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Enjoy This Work of Commercial Jingle Mash-up Madness

Keyboard wizard and YouTuber Grant Woolard has taken 25 well-known commercial jingles and turned them into one, surprisingly pleasant, 2-minute mash-up. Now, who else is craving a Mento? ...

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The Problem with Church-Hopping

Great article. I find this conversation very difficult because its alway loaded with my own emotions. I was part of the same church for 32 years (yes, from birth). I've struggled with this switching-not-switching-church issue for the last 7 years because I've had these 4 things mentioned here in my head and they did convince me to stay. However, I've come to a point now where church is more about duty and responsibility and my wife and I have decided to switch. That's of course not to say that this article isn't valid or true, just that, taken to the extreme, these principles can be unhealthy. Read more at

Goodbye to the First Amendment

Its days are numbered. 41% of Americans want to criminalise “hate speech” “I’m a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me” You can download audio versions of all my videos at Subscribe via iTunes at BOOKS OF TRANSCRIPTS ALSO ON KINDLE AND IN iBOOKS Follow me on Twitter Website

“Whoever Would Save His Life Will Lose It” — A Charge for Graduates

Jesus called the crowd and his disciples to himself, and then called for them to follow him. The logic of Christian discipleship is unlike any other logic you will ever hear. He who would save his life will lose it, whoever loses his life for the sake of Christ and his gospel will save it. If anyone is ashamed of Christ and of his words in this generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.

The Bible and Same-Sex Relationships: A Review Article

Vines and Wilson claim they continue to hold to a high view of biblical authority, and that they believe the Bible is completely true, but that they don’t think it teaches all same-sex relations are wrong. Vines argues that while the Levitical code forbids homosexuality (Lev. 18:22), it also forbids eating shellfish (Lev. 11:9–12). Yet, he says, Christians no longer regard eating shellfish as wrong—so why can’t we change our minds on homosexuality? Here Vines is rejecting the New Testament understanding that the ceremonial laws of Moses around the sacrificial system and ritual purity were fulfilled in Christ and are no longer binding, but that the moral law of the Old Testament is still in force. Hebrews 10:16, for example, tells us the Holy Spirit writes “God’s laws” on Christians’ hearts (so they are obviously still in force), even though that same book of the Bible tells us some of those Mosaic laws—the ceremonial—are no longer binding on us. This view has been accepted by all branches of the church since New Testament times.

6 Marriage: A God-breathed Delight (Video) - The Family Project

This is God’s intention from the very beginning, as Jesus tells us, “Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning…”  It is what He does with them by his own sovereignty and holy delight. How does this impact and change the way you should view your own marriage, those of your children and the others around you. We must be passionate about and delight in what God is passionate about and delights in. Marriage is one of these things.

‘Arrested Development’ Will Be Back in 2016

Arrested Development Executive Producer Brian Grazer has once again confirmed that more episodes of the comedy series are in the works for Netflix. Two months after telling Bill Simmons that the team was trying to create another 17 episodes, Grazer stopped by Adam Carolla’s podcast and outlined the timetable for the return. Currently, the plan is to film the season in early 2016 and release it to Netflix a few months later. He told Carolla, "Netflix is determined to do more episodes, so we're gonna do more episodes ... I made the call to Mitch to say that everybody's into it." Season four wasn’t exactly a fan or critical favorite, so hopefully this one won’t be a huge mistake ...

Here Is Why It's Time To Get Tough On Hate Speech In America

For an example of a human rights-based society that the US should look to emulate, we can look at Australia. Recently, the Tony Abbott government proposed amending the country’s federal anti-discrimination law, which makes it illegal to offend, insult, humiliate, or intimidate vulnerable ethnic minorities. The Abbott government wanted to replace the words “offend”, “insult”, and “humiliate” with the word “vilify”, with “vilify” being defined as “inciting hatred”. This would effectively water down protections against racist hate speech, setting the standard for illegal hate speech lower than before. Although most libertarians agreed that it should always be illegal to offend or insult ethnic minorities, a few ultra-libertarians believed that ONLY inciting hatred should be illegal rather than merely offending or insulting ethnic minorities.  This was seen as recklessly removing all limitations on “freedom of speech” at the expense of vulnerable ethnic minorities, and many people warned that race riots and even genocide could potentially occur as a result.

Republican Candidates Who Go Wobbly on Marriage Deserve to Lose | The Stream

It’s likely, therefore, that many who now claim to “support same-sex marriage” fall into one or more of these categories: (1) they don’t support it but say they do; (2) they are double-minded about it; (3) they support it but don’t feel all that strongly about it. So 42% of the population rejects it outright and many of the others aren’t all that committed to it.

The Diabolic Logic of Transableism

But society has a way of following diabolic logic wherever it leads. If you start with the premise that radical mutilation of the body is an acceptable practice when your physical presence doesn’t match your self-image, you shouldn’t be surprised to find it applied in ways that are different, yet equally disturbing. The real concern isn’t necessarily with GRS for transgenders or amputations for transabilitists. While every one of those cases is worthy of our concern, relatively few people want to undergo such radical transformations. The real threat is more broad-based and banal. A prime example of where this logic leads is the “Pro-ana” community. Pro-ana refers to the promotion of the eating disorder anorexia nervosa. The movement is sometimes referred to simply as “ana” and anorexics personified as a girl named 'Ana'. Rather than seeing anorexia as a mental disorder, pro-anas consider it to be a legitimate lifestyle that should be respected by society.

Nine Steps for Public Speaking Like a Pro [Infographic]

Worried about your public speaking? The following infographic from the London Speaker Bureau offers tips and tricks for shaking off the fear and crafting a successful public speaking engagement.


Furthermore, it’s not just a comedy, but an action-comedy. The movie works as a spy story. Events unfold at a good pace and sometimes thrill. There are well-orchestrated car chases and knife fights that grab you by the throat. There was some money to spend here, and one gets the sense that Feig (who always wears a tailored suit and tie on set, as a revolt against the L.A. Church of Casual) loved the genre exercise. He gives the music, for example, far more attention than lesser directors would in his position.

C.S. Lewis Institute on Twitter

Read Joe Kohm's article from our latest issue of Knowing and Doing: …

Religious devotees worry about the yoga-ization of meditation in the U.S.

“The biblical worldview is completely at odds with the pantheistic concepts driving Eastern meditation. We are not one with an impersonal absolute being that is called ‘God.’ Rather, we are estranged from the true personal God” because of our inherent sin, evangelical philosopher Douglas Groothuis wrote in Christianity Today in 2004 — a piece typical of what was found in religious media as meditation began its ascent. “The answer to our plight is not found in some ‘higher level of consciousness’ (really a deceptive state of mind), but in placing our faith in the unmatched achievements of Jesus Christ on our behalf.”

It’s Official: Eddie Redmayne Will Star in the ‘Harry Potter’ Spin-off Franchise

It looks like J.K. Rowling has gotten her wish . According to The Hollywood Reporter , Oscar winning actor Eddie Redmayne will star as Newt Scamander in the upcoming Harry Potter spin-off film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them . Rowling is writing the script for the new fantasy adventure, which takes place before the story of Harry Potter and follows Scamander while “searching the world for magical creatures to discover and catalog” the beast in a publication that will become a Hogwarts textbook. The first in the new series hits theaters in November 2016 ...

Dads, Date Your Daughter’s Boyfriend

The much-anticipated introduction is an unending fountain of humor for friends and family, but it’s more often an occasion for horror for the young man. What will dad say? What will he ask? Will he be armed? The moment is a mountain to overcome in almost any relationship, but I believe it’s a mountain we, as Christians, can capture for the good of the daughter, the suitor, and the father.

SBTS: Driven by the Truth

SBTS: Driven by the Truth

Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner and a Warning About the Coming Trans-sanity | The Stream

To all those celebrating the transition of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner, I have a word of warning: Be careful what you wish for. You see, if gender is whatever you perceive it to be, then there is no way to limit or control what is coming.

Fighting Porn by F.A.I.T.H.

In one of my counseling classes during seminary we devoted an evening to analyzing different kinds of marital affairs. My professor, Dan Zink, suggested affairs rarely happen because of the strength of one's sex drive. Instead, they usually have to do with emotional factors, like the desire for relational intimacy and affirmation. I've carried this insight with me and applied it to sexual sin more generally, and I believe it's crucial to consider in fighting temptation. When counseling guys fighting porn, for instance, I encourage them to look underneath to the emotions making the temptation particularly strong, and then to engage those emotions with the gospel and in other healthy ways. Are you tempted because you're bored? Pursue a hobby. Are you tempted because you're exhausted? Take Sabbath rest. Are you tempted because you're depressed? Talk with a counselor. Are you tempted because of rejection? Engage your heart with the gospel.


Ours is an age that emphasizes emotionalism and experience. Emotions and experiences are not necessarily bad things, but they should not be set up in opposition to the mind, to reason. In this message, Dr. R.C. Sproul exhorts us to remember that Jesus called us to love God with all of our minds.

Truthbomb Apologetics: Resource: New York Apologetics- The Heartbeat of the Christian Mind

Welcome! It's been wisely stated that the way one answers the question, "Is there a God?" defines a life. Here at Truthbomb Apologetics we strive to offer apologetics resources to encourage and challenge both believer and unbeliever. Critical thinking is strongly encouraged, reason is a must, and all are welcomed!

Faith vs. Fact? No, Jerry Coyne's Theology vs. Whatever - Thinking Christian

This hints at some degree of ignorance concerning the demarcation problem in the philosophy of science. It fairly screams, however, Coyne’s blithe unawareness of a demarcation he has imposed on knowledge in general. He claims that science is the route to a general understanding of reality. This could only be true if there were no reality to understand except what’s accessible to science; or in other words, if natural reality were ultimate reality. This is a metaphysical view just the same as any religion’s metaphysical view. That makes it part of the same “farrago of conflicting and irresolvable claims.”

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Meet the Christian Video-Game Makers

I met Green and Larson at the Game Developers Convention in 2013. I was struck by how they coexisted as industry insiders while maintaining their Christian identity. In one talk, they explained their philosophy of truth-telling in games to a skeptical audience. Green concluded, “We serve a God of the living and not the dead. Our eternal perspective as a family is set on that which we hope for. In the middle of all this pain, suffering, mud, and morass that cancer has wrought in our family, we have a drink of water that’s made of hope, love, and life, and we hope to share it with you.”

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