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Word-Filled Women’s Ministry: A Book and a Vision

Women's ministry isn't just a women's issue; it's a whole-church issue. Explore Word-Filled Women's Ministry—both the book and the regional trainings.

Preacher with a Skate Shoe Named After Him

Skateboarding was my release. But I was suicidal. I was lost. Then everything changed.

Mimicking Seahorse Tails Could Lead to Better Robots

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

3 Guys Sing A Capella Together in A Parking Garage -- It Will Give You Chills!

The video starts off with these three guys standing together in a parking garage telling jokes and talking about sports. But about halfway in, they start to sing a capella and it is awesome. You won't see this one coming!

3-Y-O StartsTransition From 'Jack' to 'Jackie' Because He Was Unhappy Being a Boy; Doctor Calls It Mental Disorder

Their 3-year-old son who liked to wear his sister's clothes and pink boots told them last year that he was unhappy being a boy. Now, an Oakland couple is trying to keep their son happy by supporting his transition from a boy named "Jack" to a girl called "Jackie."

Evolution: The Fossils Speak, but Hardly with One Voice

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Join John West, George Gilder in Las Vegas for a Discussion of Biology, Racism, and Militarism

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

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Jimmy Carter: 'I believe Jesus would approve gay marriage'

Jimmy Carter: 'I believe Jesus would approve gay marriage' Former President Jimmy Carter said in a recent interview that he thinks Jesus would approve of gay marriage. Check out this story on

What Does It Mean to Be the Church?

This is not a new problem. The people of God throughout the centuries have been trying to pull this one off. It’s easy for us to start thinking that if we just perform the right ceremonies or do the correct rituals, God won’t expect more of us. But from Moses to the Prophets to Jesus, God has been adamant that part of what it means to be the His people has a lot to do with engaging the world outside of whatever walls we find ourselves in.

God and Timelessness | Reasonable Faith

But now you say, “Atemporal entities have their properties atemporally--which is to say, I think, eternally, immutably, essentially.” This is quite a different objection! If this is true, my proposal goes down the drain regardless of the initial difficulty you raised. But what I came to see as a result of my study of God and time is that there is no good reason for this common assumption; indeed, I think it’s false. To be timeless a thing must be changeless, but that’s no reason to ascribe the modal property of immutability to such a being, much less having all its properties essentially. Even an immutable being could have different properties in different possible worlds.

4 The Nature of Moral Obligations: Moral Incumbency - Stand to Reason Blog

First, the incumbency of moral obligations demands something from us and binds us to something. Moral obligations have an external force that presses in on us and compels us to act or refrain from acting in certain ways. We may be more acutely aware of this invisible demand when we're alone. For example, imagine I'm at a convenience store to purchase a Snickers candy bar, and the lone cashier informs me he has to use the restroom in the back of the store and subsequently departs from the cash register. Prior experience informs me this convenience store has no security cameras, and a quick observation helps me to determine no one else is in the store and no cars are in the parking lot. At this point a temptation to take the Snickers without paying for it may come rushing into my mind. However, the temptation is accompanied by a second experience, an awareness of what I ought to do. My awareness of an obligation not to take what does not belong to me presses in on me with such force that it compels right action. Therefore, I stand at the counter with my Snickers, waiting for the cashier to return.

Solid Reasons on Twitter

We will be talking with Khaldoun Sweis in just 15minutes on the Solid Reasons Morning Show

40 Answers and 2 Questions for Matthew Vines

At the invitation of The Christian Post , I am answering the 40 questions  put forward by "gay Christian" advocate Matthew Vines, after which I will put two simple questions to Matthew (and his allies). What is absolutely stunning, though, is that in these 40 questions, he failed to ask the only one that really matters, namely, "What does the Bible say about homosexual practice?" The reason for that is self-evident, namely, it is impossible to make a case for homosexual relationships using the Word of God alone.

Crossway on Twitter

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Rhetoric as Apologetic- Can we learn from ancient apologetics?

The problem with Lactantius is he was clever but he wasn’t wise and used his skill in rhetoric to promote Christian flat earth cosmology, trying to insulate flat earth interpretations of scripture from the scientific evidence the earth was a sphere. We see the same thing in Christianity today with apologetics arguing against established science to push Creationism or Intelligent Design. In fact many of the leading apologists for ID are lawyers, modern day rhetoricians who use very similar tactics to Lactantius, looking for excuses to insulate pseudo science from the evidence of science, The creationist’s ‘scientists weren’t there to see what happened’ is eerily similar to Lactantius’ argument how can you make any claims about the other side of the earth when no one has been there.

Foundations of Christian Doctrine Part 1: Why Study Christian Doctrine? | William Lane Craig

For more resources visit: Defenders is Dr William Lane Craig's weekly Sunday school class on Christian doctrine and apologetics. This video is Part 1 Foundations of Christian Doctrine. Be sure to check out more doctrines as well as the audio of Defenders: We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel which contains short clips: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Like the Reasonable Faith Facebook Fan Page:

5 Things Christians Can Talk About Other Than Gay Marriage | JesusHacks

The recent Supreme Court decision on gay marriage has overwhelmed Christian conversation lately. While some Christians are questioning their beliefs on gay marriage, and some are rejoicing, others are encouraging their Christian brothers and sisters to continue resisting the policy so that all of America can honor the original design of marriage.

The Dead End of Sexual Sin

I had not always been a lesbian, but in my late twenties, I met my first lesbian-lover. I was hooked and believed that I had found my real self. Sex with women was part of my life and identity, but it was not the only part — and not always the biggest part.

12 Grace to You Radio

“I will come again.” It was a promise given to Jesus’ disciples—and all believers. So what will Jesus’s second coming be like, and how should you get ready? Find out in John MacArthur’s study titled When Jesus Comes .

The Eric Metaxas Show - The Show About Everything

Emmy-winning actor Tony Hale joins the show talk about his children’s book, Veep and Arrested Development.

Catalyst on Twitter

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Former atheist, Mike Bird, becomes Christian after studying Jesus.

“I grew up in a secular home in suburban Australia, where religion was categorically rejected—it was seen as a crutch, and people of faith were derided as morally deviant hypocrites. Rates for church attendance in Australia are some of the lowest in the Western world, and the country’s political leaders feel no need to feign religious devotion. In fact, they think it’s better to avoid religion altogether.

16 Conservative Revolt Brewing Against Scott Walker Over Staffer Hired By His PAC | John Hawkins' Right Wing News

Maybe Scott Walker’s team didn’t do its due diligence before it hired Dayspring. That would be a mistake, but forgivable. On the other hand, if Walker’s team hangs onto Dayspring, it might as well be flat-out telling you to leave a spot open on your back so a knife can be slammed in there down the road. A veterans’ group wouldn’t bring in Jane Fonda and no conservative you can trust is going to keep Brad Dayspring on his team.

How to Fight Unhealthy Snacking

A pastor gets home from a difficult elder’s meeting. It’s nine o’clock in the evening, and it’s been a long day. After a quick greeting to his wife, he beelines for the kitchen to reward himself from the burdens of the day by losing himself in Lay’s potato chips, Red Vines licorice, and Dr. Pepper.

Shepherding your children through media choices

Christian parents must take special care in making wise decisions for their families. Whether we like it or not, our children are targeted as prime consumers in the media market. Without parental guidance, they are especially vulnerable, not only because they generally lack discernment but also because they are being exposed to media more than any previous generation. Parents need to be aware of the threats media can pose, and alertly stand guard. Dads and moms should set the tone in the home and uphold a godly standard for their kids. The effort parents make in this regard will not go unrewarded (cf. Prov. 22:6).

Innovative Apologetics: The Brain and The Mind Are Not Identical

Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Scrapped in California

In those countries that have legalized euthanasia (Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg) the numbers seeking the procedure are spiraling ever upward. In 2013 there were 1,087 cases of euthanasia in Belgium, up 27 percent on the figures for 2012, while 2012 saw a 25 percent increase on the numbers for 2011. In Holland, it has been estimated that 12.3 percent of all deaths are now via euthanasia. . . . recent incidents included one woman with an eating disorder, and another claiming to be suffering from tinnitus left behind two teenage children. . . . Many living in countries where it is outlawed are now taking part in the macabre phenomenon known as “suicide tourism.” So in Switzerland—where assisted suicide is permitted—the number of cases rose 700 percent within roughly a decade, having been boosted by foreigners making the journey to end their lives.


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Kevin Vanhoozer, Drama King

A classically trained pianist, Vanhoozer and others with Greater Europe Mission had spent a calendar year talking to unchurched audiences about how “the joy of music” pointed to Christ. Flush from the success of the mission, he decided, “I don’t have time to apply to seminaries, I want them to apply to me.” So he designed “an inversion or parody of the recommendation form,” he says, with questions such as, “What are the strengths and weaknesses of the seminary?” He promptly dispatched 60 forms.

Truth For a New Generation 2015

Children 10 years of age and under will need to register under the childcare option. Thank you for your consideration and respect of all other guests who have paid to attend the conference. The childcare fee covers daycare for Friday evening, all day Saturday, and snacks throughout this time. First Baptist Church offers a high-class daycare facility for your child(ren). The childcare fee also covers kid-friendly meals for dinner on Friday and breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

How Weekend Church Services Will Change In the Future - Carey Nieuwhof

Thoroughly enjoy reading your articles, Carey. I get them often in my news/topic magazine and I come away thinking, “If I’m ever traveling through Canada one day I need to connect with this guy. (Ha! That’s not happening anytime soon as I’m raising a big family in Georgia.) Anyway, I couldn’t help thinking as I read this article how what you wrote isn’t any different than what the church really has been about since its beginning. (Or, has tried to be.) Your points aren’t anything new or earth shattering, which in themselves show just how resilient the church and her mission have always been. Whether the church was full of believers or the “what’s happening now” place for seekers, these things you list always have been what church really tried to focus on in one way or another. And of course, churches will focus on some of these areas more than others etc. Reading your list, which is spot on, just illustrates how the “church” and her focus/mission is a constant throughout the changing of mankind as people “change and cycle culturally”.

Membership Matters: 3 Reasons for Church Membership

And yet for most churches there’s no way to put somebody out because they’re not even in. While there seems to be flexibility according to various bodies, there is no such thing in the New Testament as a church without some recognition of belonging—of membership in community.

God's Not Dead: God's Not Dead: Proof from Moral Values

Many ideologies and religions offer moral edicts, but I maintain that secular, Islamic, Hindu, and naturalistic moral values are inconsistent and cannot be ultimately justified. Some people believe it is right to lie and murder in order to promote their agenda. To a  consistent  atheistic materialist, the concept of immaterial law is nonsensical. It doesn’t seem to make sense to argue that an immaterial objective moral value comes from a material-only world; therefore, for the consistent atheist, immaterial objective moral values do not exist. I will argue that the only consistent and righteous moral system comes from Christian theism. It is justified and it is impossible for it not to be true because Christianity supplies the necessary truth conditions for immutable moral values. Mutable materialistic atheism ultimately tumbles into moral nihilism.

National Review on Twitter

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"Move Forward" - FLAME (Lyric Video)

"Move Forward" - FLAME (Lyric Video)


Zach King takes an unusual stroll through campus in this film by The Zach King Team. By using the Action Cam by Sony in a brand new way, King creates a visual trick that allows his fans to see right through him. How it was made: King and his team were inspired by live projection videos and used background images on a foreground surface. A chest-sized monitor was constructed by cutting a hard plastic photo frame into a TV Bezel. The Action Cam by Sony was mounted onto the Chest Harness, which King wore backwards. The see-through trick was then created in VFX in Zach’s unique ‘digital sleight of hand’ Zach King is a self-made star with over 3 million followers on Vine and 300,000+ followers on Youtube. CREDITS: DIRECTORS: Zach King and Jadon Guathier LINE PRODUCER: Jadon Guathier DIR. OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Nolan Scott EDITOR: Zach King and Jadon Guathier VISUAL EFFECTS: Sam Wickert and Jadon Guathier CAMERA USED: FDR-X1000VR CAMERA FEATURES: Full HD: 120p/100Mbps 60p/100Mbps Advanced SteadyShot for image stabilization 170° Ultra-wide angle (when SteadyShot is turned off) ZEISS® lens for precision optics Accessories: Chest Harness More detailed information about filmmakers and how they used the Action Cam by Sony to create their ‘Never Before Seen’ films can be found on the Action Cam by Sony website, http://www.

The Surprising Benefits of Marrying Young

First, a spouse can be a vital support as you finish your schooling and embark on a career. During my undergrad years, Kate edited my papers and helped me study for the LSAT. During law school, she provided a much needed confidence boost when summer internship offers weren’t extended, or when I didn’t perform well on a final exam. In turn, I acted as a sounding board for Kate as she worked on her master’s thesis, helped her get organized and plan for her first teaching job, and provided a helping hand when she got stressed during both pursuits. Could we have made it through our 20s by ourselves? Sure. But having each other’s backs certainly made it a lot easier.

DOXOLOGY - "Sing, Sing, Sing"

“Sing, Sing, Sing” was recorded in 2015 by Doxology, the a cappella vocal ensemble of the Department of Biblical Worship ( ), a division of the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Ministry ( ) of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary ( ) in Louisville, Kentucky. Purchase “Sing, Sing, Sing” and other great songs of praise sung by Doxology on their album O Great Redeemer available on iTunes: . Many thanks to Matt Graf and the Southern Productions team of Southern Seminary for producing this video of “Sing, Sing, Sing.” Directed/Edited by: Matt Graf Gaffer: Albert Oh For another creative video by Southern Productions that powerfully communicates the gospel of Jesus Christ, please also check out "My Ransom" at . Also, many thanks to Steve Cook, audio engineer for Doxology’s album O Great Redeemer, and to Phil Nitz for his creative arrangement of “Sing, Sing, Sing.” For a new resource for worship ministry, please check out The Institute for Biblical Worship at http://www.

No, God Is Not Disappointed in You

Hi Drew, I'm glad you liked the article, and I thank you for the comment! I very much agree that God uses other people in our lives to grow and heal us. As a matter of fact, I'm a Christian counselor myself, so I lean wholeheartedly on the Holy Spirit leading me when I speak with clients. Perhaps I should have left out the word, "only." What I meant by the phrase, is that God is the source of our transformation and our greatest help. Also, that He offers us the help that we don't have in ourselves, so we turn to Him in awareness that He (rather than we) is the one to do what we can't. And when we get significant help from others, He is the influence behind it. Thanks for sharing though, as I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on getting outside support from God's family, since He truly wants us to be blessed in that capacity.

The 5 People You Should Never Marry

My heart goes out to you, Maiga! Praying for you right now, in fact. #1 that you can accept full responsibility for the choices you made and red flags you overlooked that got you where you are. #2 that having confessed you can feel the peace that passes understanding, because God already knew how you'd wind up here and already knew how He was going to use it for your good and His glory. #3 I'm praying you'll get the help you need from a solid mentor who knows and loves Jesus well and will love and get to know you well too. You're not alone and there is HOPE when you serve the kind of God we do, who turns a rugged cross into an empty tomb. Redeeming your marriage is really no sweat to Him. But it's probably going to require a good bit of sweat on your part. No matter. He's GOT YOU!

Should More Churches Embrace Tradition?

Tradition isn’t just an interesting piece of history that Christians can learn from, it can be a building block in a mature expression of faith in Christ. Tradition, regardless of which tradition you associate with, offers important practices and theology to help grow our understanding of truth, accountability and the dynamic beauty of the coming Kingdom of God.

Religion NewsService on Twitter

. @Pontifex : We can no longer turn our backs on Mother Earth.  #PopeFrancis #socialjustice

9 ‘Mistakes’ Every Twentysomething is Allowed to Make

You’re never going to be fully ready for marriage. So it’s OK to get married when you don’t have enough money or don’t live in the best circumstances. Love isn’t about this stuff anyways. The love that comes with marriage is about commitment and sacrifice, and if you feel committed enough to make marriage work when money gets tight, then go for it. Money should have no hold on the heart that’s committed, so stop pretending like it should.

The Epidemic of Bible Illiteracy in Our Churches

Most pastors agree groups are important to the life of their church, but there's a disconnect between the stated importance and the reality of what's happening in most churches. Our research found 92 percent of Protestant pastors believe their people are making significant progress in their spiritual development, but more than half (56 percent) admit they don't regularly assess their personal growth. In addition, less than half (42 percent) say their churches have a "well-defined" approach to group ministry. Without a clear plan for small groups, your congregation is missing out on God's tool for transformation and growth.

Oorganization of human brain is nearly ideal: New research reveals that structure of the human brain has an almost ideal network of connections

The paper, published in the July 3 issue of Nature Communications , reveals that the structure of the human brain has an almost ideal network of connections--the links that permit information to travel from, say, the auditory cortex (responsible for hearing) to the motor cortex (responsible for movement) so we can do everything from raise our hand in class in response to a question to rock out to the beat of The 1975.


“Where could I go to escape from you? Where could I get away from your presence? If I went up to heaven, you would be there; if I lay down in the world of the dead, you would be there. If I flew away beyond the east or lived in the farthest place in the west, you would be there to lead me, you would be there to help me. I could ask the darkness to hide me or the light around me to turn into night, but even darkness is not dark for you, and the night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light are the same to you”

SSM Decision: Where do we go from here?

In light of the Supreme Court decision to legalize Same Sex Marriage, you as a Christian may be asking yourself: where do I go from here? Dr. Frank Turek gives an answer to this very important issue. This is the original footage from our Periscope broadcast , make sure to follow @Frank_Turek

Do Christians Even Have a Chance Against Oregon’s Bureaucracy?

In states across the country, discrimination complaints against businesses like the Kleins’ originate not in court but instead in state agencies like BOLI or in various state “human rights commissions.” The agencies and commissions are often led by explicitly ideological politicians who make no pretense of impartiality, instead openly declaring that they’ll aggressively find and punish “discrimination” wherever it’s found. Discrimination complaints are then investigated by agency investigators, tried by agency prosecutors, and decided by agency “judges” — often interpreting and applying rules drafted by the agency itself. Americans have long recognized the inherent bias when one person functions as “judge, jury, and executioner.” In the administrative agencies of the deep state, a single, highly ideological entity can function as rulemaker, investigator, prosecutor, judge, jury, and enforcer.

Locked Up But Not Forgotten

Seeing prison life firsthand and befriending inmates forced me to realize how a heart that grieves at capital punishment ought also to grieve for lives spent forgotten behind bars, too. My time with the men locked up in Louisiana deepened my understanding of many things. Grace, redemption, certainly. But the word that bubbles up most is—of all things—humanity . Specifically, the way each of our humanity reflects God, the face of our Savior.

Muslim Groups Raise Thousands to Help Black Churches that Have Burned

The American Muslim community cannot claim to have experienced anything close to the systematic and institutionalized racism and racist violence that has been visited upon African Americans. We do, however, understand the climate of racially inspired hate and bigotry that is being reignited in this country. We want to let our African American brothers and sisters know that we stand in solidarity with them during this dark hour. As a small symbol of that solidarity, during this blessed month of Ramadan, we are gathering donations to help rebuild the seven churches that have been burned down since the racist murders in Charleston, South Carolina.

What Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain Actually Means

Growing up in church, I was always taught not to "take the Lord's name in vain." When I was younger, this translated to not saying things like "oh my god!" But the older I've gotten, the sillier that seems. I've heard people invoke God to justify saying all sorts of hurtful things, so just avoiding those few phrases seems like a shallow view of that commandment. I was reading back over the Ten Commandments recently and came across that phrase again, so I was wondering: What does it actually mean to "take the Lord's name in vain?"

This Guy Raised Dogs That Were Bears

A guy in Yannan China apparently raised a pair of puppies for two years. And then he found out those puppies are bears . The man, Wang Kayui, unsurprisingly bought the "puppies" from strangers, but he didn’t see anything unusual about his new pets. So Kayui took them home and even bathed and groomed them everyday, like a good dog-bear owner. Then he noticed growing appetites and, well, growing animals. The reality check came when the “puppies” began killing and eating Kayui’s pet chickens, because he also owns pet chickens. Then a pamphlet about endangered bears confirmed that his pets are actually Asian black bears. This all goes to prove that old Chinese proverb: Make sure your dogs aren’t bears.

Are You A Christian Internet Troll? | Articles | NewSpring Church

If we’re outwardly put together but hide the struggles we’re dealing with, we’re pretending to be better than we are ( Matthew 23:27-28 ). Being a Christian doesn’t automatically make everything easy or great. Life is still hard and we still have to wade through struggles, but Jesus is with us through those things. When we humbly admit we need help, God brings healing we need ( 2 Chronicles 7:14 ).

You Don’t Have to Plan Everything

Don’t get me wrong. Planning is a beautiful thing. God is a magnificent planner — in the bigness of the universe and the smallest molecules. Many things in life simply do not happen without planning. Stadiums aren’t built, sewer systems aren’t installed, power grids aren’t maintained, children aren’t educated, books aren’t written, churches aren’t planted, weight isn’t lost, and often prayer doesn’t happen without a plan.

MTM-CNM Family Connection

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Is God a bad Parent?

Dr. Frank Turek explains why is impossible to make moral claims without somehow smuggling objective morality thus bringing God into the conversation. The student's "Bad Parent" analogy back fires on him.

Introduction - Human Exceptionalism | Ancient Faith Ministries

Wesley introduces his podcast, as well as the concept of human exceptionalism.

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64 Christian Woman Forced to Strip Naked for Violating Islamic 'Immoral Dress' Law Will Be Imprisoned If She Can't Pay Fine Levied by Sudanese Court
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