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Listen: Nancy Pearcey on Hegel and the Spiritualized View of Evolution

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Christian ousted for opposing gay marriage on Facebook

A Christian student in South Africa who used her personal Facebook page to express regret about the legalisation of gay marriage across the US has been ousted from her position on her university’s student council.

For Next Week's 90th Scopes Trial Anniversary, We've Got Something Special Planned

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Young Boy Uses LEGOs to Customize His Prosthetic Arm

Children with disabilities have their resilience tested every day. Some go through their daily rituals without a single complaint, even though the challenges they face mean less time for fun and play. Then this wonderful campaign came along with an idea that is life changing for some kids.

Franklin Graham Says People Who Perform Abortions Have 'No Conscience;' Blasts Planned Parenthood for Selling Infant Body Parts

The Rev. Franklin Graham, CEO of Samaritan's Purse, said on Wednesday that people who perform abortions have "no conscience." His comment is a response to the undercover video released earlier this week that shows a Planned Parenthood abortionist discussing the sell of fetal organs, such as hearts, lungs, livers, as well as limbs.

New Fossils Before and After the Cambrian, What Do They Show?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Peeved President Obama Says He Is Not 'Content' With Americans Imprisoned by Iran; Says Diplomats Working Hard to Free Them

A peeved President Barack Obama flatly rejected a suggestion Wednesday that he was "content" with the recent nuclear deal with Iran which did not include the release of four Americans including pastor Saeed Abedini who remain imprisoned in the Middle Eastern nation on mostly "trumped-up" charges.

Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth DVD

Answering Muslims: Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez Identified as Chattanooga Jihadist

Reuters —Five people were killed on Thursday including a suspected gunman who opened fire at two military-related facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee in an attack local officials described as brazen, brutal and an act of domestic terrorism. CBS News quoted two law enforcement officials as saying the suspect was Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez. No motive has yet been given. The suspected shooter, who has not been officially identified, is believed to have lived in the area and acted alone, local police said. The other four killed were Marines at a Naval Reserve Center, a military official said in Washington, DC. "We are treating this as an act of domestic terrorism," said Bill Killian, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, adding that no official determination of the nature of the crime had yet been made. Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez The suspect, seen driving in an open-top Mustang, is believed to have first gone to a joint military recruiting center in a strip mall, and peppered the facility with gunfire. No one was injured in the attack. "Everybody was at a standstill and as soon as he pulled away everyone scrabbled trying to make sure everyone was OK," said Erica Wright, who works two doors down from the center. The gunman then drove off to a Naval Reserve Center about 6 miles (10 km) away, fatally shooting the four Marines before being fatally shot himself in a firefight with police. Three others were wounded in the attacks, including a police officer and a Marine. The shootings began at about 10:45 a.m. local time and ended about 30 minutes later. "There were numerous Chattanooga and Hamilton County officers who responded. They arrived on the scene extremely quickly. They actively and enthusiastically engaged this brazen criminal, and one of those officers was injured by gunfire from this criminal," Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher told a news conference. A White House spokesman said President Barack Obama had been told about the shooting. ( Continue Reading. )

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Is It Robbing God to Tithe on Your After-Tax (Not Gross) Income?

The question here assumes that tithing in some way is required for Christians. The word tithe means 10 percent, not necessarily “a tenth of my income.” The biblical definition of a tithe is “giving 10 percent of one’s increase from crops grown in the land of Israel or cattle that feed off the land of Israel.” It was consistently connected to the land of Israel. A tithe was done multiple times a year, probably equaling more than 20 percent of crops. No one was ever commanded to give 10 percent from their general income (just crops and cattle). So unless you are under the Old Covenant and have crops based in the land of Israel or cattle that feed off the land of Israel, you do not qualify to tithe (Lev. 27:30–33; Num. 18:21–24; Deut. 14:22–29).

Evil, Legal, and Common

The Center for Medical Progress claims that because Planned Parenthood receives compensation for fetal organs, it has violated a federal law prohibiting the sale of human body parts. Planned Parenthood has responded that their doctors are not selling organs because any money received is reimbursement for costs associated with the tissue donation. Planned Parenthood has not denied that its doctors routinely harvest organs or that they receive compensation for these, but claims that the doctors’ actions are fully legal.

Why Reality TV Can’t Handle the Josh Duggar Scandal

Earlier this week, I appeared on CNN alongside TV critic Ken Tucker to discuss the scandal. While TLC has suspended 19 Kids and Counting following the revelations, and advertisers have withdrawn their support, Tucker insisted the cable network continue the program. He said, “I really feel reality TV deserves to become more real, so when something like this happens, let the Duggars come back on for another season and confront what happened in their lives as a result.”

Two Things Nearly Everyone Believes About the Universe | Cold Case Christianity

Nearly everyone investigating the nature of the universe accepts the Standard Cosmological Model; we agree the universe came into being from nothing, and the first cause of this universe was something outside the natural realm of space, time and matter. Not everyone agrees, however on what this first cause might be. Is the first cause of the universe a personal or impersonal force? This appears to be the only question left for us to answer. I hope God’s Crime Scene can help you answer this question by employing a number of very simple investigative tools detectives use every day. Criminal investigators recognize one important evidential truth: the identity of a suspect must account for all the evidence “in the room”. Whatever caused the origin of our universe must also account for all the other evidence we see “in the room” including the fine-tuning of the cosmos, the origin of life, the appearance of design in biology, our experience of consciousness and free agency, the existence of transcendent objective moral truths, and the enduring presence of evil and injustice.

What Is Faith? | RZIM

Perhaps the best word we can use to translate the Greek word “pistis” (usually translated faith) is the word “trust” or “trustworthy.” Suppose you tell a friend that you have faith in her. What does that mean? It means two things. First, you are sure the person you are talking to actually exists. And second, you are convinced she is trustworthy; you can believe what she says and trust in her character.

ABC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC all ignore Planned Parenthood organ harvesting story

A taxpayer-funded organization reportedly selling baby hearts and livers should be a huge story. Not so, say the broadcast networks, which have devoted just 39 seconds to the story, out of the 9 hours and 30 minutes of news shows they’ve aired since it broke.

Richard Nixon - "I'm not a crook"

Richard Nixon - "I'm not a crook"

N T Wright on Gay Marriage

Here, Dr. N T Wright (Oxford) gives his position on gay marriage.

Grace to You Radio

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AUDACITY - Official Release Trailer (2015) HD - Ray Comfort

DOWNLOADS AVAILABLE NOW! (It will be released free on YouTube on 8/19.) From Living Waters, creators of the award-winning TV program “The Way of the Master” and the hit movies “180” and “Evolution vs. God,” comes the powerful film “Audacity.” Executive produced by TV co-host and best-selling author Ray Comfort (Hell’s Best Kept Secret, Scientific Facts in the Bible), this film delivers an unexpected, eye-opening look at the controversial topic of homosexuality. Peter (Travis Owens) is an aspiring comedian encouraged by his friend Ben (Ben Price, Australia’s Got Talent finalist) to perform at the local comedy club. But stage fright isn’t Peter’s only fear. When confronted with one of today’s most divisive issues, he feels compelled to speak, but can he? Challenged by his coworker Diana (Molly Ritter) to defend his convictions about homosexuality and gay marriage, will he have the courage to stand for what he believes—even at the risk of losing a friendship? And how will he respond when faced with a harrowing life-or-death experience? “Audacity” uses a unique approach to address a very sensitive subject in contemporary society.

Amazing Grace

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8 Biographies Everyone Should Read

In today's intellectual climate of specialization, I would like to see more biographies like the Metaxas book. What exactly is Bonhoeffer scholarship standards? If a Bonehoeffer scholar wrote a book about Bonehoeffer, it might not be accessible to the public. My question is--------why aren't there more writers like Metaxas who will make important figures understandable to the public? I read half of the Metaxas book (I had to give it back to my friend) and I found it to be weighty and researched. I especially enjoyed the part of Metaxas book about Bonehoeffer's time in America and his dilemma about what to do here. Maybe you could explain why it is not up to par or better----tell us what we should read that would match your scholarship standards.

Ask Pastor John

Daily audio clips of John Piper answering tough theological and pastoral questions.

Doing Missions When Living Is Gain

Paul concluded during his imprisonment that, for the sake of love, he would choose to remain living, rather than die and be with Christ — though the latter was “far better” for him — so that he might continue laboring in ministry for the “progress and joy in the faith” of the churches (Philippians 1:23–25). Getting oneself killed in a dangerous place, or letting go of life when one is at death’s doorstep, can be relatively easy for the one dying, but yields much pain and grief for his or her family and friends. Fighting perfectionistic tendencies for a biblically balanced way of life, not growing weary in doing good to others, and maintaining a consistent witness to the same unbelievers over time can be extremely difficult. Yet the latter is also a wonderful experience of the kind of relationships for which we are created and recreated by our triune God.

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The Book of Numbers

An animated Bible walk through of Numbers Donate To More Videos Here: Say hello or follow us here: Twitter: Facebook: Website: The book of Numbers is Israel's epic road trip through the wilderness on their way to the promised land. The Bible Project is a non-profit creating animated videos that explain the narrative of the Bible. These videos are free to use for personal and educational use. Download a full resolution version of this video along with a study guide at Support us so we can make more videos! You can give to the next video at Help us translate this video into more languages! Email for more information. About the authors: Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary. Jon Collins is a founder of Epipheo and Sincerely Truman and a veteran explainer video producer.

Benham Brothers respond to Planned Parenthood video

We need to speak up for the lives of the unborn as passionately as we are speaking up for our religious liberties! Let's be a voice for the voiceless. Please share this and let's be a voice together this Sunday!

Christian Apologetics - What Is Christian Apologetics?

Christian apologetics represents the serious and sustained engagement with ‘ultimate questions’ raised by a culture, people group, or individual aiming to show how the Christian faith is able to provide meaningful answers to such questions. Where is God in the suffering of the world? Is faith in God reasonable? Apologetics clears the ground for evangelism, just as John the Baptist prepared the way for the coming of Jesus of Nazareth. …Evangelism…issues a personal invitation: ‘You are invited to the feast! Please come!’ Apologetics lays the ground for this invitation; evangelism extends it. Both are an essential part of the mission of the church

Abortion Video Leads to Claims of Modern Day Grave Robbing

“It is stomach-churning to hear a top doctor for the national Planned Parenthood organization admit, on videotape, that Planned Parenthood abortionists can and will alter late abortion procedures to facilitate the harvesting of intact baby body parts—she specifically mentioned hearts, lungs, livers, even intact heads—in order to fill specific pre-orders,” said National Right to Life president Carol Tobias in a statement. “Numerous statements by Dr. Nucatola cry out for probes by Congress and other investigatory agencies—and quickly.”

Innovative Apologetics: Atheist Peter Boghossian Wants to Treat All Believers as Mentally Ill

Senator Lankford Speaks about the Planned Parenthood Video on the Senate Floor

Senator James Lankford (R-OK) speaks about the Planned Parenthood video and their gruesome abortion practices on the Senate floor (July 16, 2015).


“Storytelling, likely the oldest art, is revered and reinvigorated by this hour for everyday raconteurs,” write the Peabody judges regarding  The Moth Radio Hour .  Read more »

God's Not Dead: Atheistic Evolution Rests Upon Irrationalism and Blind Faith

 Because God is not only real, but necessary, the scientist who strives to analyze and evaluate evolution must utilize universal operating features of reason. This is the case since he is employing selected universal, immutable, and infinite features using his finite mind while he is not on a proper ontic ground to account for such and he lacks a proper epistemic position to discern truth. God is boundless in His knowledge, but humans are limited creatures who can never provide the infinitely-broad operational features necessarily utilized in all scientific research. One needs God as one’s ground for reason to account for all the implicit features of rational analysis. What worldview can furnish the a priori necessities and rational tools for the analysis and communication of evolution? Christian theism delivers the epistemic ground for the a priori immutable universals utilized in science; in principle materialistic atheism cannot furnish the aforementioned ground.

An Embarrassing Week for Christians Sharing Fake News

Just something like this would suffice: "Hey friends, I posted a story about _______ this weekend, and it turns out it wasn't true! Be on guard and don't believe everything you read out there! I’ll be more careful next time."

Are Miracles Possible? - Do Miracles Really Violate the Laws of Science?

The question is reasonable, and it may be as reasonably answered in terms that make no appeal to any particular religious tradition. In some circumstances, we have prima facie reason to doubt a miracle claim: when it is reported only long after the alleged event happened or at a great distance from the place where it happened, or when the report would have been permitted to pass without examination, either because such examination would have been impossible in the nature of the case (say, with regard to an event that would leave no public traces) or because the local population would have had no motive to inquire into its truth or falsehood (because, for instance, it fell in with their own prevailing religious prejudices). And it is also reasonable to doubt a miracle claim when no remotely worthy end could have been served if it had really happened—no deep questions about our origin and destiny answered, no striking teachings confirmed, no divine commission endorsed. “Let not a god intervene,” as Horace wrote, “unless there be a knot worthy of a god’s untying.

Duggar Family’s ‘19 Kids and Counting’ Canceled By TLC

Discovery Communications tried to work methodically once Josh Duggar , the oldest child in the devout Baptist family and one of the central figures in the show, admitted recently to molesting girls 12 years ago. “19 Kids” has since 2008 chronicled life in the family of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 children, all of whom have names that start with the letter ‘J.’ Discovery worked with the family, which wanted to have time to tell its own account of events to the public, this person said. The Duggars eventually gave an interview to Megyn Kelly of Fox News Channel.

A Powerful Commercial With Kids Reciting John 3:16

The memorable commercial brings new life to John 3:16. These beautiful children understand what this important Bible verse means, and SHARE it with the world. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." At the end of each and every one of them saying a part of the Bible verse, you will want to throw your hands up in joy!

Raising future men and women

There are no generic people. There are men, and there are women. Consequently there are no generic Christian people. There are Christian men and there are Christian women. In Genesis 1-2, Ephesians 5, 1 Peter 3, and Colossians 3, we find clarity about the primary roles of men and women. There are differing ways in which men and women will live out the Christian life. For instance, when giving specific instruction and admonition to men, the Bible usually does so within three key categories: leading, providing and protecting. In other words, biblical masculinity involves a heart that is inclined to obey God within this particular context of leadership, provision and protection. This may take place predominantly as husbands and fathers, but it still should be cultivated, encouraged and instilled in boys as they mature into manhood.


Most people want to be closer to God and experience more fulfilling relationships. Jesus gave us the keys to accomplish this when he taught us that of all God's commands only two are most important: Love God with all your heart and love your neighbors as yoursef. This sounds so easy, but we struggle in this area. That's why Pastor Rick developed the 40 Days of Love Study Kit. This unigue tool will equip you to fulfill the two greatest commandments. And, as you learn to live a love powered life you will grow closer to God and others. You'll become more like Jesus!

J. Warner Wallace on Twitter

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Innovative Apologetics: The Case Against Islam: Part 1

Stealing From God (paperback)

FANTASTIC! This book takes the tiger by the tail and calls those that rant against Christianity to the carpet, with THE EVIDENCE, THE TRUTH, and breaks down EXACTLY what they "stand" for and against, and what is shown in this book, they have NOTHING to stand on. EVERY CHRISTIAN should know the facts and tactics, atheists use against Christianity, and with that knowledge, the atheist sand castle can't possibly stand. Thank you, Frank for all the effort and research to put this book together. It compels me to know Hiis Word and their tactics, and now I feel MUCH more equipped, and confident when I encounter and engage, an atheist, not to rant back at them, but to present real truth, to help them think and prayerfully find who it is they rage against, and truly find Jesus.

Identity In Creation

The evidence is persuasive and the conclusion is clear: we tend to let the physical things of this world define us instead of Christ. But God won't give up on us in the midst of our stumbling. He'll continue to chase us down, sometimes taking away our possessions if necessary, so that our hearts will worship him alone. And a heart that worships God alone is a heart that finds rest, security, peace, and joy, regardless of the circumstances.

WORLD | My personal earthquake | Chelsea Boes | July 16, 2015

This April, in the first days after my husband and I learned a baby was coming to us—certain and irreversible as a tracked train—I cried for several days. Instead of the jubilation endemic in pregnancy-test TV commercials, I took the news as a kind of death knell. Ah, now , I said to myself, I have an unchangeable rendezvous with the curse of God: the pangs of childbirth, the terrifying circumstance God reserves for the most frightening judgment metaphors in the Bible.

The Icky Truth about Global Clean Water Campaigns

More people have cell phones than access to toilets and latrines. It’s a global problem that can’t be flushed away.

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#Conference Chino CA this weekend my topic "Legislating Morality" Find more information here

Why We Should Legalize Murder for Hire

While divorce may be an attractive alternative to murder for hire in most cases, some women do not have the emotional and financial resources to go through a divorce. A contested divorce can take more than a year to resolve. After attorneys drain the couple's finances, the woman will be left with little money to get on with her life. Additionally, a discrete and well-timed hit protects a husband from the pain of discovering that he is no longer wanted. A truly skilled assassin can take his target painlessly in an instant, without any suffering. The end of a marriage can potentially ruin a woman's life, but if her husband can be taken out quickly and cleanly, it can be a new beginning for her.

Rebuilding a Marriage Culture: A Fourfold Mission for the Church

The fourth task of the church is the most important and the most challenging. We need to live out the truth about marriage and human sexuality. Husbands and wives must be faithful to one another for better and for worse till death do them part. Mothers and fathers must take their obligations to their children seriously. The unmarried must prepare now for their future marital lives so they can be faithful to the vows they will make. And they need the encouragement of pastors who are not afraid to preach unfashionable truths.

Are Christians Commanded to Change the Culture?

Secularists understand that if they can capture people’s hearts and minds by instilling in them the foundation that man’s opinion determines what is true and what is right, then such people will build a secular worldview. Secularists do not just believe that people have a right to believe what they choose, but rather that there are no absolute standards of right and truth. They believe that right and truth are matters of opinion. And they argue that when Bible-believers insist that there is an absolute standard that comes to us from an authority higher than man, from God the Creator of all, those who stand in opposition to God’s standards are somehow being persecuted or having their rights violated. (See “ Gay Marriage as a Civil Right—Are Wrongs Rights? ” for more about this.)

The Selfie’s Deeper Tale

N ot too long ago I took my first selfie. I figured out how to take a front-facing photo, maximize my arm extension, and include my friend and the concert-stage backdrop in the frame. I uploaded the photo and self-consciously attached a series of hashtags, most of which pointed out that I never take selfies because, as everyone knows, selfies are terrible. That people snap photos of themselves for the rest of the world to see reeks of entitlement, self-obsession, and boredom. Right now on the Internet, billions of lonely little images are floating in the cloud, a steady stream of self-aggrandizement.

The Prodigal Church: A Gentle Manifesto against the Status Quo

Shot on the Red Epic on location in Seattle, WA. Special thanks to Sara and Brad: Type design by Matt Naylor:

WORLD | Not for dabblers | Joel Belz | July 25, 2015

National Bible Bee is the brainchild of a Texas entrepreneur who says he had noticed the popularity of similar competitions in spelling and geography. “Why not,” he asked, “do the same thing with Bible memory? And why not offer competitive prize money?” In six years, NBB has attracted some 45,000 participants—boys and girls in three age levels who have shown themselves ready to take on the disciplines needed for sometimes excruciating national competition.

Julie Rodgers, Tyler Huckabee and Their Mistake about Jesus | The Stream

Let me say right up front that I know nothing about you, and therefore am not writing, here, about you (mostly, or knowingly). I will also concede that I do not know how many singles will agree with me and how many will vilify me. It doesn’t really matter. On the point of this one question, alone, when it comes to married people, I give very little weight to their opinions on how to live the single life; they are not single and do not know what it is like. They go home to their spouse, have union with them, and then wonder why we find it so hard to live without that. In their efforts to uplift and encourage and exhort, I have been belittled by even close friends, who simply do not understand.

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Aug 4-6 | Louisville, KY | Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


I had an extended conversation with a pastor of a church this past week. The topic was not that different from those I’ve had with church leaders for nearly twenty-five years. The pastor’s words were similar to those I’ve heard repeated hundreds of times: “We have a pretty good front door with a healthy number of guests. And we’ve had a steady increase in our number of new members. Our problem is really not the front door; it’s the back door. If we could just keep a fourth of all those who become involved in our church for a few months or more, we would be triple our size.”

ISIS' Horrifying 22-Minute Propaganda Video Shows Child Executioner Shooting Prisoners in Head

Terror group ISIS has released its latest propaganda video, this time featuring a child soldier who shoots several prisoners in the head as they plead for their lives at an Iraqi river.

Evangelical Bethel College Professor Jim Stump Resigns Because He Doesn't Believe 'Adam, Was Created by Immediate Act of God'

A wave of concern is now rippling through the Christian science community after it was revealed that Jim Stump, a respected evangelical philosophy of science professor at the Christian Bethel College in Indiana, chose to resign last month because he doesn't agree with the school's new corporate position that "the first man, Adam, was created by an immediate act of God and not by a process of evolution."

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