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This ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ Movie Looks Super Lame

Oh, man. This had so much potential. Nickelodeon has debuted a first look at their upcoming TV-movie based on the classic ‘90s game show Legends of the Hidden Temple, and, we’re going to be honest: We are not impressed. Look, we get it, Nickelodeon is a children’s network, but, with such a huge built-in audience of nostalgic millennials who were raised on the show, it would seem like they’d at least make an effort to keep the tone somewhat self-aware. There are plenty of examples of movies that remain kid-friendly, family flicks, while still being smart enough to appeal to grown ups. But, come on, Nickelodeon. Lame special effects? Corny jokes? Fall Out Boy?! You’ve failed us. At least original host Kirk Fogg is back, but still, the Green Monkeys deserve better than this.

If You Could Get a Critic to Read Just One Book about Intelligent Design, It Might be Undeniable

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

On a Scale of 0-100, What's the Chance God Exists?

Greg shares why the chances that God exists are extremely high.

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8 Things Healthy Couples Don’t Do

Of course there will be plenty of times that you're together and using technology, but healthy couples know how to put down their phones and computers and turn off the TV to spend quality time together. Healthy couples don't check Twitter on dinner dates. My husband and I have a rule that we put our phones upstairs each night after work so our dinner or together-time is not interrupted.

“The Atheist Delusion” – Why Millions Deny the Obvious

By downloading “The Atheist Delusion” on July 29 for $19.99, you will help us to produce future Christian movies and get to watch “The Atheist Delusion” two months before its release on YouTube (and DVD)! As a token of our appreciation, you will also receive the following items:

The Theology of Donald Trump

I am not a politician, but a minister who teaches theology. As a citizen of this great republic, I have convictions about domestic and foreign policy, but none of that qualifies me to join the fray of political experts and pundits. I am qualified, however, to engage the topic of significant support among self-identified “evangelical voters” for Donald Trump and what this means, not for the country but what it suggests about significant segments of the US church.

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Christians, You Don't Have to Speak Into Everything

Can A New Generation of Christians Rethink Things?.. Life is short… and “HAPPINESS 24/7” should be the goal… Am I right?… As a musician, I’ve seen a lot of BAD relationships. My job, is simply to make em’ smile and dig the cool music for a few hours and that’s about it… But to create Happiness 24/7 is something entirely different; and that’s why I wanted to create an online community to review and discuss great relationship content here with others. Discover how YOU can indeed attract the right person and finally “SNATCH” that great relationship you’ve always dreamed of… Go get YOURS… while the joint is jumpin’. "Click Here":

See CNN Host’s Reaction When Pro-Life Guest Says This About Tim Kaine and Planned Parenthood

Conservative Christian radio talkshow host and author Eric Metaxas appeared on “CNN Tonight” with Don Lemon Friday to discuss Hillary Clinton’s newly appointed running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine.

See CNN Host’s Reaction When Pro-Life Guest Says This About Tim Kaine and Planned Parenthood

Conservative Christian radio talkshow host and author Eric Metaxas appeared on “CNN Tonight” with Don Lemon Friday to discuss Hillary Clinton’s newly appointed running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine.

God Thinks More of Your Obedience Than You Do

He is not here saying, “You are blameless because of your justification,” but, “Be blameless, innocent, and without blemish because of your conduct.” How can Christians be all of these things? Because our loving Father accepts less — a lot less (think “small beginnings”) — than perfection from us because of his perfect Son and for the sake of his perfect Son, who is glorified in us (John 17:10).

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10 No Way NBA

No way, NBA. For the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I'm John Stonestreet with The Point.

Wasserman Schultz resigning as party leader

(CNN) Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced Sunday she is stepping down as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee at the end of the party's convention, which is set to begin here Monday.

How Do You Define Joy?

For example, say you are going camping. You wake up, and there is this gigantic silhouette of a bear outside your tent, a grizzly bear. He seems hungry. You don’t say, “Now, let me think about this. There is a bear. Bears are big. Bears are dangerous. Conclusion: I should feel fear here, so I will now decide to be afraid.” Emotions don’t work like that. Thinking works like that, but feeling doesn’t. It happens to you, which means that the Bible is filled with commands that we do things that are immediately outside our control to do — commands to rejoice, to fear, to be grateful, to be tender-hearted.

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I started using to be more efficient on the way I manage out Twitter communities. My favorite features? The prioritized feed to focus on the relevant members of the community - Orange

The Gospel Coalition 2017 National Conference

In this workshop, we'll talk about the Rev. Oscar Pfister, an evangelical Protestant pastor, who was a close associate and friend of Sigmund Freud. Although Freud respected Pfister as both a cleric and a scholar, Pfister focused on points of his agreement with Freud's research and psychoanalysis rather than making much of the faulty presuppositions in Freud's worldview. Most disturbingly, it seems as though this "man of God" whom Freud and his whole family clearly loved, never insisted on the gospel's demands on Freud's life. Not only was Freud never converted, he was lulled into thinking there were powerful areas of overlap between his worldview and Pfister's. The story is a cautionary tale for those who mistake "relational evangelism" and "cultural engagement" for gospel-oriented worldview apologetics predicated on incommensurable presuppositions.

Lay Aside the Weight of Tomorrow’s Trouble

This way of life is not meant to be a lofty ideal. Jesus wants it to be our daily reality. His command that we “not be anxious for tomorrow” is a great mercy to us. If we obey him, he will relieve us of a burden too heavy for us to carry. We lay aside the weight of tomorrow’s trouble by exercising two simple acts of faith: we receive and we cast.

No Job’s Too Small for Jesus

This has tremendous implications for even the most ordinary work that you do on a given day — yes, even our work in the home. You have the rock-solid truth that “in the Lord your labor is not in vain” (1 Corinthians 15:58). No single task you do with Christ in view — for his glory and for the good of other people — is wasted, no matter how mundane it might seem. In the Lord, your diaper changes are not in vain. In the Lord, that moldy refrigerator disinfected with bleach is not in vain. In the Lord, those people you welcome to your table, even though you are tired and want to be by yourself, are not welcomed in vain.

17 Luke Nails It

As the article shows, the account of Paul’s adventures in Ephesus is filled with details that demonstrate intimate knowledge about Ephesus and its way of life. For instance, the reference to silversmiths. In 1984, a monument was discovered that corroborated Luke’s account of their prominence in Ephesus. The inscription stated that the monument had been paid for by the silversmiths and called their city the “greatest metropolis of Asia, [and] the thrice-honored temple guardian of the venerable Ephesians.”

How ‘Free Grace’ Theology Diminishes the Gospel

Fifth, FGT is forced to rely on “numerous, highly unlikely interpretations of the NT” in order to defend their understanding of faith alone (118). Given the nature of the charge, this chapter unavoidably feels the most stinging. Examining the FGT interpretation of 11 “problem passages,” Grudem concludes that FGT advocates simply “have no idea how strained, how idiosyncratic . . . and how completely unpersuasive and foreign to the New Testament these interpretations sound,” both to laypersons and scholars outside the FGT camp (117–118). He suggests this is why almost all FGT books are published by their own organizations rather than by recognized evangelical academic publishers (135 n. 27). When a theology forces people to suggest that one can “receive” eternal life without “possessing” it, be “in” the kingdom without “inheriting” it, and enter the heavenly city without entering “by the gates” (134), it’s hard not to think something’s amiss.

"Love the way you turn me on!" at North Point Community Church

Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ not good enough? Does it really need to be dressed up with cheesy boy band songs from the 90s? On top of that, can anyone imagine that any of those performers had any free time left to study God's Word? This is a tightly choreographed and professionally performed medley of (secular) hits; it must have taken many hours of practice and rehearsal to accomplish this. Is this what a church should be encouraging it's people to focus their precious time on? North Point and Andy Stanley have a gigantic effect on other churches in America; many smaller churches study their methods and try to emulate their "success." Lord have mercy...

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Why Christians Should End Their Search for 'Relevance'

The roots of cultural relevance as a Christian strategy are long and deep. In some ways they go all the way back to Paul’s careful attention to the idols of Athens and the poets of the Greco-Roman world (Acts 17). More recently, at least in the West, the church has often assumed that its travails are due at least in part to culture. Therefore, many Christian leaders have tried to reduce the cultural distance between believer and unbeliever, primarily through reshaping structures, language, and aesthetics to better suit prevailing mores. See, for example, the churches in every major Western city and suburb where pastors and worship leaders are indistinguishable in dress and manner from their secular counterparts—except that they talk a lot about Jesus.

Justice Is at the Heart of the Gospel

If the myriad of tragic events of the last few weeks has done anything for Americans, it's shown us the stark need for justice in the world. Because at the heart of the Christian message is justice itself. And that means, according to Lisa Sharon Harper, the only hope the world has for justice is the message of the gospel.

Died: Tim LaHaye, Author Who 'Left Behind' a Long Legacy

“Writing the ‘Left Behind’ novel series for him and traveling with him all over the country to promote it, I saw the softer side of a man known for strong opinions and polemic views,” Jenkins said. “The Tim LaHaye I got to know had a pastor’s heart and lived to share his faith. He listened to and cared about everyone, regardless of age, gender, or social standing. If Tim was missing from the autograph table or the green room of a network television show, he was likely in a corner praying with someone he’d just met—from a reader to a part-time bookstore stock clerk to a TV network anchorman.”

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ISIS claims suicide bombing in Germany: Attack renews fears of terrorists among refugees …

What Nietzsche Meant When He Said ‘God Is Dead’

For Nietzsche, God’s death entails the end of meaning, morality, and reason—which means he sees the implications of his unbelief more clearly than do other atheists of his day such as Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. Remarkably, though, Nietzsche views these implications as liberating rather than debilitating. Neither God, meaning, morality, nor reason constrains us, he cheers. We are free to live as we please, to make of our lives what it pleases us to make of them.

Dems need to reverse moral misstep on abortion: Column

Dems need to reverse moral misstep on abortion: Column First-time call to make taxpayers fund abortions leads nation and democracy in wrong direction. Check out this story on

Arminianism - R.C. Sproul Jr.

But what is Arminianism? What’s the defining quality of it? Well, if you are an Arminian, or if you have some interest in the question, then you probably understand that there’s a little bit of confusion regarding the relationship between semi-Pelagianism and Arminianism. They are, from one perspective, two distinct doctrines. Pelagius, you may remember, was a British monk back in the 4th century who got a little bit hot under the collar when word got back to him about a prayer Augustine had prayed. Augustine’s prayer was very simple. “Oh Lord, command what Thou wilt, and grant what Thou dost command.” Pelagius objected because he thought that meant that God would be unfair. God couldn’t command us to do something that we don’t have the ability in ourselves to do. Why, if God commands something, would Augustine feel the need to ask God to grant the ability to keep God’s law? Surely, if God gives a law, we already have the capacity to keep it, that was the perspective.

Here's the Problem With 'On-Again, Off-Again' Dating

In order for a break to be beneficial in a dating relationship you have to see it as a one-time thing. Relationships that are in the habit of on-again, off-again are likely made up of negative behaviors that aren’t just going to disappear with a simple break. If you’re in a relationship that’s made up of this kind of pattern of break after break, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate and think about moving on. If you’re going to try to take sometime apart make sure that you set it up as a one-time thing: an opportunity for reflection, for growth, for change, for prayer and for clarity.


30 BreakPoint This Week: Hope Under Pressure

The urge to despair right now is almost palpable. But drawing on the book of 1 Peter, John Stonestreet insists that Christians should be a people characterized by hope. Listen Now | Download In this week's broadcast, John Stonestreet shares a message he gave at a recent event with Alliance Defending Freedom. Drawing from the book of 1 Peter, John challenges his listeners to get serious about living lives characterized by hope. Under increasing cultural pressure to conform, to accept lies, or to despair of seeing Christ's kingdom come "on earth as it is in Heaven," the Apostle Peter offers us a reason to hold on to our hope. Our faith is not wishful thinking, but is grounded in the resurrection and inevitable victory of Jesus in human history. Be sure to check out these resources related to today's program:  Alliance Defending Freedom: Our friends at ADF have distinguished themselves as some of the most important advocates for religious liberty today.

Death with Dignity and the Imago Dei - Christian Research Institute

A right to refuse treatment doesn’t obligate us to embrace a right to die. The former recognizes a personal freedom to end treatment while the latter intentionally brings about death. Proponents believe that PAS is the most compassionate option to those facing terminal illnesses with extreme suffering. Barbara Coombs Lee, the president of Compassion and Choices and the architect of the Oregon PAS law, argues that the law in Oregon and other states is intended to prevent the abuses by people and organizations with broader conceptions of euthanasia rights such as Jack Kevorkian and the Hemlock Society. Lethal prescriptions are strictly limited to terminal cases where death is imminent, a great deal of suffering is highly likely, and the patient is free from any underlying psychiatric conditions. Proponents of such laws reject the characterization of these cases as suicide since terminally ill patients don’t desire death per se but rather to choose the time and conditions of their death. They desire some “dominion” over their body as disease and illness conspire to leave them powerless.

Men Among Lions: Interview With David and Jason Benham | The Stream

Benham Brothers: You mentioned only the first half of our thought. When we say we face pressure, not persecution, in America, we finish that statement by saying the pressure will turn to persecution if we don’t stand with courage now. Today, we are watching financial persecution of unprecedented order in America, especially in the cases you mentioned above. But for the rest of us, those that still have our jobs, we face the daily pressure of ridicule and other types of pressure when we stand for biblical values. The ultimate end of persecution is death — and Lord willing we’ll never see that in America like we see overseas.

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Dr. Richard Land on the Political Party Platforms

What Fewer Christians in America Means for Christian Parents

Study after study shows the trend of fewer people identifying as Christians, and more people identifying as atheist, agnostic, or “nothing in particular.” Frankly, I don’t think most of us even need the studies to find that out. It’s blatantly obvious in the media, in the government, in schools, and online.

Case-Making 101: Why Do We Need Christian Case-Makers?

Just as the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle are difficult to put together without the picture on the box top, the many diverse pieces of life make no sense without some kind of unifying big picture. The question is, does anyone have the box top to this puzzle we call life? 

Five church sex offences reported every week - premier

The head of a Christian child protection group says a Freedom of Information Request by The Mail on Sunday that has shown around five new church-related sexual offences are reported to the police each week, needs to be viewed in context.

Churches and mosques to be given £2 million for security - premier

Churches, mosques and synagogues as well as other places of worship will receive government-funded "protective security measures" to keep them safe after a rise in hate crime following the European Union referendum.

6 Ways to Use Your Job This Week

Some kinds of work will enable us to be financially generous because they pay well. But not all vocations do this. The downside of high-paying jobs is that they often demand significant time and energy. Other jobs may give you the freedom to give large amounts of time to others, or equip you with skills to serve in more technical ways. Those who intentionally live below their income could enable one spouse to work in a non-paid contribution—perhaps staying at home with children, volunteering in a school, or serving with a charitable organization. Or those who live below their income can give generously to the church and to the poor, or they can pour resources into companies to help create more jobs. Scripture’s principle is that we “do good to everyone, especially to those in the household of faith” (Gal. 6:10).

41 ERLC: 2016 ERLC National Conference

A: A simulcast of the National Conference will be available for free. A simulcast is a live internet broadcast of an event from a single venue into multiple venues – such as your own environment. Thus a simultaneous event occurs in both the origin venue and in many satellite locations — your church, home or laptop. Learn more about the simulcast  here .

A Beginner’s Guide to ‘Free Will’

Glad submission to God’s authority, and to God’s superior value and beauty, is something we are not able to do. This is not because we are kept from doing what we prefer to do. It is because we prefer our own authority, and treasure our own value, above God’s. We cannot prefer God as supremely valuable while preferring ourselves supremely.

Together 2016: Update from Washington, D.C. | RZIM

The memorable honor is to be there with some of the most effective Evangelical voices in message and song. It is so easy to be running this race and not see who else is running beside you. To hear some of the fine exponents of the gospel in our time is a blessing beyond words. It makes me realize what heaven will be like: the laughter, the stories, the memories, the challenges, the embraces, but the oneness because of our hearts transformed by the grace of our Lord. It was a memory that is etched in our souls. The danger in ministry is to be self-absorbed. How thrilling to see a mutual affirmation for the ultimate purpose, the veterans and the young side by side for the beauty and power of our Lord and His work. This is the time that He has placed us on earth. More than ever, let the earth hear His voice. That was the calling cry for the Lausanne movement nearly half a century ago. The earth still needs to hear His voice. Together 2016 made that valiant effort.

Online Shaming Is Destroying Lives

For Ronson, the key is not only recognizing when the impulse to shame people becomes misplaced, but also embracing a community that engages ideas instead of attacking them. “The fact that we surround ourselves around people who feel the same way we do, that makes us more enraged when somebody transgressive comes along,” he says. “Maybe this is something that goes on in Christian communities as well. If you surround yourself with people who feel exactly the same way as you do, that’s kind of undemocratic. When somebody comes around that feels differently to the way you do, you’re more likely to tear them to pieces because you see them as so outlandish compared to the mutual approval machine of your Twitter followers or your church community.”

45 At Least 80 People Were Killed By ISIS Suicide Attacks in Kabul on Saturday

Authorities say that at least 80 people were killed and more than 260 were injured when two suicide bombers detonated blasts during a peaceful protest by a Shiite minority group in Kabul, Afghanistan. ISIS, who regularly targets members of the Muslim group, has claimed responsibility for the horrific attack. According to CNN , another suicide bomber was identified by police, but was killed before he was able to set off his vest.

The "I" in Faith

It may have sounded prophetic at one point, but now it’s rather prosaic. Everyone knows (or is supposed to know) that individualism is bad. An emphasis on the individual — such a common theme in the West — has been blamed for myriad problems, including everything from friendlessness to consumerism, from contemporary praise music to gated communities. And no doubt, individualism has its downside. For the church, it’s meant an aversion to authority, a reluctance to accept certain elements of covenant theology, and a community life that isn’t everything it could be. Problem duly noted.

Jerry B. Jenkins: The Tim LaHaye I Knew

Writing the novel series for him, and traveling with him all over the country to promote it, I saw the softer side of a man famous for successful pastorates, the founding of Christian schools and a college, best-selling nonfiction books, and strong opinions.

Taking Back Christianese #3: “God is Always Pleased with You”

1. It confuses justification and sanctification .  This phrase can be used in such a way that it takes what is true of justification (God sees the perfect righteousness of Christ) and applies it without qualification to our sanctification (therefore God is never concerned about our sin).   In other words, it assumes that if God is pleased with us in justification (because of the righteousness of Christ), then he is always pleased with us in terms of our sanctification.

Renewing Your Mind | Pascal | July 25, 2016

Often we use our imagination as a means of temporary escape from the pressures of life. We dream of an ideal world in which we are free from pain, suffering, and even death. But Ponce de Leon never did find the fountain of youth, and no one has been able to get back to Eden. It seems our thoughts of a better life are now only a cause of frustration and misery. Dr. Sproul teaches us about Pascal’s answer to the problem of our greatest misery.

Are Some Sins Worse Than Others?

Some say all sins are the same in God’s eyes, since sin separates us from God. Is this true?

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