking in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, This Friday (August 12)


I am not sure I fully know the impact, but a thick pastoral fog cannot be a good recipe for congregational flourishing. This fog is especially apparent in the gap between Sunday morning worship and Monday morning work. I have become increasingly convinced in both my own personal experience as well as in my conversations with many pastoral colleagues that the Sunday to Monday Gap is wider and more prominent than we care to admit. An inconvenient truth is that some of our more thoughtful congregants have a more clear perspective of their work as worship than their fog-shrouded pastors.

Speaking in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, This Friday (August 12)

Speaking in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, This Friday (August 12)

Instagram photo by J Warner Wallace • Aug 12, 2016 at 1:32am UTC

Instagram photo by J Warner Wallace • Aug 12, 2016 at 1:27am UTC