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When Grace Is in the Pulpit

While corporate worship as a whole may be the single most important means of God’s grace, hearing the fresh preaching of the gospel from the Scriptures is the climactic grace of that gathering. It is that moment among the assembled church when God speaks in monologue most clearly and completely. The other elements of the gathering follow the rhythm of receiving from him and responding back to him, but in preaching we move into the posture of simply receiving, whether it’s a full half hour or just 15–20 minutes.

The Hundred Foot Journey

Even without the language barrier and color of their skin, Hassan and his family couldn’t be more different from the French people who make up the town. The Haji family wears bright colors, is noisy, and makes food with flavors even louder than they are. The French wear muted colors, are beautifully reserved, and have been eating the same food for centuries. The Hajis decide to open a traditional Indian restaurant across from the award-winning traditional French restaurant run by Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren).

Cracks in the Secular | Comment Magazine

We also believe there is much to be learned in a conversation that spans the border between Canada and the United States. The unique histories, policies, and experiments of each country—and a nation within a country in the case of Quebec—are mutually illuminating. Is Canada "ahead" of the U.S. with respect to secularization? Or, as Charles Taylor suggests in his interview in this issue, does the robust civil religion of the American context point toward a future more like France and Quebec—in which a thick, at times repressive, religious consensus is replaced by an equally thick and equally repressive secularist one? You might think of the international conversation in this issue like bringing together researchers from two different laboratories, sharing their findings and comparing notes in hopes of collaborative insight.

Southern Draw

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The Nuun Fund | George Grant's Fundraiser on CrowdRise

Kurdistan, very nearly the last sanctuary for Christians in the Muslim Middle East, is now under siege by the Ji'hadi terrorist forces of ISIS. Tens of thousands of refugees from the rest of Iraq and Syria are now threatened--along with the dynamic Kurdish Christian communities. The Nuun Fund has been established to speed urgently needed gifts to our friends at the Classical School of the Medes in the cities of Erbil, Dohuk, and Sulaymaniyah.

3 questions with Peter A. Lillback, President of Westminster Theological Seminary

Three aspects of Washington’s leadership are models for my leadership at Westminster: character, concern for the good of the whole institution and self-denial. First, Washington’s life showed that character matters. Honesty, humility, perseverance, conviction for and adherence to core values were all aspects of his renowned leadership that emerged from his character. Those qualities are timeless for leaders and are aspirations that I long for in myself and my community. Second, Washington consistently asked what was best for the “good of the great whole” when making a difficult decision. As I’ve led Westminster, I’ve tried to consider not just what’s good for the professors, or the students or the staff, but what’s best for Westminster Seminary as a whole. Third, Washington’s self- denial is seen when he refused to become king, as he was urged to do by his officers. A leader who leads to serve others creates the healthiest and most stable institution humanly possible.

The Pure and Undefiled Religion of Critical Biblical Scholarship

Matt, I’ve followed this conversation from the FB thread. I concede that you make some fair observations, but I think that this post misrepresents the conversation. Most of the contributors are neither suggesting that biblical studies are a positivistic discipline nor objecting to evangelical scholars contributing to the conversation. My own comment makes this clear: Hays, Green, Wright, Hurtado, and others have left a mark on NT scholarship, and you cite some examples as well. But, what bothered your interlocutors was that some evangelical scholarship doesn’t show evidence of engaging at all with the insights of critical scholarship. When a writer shows no interest in a three-hundred year-old tradition of criticism, and comes to sectarian conclusions by adopting a sectarian methodology, I think one can assume that the study is aimed at a sectarian audience and should be reviewed in a sectarian publication – of which there are many. Schreiner has done other fine work (commentaries, etc.) that engages with that conversation and does deserve review – though preferably by someone outside his own tradition.

10 Harmful Effects of Early Sexual Activity and Multiple Sexual Partners Among Women: A Book of Charts

Early initiation of sexual activity and higher numbers of non-marital sex partners are linked in turn to a wide variety of negative life outcomes, including increased rates of infection with sexually transmitted diseases, increased rates of out-of-wedlock pregnancy and birth, increased single parenthood, decreased marital stability, increased maternal and child poverty, increased abortion, increased depression, and decreased happiness.

Answering Muslims: Women Being Stoned to Death by Rebels in Syria

BEIRUT (AP) — A cleric read the verdict before the truck came and dumped a large pile of stones near the municipal garden. Jihadi fighters then brought in the woman, clad head to toe in black, and put her in a small hole in the ground. When residents gathered, the fighters told them to carry out the sentence: Stoning to death for the alleged adulteress. None in the crowd stepped forward, said a witness to the event in a northern Syrian city. So the jihadi fighters, mostly foreign extremists, did it themselves, pelting Faddah Ahmad with stones until her body was dragged away. "Even when she was hit with stones she did not scream or move," said an opposition activist who said he witnessed the stoning near the football stadium and the Bajaa garden in the city of Raqqa, the main Syrian stronghold of the Islamic State group. The July 18 stoning was the second in a span of 24 hours. A day earlier, 26-year-old Shamseh Abdullah was killed in a similar way in the nearby town of Tabqa by Islamic State fighters. Both were accused of having sex outside marriage. The killings were the first of their kind in rebel-held northern Syria, where jihadis from the Islamic State group have seized large swaths of territory, terrorizing residents with their strict interpretation of Islamic law, including beheadings and cutting off the hands of thieves.

Really Recommended Posts 8/8/14- 666 and the Beast, Evidentialism, Pascal, and more!

I have set up another round of great posts for your reading pleasure, dear readers! Check out posts on eschatology, egalitarianism, apologetics, creationism, and more! Let me know if you liked a post in the comments below, and if you liked theirs, be sure to let them know! Comments keep us going! This edition is an “owl post” because I’m watching Harry Potter while I write this.

Statement by Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference on Passing of Robert Gittelson

" Robert Gittelson was more than the vice president for governmental affairs. He was my friend, brother and co-laborer. His commitment and advocacy on behalf of religious liberty, immigrants, righteousness and justice made him a prominent voice on Capitol Hill. I loved him and will miss him beyond imagination. This I can say about Robert without any hesitation; he loved God, his family and the least of these. Robert did justice, loved mercifully, and walked humbly before God. Our prayers and love are with Patty and the rest of the family during this difficult time," said Dr. Samuel Rodriguez , president of NHCLC/Conela.

Are rights invented or discovered?

I’d like to draw out the ontological implication of discovered rights. Or rather, a paleontological implication. It would seem on this view that constitutional rights are always existing, like some fossils that lay hidden, waiting to be dug up at the right moment in history. It would seem to invite a type of metaphysical Platonism. It might be like the Augustinian doctrine of traduccionism, the idea that you, me, and all descendants of Adam were actually present within him at the Fall of Man. What one thinks of traduccionism theologically is one thing. But constitutionally, wouldn’t it be a little absurd to posit that all future rights were somehow actually embedded in the document at the time of the Founders, waiting to be unpacked in a more progressive time? Could I now be writing words that contain new, untold rights of future generations? It seems quite absurd.

IBITE: Multiverse Theory Proves Flying Spaghetti Monster

You may not consciously believe in the flying spaghetti monster, but if you affirm Multiverse Theory–as many atheists, agnostics, and anti-theists do–then you really do believe in his Meatball Noodliness. Here’s how. Premise 1: To account for the vast improbabilities of this universe, this universe is treated as one among many, perhaps, infinite universes [Multiverse theory] Premise 2: Given infinite (or nearly infinite) universes every logical possibility becomes a metaphysical inevitability (or near inevitability) [i.e., all possible options are tried, so every remotely possible state eventually occurs] Premise 3: The Flying Spaghetti Monster is logical possible [as are unicorns, leprechauns, tooth fairies, etc.] since they are not logically incoherent. Conclusion: Therefore, the Flying Spaghetti Monster exists. There you have it. If one agrees with multiverse theory, where the number of universes are so vastly expanded as to make inevitiabilities out of the many improbabilities of this universe, it is virtually certain that at least one of those many universes has a flying spaghetti monster.