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Sadie doesn't want her brother to grow up

Typical struggles of a 5 year-old

Women in Islam

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John Piper - What makes you happy?

"How Much Does God Love This Church?" Psalm 79 April 18, 2010 Full video @:

Dr. Gregory Thornbury at Oxbridge 2014

Dr. Thornbury speaks at the C.S. Lewis Summer institute. Introduction by Eric Metaxas.

551. Why Has The Church Gone Mute?

Bobby takes another excerpt from his book "The Fifth Gospel" and explains why the Church has become mute when it comes to evangelism.

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1 When Apologetics Was Evangelism - Christian Research Institute

2. Resemblance to a modern personal testimony in Paul’s speech before Agrippa (Acts 26) is incidental. Paul is offering a defense against charges that he violated Jewish laws and was a “mover of sedition among all the Jews” (Acts 24:5–6). He first recounts his former life to show that he was previously a zealous believer in Judaism. He then trumps the charges by arguing that his Christian faith is consistent with Jewish beliefs in the resurrection of the dead (26:6–7; cf. 23:6), so that not only was he a sincere Jew in his former life; he remained one, even as a Christian! Paul’s purpose was to show that he could not have been a “mover of sedition,” disloyal to Jewish sensibilities, for he himself was still a loyal Jew, “believing all things which are written in the law and in the prophets” (24:14) and finding what was written there fulfilled in Christ. He does not follow the pattern of a modern personal testimony, for he does not appeal to the changes in his life as a reason for Agrippa to become a Christian.

2 5 Things I Love About Apologetics - Stephen J. Bedard

I recently posted 5 Things I Hate About Apologetics . In case someone gets the wrong idea, I want to give the other side of the story. There are plenty of things that I love about apologetics. I could say a lot about this but I will limit myself to five.

3 Video: Stephen Meyer on How Charles Marshall, in Defending Darwinism, Was Forced to Violate a Key Scientific Tenet

For a clear illustration of how this works you couldn't do better than Charles Marshall's review of Darwin's Doubt in Science . As Stephen Meyer points out in a video conversation about the critical response to his book, Dr. Marshall was forced by the Darwinian framework to violate a key scientific tenet, namely that nature works today as it did in the past.


Do the three Persons of the Trinity truly exist? In this message entitled “One in Essence, Three in Person,” Dr. Sproul helps us understand some of the language that was used by the early church as they sought to carefully explain the doctrine of the Trinity.

Pascal's Wager: The Utility Argument Explained

Premise 1 seems to be logical, but it has actually garnered just as many objections as the second premise. Some have argued that one should not reduce belief in God to a “gamble” or some pragmatic choice. Others have argued that one cannot simply choose to believe and argued that the Wager results in Doxastic Voluntarism–the notion that one may simply change beliefs at will. In order to combat each objection in turn, one would have to show that it may be permissible to choose pragmatically even in religion. Jordan argues to this effect at length, but for the sake of argument I think it may be enough to just say that generally, we do make choices which we think will benefit us, and this is not an objectionable path of reasoning. Moreover, the Wager does not reduce to doxastic voluntarism, for one may indeed change one’s disposition toward something, but not at will. This is a complex argument, and I think we may set it aside for now because there is nothing in Premise 1 which would demand doxastic voluntarism.

My Exchange on Marriage Equality and Civility

Indeed, if the law redefines marriage to say it is about consenting adult romance and caregiving, what principle would govern the contours of marriage policy? Can’t three people form such a union, so that if you sue for marriage equality for the same-sex couple, why would you deny such equality to the throuple? And how about those who desire a “wedlease” instead of “wedlock.” These are the sorts of consequences that result once you abandon the natural law understanding of what marriage is .

7 Holman QuickSource Guide to Christian Apologetics (Holman Quicksource Guides) - Kindle edition by Doug Powell. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

All Christians are commanded to defend the gospel (Jude 1:3 - "I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints" and 1 Peter 3:15 - "Always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you..." We are commanded to preach God's word as the means of the salvation for the lost; additionally we must defend the Gospel when the lost have questions or when skeptics attack it. And in "Holman QuickSource Guide to Christian Apologetics," Doug Powell defends the truth of the Gospel in a fresh and insightful manner. Topics Powell (MA Apologetics, Biola) includes are: - The Cosmological Argument for God's Existence - The Teleological Argument - The Axiological Argument - The reliability of the New Testament documents - The historical evidence for Christ - Proof from fulfilled prophecy - The Resurrection of Christ - The problem of evil and suffering - And more. This is a practical and scholarly work that is written for the non-specialist and all average Christians who desire to defend the faith and win the lost to Christ.

8 Ray Comfort

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9 EQUIP, Christian Articles, Bible Answer Man | CRI

Is capital punishment biblical? Christians who believe in capital punishment and those who do not both use the Bible to buttress their beliefs. So, what does the Bible really teach regarding capital punishment? To begin with, it should be noted that in the very first book of the Bible God clearly communicates his position with […]

Expositors Summit

Preaching is not an advisory role based in religious expertise but a prophetic function whereby God speaks to his people. For this reason the Expositors Summit is designed to strengthen and instruct preachers and students for the glorious task of expository ministry. You’re invited to join R. Albert Mohler Jr., John MacArthur and H.B. Charles Jr. for the explication of God’s Word and gospel fellowship.

Grace to You Radio

Below is a listing of the resources we've offered free of charge on our radio broadcast recently. For more information and to request your free item, click the button below.

David Coleman - No, Wheaton College’s Accreditation Should Not Be Revoked

Attentive study also requires daily work. The report Academically Adrift documents that as many as 35 percent of college students study less than five hours a week. On average, students are studying only 12 to 13 hours a week; this is half as much as a full-time college student spent studying in 1960. One of the saddest clichés (or excuses) I often hear is that “the most important learning in college happens outside the classroom.” What a shocking capitulation — to lose the vitality of the classroom conversation as the main event of college life, as the place where careful daily preparation meets the intense engagement of fellow students and teachers. Reflecting on my time at Wheaton, I wonder whether communities of faith might offer models for fostering academic excellence, by nourishing it with such things as meditative daily practice and a sense of reverence when reading.

Dear Grieving Parents

You’re wondering when you’ll feel better, when the heaviness will lift. I don't know when your sadness will dissipate, but I know God will sufficiently sustain and help you in each moment. He won't fail you, not even when it seems your faith is faltering. He won't let the enemy snatch you from his hand. You are seen by the Lord even when the darkness and sadness of death shrouds you and you feel hidden from God's view. Even the darkness is light to him (Psalm 139).

The awesome strength of a hummingbird

The only type of bird that relies solely on its own strength to hover in the air, a hummingbird flapping its wings requires more mass-based mechanical power output than any other form of locomotion. Now, scientists have discovered that the tiny bird’s efficiency comes from the ratio of the wing’s length to its width. Researchers from Stanford University and Wageningen University tested the hover performance of 26 hummingbird wings from 12 different species in a machine that measured the torque and lift the wings produced at various angles. The study, published online today in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface , shows that the power needed to sustain a hummingbird midhover is highly dependent on the bird’s wing aspect ratio. During the down stroke, wings with a larger aspect ratio (3.5 to 4.0 for hummingbirds) use significantly less power than wings with smaller aspect ratios. The study also found that the aerodynamic performance of hummingbird wings is “remarkably similar” to that of an advanced microhelicopter rotor. But the wings were up to 27% more efficient.

Jesus the Evangelist — Free eBook

Rev. Richard D. Phillips explores the early chapters of the Gospel of John to discover principles you can use for Christian outreach that were modeled by witnesses for Jesus and by Jesus Himself. Phillips examines the ministry of John the Baptist and the calling of the first of Jesus’ disciples. This book also includes an appendix that looks at the relationship between God’s sovereignty and evangelism.

The Daily

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The Exclusivity of Treasure Pursuit

Let me rephrase that: for human beings with a selfish heart and a finite understanding, the Bible can be an extreme book. The Bible isn’t extreme for God; He wrote it! But because we interpret life through a corrupt and limited lens, the principles and commands in the Bible can come across as extreme.

Two American Missionaries Fighting for Life Against Ebola Virus; Airlines Banning West Africa Flights as Outbreak Grows

Two American missionaries who have been working to fight the deadliest outbreak of Ebola virus in history, continue fighting for their lives after contracting the disease . Major airlines are meanwhile banning flights into West Africa as the outbreak spreads.

Are Anti-Gay Activists Bigots? A Brilliant, Disturbing New Book Says Yes.

Why are bigots so terrified of modernity and its enthusiasts? Simple: As minorities capitalize upon the 21 st century’s enlightened cosmopolitanism, bigots feel their power slipping away. After anti-gay activists failed to pass a gay segregation bill in red-leaning Arizona, conservatives cried foul , arguing that the measure’s demise imperiled their own “religious liberty.” Their conception of “liberty”—the freedom to discriminate against gay customers—might not be shared by many mainstream Americans in 2014. But conservatives are desperate to cling to this “liberty” nonetheless; their right to deny gay people basic dignity, so uncontroversial for so many years, is tantamount to an assertion of power over the oppressed in the public sphere. With it, conservatives can cling to a shred of their former cultural dominance. Without it, their cause is revealed as a fraud.

A Sitcom about the Life of Jim Gaffigan Is in the Works

Comedian Jim Gaffigan is headed to TV Land. The cable network has ordered 10 episodes of The Gaffigan Show —which will re-air on Comedy Central a week after their TV Land debut. Based on his book Dad Is Fat , the single-camera sitcom follows “one man’s struggle in New York City to find a balance between fatherhood, stand-up comedy, and an insatiable appetite.” And by appetite, we can only assume they are referring to a diet consisting entirely of bacon ...

Defenders 2 Podcast: Last Things | Reasonable Faith

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Can Jesus heal mental illness? — Part 1

Psychology informs the construct of mental illness with a secular, materialistic worldview. They do not believe that people are spiritual beings who live all of their life under the authority of a God who made them and holds them accountable. Denying the Divine and the spiritual requires them to see all problems as physical and organic in nature. Worry isn’t sinful; it is an organic mental illness that requires medical intervention. Sorrow isn’t spiritual; it is a medical problem that requires a pharmacological solution.

The Biggest Challenges in Youth Ministry

Working in youth ministry you see the first wave of cultural changes. Just five years can make a major difference in how you communicate the good news of Jesus Christ. Where one class takes a keen interest in the individual aspects of salvation in justification and regeneration, a later cohort wants to know more about how God welcomes us together by adopting us into his family by faith. 

J. Warner Wallace: Alive: A Cold-Case Approach to the Resurrection

The resurrection. As far as doctrines go, it's a game changer. Many accept the resurrection without giving it much thought. But isn't something so important worthy of our wrestling with it? What if we approached the issue of the resurrection in an unbiased manner and assessed it as a cold case detective would evaluate a crime scene? Author J. Warner Wallace is a cold-case detective. He also used to be an atheist. Follow along in this brief presentation of his approach in applying his detective's expertise to the accounts of the resurrection. Wallace believes the case is nothing but compelling: Jesus is alive!

25 Dangerous Bible Study and Puffy Christianity

There is a perception among many evangelicals that Bible study is dangerous. I have heard it articulated by ministers and laypeople alike over the years. Once a woman in my Bible study told me her pastor had discouraged in-depth Bible study, saying it promoted the pursuit of “useless Bible knowledge.” I like to think that’s an oxymoron. If all Scripture is God-breathed and profitable, surely there is no such thing as “useless” Bible knowledge. So, why so many warnings that studying the Bible could actually be perilous to our spiritual health?

Hey, Christian Youth: It Gets Better

Christian parents rightfully protect their children from many aspects of the world, but as that protection lifts and children become adults they need to be actively shown a positive view of adulthood. At this summer camp, that introduction included emphasizing honest community, exploration of the wonder-filled world, discussion of hard questions, holiness found in modeling Christ, and above all, love. It gave adolescents the opportunity to speak more frankly about the pain and brokenness that is just as much part of the world as the beauty and wonder.

RELEVANT Podcast: Cage The Elephant

This week we talk to rock band Cage the Elephant about their music, including their great new album called Melophobia . We also talk to Todd Deatherage , Executive Director of the Telos Group , about the current situation in Gaza . Telos is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating American leaders about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the imperative of working for its peaceful resolution. You'll definitely want to hear what Todd has to say about the current Israel-Gaza struggle. Plus, we get to know Joy Eggerichs as she joins the full show this week, we recap the week's news and entertainment, read your feedback and so much more!

Have We Made an Idol Out of Sexual Purity?

What Relevant Magazine should be doing way more of is supporting people who are still virgins and who are past the typical age in American society where people are still virgins. I have no idea what that is but I know it's way before 27. There have not been enough positive messages about the benefits of virginity until marriage in my life, despite being plugged in to several outlets. Relevant should even out the time spent on articles like this one, which are designed to help people who feel guilt because of their sexual histories, and the time spent (none that I know of) on articles supporting people who are waiting until marriage and it's just taking a long time to meet and marry the right person. Relevant probably doesn't produce articles like this because they don't want to make unmarried non-virgins feel bad about themselves. I can appreciate that, but when the truth is presented through the Holy Spirit, I believe every believer can enjoy the sense of clarity it brings. There are more of us twenty-something (and even thirty-something) virgins out there than you may know, and we need support.

4 Leadership Essentials For Church Revitalization

Revitalization is crazy and makes no sense from a worldly perspective. It shouldn’t work. And the truth is that it won’t work without God doing major work in the hearts and souls of our people, both young and old. And of course, hearts will not be softened and open to change apart from the work of God’s Spirit softening them by God’s grace. This is why we must be marked by dependent, passionate prayer! We must be on our faces, calling out to God to revitalize his church for his glory. If God isn’t in this, and if he doesn’t move, we are done. Pray continually.

Justice Needs a Face

But seeking justice must always be personal. It must always include vulnerability and hospitality—not just to members of the household of faith, but to strangers as well (cf. Heb. 13:2). For we cannot have true justice unless we remember that each person is made in God’s image. “Hospitality is saying, ‘You are significant. I honor you. I love you. You are under my roof,’ says John Perkins of the Christian Community Development Association. “Love and hospitality is the platform that makes justice—any kind of justice—available.”

John Kerry Spotlights Pastor Saeed Abedini's Imprisonment; Promises to Work for Release

The plight of U.S.-Iranian Pastor Saeed Abedini was highlighted by Secretary of State John Kerry during his remarks for the State Department's 2013 Report on International Religious Freedom, with Kerry promising to continue to work for the pastor's release.

Junk DNA: Darwinists Say They Are "Largely Free from Assumptions or Hypotheses"

The Oxford researchers took the evolutionary approach. To determine what percentage of human DNA is subject to selection, they compared published sequences from humans, mice, rats, cattle, dogs, horses, guinea pigs, rabbits, bushbabies, pandas and rhinos. One of the researchers, Gerton Lunter, explained: "Throughout the evolution of these species from their common ancestors, mutations arise in the DNA and natural selection counteracts these changes to keep useful DNA sequences intact." The researchers looked for places in the DNA where insertions and deletions were far apart, reasoning that the intervening DNA sequence was constrained by purifying selection because it was biologically functional. They found that about 8.2% of our DNA is constrained in this way, and thus likely to be functional (though less than 2% of our DNA is protein-coding). They concluded that DNA that differed substantially among the species they studied -- DNA that was non-conserved -- had not been subject to purifying selection and was thus non-functional.

Hey, Christian Youth: It Gets Better

As they grow up, the rule-based version of Christianity they may have conceptualized as kids instead gets deepened and broadened for a more robust view of their faith. As Paul enjoins, "When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways" (1 Cor. 13:11). We must help our youth give up childish ways for something better. All these are tenets of the Christian church since inception. We just sometimes need to be reminded how rich a life of faith can be. Then, we must allow and call youth into Christian adulthood and ease their fears of a boring life. An adult living boring Christianity is not modeling Christ.

Son of Ergun Caner, President of Brewton-Parker College, Commits Suicide

The Evangelical Christian community erupted in collective grief Wednesday as word spread online that the beloved 15-year-old son of Ergun Caner, renowned Christian author, Baptist minister and president of Brewton-Parker College ...

6 Bible Verses That Can Be Used to Strengthen a Family

Saddleback Church will be cancelling worship services on the weekend of Dec. 10, 11 in order for its members to participate in Good Neighbor Weekend. Volunteer opportunities include visiting severely disabled children in hospitals, serving breakfast to homeless and families living in motels, and helping families having members in the military stationed away from home with house chores, June 2011.

Impact Membership Now Available in Canada and Mexico

To date, thousands of readers have joined Impact and taken advantage of the flat-rate shipping, store-wide discounts, and partnered with us in gospel ministry. However, until now, Impact was only available to residents of the United States.

Pit Bull Puppy Cuddles Up Next to a Toddler in the Carriage – This Could Be The Cutest Thing You've Ever Seen!

A short but must-see video captured by Brandi Hodges recording her pit bull puppy named Clyde. She records a very cute video of her puppy getting up close and cuddly with baby Eisleigh. As you can see, Clyde definitely doesn't like to nap alone!

How do we define success in kids’ ministry?

Again, this means that kids’ ministry is not primarily a time to try and get kids to fully understand it all. I know this seems counterintuitive and perhaps even offensive. “Don’t we want young kids to understand everything we’re teaching them?” Yes, we do! We also want the plant sapling to grow huge and bear fruit. It’s just not there yet—by God’s design. “Don’t we want kids to come to faith?” Yes! Absolutely. Many kids come to faith in this age range and this success metric is often the means God uses. It’s encouraging to remember that John the Baptist was filled with the Spirit in utero!

The Pastor’s Kid

At barely longer than 150 pages,  The Pastor’s Kid  is an honest, plain-speaking look at the struggles that befall children of pastors. A word of warning: If you’re looking for salacious anecdotes from the Piper household, do not buy this book. Barnabas Piper is not looking to air dirty laundry or even make sense of his own childhood. Rather, his book is an unflinchingly authentic call for pastors and churches to realize that pastor’s kids are just that—kids. They’re not little pastors or mini celebrities, but children who need the grace of Jesus to overcome the pitfalls of having public ministers as parents. 

Hindu funeral pyre stokes Southern Seminary student’s passion for missions

For McDaniel, who graduated with his M.Div. shortly before embarking overseas, that means uncovering the “lostness in America hidden in church pews” as he prepares to plant a church in southern Indiana. Reflecting on the burning bodies at the Hindu pagoda, McDaniel fought back tears while insisting on the Christian imperative “to stand in front of the gates of hell and tell our loved ones that they can go to hell, but they can go to hell over my dead body — that we’ll do all we can to tell them about Jesus.”

5 Good Habits to Aquire in Your 20s That Can Definitely Shape Your Future

Just because we graduated from high school, college or graduate school doesn't mean we can't continue to learn new things. Our minds are tools and it requires stimulation to work efficiently. In an ever-changing world it is crucial for us to keep our minds sharp at a young age.

WORLD | Changing course? | Aug. 9, 2014

Driscoll has kept his word in at least one area: The normally media-hungry pastor would not agree to an interview for this story. But in other ways, Driscoll’s critics charge, it’s business as usual. Just weeks after Driscoll’s public confession, the executive elders (Mark Driscoll, Sutton Turner, and Dave Bruskas) surprised Mars Hill staff by announcing a new document retention policy that would destroy all staff emails more than three months old. The plan was dropped only after a group of former staff, elders, and members sent a letter to the church saying the new policy was an attempt to destroy documents that might be used in litigation against the church. The group’s attorney, Brian Fahling, asked the church to “preserve electronically stored information that may contain evidence” for legal action in which the church, Driscoll, and others in church leadership “will be named as defendants.” The letter lists anticipated litigation in the areas of “RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act], Fraud, Conspiracy, Libel, Slander, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.


"John Wesley once said of a colleague that Scripture so thoroughly pulsed through his spiritual veins that he 'bled Bibline.' The same could be said without exaggeration of R. C. Sproul. More specifically, one could easily say that he 'bleeds Pauline.' The theology of the Apostle to the Gentiles courses through Dr. Sproul's veins in all of his work. Therefore, it is a special privilege to be able to read his sermons on Paul's Letter to the Romans. Romans has turned the world upside down for two millennia. Not only did it lead to Augustine's conversion; it was a primary source for his defense of the gospel against Pelagius. This epistle was the catalyst for the Reformation and shaped the minds and hearts of many leaders of the modern missionary movement. Romans continues its revolution to the present day and each of R. C. Sproul's expositions reminds us why. Read this book and, by God's grace, you'll never be the same." —Michael Horton , J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California; author, Calvin on the

44 Should we be mentoring women about how to make important life decisions?

This does not illustrate a need to “[do] a better job of helping women to think through what their life goals ought to be rationally and then helping them to make practical plans to achieve them.” That would be to expect women to behave as men. Rather, it illustrates why God placed fathers and husbands in a position of headship over daughters and wives, and why fathers should not shirk from exercising authority over the decisions of daughters right up to the point where he hands that authority and concomitant responsibility over to her husband.

45 The ‘Batkid Begins’ Documentary Looks Pretty Great

You probably remember the story of Batkid —young Miles Scott, a child who had battled leukemia. For his Make-a-Wish project, Miles wanted to become Batman. In response, thousands of San Francisco residence helped turn their city into Gotham to make Miles’ wish come true. Now, the story is becoming a feature-length documentary. Batkid Begins looks at “what happens when an event goes unintentionally viral” and when a city comes together to make a grant a kid's amazing wish. So far, they are about half way to their fundraising goal of $100,000 on Indiegogo . The trailer is a reminder that Batkid truly is the hero we need ...

Answering Muslims: Four Suicide Bombings by Muslim Women in One Week in Kano, Nigeria (American Feminists Still Silent)

Boko Haram has sent four female suicide bombers to their deaths in Kano in the past week. These women are often raped and then told that they can only regain their honor by carrying out a suicide attack for Allah. Where's the outrage? (Reuters) - A female suicide bomber blew herself up in a college in northern Nigeria's biggest city of Kano on Wednesday, killing six people and critically wounding another six in the fourth such attack by a woman in Kano in less than a week, a security source said. The bomber targeted youths who were looking at a notice board for national youth service in Kano Polytechnic, the source said. There was no immediate claim of responsibility, although militant group Boko Haram, which is fighting for an Islamic state in religiously-mixed Nigeria, has repeatedly bombed Kano as it radiates attacks outwards from its northeast heartlands. Using female suicide bombers in the city appears to be a new tactic of Boko Haram, although they have used them on occasion for years in the northeast. Two female suicide bombers blew themselves up at a trade show and a petrol station in Kano on Monday, killing one other person and injuring at least six others.

Hope Carpenter Repents, Apologizes to SC Megachurch for First Time Since Husband Ron Carpenter Revealed Marital Woes

Hope Hilley Carpenter, wife of Pastor Ron Carpenter, has addressed for the very first time their marital woes that were made public last year before the congregation she and her husband founded over 20 years ago. Mrs. Carpenter repented and apologized to members of Redemption World Outreach Center, but did not cite the specific sins or behavior she regards as stumbling blocks to her husband, family and church community.

C. S. Lewis on contraceptives and new sexual morality

“The modern situation permits and demands a new sexual morality: the old taboos served some real purpose in helping to preserve the species, but contraceptives have modified this and we can now abandon many of the taboos. For of course sexual desire, being instinctive, is to be gratified whenever it does not conflict with the preservation of the species. It looks, in fact, as if an ethics based on instinct will give the Innovator all he wants and nothing that he does not want.”

Political Party Analysis: Democrats Have a Religion Problem; Republicans Have a Race Problem (Part 1)

The collision will happen because two of today's major political gaps will cross paths for the next generation of Americans. Those two gaps are: 1) the religious participation gap, in which those who attend religious services often are more likely to vote Republican and those who attend less often, or do not attend, are more likely to vote Democrat; and 2) the race/ethnicity gap, in which a majority of whites support Republicans and a majority of non-whites support Democrats.

50 Osteenification and What It Portends - Christian Research Institute

10 Osteenification and What It Portends by Hank Hanegraaff Doctrinal Discernment: With America’s largest church, and one billion impressions per month on Facebook and Twitter, Joel Osteen is the hip new personification of God-talk in America. But behind the glowing self-affirmations— “I am anointed,” “I am prosperous,” “My God is a ‘supersizing God’” —there lies a darker theological hue.

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