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What Distinguishes Monotheisms From Other Religions?

For more resources visit: In 2011 Dr William Lane Craig spoke at the Forum of Christian Leaders (FOCL) in Hungary. While they ...

Is the Supernatural Real? Eddie Tabash vs J.P. Moreland

Faith Under Fire mini debate between Eddie Tabash and J.P. Moreland over whether or not the supernatural is real.

Matthew Weathers: Finding God and Each Other in Our Technological Culture - AS REDtalk

REDtalk is a series of 18-minute lectures delivered by four different speakers in a response to the AS religious lecture's theme question and is modeled afte...

Three Quran Verses Every Christian Should Know Christians can no longer afford to ignore Muhammad's teachings. In this short video, I present three Qur'an verses that every...

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The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Expositors Summit

Preaching is not an advisory role based in religious expertise but a prophetic function whereby God speaks to his people. For this reason the Expositors Summit is designed to strengthen and instruct preachers and students for the glorious task of expository ministry. You’re invited to join R. Albert Mohler Jr., John MacArthur and H.B. Charles Jr. for the explication of God’s Word and gospel fellowship.

Grace to You

God has not ordained false prophets, but within His will He allows them to exist. And it is within His purpose that false factions develop. “For there must also be factions among you, so that those who are approved may become evident among you” (1 Cor. 11:19). Factions often attract followers of false teachers. And in a sense, this protects genuine saints by separating the chaff from the wheat in the church.

Radio & Podcast - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

Listen to CrossExamined with Frank Turek on American Family Radio network Saturday, 10-11 am Eastern on AFR network streaming audio and FM radio Tune in to our weekly call-in radio program hosted by Frank Turek on American Family Radio network. Join Frank as he discusses challenging topics, takes calls from listeners, and interviews dynamic Christian apologists. Sponsored by, this apologetics program is both informative and entertaining!  It is also available in podcast at the iTunes link below.

By 2045 'The Top Species Will No Longer Be Humans,' And That Could Be A Problem

"Today there's no legislation regarding how much intelligence a machine can have, how interconnected it can be. If that continues, look at the exponential trend. We will reach the singularity in the timeframe most experts predict. From that point on you're going to see that the top species will no longer be humans, but machines."

Jesus the Evangelist — Free eBook

Rev. Richard D. Phillips explores the early chapters of the Gospel of John to discover principles you can use for Christian outreach that were modeled by witnesses for Jesus and by Jesus Himself. Phillips examines the ministry of John the Baptist and the calling of the first of Jesus’ disciples. This book also includes an appendix that looks at the relationship between God’s sovereignty and evangelism.

Implementing the Change Matrix in the church

At my church, we developed this mission statement: “Our mission is to worship God, to globally lead people to faith in Christ, and to grow together to be like Him.” Each Sunday, we remind the church of our mission, and welcome and invite newcomers to join our fellowship based on this statement. The words “worship,” “lead,” and “grow,” serve as the foundation for every ministry, function and program of the church. Coupled with this mission statement is a simple purpose statement that communicates the attitude under which our church operates.

Is Feminine Modesty About Sex?

Until God has become your treasure, until your own sin has become the thing you hate most, until the word of God is your supreme authority that you feel to be more precious than gold, sweeter than honey, until the gospel of Christ’s death in your place is the most precious news in the world to you, until you have learned to deny yourself short term pleasures for the sake of long term joy and holiness, until you have grown to love the Holy Spirit and long for his fruit more than man’s praise, until you count everything as loss compared to the supreme value of knowing Christ — your attitude towards your clothing and your appearance will be controlled by forces that don’t honor Christ. (APJ #342)

Ravi Zacharias – Notions of Truth and Tensions in Society

Dr. Ravi Zacharias has challenged many audiences at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Oxford Universities. He has also addressed writers of the peace accord in South Africa, the President’s cabinet and parliament in Peru, military officers at the Lenin Military Academy and the Center for Geopolitical Strategy in Moscow. Dr. Zacharias has spoken at the U.N. as well as the National Prayer Breakfasts In Washington and Ottawa. He has also given addresses at the White House and Pentagon.

Is America a city shining on a hill? — Highlands Ministries

There are a host of shameful episodes in the history of these United States — people were bought and sold like cattle. Others were locked into government camps simply because of their racial background. Eugenics was embraced and practiced. And today perverts parade in the streets. All of these, as dark as they are, however, pale in comparison to our great national ignominy — the wholesale slaughter of the unborn. For forty-one years now we have been a nation whose highest government protects over a million murders each year, and worse, whose citizens will commit over a three thousand murders of the unborn just today. Whether we consider our government, or our people, we are wicked. How then can we wave our flag, sing odes to our national patrimony, pledge our allegiance?

Answering Doubts Conference

This event is designed for Christians and non-Christians alike to help answer questions and doubts about Christianity.

Leadership Journal

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Join us at the ERLC as we seek to explore what the gospel means for the future of marriage and sexual identity. Listen to great speakers, ask pressing questions at panel discussions, get practical equipping on these issues, and discover how your church can be a beacon of hope, clarity, and restoration. Space is limited for this conference, so make plans to join us at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville October 27-29, 2014.

News | Reasonable Faith

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Ask RC: Should American pastors ever preach warning us of our burgeoning police state and the erosion of our liberties?

The more difficult question is one of priorities. The question is not if we should preach against the grasping state, but how often ought we to do so? And that, I would argue, is answered not by knowing the Bible, but by knowing ones congregation.  Too often we tickle the ears of the flock not by speaking well of them, but by thundering against the sins of their enemies. A steady diet of “We are the oppressed minority who are being overrun by the state that hates us” may increase our blood pressure, but isn’t likely to increase our holiness.

10 things to expect from Apple's iPhone 6

The most prevalent rumor about the new iPhone 6 is that Apple will, in fact, release two versions of the smartphone. Two different-size models are to be launched at the same time: a standard 4.7-inch model and an oversize 5.5-inch. The larger version is expected to be $100 more expensive but offer a better camera and a higher storage capacity.

17 Dying for Belief: An analysis of a confused objection to one of the evidences for the resurrection

There is an objection to one of the evidences for the resurrection which is, frankly, terribly confused. I most recently ran into it on the discussion page for the radio show Unbelievable? Essentially, the objection goes like this: Christians say the fact that the disciples died for what they believe is evidence for its truth, but all kinds of religious people die for what they believe; are they all true?

Renewing Your Mind | The Case for God | July 5, 2014

Now, if the ultimate reality behind the universe is a personal God, this has far-reaching implications for the human search for truth, since it opens up new possibilities for knowing ultimate reality other than through the (scientific) study of things. For people communicate in a way that things do not. People can reveal themselves in speech and thereby communicate information about themselves that the most sophisticated scanner applied to their brains could not reveal. Being people ourselves, we can get to know other people. Therefore, the next logical question to ask is: If the Creator is personal, has He spoken directly, as distinct from what we can learn of Him indirectly through the structures of the universe? Has He revealed Himself? For if there is a God, and He has spoken, then what He has said will be of utmost importance in our search for truth. Here we once again encounter the biblical claim that God has spoken in the most profound and direct way possible. He, the Word who is a person, has become human, to demonstrate fully that the ultimate truth behind the universe is personal.

Louis Zamperini: A life transformed by … Billy Graham?

There must be an amazing story there, one that goes way, way, way deeper than merely walking the aisle at a Graham crusade. And by the way, he simply heard a sermon by Graham and that alone changed his life? This is all about Billy? Did that, perhaps, have something to do with gaining or regaining Christian faith? Did he join a church? How did his faith shape the rest of this life?

The Media Condemns Israel Again

But when Israel announced that they had identified Hamas operatives as the perpetrators of the crime (at that point, Israel had not confirmed that the boys were killed, only that they were kidnapped), some media outlets were surprisingly tentative in their reporting, as if to say, "Do we know for sure that Hamas is behind this, or is this just what Israel is saying?"

God's Not Dead: The Atheist Who Maintains "I Believe only What I See" is Wrong

No accurate fact that an atheist can assert will contradict Christianity. The God of the Bible has all the answers, and without God no one would have an answer to any question. Jesus announced that He was “the truth.” He is the truth, and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth. We know that we are not just a random accident produced from a primordial and impersonal cosmic detonation. An explosion does not have order. The universe does have order, thus we are no accident. We call living things organisms. An organism presupposes organization and structure. We cannot be the product of self-organizing stardust.

What Apologists Can’t Do and What We Won’t Do: Eight Quick Thoughts

6) While we believe that many Churches have abandoned reason in their search for user-friendly services and Church growth, and while we believe that this jeopardises the Churches mission in a secular culture, we must remember the work that evangelicals do well.  Young people do not only need answers for sceptics: they need advice on exams, relationships and careers; people need practical help, pastoral support in times of grief and trouble, and above all sound, biblical teaching. We cannot and will do anything which leads the Church to neglect any of these vital works.

Adoption road map: navigating the often winding road of adoption – Part 1

New Testament scholar D.A. Carson often refers to the “peculiar providence of God.” We experienced this firsthand as we were preparing the court documents, staying out of the public eye and praying like crazy. But when everything was fastidiously prepared, we contacted the birth mother to inform her of our plans. But before we could speak, she had reconsidered, a reversal of her reversal, and now decided that the Dumas family could provide her baby with the better home. This cocaine-born little baby would, after all, become Elijah Seth Dumas. Amidst our relief and elation, there would be yet another 72-hour cooling off period.

Faithful Thinkers: 7 Quotes From Ken Samples on Christianity's Explanatory Power

"The truth that there is an infinite, eternal, and personal mind behind the realities of the universe that can be detected through human reflection is the most transformative Christian apologetics idea in history. Christianity's explosive explanatory power and scope extends to such human enterprises as philosophy, psychology, science, religion, the arts, history, law, education, labor, economics, and medicine."

25 Shamed Prophets Become Fearless - Stand to Reason Blog

Prophets must be immune to floggings on Facebook and Twitter. They must be fearless before friends and tenure committees and stadiums filled with the priests of Baal. The cool-shaming can have no sting. The world is busy applying pressure on "social issues," and Christians are busy caving left and right, trying to accept fresh cultural dogma simply so that they might be accepted….

All the songs in the Bible [infographic]

The Bible isn’t a songbook, but did you know there are at least 185 songs in the Bible? Battles, coronations, funerals, cities being sacked, and seas splitting up—you can find songs in the Bible for all kinds of occasions.

Love another Christian just because of the fellowship of the gospel

The point becomes explicit in the second cause of his thanksgiving: “In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now . . .” (1: 4– 5). Their “partnership in the gospel” injects joy into Paul’s prayers of thanksgiving: “I always pray with joy,” he writes. The word rendered “partnership” is more commonly translated “fellowship” in the New Testament. What precisely does the word mean? In common use “fellowship” has become somewhat debased. If you invite a pagan neighbor to your home for a cup of tea, it is friendship; if you invite a Christian neighbor, it is fellowship. If you attend a meeting at church and leave as soon as it is over, you have participated in a service; if you stay for coffee afterward, you have enjoyed some fellowship. In modern use, then, fellowship has come to mean something like warm friendship with believers.

WORLD | How to challenge overpopulation propaganda | Marvin Olasky | July 5, 2014

WORLD readers ask me many hard questions, but once in a while an easy one comes across the plate like a hanging curve ball. A graduate student from Illinois sent me an article that claims the world has too many people. The student called the article “obviously flawed and horrendous. It’s embarrassing that we as a civilization would even consider forced starvation of the developing world in order to reduce their population to ‘sustainable’ levels. … How would you answer people who make these claims?”

WORLD | Lessons from three men in a tub of debt | Bill Newton | July 5, 2014

I know of three Christian businessmen who began their careers using heavy leverage—meaning they borrowed a lot of money. Each learned the biblical warnings and dangers of debt. Each responded. Then their stories diverge.

Is God Real? The Divine Design Inference

In a similar way, only intelligent causation can account for the irreducibly complex nature of the bacterial flagellum, and alternative explanations relying on some evolutionary combination of chance, natural law or natural selection cannot. To be fair, many naturalists have proposed a pathway to the flagellum without the intervention of an intelligent designer. While my next book will examine all of the alternatives, this limited post will focus on the most popular naturalistic explanation. In an effort to nullify the powerful design inference from the irreducible complexity of the flagellum, some have offered a way to arrive at the final design without building it piece by piece. Philosopher Robert T. Pennock, rejects the need to assemble the flagellum additively over time and suggests there is a better way to arrive at the finished micro-machine: “…it’s a common theme of evolutionary biology that constituents of a cell, a tissue, or an organism, are put to new uses because of some modification of the genotype. So maybe the immediate precursor of the proud possessor of the flagellum is a bacterium in which all the protein constituents were already present, but in which some other feature of the cell chemistry interferes with the reaction that builds the flagellum.

To Love and Obey

You can’t tell me that you love your wife while you continually ignore her. That’s not how it works. The apostle John has some strong words who think this way: “Whoever says ‘I know him’ but does not keep his commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in him” (1 John 2:4). 

WORLD | Why God is not a schoolyard bully | Donald J. Johnson | July 5, 2014

For instance, I recently read a skit in a children’s curriculum book about the work of Christ on the cross. The instructions went something like this: First, choose a kid from the audience that you are sure does not know that much about Christian theology. Have him come to the front of the group and explain that he has been selected to take part in a test. He will be asked a question and if he answers correctly he will receive a bowl of candy (or some other prize of your choosing). However, if he gets the question wrong, he will get a pie in the face. You then ask the child to define substitutionary atonement. When he is unable to answer, start preparing the whipped cream in a plate for the big event. However, just before you hit him with it, a person from the audience (someone you have prearranged) should jump up and run forward, offering to take the child’s punishment on herself. You then smash the pie into the substitute’s face, explaining that, in the same way, Jesus was our substitute. He took our penalty on the cross.


Join Dr. Sproul on a unique study tour as he explores the major themes, events, and people that are brought to life in the Bible. Dust to Glory provides a panorama of biblical truth and a starting point to help you understand the content of the Bible. Dust to Glory can energize your study of the Bible, provide you with new insights, and improve your ability to read, understand, and apply Scripture to your life.

When Marine Reptiles Ruled the Sea: Huge Ichthyosaur Fossil Find and the Age of Reptiles

Creationists are forced to propose that, during a catastrophic global flood that deposited hundreds of feet of sediment in rapid succession, organisms that look like they form a complete ecosystem were somehow all preserved together.   But why should this be the case? Why should a specific kind of extinct ammonite be found in the same sediments as ichthyosaurs on multiple continents?  How would a global flood consistently sort small shells, fish, and ichthyosaurs out together and somehow avoid mixing in any dinosaurs or and mammals, especially seals and cetaceans?  Notice the ichthysaur image above and how similar it looks to dolphins.  If fossils of ichthyosaurs and dolphins can be found on every continent why would they never be found together or at least in the same layers of rocks?   The idea of a global flood is of massive chaos and destruction brought on t he world, not order.   Flood geology models fall well short of providing any plausible hypotheses for these fossils.

Signers of the Declaration of Independence: McKean, Read, Bassett, Rush, Adams

Article XXII. Every person who shall be chosen a member of either house, or appointed to any office or place of trust … shall … make and subscribe the following declaration, to wit: “I, _____, do profess faith in God the Father, and in Jesus Christ His only Son, and in the Holy Ghost, one God, blessed for evermore; and I do acknowledge the holy scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be given by divine inspiration.”

WORLD | Bucket List Books: Uncle Tom’s Cabin | Rachel Lynn Aldrich | July 5, 2014

There are some books we read because they were important for their times. Others we read because they are important for our time. And there are still others we read because they are enjoyable. Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin , in my opinion, is all three.

Jerry Walls lectures on objections to Reformed theology (Calvinism)

This lecture is very strong stuff, and I think that he could have been nicer when presenting it, but he hit on every single objection that I have to Calvinism, and he worked through my reasoning too! So I really liked that he validated all of my concerns about Calvinism. I’m not as bothered about the problems with Calvinism as he is, though. I don’t think it’s a big divisive issue. I almost always read Calvinist theologians when I am reading theology. I just conjoin Calvinism with middle knowledge and resistible grace, and it’s fine. Calvinists are some of the best theologians, they are just wrong on the things he discusses in his lecture.

When the Transgender Comes Home

Jessah is 19 years old, 12 years younger than I am. I was in the hospital when she was born. I spent my middle-school years changing her diapers. She beamed with pride and excitement when my then-fiancée Becca asked her to be a bridesmaid at our wedding, and during the ceremony she looked just as beautiful and twice as proud as the older girls. Becca offered advice when she was learning to put on makeup, when puberty arrived, when she first started noticing and crushing on boys.

WORLD | ‘Something has to be done’ | Arsenio Orteza | July 12, 2014

Log on to Haggins’ , and you’ll see and hear him delivering an unscripted jeremiad against the state of the airwaves. “[T]he songs that I’m hearing are disrespectful,” he says. “They’re degrading. They’re—they’re just tearing our children down. It’s over-sexed—it’s just super lawless. And as a concerned parent, as a concerned creator, as a—as a concerned person just listening to the music, I feel like it—something has to be done to stop radio from what they’re doing right now.”

40 Question of the Week: Wagering much?

I like Pascal’s Wager. I have not used it in many years, but when I did my challenge to the person was to ask God for faith. It was an easy argument, because of Romans 12:3… “For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.” Granted, this was a statement made to Messianic Jews whose faith was being “reported all over the world” (Rom. 1:8), but if all who are saved have had their measure of faith given to them by God, then everyone who ever will be saved will at some point be given a measure of faith by God as well. So my form of the challenge to the unsaved is to pray for that measure of faith.

41 Shamed Prophets Become Fearless - Stand to Reason Blog

Prophets must be immune to floggings on Facebook and Twitter. They must be fearless before friends and tenure committees and stadiums filled with the priests of Baal. The cool-shaming can have no sting. The world is busy applying pressure on "social issues," and Christians are busy caving left and right, trying to accept fresh cultural dogma simply so that they might be accepted….

Truthbomb Apologetics: Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering

Atheist writer Susan Jacoby wrote that “when I see homeless people shivering in the wake of a deadly storm, when the news media bring me almost obscenely close to the raw grief of bereft parents, I do not have to ask, as all people of faith must, why an all-powerful, all-good God allows such things to happen.”  But if you don’t believe in God, there is no reason to struggle with the question of why life is unjust.  It just is unjust – deal with it.  So atheism frees you from the theodicy problem (see Chapter One).  But theodicy is not the result of a strong faith, but a weak faith.  The larger we get in our own eyes, the less dependent we become on God’s grace and revelation, the more sure we become of understanding the universe and how history should progress, the less tolerable suffering becomes.  Theism and deism without assurance of salvation or resurrection become more disillusioning than atheism.  “When suffering, believing in God thinly or in the abstract is worse than not believing in God at all.”