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Who are You Waiting With?

Who's the Real Hobby Lobby Bully?

In this context, it’s possible to believe that Hobby Lobby’s founders are imposing their beliefs on others, because they’re bringing private beliefs into the government sphere -- and religion is not supposed to be in the government sphere. It belongs over there with whatever it was you and your significant other chose to do on date night last Wednesday. In that sphere, my positive right to birth control obviously trumps your negative right to free exercise of religion, because religion isn’t supposed to be out here at all. It’s certainly not supposed to be poking around in what’s happening between me and my doctor, which is private, and therefore ought to operate with negative-right reciprocity: I can’t tell you what birth control to take, and you can’t tell me.

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As for me and my house: taking gospel parenting seriously

If we are to raise up our children and influence other children in our churches, communities and neighborhoods who will be able to understand what it means to identify with God as Father through the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, we must equip parents, teachers and workers to demonstrate what it means to affirm that kind of identity. Permissive parenting does not do this. Any child can recognize what it means to be left to oneself. Children are designed for the Hebrews 12 pattern, to see and understand that “if I am not disciplined, then I am not really yours.” You learn to be able to recognize that in the Gospel by the Gospel tutorial that goes on in households.


"With the box-office success of 'Son of God,' 'God's Not Dead' and the controversial 'Noah,' more faith-based movies are in the works. But experts warn not to treat Christians as a monolithic audience." (L.A. Times)

A liberal’s second thoughts about Hobby Lobby

What we have in Hobby Lobby is an opinion grounded in corporate social responsibility and respect for diverse points of view. The Supreme Court’s five conservatives have delivered a profoundly liberal opinion. Too bad so many liberals don’t seem to realize it.


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WORLD | Examining the ‘new critics’ of Genesis | Hugh Ross | July 12, 2014

In a way, all of us marry Christianity without any absolute, laboratory-level proof that it’s true, and the reason we can do that is that Christ, the church’s Bridegroom, first marries us. We also enter the creation-evolution struggle without absolute proof. Creation is far more probable (and desperate evolutionists have had to fall back on the idea that billions of universes exist, a belief that requires greater faith than anything in Genesis). Yet every year new books arise with new interpretations of Genesis, some of which are ingenious—but are they true?

What the Evolution Debate, and the Debate over Assisted Suicide, Have in Common

Those of us who have never experienced severe physical disability have no clue about the depth of suffering it can cause. But NPR's megastar talk show host Dianne Rehm does, up close and personal. Her husband John had severe and progressive Parkinson's disease, leading him to suicidal despair. John asked his doctor for assisted suicide. Told that was not possible, he starved himself to death -- a process that euthanasia activists call " voluntary stop eating and drinking ," or VSED.

Is Mormonism supported by evidence from science, philosophy and history?

[...]There is little doubt that the earliest of leaders and witnesses believed and maintained that these papyri were, in fact the very scrolls upon which Abraham and Joseph wrote. These papyri were considered to be the original scrolls until they were later recovered in 1966. After discovering the original papyri, scientists, linguists, archeologists and investigators (both Mormon and non-Mormon) examined them and came to agree that the papyri are far too young to have been written by Abraham. They are approximately 1500 to 2000 years too late, dating from anywhere between 500 B.C. (John A. Wilson, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Summer 1968, p. 70.) and 60 A.D. If they papyri had never been discovered, this truth would never have come to light. Today, however, we know the truth, and the truth contradicts the statements of the earliest Mormon leaders and witnesses.