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Heineken’s Excellent New Commercial Is Basically the Anti-Pepsi Ad

A perfect picture of how to disagree with civility and humanity ... from a beer company.

Behold a Truly Dazzling Number of Stars in the Trailer for ‘Murder on the Orient Express’

Also starring Kenneth Branagh's amazing mustache.

London Bridge Attack: Pedestrians Hit by Van, Reports of Stabbings at Borough Market

Another witness told the BBC she saw a speeding white van veering into pedestrians. That witness said the van hit five to six people. Reuters television pictures showed dozens of emergency vehicles in the area around London Bridge.

Watch a Hillsong United Acoustic Performance of ‘Wonder’ and Hear the Story Behind the Song

The new album drops on June 9.

Churchgoing Peter Lawrence heads into BGT final with the Missing People Choir - Premier

Peter Lawrence, father of missing chef Claudia Lawrence is set to appear in the final of variety show Britain's Got Talent.

John Crist Took His ‘Bible Verse Lady’ to Vegas

Virgin daiquiris! My cup overflows!

Check Out Arcade Fire’s Brand New Song and Music Video: ‘Everything Now’

It's the first song off their upcoming album, due out later this summer.

Fear Ever Running Away from God

Christians should be the most fearless people in the world. The only one who can destroy us is our strongest refuge.

Do Not Avenge Yourselves, but Give Place to Wrath

No injustice will survive judgment day. God will repay every evil deed.

Stop Teaching Young Christians (Cold Case Christianity Broadcast #88) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner presents a strategy to equip young Christians to defend the truth of the Christian worldview.

Forget the Paris Accords: Climate Is Socially Constructed, Like Sex | The Stream

Why can't the earth's climate just identify as being at whatever temperature we want it to be? Cis-thermalism is just another form of transphobia.

One Minute Apologist- Was There a World Wide Flood?

In this video, Jason Jimenez of  Stand Strong Ministries  gives his reasons as to why he believes the account of The Flood in Genesis chapte...

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1 The TC Apologetics Daily

EXCLUSIVE: Theresa May talks faith, the Church and the election - Premier

Addressing the concern shared by many Christians, that their faith is being marginalised, she said: "In this country it's absolutely right that we believe in freedom for people to practice all faiths or none and it's important that we continue to respect different faiths and people who choose to practice.

What Is Hell?

Frank gives a quick definition of Hell.

Happy Birthday, Dear Church

Recognizing that Pentecost Sunday is the church’s birthday explains why many congregations include church-belonging rituals (like confirmations, first Communions, and baptisms) in their celebrations. When a local congregation commits to annually celebrating the church’s birthday, they are declaring that, as one common church saying goes, “The church is God’s plan A for the world—and there’s no plan B.” Yes, our individual journeys matter, but they are always part of the larger story God is telling through the people who gather in his name.

The Point: Life on Enceladus

We’ve heard this all before. But life requires more than warm water and hydrogen to spring into existence. As Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay Richards argue in their book, “The Privileged Planet,” the conditions necessary for life are unbelievably rare, and as far as we know, Earth alone has them. Newsweek’s headline, like the hydrogen Cassini picked up, is mostly hot air.

Sunni-Shi'a Split - Christian Research Institute

10 Sunni-Shia Split by Hank Hanegraaff Today’s Religious Movements: The split between the two major branches of Islam — Sunni and Shi’a — stems from the homicide of Muhammad. Shi’as contend Muhammad’s young wife Aisha committed the murder, while Sunnis believe a Jewish woman was ultimately responsible. Despite perpetual dispute, Sunni and Shi’a share remarkable unanimity when it comes to the main and the plain things of Islam.

Colson Fellows Program

I think you could be a Colson Fellow. The Colson Fellows are a group of leaders that are changing community and culture for Christ. I know you. I know your faith fuels your conviction, courage, and compassion. I honestly think that you’re the kind of person the Colson Fellows Program is looking for. Take a look at the website. If you’re interested and decide to apply, I’d be honored to write your reference letter. Take a look at the website,

Videos | Cold Case Christianity

In J. Warner’s first two books, he made the case for God’s existence (God’s Crime Scene) and the case for Christianity (Cold-Case Christianity). In Forensic Faith, J. Warner completes the trilogy by making the case for… making the case! In Forensic Faith, J. Warner helps readers understand why it’s important …

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"Christianity describes reality as it actually is." @jwarnerwallace #forensicfaith Rethink. Renew. #ReGroup

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Eric Metaxas Show on Twitter

It's happening now! @ericmetaxas is taking your calls! Call 800 973-1684 at 2pm ET TODAY! #itshappening

Tips for Studying the Bible (Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast #8) | Cold Case Christianity

In this episode of the Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast, J. Warner describes 6 simple principles (all beginning with the letter “D”) to help you study the Bible like a detective. J. Warner then recommends a few tools to guide you in your study and finally incorporates the tips and tools into a four part strategy for Bible investigation and Christian Case Making.

Understanding Vehicular Jihad (David Wood) In the past year, we’ve seen vehicular terrorist attacks in France, the United States, Germany, and Great Britain. Given the success of these attacks, we certainly haven't seen the last of them. Hence, our task now should be to understand vehicular jihad, so that we can eventually stop such attacks. In this video, David Wood explains the rise of vehicular jihad. For more on jihad, be sure to watch these videos: "Three Stages of Jihad": "The Jihad Triangle": "Top Ten Quran Verses for Understanding ISIS": "Three Questions for Moderate Muslims": "The Quran and the Siege of Paris":

Why Should I Believe Christianity? - a review

As you can see, this book isn’t a cold treatment of abstract reasoning, but a surprisingly warm, invitational account of how Christianity makes the most sense of the world. There is a limit to how much Anderson can address, which he whole-heartedly acknowledges. Whilst he is unable to go into the existential implications of belief, such as comfort in suffering and hope for the future, he covers essential ground extremely well. He holds his gaze on the reader as he anticipates comments and critiques in response to what he has written, and supplies a section on suggested further reading. This isn’t a comparative worldview survey, but his sharp analysis is punctuated with little comments here and there on the implications of other worldviews such as Naturalism. He outlines a Naturalist’s understanding of the question and asks us to weigh up whether it is a satisfactory response or not.

Ravi Zacharias Visits Guam; Live Stream Sunday, June 4 | RZIM

“We are honored to host Ravi Zacharias and are praying that people from all across the island of Guam will attend and be challenged with Ravi’s biblical wisdom,” said Jared Baldwin, Executive Pastor of Harvest Baptist Church, who formerly served in the U.S. Air Force and is hosting the Sunday evening gathering. “Although the majority of Guamanians would consider themselves religious, they still have many unanswered spiritual questions. We are praying that Ravi’s ministry will help our community understand the foundations of our Christian faith and develop a heart to follow God amid life’s joys and struggles.”

Book Review: Forensic Faith by J. Warner Wallace

Introduction As an elementary school teacher, I can appreciate the importance of being prepared.  Everyday before my students arrive at school, I know that there are numerous things that need to be ready in order to be an effective instructor.  Most importantly, I need to know the material I am teaching and be ready to present it in a way that my students can understand and apply.  When I teach my students anything, the ultimate goal is for them to take ownership of their own learning and be able to execute the skill I am teaching them independently. The same is true for Christian case makers.  Our job is not only to present the truth of the Christian faith in a way that is understandable (evangelism), but we also want to instruct in such a way that our listeners will ultimately be able to make the case themselves (discipleship).  We want our listeners to know Christ and then be equipped to make Him known to others. However, this is often times easier said than done.  And cold-case homicide detective and Christian case maker J. Warner Wallace understands.

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Righteous Anger: Egypt’s Christians Respond to ISIS

“The normal reaction of normal Middle Easterners in a shame-based society is to retaliate,” said Ramez Atallah, head of the Bible Society of Egypt. “The terrorists want to infuriate the Christians enough that they forget their principles and go out on a rampage.

BreakPoint on Twitter

So what motivates radical Islamist terrorists? As we say over and over again on BreakPoint, worldview matters.

Does Science Make the Case for God, or Not?

Does science make the case for God, or not? It depends on whom you ask. Author and TV host Eric Metaxas argued the affirmative position in a recent (December 2014) Wall Street Journal piece . 1 A month later in response to Metaxas’ article, the New Yorker published an opposite position 2 from theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss . Rather than weigh in with my perspective (I find science and the Christian faith to mutually reinforce one another), I want to draw some insight from each article in order to help engage the conversation more effectively. I’ll start by examining Krauss’ article, and in part two, I’ll address Metaxas’ original article.

Yes, Christians Can Love Jesus and Their Muslim Neighbors Honorably

When it comes to the relationship status between American Christians and Muslims, it’s complicated. But that relational gap is a chasm that Dallas pastor Bob Roberts has committed to bridging. For years, Roberts, who leads Northwood Church, has led pastor-iman retreats, taken local clerics on hunting trips, and built relationships with Saudi royalty, even in the face of opposition in his own community.

The Evidentially Diverse Resurrection Appearances of Jesus (Free Bible Insert) | Cold Case Christianity

The diversity of the Resurrection appearances ought to give us confidence in their reliability . The Resurrection is not a work of fiction written by a single author or observed by a single witness in a single location at a single time of day or night. Instead, the appearances were recorded by a variety of authors and occurred in front of a diverse set of eyewitnesses in assorted locations and times . The expansive and differing aspects of these sightings ought to give us increased confidence in the authenticity and reliability of the accounts. This list of appearances and evidential properties is available as a free downloadable Bible Insert. You can download it, along with all our free Bible Inserts, from the link in the right toolbar on the homepage at .

Whom Does God Worship on Sunday?

If God demeaned his supreme worth in the name of humility, we would be the losers, not God. God is the one being in the universe for whom self-exaltation is the highest virtue. For there is only one supremely beautiful being in the universe. There is only one all-satisfying person in the universe. And because of his supreme beauty and greatness, what the psalmist says in Psalm 16:11 is true: “In your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” If God hides that, or denies that, he might seem humble, but he would be hiding from us the very thing that would make us completely happy forever.

Evidence for God: Messianic Prophecies

God Seeks People to Worship Him in Spirit and Truth

What did Jesus mean? Proverbs 13:14 says, “The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life.” Perhaps, then, Jesus meant that the wisdom he gives satisfies the soul and turns a person into a fountain of life. Perhaps the water is his teaching. But the closest parallel to verse 14 is John 7:37–39, “Jesus stood up and proclaimed, ‘If anyone thirst, let him come to me and drink. He who believes in me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water.’ Now this he said about the Spirit which those who believed in him were to receive.” Just like John 4:14, this passage speaks of a drinking in and a flowing out. But here John makes plain that Jesus is speaking about the Holy Spirit. It’s the presence of God’s Spirit in your life that takes away your frustrated soul-thirst forever and turns you into a person who overflows with life for others instead of sucking up other people’s life like sandy soil.

Billy Hutchinson on Twitter

Just finished @JBStonestreet and @BrettKunkle "A Practical Guide to Culture" - A must read for anyone who has a student or works w/ students

Dump Your Dream Girl

Over the years, I realized that Galatea was largely a misplaced thirst for God. I had, what theologians call, an over-realized eschatology. I expected heaven-on-earth now , so I was searching for the great Romance to be found with a mere mortal. But God is a better storyteller than Disney. The Galatea of the galaxy came to earth to love his unfaithful, weak, broken, fallen, ugly, unclean, and rebellious people. And by his death, the one made his bride beautiful. Galatea died for the godless.

What Does the Bible Say About “End Times”? Three Historic Perspectives | Cold Case Christianity

I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. He laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years; and he cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal on him, so that he should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years were finished. But after these things he must be released for a little while. And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them. Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. But the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection. Over such the second death has no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years.

Why White-Centered Discipleship Hurts Us All

Nonetheless, there are ways to ensure that these crucial parts of the body do not withdraw for good. Make intentional room for marginalized voices. Meagan Gillan, who leads the women ministries program in the Evangelical Covenant Church, is a positive example of someone trying to rebalance women’s discipleship. In particular, she is working to ensure that marginalized voices are represented in the various events and programs they do in the ECC. “I’ve learned that we must include every voice, not as an add-on, afterthought, or ‘oops,’ but as equals who have voice, power, and influence,” says Gillan. “I don’t want an event or team that has a few women of color involved so the majority women can feel good about themselves. The whole experience must communicate that this is for all of us, and everybody may feel uncomfortable or may experience cultural difference at some point. As a leader, part of my job is to coach women in this and to encourage the kind of discomfort that leads to blessing.”

When Marriage Is Miles Away

My advice: Be slower to declare clarity about the future in a long-distance relationship. The hurdles should keep us from hurrying to a decision to marry. Be skeptical of the romantic euphoria you feel after a month of late-night talks or your first couple weekends together. Give yourself more time to get to know each other. Plan for trips to spend time with people in each other’s lives. Be honest about the limitations of technology alone — as great as technology can be for dating — in developing a relationship and discerning each other’s readiness to wed.

Social Media Could Be Killing Your Spiritual Life

Maybe the next time you meet a friend for coffee, you leave the phone in your purse. Or when you’re at a concert, you snap one photo and put the camera away for the rest of the show. Or set aside a few hours at home as a “no screens allowed” time. Or, at the very least, the next time you start feeling bored or distracted, try to resist going for your phone as long as possible. Just see what happens.

7 Really Bad Reasons Not to Read the Bible

The irony is, the Bible is the ultimate reminder of redemption, forgiveness and new life. Most of us have gotten burned out on “Bible study.” Too often, the reason we don’t read the book is that we’ve approached it with study, instead of reading the amazing story.

God Parents Us Through Trials

Viewing God as a perfect, loving, and wise parent will help us submit to him as he “parents” us through life. He is easy to please, but hard to satisfy. He disciplines us for righteousness sake. He sets up boundaries for our protection. He gives good gifts in perfect proportion according to his wisdom. He already knows the end goal he has for us, and he wants to take us there through these means. He knows what we will be. As George MacDonald said, “He regards men not as they are merely, but as they shall be.”

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Illinois’s child welfare agency now requires that staff/providers support LGBT rights … #Relations @KileyCrossland

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Books - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

Correct, Not Politically Correct: How Same Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone Why not legalize same-sex marriage? Who could it possibly hurt? Using sound reasoning and evidence—not religion—award-winning author Frank Turek shows that everyone will be hurt including children, the nation, and even homosexuals themselves. Turek provides concise answers to objections about equal rights, discrimination, and being born a certain way, and he exposes the real reason gay activists are trying to impose same-sex marriage on the country without a single vote from the people. Turek’s message is direct but respectful. It is correct, not politically correct. And it is a message that we must not ignore. For details, see .

Book Review: Dictionary of Christianity and Science

Since the mid-1990s, an exciting development has arisen within scholarly circles of what many people have termed the “New Academic Dialogue between Science and Religion.” There has been a dramatic increase in the number of books moving away from the common perception that modern scientific discoveries and Christian faith are entrenched in a never-ending conflict. The Dictionary of Christianity and Science is a welcome addition to this growing body of literature. The excellent selection of entries covers all the major topics and debates that are relevant today. The remarkably clear writing style and balanced presentation of differing views make this dictionary accessible to both specialists in the field and the general public. I am certain that this dictionary will serve the church for many years in leading many to demonstrate that modern science can glorify our Creator and honor his creation. — Denis O. Lamoureux, Associate Professor of Science and Religion, St. Joseph’s College, University of Alberta

BreakPoint: Turning Children into Jewelry?

Today, an Australian company has brought back the idea in a frankly bizarre and repulsive way: They are turning fertilized human embryos—that is, children at the embryonic stage—into jewelry. It’s a stunning example of how far we have fallen in terms of treating children as commodities.

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. @mcbelz finds this straightforward bio of the straightforward 41st president 'fascinating' … #SummerReads @jmeacham

40 The Briefing 06-02-17 -

Delivered daily to your inbox, this is one of the best ways to stay on top of current events from a Christian worldview perspective.

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There Is Hope for Atheists!

To keep a long story short: I attended a Creation Seminar at Cedarville College [now Cedarville University], sat in rapt attention as Ken Ham told me “the rest of the story,” and I realized that all of the fossil finds I believed supported evolution were, in all cases, misinterpreted. I was blown away! So, learning the truth about evolution preceded my realizing that God was real (after all!) and that the Bible was His Word. I became a creationist before I became a believer in Christ.

Do You Resent the Life God Gave You?

When we are suffering and feel resentment towards those who are not, or when we resent others for having something that we don’t have, our feelings are rooted in some form of unbelief towards God. We are either believing that he’s not good (“If he was truly good, he would not deny me what I want”), or that he’s not in control (“If he was truly sovereign, he could have prevented this or given me what I think I need”), or that he’s not trustworthy (“This can’t be what’s best for me”). The battle begins at the level of our thoughts — that we take them captive and make them obedient to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5).

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The Point: Parenting Teens Summit

More than 40 of the best informed Christian authors and thoughts leaders will share insights on parenting teens. Folks like Ravi Zacharias, Gary Chapman, Tim Keller, Russell Moore, Roxanne Stone, J. Warner Wallace, Kara Powell, D.A. Horton, and others.

Kindle Deals in Christian Apologetics: Greg's Top Ten Picks of the Week!

With every earthquake and war, understanding the nature of evil and our response to it becomes more urgent. Evil is no longer the concern just of ministers and theologians but also of politicians and the media. We hear of child abuse, ethnic cleansing, AIDS, torture and terrorism, and rightfully we are shocked. But, N. T. Wright says, we should not be surprised. For too long we have naively believed in the modern idea of human progress. In contrast, postmodern thinkers have rightly argued that evil is real, powerful and important, but they give no real clue as to what we should do about it. In fact, evil is more serious than either our culture or our theology has supposed. How then might Jesus' death be the culmination of the Old Testament solution to evil but on a wider and deeper scale than most imagine? Can we possibly envision a world in which we are delivered from evil? How might we work toward such a future through prayer and justice in the present? These are the powerful and pressing themes that N. T. Wright addresses in this book that is at once timely and timeless.  O

What ‘Fellowship’ Actually Looks Like

However, as I have grown older and matured (the two are not as intrinsically linked as I would like) I have begun to understand the concept of fellowship and its vital role in our Christian lives. Fellowship, rather than being an imposition on my preferred surroundings, serves a vital role in experiencing not only God’s presence in our lives, but also in experiencing all of who God has made me to be. C.S. Lewis summed this up beautifully:

Thoughts on Life Before Death | The Stream

The Stream encourages comments, whether in agreement with the article or not. However, comments that violate our commenting rules or terms of use will be removed. Any commenter who repeatedly violates these rules and terms of use will be blocked from commenting. Comments on The Stream are hosted by Disqus, with logins available through Disqus, Facebook, Twitter or G+ accounts. You must log in to comment. Please flag any comments you see breaking the rules. More detail is available here .

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This piece of shit is not just an embarrassment to America and a stain on the presidency. He's an embarrassment to humankind. …

The 3 Great Missionary Confusions

Certainly there are many things we can adjust—food, living situations, clothing, language, to name a few. But the gospel is not one of them. Sure, we should draw out shame and honor when it’s clear in Scripture. But when we “cut and paste” the gospel itself—even giving different interpretations to clear biblical texts so we can fit the culture—we’re giving up the biblical narrative. We’re giving up the storyline God has carefully woven throughout. And to give up the biblical narrative is to overcontextualize.

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