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Intelligent Design Is "Based on Religion"? Tell That to Thomas Jefferson

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

You Have to Be Conscious to Deny Consciousness, and Other Conundrums

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

She Risked It All to Flee Islam and Follow Jesus

This 22 year-old-girl, Rifqa Bary, always believed she was born into the Muslim faith and there was no escape -- until she got on her knees and prayed to Jesus. He responded in a way she will never forget. Rifqa shares her story with the world, and spreads the name of Jesus.

It Takes a Movement to Reach A City Event | C.S. Lewis Institute

Connection Points is the teaching ministry of Randy Newman, Senior Teaching Fellow for Apologetics and Evangelism at C.S. Lewis Institute. This blog explores the links between the Christian faith and all of life and encourages exploration of common ground between Christians and those with other beliefs. This content can also be found at

Ray Comfort Believes His New Film 'Audacity' May Bring Peace Between the Church and LGBT Communities

Ray Comfort, a well-known Christian evangelist who's preached the Gospel alongside actor Kirk Cameron in the TV series "The Way of the Master," hopes to bring peace between the church and the LGBT community with his new film, "Audacity."

The FAQs: Christian Bakers Face $135K Fine and Gag Order Over Wedding Cake for Same-Sex Couple

What you should know about the Christian bakers who refused to provide a cake for a same-sex commitment ceremony.

Reagan's Warning to Millennials...

Starts at 15:08. As true today as when he first mentioned:

Earth's Biosphere Is Awash in Information

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Even Television's Most Critical Judge Couldn't Hold Back His Tears During A Beautiful Tribute

If you have watched television before, then you know who Simon Cowell is. He has a reputation as the harshest judge in the talent industry. But something was different on this day with these performers. They bring Simon to tears with a beautiful performance.

Fireworks Look Even Cooler When Filmed from a Drone

Did you miss your community’s Fourth of July fireworks extravaganza? Or, maybe you attended an Independence Day display and think it couldn’t have possibly gotten any better. Well, witness the magic of fireworks when filmed from the sky via a drone, along with some surprisingly emotional narration overdubbing from a Morgan Freeman documentary and, of course, obligatory Katy Perry music. Somewhere, Jack Donaghy is quietly weeping.

Chicken or Egg? More Flirting with Lamarck

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

The Resurrection: Historical Event or Theological Interpretation? N.T. Wright vs. John D. Crossan

Visit the post for more.

A Preview of My New Book | Moore to the Point

Russell Moore is president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, the moral and public policy agency of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. READ MORE

SES Conference

Welcome to the 2015 annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics (NCCA). Every year, Southern Evangelical Seminary hosts one of the largest apologetics events in the country. Join us on October 16-17, as we discuss this years theme, "Ideas Have Consequences."  Every consequence, whether good or bad, ultimately begins with an idea. This year's conference will equip Christians to engage in today's most prevalent ideas, encouraging attendees to speak words of grace, so they may "know answer each person" (Colossians 4:6). Help us spread the word by sharing your thoughts on our facebook page --

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When to Baptize Our Believing Children

And they do so for good reasons. Like me, they have a pastoral aversion to the “we’ll see” approach to shepherding our children. They worry, as I do, that refusing to embrace the childlike professions of our children is not teaching our children to believe, but teaching them to doubt. In my judgment (and experience), this can easily make faith in Jesus impossible for our children to conceive, let alone exercise, and sets the stage for the tormenting doubts that wrongly plague many Christian teenagers. And as a father and a pastor, everything in me wants to encourage and strengthen the seed-like faith I see in my boys, and everything in me abhors looking at their childlike professions with skeptical eyes.

Boko Haram attack caps week of bloodshed in Nigeria - BBC News

A suicide bomber has attacked a church in Nigeria, capping a week in which more than 200 people died in Boko Haram violence.

The Haunting of Ministry Failure

Failure in ministry is generally spoken of in terms of moral failure. We read of the addictions, the affairs, the plagiarism, the misuse of money, and the spiritual abuse in leadership, and we are rightly shaken. However, there are pastors and leaders who commit no moral failure, but perceive that their ministry has failed. This is a different category altogether. What happens when you put your hand to the plow, but the visible outcome of what you do is meager or nonexistent? What does it mean when you pursue your calling, minister with all the strength Jesus supplies, preach the gospel, love people, and it just doesn’t work out? Where did it all go wrong? More precisely, you may ask, What did I do wrong ? Wrestling with these questions, my own thoughts grew increasingly dark, leading to the crippling and overwhelming sense of total failure.

If “Faith” Involves Making An Inference From Evidence, Why Do We Call It “Faith”?

In the past here at , I’ve offered a definition of Biblical “faith” that is more akin to “trusting the best inference from the evidence” than “believing something that lacks supporting evidence”. Whenever I make this distinction, someone inevitably asks, “If you’re simply making the most reasonable inference from the evidence, what’s the need for ‘faith’ at all?” The definition I’ve offered does sound like there’s little left unanswered in a process of reasoning that seeks inferences and requires evidence to direct our decision. After all, we ask juries to enter into this form of reasoning all the time, don’t we? Juries attempt to find the best inference from the evidence and we don’t call their decisions an act of “faith”! If evidence is an integral part of “faith decisions”, what is left for there to have “faith” about?

Barna Group on Twitter

Nearly half of women (43%) said they do not feel any emotional support at all from church. 

Rhetoric as Apologetic- Can we learn from ancient apologetics?

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7 Ray Comfort

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Grace to You Radio

“I will come again.” It was a promise given to Jesus’ disciples—and all believers. So what will Jesus’s second coming be like, and how should you get ready? Find out in John MacArthur’s study titled When Jesus Comes .

Identity In Relationships

Sooner or later, this way of relating to your children will come crashing down. Our kids were never given to us to be trophies on the mantel of our identity. If anything, their success is a hymn of praise to another Father who provided everything they need to be where they are and to do what they're doing. As parents, we're never more than instruments in his redemptive hands.

Sorry, Donald Trump Has A Point

For all its crassness, Trump’s rant on immigration is closer to reality than the gauzy clichés of the immigration romantics unwilling to acknowledge that there might be an issue welcoming large numbers of high school dropouts into a 21st-century economy. If we don’t want to add to the ranks of the poor, the uninsured and the welfare dependent, we should have fewer low-skilled immigrants — assuming saying that is not yet officially considered a hate crime.

Dr. Michael Brown on Repentance and Restoration

With a balanced approach to repentance and a powerful reminder of God's heart toward us on the best and worst of days, Dr. Michael L. Brown Ph.D. articulately describes what it means to repent. Since coming to faith in 1971 as a 16 year-old, heroin-shooting Jewish rock drummer, Dr. Michael Brown has devoted his life to fostering awakening in the Church, sparking moral and cultural revolution in the society, raising up gospel laborers for the nations, and reaching out to his own Jewish people. He is the host of the nationally syndicated Line of Fire radio broadcast, the president of FIRE School of Ministry, and a professor of Bible and Hebrew studies at several leading seminaries. He has preached in more than 25 nations and is the author of 25 books and numerous scholarly and popular articles. Dr. Brown has debated Jewish rabbis, agnostic professors, and gay activists on radio, TV, and college campuses, and he is widely considered to be the world’s foremost Messianic Jewish apologist. - See more at: Get the full video series: This video comes from LIVE Before You Die - The Experience: a dynamic multimedia enhanced teaching series based on Daniel Kolenda's best selling book by the same name.


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Catch a Sneak Peek of Harper Lee’s ‘Go Set a Watchman’

Fifty-five years after “To Kill a Mockingbird” published, Harper Lee’s highly anticipated second novel, “Go Set a Watchman,” is coming to bookstores July 14.

Welcome to the World of Uncle Mugsy!

nyone who knows me knows I try to live by that motto. As a writer and creative artist I think there is nothing more important than creating things that are good, beautiful, and true. As a father I see that most of what is peddled toward kids is none of those things — and like any parent I know whatever my daughter or any child is exposed to should be something that is worthy of them. It should be something good and beautiful and true, something that they will want to pass on to their own children someday. So these three Mugsy books — illustrated by my dearest friend and creative partner Tim Raglin — are my most ambitious effort toward that end, toward lighting a candle in the proverbial darkness. I hope parents and grandparents everywhere will want to grab a candle and join us! —Eric Metaxas

Evangelist Who Said His Movie Would Change Minds About Whether People Are Born Gay Accuses YouTube of Censorship

A trailer advertising a scripted movie about homosexuality has been removed by YouTube, with the company claiming that the content violated the platform’s “policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content” — a claim that the filmmaker behind the project is rejecting.

The Religious Crowds

Specifically, Hispanic “nones” were nearly twice as likely as their white counterparts to say that religion was “important,” while African-American “nones” were two and a half times as likely. This raises the question of whether being religiously unaffiliated among African-Americans and Hispanics means something different than it means among their white counterparts. (For instance, an earlier Pew survey found that 39 percent of religiously-unaffiliated Hispanics had a religious symbol, such as a crucifix, in their homes.)

God Does Exist: Applied Apologetics: The Bible or the Qur’an: There's No Comparison


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Women's World Cup final: U.S. defeats Japan -

The Americans' victory avenges their penalty-kick shooutout defeat in 2011 to Japan. In that match, the United States had a 1-0 lead but Japan scored nine minutes from the end of regulation. The United States had a 2-1 lead in extra time, but Japan's Homare Sawa scored one of the greatest goals in soccer history just three minutes from time.

Crossway on Twitter

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Extra DNA acts as a 'spare tire' for our genomes

Carrying around a spare tire is a good thing -- you never know when you'll get a flat. Turns out we're all carrying around 'spare tires' in our genomes, too. Today researchers report that an extra set of guanines (or 'G's) in our DNA may function just like a 'spare' to help prevent many cancers from developing.

Innovative Apologetics: Do You Believe? Biological and Cosmic Design: Proof for God

Do Our Bodies Matter to Our Spiritual Lives?

Unfortunately, Jason, our individual choices are never really that "individual." I don’t always eat into the forms of justice and goodness we are called to, but I also know that my choices have wider consequences. For instance, conventional produce is in all likelihood being grown using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides that are wrecking havoc on the environment and our bodies. The labor used to pick and pack that produce was likely migrant labor that is being exploited and paid unfairly. Where is the good news in that? Gospel truth is truth that brings us a picture of God’s kingdom of justice and love and it is in that kingdom that we can really put on the easy yoke. We should make the choices in our lives that help bring that kingdom about in the world. Of course, many aren’t afforded the opportunity to eat good food because of systemic evil. Whether it’s the price or the availability, its unfortunate that food grown in a way that honors people and the creation isn’t as widely available as food that damages people and the creation. We should mourn that reality and work to change the food system.

How to Talk About God Without Making It Weird

Hi, Michael -- I'm a fellow Denverite and fellow Christian, and you raise an important issue. For me, the crux is how we practice your axiom, "The sound of God is always present and it's our job to crank the volume." Part of our problem is that we appoint the wrong people to identify "the sound of God" and authorize them with "volume." I'm referring of course to pastors, the various Christian media industries, and our long history of vetting artistic merit from the pulpit, the page, and the microphone. All of which makes your question, "Who are our poets today?" an important one. I know of one cultural poet who's a cartoonist for The New Yorker magazine -- and a graduate of Bob Jones University, whose founder had ties to the Ku Klux Klan. Another cultural poet I know was head writer of "The Cosby Show" -- whose training came at Pat Robertson's graduate school. Let's face it, these credentials aren't just suspect; our most celebrated progressive leaders would raise a suspicious eye or even mock them. And yet their artistic voices make "the sound of God always present" in the world.

Evidencia Historica de la Resurrección de Jesus - Hechos Minimos

En este video presentamos al argumento de los "Hechos Mínimos" que avalan la Resurrección de Jesus usando material del Dr. Gary Habermas, quien fue mi profesor de cátedra en la universidad de Biola en Junio del 2013. El argumento de forma escrita y rigurosa se puede obtener en mi pagina de web:

4 Terrible Reasons to Not Talk About Race

I think this article presupposes that there are many avenues to talk about race and what's holding us back is our own internal resistance based on some fallacies that need to be cleared up. I can't speak for everyone but I can speak for many when I say the biggest barrier I've found is the lack of venues to have a sensitive nuanced conversation that allow for time, thoughtful consideration and plenty of grace. People come at the topic often highly charged, unable to either extend themselves or to restrain themselves to move forward. With all due respect to the author who means well, I think Twitter is the absolute worst place to engage in a conversation about race, if not one of the worst. You're limited in your characters, nuance is easily lost, context can get misinterpreted and everyone is mobile and in a hurry. That's not even to mention trolls who fan the flames of anger and would rather slam shut the door on a conversation on social media rather than hear out other points of view. You can absorb some people's thoughts and perhaps have a light conversation that doesn't go deep in Twitter but meaningful progress will only happen when there are safe places of civility to discuss the topic with the time and sensitivity that it deserves.

You Go, Smart Girls

Besides empowering girls and challenging them to pursue calling and lives of meaning, sites like Smart Girls and the rest offer a refreshing tone that I deeply appreciate. These feeds shower us with positive stories about everything from local softball championships to girls learning to ride bikes on the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan. There is no victory too big or too small to celebrate.

Ligonier Ministries

Hus never actually uttered the famous prophecy attributed to him on the occasion of his death. He did express, in a letter he wrote during his imprisonment, a hope that stronger “birds” than he would arise to carry on his work. It was in fact Luther, in writings from the 1530s, who transformed Hus’ words into an oracle that found its fulfillment in him. Regardless, Hus would, one suspects, have rejoiced to see Luther’s day and would have been happy to acknowledge Luther’s work and subsequent efforts to reform the church according to God’s Word as a proper continuation of his own labors.

Crossway on Twitter

"This book will help you to grow in appreciation of Christ’s work on your behalf."

The Epidemic of Bible Illiteracy in Our Churches

Most pastors agree groups are important to the life of their church, but there's a disconnect between the stated importance and the reality of what's happening in most churches. Our research found 92 percent of Protestant pastors believe their people are making significant progress in their spiritual development, but more than half (56 percent) admit they don't regularly assess their personal growth. In addition, less than half (42 percent) say their churches have a "well-defined" approach to group ministry. Without a clear plan for small groups, your congregation is missing out on God's tool for transformation and growth.

'The Jesus Experience' Book Review: A Brutally Honest Christian's Testimony Highlights the Shortcomings of Works-Based Faith

In his latest book The Jesus Experience , Christian author and filmmaker Bill Myers attempts to reignite faith in older believers and help new ones avoid the traps of works-based Christianity through a narrative on how his walk with God was transformed when he finally realized he didn't need to impress God with deeds and good behavior.

Saudi Sheikh Who Taught ISIS Fighters 'Jihad 101' Asks for Bible After Growing 'Sick of the Killing,' Missionary Claims

"The other account we heard was from Lebanon that there was a taxi driver who was a believer up at the border with Syria, and into his taxi gets this guy with a big beard. And the guy with the beard says, 'Take me to the airport, I'm flying home to Saudi. But on the way, I want to find a Bible. Can you find me a Bible?'" Julian added. "And the taxi driver knew a Christian worker in Beirut who was very happy to give the guy with the beard a Bible. And then, 'Sir, would you like to tell us why you're looking for a Bible?' His response was, 'I'm from Saudi, I'm a sheikh (which means a teacher of Islam). I've been in Syria teaching the ISIS fighters jihad 101, the theology and practice of jihad. I'm sick of the killing. There must be something better than this."

Patricia J. Raube on Twitter

@LarsenOnFilm @thinkchristian A great piece, about a great film! "Inside Out" made it into my sermon today... intro to a series on Psalms.

Slate on Twitter

Why the kids of helicopter parents are sputtering out in college:

Innovative Apologetics: A Bone to Pick with Paleoanthropologists and a Darwinian Hoax

Strengthen Your Spiritual Core: Part One

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Happy July 4 Weekend, Here’s a Crow Riding a Bald Eagle

Wildlife photographer Phoo Chan was able to somehow shoot these majestic images of a glorious bald eagle lending a ride to a crow for reasons that are unclear. Some mysteries are better left unknown. Consider this nature’s birthday gift to you, America.

Social Conservatives, Time To Drop The Grumpy Moralism: Joy Is More Powerful, And More Fun

My interview with Dr. Greg Forster (author of Joy for the World: How Christianity Lost Its Cultural Influence and Can Begin Rebuilding It ) took place before last week’s Same Sex Marriage ruling escalated the culture war to Stalingrad level. But the events of last week make the discussion even more pertinent. As center ground collapses, and good will evaporates between the factions on the alternate sides of the divide, it seems a fitting time to dive deeply into the nature of such religious and cultural divides. For the record, I’ve never really fallen comfortably into either camp on the SSM issue. But I am, in general, a social conservative, and I think this is as good a time as any for my tribe to do some hard thinking about joy, despair, reason, and cultural change.

Survey: 53% of Americans Think God Has a ‘Special Relationship’ with the U.S.A.

God Bless America is more than a song or a prayer for many Americans. It is a belief that God has blessed America beyond what is typical for nations throughout history. I am sure that would spawn many theological conversations, but it’s important to note most Americans think God has a special relationship with their country.

Becoming Like a Child

As a Dad there are many times that I see our children provide direct insight into the heart of humanity in a refreshing way. An example that most of us have seen is a child that does not want to be left alone. They may be sitting in their room playing with a toy and then all of a sudden start crying and yelling, “Dad! Dad! Where did you go?” Our daughter was in a store with my wife and, in plain sight of her mom, but mom was not in her plain sight. Suddenly she cried with desperation, “Moooom?! Moooooom!!” My wife answered, “Right here honey.” To which she grabbed her Mom by the leg, pressed her face against her and said, “I thought you had left me here. I thought I was alone.” My wife answered, “No, sweetie, Mommy would never do that. I was right here the whole time.”

Mormon Church Tells Followers It Will Not Marry Gay Couples Despite Supreme Court Decision; Says Homosexual Behavior 'Violates the Commandments of God'

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sent an official letter to its followers on Sunday announcing that it will continue supporting marriage as a union between one man and one woman, despite the Supreme Court's decision to legalize gay marriage in June. The church also noted that it will not be performing gay marriage ceremonies, and argued that homosexual behavior "violates the commandments of God."


“And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.” (Ephesians 3:18-19 NLT, second edition)

NBC Cancels 'A.D. The Bible Continues,' but Series May Re-Launch on OTT Channel

NBC has announced that "A.D. The Bible Continues," a program based on the book of Acts from the husband-and-wife producers of Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, has been canceled after its first season.

Discovery Channel Wants Fans of Non-Fictional Sharks to Watch Shark Week Again

2015's Shark Week, which is being overseen for the first time by new Discovery president Rich Ross, is reportedly going to be a return to show elements like “facts,” “science” and “sharks that actually exist.” Ross told reporters , "[We're done with] that kind of 'what if' scenario that previous shows sort of played around with from a storytelling perspective, [so] we're just looking forward now, and focusing on science and research." In an interview with Mashable , the network’s VP of “documentaries” and specials, Howard Swartz, said, “I think for those who've maybe wandered away, I say come back and put your toe back in the water." Get it? If you tune in this week, just pretend that whole Megalodon thing never happened.

Fazale Rana on Twitter

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ISIS' Child Soldiers Execute 25 Men on Site of Ancient Roman Amphitheater in New Video Showing Fearful Spectators

A billboard depicting Syria's President Bashar al-Assad is seen in the old city of Homs, Syria, June 3, 2015. Steady advances by insurgents on key fronts in Syria mean President Bashar al-Assad is under more military pressure than at any point in the four-year-old war. After his loss of Palmyra, a symbolic and militarily strategic city, and nearly all of Idlib province, he appears to be circling his wagons more closely to a western region that includes Damascus, Homs, Hama and the coast. The arabic on the billboard reads "Together, we will build it."

Interview: Josh McDowell on Apologetics Today

This goal of this blog is for me to soak up wisdom from my father and share it with you. I have been blessed to have an incredibly influential father, Josh McDowell. He has written over 150 books and spoken to more young people live than anyone in history. But what I appreciate most about my father is his love for my mom, for his kids, and now for his many grandkids. Enjoy!

C.S. Lewis Institute on Twitter

Great article by @RandyDNewman on evangelism our summer issue of Knowing & Doing. Read here:

WORLD | Drones are the latest in must-have farming tools | Evan Wilt | July 6, 2015

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is working to put together concrete rules for the budding drone industry. FAA rules now prohibit drones from presenting an unreasonable safety risk. Each aircraft must stay under 400 feet, and the operator must keep it in sight and cannot fly near crowds of people. In some cases, the FAA also requires drone operators to obtain an “airworthiness certificate.” To get the certificate, pilots must complete a background check, demonstrate they know how to fly and operate the drone, and provide a description of where they intend to operate it. 

Communicating Truth through Humor, Ridicule, and Emotions - Christian Research Institute

Implementation of these rhetorical techniques can vary in degree of directness. Sometimes it is best to be rather indirect, letting the truth speak for itself and allowing your audience to discover for themselves the implications of the truth for their own lives. One specific strategy that employs both indirectness and directness is what we might call the mirror strategy. The prophet Nathan’s admonition of David is a famous example. Nathan began by telling David a poignant parable about a rich man who stole the prized lamb from his poor neighbor. “Then David’s anger was greatly kindled against the man, and he said to Nathan, ‘As the Lord lives, the man who has done this deserves to die’” (2 Sam. 12:5, ESV). Having helped David to recognize the injustice of such an offense by evoking his anger, Nathan then held up the proverbial mirror to David, proclaiming, “‘You are the man!’” (v. 7). Only then did David realize the severity of, and repent from, his sin against Uriah the Hittite and Bathsheba. The basic pattern of the mirror strategy is this: tell a story that helps your interlocutor to see the absurdity, blameworthiness, incongruity, or other sad truth about living with a particular belief or worldview, or about living in a particular sort of sin, and then skillfully turn your interlocutor’s gaze on herself, helping her to see that she is the appropriate object of her own emotional evaluation.

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