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Is the God of the Old Testament Different than the God of the New Testament?

Is the God of the Old Testament angry? Is the New Testament God one of love? How can these two seeming differences be reconciled?

Foundational Question: Is Intelligent Design Science?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

On Prebiotic Chemistry, Synthetic Chemist James Tour Urges an Admission of Ignorance

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Resources and Leadership Advice for Pastors and Church Leaders

In Time for Michael Behe's Book Anniversary, Here's a Real Mousetrap in the Cell

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Dating Conference

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1 Grace to You Radio

A one-minute radio feature where John MacArthur applies biblical truth to daily living.

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You Don’t Have to Know God’s Will

This is what I mean when I say that we don’t need to know God’s will if we are confident in God’s word. When God’s direction and purposes for us are unclear, his promises are always crystal clear. God frequently calls us to stand on the rock of his promises and faithfulness in the murky, swirling fog of perplexing circumstances (Hebrews 10:23). Is this not the story of almost every biblical saint?

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5 Podcasts - The Eric Metaxas Show

Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson returns to the show with her new book ‘The Walls Are Talking: Former Abortion Clinic Workers Tell Their Stories’.

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2016 West Coast Conference

In the face of cultural hostility, followers of Christ must not compromise the bold historical witness of the Christian faith. We stand not on a mere idea or a fanciful myth, but on historical events that testify to the fact that Jesus is Lord and Savior. We must be prepared to articulate and defend our faith so that we can give an answer for the hope that is within us (1 Peter 3:15). To help prepare you for this task, our West Coast Conference in Seattle will be centered on the theme of "The Gospel."

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Christian Funerals Can Be Too Happy

Sometimes our Christian funerals are too happy. Yes, we believe our loved one is with Jesus. Yes, we believe that he or she will rise again. We do not grieve as those without hope. But we still grieve . If Jesus weeps for Lazarus, who he knows will not stay dead for long, it is appropriate that we weep for those who have died. They are with Jesus, but we will not see them again in this life. We will not speak with them or embrace them again here. It is right to grieve — with hope, yes — but still grieve.

The Problem of Pain | RZIM

The struggle with chronic pain and the difficult and complex task for professionals who treat it made me wonder about how societies deal with pain in general. In a recent article from The Economist called “The Problem of Pain,” global treatment and attitudes toward pain were explored in light of the U.S. epidemic of opiate prescriptions and overdose. The author notes that when illness strikes, patients in poorer countries expect to suffer. Even when the tumor on his hip grew to the size of a football, Mato Samaile, a frail 50 year-old Nigerian cattle farmer, was reluctant to go to the hospital. “When I found the lump I said to my son: ‘We can’t leave the farm. We should stay until after the rain falls.'” Amina Ibrahim, a surgeon at the hospital where Mato was eventually admitted, notes, “People are brought up to tolerate pain. If you don’t you are a coward. That is just our culture. So even doctors are not liberal on painkillers.”(2)

11 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

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Join 10 superb authors on a journey to discover fresh joy in the Lord this summer:  #refresh

13 The Eric Metaxas Show - The Show About Everything

The Beam Family talks about their hit film Miracles From Heaven and the incredible true story behind it. Listen here....

The Briefing 06-02-16 -

Now you have the same demographer making the comment in terms of this article that China is going to face an absolute economic meltdown with the aging of its population and the radical decline of young workers entering the economy. French’s article also raises a new kind of vocabulary for us as we look to the political issues that are going to be faced not only by China, but other governments. It’s a question, he says, of “guns and canes,” quoting Mark L. Haas, a political scientist at Duquesne University. By using the phrase “guns and canes,” he’s drawing attention to the old formula that used to be discussed of the political decision between spending money for guns or butter—that is, the decision faced by government as to whether or not it would spend government funds on national defense or on social programs—also there, guns and butter. But now it’s guns and canes, says Haas. It is going to come down to whether the government has to spend money primarily on social services for the elderly, there are the canes, or for guns. French goes so far as to say that China is now faced with a nearly impossible situation.

The left won the culture war. Will they be merciful?

True, many religious social conservatives still think it’s their duty to take America back, their disposition expressed in the fierce eloquence of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.). But many do not. Many have finally given up on the whole idea of a culture war or are willing to admit they lost it. They are determined only to remain who they are and to live as amiably and productively as they can in a culture that doesn’t look like them and doesn’t belong to them.

Is Vice More Interesting than Virtue? | Kathleen Hull

Meanwhile, the stepmother and stepsisters, despite their vaudevillian antics, fail to steal the show. For vice, this film perspicaciously observes, is linked not to personal power but to an artistically and intellectually restrictive struggle to gain the upper hand over others. When the royal ball is announced, the stepmother (played by the always-formidable Cate Blanchett) is determined to get to the dressmaker’s before other customers so she can demand the best materials and the latest designs. Later, she tries to convince Ella that “Nothing is free—for everything you must pay and pay.” Ultimately, the stepmother and her daughters are stunted by their own spiritual stinginess, with the stepmother descending into a cold stupor the moment her chance to snatch more resources runs out. The last time we see her, she is slumped against a bannister, mute, and numb.

Reasons To Believe : The Triune God Is Love

On this view, before God created he––as a single person––was completely alone in eternity. God had no one to love but himself. But self-love can be toxic and it is certainly not as rich and vibrant as having love for someone else. Therefore in traditional monotheism, God must create other persons (angels or humans) in order to have someone to love. But if this were true, then God would be dependent upon the creation for fulfillment.

What Does the Gospel Teach Us About War? - Russell Moore

Pacifism is problematic because it is utopian. Yes, the Bible affirms the way of peace. And the ultimate vision of peace is that of a restored creation in which there is no more war (Isa 2:4). And yet, the Bible also tells us that this shalom comes when all Jesus’ enemies are subdued, when, as the old gospel song says, “every foe is vanquished and Christ is Lord indeed.” The Bible tells us that day is not yet here. We do not yet see all things under Jesus’ feet (Heb 2:8). In the meantime, governments must some times, though only carefully and as a last resort, go to war in order to protect the innocent and to restrain evil. Pacifists are right to tell us that war is always tragic. They are right to tell us to long for peace. But they are wrong to think that such peace can come by avoiding conflict. Passivity in the face of Hitler means a murderous Europe under a Nazi flag and, quite possibly, the extinction of the Jewish race. This is not peace, but horror.

The Faith of Christopher Hitchens | The Stream

Taunton does not gloss over their differences. He had serious reservations about some of Hitchens’ ideas and actions. But as he writes in the prologue to the book, “I speak exclusively to Christians when I say this: how are we to proclaim our faith if we cannot even build bridges with those who do not share it?” Friendship, he goes on to point out, is “one of the greatest of all redemptive themes.” Especially the kind of friendship that he’s describing here: the kind where friends are open with each other and challenge each other.

Truth Under Siege - Christian Research Institute

A true story of a man named Nick. He was strong, healthy, he worked on the railroad team, he got along well with his fellow workers, and was constantly reliable on the job. He had a deep fear that he would be locked into an isolated refrigerated boxcar. One summer day the train crews were told they could quit an hour early, and when the other workmen left the site, Nick was accidentally locked into a refrigerated boxcar in the yard for repairs. He panicked. He shouted, and screamed in fear. Nick believed that the temperature in the car was 0 degrees. He thought “if I don’t get out, I’m going to freeze to death!” Shivering uncontrollably, he scrawled a message to his wife, “I’m so cold, my body’s getting numb, if I could just go to sleep, these may be my last words…” The next morning the crew slid open the door of the boxcar, and found Nick’s body. An autopsy revealed that every physical sign indicated that he had frozen to death, except, the boxcar’s refrigeration unit was broken. The temperature inside the boxcar was never lower than 61 degrees.

Monster Madness of Our Own Making

The goal is for the stem cells to “take advantage of the void in the embryo and start forming a human pancreas.” This human pancreas can then be transplanted into a human recipient with less chances of rejection. Well, at least that’s the theory. We don’t know for certain what will happen. What we do know for certain is the embryos will be implanted in sows or ewes, and thus there’s a chance of making piglets and/or lambs with a human pancreas.

Premier Drive - Premier Christian Radio

Premier consists of Premier Christian Media Trust registered as a charity (no. 287610) and as a company limited by guarantee (no. 01743091) with two fully-owned trading subsidiaries: Premier Christian Communications Ltd (no. 02816074) and Christian Communication Partnership Ltd (no. 03422292). All three companies are registered in England & Wales with a registered office address of 22 Chapter Street, London, SW1P 4NP.

The Gospel Coalition 2017 National Conference

In this workshop, we'll talk about the Rev. Oscar Pfister, an evangelical Protestant pastor, who was a close associate and friend of Sigmund Freud. Although Freud respected Pfister as both a cleric and a scholar, Pfister focused on points of his agreement with Freud's research and psychoanalysis rather than making much of the faulty presuppositions in Freud's worldview. Most disturbingly, it seems as though this "man of God" whom Freud and his whole family clearly loved, never insisted on the gospel's demands on Freud's life. Not only was Freud never converted, he was lulled into thinking there were powerful areas of overlap between his worldview and Pfister's. The story is a cautionary tale for those who mistake "relational evangelism" and "cultural engagement" for gospel-oriented worldview apologetics predicated on incommensurable presuppositions.

The Boy, the Gorilla, and the Outrage: Questions for Reflection

The truth is that the appeal to the intrinsic dignity of human beings appears to solve the egalitarian's problems only as long as it goes unchallenged. Once we ask why it should be that all humans—including infants, mental defectives, psychopaths, Hitler, Stalin, and the rest—have some kind of dignity or worth that no elephant, pig, or chimpanzee can ever achieve, we see that this question is as difficult to answer as our original request for some relevant fact that justifies the inequality of humans and other animals. In fact, these two questions are really one: talk of intrinsic dignity or moral worth only takes the problem back one step, because any satisfactory defence of the claim that all and only humans have intrinsic dignity would need to refer to some relevant capacities or characteristics that all and only humans possess. Philosophers frequently introduce ideas of dignity, respect, and worth at the point at which other reasons appear to be lacking, but this is hardly good enough. Fine phrases are the last resource of those who have run out of arguments.

Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda Will Star in a ‘Mary Poppins’ Sequel

Though, despite some of our trepidations about revisiting one of Hollywood’s all-time great films, the cast is admittedly pretty great. Not only will Emily Blunt play Mary Poppins, but Hamilton ’s Lin-Manuel Miranda will also have a role in the sequel.

Horror Film 'The Conjuring 2' Seeks to Promote Christian Message, Good Conquers Evil (Exclusive Clip)

Hills:  We weren't given a specific vision, other than we wanted some of the movie to touch everyone out there, who may be able to identify with a piece of it. In the first film, our test audience of all ages loved it equally, which meant we had a broad audience, so we tried to do the same in the second one. One advantage we had in this film was more time to spend on relationships, as we didn't have to set up Ed and Lorraine's characters, as that was done in the first film. What the Warrens had was a beautiful, loving and committed relationship with each other, as well as God. In this film, you get to dig much deeper into who they really are.

Forbes Welcome

"[You] don’t have to change your goal. Change your path, be willing to, and don’t see that as a failure. That’s just life."

75 Years Ago Tonight: C. S. Lewis Delivers a Sermon in Oxford on “The Weight of Glory”

“The first page of that sermon,” he now says of the passage quoted above, “is one of the most influential pages of literature I have ever read.” “There it was in black and white,” Piper recounts, “and to my mind it was totally compelling: It is not a bad thing to desire our own good. In fact, the great problem of human beings is that they are far too easily pleased. They don’t seek pleasure with nearly the resolve and passion that they should. And so they settle for mud pies of appetite instead of infinite delight.” He had never in his whole life heard a Christian, let alone one of Lewis’s stature, say these kinds of things, and Piper became convinced that our fault lay not in our desire for happiness but in the weakness of our quest for true and lasting joy.

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30 Making an Atheist Cry

Nicolle Cliffe might have been named “the person least likely to become a Christian.” It’s not that she was hostile to Christians or Christianity, like Richard Dawkins or the apostle formerly known as Saul. No, Nicolle had become an atheist since her college years, and thought her Christian friends suffered a benign delusion that probably helped them deal with life.

Dream Job Alert: Time Inc Is Now Hiring a Bacon Critic

Extra Crispy is seeking a freelance Bacon Critic to cover the bacon beat, spanning bacon’s role in food, drinks, and culture. Our Bacon Critic can live anywhere in the U.S. and will spend a three-month appointment researching, writing about, obsessing over, and critiquing bacon. Yes, this is a very real paid freelance position we’re looking to fill in the near future.

John Webster (1955–2016): Reflections from One of His Students

Hard at work on his systematic theology, he had just re-read Barth’s Church Dogmatics I  the previous week and was wrestling with the doctrine of the Trinity: “It’s the relation between revelation and the Trinity . . . I don’t think Barth gets it right, but as I re-read it I think he’s right to make a connection.” John liked to wrestle with issues out loud, and so we did. Neither of us knew his questions would fade away so soon in the light of glory. Even to the end, with fresh eyes and unfailing interest, John was thinking through topics I thought he had long settled, returning to Scripture trying to hear the voice of the risen Jesus better than before, and to testify ever more faithfully to the God of the gospel. Though we planned to meet again in a couple of weeks, that would have to be the last lesson John taught me.

75th Anniversary Reflections on \

C.S. Lewis is known for many things, the least of which is the fact that he actually preached several sermons during his life. This month marks the 75th anniversary of what was first heard by those present at Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford on June 8, 1941. Later it became available as the now famous essay, "The Weight of Glory." The following are some reflections on this shorter work that has had a great impact on so many. They are from Rob Fennell, Peter S. Williams, Corey Latta, Sarah Waters, Will Vaus, Carolyn Curtis, Michael Ward and Karl Johnson.

The Outrage of History

So, we have learned that that is why we exist and, therefore, money, sex, and power are in the world for us to use in order to make God look great. And then we discovered another foundational reality; namely, that we have all exchanged the glory of God. Everywhere we have looked we have seen it. We have known it in some deep sense and we have suppressed it and we have preferred other things to God. And that is the arch heresy and the greatest outrage of the universe that people prefer other things to God. They exchange. They see God. They trade God. They embrace their death and call it their glory. And that is the tragedy and the outrage of history.

How to Pray When You Don't Feel Like It

Keep this in mind: David was not relaxing in some palace when he wrote all this. On the contrary, he was not yet king. Instead, he was being chased down by King Saul and his army. He was hiding in the desert to keep from being killed. David could have easily blamed God. He could have been wrought with confusion and questioned if God really loved him or if he was being punished. Interestingly, it doesn’t look like he ever truly doubted his standing with God or his value to Him (never for long, anyway).

36 WORLD | An unlikely friendship with Christopher Hitchens | Warren Cole Smith | June 1, 2016

He also kept a flask, right? He didn’t have a flask. He just had a glass. We loaded up enough Scotch for a battalion. Here we are, it’s Labor Day. We’re driving through the Shenandoah Valley. He has his reading glasses perched on the end of his nose. He has a Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch squeezed between his knees. … I’m driving, he’s reading aloud from the Gospel of John: “In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God. The Word was God.” Beautiful, that English baritone. I’d stop him occasionally, and I’d say, “Okay, let’s discuss that bit before we move on. What do you think that means?” We would go back and forth like this for hours. … What started out as my mission oddly started to feel like it was our mission. Christopher, it seemed to me, was determined that I would have my opportunity to make my case for eternity, for the truth of the gospel. We discussed it for hours on end, and he asked thoughtful questions. I did my best to answer them.

Pope Francis Joins Lecrae, Hillsong at Historic 1 Million-Strong 'Together 2016' DC Event

"We are humbled and honored by his involvement and are eager to share his message with the crowd that gathers at Together 2016," Hall said in a statement to The Christian Post, reacting to the announcement that the pope has added his name to the list of speakers. "That His Holiness would choose to speak into this historic day is a testament to the urgency and the need for followers of Jesus to unite in prayer for our nation and our world."

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The Deep Faith of ‘Roots’ Star Malachi Kirby

We recently talked with actor Malachi Kirby, who plays the central character, Kunta Kinte, in the new version of Roots. Kirby, a committed Christian, discussed his story with the original miniseries, how he came to faith and the ways that faith shapes his career.

Does Knowledge Require Bombproof Certainty? | Think Christianly

Our beliefs come in degrees of confidence, and some beliefs are more central than others; logical certainty is available only in mathematics. I may be very confident that God raised Jesus from the dead and have less confidence as to whether or not Christians ought to take the Lord’s Supper every week, but my differing levels of confidence don’t negate my beliefs. The all-or-nothing standard for knowledge gets us in trouble because it eliminates virtually everything that ultimately matters.

41 Discovering Rest in a Busy World

Vicki: Well again, I mean I think it goes back to this whole idea of, you know, comparing yourselves with one another and living up to expectations, or maybe perceived expectations that are around us. And we adopt the pace that everyone else is going, and so if you slow down and you really, you know, you're … you look at God's Word and you see, you know, where He in the creative order, He models the Sabbath rest for us and things like that; when you begin to practice it, you almost feel lazy because you're looking at everybody else, and we're all just going 90 miles an hour, trying to accomplish so much. And so, a lot of it is the culture we live in that has rubbed off on us.

Parents, Tell Your Kids They Are Sinners

When we don’t teach our kids about sin, we are actually making it difficult for them to become Christians. Without knowledge of their guilt, there can be no confession of sin or profession of faith. But when we teach our kids about their sinful nature, they’re more prepared to prayerfully turn to God for strength and help to resist temptation.

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The Parable of the Persistent Widow

Father God, I pray for my friends. I pray, God, that we, by your grace, would persist as this woman persisted and we would persist until Jesus returns, the dead are raised, sin is judged, heaven and hell are assigned, and the kingdom has fully come. God, I pray for my friends, that they would not give up, that they would not give in. I pray, Lord God, that we would run our marathon. For some of us, the terrain is very hard and the work is very difficult. God, for those people I pray a Holy Spirit supernatural enablement to finish well. And Lord Jesus we thank you that we will stand before you as judge and that you will say that we are guilty and that you have paid our price and that we are forgiven so that justice and mercy might be unveiled. God, we thank you as well that you send the Lord Jesus to suffer injustice better than the widow, more than the widow. Lord Jesus, thank you so much that you ran your race, that you saw your mission through, the cross and the empty tomb. That you are patient with us today, that you are persisting with us today, and that one day you will come and there will be justice for all and sin will be no more.

C.S. Lewis Institute on Twitter

In the legacy of C.S. Lewis, the Institute endeavors to develop disciples who will articulate, defend and live their faith in Christ in personal & public life.

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From “Transcending Human Imagination..." by Bailey Vaughn in @CRJournal 39-3 |  #Apologetics

WORLD | Historic agreement reached to renovate the reputed tomb of Jesus | Sarah Wedel | June 8, 2016

The tomb sits within the Church of the Sepulchre, constructed in A.D. 325 by the Emperor Constantine in what is now the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. With its stone staircases, gilded ornamentation, and many dark chambers, the church is one of Christianity’s most sacred sites, even though historians and archeologists do not believe it is the actual place Jesus was buried. 

Actress Stacey Dash Was on the Table Ready for the Abortion When God Told Her to Get Up

Stacey Dash is one of the few actresses in Hollywood who is openly pro-life, but there was a time when she did not think that way and almost aborted her son.

Brexit could fuel tensions with Ireland, NI bishops warn - premier

Catholic bishops in Northern Ireland are warning that a vote for Brexit will further test relations between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Reboot 2016 is coming!

If you're aged 12-18 and have questions about the Christian faith, then this short film explains why Reboot is for you. This year's event is on 24th September. Get more info and book your tickets at

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