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Stephen Colbert Says Fidget Spinners Are a Great Way to Teach the Trinity

After all, St. Patrick used a shamrock to explain it.

Is Your Job a Living Sacrifice?

If you feel like it’s hard for your life to be worship at work or at school or at home, the problem probably isn’t work, home, or school.

What God Has Joined Together, Let Not Man Separate: Part 1

Jesus calls us to keep our marriage covenant in a way that tells the truth about him.

How do I forgive someone who refuses to say sorry? — Southern Equip

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Your Suffering Is Not an Accident

The suffering we experience in this life is no accident. The pains we experience in this life always serve God’s greater purposes.

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Why Are You a Christian Believer? | Cold Case Christianity

These Christian brothers and sisters have intuitions and experiences that incline them to believe Christianity is true long before they’ve actually investigated the case. They’re correct, but when challenged to tell others why they believe Christianity is true, they sound like every other non-Christian theistic believer. Their defenses seldom stand up to aggressive challenges and are often less than persuasive. Why should atheists accept the testimonial experiences of Christians when Christians themselves don’t accept the testimonial experiences of other believing groups—or of atheists? Now, more than ever, it’s time to develop a Forensic Faith. It’s time to know what you believe and why you believe it.

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The Absurdity of Moral Relativism: A Student's Perpsective

My all-time favorite was a short poem written by a high school senior. She captures the moral absurdity that would follow if morality were truly relative to the individual:

Instagram post by J Warner Wallace • Jul 4, 2017 at 8:38pm UTC

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Yet Another Reason to Believe Our Finite Universe Points to the Existence of God

According to these theories, the expansion of the universe would eventually slow under the gravitational attraction of its own mass, resulting in matter flying past itself in close proximity as the universe contracted to a region of incredible concentration. The universe would then appear to “bounce back” from this gravitational cycle, beginning yet another period of expansion. This would therefore explain the expansion we observe in our universe without having to acknowledge this expansion as evidence of a universe with a single origination event (known as a cosmic singularity). Instead of a universe that is expanding from its single point of origin, oscillating models describe a universe that is cycling between expansion and contraction (we simply happen to exist in an expansion period for the universe).

What Fewer Christians in America Means for Christian Parents

Study after study shows the trend of fewer people identifying as Christians, and more people identifying as atheist, agnostic, or “nothing in particular.” Frankly, I don’t think most of us even need the studies to find that out. It’s blatantly obvious in the media, in the government, in schools, and online.

Books - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

Correct, Not Politically Correct: How Same Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone Why not legalize same-sex marriage? Who could it possibly hurt? Using sound reasoning and evidence—not religion—award-winning author Frank Turek shows that everyone will be hurt including children, the nation, and even homosexuals themselves. Turek provides concise answers to objections about equal rights, discrimination, and being born a certain way, and he exposes the real reason gay activists are trying to impose same-sex marriage on the country without a single vote from the people. Turek’s message is direct but respectful. It is correct, not politically correct. And it is a message that we must not ignore. For details, see .

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You Don’t Need to Sit at Jesus’s Feet

If we envy the disciples, it’s not because we just haven’t learned to be content with our time in Christian history. If we’d rather be sitting at Jesus’s feet listening to him teach us the Bible, our problem isn’t timing — our problem is that we’re ignoring what Jesus himself said. Between learning from Jesus on a mountainside, and hunching over your Bible with fellow Christians in a cramped apartment, Jesus tells us quite clearly which situation is better.

Trump Administration to Teachers: You Must Use a Transgender Student’s “Preferred Pronouns”

What this means is that students and teachers who refuse to use “preferred pronouns” can be investigated for violating a transgender students civil rights. For example, if a transgender girl (i.e., a boy who identifies as female) wants to be referred to as “she” the student would be in violating of a federal law for referring to him as “he.” Similarly, a student who was non-gender conforming may prefer to use pronouns such as “ ze ” or “they” and it would be considered a violation to refer to them as “he” (if they are biological male) or “she” (if they are a biological female).  (There are also other transgender pronouns such as zie, sie, ey, ve, tey, and e .)

The United States of Ambivalence

“Ambivalence” is not such a bad posture for Christians to adopt toward America, however. We have always had reasons to celebrate and reasons to lament America’s history. Even in 1776, Christians shared in the founding of America, but they did not dominate in the new nation’s leadership. Many of our founding principles accorded with Christian ones, but horrid violence toward Native Americans and the sinful institution of chattel slavery contradicted the Founders’ talk of universal liberty and God-given rights.

It is crucial that Christians be able to engage with unbelief at the worldview level

It is crucial that Christians be able to engage with unbelief at the worldview level. Christians need to understand not only what it means to have a biblical worldview, but also why they should hold fast to that worldview and apply it to all of life. They should be able to identify the major non-Christian worldviews that vie for dominance in our society, to understand where they fundamentally differ from the Christian worldview, and to make a well-reasoned case that the Christian worldview alone is true, good, and beautiful.

The Moral Argument for the Existence of God (Podcast) | Cold Case Christianity

In this podcast re-post, J. Warner examines the axiological argument for the existence of God. Do objective moral truths exist, and if so, how can these truths be grounded? Does God’s existence best account for objective moral truth claims?

Beth Moore Warns of Allegiance to Political Party Instead of Jesus After Trump Mean Tweets

In the wake of controversial and insulting tweets posted by President Donald Trump last week as he feuded with liberal media outlets, popular evangelist Beth Moore took to her Twitter to warn Christians not to take sides when they should be pledging their allegiance to Christ over a political party. 

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The Inexplicable Fine-Tuning of the Foundational Forces in Our Universe

Forces Governing the Creation of Chemicals Are Favorable to Life: The earliest elements in the universe, hydrogen and helium, are insufficient for the existence of carbon-based life forms unless joined by carbon, oxygen and the other necessary elements. These secondary elements were formed in stars, but the process by which these stars converted hydrogen and helium to carbon was an incredibly fine-tuned process. Even small alterations in the laws of physics would have prevented the formation of elements critical to the existence of life. Susskind puts it this way: “In the beginning there were only hydrogen and helium: certainly not sufficient for the foundation of life. Carbon, oxygen, and all the others came later. They were formed in the nuclear reactors in the interiors of stars. But the ability of stars to transmute hydrogen and helium into the all-important carbon nuclei was a very delicate affair. Small changes in the laws of electricity and nuclear physics could have prevented the formation of carbon.”

You Cannot Handle Your Pain

Moses remembers the faithful love of the Lord, knowing he can find supernatural joy — a satisfaction that surpasses all understanding — in the midst of his suffering. “Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days. Make us glad for as many days as you have afflicted us, and for as many years as we have seen evil” (Psalm 90:14–15). We plead with God to satisfy us with himself, the one who gave his only Son for our sins so that by faith in him we might have eternal life.

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Lay Down Your Burdens at the Table

On that day, the bride will see her Bridegroom, and we will know why John wrote, “Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb” (Revelation 19:9). We will dine in the city of our God, and we will be satisfied, filled, and nourished forever. Just as every joy in this life is a hint at the fullness of joy in the next, the Lord’s Supper is a mere foretaste, a regularly scheduled reminder that there’s a better meal coming.

Well Pleased with Weakness

In 2 Corinthians 12:7–9, the apostle Paul chronicles his struggle with a thorn in the flesh that was given to him by the Lord. He asked God to take his thorn away, but to this point God had not done so. Paul’s response is surprising. He says that he boasts in his weakness because God’s grace is sufficient for his weakness and God’s power is made perfect in his weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9).

What is the Point of Apologetics?

What is the point of apologetics, especially philosophical apologetics? I think for too long, many Christians, when first exposed to apologetics, have too lofty of goals. First, they think that the goal ought to be to convert everyone, even the most hardened skeptic. The fact of the matter is, if someone doesn’t want to believe, then no matter what you do, they can always resist. Second, they think the “defensive goal” of apologetics ought to be to answer every objection beyond any shadow of a doubt. Since doubt is at least in part psychological (in large part, really), this too is much too unrealistic.

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Like the acclaimed Apologetics Study Bible that has sold 115,000+ copies, the Apologetics Study Bible for Students will anchor younger Christians in the truths of Scripture by equipping them with thoughtful and practical responses for whenever the core issues of their faith and life are challenged. Multiple research studies have shown that spiritual focus often weakens among teenagers as they head into the attention-dividing realm of young adulthood. Up to 66% of them leave church altogether. The Apologetics Study Bible for Students works against that trend by helping this audience begin to better articulate its beliefs. In addition to the complete HCSB text and dozens of articles collected from today’s most popular youth leaders, including general editor Sean McDowell.

The Point: Christian Patriotism

Years ago on BreakPoint, Chuck Colson pointed out how Americans used to openly embrace the Christian traditions and values that shaped our Republic. In that culture, it was easy for a Christian to be a patriot. Perhaps too easy. Vibrant, biblical faith could degenerate into a civil religion, where the country’s well-being and the expansion of God’s Kingdom were synonymous.

27 A Sovereign Birth by Steven Lawson | July 4, 2017

Contemporary culture prizes independence and autonomy. The spirit of the day is one of self-determination and personal fulfillment, in which all people-at least in theory-are free to go where they please, do what they want, be who they want to be, and make their own decisions. Against this backdrop, the words of Jesus in John 3 are shocking. One of the most striking features of the imagery of new birth is the utter helplessness of the person being born. By describing the event of coming to faith as new birth, Jesus makes it clear that the initiative comes entirely from God and that fallen human beings are unable to gain spiritual life on their own.

Philippians 1:3–5: Thank God for Gospel Friendships

A ground gives support or a reason for another statement. One way to think of it is that it is the ground upon which another statement is built. In this case, John Piper explains that verse 5 gives the reason (i.e. the ground) for Paul’s thankfulness to God for the Philippians.

Increasing Lunar Coincidences Lead to Philosophical Disquiet

Our Moon is like no other. The ratio of its mass compared to the mass of its host planet is about fifty times greater than the next closest known ratio of moon to host planet mass. Plus, our Moon orbits Earth more closely than any other known large moon orbits its host planet.

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Forensic Faith by J. Warner Wallace

It's important to know what we Christians believe and why. Wallace wants us to understand our faith and know how to defend it. He wants us to know how to make a persuasive case for Christianity.


This is especially encouraging when you are trying to make changes in your life or get healthy or overcome a tough circumstance. Knowing that God is for you, not against you, will change the way you respond to the times you slip up. It should give you the confidence to keep moving forward in faith, because God is on your side. He wants you to have victory through him over your hang-ups and mess-ups!

With the Charlie Gard Case, Culture of Death Tightens Its Grip in England | Evolution News

There is a  controversy  going on in England over a child with a fatal disease. The child, Charlie Gard, was born with a mitochondrial disorder that causes brain damage and eventually death. He is currently on a respirator and his parents want to bring him to the U.S. for experimental treatment. The British health service (the NHS) has insisted that Charlie’s respirator be removed and that he be allowed to die, and they have denied his parents permission to take Charlie out of the country for treatment. British courts have sided with the NHS, and it appears that Charlie will soon be removed from the ventilator to die, against his family’s wishes.

35 The TC Apologetics Daily

Are You Skeptical of Your Faith?

Almost ten years ago I experienced a life-threatening illness when a bacterial infection invaded my lungs and brain. Early on, my doctors thought I might have stage IV brain cancer. Since most patients in that condition die quickly, the diagnosis led me to do some soul searching. Though multiple abscessed brain lesions made thinking difficult, I lay in my hospital bed late at night, alone, and asked myself whether I really believed that Christianity was indeed true.

Stop Overspiritualizing ‘Calling’

Too often we overspiritualize “calling” and make it about self-expression instead of faithfulness to God and service to others. We search for the perfect job—just what we’re “called” to do—and use “calling” as a trump card to replace perseverance, risk, and qualification.

Do You Need Help Reading Your Bible?

When you’re 71, in your eighth decade (that always sounds older) — it’s amazing when I think about it — you don’t think about your future productivity the same way you did when you were 35. You’re more keenly aware that you probably won’t get to do all you would like to do. The time that remains is unknown. As I’ve pondered my life now, and what I have done so far, and what I would like to do, nothing has seemed more important to me than to focus on the authority and the meaning and the heralding of the word of God, the Bible.

Cold-Case Christianity Teaching Outlines | Cold Case Christianity

We get requests every day from people just like you who are trying to teach the material from Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels . If you’re a pastor, small group leader, or teacher, we’ve assembled everything you’ll need to effectively communicate the case for the reliability of the New Testament Gospels. If you’ve ever had to make a presentation of this kind, you know the important questions:

The Ethics of Abortion: A Pro-Life Perspective

In the subject three part series, Seth Clement of  Thinking Matters  presents the pro-life case concisely and effectively. Below are links to each part of the series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Stand firm in Christ, and stand firm for the preborn. Chase

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Who Wrote the Gospel of Luke and Acts?

We have been engaged in a series of articles discussing the authorship of the books of the New Testament. In this article, we consider the Third Gospel, the Gospel of Luke. Who wrote the Gospel? What clues do we have from the internal and external evidence, the date, and the location and audience?

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Can I Remarry If My Spouse Dies? Should I?

“Pastor John, my name is Preety from Indonesia. In July of last year, I lost my loving husband. He went for a surgery that was not supposed to be life-threatening, but he never woke up from the anesthesia. I was, and remain, in shock. We have been married for eight years, blessed with two beautiful daughters. My husband has been actively serving our Lord Jesus since the age of 18, while most of his friends are Hindu. His life was all about the gospel. We started a church and a few gatherings. He loved people dearly. Compassionate and generous. My question: Are there verses in the Bible that encourage widows to remarry? That sounds disturbing to me right now. My question is what’s left for me to hold on to in my relationship between my husband and me? I long to be always to be called his wife, but is that wrong? Each day I wait to be reunited with my husband again. Thank you, Pastor John.”

Chaplain says emergency responders deserve pay-rise - Premier

"I think if you're looking to employ the best, you have to pay to get the services to have the best and I think fire-fighters, police-officers, paramedics, care workers, nurses - if they're going to do the service that we as a society are looking for them to do to the best of their ability we have to a - reward it, b - secure it and c - give them a life away from the service which gives them the comfort, security and knowledge that they're not having to worry about things which would drag them down."

Do All Religions Just Teach Love?

As a pastor, I’m often asked by friends outside the church whether there’s any difference between the major world religions. After all—the thinking goes—aren’t they all communicating the importance of love? Don’t they share a common basis in morality?

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Some students, staff, and children of the 2017 Fixed Point Institute for Applied Apologetics on tour in Europe.

Let's Watch How We Respond to Fake News, Too | The Stream

Fake news is not the only problem today. It’s our response to fake news, too. Too often we take the bait and run with it, responding like lemmings to the latest inflammatory article, failing to read carefully and evaluate thoughtfully. Sometimes before we read, we’ve already drawn a conclusion based on an incendiary headline, even though the headline itself is misleading.

49 What Do Addicts Need from You?

Yes, it does. But that’s the point of love. Love was crucified by sin. Love crucified is ultimately the antidote to sin. Love starts with the presumption that sin abounds. No addict will ever find true freedom without love. You can get sober without love, but sobriety isn’t freedom. The love of Christ offered in his atoning sacrifice for their sin, his redeeming grace for their bondage, his life for their death — that is what your addicted loved one needs most from you.

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