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A Little Book on the Christian Life: A Live Interview with Burk Parsons Today at 2pm

Today at 2pm ET, we will be joined by Dr. Burk Parsons, copastor of Saint Andrew’s Chapel in Sanford, FL, editor of Tabletalk magazine, and Ligonier teaching fellow. Together, we will discuss the new book he coedited and cotranslated, A Little Book on the Christian Life by John Calvin, and how the truths Calvin distilled in this classic work can serve to encourage and equip a new generation of Christians.

John Crist Took His ‘Bible Verse Lady’ to Vegas

Virgin daiquiris! My cup overflows!

Sacred Book, Sovereign God, Serious Joy: Why Study Liberal Arts in College

True Christian education prepares us to enjoy God and love our neighbors even more than it prepares us for the workforce.

Do Not Avenge Yourselves, but Give Place to Wrath

No injustice will survive judgment day. God will repay every evil deed.

Heineken’s Excellent New Commercial Is Basically the Anti-Pepsi Ad

A perfect picture of how to disagree with civility and humanity ... from a beer company.

Is Christianity Good for the World?

Protestant missionaries have changed the world, not only spiritually, but also culturally. Cultures that have Jesus also have greater wellbeing.

Spoken Word on Martin Luther King Jr.

A moving spoken word.

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What Is Hell?

Frank gives a quick definition of Hell.

2 The TC Apologetics Daily

The Point: Twilight in Japan

Japan is Exhibit A. Business Insider reports that the nation, once an ascendant military power and then technology mecca, has entered “a vicious cycle of low fertility and low spending that has led to trillions in lost GDP and a population decline of 1 million people, all within just the past five years.”

God Must Exist Thus the Atheists are Angry

Tips for Studying the Bible (Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast #8) | Cold Case Christianity

In this episode of the Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast, J. Warner describes 6 simple principles (all beginning with the letter “D”) to help you study the Bible like a detective. J. Warner then recommends a few tools to guide you in your study and finally incorporates the tips and tools into a four part strategy for Bible investigation and Christian Case Making.

Ravi Zacharias Visits Guam; Live Stream Sunday, June 4 | RZIM

“We are honored to host Ravi Zacharias and are praying that people from all across the island of Guam will attend and be challenged with Ravi’s biblical wisdom,” said Jared Baldwin, Executive Pastor of Harvest Baptist Church, who formerly served in the U.S. Air Force and is hosting the Sunday evening gathering. “Although the majority of Guamanians would consider themselves religious, they still have many unanswered spiritual questions. We are praying that Ravi’s ministry will help our community understand the foundations of our Christian faith and develop a heart to follow God amid life’s joys and struggles.”

Never Blame God

We Christians can be prone, in our pain, to point a finger and raise a fist at heaven. If we believe in God at all, we should believe he is bigger and stronger than we can even fathom. Our Bibles are filled with what we might call “big God” verses. We’re told God does whatever he pleases (Psalm 115:3; 135:6), nothing happens outside his control (Lamentations 3:37–38; Job 2:10; Proverbs 16:33; Matthew 10:29), he will accomplish all his plans (Job 42:2; Isaiah 46:10; Daniel 4:35), and not even a rebellious human will can thwart him (Proverbs 21:1; Revelation 17:17). Even when others mean evil against us, God means it for good (Genesis 50:20). He is stronger than any threat against his children, and whatever he lovingly allows into our lives, he does so for our full and final good, even as it is indeed painful, not pleasant (Hebrews 12:11).

Kindle Deals in Christian Apologetics: Greg's Top Ten Picks of the Week!

With every earthquake and war, understanding the nature of evil and our response to it becomes more urgent. Evil is no longer the concern just of ministers and theologians but also of politicians and the media. We hear of child abuse, ethnic cleansing, AIDS, torture and terrorism, and rightfully we are shocked. But, N. T. Wright says, we should not be surprised. For too long we have naively believed in the modern idea of human progress. In contrast, postmodern thinkers have rightly argued that evil is real, powerful and important, but they give no real clue as to what we should do about it. In fact, evil is more serious than either our culture or our theology has supposed. How then might Jesus' death be the culmination of the Old Testament solution to evil but on a wider and deeper scale than most imagine? Can we possibly envision a world in which we are delivered from evil? How might we work toward such a future through prayer and justice in the present? These are the powerful and pressing themes that N. T. Wright addresses in this book that is at once timely and timeless.  O

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Whom Does God Worship on Sunday?

If God demeaned his supreme worth in the name of humility, we would be the losers, not God. God is the one being in the universe for whom self-exaltation is the highest virtue. For there is only one supremely beautiful being in the universe. There is only one all-satisfying person in the universe. And because of his supreme beauty and greatness, what the psalmist says in Psalm 16:11 is true: “In your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” If God hides that, or denies that, he might seem humble, but he would be hiding from us the very thing that would make us completely happy forever.

Points to Remember When Making the Case for God’s Existence (Free Bible Insert) | Cold Case Christianity

Conversations related to the existence of God can be challenging. It’s tempting to offer every possible evidence when trying to make a case for something, but I’ve learned to use only those evidences I think will be powerful to the jury I am addressing. These additional points are meant to supplement the classic arguments for God’s existence. Take the time to learn about your “jury” and after mastering every evidential category, use only those points and arguments needed to move the conversation forward. Be informed, but be patient and purposeful in your approach. Be sure to visit the home page to download this free Bible Insert.

Happy Birthday, Dear Church

Recognizing that Pentecost Sunday is the church’s birthday explains why many congregations include church-belonging rituals (like confirmations, first Communions, and baptisms) in their celebrations. When a local congregation commits to annually celebrating the church’s birthday, they are declaring that, as one common church saying goes, “The church is God’s plan A for the world—and there’s no plan B.” Yes, our individual journeys matter, but they are always part of the larger story God is telling through the people who gather in his name.

Understanding Vehicular Jihad (David Wood) In the past year, we’ve seen vehicular terrorist attacks in France, the United States, Germany, and Great Britain. Given the success of these attacks, we certainly haven't seen the last of them. Hence, our task now should be to understand vehicular jihad, so that we can eventually stop such attacks. In this video, David Wood explains the rise of vehicular jihad. For more on jihad, be sure to watch these videos: "Three Stages of Jihad": "The Jihad Triangle": "Top Ten Quran Verses for Understanding ISIS": "Three Questions for Moderate Muslims": "The Quran and the Siege of Paris":

Do Computer Simulations Provide Evidence for Evolution?

Second, evolutionary computer programs include “stair step active information.” In his book Climbing Mount Improbable, Dawkins argues that evolution can occur in an incremental, step-by-step process. As a result, for the evolution of a worm to a whale, for instance, each intermediate step must be functional. This raises challenges in nature, but computer simulations are often less restricted. The Avida program only works because the creators have carefully designed a “staircase” where each step is functional along the way. According to Dembski, without this designed process, the simulation fails.

BreakPoint on Twitter

So what motivates radical Islamist terrorists? As we say over and over again on BreakPoint, worldview matters.

Crossway on Twitter

An open letter from David Powlison to those apathetic about their sanctification:  / #CrosswayArticle

BreakPoint on Twitter

With biblical clarity, this practical go-to manual equips kids to rise above the culture. #APracticalGuideToCulture

Premier Christian on Twitter

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Church steps in for Pentecost service after London attack - Premier

A church in south London has intervened after Saturday night's terror attack in the city put Pentecost celebrations in jeopardy.

C.S. Lewis Institute on Twitter

Tune into @KarlandJune this morning! Our Director @KJ7562 will join host June Felix as her guest co-host all morning (5-9am)!

BP This Week: The HHS Mandate, Bearing False Witness, and Persecution in Egypt

Rumors have leaked from the Trump White House that a revised contraception mandate by the Department of Health and Human Services may be on the way. If early reports are right, it would mean a huge victory for Little Sisters of the Poor (a group of nuns who sued the Obama Administration for forcing them to cover abortion-inducing drugs in their insurance plans) as well as other groups whose religious freedom was threatened by the Affordable Care Act.


Yet, usually we do just the opposite. We’re quick to speak, slow to listen, and swift to become angry. That’s backward! But if you do the first two — be slow to speak and quick to listen — the last part will be automatic. You’ll find yourself becoming angry less often and less naturally.

20 Reasons I Don’t Take Potshots at Fundamentalists

They tend to raise law-abiding, chaste children, in spite of the fact that Barna says evangelical kids in general don’t have any better track record than non-Christians.

A Guide for Bible Skeptics: An Interview with John Dickson

Dr. Dickson: The Bible recounts the interaction of God with his people. It is split into two sections, the Old Testament (OT) and the New Testament (NT). The Old Testament is the record of God’s dealings with his chosen people, Israel, and covers the time period from the “Beginning”—whenever that was—to roughly 500 BC. The New Testament begins with the birth of Jesus (shortly before the AD 1 mark), tells of his life, teaching, death , and resurrection , and includes numerous texts written to the first generation or two of Christian believers, up to the end of the first century. A key thing to remember about how Christians read this big book is that they have always insisted on two simple things: first, that the Old Testament points forward to what Jesus would do in the New Testament; and, second, that we must therefore read the Old Testament through the lens of the New Testament. The Bible is a story that stretches from creation to eternity, giving everything in between a particular shape and substance. In Bible-speak, this is called “salvation history” or “biblical theology,” an account of how God planned, revealed, and executed his purposes for the world.

The Silver Lining on the Zombie Apocalypse

In our current cultural moment, most of us are probably familiar with the myth of the “zombie apocalypse”—the idea of a sudden, widespread uprising of undead that threatens civilization and, more often than not, forces humanity to fight off hordes of shambling corpses to prevent its own extinction. This basic premise has been the starting point for films, TV shows, and other media texts for nearly half a century, from George Romero’s foundational 1968 masterpiece Night of the Living Dead to AMC’s popular series The Walking Dead, which recently concluded its seventh season.

Why White-Centered Discipleship Hurts Us All

Nonetheless, there are ways to ensure that these crucial parts of the body do not withdraw for good. Make intentional room for marginalized voices. Meagan Gillan, who leads the women ministries program in the Evangelical Covenant Church, is a positive example of someone trying to rebalance women’s discipleship. In particular, she is working to ensure that marginalized voices are represented in the various events and programs they do in the ECC. “I’ve learned that we must include every voice, not as an add-on, afterthought, or ‘oops,’ but as equals who have voice, power, and influence,” says Gillan. “I don’t want an event or team that has a few women of color involved so the majority women can feel good about themselves. The whole experience must communicate that this is for all of us, and everybody may feel uncomfortable or may experience cultural difference at some point. As a leader, part of my job is to coach women in this and to encourage the kind of discomfort that leads to blessing.”

The 3 Great Missionary Confusions

Certainly there are many things we can adjust—food, living situations, clothing, language, to name a few. But the gospel is not one of them. Sure, we should draw out shame and honor when it’s clear in Scripture. But when we “cut and paste” the gospel itself—even giving different interpretations to clear biblical texts so we can fit the culture—we’re giving up the biblical narrative. We’re giving up the storyline God has carefully woven throughout. And to give up the biblical narrative is to overcontextualize.

Does Science Make the Case for God, or Not?

Does science make the case for God, or not? It depends on whom you ask. Author and TV host Eric Metaxas argued the affirmative position in a recent (December 2014) Wall Street Journal piece . 1 A month later in response to Metaxas’ article, the New Yorker published an opposite position 2 from theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss . Rather than weigh in with my perspective (I find science and the Christian faith to mutually reinforce one another), I want to draw some insight from each article in order to help engage the conversation more effectively. I’ll start by examining Krauss’ article, and in part two, I’ll address Metaxas’ original article.

10 Truths You Need to Know About Calling

I recently finished Elizabeth Gilbert’s book on creativity called Big Magic . One of my favorite sections was her take on getting paid for your art. She wasn’t opposed to artists getting paid for their art, but she said, “You cannot expect to make a living off of it.” I loved her comment about doing it for a living versus doing it for your sense of calling. I get paid in my calling as a pastor, but not often in my calling as a writer. But I don’t write for money—I write because it’s who I am. If you’re pursuing your calling primarily for the check, I think it’s time to step back and reevaluate.

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London police kill three terrorists after bridge, market attacks … #TheSift @LeighJonesWORLD

What is Apologetics? Explaining Why the Gospel is True and Reasonable

Jesus did not have a “Four Spiritual Laws” message that he recited with each new audience. Jesus communicated responsively to each situation or person he encountered. Sometimes he taught a parable or used a powerful image. Other times, he didn’t give information at all, but asked a question.[i] Walter Hollenweger explains:

33 Cold Case Christianity

In this episode of the Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast, J. Warner presents a strategy to equip young Christians to defend the truth of the Christian worldview. J. Warner presents the training model described more fully in his book, Forensic Faith: A Homicide Detective Makes the Case for a More Reasonable, Evidential Christian Faith. What is the differences between “teaching” and “training”? Why should we abandon the teaching model in favor of more intentional training? Be sure to check out Forensic Faith and the accompanying curriculum. Be sure to watch the Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast on NRBtv every Monday and Saturday! In addition, here is the audio podcast (the Cold-Case Christianity Weekly Podcast is located on iTunes or our RSS Feed):

London Bridge Attack: Pedestrians Hit by Van, Gunfire, Knife Attack at Borough Market

Another witness told the BBC she saw a speeding white van veering into pedestrians. That witness said the van hit five to six people. Reuters television pictures showed dozens of emergency vehicles in the area around London Bridge.

China’s God-Shaped Vacuum

The role of religion in China can be confusing, especially for Westerners who often see the world in black and white. The complexity Johnson describes includes a Taoist priest who travels the world, and the pastor of a public and thriving “underground” church. We see an officially atheist government that embraces and promotes traditional values, most of which are rooted in traditional religious beliefs. The government jettisoned one set of moral standards (Confucianism) for another (Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong hought), then jettisoned that one without replacing it with anything other than economic development, creating a moral and spiritual vacuum. Now, instead of trying to smash religious belief, the party is trying to co-opt it by focusing on traditional values.

What Christian Parents Can Learn from Atheist Churches.

True to this rebranding effort, the “ Frequently Asked Questions ” page on the Sunday Assembly’s website attempts to distance the organization from a strict atheist association. In response to the question, “Is Sunday Assembly exclusively for atheists?” they say, “Absolutely not. We say in the Charter that we don’t do supernatural but we won’t tell you you’re wrong if you do. One of the unique things about Sunday Assembly is that it is radically inclusive–allowing us to celebrate life together, regardless of what we believe in.” They go on in other answers to discourage using their group as a vehicle for presenting atheist philosophy or for telling others that they’re wrong for what they believe.

37 The Self-Evident Nature of Objective Moral Truths | Cold Case Christianity

When people seek to reject the transcendent nature of these claims, I take the following approach. First, I ask them for an historical example. While there are many cultures that have justified their actions with rationalizations we might reject as insufficient, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a culture that used “for the fun of it” as a justification. Secondly, it’s sometimes important to “super-size” an issue to illustrate the point. That’s why I occasionally ask the question, “Is it ever OK to torture babies for fun?” If it isn’t, we’ve just identified a transcendent moral principle we can agree on. You’d be surprised, however, to discover how many people will still reject this “extreme” moral truth claim. The aforementioned graduate student told me, “Well, I would never so such a thing and I would never say it was OK, but I don’t think there’s necessarily an objective truth about it.” Really? I asked her, “So, are you saying there’s a scenario in which it might be appropriate to torture a baby for fun ?” She still hesitated. “So, you’re saying that there could be a scenario in w

Book Review: Truth Matters

Introduction Tom Gender and his book Truth Matters was brought to this reviewer's attention just a few months ago. The opportunity came to receive a copy and review the book, which was gladly accepted. Excitement built after just reading the introduction and the preface. This review is designed to be a chapter-by-chapter summary to give the reader a mere taste of the content of each chapter. The reviewer's thoughts will be offered at the end of the summary. The book is 307 pages, divided into five sections. It has one appendix and an index of terms. Preface Before diving into the main reason for writing this book, Tom Gender provides a good worldview and logic primer for the reader to assist in properly evaluating his evidence and arguments. He begins with a quick overview of worldviews and their relationship to truth. He goes over the different general worldviews, the importance of testing each one for truth, and four different tests for truth. In the worldviews, he covers everything from atheism to panentheism. In the section on logic, he looks at three different ways to reason, then he finally proposes four different tests for discovering truth.

EXCLUSIVE: Theresa May talks faith, the Church and the election - Premier

Addressing the concern shared by many Christians, that their faith is being marginalised, she said: "In this country it's absolutely right that we believe in freedom for people to practice all faiths or none and it's important that we continue to respect different faiths and people who choose to practice.

There Is Hope for Atheists!

To keep a long story short: I attended a Creation Seminar at Cedarville College [now Cedarville University], sat in rapt attention as Ken Ham told me “the rest of the story,” and I realized that all of the fossil finds I believed supported evolution were, in all cases, misinterpreted. I was blown away! So, learning the truth about evolution preceded my realizing that God was real (after all!) and that the Bible was His Word. I became a creationist before I became a believer in Christ.

The Point: Parenting Teens Summit

More than 40 of the best informed Christian authors and thoughts leaders will share insights on parenting teens. Folks like Ravi Zacharias, Gary Chapman, Tim Keller, Russell Moore, Roxanne Stone, J. Warner Wallace, Kara Powell, D.A. Horton, and others.

What ‘Fellowship’ Actually Looks Like

However, as I have grown older and matured (the two are not as intrinsically linked as I would like) I have begun to understand the concept of fellowship and its vital role in our Christian lives. Fellowship, rather than being an imposition on my preferred surroundings, serves a vital role in experiencing not only God’s presence in our lives, but also in experiencing all of who God has made me to be. C.S. Lewis summed this up beautifully:

Thoughts on Life Before Death | The Stream

The Stream encourages comments, whether in agreement with the article or not. However, comments that violate our commenting rules or terms of use will be removed. Any commenter who repeatedly violates these rules and terms of use will be blocked from commenting. Comments on The Stream are hosted by Disqus, with logins available through Disqus, Facebook, Twitter or G+ accounts. You must log in to comment. Please flag any comments you see breaking the rules. More detail is available here .

Social Media Could Be Killing Your Spiritual Life

Maybe the next time you meet a friend for coffee, you leave the phone in your purse. Or when you’re at a concert, you snap one photo and put the camera away for the rest of the show. Or set aside a few hours at home as a “no screens allowed” time. Or, at the very least, the next time you start feeling bored or distracted, try to resist going for your phone as long as possible. Just see what happens.

Is Public School an Option?

Is public school an option? For Christians who take the Christian worldview seriously and who understand the issues at stake, the answer is increasingly no. The number of Christian parents coming to this conclusion increases each year. We can understand the nostalgia that many Christians hold about the public schools. I spent every minute of my school life from the first grade to high school graduation in a public school. And yet, I saw the ideological transformation of the schools before my own eyes. Long ago, the public schools entered a Brave New World from which no retreat now seems possible.

Calling All ’90s Kids: the ‘Animaniacs’ Could Be Making a Comeback

Yes, Amblin Television and Warner Bros. Animation are looking to reboot the ’90s cartoon , the Animaniacs which reports say will probably include original creator Steven Spielberg. The animated variety-style show aired from 1993 to 1998 on Fox Kids and then Kids’ WB, and spawned iconic segments like Pinky and the Brain and The Godfeather.  It won eight Daytime Emmy Awards and even a Peabody.

Bono Has A Message For Young Christian Artists

“I want to argue the case for artists or potential artists who might be listening in on our conversation and are not giving expression to what’s really going on in their lives because they feel it will give the wrong impression of them. We don’t have to please God in any other way than to be brutally honest,” Bono said. “That is the root. Not just to a relationship with God, but it’s the root to a great song. That’s the only place you can find a great song. The only place you can find any work of art, of merit.”

5 Game-Changing Books to Read this Summer

2. The Privileged Planet , by Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay W. Richards. This book is one of my all-time favorite apologetics books. The authors discuss the fine-tuning of the laws of physics and also how there needs to be a number of precise factors in place for life to survive on Earth—such as a carefully calibrated atmosphere of the right gases, a moon, surrounding gas giants, a sun of our size and age, and much more. But then they make an additional argument, namely, that our location in the galaxy is carefully designed for discovery. There is a surprising “coincidence” between the factors that enable us to survive and those that allow us to make discoveries about our universe. For instance, Earth sits within a narrow range of places where life could exist, and yet Earth also has a rare platform uniquely suited for discovery. This book was a game-changer for me about how I look at our moon, surrounding planets, and our place in the galaxy.

The United States Is Expected to Leave the Paris Climate Agreement

The agreement , signed in 2015 by 147 countries, essentially binds all the countries involved to actively fighting climate change. Specifically, the goal all the signatories agreed to is to keep this century’s temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius—which is the number where the damage is considered too far gone—and more ambitiously, to keep the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius. It also requires the countries involved to keep the target moving and to reassess after every five years.

Why We Argue Best with Our Mouths Shut

If we have any hope for healing the divisions in our society, families, churches, and communities, it will serve us well to learn how to have better conversations. And mounting scientific evidence suggests that the secret may lie in the charge put forth by James: to make every effort to be quick to listen and slow to speak (1:19).

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