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The New Trailer for 'Wreck-It Ralph 2' Is Way Funnier Than We Expected

If you were worried that Wreck-It Ralph 2 was a cash grab looking to mash together a bunch of 'trendy' Internet jokes and make some easy money a la The Emoji Movie,

Brace Yourself For a Very Intense Viola Davis in the Trailer for 'Widows'

  British director Steve McQueen has been pretty quiet since snagging the best director and best picture Oscar for 12 Years a Slave in 2014. But he's back in a big way

Neuroscientist debunks hype about no free will, etc.

A friend writes, “This young German brain researcher publicly condemns exaggerated claims of neuroscientists, "debunking" of free will, so-called dangerous brains, and so forth.” Talk by Dr. S. (Stephan) Schleim at the 2014 Heymans Symposium 'Research Worth Spreading' of the Psychology departme

The Calvinist

Watch or read the tale of the life and death of a Calvinist in this video-poem by John Piper.

FX's Trust and the God of Mammon | Think Christian

Wealth spreads like a disease in a kidnapping drama based on the iconic Getty family.

Here’s ‘The Daily Show’s Take on the Jesse Duplantis Jet Controversy

As you may have read last week, televangelist Jesse Duplantis is facing widespread criticism after telling viewers of his TV show that he wants them to help him buy a

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1 Set Apart

Leading isn’t so much about being on the platform or at the head of the group as it is about being noticeably different. You don’t lead when you land a certain position or facilitate discussion at small group. You lead when you live set apart from the world—and you can do that right where you are.

My Story: From Agnostic to Christian Apologist

I was raised in a Christian home by wonderful committed Christian parents. We attended church three times a week and sometimes more. I remember sitting in sermon during Vacation Bible School (VBS) at a very young age (perhaps five or six) when I realized that I was a sinner and went forward during the invitation and prayed to receive Christ as my Savior. I went to church camp and VBS every summer; was heavily involved in my youth group. At age 16, I preached my first sermon in front of a congregation and was making plans to attend Bible College and Seminary.

Huge Kindle Sale in Christian Apologetics: 12 Titles Starting at $0.99!

For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.


Today the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Jack Phillips and the Masterpiece Cake Shop. In doing so, the Supreme Court set an important line where Christians can and will choose to dissent from the...


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Why Francis Schaeffer Matters: The Church in Culture

Francis Schaeffer’s view of the church in modern culture is multifaceted yet cuts straight to the point.  He does not mince words or play clever evangelical games.  He believes one major problem with Christians is that they see things in bits and pieces.  They have failed to see that modern man’s despair has come to fruition because of a shift in worldview.  He contends that Christians should begin to think in terms of the big picture.  They should have a view of spiritual reality that is authentic and covers all areas of life.  Indeed, the Lordship of Christ covers all life and all life equally.

8 The TC Apologetics Daily

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Were Christians Really Persecuted in the First Century?

“In the first century, Christians were crucified, burned, and thrown to the wild animals simply for proclaiming the name of Christ. This was a period of immense persecution, and if Christians wanted to survive, they had to hide out from the governing authorities.” While there is some truth in this statement, it is certainly an overstatement. Yes, Christians were persecuted, but in the first century, most persecution was local and sporadic.

An Open Letter to Graduates: Part 2

First, have you determined in your heart how you will respond to peer pressure to drink alcohol? Most of you have already faced this to some degree, but the stakes change when no parents are there to check on you at night or wake you up in the morning.


Top 5 Most Misused Verses in the Bible

The Bible is a sharp, double-edged sword—able to pierce the heart. However, when portions of the Bible are used in the wrong context, it’s like trying to fight with the butt of the weapon instead of the blade. It’s just not effective.


Increasingly, Western culture embraces confusion as a virtue and decries certainty as a sin. Those who are confused about sexuality and identity are viewed as heroes. Those who are confused about morality are progressive pioneers. Those who are confused about spirituality are praised as tolerant. Conversely, those who express certainty about any of these issues are seen as bigoted, oppressive, arrogant, or intolerant. This cultural phenomenon led the compilers of the Oxford English Dictionary to name "post-truth" their word of the year in 2016. How can Christians offer truth and clarity to a world that shuns both? Frank interviews author and speaker Abdu Murray about his brand new book "Saving Truth" where he answers this question and more.

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20 Quotes from Jen Wilkin’s New Book on Imaging God

The following 20 quotes caught my attention as I read Jen Wilkin’s superb new book,  In His Image: 10 Ways God Calls Us to Reflect His Character   (Crossway, 2018). (This is the sequel to None Like Him , a 2016 TGC Book Award winner.) Also check out Melissa Kruger’s sneak-peek interview  with Wilkin. If we want our lives to align with God’s will, we will need to ask a better question than “What should I do?” . . . God is always more concerned with the decision-maker than he is with the decision itself. (12) If we focus on our actions without addressing our hearts, we may end up merely as better behaved lovers of self. (13) No other attribute is joined to the name of God with greater frequency than holiness. (23) If the utter purity of God makes the angels avert their gaze, preaching holiness may not be a crowd pleaser. Better to go with an emphasis on love so everyone feels welcome, or better to go with an emphasis on justice so everyone behaves. God deserves our worship for both his love and his justice. But his love and his justice are imbued with and defined by his holiness—he does not merely love; he loves out of utter purity of character.


Today we present Cheryl Bachelder’s presentation at the 2018 William Wilberforce Weekend on the topic of sacred calling. She is the former CEO of Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, and author of Dare to Serve: How to Drive Superior Results by Serving Others.

Jesus Is Evidence That God Exists | Cold Case Christianity

Jesus Is A Critical Piece of Evidence Even though the life of Christ was a critical part of my personal investigation, I still find myself arguing for God’s existence, at least initially, as though I wasn’t a Christian at all! When sharing what I believe with skeptical friends and family members, I have to make a conscious effort to remember that Jesus’ life alone demonstrates the existence of God. If the gospels are true, none of us need any additional proof. Jesus is sufficient evidence that God exists.

Christianity 'disrespected' after hospital reverses decision to provide Bibles at every bedside - Premier

A church leader has said that Christianity has been disrespected, after a new hospital in Scotland decided against having Bibles available at every bedside.

How Do I Know When Someone Just Don't Care

A vital question from our latest #FearlessFaith Seminar: How do we determine, discern and choose between the people we should be sharing the truth with and those who just don't really care about it?

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I hear you, and its even an issue in the SBC, but the same was the case for abortion but over time the prolofe moment has gained traction and more and more people come around. It took and will take years though.

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If a Baker, photographer or anyone wants to discriminate against you and won't service your samesex marriage, call the next business in front of them and make sure you tell all your ppl not to patronice thats type of business and they probably voted for a pussy grabber

My Response to the Firing of Paige Patterson

I enrolled at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) in the fall of 1980. Over the next nine years, I received two degrees from the seminary and taught philosophy of religion there.

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Evangelical Christians want to put God’s commandments in courthouses? How about this one? Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt. Ye shall not afflict any widow, or fatherless child. If thou afflict

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"People outside of the church are speaking up for women. If we can’t show at least an equal measure of respect for women in the church, we’re going to lose"…

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thousands of Asylum Seekers infants wept all night long locked in ICE Prisons in abandoned warehouses in the US. & Christians are fighting over- Is it right to fire pastors that: Rape parishoners/cover up rapes/have affairs/let women talk in church.

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32 Joy in Christ Kept Him in China: Hudson Taylor (1832–1905)

In February 1905, Taylor sailed for China for the last time. After a tour of some of the mission stations, he died on June 3 at Changsha, Hunan, at the age of seventy-three. The year 2015 marked the 150th anniversary of the mission that Taylor founded. In 1900, there were one hundred thousand Christians in China, and today there are probably around 150 million. This growth is God’s work: one plants, another waters, but God gives the growth (1 Corinthians 3:6). Nevertheless, it is the fruit of faithful labor. And Taylor labored longer and harder than most. That labor was sustained by union with Christ. So we turn to look at what this union meant for Taylor.

Should Christians Save for Retirement?

“Pastor John, what would you say to a young man or a young woman who is interested in pursuing a career as a financial advisor? Should a Christian serve others by helping them plan financially for retirement, or do you think this is promoting an ungodly waste of retirement? I want to help others steward their money for the sake of Christ, but our society’s warped perspective on retirement makes me think twice about entering this profession. Can a Christian serve others and help them plan for retirement — even a very typical American retirement — with a clear conscience? Is financial planning a worthy Christian vocation?”

34 US bishop Michael Curry given starring role in BGT Final - Premier

The final of Britain's Got Talent opened with a recording of a special blessing from Bishop  Michael Curry, who delivered a sermon at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Islamicize Me Day 19: The Gang Gets Breastfed!

On Day 19, Lil' Debbie converts to Islam, and the gang must seek the wisdom of Allah and Muhammad in dealing with temptation! To visit Vocab's channel: To visit Jon's channel: PATREON: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: ... MINDS: WEBSITE: Thanks for watching "Islamicize Me," starring Vocab Malone, Jon McCray, and David Wood!

36 Are You Insulting God in Worship?

Little words can mean a lot. They can make the difference between good and evil, between heaven and hell. In this case, a right understanding of a single word is the only thing that prevents an act of worship from degenerating into a colossal insult to God. It’s the word “for.”

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Are We More Than Simply Physical Beings? (Podcast) | Cold Case Christianity

In this podcast, J. Warner examines the evidence for the existence of the mind (and inferentially, the soul) as he looks at six classic philosophical arguments. Jim also briefly discusses Thomas Nagel’s book, Mind and Cosmos and discusses the limitations of physicalism.

Biblical faith is informed by evidence: 12 Apologetics Quotes

Christians are often accused of taking a “blind leap into the dark.” However, my father Josh set out to disprove the Christian faith historically, but instead found the evidence powerful and convincing. So, when he became a Christian, it wasn’t a blind leap into the dark, but a knowledgeable step into the light. He placed the evidence onto the scales, and in his estimation, it tipped in favor of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, resurrected from the dead. You may be convinced by the evidence. On the other hand, you may find it wanting. But the claim that “faith is blind” simply ignores the biblical and historical evidence. In fact, only someone who hasn’t truly weighed the evidence could make such a claim. If you haven’t considered the evidence yet, maybe now is the time.

Why Your Children Do NOT Need Apologetics: Correcting Misconceptions

This weekend, a blog was released titled “ Why Your Children do NOT Need Apologetics .” In it, apologetics was characterized as a fear-based recitation of doctrines which “denies the realities of human experience.” I suspect that it was written in response to the blog and podcast that Rebekah and I did the last week critiquing their Easter article. The article we critiqued was written by a children’s pastor, and it discouraged teaching children about the literal death and resurrection of Jesus, or the concept of original sin. (You can see our podcast response with extensive summary notes here .) We definitely didn’t mince words in the podcast, but neither did we throw any punches.

Who Has the Burden of Proof When Discussing God?

For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

Don't Believe Everything You Hear about the Bible

I turned on the TV one night and saw an older preacher being carried out to the pulpit by a man on each side. I have never seen someone alive look so dead. He claimed that God told him to fast for 40 days so that people could look at him while he preached and know that God was behind his sermon. I thought, “Wow, that man is so godly! That must be what biblical fasting looks like!”

YouTube Gets Flack for Advertising Our Video - YouTube

🤝 Stand with us: 06-04-18 LIVESTREAM Dr. Brown discusses the latest YouTube controversy, giving some additional updates on his ministry time in Israel. Listen live here 3-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments. Multistreaming with

Ireland Goes Back to Its Roots | Evolution News

One lie is that children in the womb are not human beings, at least up to a certain point of gestation. That is not true. It is a matter of fact — a straightforward scientific fact known since the basics of human reproduction were first understood in the early 19th century — that human life begins at fertilization of the egg by the sperm, and that at every stage of life thereafter, from zygote to embryo to fetus to newborn, the individual is a human being. The child in the womb is not a part of the mother (half the time he’s not even the same sex as the mother), nor is a child in the womb mere “tissue” that becomes a human being at some arbitrary point in gestation. Women don’t reproduce by budding.

CRI Resource: CRI1806WA - Christian Research Institute

A Call for Courage: Living with Power, Truth, and Love in an Age of Intolerance and Fear by Michael Anthony Like many other people of faith, you may be concerned about what the future holds for Christians in America. Every day we wake up in a nation and world that is increasingly hostile to our beliefs and values. Even the basic freedoms that define America–speech and religion–are under attack. The result is that many of us have become fearful, apathetic and detached. The great need of the day is a sweeping revolution of courage in our lives, families and houses of worship. A Call for Courage will spark that revolution in you.

These Creatures Would Give Darwin Shivers | Evolution News

Although this news does not mention evolution, Darwin’s theory would expect that environmental factors drove giraffe traits. This includes things like habitat, population size, and the threat of predators. Apparently the same environments produced very different behaviors for different animals, showing that natural selection is not really law-like at all.

Here's How to Do the Optical Illusion Meme That's Been Going Viral

A popular video meme is going around the web where people are appearing to climb into an invisible car and drive away across the floor. Well, one Twitter user, Jaylynn Malone, has in part divulged how to pull off the feat in a series of videos.

Did Jesus Say Faith Is "Blind"? (Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast #13) | Cold Case Christianity

In this episode of the Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast, J. Warner examines the Biblical definition of “faith”. Did Jesus advocate “blind faith”? How did Jesus use evidence to demonstrate his Deity? How did Jesus deal with doubt? (For more information, visit )

477. Can The Story Of Noah Be An Apologetic For Our Time?

Jeff Kinley shares with Bobby how the story of Noah can be a powerful apologetic for our time.

The Downsides of “Right to Try” | Evolution News

For example, there is the cost, which the law does not cover. Health insurance doesn’t pay for experimental treatments either. It is true that drug companies offer test subjects free medication. But those are during controlled experiments. If people wish to take the drugs outside of those limited tests, there is no guarantee they will be able to receive free or low cost — nor that there will be availability of the drug, which will not yet be in mass production.

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