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N.T. Wright Answers 5 of Life's Biggest Questions - The Veritas Forum

New Testament theologian N.T. Wright is no stranger to wrestling with questions of cosmic weight. Author of over 30 books, his writing contextualizes Christian thought alongside the broader scope of human history. Earlier this year, we hosted Wright at a Veritas Forum at the University of Cincinnati, where he dialogued with philosophy professor Heidi Lene Maibom. …

Jury Convicts Woman of Husband's Murder After Pet Parrot Recalls Voice Screaming 'Don't Shoot'

Court documents  revealed that Martin was found shot five times with a .22 caliber handgun while his wife was shot just once, behind the right ear. It was later revealed that Glenna failed at a murder-suicide triggered by mounting debts resulting from a serious gambling addiction which she hid from her husband. On the day of the shooting, the couple's home was set to be auctioned as Glenna failed to pay the mortgage.

Is Hell Just a Metaphor?

The Bible uses the most severe language possible to describe the horror of hell. A “symbolic” interpretation can’t save you from the terror of God’s wrath.

Our Pain Has Meaning | Stand to Reason

There are a lot of people who think I’m a strong person, and I’m not. I am such a weak person…. But when I start to feel overwhelmed, I’ll say, “Oh God, I have no strength for this day, but you do. I have no resources, but you do. May I please have your resources? May I please have your strength? I can do all things through you if you strengthen me. Please let me borrow your smile for the day.” And honestly, before the morning has hardly begun, I’ve already got a perspective on the day. I’ve already got peace in my heart and a mission to accomplish. And it’s because I’ve been pushed up against God, and God has shown me some deep things about His purpose and Himself that, for me, are so satisfying, so pleasurable, I wouldn’t trade the wheelchair for anything ….

Does God Predestine Sin?

God brought the greatest good the world has ever known out of the most horrifying sin the world has ever seen. And it was his plan from before creation.

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A “Natural” Adjustable Wrench? More Conversations with a Theistic Evolutionist | Evolution News

Let’s compare the qualitative likelihood of natural geological processes producing a sustained nuclear reaction to the qualitative likelihood of these processes producing, say, an adjustable wrench. Somehow, without any calculation at all, we’re all certain that geological processes can’t make a wrench. Moreover, we’re right to be certain of this.

Interview with Carl Trueman on Ulrich Zwingli - Westminster Theological Seminary

Trueman: Ulrich Zwingli was the first great reformer of the city of Zürich in Switzerland. He was born on New Year’s Day in 1484, just a few weeks after Martin Luther. So they were the same age, but in some ways, they came from different worlds. Luther was a medieval man; he trained in a medieval university, medieval curriculum, as a monk, medieval calling. Zwingli was a humanist. He grew up under the tutelage of those who are profoundly influenced by humanism, and specifically by Erasmus. He became a Catholic priest and from 1518 onwards he was a minister in Zürich, where he came to the conviction that the city as a whole, public city, city life, as well as church life, needed to be reformed in accordance with the word of God. His move to Reformation was, I think, more existential than Luther’s. We don’t hear in Zwingli about this great wrestling with his personal sin; but he came to a conviction that life as a whole was to be regulated by the Word of God.

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Costly change: Ontario pays out millions for residents to have sex reassignment surgery … #Relations @KileyCrossland

Atheistic Evolution's Foundation is Irrational and Based on Blind Faith

How Not to Become a Christian Chihuahua | Cold Case Christianity

So, the questions I have for myself are simply these: Am I the Chihuahua in the room? Am I the kind of person who arrogantly thinks he has all the answers? Do I selectively cloister myself with like-minded believers? Do I obnoxiously defend what I believe with ruthless animosity? Am I more of a nuisance than a blessing? Have I elevated my pet theological positions to the level of essential Christian doctrine, even when they are non-essential issues? In the many years that I owned a Chihuahua, my friends tolerated her with patience. In fact, they usually ignored her incessant barking and posturing as they tried their best to carry on a conversation while the silly little dog was barking in the background. That’s what we do with barking Chihuahuas; we try to ignore them and carry on as though they weren’t the obnoxious little dogs they actually are. I don’t want people to feel that way about me. Sadly, I am sure there have been many times when I was the kind of nuisance people could easily ignore.  So I continue to ask these questions about my own behavior and attitude as I try my best to avoid becoming a Christian Chihuahua.

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Instagram post by J Warner Wallace • Jul 21, 2017 at 10:47am UTC

Living Under Authority

As I read the scriptures, particularly the New Testament, there is a theme that recurs again and again regarding the Christian’s willingness to be in submission to various types of authority. Given the rebellious spirit of our age, that frightens me. It’s all too easy for us to get caught up in an attitude that will bring us into open defiance of the authority of God.

‘To the Bone’ Is Big on Anorexia and Lean on Healing

Here’s how you know when a movie is possibly a cliche: You ask your mom if she wants to watch it with you. She asks what it’s about. You say, “It’s a movie about anorexia.” She says, “Yes! I love those!” Then she says, “Wait—that sounded terrible.” You agree, but both of you laugh, because the pleasure these stories afford is complicated: Is it morbid fascination? Comforting reassurance of one’s basic wellness in the face of another’s extreme sickness? Cautionary tale? Or—in a twisted sense—instructional and aspirational?

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The Rise of the Nons: Protestants Keep Ditching Denominations

The Gallup poll indicated that some Christians have a tendency to choose a broader Christian designation, even if their church belongs a denomination. With the number of Americans identifying as Southern Baptists dropping from 8 percent to 3 percent since the year 2000, researchers stated, “it may also be those who may actually attend an official Southern Baptist church increasingly identify as just ‘Baptist’ rather than as Southern Baptist, specifically.”

Instagram post by @louiegiglio • Jul 21, 2017 at 3:34pm UTC

Marriage Is Not the Mission

Paul reminds us that to live is Christ, to die is gain (Philippians 1:21). To live is not to marry. To live is not to raise children. To live is not to find “the one.” To live is Jesus Christ. In Philippians 1:23, Paul was hard pressed between the thought of continuing to live on mission (to live) and being with Christ (to die).

Renewing Your Mind | Psalms 49 & 50: All the World & All the People | Jul 21, 2017

Today, W. Robert Godfrey traces the progression of Psalms 49 and 50, and explores what they tell us about the wisdom and worship of God.

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If Kyrie takes his talents to South Beach, it would be proof that he is the chosen one to bring balance to the Force. …

Why Does God Allow Evil? Author Interview from Groundbreaking Book

JONES : The biggest lack in the typical discussion regarding “why does God allow evil?” is a focus on the eternal. I’ve read a lot of books on the subject and most of them barely nod at eternity playing a part in our answering the question. But C.S. Lewis was right: “Scripture and tradition habitually put the joys of heaven into the scale against the sufferings of earth, and no solution of the problem of pain that does not do so can be called a Christian one.” But it is much more than answering the problem of evil,a failure to understand the glory that awaits the Christian for eternity hurts Christians in many other ways. That’s why I spend three chapters on eternity in my book. We need to do Colossians 3:1-4!

Glorifying God in Unshakable Grief

Pastor John, here’s a heavy email we recently received from a woman who prefers that her name not be used online. “Dear Pastor John, my brother-in-law recently passed away at age 32 in a tragic accident. We stood by his bedside for two months, hopeful that he would recover, but now recognize that God’s will was to take him home to heaven. We rejoice that he was in Christ and can now see him face to face. That is awesome. Yet there is so much sorrow left behind. The Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes 3 that there are appropriate times for different seasons. Many days my husband and I feel a struggle to get out of bed. We struggle to enjoy blessings like the joys our baby boy brings because they remind us of our dear brother that we are deeply grieving. What encouragement does the Bible give for those who are mourning? How do we lift each other up during these dark days? How do we mourn the death of a loved one in a God-honoring way? Your podcasts are such a blessing to our family, especially during this time.”

Perspective | The death of reading is threatening the soul

When asked about his secret to success, Warren Buffett pointed to a stack of books and said, “Read 500 pages like this every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will…” Charles Chu, who quoted Buffett on the Quartz website, acknowledges that 500 pages a day is beyond reach for all but a few people. Nevertheless, neuroscience proves what each of these busy people have found: it actually takes less energy to focus intently than to zip from task to task. After an hour of contemplation, or deep reading, a person ends up less tired and less neurochemically depleted, thus more able to tackle mental challenges.

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The Prayers You Need Most Are Not Your Own

As if that were not grace enough, the Holy Spirit is also present, on speakerphone, as it were. He’s calling directly from our hearts, where he not only knows our every need more intimately than do we ourselves, but he also gazes into the depths of the Father’s will with complete clarity. Since all of his requests are perfectly in line with that will, and everything for which he asks echoes the requests of the beloved Son, his continual requests are continually granted.

Objections to Objective Morality

As I mentioned earlier, in our “post-truth” society it is inevitable that a Christian will run into one of these objections. As Christians, we have to be prepared to answer these objections and to show that belief in God is rational and reasoned (1 Peter 3:15). What I have seen in dealing with the students in my class who opposed objective morality is that it is more of an emotional problem. As I mentioned in objection three, the students in my class did not want objective morality to exist because it would have to demand a change in their way if living. Hopefully, after reading this, you will be prepared to give a defense of one of the most relatable and fundamental arguments for the existence of God.

Science and Theology | Reasonable Faith

When it came to the creation of the Universe, God just wasn’t necessary. This is the conclusion renowned English physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking has made in his latest book with Leonard Mlodinow, The Grand Design. “It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the Universe going,” Hawking writes. According to Hawking, the big bang was a natural event that would have happened without the help or involvement of God. Thus, Hawking and Mlodinow’s new book has made a big bang among laypeople. But what about these authors’ conclusions? How accurate are they? William Lane Craig, noted Christian philosopher and theologian, responds to Hawking and Mlodinow’s new book.

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Land, sea, & air: @dunkirkmovie brings us into the hell of war & leaves us with a dawning sense of grace … @megbasham

How God Sent His Word to An Iraqi Interpreter

And sure enough, God began profoundly changing my father’s heart. My family noticed a huge difference when he returned from prison. He became a hard worker, less selfish and an overall happier man who always had a smile on his face. As an example, one week after his release, my father and I went shopping for clothes. We ran into a man wearing tattered clothing who was obviously homeless. My father had compassion for this man and, stripping down to his underwear, gave away the clothes he was wearing. He said, “He needs these clothes more than I do.” I stood in shock because of his generosity. I knew then that my father’s life had been forever changed.

Do atheists have a lower divorce rate than Christians?

We’re probably not going to keep our low divorce rate unless we start to get serious about learning how to discuss moral issues practically, using evidence. Take premarital sex as an example. I’ve never been in a church where they explained the hormones that are released during sex that cause you to bond to the person you’re having sex with. You would have to look in books or listen to lectures in order to understand the problem with having sex with someone you are not committed to – how it causes you to hold back your emotions for fear of a break-up. The church doesn’t have much to say about the social effects of single motherhood by choice or the effects of gay parenting on children. Nor do they have any positive vision to offer men about how they can serve God by marrying carefully. Now is probably a good time to start thinking deeply about how to have a good relationship, how to have a good marriage, how to raise children who will make a difference.

What Do Greek Scholars Think of the Watchtower Society's New World Translation of the Bible?

In their small book The Facts on Jehovah's Witnesses , authors John Ankerberg and John Weldon contend that "Greek scholars, Christian and non-Christian universally reject..." 1 the New World Translation (NWT) of the Bible used by Jehovah's Witnesses. One such example they offer is the late Dr. Julius Mantey.  As the authors explain: "Mantey was one of the leading Greek scholars in the world.  He was author of the Hellenistic Greek Reader and coauthor, with H.E. Dana, of A Manual Grammar of the Greek New Testament .  Not only did he reject the NWT , he publicly demanded that the Society stop misquoting his Grammar to support it." 2 Mantey wrote: "I have never read any New Testament so badly translated as The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scripture s.  In fact, it is not their translation at all.  Rather, it is a distortion of the New Testament.  The translators used what J.B. Rotherham has translated in 1893, in modern speech, and changed the readings in scores of passages to state what Jehovah's Witnesses believe and teach.

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The power of beauty can lift our eyes to God. So says one new study—and our old friend Chuck Colson.

Instagram post by J Warner Wallace • Jul 21, 2017 at 10:38am UTC

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Does Faith Have to be Blind, Irrational and Opposed to Reason?

One of the things that every young person should understand before they reach the age of twenty is that there is a war on the word ‘faith’. It is because of this war that faith is often viewed as the opposite of reason, intelligence, and the ‘scientific mind’.

Can Science Answer Moral Questions?

I regularly watch TED Talks. As a regular public speaker myself, I love to learn from the best speakers. I recently watched a TED talk by Sam Harris which dealt with why Science and not Religion can answer the deepest questions about right, and wrong and human morality. In fact – Harris argues that science’s objectivity can give us better moral answers than religion can.

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Are there multiple eyewitnesses for the events recorded in the Bible?

Many people think the Bible is just like other “holy books,” giving good advice and telling allegorical and maybe mythological stories. However, upon close examination we find that the Bible is mainly an historical narrative giving facts about people, places, events and times. It contains one mega-theme that connects its 66 books, written by 40 authors over a period of about 1500 years, and its content is unmatched in ancient literature. How do we know that? The authors give eyewitness testimony that is supported by historical and literary facts. Not only did the authors write historically accurate accounts, they recorded actual eyewitness testimony.

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In memoriam: This past week brought the deaths of several notable actors and artists … … #Muse @lmlangdon @ChesterBe

Forensic Faith 101: Do you have an accidental or evidential faith?

Why am I a Christian and not a Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or Atheist? If I answer “because that is what I grew up with,” or “because I had an experience,” or “because I just feel that it is true” then I have an accidental faith. The problem with an accidental faith is that it is based on me and my feelings, it cannot hold up to questions that require evidence, and in fact people from every other belief system can give one of those same answers. In today’s culture, especially in public education, proving your position (whether religious or not) is more important than ever, and if you are not able to do so your view is quickly disregarded and even worse deemed false.

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Teen Breaks Down When He Realizes His Military Brother Came Home Just To Give Him His Diploma

They sacrifice their personal lives, family time, major milestones with friends, and so much more — just so that we can all be living safely in this beautiful country. They do this out of the goodness of their hearts, and they are all some of the bravest people on this earth.

Good Answers to Hard Questions About the Bible’s Covenants

Up to this point in the series it hasn’t mattered whether the author was a paedobaptist or a credobaptist. But in this chapter a theologian can’t avoid tipping his or her hand (nor would a good one wish to). Spoiler alert: Schreiner doesn’t teach at The Southern Presbyterian Theological Seminary. His argument that a credobaptist view of the new covenant better fits an inaugurated eschatology framework, which both sides usually accept, is especially strong (95). Schreiner breaks no new ground as far credobaptist covenantal arguments go, but he restates the standard ones admirably, and gives paedo-brothers worthy material to spar with.

Dr. Michael L. Brown on Twitter

Dr. Brown, I'm excommunicating you from cesationism, lol. Truly thankful for you, you're a blessing to us Messianic Jews and Pentecostals.

The Day I Got Excommunicated and Also Called ‘Lulu’!

So, here are some practical tips the next time you want to excommunicate someone: 1) Don’t try to excommunicate a leader in the Body who is in good standing with the Lord and the Body. You’ll find yourself fighting against God, not man. 2) Don’t excommunicate a leader for standing with another leader who is also in good standing with the Lord and the Body. 3) Don’t do anything on your own; this is a function of the local church. 4) Be sure to spell the person’s name correctly!  5) If you’re using a standard form, be sure to fill in the blanks properly lest you confuse a male leader named Michael Brown with a woman named Lulu!

Forensic Faith

Believers are commanded in 1 Peter 3:15 to always be ready to “to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.” Being able to provide such a defense requires the believer to have a practical understanding of the faith in which they have placed their hope. Part of this effort involves the practice of apologetics. Moreover, developing a good apologetic for the faith includes utilizing the vast amount of evidence available in support of the faith. Having valuable tools on hand which outline in a helpful manner this fount of evidence is also essential.

What Does It Mean to Be Human?

The Smithsonian exhibit was sent around the country to teach and preach an evolutionary story of human origins. But like the Velveteen Rabbit, the exhibit is telling a fictional story. Just as stuffed bunnies in real life only become real in the imagination, so ape-like ancestors only became human in the evolutionary imagination. The Rabbit in the story wished to become real, but in the case of evolutionary science it is the evolutionists who imagine ape-like ancestors have over millions of years acquired physical features and mental abilities and moral natures until somewhere along the way they crossed some line and became Homo or even human.

Hygge: The hug you didn’t know you needed

The sun set at 4:53 last night, just as I walked out to the parking lot after work. It was cold outside, and I was tired and hungry. Sure, I could drive home, pull together a makeshift meal and watch television, but I wasn’t in the mood to be alone. I wanted company. I needed to connect and de-stress after a hard day of work. So, I texted a friend to see if she wanted to meet up for dinner and shuffleboard at one of our favorite hang-outs.

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