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What Does the Evidence in the Universe Tell Us About the Nature of God? (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace, author of God's Crime Scene, discusses the evidence in the universe and what this evidence tells us about the nature of God.

Lessons from a Hospital Bed

Physical sickness affects more than just our bodies. In this honest book, John Piper shares ten lessons he learned while in the hospital.

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1. Entropy-like effects dictate you must adopt goals like get enough food, prefer safety, prefer to cooperate, or else you live a very ineffective life, probably die early. Morality is subjective, but not random. 2. We have aware-will, we learn, we reason, we choose.

WHAT IS MAN?: Adam, Alien or Ape? Special Pre-order Price Only $3.99!

Dr. Andrews’ credentials as a scientist and theologian are many—he is one of those individuals who has more letters after his name than there are in the alphabet (ok, yes, that’s a bit of hyperbole there), but he is also a truly humble man. At 85 years old he remains as sharp and well-spoken today as he was back when I first knew him— back when he was, well… 80. He’s even publicly debated Richard Dawkins!

3 The TC Apologetics Daily

.@Ichthus77 #Apologetics Daily

Reasons Christianity Must be True

There are many reasons to know why Christianity is true - Mike Robinson supplies some fresh and interesting reasons as well as proof and evidence for Christianity. See his book

The Case for Faith: Coping with Contradictions

“For example, assuming the unexplained is unexplainable. I’m sure some sharp critic could say to me, ‘What about this issue?’ and even though I’ve done a forty-year study of these things, I wouldn’t be able to answer him. What does that prove — that the Bible has an error or Geisler is ignorant? I’d give the benefit of the doubt to the Bible, because of the eight hundred allegations I’ve studied, I haven’t found one single error in the Bible, but I’ve found a lot of errors by the critics.”

The Impressive Community of "Tent-Making" Christian Case Makers | Cold Case Christianity

That’s a pretty impressive list, and I’m sure I’ve overlooked a large number of brothers and sisters who are contributing as Case Makers (if you would like to be included in this updated list, please send me your information). Here’s the point: If you haven’t yet begun to see yourself as a Christian Case Maker, you’re missing the directive of God in 1 Peter 3:15-16, a passage written to all of us as believers (whether we are employed in ministry or not). If you’re a Christian, you’re already a Case Maker . The only question is, are you a good one? Are you actively engaged in your calling as a Christian? The people in this list of “One Dollar Apologists” come from a variety of occupational backgrounds, and some of them aren’t drawing a paycheck at all (as students or stay at home moms). If they can do this, you can do this. What are you waiting for? Take a few simple steps and get in the game. Be part of this amazing movement of God.

Wayne Grudem: Trump's Border Wall 'Morally Good' Because Bible Cities Had Walls

"In the world of the Old Testament, people built walls around cities to protect themselves from thieves, murderers, and other criminals, and from foreign invaders who would seek to destroy the city. People could still enter the city, but they had to do so by the gate, so that city officials would have some control over who was coming in and going out. Today's debate is about a larger area – a national border, not a city – but the principles are the same," Grudem explained.


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The Mind is not the Brain: Proof for Mind/Brain Dualism

Author Mike Robinson offers powerful Proof for Mind/Brain Dualism. See Robinson's book for more on Amazon


#Vitals The U.S. Supreme Court ruling last week in favor of California pro-life pregnancy centers was a free speech win not only for pregnancy center workers, but also for everyone in a professional setting… @upwardglances

We’re Probably Alone in the Universe

The planetary requirements for being “suitable for life” are always vastly over-simplified. Usually, it’s seldom more than having water and being in the habitable zone. In fact, this pessimistic Oxford paper only cares that it is a rocky planet that is in the habitable zone. There are so many more factors that are crucial, particularly if you want complex life. Things like the size of your magnetic core, the specific mix of elements in the core, the amount of tectonic activity, having a moon of a particular size, the spin axis, how elliptical the orbit is, the rotational period, the thickness of the crust, the specific mix of elements in the atmosphere, the ocean to continent ration, the diversity of minerals for soil and rock, the amount of atmospheric transparency, etc, etc. In a world where it is claimed that a bit more CO2 in the atmosphere will be a catastrophe for life, all these other factors are Armageddon by comparison.

An Investigation: Is Jesus Liar, Lunatic, or Lord?

Due to His influence, Jesus of Nazareth has been transforming lives for almost two millennia. In the process, He has rewritten the direction and outcome of human history. It’s a fact that the teachings of Jesus have been a force of overwhelming good throughout the history of the world. Unfortunately, it also is true that much harm has been committed in Jesus’ name — both by the church at large, and by individuals seeking to use Him to further their own agendas.

12 Faithful Men

This volume contains the inspiring stories of 12 faithful men who endured great suffering for the cause of Christ. Biographical sketches cover well-known figures such as John Calvin and John Newton as well as lesser-knowns such as Janani Luwum, Wang Mingdao, and John Chavis, all of whom suffered deeply but endured faithfully. We hope pastors and ministry leaders, as well as those who support them, will find in this collection encouragement to run the race with endurance.

Four Ways the Earth Is Fine-Tuned for Life | Cold Case Christianity

Like the death scene I investigated, the layers of foundational, regional, and locational evidence in the universe show signs of “tampering.” The forces governing atomic structure, the matter of the universe and the creation of chemicals are conveniently aligned to allow life’s existence. Even tiny changes in these forces have disastrous consequences for life. Similarly narrow ranges exist related to our galaxy and planet. While the appearance of fine-tuning in any one of these cosmic parameters might not be all that compelling, the cumulative nature of these conditions obligates us to seek an explanation.

What’s Really Going On in Romans 7

There’s a story that a British newspaper sent out an inquiry to famous authors, asking the question, “What’s wrong with the world?” The writer G. K. Chesterton responded: Dear Sir, I am. Yours, G. K. Chesterton In Romans 7 Paul does something similar. He’s anticipating the accusation that he disparages God’s holy law (vv. 7, 12) since he’s said that Christians have “died to the law” (v. 4) and no longer serve God in “the oldness of the letter” (v. 6). In effect, the apostle replies: “You want to know what the problem is? It’s not my view of the law. That’s beyond reproach. It’s me. I’m the problem. My teaching on the law is not a reflection of what the law is like. It’s a reflection of what I am like.” Paul’s Dual Purpose Why is Romans 7 so difficult to understand? Why is it so debated? Why does the evidence seem to push in different directions? Because of Paul’s dual purpose in this passage. The life of fruitful obedience to God, he explains, comes as we die to our old husband, the law, which was a threatening master over us, and we marry a new husband, the Lord Jesus Christ (vv.

Too Good to Be True?

This kind of argument would seem to ring true, at least on a superficial level. You would expect it to be more likely for people to believe in something that they like than something that they don’t, and it is clear that Christianity is powerfully compelling. In fact, the argument itself is an admission of this, as it acknowledges the innate desire in us all that is fulfilled by God. Who wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with a loving deity who not only wants the best for those he has created, but who is offering eternity in a place that is more wonderful than can be imagined? Yet the Bible also contains some very hard-hitting passages, which would seem to contradict the notion that religious belief is simply a projection of our wishes. C. S. Lewis pointed out that scripture also teaches that believers should fear the Lord, but you would not then suggest that this meant faith was some kind of “fear fulfillment”!(2)

18 Can I Have Assurance Without Joy?

Puzzled Faith: I’m going to have to think some more about this. But let me see if I can repeat what I’m hearing. You are saying that assurance goes up and down with stronger and weaker faith as much as it does with stronger and weaker affections. And the reason is that spiritual affections are part of what saving faith is. And so, when the Scriptures tell us to pursue full assurance, they are calling us to fight for growing faith in God, and for growing affections for God. Because they are the same fight.

J. Warner Wallace - Why Most of Us Think It’s Silly to Remove Wilder’s Name from A Children's Literature Award

Last week, the Association of Library Service to Children renamed the award it gives authors or illustrators whose books “have made, over a period of years, a substantial and lasting contribution to literature for children.” This award used to be called the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award, but the association’s board decided to rename it the Children's Literature Legacy Award. Why? Because, according to board members, Wilder’s books include “anti-Native and anti-Black” references that fail to represent the association’s “core values of inclusiveness, integrity and respect.”


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The Golden Rule of Bible Reading

We all know that Golden Rule: “Whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them.” In this lab, John Piper calls readers to treat authors this way. For the study guide, visit

How to Avoid the Spin of Fake News

One vital step is simply to be aware of the underlying strategies and tactics used by those who aim to spin stories. Simply recognizing common methods can provide significant power to avoid bad ideas.

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U.S.—While most Americans are hostile to socialism, touching a hot stove, and sticking one’s face in a sack full of badgers, surveys show that millennials are much more open to these dangerous ideas...

Answering Islam LIVE (July 3, 2018)

David Wood and Anthony Rogers answer your questions about Islam and Christianity! Anthony's Patreon page: David's Patreon page:


What to pray for this week: According to some estimates, about 55 million lives have been snuffed out through legal abortion since Roe v. Wade in 1973. Pray that the Lord would show us what—and who—we have been missing. Download 21 Days of Prayer for Life!

Twitter Punishes Michael Brown Over Tweets About Massacre of Nigerian Christians; Admits 'Error'

Twitter placed the account of popular conservative radio host and author Michael L. Brown on lock for 12 hours on Monday after it was deemed that two of his tweets about the ongoing persecution of Christians at the hands of Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria were deemed "hateful."

My State Turned My Life Upside Down Because of My Religious Beliefs

Two weeks ago, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling in  Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission . The court vindicated my friend Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece  Cakeshop , and condemned the Colorado Civil Rights Commission for its “clear and impermissible hostility” toward Jack’s beliefs. This week, I have renewed hope that I will be vindicated too. I’m grateful that the U.S. Supreme Court vacated the Washington Supreme Court’s decision against me so that  my case  can continue. If the state of Washington and the ACLU have their way, I could lose not just the flower shop that is so close to my heart, but also my home and every penny I own. I risk losing everything because my state’s attorney general targeted me and my religious beliefs. More than five years ago, I chose not to participate in the same-sex wedding of a longtime friend and customer named Rob because of my religious beliefs about marriage. Without receiving a complaint from Rob, the state filed a lawsuit against me, as did the ACLU. I and the Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys who represent me (and Jack) are encouraged that the Supreme Court, in the  Masterpiece  case, ruled that the government cannot be hostile to the sincere religious beliefs of people of faith.


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29 [PODCAST] The Big Questions in Life: Part II

Frank reflects on the life of Charles Krauthammer who just recently passed away then retakes the topic of his last podcast that focused on the question “What worldview best explains the biggest questions in life?” He deals with some of the most important questions we need to answer. Questions such as: Why is the universe fine-tuned? Why is there reliable cause and effect? Why is there such a thing as evidence? How did life begin? and many more. Listen to find out the answer to these questions.

30 Did The New Testament Writers Invent The Resurrection?

Frank Turek tells us whether or not the writers of the New Testament had motive to invent the Resurrection.

Common Objection #35- "Why Didn't God Create a World in Which Everyone Freely Chooses Him?"

Several weeks ago, at the Mentionables Conference in Greensboro, NC 1 , the team and I had the pleasure of participating in a discussion panel with Ben Watkins of Real Atheology 2 . Watkins was a delight to interact with and I greatly enjoyed our time together. During one of the panel discussions, Ben asked a question that I have found myself thinking about as well: "If God exists, why didn't He create a world in which everyone would freely choose Him?" One certainly can understand why Ben and others would ask the question. After all, if God is all-loving, it seems to follow that He would want everyone to choose Him. Moreover, if God is all-powerful, it would seem to follow that He could create a world like the one Ben imagines. However, I believe that it is important to remember that being all-powerful does not mean God has the ability to do the logically impossible. In other words, God cannot make a squared-circle or a married bachelor. 3 Keeping that in mind, it seems reasonable to argue that it is not feasible for God to actualize a world in which everyone freely chooses Him for the same reason it is not feasible for God to create squared-circles- it is logically impossible.

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Abortion has long been illegal in Argentina, except in cases of rape or if the life of the mother is at risk. But a bill, crafted in the Argentinian House, that permits abortions in the first trimester is headed to the Argentinian Senate.

Do the Psalms Pass the ‘Gospel-Centered’ Test?

I recently saw a list of considerations someone posted online as a kind of guide for whether or not to use a worship song on a Sunday. You may have seen something similar—a concise theological corrective to the some of the weaknesses that tend to show up in modern worship music. These guides have been helpful for me as a young worship leader. With the amount of worship songs we have available to us (both good and bad), careful consideration and evaluation is essential. The songs a church sings Sunday after Sunday have a formative effect on how that church views God. The selection of a “set list” for Sunday should be anything but arbitrary. Is the song centered on Christ and the gospel? Is it focused on God or focused on the self? Does it celebrate and magnify the Triune God as revealed in Scripture? Is it vague, or specific and clear? Is it light on sin? These questions, and many others, are of upmost importance. I would argue, however, that these questions are most aptly applied to a  canon  of worship songs and their use in the context of a particular worship service, and not the right questions to ask of songs individually.

The Joyful Longing of Paul McCartney’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’

But there is something about the joy of this clip—which finds McCartney singing his old hits amid his old haunts in Liverpool—that is deeper than mere diversion. It’s a joy that is intertwined with sadness, nostalgia, and the ephemeral realities of life; a joy that is satisfying because it is unsatisfying; a joy that sparks in us that ineffable sense that, however beautiful the sunset, what we truly long for lies always beyond the horizon.

I'm as likely to become Pope as Prime Minister, says Rees-Mogg - Premier

Asked if the party might depart from that tradition, the North East Somerset MP said: "It's very unlikely, because Sajid has shown so successfully in his relatively brief period as Home Secretary that holding the seals of office means you can get things done, and that gives you an ability to show people what you can really do, and I think that's been so important for him."

Atheistic Evolutionists Fear Cockroaches

37 The Most Repeated Command in the Bible

It’s not any of the prohibitions or warnings. It’s not about sex, or money, or power. The most repeated command in the Bible will probably surprise you: Be happy. God tells us more than anything else, in different ways, to “praise the Lord,” “do not be afraid,” “rejoice,” and “give thanks” — all of which are commands, in essence, to be happy.

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39 How to Discourage a Grieving Friend

A friend once confided that she admired how I grieved. Apparently, my grief was more God-honoring than the sorrow of those who seemed defined by their pain. At first, I was flattered by the favorable comparison, but later her words troubled me. I didn’t want to be compared to others in my grief. There isn’t one “right” way to grieve. I wanted the freedom to be honest about future pain without feeling judged.

What Ancestry DNA Kits Reveal About God, Our Past, and the Way Forward | Cold Case Christianity

Christianity teaches that all humans were created by God and descended from a single pair: Adam and Eve . This means we are all genetically linked as siblings, cousins and distant relatives. According to Christianity, if our DNA technology was capable of even greater precision and historical “distance,” it would ultimately identify the Garden of Eden as our place of origin. This Biblical truth about our past , can help us navigate the future in a way that Darwinian explanations cannot.

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What to pray for this week: Pray all people see abortion as the horror that it is. Pray righteousness would exalt our nation, and that unborn babies would be welcomed as members of the human family. Download 21 Days of Prayer for Life!

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#TheSift A provincial governor said Monday all 12 members of a boys soccer team and their coach have been found alive in the cave where they went missing more than a week ago in northern Thailand… @lmlangdon

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Today we present John’s conversation with Kristen Waggoner and florist Barronelle Stutzman. What do recent Supreme Court decisions and the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy mean for Stutzman’s case and the future of religious freedom and free speech?


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45 The War Within: Flesh Versus Spirit

Verse 17 says, “For the desires of the flesh are against the Spirit, and the desires of the Spirit are against the flesh; for these are opposed to each other to prevent you from doing what you would.” The main thing to learn from this verse is that Christians experience a struggle within. If you said to yourself when I was describing the flesh, “Well, I have a lot of that still left in me,” it does not necessarily mean you aren’t a Christian. A Christian is not a person who experiences no bad desires. A Christian is a person who is at war with those desires by the power of the Spirit.

3 in 10 Christians share their faith on social media - Premier

According to a report from Barna Group entitled Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age, 28 per cent of American adults share their faith via social media and almost six in ten (58 per cent) non-Christians say someone has shared their faith with them through Facebook.

Japan's oldest Christian sites given protective UNESCO status - Premier

A collection of villages built by the first Christian missionaries and communities in Japan has received a special status from an international body which protects historic places.


Do I have to join a church to be be a Christian? — Southern Equip

Granted, the grounds of a sinner’s salvation in Scripture are clear: Grace alone, faith alone, Christ alone. True, the Bible never adds “church membership” as a condition of salvation. Note the qualifier “intentionally” in my thesis—it is the key pillar in my argument. I am here assuming the individual making this query is intentionally seeking to avoid church membership and church attendance while claiming to be a follower of Christ. And yes, I realize there are many situations that keep true believers out of church for periods of time, so that’s not the person I have in mind. My argument applies only to those who claim to be Christians and intentionally reject participation in any local church.

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Late last week, Justice Kennedy announced his retirement, meaning that President Trump will get to appoint a second justice. The result of the inevitable confirmation battle in the U.S. Senate could mean a historic shift on the court. #SCOTUS

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