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Could God Be a Flying Spaghetti Monster?

For more resources visit: On April 18th, 2012 William Lane Craig and Klemens Kappel debated the topic "Does God Exist?" in Cop...

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Some Guy Has Raised $35,000 on Kickstarter to Make a Potato Salad

We live in wondrous times. A man in Ohio named Zach Danger Brown thought it would be funny to set up a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise $10 so that he could make a bowl of potato salad. In an interview with Buzzfeed , he explained, “I’ve always enjoyed potato salad at Memorial Day parties and Labor Day parties. Early this week someone asked if I’d ever made potato salad and I couldn’t say that I had. So I turned to Kickstarter to change that.” The unexpected publicity brought out the Internet’s most generous potato salad lovers and fans of ironic fundraising efforts, and so far, he’s exceeded his $10 goal by more than $35,000. And, there’s still 25 days left to go. Somehow, LeVar Burton’s $5.4 million Kickstarter effort to bring back Reading Rainbow seems just a little less impressive ...

2 EQUIP, Christian Articles, Bible Answer Man | CRI

Is evolutionism racist? First, while not all evolutionists are racists, the theory of evolution is racist in the extreme. In his book The Descent of Man Charles Darwin speculated, “At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout […]

Report: Costco Is Removing Conservative Author’s Bestselling Book From Its Stores Nationwide

Costco Wholesale, the second-largest retailer in the United States, has apparently decided to remove all copies of Dinesh D’Souza’s bestselling book, “America: Imagine a World Without Her,” from its stores nationwide, WND reports . The decision to yank the book, if true, would coincide with the theatrical release of D’Souza’s new film of the same name last week.

Grace to You

An important way to discern between true believers and those who merely profess faith in Christ is to consider Jesus’ illustration of the hearers and builders. The crucial element to understand is the foundations upon which people build hopes. While there are clear distinctions, there are also some interesting similarities. First, both kinds of builders hear the gospel. They both outwardly recognize the way of salvation.

5 Grace to You Radio

Below is a listing of the resources we've offered free of charge on our radio broadcast recently. For more information and to request your free item, click the button below.

Future Students

Southern Seminary’s faithfulness is demonstrated in the fact that the students who come here leave with an ever greater passion for the gospel, an even deeper foundation in the faith and an even greater sense of calling to go into the world.


During the busy summer month of July, Crossway wants to help you get in the Word and stay in the Word! Join us for Women of the Word Month, a 31-day campaign to encourage and equip you for Bible study aimed at both your head and your heart .

Heartbreaking Photos of the Bedrooms of Fallen Soldiers

Photographer Ashley Gilbertson started working in Iraq in 2002, mostly on contract for the New York Times . But the longer he stayed there, the more he felt his work wasn’t accomplishing what he wanted it to accomplish. “I realized people in the United States weren’t really engaging with what was taking place there,” he said. “I felt that we as a nation had disengaged with the war. So I started looking for different ways to tell the same story.”

The Daily

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Got sunscreen for the kids? Good, but don't forget eye protection, too

Diane Bailey of the Columbus area, whose family sees Dr. Hartman for vision care, says after her own father got cataracts in his 60s, she began focusing on the importance of "any protection you can give kids at younger ages." She is always slapping a baseball hat on her 5-year-old son, Liam, and got him a pair of cool wraparound sunglasses with a Lightning McQueen theme from the movie "Cars." Her 14-year-old daughter, Audrey, who has worn prescription glasses since early childhood, recently got contacts with UV protection, since she spends hours by the pool on summer days and runs cross-country. Audrey says she sees her sunglasses more as fashion statements but she understands sun protection is important. "The sunglasses have really good coverage so I' m not bugged by light at all."

Alumni Academy | Summer

Jesus’ final words to his first-century disciples were “go, make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28.18-20).  Twenty-first century churches carry the same mission, sent as Jesus was sent to be a witness to the gospel among billions around the globe.  How, though, can a local church and individual believers fully embrace the Great Commission call to intercultural evangelism, discipleship, and church planting?  How can we do missions well?

China’s Reforming Churches

The second section looks at Presbyterianism in China today, relying heavily on the voices and experiences of current Chinese pastors. Chapter four (“Perceived Challenges to Christians in China”) is especially enlightening as it nullifies some common Western assertions about the Chinese church and highlights the actual pressures she faces. It concludes with some sobering warnings and gentle encouragements for the Western church's relationship with the Chinese church. The fifth chapter is a thorough argument for Presbyterianism and its need in the Chinese church. Luke P. Y. Lu makes a strong case that Presbyterian missions organizations in China should act in accordance with their Presbyterian identity as they pursue this mission. Chapter six is an interesting dialogue between a few Chinese pastors and Baugus. At times this chapter is hard to follow, but is well worth the meandering read. These pastors are significant figures in Chinese Christianity, and their reflections and humility should encourage the reader about the future of the church in China.

Premier Drive

Every week our lovable Drive presenters - Loretta on Premier Drive, and Lady T on Gospel Drive - have each been choosing a music video from the archive. Of course, both of them think theirs is best! So, now we want you to decide!

She Taught Me to Live

A few months before she died, Debbie was still able to come to Bible study. We made a point of asking her what she most wanted to study that semester. She chose the book of Acts, so she could learn how the gospel went forth in the early church. I remember with such clarity the last time she was able to be with us. We were in Acts 10, studying the story of Cornelius and all the ways God worked to bring the gospel to the Gentiles.

For the Life of the World

The Gospel Coalition is a fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming our ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures.  We yearn to work with all who, in addition to embracing our confession and theological vision for ministry, seek the lordship of Christ over  the whole of life with unabashed hope in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform individuals, communities, and cultures.

Listening to Luther

The true way of salvation is this. First, a person must realize that he is a sinner, the kind of sinner who is congenitally unable to do any good thing. "Whatsoever is not of faith, is sin." Those who seek to earn the grace of God by their own efforts are trying to please God with sins. They mock God, and provoke His anger. The first step on the way to salvation is to repent."

What Not to Say When Your Friends Are Hurting

I am going through hell right now, and I can tell you that I have heard most, if not all of these phrases from people who I knew had no intention of actually helping me, but didn't know what else to say in order to not seem uncaring. The church is the Body of Christ, his physical presence in the world. When we pass off our responsibility to be physically supportive of people, we are not being "Christians", we are just giving lip service to our religious beliefs. When people are hurting, they need your arms around them, they need you to call and check on them, they may need you to actually come help them by watching their kids or helping them clean their house or bringing them a meal. If your christianity does not extend to these things, then I would question your faith. James 1:27 tells us what God considers "pure religion"... taking care of people who cannot care for themselves.

Has Science Buried God? John Lennox @ CLA

John is a well known author and has participated in notorious debates with the likes of Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens. He is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, Fellow in Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science, and Pastoral Advisor at Green Templeton College, Oxford. He is also an Adjunct Lecturer at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University and at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and is a Senior Fellow of the Trinity Forum. In addition, he teaches for the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme at the Executive Education Centre, Sa ï d Business School, Oxford University.

Muslims Banned From Forcing Shariah Law on People by India Supreme Court

According to a Quartz piece  from earlier this year, "Since Modi's political ascendancy has been largely based on a right-wing Hindu nationalist platform, many analysts are questioning the future of 140 million Muslims in India, relegated to second-class citizenship in their own country of birth. Modi came to power on a promise of turning around India's economy. It's worth remembering that though Muslims represent the largest religious minority within India (roughly 13% of India's total population), they are also the demographic which suffers the most in terms of economic disenfranchisement and poverty."

Evangelicals and Cities: A Discussion in Need of Clarity

I was struck by the same thing when I read the article. The urban/suburban distinction seems dicey. However, I wouldn’t too easily cede to his basic thesis – that urban ministry requires urban located centers for higher learning. What bothers me about the author’s thrust is the presumption on display regarding at least three points. First, when someone suggests that we need to get on board with where the Spirit of God is working, a la H. Blackaby, (implying the exclusion of His working elsewhere), the red flags begin waving. Does the Spirit of God not move out here in the middle of the Great Plains, where I live? Or in Great Falls, the Up, etc.? Second, I’m not buying that the relatively “rural” location of post-secondary institutions is a problem; it may even benefit the preparation of the students involved for lives lived in populous areas. Speaking anecdotally to be sure, but our little school on the prairie has former students in places from Seoul to Kiev to Chicago, etc. I would argue that there are certain strengths to the kind of preparation received in out of the way places, and this is the kind of thing that seems worth exploring in this discussion, if one thinks it worth considering.

World's Largest Flying Bird Was Like Nothing Alive Today

"It's a really remarkable species,"study author Daniel Ksepka, a paleontologist and curator of science at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Connecticut, told Live Science. "It really pushes the limits of how big we think flying birds can get. Getting a chance to add something like this to the avian evolutionary tree is really exciting."

When the Abortion Industry Self-Destructs

When will the rhetoric about women’s health and women’s rights be exposed for what it truly is (since, of course, by women’s “health” and women’s “rights” they must not mean the near 28 million girls aborted since 1973)? What will it take? Where is the tipping point when the truth of their enterprise can no longer be ignored by the popular conscience?

12 Wonderfully Quirky Words with No English Equivalent

This German adjective means "flustered to the point of incompetence." It's different from English words like jittery, Rheingold says, because "it conveys a temporary state of inexactitude and sloppiness that is elicited by another person's nagging."


Here the Apostle grounds his admonition for Christians to love one another in the very character of God. “Love is from God,” he tells us. What he means is that Christian love comes from God Himself. This love is not natural to fallen humanity. It originates in God and is a divine gift to His people. When we are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are given a capacity for this supernatural love that has God as its source and foundation. When John says that “whoever loves has been born of God and knows God,” he is not teaching that every human being who loves another is therefore born of God. The kind of love of which he speaks comes only from regeneration. Without the Holy Spirit’s transformation of the human heart, no one has this capacity for love. No unregenerate person has this kind of love, and no regenerate person lacks such love. Therefore, a person who does not have the ability to love in the way John describes has not been born again. “Anyone who does not love [in this manner] does not know God.”

Less exercise, not more calories, responsible for expanding waistlines

Sedentary lifestyle and not caloric intake may be to blame for increased obesity in the US, according to a new analysis. A study reveals that in the past 20 years there has been a sharp decrease in physical exercise and an increase in average body mass index (BMI), while caloric intake has remained steady. Investigators theorized that a nationwide drop in leisure-time physical activity, especially among young women, may be responsible for the upward trend in obesity rates.


Russell D. Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, announced the appointment of Andrew T. Walker as director of policy studies. Walker, 28, currently serves as policy analyst for the Heritage Foundation, one of the nation’s most respected conservative think-tanks.

Atlas Year One

Sleeping At Last is the moniker of Chicago-based singer-songwriter, producer and composer, Ryan O’Neal. His music has been featured often in TV and Film such as The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, The Fault In Our Stars (trailer), Grey’s Anatomy, So You Think You Can Dance, Criminal Minds, Bones, Believe and more.

28 Netflix Is Hiring Someone to Binge Watch Netflix All Day

Imagine getting paid to lay in bed and binge watch Netflix all day. If you live in the U.K. and are currently looking for a new job, that dream may soon be a reality . The streaming programming provider is looking for a new “tagger,” whose job it will be to watch movies and TV shows from home—full time—and “describe them using objective tags." Netflix relies on a sophisticated tagging system to make all of those handy recommendations, and hey, somebody’s got to do the actual work of creating the tags. Even if you don’t live in the U.K. (where the lucky new Netflix employee must be), you can send your application here anyways, because if there was ever a job worth moving for, this is it ...

WORLD | Complete dependence | Marvin Olasky | July 12, 2014

What changed your mind? I saw in reading the Bible over and over again that almost my entire life was based on a violation of the first commandment, “I am the Lord your God … you shall have no other gods before me.” Obviously I was not worshipping statues of Baal and Molech in my living room, but I was idolizing money, power, prestige, my boss, my house, my car. Everything I idolized, God took from me. I was left with complete dependence on Him. And He turned me from a life of focusing on making lots of money as an attorney to saving lives in China.

Mars Hill Pastor: Most Fatherless Men Lack Preparation in Money, Sex, Power

"Because most young men don't enter the world in a very powerful position, power to them looks like independence. They don't seem to know how to handle their independence in constructive ways. God created us to be a part of family, and marriage comes out of that but so does community. A lot of young men I meet are entirely independent, they're not part of a church family and they're just to their own demise, they're aimless and trying to find an identity and trying to find a place," said Bruskas.

Abortionist of 100,000 Babies Can Not Find Replacement; Notorious Milwaukee Abortion Clinic Facing Closure (VIDEO)

71-year-old infamous abortionist Dennis Christensen has found himself in a tough situation after performing 85,000 to 100,000 abortions. He wants to retire, but cannot find a replacement.

200 Words: Why We Believe in the Trinity

If the term “Trinity” is not found in the Bible, then why do Christians believe in God’s tri-unity? Here is my attempt to answer that question in 200 words or less. (Note that I did not include Scripture references in my word count.)

Billy Graham Set to Release Never-Before-Seen Video Message Called 'Heaven'

My Hope 2014 puts the focus on partnering with local churches to present the Gospel. This fall, the new evangelistic program will be available, free of charge, for churches to use in offering a message of hope in their own communities. Graham's message on heaven was filmed from his home as part of last year's My Hope campaign. In addition to never-before-seen footage, this year's program will also feature real-life stories of faith interwoven throughout, in the same style as the impactful programs previously produced such as "The Cross."

Is There a Case for Racial Reparations?

They don't seriously think we're going to pay them back for the slavery that took place a hundred and fifty years ago, do they?  This was my thought when I first heard of the reparations movement as a teen, watching a speech from black leaders making their case on CSPAN. I understood that slavery was a terrible period in our country's history, but they were about a hundred and fifty years late with these demands for reparations. I knew I was watching the ravings of a fringe minority, one that did not really have a chance of being heard by mainstream America. As bad as slavery was, there was neither the ability nor the will to "fix" our errors, I thought. And to a large extent, my initial conclusions about the reparations movement were accurate. So fringe and unreasonable was their mission that I don't think I heard the idea seriously brought up again until a few weeks ago in Ta-Nehisi Coates's much-discussed feature for  The Atlantic  called " The Case for Reparations ." But after reading Coates's powerful and enlightening piece, it's hard for me to imagine not demanding reparations of some kind or another for the hundreds of years of government-sanctioned abuse suffered by blacks in our country.

35 Watch This 2-Year-Old Amputee Learn to Walk Like an Absolute Champion

2-year-old Kayden Elijah Kinckle was born with a condition called omphalocele, which caused his intestines to stick through his navel. The condition ultimately led to the amputation of his left leg and right foot. Doctors predicted he wouldn't make it, but not only has he made it—he's learning to walk with the help of new walker. It's no mean feat, but Kayden has the heart of a champion and his mantra—"I got it! I got it!"—is probably the most inspiring thing you'll hear all day ...

Renewing Your Mind | The God Who Is There | July 8, 2014

Our society has embraced moral relativism with a vengeance, at least verbally, but that any laws exist at all is a testimony to the existence of a supreme, objective authority. Human beings write laws because we know instinctively that there is a proper moral order to the universe. We make law because God’s law exists, in some sense, on the hearts of all people. Today’s passage leads us to this conclusion. Romans 2:14 cannot be read as giving the Gentiles the right to choose what is right and wrong from a variety of competing options. All Paul means is that the ethical standards of even the non-believers prove that all people are made in the Lord’s image and therefore have His moral principles on their consciences. Even those without access to Scripture outlaw the killing of innocent human beings and have clear determinations of when killing is murder and when it is not. The law of God on their hearts tells them there are cases when killing is clearly wrong, even if they do not always interpret this law rightly.

For First Amendment Purposes, Is Atheism a Religion?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution, including breaking news about scientific research.

Wesley J. Smith - IVF Surrogate Baby Unwanted and Returned

But following the acrimonious breakdown of her marriage to Lamar Sally, reports have emerged that Sherri Shepherd no longer wants anything to do with the unborn child. And according to TMZ, the 47 year-old has no genetic connection to the infant who was conceived through IVF with an egg donor and her estranged husband’s sperm.

What You Need to Know About What’s Happening in Israel

The political situation in the region remains complicated, as Hamas—who is said to have an arsenal of more than 10,000 rockets that they’ve shown they are willing to fire into Israel—maintains ties with Abbas’ government. The number of casualties from the most recent Israeli airstrikes, which target the sources of the rocket attacks, are still unclear at this point, but a Palestinian medical source told CNN that 10 people—two of which were children—were killed Tuesday. The Israeli military, in response, shared a photo underscoring Hamas’ tactic of using “ human shields ” by firing rockets from populated areas.

Video: Kathy Keller on Reading the Bible Every Day

Kathy Keller (MA, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) has worked as an editor for Great Commission Publications, and presently serves on the staff of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, where her husband, Tim, is senior pastor. In Redeemer’s early years, Tim preached and Kathy was the entire staff; now she serves as assistant director of communications. Kathy and Tim rejoice that their three sons married amazing women and adore their two granddaughters.

The Big Picture

I’m a big picture guy. I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out the future—complex things like trends in higher education and publishing, national economic growth, and the plausibility of faith in our culture. I want to see the interconnectedness of things and for that grand unified picture of the universe, if you will, to shape my imagination and open up pathways for faith to reveal reality. All of us want to understand the significance of the details, the economies of our lives. To do that well, I’ve come to see that the church—in all walks of life—needs a wider perspective on what it means to be “in” the world but not “of” it. We need more than a worldview; we need a new world picture, a reshaped imagination, which will lead to a whole new set of behaviors and postures toward the world.

Beyond "Work": Part II

Some pictures in the slide show include CT executive editor Andy Crouch's favorite part of the day: When attendees divided into groups of 10 to list the most difficult obstacles in getting the church to recognize the importance, or calling, of everyday work. They were then asked to consider "what new questions the church could ask about its ministry in light of a deeper theology of faith and culture." Andy wrote in an e-mail, "It was so great to see an intergenerational group of lay people and leaders, ranging from teachers to corporate executives and youth pastors to church planters, dig in so enthusiastically and deeply to the question of how to make work much more a part of the life of the church."

Let's Live For The Moment | HeadHeartHand Blog

At the end of it you think, “Wow, all that effort for just 10% happier!” Yet, Harris still thinks it was worth it, especially learning the ability to live in the moment and for the moment. The idea, often called mindfulness, is to get to a state of mind that does not think backwards or forwards, that doesn’t remember the past or anticipate the future. Instead the mind is perfectly balanced in the here and now, and is achieved by emptying the mind of everything. If you think that’s easy, read the book, or, better, try it yourself. As Harris describes it, it’s like cage-fighting with a fish:

Are evangelicals changing their views on gay marriage?

Our problem is that we have so neglected the intellectual element of the Bible that we have missed the reality of the depths of the word of God written. This is due, in part, to what the old Puritan called the perspicuity of scripture or what we might term biblical clarity. Just because the Book is so clear, we think we can easily understand it. The truth is, however, that the depths of God word are like the depths of the ocean, that is, like the navy captain who joked with his US sailors who were going swimming in the deepest swimming hole on earth (the Mariannas Trench, 7 miles plus straight down), “Your welcome to try and reach the bottom, but I doubt that you will make it.” The Bible inspired by Omniscience displays a wisdom commensurate with such a source, a wisdom that requires the combined efforts of scholars of all fields of learning to understand the ideas set forth therein.

Man Who Took Religious 'Vow of Poverty' Wins $259.8 Million Powerball Jackpot

A Tennessee man who took a vow of poverty as part of his membership with a religious organization, claimed the largest lottery prize in the state's history, worth $259.8 million, last Thursday.

46 Skateboard Cop Is a Real-life Crime Fighting Hero

Criminals of Green Bay beware. Skateboard Cop is patrolling the streets, and you don’t stand a chance against his gnarly shredding skills. As you can see in this video from Cater News, not only does officer Joel Zwicky carve up crime on his skateboard, but he also drives a blacked-out Charger superheromobile. All he needs is some sort of rollerblading archenemies and Zwicky’s real-life comic book cop status be complete ...

Does God Require Me to Be a Parent?

Finally, and I’d be remiss for not saying this, but selfishly, I want you to have kids. As a guy who spent his twenties freaked out about having a child because I thought “they’d ruin my life” (not kidding, that’s an actual quote from me), I can tell you that being a parent is just the greatest. It is hard. Oh my gosh, it is so much work! But at the end of the day, it’s one of the greatest blessings God has ever bestowed upon me. So Becca, know that it really is fine to wait—or to never even have a kid. But if that time ever comes and God interrupts your life, be bold.

Different but Equal? Giving Words their Real Meaning

Let’s give words back their true meaning. Being equal must always and everywhere include shared authority. If that is not what is intended, then a word other than “equal” will have to be found. If men and women are equal, then they will share authority as join theirs of Christ’s kingdom. To be Christ’s heir is to share in Christ’s authority and power which, unlike the power of secular rulers, is the authority to serve, submit, and love one another as Christ loved us. Jesus said “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones are tyrants over them. It will not be so among you; but whoever wishes to be great among you must be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among you must be your slave; just as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many” (Matt. 20:25–27).

9 Things You Should Know About Islam

9. The two main denominations of Islam are Sunni and Shi’ite. Muslims have a similar creed (shahadah) roughly translated as, “There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” The Shi’ite, however, tack on an additional sentence: “Ali is the Friend of Allah. The Successor of the Messenger of Allah And his first Caliph.” Ali was Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law and the reason these groups are often in opposition to one another (the terms Shia and Shi’ite come from condensing Shiat Ali, “partisans of Ali”). After Muhammad died, the leadership of the Muslim believers (the Ummah) was the responsibility of the Caliph, a type of tribal leader. The Sunnis respect Ali and consider him the fourth Caliph while the Shi’a contends he was cheated out of being first. Sunnis, following the tradition of the period, thought the Caliph should be chosen by the community while Shi’ites believe the office should be passed down only to direct descendants of Muhammad. Around 85 percent of the world’s Muslims are Sunni while only about 15 percent are Shi’a.

When the Transgender Comes Home

Jessah is 19 years old, 12 years younger than I am. I was in the hospital when she was born. I spent my middle-school years changing her diapers. She beamed with pride and excitement when my then-fiancée Becca asked her to be a bridesmaid at our wedding, and during the ceremony she looked just as beautiful and twice as proud as the older girls. Becca offered advice when she was learning to put on makeup, when puberty arrived, when she first started noticing and crushing on boys.

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