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"Evangelical Greek" from Constantine R. Campbell

Evangelical Greek*—it's Greek for the gospel. To really brush up on your Greek, check out these resources from Con Campbell and Logos:

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Manage Your Time for the Mission of Love

When we ask that God teach us to count our days, this is the lesson we learn time and again. One way to make it practical is to schedule the time both for proactive good in the calling God has given us and reactive good that responds to the urgent needs of others. Learning to let love inspire and drive our planning likely will mean fairly rigid blocks for our proactive labors, along with generous margin and planned flexibility to regularly meet the unplanned needs of others.

Grace to You Radio

Below is a listing of the resources we've offered free of charge on our radio broadcast recently. For more information and to request your free item, click the button below.

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Health survey gives government its first large-scale data on gay, bisexual population

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5 The TC Apologetics Daily

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40 Under 40 - A New Generation of Leaders in the CRC & RCA

Overlooking Kevin DeYoung is a huge oversight. DeYoung is quickly becoming one of the most influential North American Church leaders (young or old) and he’s an RCA pastor and he’s under 40. His books, sermons, blogs, and seminars have made more global impact than probably the rest of this list combined. Yes, his congregation has applied to leave the RCA (because the RCA is too liberal). However, he is still an RCA pastor. Mark, and YALT team, I love what you are doing, but you need to include a guy like this.

5 Important Questions to Ask Before You Tie the Knot

Most of us assume one of two things when we begin a relationship: that the other person will change simply because they love us or that our magnanimous, abundant love will compensate for their limitations. I regret to inform you, but that’s seldom the case. It’s more likely that the other’s weaknesses and profound differences will, from time to time, make you question why you said yes to a first date. You may feel so irritated and incapable of offering love that it will both terrify you and make you wonder if you really are a Christian.

Raising future men and women

There are no generic people. There are men, and there are women. Consequently there are no generic Christian people. There are Christian men and there are Christian women. In Genesis 1-2, Ephesians 5, 1 Peter 3, and Colossians 3, we find clarity about the primary roles of men and women. There are differing ways in which men and women will live out the Christian life. For instance, when giving specific instruction and admonition to men, the Bible usually does so within three key categories: leading, providing and protecting. In other words, biblical masculinity involves a heart that is inclined to obey God within this particular context of leadership, provision and protection. This may take place predominantly as husbands and fathers, but it still should be cultivated, encouraged and instilled in boys as they mature into manhood.

Dennis Prager - The Jewish State in a Morally Sick World

Let's drop the names "Hamas" and "Israel" and make a list of the characteristics of two imaginary warring entities. We'll call them Entity A and Entity B. Entity A: --Declares that its raison d'etre is to annihilate Entity B. --Sends missiles to explode in the most populated parts of Entity B in order to kill as many civilians as possible. --Uses families and individual civilians as human shields to protect its own leaders from attack. --Tortures and kills domestic political opponents. --Has no political or religious freedom and has no freedom of speech, press, or assembly, and no independent judiciary. --Is a theocracy. --Violently oppresses gays. --Saturates its education and airwaves with a demonic hatred of Entity B. --Rated a "6" by Freedom House in its 2013 report on freedom in the world. Seven is the worst possible rating. Entity A ranks 6 in freedom, 6 in civil liberties and 6 political rights. Entity B: --Recognizes the right of Entity A to an independent existence. --Has never begun a war with Entity A.

10 A Motivating Mormon Role Play - Stand to Reason Blog

I recently had the chance to role play a Mormon for an unsuspecting group of Christians at a church in Southern California. You can watch the encounter below. I'm no longer surprised by how ill-equipped long-time Christians can be, but it still saddens me. However, it also motivates me to get out there and train as many people as I possibly can.

J. Warner Wallace: Alive: A Cold-Case Approach to the Resurrection

The resurrection. As far as doctrines go, it's a game changer. Many accept the resurrection without giving it much thought. But isn't something so important worthy of our wrestling with it? What if we approached the issue of the resurrection in an unbiased manner and assessed it as a cold case detective would evaluate a crime scene? Author J. Warner Wallace is a cold-case detective. He also used to be an atheist. Follow along in this brief presentation of his approach in applying his detective's expertise to the accounts of the resurrection. Wallace believes the case is nothing but compelling: Jesus is alive!

In the Game of Politics Justice Loses

Politics may be a game, but justice is not. We are called to set aside the game and pursue justice with vigor. Which means in turn that we are called to call out injustice wherever we see it. But we end up silencing our own prophetic voice. No one can hear us pleading for the unborn because we’re too busy screeching that the President doesn’t salute the Marine guards when exiting Marine 1. No one can hear us prophesying against unjust wars when we’re caterwauling about him chewing gum at Normandy. No one can hear us denouncing his destruction of the economy when we’re in high dudgeon over the car he bought his daughter for her birthday.

Mike Licona explains the As, Bs, Cs, Ds and Es of New Testament reliability

In the lecture, he explains why the four biographies in the New Testament should be accepted as historically accurate: (55 minutes)

Some Reflections on the Sean Carroll Debate | Reasonable Faith

I do want to take this opportunity to highlight for you a very significant difference between Sean and myself that is a philosophical difference that has tremendous impact upon this whole debate. And that has to do with this idea of “popping into existence.” If I'm not mistaken, Dr. Carroll holds to what is called a tenseless theory of time. That is to say, past, present, and future events are all equally real. Temporal becoming is merely a subjective illusion of human consciousness. There is nothing privileged about the present, ontologically speaking. I hold to quite a different view of time. I think that temporal becoming is a real and objective feature of the universe. The future doesn't in any sense exist; things really do come into being and go out of being. And that's why I use the language of popping into existence. Not because I illicitly presuppose time prior to the origin of the universe, but because I believe in a tensed theory of time which affirms the objectivity of temporal becoming. And on that view the beginning of the universe does not just tenselessly exist.

Is the government obligated to disfavor Christians?

As a pastor in a local church, I see the complacency of the “church of God” on a regular basis. Faith and sanctification has been reduced, in the minds of many within the “church,” to Sunday morning worship services, serving on committees and boards, and attending a Bible study on a regular basis. I do not necessarily look forward to the persecution that will come to the Church, such as the government taking a stance against Christianity in general, but I also do not see this persecution as a bad thing. The Church has done much good through the grants and support of the government throughout the decades, but perhaps we are trusting in the government’s money too much. With persecution comes the removal of the dross. Perhaps what is happening is the sanctification of the true Church of Christ and the removal of the false church. Though it is painful now, it will prove to be the healthiest for the Church.

Want job security in the future? Avoid any career involving paper. - Real Time Economics - WSJ

In Canada ‘Lumberjacks’ are called ‘Fallers’. Also, you’d be whistling a different tune if you worked where I do! I work at a pulp and paper research centre….let me tell you, fibre is the way of the future. If you could see what we’re making here out of pulp you’d be absolutely flabbergasted! You probably wouldn’t even believe some of our products are made out of wood! Sometimes I can’t even believe it! Don’t let articles like this discourage you if your career path is heading in this direction :) News paper may be out, but renewable resources are the way of the future and there will be jobs for pulp and paper…maybe just different ones :) Have a great day everyone!

A Very Different And Unexpected Happiness | HeadHeartHand Blog

A Very Different Happiness In summary, we can say that the Founders view of happiness was community-focused not self-centered; it was about work and vocation rather than leisure and pleasure; and it was religious and moral rather than secular and immoral. How unexpected! How counter-intuitive! How different to today’s version of happiness! No wonder it is so rarely experienced and enjoyed.