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Actors, Crew Quit Making of Pro-Life Movie 'Roe v. Wade'; Filming Continues (Video)

Actor Nick Loeb is co-directing the upcoming film "Roe v. Wade," a pro-life story of the landmark Supreme Court case and revealed the film has faced its share of obstacles, including people quitting and shoot locations backing out. But they're continuing production.

'God Forgive the USA': Vermont Church Parodies Lee Greenwood Patriotic Song

A church in Vermont has been getting widespread attention online for its parody of the 1984 Lee Greenwood patriotic song "God Bless the USA," presenting a more critical view of the United States.

An Impossible Covenant — And How It Becomes a Permanent Joy

Jesus bought an unbreakable covenant for his people. He takes hardened rebels and transforms them into a beautiful bride for their eternal joy.

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The Impressive Community of "Tent-Making" Christian Case Makers | Cold Case Christianity

That’s a pretty impressive list, and I’m sure I’ve overlooked a large number of brothers and sisters who are contributing as Case Makers (if you would like to be included in this updated list, please send me your information). Here’s the point: If you haven’t yet begun to see yourself as a Christian Case Maker, you’re missing the directive of God in 1 Peter 3:15-16, a passage written to all of us as believers (whether we are employed in ministry or not). If you’re a Christian, you’re already a Case Maker . The only question is, are you a good one? Are you actively engaged in your calling as a Christian? The people in this list of “One Dollar Apologists” come from a variety of occupational backgrounds, and some of them aren’t drawing a paycheck at all (as students or stay at home moms). If they can do this, you can do this. What are you waiting for? Take a few simple steps and get in the game. Be part of this amazing movement of God.


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The Case for Faith: Coping with Contradictions

“For example, assuming the unexplained is unexplainable. I’m sure some sharp critic could say to me, ‘What about this issue?’ and even though I’ve done a forty-year study of these things, I wouldn’t be able to answer him. What does that prove — that the Bible has an error or Geisler is ignorant? I’d give the benefit of the doubt to the Bible, because of the eight hundred allegations I’ve studied, I haven’t found one single error in the Bible, but I’ve found a lot of errors by the critics.”


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Wayne Grudem: Trump's Border Wall 'Morally Good' Because Bible Cities Had Walls

"In the world of the Old Testament, people built walls around cities to protect themselves from thieves, murderers, and other criminals, and from foreign invaders who would seek to destroy the city. People could still enter the city, but they had to do so by the gate, so that city officials would have some control over who was coming in and going out. Today's debate is about a larger area – a national border, not a city – but the principles are the same," Grudem explained.

Refuting and Debunking Fake Atheism - O' the Despair!

The Man in the Mirror: 4 Observations about apologetics and 1 Peter 3:15

1 Peter 3:15 is often the “go to” passage for many apologetics textbooks and presentations but, unfortunately, the context of the passage is rarely highlighted. If we fail to consider the context, we risk missing what Peter is saying. The overall context of the passage is that Peter is describing how to do relationships Christianly. He begins chapter 3 talking directly to husbands and wives and then more broadly to how we are to relate to others. And then he says:

Commonweal Misrepresents Isaac Newton, Intelligent Design | Evolution News

Newton was arguing from science, not religion. But that doesn’t fit the Epicurean mythos that religion opposes naturalism while science confirms it. The reality is, of course, the exact opposite.

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Answering Islam LIVE (July 5, 2018)

David Wood and Anthony Rogers will be answering questions about Islam and Christianity on "Answering Islam LIVE." Anthony's Patreon page: David's Patreon page: Sean McDowell's lecture on the persecution and martyrdom of early Christians:

Why Are There No Extra-Biblical Writings That Confirm Christianity

Why are there no historical testimonies of miracles outside the Bible consistent with the New Testament? How come there are no extra-biblical writings that confirm the New Testament? Why didn’t more non-Christian historians of antiquity mention Jesus? Those who did, why didn’t they paint Jesus in the same manner consistent with the Christians who wrote the New Testament (NT) documents? One may be inclined to ask these questions with good intentions, but the origin of the issue assumes a gaping oversight on the part of the questioner, and the answers are actually implicit in the questions themselves. All we need to do is consider history in light of the way in which personal persuasions work themselves out. Whether we’re dealing with supernatural events witnessed by extra-biblical writers or with their own testimony of historical narratives surrounding Jesus of Nazareth, there is a problem with the expectation of any writing existing outside the Bible, conferring full agreement with the Bible.

Kindle Deals in Christian Apologetics: Greg's Top Ten Picks of the Week!

For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

Did we Really not have a New Testament Canon till the Fourth Century?

Is it true the New Testament documents weren’t Scripture until the fourth century? That is, the books weren’t authoritative until church councils conferred authority upon them? Liberal scholars make this suggestion since it removes any supernatural explanation for the New Testament canon. To them, scriptural authority can be explained merely on human terms.


"... you can't get something from nothing ...It's as simple as that.  If there were no God, then the history of the entire universe, up until the appearance of living creatures, would be a history of dead matter with no consciousness.  You would not have any thoughts, beliefs, feelings, sensations, free actions, choices, or purposes. There would be simply one physical event after another physical event, behaving according to the laws of physics and chemistry...How then, do you get something totally different- conscious, living, thinking, feeling, believing creatures- from materials that don't have that?  That's getting something from nothing!  And that's the main problem...However...if you begin with an infinite mind, then you can explain how finite minds could come into existence.  That makes sense.  What doesn't make sense- and which many atheistic evolutionists are conceding -is the idea of getting a mind to squirt into existence by starting with brute, dead, mindless matter." 1 Courage and Godspeed, Chad Footnote: 1. As quoted by Lee Strobel in The Case for the Creator, p.

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Can a Christian be patriotic? As Chuck Colson said, we can't love mankind in the abstract; we can only really love people in the particular, concrete relationships God has placed us in—our family, our church, our community, and our nation.

19 The Strange Death of Europe (9781543625486): Douglas Murray, Robert Davies: Books

Murray frames the moral dilemma facing the west through a quote from the prophetic 1973 book  The Camp of the Saints . Author Jean Raspail saw ‘A million poor wretches, armed only with their weakness and their numbers, overwhelmed by misery, encumbered with starving brown and black children, ready to disembark on our soil, the vanguard of the multitudes pressing hard against every part of the tired and overfed West. I literally saw them, saw the major problem they presented, a problem absolutely insoluble by our present moral standards. To let them in would destroy us. To reject them would destroy them.’ An established journalist, Murray had the resources to travel throughout Europe to view the immigration problem firsthand. He spoke to immigrants on the island of Lesbos, the slums of Malmö, the streets of Paris. He thoroughly appreciates their motives in coming to Europe and in the early chapters appears convinced that the majority of them have no motive other than to improve their lives. Later chapters, the bulk of the book, go into extensive detail about the Islamic immigrants.

Apologetics as Conversation

"What's stopping you?" During a training session for those interested in apologetics, I asked if anyone knew of family members, classmates, or coworkers who did not have a relationship with Jesus. Hands went up throughout the audience.

An Investigation: Is Jesus Liar, Lunatic, or Lord?

Due to His influence, Jesus of Nazareth has been transforming lives for almost two millennia. In the process, He has rewritten the direction and outcome of human history. It’s a fact that the teachings of Jesus have been a force of overwhelming good throughout the history of the world. Unfortunately, it also is true that much harm has been committed in Jesus’ name — both by the church at large, and by individuals seeking to use Him to further their own agendas.

Twitter Locks My Account for Telling the Truth About Muslim Slaughter of Christians | The Stream

The day may come when these minor irritations regarding Twitter and Facebook seem like a utopia. They are a law unto themselves, it seems. But then Federal and State anti-discrimination in the US and in Australia where I live is often far worse. We also have a “Human Rights Commission” that is blatantly Leftist, promoting homosexuality as “human right”, and attempting to silence effective criticism of the behaviour of its favoured racial and religions groups (non-white people and Muslims, typically, being the ones favoured). If the “anti-discrimination” philosophy really takes hold on Twitter and Facebook – so that you are no longer allowed to say anything that people of a certain race or religion might find “offensive” – then your freedom to use those platforms will be much more severely curtailed.

New Release: 'WHAT IS MAN?: Adam, Alien or Ape?' By Dr. Edgar Andrews Only $3.99!

Dr. Andrews’ credentials as a scientist and theologian are many—he is one of those individuals who has more letters after his name than there are in the alphabet (ok, yes, that’s a bit of hyperbole there), but he is also a truly humble man. At 85 years old he remains as sharp and well-spoken today as he was back when I first knew him— back when he was, well… 80. He’s even publicly debated Richard Dawkins!

12 Faithful Men

This volume contains the inspiring stories of 12 faithful men who endured great suffering for the cause of Christ. Biographical sketches cover well-known figures such as John Calvin and John Newton as well as lesser-knowns such as Janani Luwum, Wang Mingdao, and John Chavis, all of whom suffered deeply but endured faithfully. We hope pastors and ministry leaders, as well as those who support them, will find in this collection encouragement to run the race with endurance.

Four Ways the Earth Is Fine-Tuned for Life | Cold Case Christianity

Like the death scene I investigated, the layers of foundational, regional, and locational evidence in the universe show signs of “tampering.” The forces governing atomic structure, the matter of the universe and the creation of chemicals are conveniently aligned to allow life’s existence. Even tiny changes in these forces have disastrous consequences for life. Similarly narrow ranges exist related to our galaxy and planet. While the appearance of fine-tuning in any one of these cosmic parameters might not be all that compelling, the cumulative nature of these conditions obligates us to seek an explanation.

Why the Universe Is the Way It Is - Kindle edition by Hugh Ross. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

I've read quite a few books in Christian apologetics but no where have I found a book such as this. Hugh is if you didn't know on the Autism spectrum and his talent is that he can fit enormous complex concepts together and make sense out of them (a paraphrase of his words). It definitely shows in this book. It is a fully consistent scientific and biblical look at the reason for all of creation and how it in his view fits together. When I've seen Hugh challenged at atheist confereces, I've personally never seen anyone challenge his science, (unlike a Ken Ham) they just challenge his theistic implications. This book is fascinating, even if you happen to disagree with him I promise you will learn something you didn't know. I've already bought an extra copy for some of my family and will probably be getting a few more for friends.

Too Good to Be True?

This kind of argument would seem to ring true, at least on a superficial level. You would expect it to be more likely for people to believe in something that they like than something that they don’t, and it is clear that Christianity is powerfully compelling. In fact, the argument itself is an admission of this, as it acknowledges the innate desire in us all that is fulfilled by God. Who wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with a loving deity who not only wants the best for those he has created, but who is offering eternity in a place that is more wonderful than can be imagined? Yet the Bible also contains some very hard-hitting passages, which would seem to contradict the notion that religious belief is simply a projection of our wishes. C. S. Lewis pointed out that scripture also teaches that believers should fear the Lord, but you would not then suggest that this meant faith was some kind of “fear fulfillment”!(2)

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Comparing Nation of Islam, Black Hebrew Israelites, & Islam - Vocab Malone LIVE!

Christian apologist VOCAB MALONE & Abu Khamr answer your questions LIVE on BACKPACK RADIO, the apologetics show with style and humor! Subscribe & click the bell - for notifications of new uploads! New uploads weekly! Help keep putting this content out by giving support @ SUPER CHAT on LIVE STREAMS!$VocabMalone

America’s Next Top Justice: Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Or Judge Raymond Kethledge?

The attacks, while unfounded, do reflect this reality: because of Judge Kavanaugh’s high-powered legal career at the center of American law and politics — service on the staff of Ken Starr in the Whitewater/Monica Lewinsky investigation, the George W. Bush Administration, and the D.C. Circuit (where he has ruled on such hot issues as Obamacare and abortion for undocumented immigrant minors) — there’s more ammunition that can be fired at him. And considering how ugly the confirmation fight and how close the Senate will end up being, it wouldn’t surprise me if the White House — yes, even the truculent Trump White House — decides to take the path of least resistance, especially when picking between two nominees who are otherwise comparable in age, conservatism, and credentials.

31 Renewing Your Mind | Martin Luther: The Reformer | Jul 5, 2018

When Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses, he did not intend to start a controversy. But his ideas spread like wildfire. From his series Heroes of the Christian Faith, R.C. Sproul considers the birth of the Reformation.

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What to pray for this week: Pray we would get their priorities straight, to give honor and respect to everyone, including the governing authorities, and to love our fellow Christians with a self-sacrificing zeal. Download 21 Days of Prayer for Life!

The Joyful Longing of Paul McCartney’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’

But there is something about the joy of this clip—which finds McCartney singing his old hits amid his old haunts in Liverpool—that is deeper than mere diversion. It’s a joy that is intertwined with sadness, nostalgia, and the ephemeral realities of life; a joy that is satisfying because it is unsatisfying; a joy that sparks in us that ineffable sense that, however beautiful the sunset, what we truly long for lies always beyond the horizon.

What Hath Trump Wrought in North Korea?

I think that Trump has set the stage over the previous year and a half for the successful denuclearization of North Korea. He has, after all, made three things crystal clear to Kim: I am just as tough as you are, if not tougher. I can hurt you a lot worse than you can hurt me. And, finally, if you give up your nukes, I can make your life a lot easier. You can stay in power, your economy can develop and your people will be far better off.

Is Jesus Simply a Copy Cat of Mithras? (Podcast) | Cold Case Christianity

In this blast from the past, J. Warner examines the historicity and nature of Jesus Christ. Before we can even look at who Jesus claimed to “be”, we need to make sure He existed in the first place. Critics claim that Jesus is simply a re-telling of the Mithras mythology, copying Mithras’ virgin birth, death and resurrection and many other similar details. But is Jesus truly similar to Mithras? Are there good reasons to expect ancient seekers to create a God that is similar to the true God of the universe?

36 Truth and Tone in Cultural Engagement

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America is the only nation in the world based on an idea - freedom and self-government - so if we don't understand that idea and what sacrifices were made to win that freedom and keep it for over two centuries, how can we possibly continue to keep it? @ericmetaxas

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39 06/21/14

Frank reflects on the life of Charles Krauthammer who just recently passed away then retakes the topic of his last podcast that focused on the question “What worldview best explains the biggest questions in life?” He deals with some of the most important questions we need to answer. Questions such as: Why is the universe fine-tuned? Why is there reliable cause and effect? Why is there such a thing as evidence? How did life begin? and many more. Listen to find out the answer to these questions.

.@Ichthus77 #Apologetics Daily

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God's Country: American Christians' Love-Hate Relationship With Their Native Land. Judged by the measure of our fellow man, we can come off looking pretty good. Judged by the standard of God’s holiness, we have good reason to fear.

42 Universalism Distorts the Grace of God

The only other version of universalism that’s left to try to preserve grace is just to say, “I am saved because God will reverse every choice I made.” This is the idea that everyone, at the moment they die — even the mass murderer who’s shooting down his victims, and suddenly he’s shot dead — just goes immediately to be with God. God changes their character at the moment of death. That’s sometimes called ultra-universalism because it holds that everyone goes immediately to be with God. That’s a view that’s so radical it undermines all the significance of our moral and spiritual choices in this life. It even seems to make the present life a charade.

Why A Turkish Newspaper Believes Andrew Brunson May Be Released on July 18

Senator Shaheen, a Democrat who co-authored the bill in April to prevent the transfer of the F-35's to Turkey, said, "Turkish President Erdogan's choice to take hostages and imprison innocent Americans, to try to gain leverage over the United States, is egregious and unlawful. Erdogan and his government must abide by the rule of law within his own country and abroad, and release Pastor Andrew Brunson and other Americans unlawfully held in Turkey. "

Levin: Thomas Jefferson and the Founders' decision 'between submission or the sword'

Levin discussed Jefferson’s final letter, drafted just ten days before his death, in which he described the decision the Founders made in 1776 as “the bold and doubtful election we were to make for our country: Between submission or the sword” — and “the consolatory fact that our fellow citizens, after half a century of experience of prosperity, continue to approve the choice we made.”

45 The Christian Post

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12 Types of Truth the Scientific Method Cannot Prove

Today, I was listening to an individual speak. Much of his speech was uncontroversial. However, he made a couple of claims that are demonstrably false. One of these claims was that science can explain everything by the scientific method. I found this interesting, since the scientific method deals specifically with phenomena and theories that can be observed and tested. I was reminded immediately of the debate between William Lane Craig and Peter Atkins, in which Atkins made this very point, only to be refuted by William Lane Craig. Dr. Craig listed 5 types of truth that science cannot explain:

Did The New Testament Writers Invent The Resurrection?

Frank Turek tells us whether or not the writers of the New Testament had motive to invent the Resurrection.

444. Don't We Get All Our Truth From Science?

444. Don't We Get All Our Truth From Science?

49 Oh the Places You Might Go: Watching the Fourth from Far Away

Our liberation in Christ brings weight and responsibility to the personal liberties we have been given. On this July 4, we need a radical reorientation of global gospel priorities considering our passport privileges. The American passport affords you access to an incredibly high number of countries, and in God’s providence, surely that’s about more than tourism and financial profit. It could be about gospel access that is virtually impossible for millions of your brothers and sisters.


Well, if the DN had gotten its way in October 2016 when it demanded that Donald Trump withdraw from the presidential race, it would be President Hillary Clinton making her second pick to the Supreme Court and probably a third one eventually over time. Let that sink in.

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