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I'm On Vacation (Song)

Worst. Vacay. Ever. iTUNES: Got a crazy vacation story? Tell us at You could win $10k toward a tr...

Stephen Meyer & Eric Metaxas Discuss Darwin's Doubt at Socrates in the City

In September 2013, Dr. Meyer joined host Eric Metaxas for a stimulating conversation before a live audience about Meyer's bestselling book Darwin's Doubt. Vi...

The Case for Christianity Answer Book by Lee Strobel - Full Trailer

Are The New Testament Documents Historically Credible?

For more resources visit: On Thursday, April 10th, 2014 Dr William Lane Craig spoke on the "Objective Evidence for the Resurre...

John Piper - Demonic power and indwelling sin

"The Immeasurable Greatness Of His Power Toward Us" Ephesians 1:15-23 April 4, 2010 Full video @:

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Michael Brown - President Obama You Have Crossed A Dangerous, Unprecedented Line

Dear Mr. President, I write to you today as a concerned citizen of our great nation, standing as a witness against your historic actions on the morning of July 21, 2014, actions which I hope you will one day repudiate with deep remorse and regret.


"Do we really need to teach apologetics in the church?" Asking this question is like asking: *Do we really need to obey the commands of Scripture? *Are we obligated to follow the example of Christ? *Should we follow the example of the apostles and other New Testament leaders? *Do we need the Bible? If we are Christians, the obvious answer to all of these is an emphatic "YES!" Let me show you the connection. 1) "Do we really need to obey the commands of Scripture?" In 1 Peter 3:15, we are given the command to "always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,...." The Greek word that is used in this verse ( apologia ) is the word for preparing a legal defense for a court of law (1). This is what we are commanded to do in defending the Gospel--prepare a reasonable defense of what we believe. Therefore, part of the job of the church is to equip people to do just that. 2) "Are we obligated to follow the example of Christ?" Jesus constantly used apologetics in declaring himself to be the Messiah and in defending his message.

The Guide to Online Decorum for Christian Apologists

Defending the faith online is often a bizarre experience.  I expected sharp attacks from angry atheists when I began to blog regularly on apologetics (and they haven’t disappointed) but what I didn’t count on was rude behavior from so many fellow Christians (James 3:3-12, anyone?).  So, I thought I would make a desperate attempt to convert them to the good side of the force with the following suggestions for proper online decorum for apologists:

4 EQUIP, Christian Articles, Bible Answer Man | CRI

Is it ever morally permissible to lie? In the interest of truth, I should first disclose the fact that Christian theologians are divided on this subject. Some—like Saint Augustine—believed that it is never permissible to lie. Others—like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who had ample time to contemplate this issue from the perspective of a Nazi prison cell—held […]

Eliana Johnson - IRS Has Lost More E-mails . . .

The revelation about Lerner’s e-mails rekindled the targeting scandal and today’s news has further inflamed Republicans. Camp and Boustany are now demanding a special prosecutor to investigate “every angle” of the events that led to Lois Lerner’s revelation in May 2013 that the agency had used inappropriate criteria to review the applications for tax exemption.

If you want to prove you don't hate gays, all you have to do is worship at their feet - The Matt Walsh Blog

I have never in my life encountered a religion as oppressive, cold, and stiff as Progressivism. I’ve never known a faith more eager to burn heretics at the stake. Even a fundamentalist Iranian Muslim would flinch if he came face to face with a western liberal’s rigid dogmatism. I imagine that even a Saudi Arabian Islamic cleric would take one look at how American left wingers react when anyone deviates ever so slightly from their established orthodoxy, and say to himself, “man, these people REALLY need to chill.”

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Stand to Reason

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Who Should Play Lewis and Tolkien in the Upcoming Movie about Their Lives?

Last week, it was announced that a big-budget movie about the relationship between acclaimed authors C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien was in the works. In addition to being two of the most adored literary figures and Christian thinkers in the contemporary era, the duo’s relationship is rife with Hollywood plotlines.

Win 200 Copies of "Everyone's a Theologian" for Your Church

“ Everyone’s a Theologian  is anything but a dry discussion of minute points of doctrine. R.C. Sproul, demonstrating his trademark ability to make complex subjects easy to understand, surveys the basic truths of the Christian faith, reminding us once more of what God is like and of what He has done for His people in this world and the next.”

Grace to You

In view of the convincing nature of Jesus’ healing ministry, it’s hard to understand why anyone who heard or saw any of those miracles would not receive Him. It is especially hard to fathom that God’s own people, with all their special blessings—the law, the prophets, the covenant—would mostly reject the Son of their God. But from the outset of Christ’s incarnation, John speaks of this rejection: “Those who were His own did not receive Him” (John 1:11).

Marriage for the Common Good | Comment Magazine

McCarthy contrasts this with the "household" as "a socially reproductive and economically productive place." In contrast to the closed home, the household is open both in terms of dependence and hospitality. The family is embedded in wider networks of friendship, and ultimately located in the "first family" which is the household of God, the body of Christ. Such households take "the risk of interdependence." Such households make room for others—including the "singles" among us who are equal members of the household of God. Such households are incubators of concern for the common good because they welcome the community into their midst. It is such households that we testify to when, at their baptism, the congregation pledges to help the parents raise their child.

13 The Problem of Evil | Reasonable Faith

a. The chief purpose of life is not happiness, but the knowledge of God. One reason that the problem of evil seems so puzzling is that we tend to think that if God exists, then His goal for human life is happiness in this world. God’s role is to provide comfortable environment for His human pets. But on the Christian view this is false. We are not God’s pets, and man’s end is not happiness in this world, but the knowledge of God, which will ultimately bring true and everlasting human fulfillment. Many evils occur in life which maybe utterly pointless with respect to the goal of producing human happiness in this world, but they may not be unjustified with respect to producing the knowledge of God. Innocent human suffering provides an occasion for deeper dependency and trust in God, either on the part of the sufferer or those around him. Of course, whether God's purpose is achieved through our suffering will depend on our response. Do we respond with anger and bitterness toward God, or do we turn to Him in faith for strength to endure?

14 The Osteenification of American Christianity - 6-Pack - Christian Research Institute

Osteenification is nothing short of the wholesale transformation of American Christianity. The fresh new face of “baptized” humanistic psychology—a new Babel reaching to the heavens, all the while promising “your best life now.” In short, Joel Osteen is the de facto high priest of a new brand of Christianity perfectly suited for a feel-good generation.

We Must Learn to Taste

One of life’s saddest ironies is that many who know the Bible do not know its Author. This is a grand and tragic exercise in missing the point — along the lines of a drowning person catching a flotation device, and then using it to make a hat.

16 Speaking Of Homosexuality - Christian Research Institute

The success of the gay rights movement can be seen in the shifting public attitude toward homosexuality. Proponents of gay rights have repeated three prohomosexual arguments, frequently and emphatically, for the past 30 years. Those arguments have formed an ideology that some of our most powerful cultural institutions support, and have even converted the thinking of some Christians on the matter of homosexuality. They have become “conventional wisdom.” The prohomosexual public not only rejects the traditional view on homosexuality but also derides it as ignorant, intolerant, and dangerous, which poses a formidable challenge to Christians. Any effort to “speak the truth in love” on this hot topic, therefore, requires Christians to respond in a reasoned, balanced way to these three criticisms. The innateness  argument claims that homosexuality is “inborn”; therefore, it is normal and God ordained. Traditionalists can respond that although homosexual orientation may not be chosen, homosexual acts clearly are chosen, making the person who chooses them morally responsible. Human nature, further, is tainted by original sin; therefore, as likely inborn but immoral tendencies such as alcoholism demonstrate, “inborn” does not necessarily mean “normal” or “God ordained.

The Place Between Sundays

Maybe you see the problem already. Or maybe you’re chasing the same illusion. The Christian life is not a list of boxes to check to accomplish before moving on to the next sin or the next fruit of the Spirit, achieving perfection in weekly segments. Each Sunday’s challenge or promise or encouragement or command should point us—no, should cast us—to the foot of the cross. The goal is not joy or peace or holding one’s tongue. Paul would say the goal this way: “For me, to live is Christ.”

Jillian Kay Melchior - Welfare Cash for Weed in Colorado

In 2012, the latest fiscal year available, Colorado used $124 million in TANF money from the federal government, according to the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. Withdrawals at marijuana establishments represented only a tiny fraction of the more than 500,000 total EBT transactions that have occurred since recreational weed became legal in Colorado on January 1. And it’s impossible to determine how much of that welfare money actually was used to buy pot, given that cash benefits are fungible and some of these establishments also sell groceries.

IRS agrees to monitor churches for electioneering

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Six Subtle Signs You're About to Lose Your Job

Jill Abramson got abruptly fired in May as executive editor of the New York Times -- an ouster that she didn't see coming, she said in a TV interview Wednesday. About 70% of unemployed executives now counselled by Shields Meneley Partners overlooked or ignored cumulative clues about the falling ax, estimates Gail Meneley, co-founder of the career-transition firm. The improved economy makes senior managers "less sensitive to reading the signs of trouble," explains Hugh Shields, its other founder.

An Open Letter to Kenneth Miller and PZ Myers

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution, including breaking news about scientific research.

3 Lessons from an Early-Life Stroke

In the doctoral seminar I was attending when this trouble began, we had been discussing spiritual warfare. The enemy hates the advance of the gospel and will use all means at his disposal to stop it. Sometimes, these means include physical attacks. I hadn’t thought, at the time, that I was about to become Exhibit A. But here’s the thing: while it is eminently possible that my stroke was an attack from Satan, the Bible makes it abundantly clear that Satan is powerless apart from the permission of God. He cannot attack Job without God’s permission (see Job 1–2). He cannot attack Peter without God’s permission (see Luke 22:31). The enemy may snarl and snap and sometimes even bite, but he does so as a mongrel on a chain.


Andre Murillo Signs Pro Contract In Germany

HAMBURG, Germany --- Following his graduation from Biola this spring, Andre Murillo is shipping off for the bright lights and big city of Hamburg, Germany. The forward recently signed a one-year contract to play for the Hamburg Towers, a new organization in the 2. Basketball Bundesliga.   The signing comes as a relief and blessing to Murillo, who is excited to be able to call the game he loves his job. Now, for the first time in a very long time, he gets to play basketball without worrying about his homework assignments due the next morning.   His time in pro basketball begins with the Towers, but there is potential that in time Murillo can move forward and progress into the top professional league in the area (BBL).   During his time with the Towers he will have a chance to enjoy living in the second-largest city in Germany and 13 th -largest in all of Europe. He has a chance to make an immediate impact on this new team as it enters its first season in the association.   "I feel so very blessed by God," said Murillo. "I want to always remember that this is just a short chapter in my life, and just a 'detail' in my journey to conforming to Christ's image.

Facing Leviathan

Second, building on his alternate definition of leadership, Sayers proposes an alternate practice for the ministry of a leader. That is, he calls people away from leadership as spectacle and invites them into leadership as communion with God. Here is an invitation to leadership that flows not out of gifting or personality but is forged in the personal battles of our surrender to God. “In our world of platform and social networking, we all too easily fall into the danger of being more concerned with our audience than our inner world,” Sayers observes (127). Between the mechanical model’s practice of leadership as self-promotion and self-protection and the organic model’s practice of leadership as critique and detachment, Sayers presents a third way—retreat. “Leadership power,” he notes poignantly, “comes not from what I am doing but what he is doing inside me” (137).

When It Comes to Work, We Are Never Alone

The truth is that—even when I work alone—I’m actually in relationship with hundreds of other people. From the person who mined the bauxite that was used to make my laptop to the person who packaged my phone so that it wouldn’t be damaged in shipping, I’m interacting with hundreds of “co-workers," if you will. In this moment, we are knit together in a vast network of mutual service built on trust, honesty, sacrifice, and hope.


Dave Furman: We spent our seminary years traveling around the world engaging in various ministries. Uncertain of where we wanted to serve after graduation, the only thing we knew was that we wanted to live among the unreached. Through much prayer and conversation, we became aware of a lack of gospel-preaching churches in the Arabian Peninsula and began to prepare for service here. My wife and I sold our car, packed our bags, and sent our books ahead of us on a ship. Then we hopped on a plane with our sixteen-month-old daughter and set off for a land full of unknowns. We didn’t really know how we would be able to stay or if it was possible for a church to be planted. While we investigated the answers to those questions, we studied the language and got involved in the life of an existing evangelical church in the city. By God’s grace, we were embraced by the leadership of the church and began meeting with people to cast vision for church planting, beginning with a church in the center of the city. Redeemer Church of Dubai was started in February 2010 in downtown Dubai to reach out to the diverse population in our city.

a quote by Laura Ingalls Wilder

“When the fiddle had stopped singing Laura called out softly, "What are days of auld lang syne, Pa?" "They are the days of a long time ago, Laura," Pa said. "Go to sleep, now." But Laura lay awake a little while, listening to Pa's fiddle softly playing and to the lonely sound of the wind in the Big Woods,… She was glad that the cozy house, and Pa and Ma and the firelight and the music, were now. They could not be forgotten, she thought, because now is now. It can never be a long time ago.”

Don’t Settle for a “Quiet” Time

A small lamp threw light up into the corner of the dark living room. As I walked through that room into the home office where I worked, I made the otherwise still air move with me. The owners of the house didn’t like to use the air conditioner—even in the Texas summers—because it felt too cold on their skin. Spending decades in third world conditions will do that to you. On the mornings when I came over to work she would turn on a tiny desk fan just for me. He would shiver as he sat nearby, so I would turn it off.

30 News | Reasonable Faith

Copyright Reasonable Faith. All rights reserved worldwide. Reasonable Faith is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Panel with John Piper and Mark Dever

Mark Dever interviews John Piper about why he’s not a missionary, the relationship between marriage and missions, and what tricky terms like “missionary,” “unreached,” and “calling” actually mean. This discussion helps clarify the distinction in role between the individual Christian and the local church, while also giving Piper the opportunity to squelch the notion that Calvinism kills missions and evangelism. See more panels and talks given at CROSS 2013 at

Jackson Makes Leaps Toward Olympic Goal

MEET RESULTS  OTTAWA, Ontario --- The quest for Olympic glory continues for Biola Athletics Hall of Famer Natasha (Miller) Jackson. The Canadian track & field star and 23-time NAIA All-American placed second in the heptathlon at the 2014 Pan-American Combined Events Cup/Canadian Nationals over the past weekend.   It was a big leap forward for the multi-event specialist who set some personal-best marks and inched closer to qualifying for the 2016 Canadian Olympic team.   "This was a huge score for me," said Jackson. "It brings me within 70 points of the Olympic standard, which I have two years to attain. This new score definitely keeps me on track."   Jackson finished the day with a combined score of 5,928. This was good enough to put her second overall to some of the toughest Canadian competition. She placed first in the Pan-American Cup portion of the event by finishing in front of every other international competitor. The international competition included some of the best heptathletes from the United States, Cuba, Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil and more.   Her tally put her just 44 points off the pace of the Canadian leader.

Should Pastors Preach From an iPad? - Prince on Preaching

Interesting post. Should Pastors also not preach from notes then? Is there really a difference between preaching from notes or from an iPad? Do the same Pastors “disguise” notes in their bibles to make it look like they are preaching from the bible when they are really preaching from printed or handwritten notes? I prefer blatant honesty – just put the notes or iPad on the pulpit beside your bible, if you really feel like you need an open bible for the “authority” factor. Great point that we no longer use scrolls – made me laugh – delivery methods change, but the Word does not.

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist (Book)

Norman Geisler and Frank Turek argue, however, that Christianity is not only more reasonable than all other belief systems, but is indeed more rational than unbelief itself. With conviction and clear thinking, Geisler and Turek guide readers through some of the traditional, tested arguments for the existence of a creator God. They move into an examination of the source of morality and the reliability of the New Testament accounts concerning Jesus. The final section of the book deals with a detailed investigation of the claims of Christ. This volume will be an interesting read for those skeptical about Christianity, as well as a helpful resource for Christians seeking to articulate a more sophisticated defense of their faith. 

Evangelism in the Local Church - Rainer on Leadership #063 -

This week on the podcast, I am honored to host Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg to discuss the state of evangelism in the local church. While we are all commanded to share our faith with others, if we want to build evangelistic churches, we need the pastors to model it first. There are many ways to do this, and Mark and Lee share several ways this can be accomplished. From meeting for coffee, playing golf, barbecuing, to watching sporting events, we all have opportunities to engage in the lives of non-Christians and share our faith.

Why a lustful man doesn’t want a woman

I spoke at a conference this past weekend dealing with the issue of pornography. During one session, a friend highlighted apropos words from C. S. Lewis’ classic The Four Loves . In the following lines, Lewis explains why a lustful man ironically has no use for a real woman. He writes:

The hero story

The promises of the coming seed of the woman all partake of a haunting, hopeful melody, to which the Old Testament’s composer returns again and again. The delay between these prophecies only increases the pathos, adds to the beauty so pure it’s painful. The next oracle almost sneaks up on us, and at points we only recognize it after it has passed us by. Suddenly the words ignite and we read and re-read the promise of a seed who is a lion who wields a scepter who will be a son to the Most High. Each installment in the interweaving of prophecy and pattern comes like a familiar rhythm, or a restrained suggestion, hearkening us back to something earlier in the music. The artist who orchestrates the living production in real time threads the line of promise lightly – but thoroughly – through the whole symphonic poem of the Bible.

Insider Movements: Why Should I Care?

The Insider Movement is heresy and it’s about time the Church starts recognizing that. In essence it is the Emergent Church inside of Missions. IM theology and methodologies are taught and practiced by the Mission Organizations, with the worst offender Frontiers. The church should be ashamed of letting it go this far. It was the lure of easy methods and practices that attracted many to the Insider Movements, but like junk food, the promises were allow and poisonous to the church. Now many of the Christian from Muslim background churches in the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia are being destroyed and infiltrated by Insider Movement Methodologies funded and supported by the Western Church. The Muslim background church has cried out for years to stop these practices, but organizations like Frontiers and the likes have continued. It was only until recently that even Wycliffe would produce Bibles for these IM movements that removed ‘Son’ and ‘Father’ from the text making them not only Muslim-friendly, but destroying the foundational theological beliefs of the Church.

Renewing Your Mind | How Then Should I Live in This World? | July 22, 2014

That is all well and good, you might say, but should we not distinguish between non-Christians who promote immorality openly and those who do not, and then take our business to the former? Does not our purchasing from those who promote sin make us responsible for sin because our dollars might be going to the promotion of evil? There are two passages that bear on this subject. In Romans 13:6–7, Paul explains that Christians are to pay their taxes, thereby echoing the teaching of our Lord in Matthew 22:15–22. This is significant because the specific government to which Jesus and Paul commanded Christians to pay taxes was the Roman government, which supported and condoned heinous activities. In fact, Jesus commended the paying of taxes to the very authorities He knew would soon crucify Him. The Roman Empire was not merely non-Christian—it was anti-Christian. And yet, both our Lord and the Apostle Paul instruct Christians to pay taxes to that government. Since Jesus and Paul would never tell us to do anything that involves us in sin, we may deduce from these passages that Christians are not morally responsible if their tax dollars are used for sinful purposes.

A Deep and Abiding Need for Neanderthals to Be Stupid. Why?

Shermer insists that such advances as Neanderthals made were the result of contact with current humans. As for burying their dead in a fetal position, strewn with flowers, he cites authorities who suggest that graves "may have been dug simply to remove corpses from habitation areas" and that the choice of the fetal position was merely a "desire to dig the smallest possible burial trench" (and not because the mourners thought that the dead might be reborn).

Ken Ham Slams NASA Search for Extraterrestrial Life, Says God Did Not Create Life Outside Earth

Creation Museum CEO Ken Ham has criticized NASA's efforts to search for extraterrestrial life, arguing that God has not created life anywhere outside the Earth, and that the search for such life is driven by "man's rebellion."

Future Of 'Obamacare' Jeopardized by New Court Decision, Millions May Lose Government Subsidies

A three judge panel for a federal appeals court may have delivered a serious blow to the Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare."

43 Is it possible to preach the gospel without using words?

For example, I really don’t care so much whether someone cares about me personally when advising me about my health. What I want to know is that they have a legitimate medical degree and know what they’re talking about. When deciding whether to take an umbrella with me, I don’t worry about whether the weather-man cares about me as a person. I care more about his knowledge of weather. When electing a government representative, I don’t care if he knows and likes me personally. I care whether he can do the job properly or not. When I read a warning label on a cigarette package, I don’t care if the person writing the label cares about me and wants to help me. I want to know if it is objectively true that cigarettes are hazardous to my health. I want to know how much knowledge a person has, not about their feelings, in these cases and many others.

Perry Noble's South Carolina Megachurch Celebrates Nearly 300 Baptisms on Sunday

NewSpring Church, headed by Pastor Perry Noble, celebrated nearly 300 baptisms during Sunday services across its campuses in South Carolina.

45 What happens to people who have never heard the gospel when they die?

Note the words of the vision in which Paul is told by God “I have many people in this city.” This is noteworthy for several reasons. First, Paul does not seem to be aware of this large number of people that God says he already “has” in the City, and therefore it is certain that they were people who Paul had not yet encountered or he would surely be aware of them without needing a vision to tell him about them. Second, Paul had arrived in Corinth at the beginning of the chapter (18:1) and had split his time between his craft of tent-making and Sabbath day discussions in the local synagogue primarily with his Jewish countrymen and a few Greek proselytes that attended the assembly. After his assistants joined him in the city, Paul put aside his tent-making and embarked on what was a full time proclamation of his message to those in the synagogue. He was promptly met with resistance and hostility (verse 6) and abandoned the synagogue, turning instead to a house of one Titius Justus which was directly adjacent to the synagogue itself. Titius, apparently a non-jew, is called one who “worshipped God” and this is his status BEFORE Paul presented him with the message of the Gospel (note, he is not called “a believer” at this point).

“Was Bonhoeffer Gay?” and Other Adventures in Missing the Point

I agree with Melody that this was a very thoughtful and lovely piece. I am so happy Trevin responded to the story. And Melody I just wanted to let you know that I was 39 when I finally met and married my husband. And yes I was a virgin, he was in fact the first man I ever dated and kissed. Our life together was extraordinary and so shall yours be. And like you Melody I am quite sure some of my family seemed relieved but mostly because they were always concerned about who was going to “take care of me”. Then as now I knew that my care was always in the hands of the Lord. I returned with my prayers for them that they would understand that peace and care come with knowing the Lord in their own lives – I pray they will all understand one day that it is the Lord alone that knows exactly what it is we need in this life. Waiting on the Lord has been my greatest joy. It’s not an easy thing to do but it always turns out to be a magnificent choice. Congratulations on your marriage and for waiting.

Christians Not Healthy Enough to Flee Mosul After Death Threat Renounce Faith for Islam 'Just to Stay Alive'

At least five Christian families who were not healthy enough to flee Mosul, Iraq after the militant group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) ordered them to convert to Islam or be executed, have renounced their faith for Islam, according to a local government minister.

Faithful Thinkers: Frozen- The Eyewitness of "No Greater Love"

Before I go into any content about this movie, I want to warn the reader that there are major spoilers in this post. A thorough examination of the message behind the movie is not the intention of this post, rather I want to focus on one important detail in the movie that has value for understanding the force behind the eyewitness testimony of Jesus' disciples. If you have not seen Frozen yet, please do. The main force behind what is written below is best read in the context of having seen the film first. The SPOILER!!!! Allow me to quickly set the stage: The viewer is taken on a journey. It is stated early on that only an act of true love can restore a frozen heart. The viewer is led to believe that this will be the typical Disney fairytale movie: something happens to the girl (in this case, Ana is on the path to being frozen, thus killed), and the kiss of her "true love" fixes it. However, the frozen heart that was the real focus of the movie is Elsa's emotional heart, not Ana's physical heart. Ana's giving her life for Else's is the act of true love that restores Elsa's emotionally frozen heart.

Abandoned Dog Takes a 4-Mile Trip Every Night, So Someone Decided to Follow Her (VIDEO)

Abandoned Dog Takes a 4-Mile Trip Every Night, So Someone Decided to Follow Her (VIDEO)

Trees of the Field: Thoughts on Work

Consider another tree—the oak tree. The fruit of its labor is more than just acorns and wood. A farmer who clears a patch of oak trees from his field creates more space to plant his crops. That, in turn, creates more crops to sell, more food in grocery stores, more money for the farmer, and more opportunities to hire farm hands or fix equipment or send the kids to college or maybe just have a really good time at the local bowling alley.

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