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The Pinnacle of God’s Glory

God’s glory shines brightest in his grace. Everything points us to the miracle of God’s mercy for sinners.

Video: Did Jesus Think He Was God? by Mike Licona

In this recently released video from historian and scholar Mike Licona of Risen Jesus Ministries , he provides a simple yet powerful h...

Watch Sufjan Stevens and His ‘Planetarium’ Collaborators Perform on ‘Colbert’

The concept album is themed around the solar system.

“Once Upon a Dreary Era”: A Review of Peter Kreeft’s Critical Essay On C.S. Lewis

Anyone who has heard a lecture from the characteristic voice of Peter Kreeft—and there are a number available free on iTunesU—will hear his humour behind the words of his dozens of books. His books…

How young can a child be saved? — Southern Equip

As parents, I think we need to rest in looking at the child's life holistically and not get fixated on our child asking Jesus into their hearts.

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1 Albert Mohler Offers 3 Lessons for Christians After 'Agonizing' Eugene Peterson Gay Marriage Ordeal

Dr. Albert Mohler Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, has offered three key lessons for Christians to take from the "agonizing" gay marriage ordeal of Eugene Peterson.

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ReTHINK Apologetics Conference 2017-2018

We're excited to invite you to this year’s reTHINK Apologetics Student Conference. Let’s get equipped and reTHINK how we see the world. September 22-23, 2017 Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa CA. March 2-3, 2018 Cottonwood Creek Church, Dallas TX. April 20-21, 2018 Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, AL. Visit to register!

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That's it for night 2 with Rowan Williams! See you tomorrow for another jam packed night! #LondonBibleWeek

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5 Reasons Our Culture Is Obsessed with Sex.

Reason #5: Our culture is bored . Generation Z has been raised in a culture where they can have whatever they want, wherever they want it, whenever they want it, and however they want it. There are endless television channels, streaming music services, video games, and social media platforms that offer constant connection and entertainment. And yet the reality is that people are lonelier than ever. Rather than living meaningful lives, we live vicariously through stars. For a culture full of people who lack meaningful relationships, and a deeper purpose of life, sex naturally becomes an obsession.

Slow Down, Weary Mom

As we lay down our lives for our for our brothers and sisters in Christ, we also lay down our lives for our children. Today, take the time to kiss the boo-boos, wipe the tears, and sing lullabies of grace. Let your children rest in the comfort of your presence now so that they learn to rest in Jesus soon.

Do You Enjoy Reading the Bible?

There is no more important issue in life than seeing Jesus for who he really is and savoring him above all else. Every word in the Bible is written for this reason, so that we could “taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8).” So when we read our Bibles, we don’t just want to learn about Jesus — we want to love him.

5 Passages Your Pastor Wishes You'd Stop Taking Out of Context

What would it look like for disgruntled citizens to read this verse in context? “I suggest we take the text at face value,” says Wenig. “Paul wrote this for Christians in Rome living under Nero’s regime. If it applied in that context, it’s tough to argue it shouldn’t apply in a democracy like ours. There may be times when we shouldn’t follow the guidelines, but those are rare, not the norm.” Pastors can play a role in guiding people to take the context of this verse seriously. “Get on with the task of living out the kingdom, loving our neighbors, and praying for our leaders (1 Tim. 2:1–2). Set an example by praying for our government and all the folks who get up and go to work there, locally and federally.”

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Praise God for Answered Prayers

Christians are robbed of help and God is robbed of praise when we are too proud to ask others for prayer. In this lab, John Piper shows us that sharing prayer requests is about glorifying God.

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"Jesus has something transforming and saving for everyone" - Rowan Williams #LondonBibleWeek

Coming Soon: Around the World in 80 Days with Larry Alex Taunton


Do You Know How to Rebuke?

One reason rebuke is often underappreciated — in our own lives, and in many of our local churches — is because we have such small definitions for rebuke. If we are truly going to speak the hard truth in love — or appreciate when others say the hard thing to us — we need a bigger, fuller picture of what this kind of love looks like in relationships.

Home - Woodlands Church

Our mission is to help people experience Christ rather than man’s creation of religion, so they can grow strong in Christ and take the Christ experience to the world. Reaching people for Christ, grow them strong in Christ so they can go out and make a difference for Christ in the world.

17 The TC Apologetics Daily

18 The Big Questions of Life: Death and Grief, Part 3

It is clearly not easy to experience intense pain, either physically or mentally, or be the victim of a natural disaster or of someone’s evil actions. But it may even be worse to watch our loved ones experience painful and tragic circumstances. And yet, human life includes all sorts of suffering. Because suffering and death are inevitable, all of us have experienced, or will experience, profound grief.

Before the Throne of Social ‘Likes’

In this environment, “likes” maintain their hold over us. We check in and count likes and comments and blog stats because we hope to be affirmed in the way we have presented ourselves. The phone becomes an IV dripping the drug of “likes” into our hearts, until we find ourselves turning into affirmation-craving addicts. To maintain our control over our image, we become the person we think others like instead of the person we know God calls us to become.

How Millennials Can Avoid Poverty: Follow the ‘Success Sequence’

The Background: A new report from Wendy Wang and W. Bradford Wilcox of the Institute for Family Studies and cosponsored by the American Enterprise Institute examines a group of Millennials whom the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth has been following since 1997, and who were last interviewed in 2013 and 2014, when they were 28–34 years old. The report finds that the link between marriage and economic success among Millennials is “robust after controlling for a range of background factors.” Compared with the path of having a baby first, marrying before children more than doubles young adults’ odds of being in the middle or top income tier, after adjusting for education, childhood family income, employment status, race/ethnicity, sex, and respondents’ scores on the Armed Forces Qualifying Test (AFQT), which measures intelligence and knowledge of a range of subjects.

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Greg is broadcasting live in 5 min. Call him with your questions at (855) 243-9975. Listen live here: … .

9 out of 10 Christians say Christianity is being marginalised in society | Christian Concern

Premier Christian Communications has published a survey  of nearly 12,000 Christians about what it's like to be a Christian in Britain today. 93% of those surveyed said Christianity is being marginalised in society. Furthermore, half of those responding say they have personally experienced prejudice against their faith. Only 29% said that it is considered acceptable in society for Christians to share their faith with others.

God's Electing Love by R.C. Sproul | July 18, 2017

Not everyone receives God’s eternal love. So, how does a person become a part of God’s family? Is everyone called to be adopted? Is God obligated to give His love to everyone? In this lesson, Dr. Sproul discusses the sovereignty of God’s electing love, the recipients of it, and our proper response to it.

Hiding from the Sun: Gender Ideology’s Attack on Truth

Beyond the hubris, the case is one of classic philosophical illogic. The “first principle” that the transgenderist needs simply is not there, for a woman is not and cannot be a man. So in order to prove the faulty first principle, the transgenderist tries to “create” it, to make it appear to be true. The gender ideologue removes all evidence that conflicts with the transgender principle, surgically mutilating her body and pumping it full of testosterone—for her body, being a woman’s body, is not producing “enough” of that hormone naturally. Even then, the principle’s falsity remains all too evident, so the transgenderist must force others to agree that a woman is a man. For gender ideology, the truth is a great obstacle that must be attacked and destroyed.

Is God a Genocidal Maniac?

A few nights ago, in the midst of a spirited discussion about faith and morality, my friend made a powerful statement. He said emphatically, “I can’t worship a God who would command his people to go kill all the men, women, and children of another nation.” This is one of the more common objections I hear to Christianity, and I can genuinely sympathize with those who feel this way.

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Jane Austen’s answer to Atheism 2.0 - The Veritas Forum

[5] Religious parallels hover behind the entire opening.  Austen’s summation that, “Vanity was the beginning and the end of Sir Walter Elliot’s character” echoes Jesus’ claim in the last chapter of the Bible “I am…the beginning and the end” (Revelation 22:13).  And Austen paints the ingrown nature of Sir Walter’s mock-faith when she observes that, “He considered the blessing of beauty as inferior only to the blessing of baronetcy; and the Sir Walter Elliot, who united these gifts, was the constant object of his warmest respect and devotion.”  For Austen, as witnessed by her prayers, blessings prompt devotion to God.  But Sir Walter’s blessings heighten his devotion to himself.

The Popular Liberal Notion of 'Intersectionality' Is a Strategic Dead-End

“Intersectionality,” the beast born in liberal hothouses on college campuses, slouches now toward the halls of power. It is a Marxist notion that all discrimination is linked because it is rooted in the unjust power structures that facilitate inequality. Therefore, there are no distinct struggles against prejudice. Class, race, gender, sexual identity; these and other signifiers are bound together by the fact that oppression is institutional and systemic. The problem with this ideology is it compels its adherents to abandon discretion. To sacrifice anyone with a claim to oppression is to forsake every victim of prejudice. So, sure, Assata Shakur robbed, assaulted, incited violence, and killed a cop. But she also hates capitalism and white supremacy. Therefore, she’s one of us.

Renewing Your Mind | The Psalms: Solving Difficulties | Jul 18, 2017

Have you ever struggled to understand a psalm? Today, W. Robert Godfrey demonstrates how the difficulties commonly perceived in the Psalms are not that difficult after all.

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Pastor, author and blogger, Tim Chester answers, 'Is The Bible Becoming Obsolete?'

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Who really needs to apologize? John Stonestreet explains why defending religious liberty is not "hate speech."

Keller, Moore, and DeYoung Discuss Religious Freedom

Keller:  Well, what Russ just said does resonate, because sometimes . . . I think the conversations are usually somewhat disarming because you are getting rid of stereotypes. What resonates is I’ve realized lately, in the last two years, I’ve talked to some . . . most of these, I won’t mention their names, so you’d know most of them are, you might say, Christian jurists, Christian law professors and all that, who have shown me—at first, it kind of panicked me—that, actually, religious liberty, there’s not a lot of actual hard in the Constitution law. Religious liberty has largely been a cultural mood that most people thought of.

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Let's be clear: The work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus

I regard consensus science as an extremely pernicious development that ought to be stopped cold in its tracks. Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you’re being had.

Jesus and the Stenographer: Do We Have Jesus' Exact Words?

If you are familiar with a courtroom setting, you will know what a stenographer does. Stenographers record a verbatim transcript of everything that is said in a courtroom. They do this by using shorthand on a special machine that types syllable by syllable instead of letter by letter. This method enables them to write much faster than typing on a normal keyboard.

The Bible Has Errors, What Do We Do? - Christian Apologetics Alliance

In essentials unity, in nonessentials liberty, in all things charity. The Christian Apologetics Alliance (CAA) is united in our Statement of Faith. The CAA does not, as an organization, have positions on many of the doctrinal or theological debates that take place within the church. Our primary concern is to promote the gracious, rational defense of the central claims of Christianity and the critique of opposing systems of thought. The CAA joyfully welcomes Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and diverse Protestant believers, and we are committed to treating all these traditions with respect in our community.

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Should the Big Bang be Disdained?

When my children were young, I would often drive to the home of the person babysitting my kids, usually a young teenage girl, pick her up, then drive her back to my house.  In the car I would ask questions about her interests or her school. In addition, I would sometimes ask a question that intrigued me since I am a scientist and a Christian, "Do you think the Big Bang is a theistic theory or an atheistic theory?" Now that question is not on most people’s list of babysitter interview questions, but I was interested to know their answer even though it would not affect their monetary tip. Every time I asked this question I always got the same answer, that the Big Bang is an atheistic theory.  This is just one example of the fact that many kids growing up in an evangelical church environment have the perception that the Big Bang is an idea which removes God as the creator.  It seems that many Christians may disdain the Big Bang.

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God's Not Dead: Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty $2.99  #Apologetics

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Is bias fair? Can we really know history?

That’s the most recent indictment by the modern skeptic. Overlooked is the fact that almost everyone is a modern skeptic. We (post-modern culture) trust no one. I wonder though, have we answered questions about historical reliability too hastily. Can we sit in judgement over all historical accounts and their reporters, either recent or ancient? How deep should our skepticism interfere with our belief when it comes to history? Is bias fair? Can we really know history?

Where Should We Look for LUCA, Supposed Ancestor of All Life?

What about LUCA’s habitat? LUCA’s energy-associated genes only coded for enzymes that would be destroyed by exposure to oxygen. Such enzymes are unique to anaerobes, so they conclude LUCA’s habitat must have been oxygen-free. LUCA’s profile also indicated a dependence on hydrogen, which today comes from either geological sources or fermentation. However, fermentation is a biochemical process performed by microbes, which, by definition, could not have already been around when life first evolved. That only leaves geological sources to provide LUCA’s necessary life-building hydrogen. Therefore, they conclude LUCA’s habitat must have provided hydrogen from a geological source. Furthermore, one of LUCA’s enzymes is found exclusively in microbes that thrive in super-hot conditions, like those enjoyed by extremophiles near seafloor fissures from which magma-heated mineral-rich water issues. LUCA’s profilers therefore conclude that LUCA was an anaerobic, heat-loving microbe that lived on hydrogen and carbon dioxide, and that it obtained these, along with iron and sulfur, from deep-sea hydrothermal vents.

EXIT: Official Trailer 2

AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD Get it today: Before you finish reading this, one individual will have ended their life by suicide—because they think they have no other choice. According to the World Health Organization, a massive 800,000 people take their lives every year—one death every 40 seconds. That’s over 2,000 a day. For millions who suffer from deep sadness and despair, “EXIT” points to a better way. This compelling movie shines a powerful light in the darkness and offers true hope to those who think they have none. Someone you know may be secretly considering their exit. Watch “EXIT” when it comes out on pre-release download on July 12, and share it with those you love. From Living Waters, creators of the award-winning TV program The Way of the Master and the popular movies “180” and “Evolution vs. God,” comes the riveting and hope-inspiring film “EXIT.” Visit the movie website: If you're struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, please visit this page for some practical helps: Follow Living Waters: https://www.

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We just wrapped up our first evening of ReFresh: Ready for College! @RamsdenMichael shares an update after speaking to students. #ReFresh17

If Religious Freedom Is So Important, Why Do So Few of Us Exercise it?

Take a look at that list; I bet your hesitancy is represented somewhere. It’s time to get busy, folks. Don’t let your excuses become obstacles. If we want to be consistent in our concerns and objections related to the shrinking religious freedoms we are about to experience, we need to be a people who actively exercise our religious freedom on a daily basis. We can’t simply complain about losing something we never used in the first place. Exercise your freedom. Speak up. Share the truth.

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Why Is God So Hidden?: On the Divine and the Nature of Love

I knew my parents, teachers, and friends were real, because I could see them and I could see their impact on the world around me. God, however, seemed completely hidden. I often thought, “If God exists, why would He hide in this way? Why wouldn’t God just come right out and make it obvious to everyone He exists?”

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Yesterday, we had 11 eleven networks around the world. Today, we have 12. We welcome our #Acts29 Middle East Network at the #Acts29gg .

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Alabama’s Underwater Forest

Their presence on the seafloor provides powerful evidence of the massive climate changes that swept the earth after the global Flood about 4,300 years ago. Water from the ocean was locked up in massive ice sheets and glaciers for a brief time during the Ice Age in the centuries after the Flood, causing the sea level to lower. The cypress forests spread into this newly exposed coastline. Then rapid melting of the ice sheets about 4,000 years ago flooded the forest, covering the stumps and fallen logs with thick mud and preserving the wood.

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