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'Refuting Allah, Finding Jesus' book trailer It's difficult to find books that refute Islam using worldview criticism and Christian truth. But herein Robinson produces an innovati...

The Bumps in Your Soul: Spiritual Growth in Real Life [John Coe - From the Table #6]

This video is about spirituality in the mundane and the irritating: budgets, bosses, all the stuff that bumps and bothers our souls. For lots of people spiri...

Crazy busy? 3 ways to prevent hurry & worry [Ken Shigematsu]

Modern life is crazy busy. How, then, could any of us encounter "the peace that transcends understanding"? Pastor Ken Shigematsu recommends a daily/weekly (j...

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So Good Things Can Run Wild

But we must take this in large measure on faith because under the curse of the Fall, our fallen perceptions often don’t see it and our fallen natures often don’t believe it. We are disordered and pathologically self-centered. We are out of sync.

The Hobby Lobby Decision: A Big Win for Religious Liberty — and a Very Revealing Divide on the Court

So American corporate law protects the rights and liberties of the people associated with Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood — but also for the corporations known as Planned Parenthood and Greenpeace. The Court rules today that there is no basic distinction between closely held for-profit and non-profit corporations in this regard. As Justice Alito observed, the dissenting justices did not even really make any clear argument in defense of such a distinction. The Hobby Lobby decision applies only to closely held private corporations, not to publicly traded companies. The Green and Hahn families, the Court ruled, did not surrender their religious liberties by establishing a for-profit corporation. The same is true for your local kosher deli. This is an important win for the religious liberties of all citizens.

Grateful but Sobered by the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Verdict

I have said before, and I will say it again that Obamacare’s contraception mandate forces one of the most egregious violations of religious liberty in our nation’s history. It forces pro-life business owners to pay for insurance plans that cover abortion-inducing birth control methods. For this reason, there was much at stake today in the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision.

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

‘If Jesus Christ Was Alive Today…’: Famous Rocker Throws Down About Celibacy, Same-Sex Marriage Among Clergy

“If Jesus Christ was alive today, I cannot see him, as the Christian person that he was and the great person that he was, saying this could not happen,” John added. “He was all about love and compassion and forgiveness and trying to bring people together and that is what the church should be about.”

What Is 'Evil' to Google?

Schmidt admits that he thought it was "the stupidest rule ever" upon his arrival at the company, "because there's no book about evil except maybe, you know, the Bible or something." The contrast between the holy scripture and the engineer's fist is almost allegorical: in place of a broadly construed set of sociocultural values, Google relies instead on the edict of the engineer. That Schmidt doesn't bother describing the purportedly evil project in question only further emphasizes the matter: Whatever the product did or didn't do is irrelevant; all that matters is that Google passed judgement upon it. The system worked. But on whose behalf? Buchheit had explained that early Googlers felt that their competitors were exploiting users, but, exploitation is relative. Even back in the pre-IPO salad days of 2003, Schmidt explained "Don't be evil" via its founders' whim: "Evil is what Sergey says is evil."

Grace to You

In the day of judgment many will claim to be followers of Christ: “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness’” (Matt. 7:22–23). Those who are excluded will not be just atheists or rank pagans, but nominal Christians who professed to know and trust Christ but who refused to come to Him on His terms.

The Gospel Coalition - Why We Pursue Knowledge

As different as these approaches appear, they have something in common: all three presume education is primarily about a career. Whether that career is motherhood or being a CFO, they are all based on the assumption that education is primarily about generating a skill set for future work. But what if education—what if learning and thinking and knowing—is less about what you do with your knowledge than it is about the person you become in the process? What if education is first and foremost about becoming image bearers?

Just & Sinner Relaunch, Summer 2014

Trent is relocating to Iowa this summer to work as full-time as possible for Just & Sinner Publications, doing anything and everything that needs to be done: editing, researching, writing, design, and, yes, making coffee. Your funding will help him with relocation costs and provide a small stipend so that he can devote as much time as possible to the publishing house without going broke and having to take up busking in Fairfield. He might like to go busking in Fairfield, but for fun, not

Are You Called?

These days, many persons think of careers rather than callings. The biblical challenge to “consider your call” should be extended from the call to salvation to the call to the ministry. John Newton, famous for writing “Amazing Grace,” once remarked that “None but He who made the world can make a Minister of the Gospel.” Only God can call a true minister, and only he can grant the minister the gifts necessary for service. But the great promise of Scripture is that God does call ministers, and presents these servants as gifts to the Church. One key issue here is a common misunderstanding about the will of God. Some models of evangelical piety imply that God’s will is something difficult for us to accept. We sometimes confuse this further by talking about “surrendering” to the will of God. As Paul makes clear in Romans 12:2, the will of God is good, worthy of eager acceptance, and perfect. Those called by God to preach will be given a desire to preach as well as the gifts of preaching. Beyond this, the God-called preacher will feel the same compulsion as the great Apostle, who said, “W

Hobby Lobby Wins: Supreme Court Rules Christian-Owned Businesses Can Reject Birth-Control Mandate

Protesters pray at the steps of the Supreme Court as arguments begin today to challenge the Affordable Care Act's requirement that employers provide coverage for contraception as part of an employee's health care, in Washington March 25, 2014. The U.S. Supreme Court convened on Tuesday to consider whether business owners can object on religious grounds to a provision of President Barack Obama's healthcare law requiring employers to provide health insurance that covers birth control.

Bodies of Israeli kidnapped teens found, government confirms

The leader's angry words came hours after the search for Eyal Yifrach, 19; Gilad Shaar, 16; and Naftali Frenkel, also 16, who were snatched while hitchhiking, ended in the West Bank, where Hamas operates. Sources said the bodies were found in a shallow grave in an open field in the West Bank village of Halhul, just north of Hebron.

World Cup 2014: Clint Dempsey Credits His Savior Jesus Christ for Success in Life

"In college, I joined a team Bible study. God's Word brought me peace and a desire for a relationship with Him," said Dempsey. "I found that questioning Him and searching for answers through Scripture helped me grow and gave me direction. Now my faith in Christ is what gives me confidence for the future. I know that through both good times and bad, He is faithful and will watch over me."


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Ken Ham Says Secular Schools Have Become 'Churches of Atheism' After Energy Group Rejects Homeschooled Graduates

Creation Museum CEO and President Ken Ham said that secular schools have become "churches of atheism" and that culture is becoming more secularized after an Indiana-based energy distribution group announced that it will not be hiring homeschooled graduates.

The Gospel Coalition - Why Choose ‘Rebuild’ for Your Bible Study?

Beginning tomorrow at our  2014 women’s conference  (#TGCW14) nearly 4,000 women will learn from excellent Bible teachers on our theme “God’s Word, Our Story: Hearing from Nehemiah.” But we don’t want the learning to stay in Orlando. “Since we want the fruit of this conference to grow and spread,” Kathleen Nielson explains in a new video, “we wrote a study that people could hold in their hands and share with others.” Authored by Nielson, director of TGC’s women’s initiatives, along with co-founder and president D. A. Carson,  Rebuild  is an eight-week Bible study curriculum on Nehemiah designed to take small groups deep into this remarkable Old Testament book.

The Gospel Coalition - Leaders Listen

But before I’m accused of highlighting the speck in my brother’s eye without attending to the log in my own, let me also admit that it is incumbent on me—as it is on every member of Christ’s body—to seek to understand and value perspectives I do not share. I’m learning quickly that my privileges are my blind spots. I am a married white woman with a graduate education. I do not understand the plight of a poor single black mother in Memphis who worries how rent will be paid and how her children will eat. The evils of poverty and racial discrimination, as two examples, will remain generic evils for me until I seek out stories different from my own. I, too, must learn to listen if ever I am to participate most fully in the body of Christ.

WATCH: Brown vs. Vines, the 'Gay Christian' Debate You've Waited For

"You cannot judge the message by our reaction to it," Brown noted, citing the story of the young man found in Mark 10. In that passage, Jesus has a rather "unfair" message for the rich young ruler: "Go and sell all you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me" (v. 21). The man walks away depressed. Brown made the point that the man's reaction to Christ's command didn't invalidate the orders given, then, transitioning back to the topic of homosexuality, explained that he has seen the "exact opposite fruit" in the lives of several gays who, upon hearing what Scripture says about sexuality, have repented and found transformation through Christ.

Let Religious Freedom Ring | Timothy George | First Things

B ut long before the Constitution was written or America was discovered, Christians have confessed that “God alone is Lord of the conscience.” In the fourth century, Lactantius said, “Religion cannot be a matter of coercion.” The foremost of the Latin Fathers, Augustine, said, “No one can believe except willingly.” In the early years of the Reformation, Luther asserted that “where the temporal authority presumes to prescribe laws for the soul, it encroaches upon God’s government and only misleads souls and destroys them.” These luminaries, joined with the voices of Aquinas, Calvin, Puritan dissenter Roger Williams, and Baptist pastor Isaac Backus, among others, have collectively declared that no one should be compelled to embrace any religion against his will, be forbidden to worship God according to the dictates of conscience, or be prevented from freely and publicly expressing deeply held religious convictions. And this applies not only to individuals, but to churches and other faith-based and religious communities as well.

Innovative Apologetics: Atheist Peter Boghossian Wants to Treat All Believers as Mentally Ill

Get a Basic Overview of the Bible

Virtually every Christian at some point has resolved to read the entire Bible. If we believe the Bible is the Word of God, it’s natural not to want to miss a word of it. If God delivered a letter to your mailbox, I am sure you would read it. But the Bible is a pretty big letter, and its sheer bulk is somewhat daunting, even to the person with the best of intentions. Therefore, few Christians actually keep a resolution to read through the Bible.

Russell Moore Blasts Obama Administration's 'Shocking Audacity' Towards Religious Freedom

Following the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision to allow Hobby Lobby to not cover certain types of birth control on religious grounds, Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Commission, blasted President Barack Obama's treatment of religious liberty issues.

Religious Groups Divided on Hobby Lobby Ruling

It would be a mistake, however, to believe that all religious groups are pleased with Monday’s ruling. Many religious leaders, Christian and non-Christian, see the decision as a setback for both the freedom of faithful practice and access to health care for which they have advocated for years. “The Court has privileged bosses and their corporations–who now are allowed to exercise religious belief, even though a corporation can’t sit in a pew–over women,” said Rev. Dr. Althea Smith-Withers, who chairs the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, whose members include the American Jewish Committee, the Episcopal Church, and the United Church of Christ. “Contraception is a moral good, a fact supported by the various denominations and organizations that make up our coalition. It’s a shame that it may be out of reach for the women who need it the most.”

5 Powerful Prayers From the Bible You Should Memorize

The answer is quite simple. The Bible is littered with prayers from our ancestors in the faith, who occupied time and space with God's glorious presence. There's great power in these prayers, just as there was when they were first uttered, and it's well worth our mental space to memorize and pray them on a regular basis.

Mask-ulinity | Open Biola

Using examples such as music, home, and Israel's bondage in Babylon, Andy Draycott presents the point that we are all from different places and cultures, but must be willing to love others and thei...

Hobby Lobby’s high horse

Josh, Thanks for your response. I guess my ongoing question or thinking is to say that if I am standing on personal beliefs, then I cannot prioritize them over anything else. But, out of sympathy for the owners of Hobby Lobby, I don't think that they see this as a matter of "personal belief." They clearly see this as a matter of standing for what the Bible teaches regarding life. So from their perspective, they would change "personal belief" in the last sentence of your response to "Biblical Truth". Which would then read "Rather than prioritizing biblical truth over general public health." which seems to at least help to see that for them the stakes are higher than if this is just a personal belief, - they believe that they would be going against God's word - which we can agree a Christian should never do. The owners of Hobby Lobby, the Green family, are adoptive parents, and the huge amount of money they give to charities like city rescue mission ( speaks volumes about the fact that they are people who are deeply compassionate and seek to give empathy and support to those in need.

27 Free Radio Offers

Yes, I’d like this free resource. Below is my information so you can send my free copy of Grace for You (Booklet) .

Lionel Richie Says He Was Told Singing 'Jesus Is Love' Would Have Ruined His Career; Yolanda Adams Delivers Spirited Tribute at BET Awards

It was supposed to be a tribute to singer Lionel Richie at the BET Awards show on Sunday but by the time renowned gospel singer Yolanda Adams was done belting out the 1980s Commodores hit "Jesus Is Love," many who watched the performance which drew a standing ovation, felt like they were brought to church.

Social Media Day: Two High Tech Christian Organizations Plan to Help 'Give Evangelism a Powerful Jolt'

"The Internet — and specifically social media — connects millions of people each day," said Wayne Pederson, president and CEO of Reach Beyond. "Even in the most isolated areas of the globe, there are people online. During Social Media week, we want to encourage followers of Jesus to use all means necessary to give evangelism a powerful jolt. Our partnership with GMI helps more people engage with this important content and be inspired to reach out and share their faith."

Matthew Vines and Michael Brown debate homosexuality and the Bible on Moody radio

In addition, Vines is trying to argue that 1) the Bible authors were not aware of “long-term”, “faithful” gay relationships and 2) their failure to explicitly disqualify these “long-term”, “stable” gay sexual relationships means that the Bible actually condones them. A friend of mine pointed out that this is a textbook case of the argument from silence, where someone asserts that because something is not explicitly condemned, then it must be OK. Carried through to its logical end, that would mean that things like identity theft are OK, because they are not mentioned explicitly. Brown asserted that there was a blanket prohibition on homosexual acts. He is arguing from what we know. Vines says that “long-term”, “faithful” homosexual relationships are not mentioned, and are therefore OK. He is arguing from what we don’t know. And he is trying to reverse the burden of proof so that he doesn’t have to show evidence for his view. Brown wouldn’t take the bait. The fact of the matter is that no one for the last 2000 years of church history have taken Vines’ view.

31 Answering Muslims: ISIS Vows to Conquer Mecca and Destroy the Kaaba in Order to Prevent Idolatry

Interesting. Apparently, some members of ISIS recognize that Islam is up to its neck in idolatry. Devout Muslims bow down to the Kaaba five times per day, and when they take the pilgrimage to Mecca, they try to kiss the Black Stone. These practices are sheer paganism, but they are essential to Islam. ISIS wants to make some changes. APA–Representatives of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) stated that they will ruin the Kaaba after capturing Saudi Arabia. APA reports quoting Turkish media that ISIS wants to take control of Arar city of Saudi Arabia and start operations here. ISIS member Abu Turab Al Mugaddasi said that they would destroy the Kaaba in Mecca: “If Allah wills, we will kill those who worship stones in Mecca and destroy the Kaaba. People go to Mecca to touch the stones, not for Allah.” (Source) Here's a video I made last year responding to Islam's idolatrous obsession with the Kaaba and the Black Stone:

The Gospel Coalition - 9 Things You Should Know About Anglicanism

9. There are numerous terms that are unique to or have distinctive meanings when referring to Anglicanism, such as: bishop (a successor to one of the Twelve Apostles, who has been consecrated by other bishops), archbishop (a bishop who has additional responsibilities), communion (refers to both the Lord's Supper and the Anglican Communion), curate (an assistant to the person in charge of a parish), deacon (the initial level of being ordained in the Anglican Church), diocese (fundamental unit of structure of the Anglican church, which contains many parishes and churches), Episcopal Church (The U.S. province of the Anglican Communion calls itself "The Episcopal Church"), parish (smallest unit of administration, usually consisting of only one church), province (administrative division of the church that is bigger than a diocese and smaller than the whole world), rector (a priest who is the leader of a self-supporting parish), and vicar (the priest in charge of a parish or mission that is supported financially from the outside). (Note: Thanks to Alan Jacob for his help on this post.

John Fund - D’Souza’s America

“Did America owe something to the slaves whose labor had been stolen?” he asks in the book. Yes, he says, but “that debt . . . is best discharged through memory, because the slaves are dead and their descendants are better off as a consequence of their ancestors being hauled from Africa to America.” He notes that when the great boxer Muhammad Ali won one of his most famous fights (the “rumble in the jungle” against George Foreman in Zaire in the 1970s), he was asked by a reporter, “Champ, what did you think of Africa?” Ali replied, “Thank God my grandaddy got on that boat!” Ali recognized, D’Souza boldly claims, “that for all the horror of slavery, it was the transmission belt that brought Africans into the orbit of Western freedom.” He quotes the black writer Zora Neale Hurston: “I have no personal memory of those times, and no responsibility for them. Neither has the grandson of the man who held my folks. . . . I have no intention of wasting my time beating on old graves. . . . Slavery is the price I paid for civilization, and that is worth all that I have paid through my ancestors for it.

The Gospel Coalition - Moore Explains Good and Bad News of Hobby Lobby Decision

So even as we celebrate this victory, we realize that if only one Supreme Court justice had changed his or her vote, we would have faced, according to Moore, an awful clampdown on religious liberty. Amid this morning's celebration we're sobered to realize how controversial it has become to carry out basic Christian convictions such as declining to pay for abortion-inducing drugs.  Listen to Mellinger and Moore discuss these points and others in this 13-minute interview . As always you can  get other TGC audio on iTunes  or  subscribe through your other mobile devices .

35 Problems with the Gold Plates of the Book of Mormon - Christian Research Institute

Joseph Smith, Jr., the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS, or Mormons), claimed that after both God the Father and Jesus Christ visited him in 1820, an angel named Moroni, an ancient Nephite warrior, visited him in the fall of 1823. Smith was told by Moroni how he had buried gold plates fourteen centuries earlier not far from the Smith farm near Palmyra, New York. The angel said that they contained a record of ancient inhabitants and the “source from whence they sprang.” Smith claimed he was prohibited from retrieving the gold record for another four years. The story of the gold plates is an absolutely essential part of the Mormon narrative, for in the eyes of many Latter-day Saints, the coming forth of this record, and its subsequent translation into the Book of Mormon , legitimizes their belief that Smith was indeed a prophet sent by God to restore the true Christian faith lost long ago due to a “great apostasy.” The story of the gold plates cannot be underestimated, for without them there can be no Book of Mormon. Though many members of the LDS Church are very familiar with this story, the details surrounding how Smith obtained the plates, how he “translated” the plates, and how a few chosen men saw the plates, have compelled some within the LDS Church to challenge the main components of the account in order to make it sound more credible.

Constructing Separation

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States released its opinion in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, the mostly widely covered (and perhaps important) of the many cases challenging the so-called “contraception mandate.” With the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby, we are re-posting our original article, first published in May of 2013, and revised after oral arguments in March of this year.

WORLD | Hobby Lobby wins big, but questions linger | Emily Belz | June 30, 2014

Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties won big at the Supreme Court on Monday when the court ruled  family-owned businesses have religious freedom protection from Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate. But the decision left many questions unanswered as the court said the government could find alternate ways to provide the objectionable contraceptives to the companies’ employees. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood don’t have to cover Plan B and Ella, but now other objectors will wait and see what the federal government decides to do next.

In Hobby Lobby, A Win for Separation of Church and State

In his majority opinion, Justice Samuel Alito addressed the question of whether the Green family (owners of Hobby Lobby) and the Hahn family (owners of Conestoga Wood Specialties) have a reasonable case to believe that paying for the drugs and devices at issue would be immoral. He noted that the families believe that paying for these things would mean potentially empowering the destruction of a fertilized embryo and would thus be immoral. He then noted that the question here is one the courts, in his words, “have no business addressing.

Great Attitudes for Every Christ Follower to Have - Blog - Think Eternity

Creative Commons, Photo by Vo Minh Thong John Maxwell has taught that "Attitude determines our altitude." The Bible isn't so much a self-help book or all about positive thinking as it is about Christ-centered thinking, but it does clearly guide us to work towards a great attitude.

Renewing Your Mind | David | June 30, 2014

But amazingly, David’s kindhearted attitude toward his enemies did not translate into a soft attitude toward his own sins. Usually, people who are soft with others are soft with themselves, and those hardest on themselves are even harder on others. But David was different. He was gracious with others and honest with himself. I believe David’s greatness was simply this: as much as he sinned, he never failed to own up to his sin. I can’t find a single instance where David was rightly rebuked for his failings and then failed to heed the rebuke. When Nathan confronted David for his adultery and murder, David, after he saw what Nathan was up to, quickly lamented, “I have sinned against the Lord” (12:13). When Joab sent the woman of Tekoa to change David’s mind about Absalom, he listened (chap. 14). When Joab rebuked David for loving his treacherous son more than his loyal servants, David did what Joab told him to do (19:1–8). Joab was often wrong in his advice to David, but when he was right David saw it and changed course. Likewise, after his foolish census, David’s heart struck him and he confessed, “I have sinned greatly in what I have done” (24:10).

Pastors See Domestic Violence as Pro-Life Issue but Rarely Address it, New Study Says

While most Protestant pastors see domestic violence as a pro-life issue and know of victims, they rarely speak about it in their churches, according to a new survey from LifeWay Research, which also found that less than half of them are trained to deal with the issue.

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby President Steve Green, with a life steeped in faith, may be the ideal plaintiff in the looming Supreme Court showdown over religious freedom and the Affordable Cate Act contraception mandate. (RNS)

If RFRA protects for-profit corporations, what's to stop Jehovah's Witnesses' companies from refusing coverage for blood transfusions?

An argument against recognizing RFRA coverage of for-profit corporations that seems to be popping up with some regularity goes like this: Once courts recognize the right of evangelical employers to buy insurance coverage that excludes abortion-causing drugs and devices, or the right of Catholic employers to buy insurance coverage that excludes contraceptives, there is nothing to stop Jehovah’s Witness employers from buying insurance coverage that excludes coverage for blood transfusions. See, e.g., Matthew Boudway at dotCommonweal  (“Should an overzealous Jehovah’s Witness be able to get a group plan that excludes coverage for emergency blood transfusions, even if none of his employees are coreligionists?”); Americans United for Separation of Church and State (“The logic of Plaintiffs’ argument would transcend the provision of coverage for contraception. A Jehovah’s Witness could choose to exclude blood transfusions from his company’s health-insurance coverage.”).

5 Ways to Wait on God Well

But there is value in waiting, because it builds patience. And patience—the capacity and willingness to endure all things—helps turn a passive twiddling of our thumbs into a meaningful, purposeful waiting period. Patience isn't about what you are waiting for, but how you are waiting for it. It’s about waiting well.

Best Books: God, Marriage, and Family, by Andreas Köstenberger

Andreas Köstenberger’s God, Marriage, and Family is a remarkable book insofar as the amount of content it covers. The footnotes alone are worth the price of the book as they are packed with so much additional research and helpful content. The breadth of topics covered in one book is staggering: gender roles, singleness, marriage, sex, birth control, homosexuality, divorce and remarriage, and thoughts on the family-integrated church movement, among others.

Why Gay-Affirming Christians Can't Accept the Inspiration of the Bible

For the last few decades, there have been gay-affirming Christians who reject the full authority of the Bible and who have no problem saying that Moses or Paul were wrong on certain subjects. But it is only in the last few years that there has been a rise in gay-affirming Christians who claim to be orthodox believers in the full inspiration of the Scriptures.

Ida and Galatians 3:28

The new Polish film Ida begins in reverence and ends somewhere less obsequious, if still truthful. It’s the story of a novitiate nun in 1960s Poland who must reconcile with her past before making the vow that will decide her future. Among other things, her struggle allows for a reconsideration of what Paul’s letter to the Galatians might mean in our modern age.


We have seen that guilt is a reality for every person, for all human beings are in violation of God’s commands, and all know it to one degree or another. Left untreated, this guilt will bring everyone under the wrath of God; as it is, people continue to live now only because of His grace. Therefore, all people should seriously wrestle with this question: “What do we do with our guilt?”

Christian Blogger's Post Encouraging Moms to Don Swimsuits Goes Viral

Christian blogger Jessica Turner's post encouraging her fellow mothers to don a swimsuit this summer has gone viral.

The Survival Guide for Apologists Online

Have You ever heard of “Bread-truck Monday?” That’s when a pastor suffers from “Post Sunday Sermon Depression” and seriously considers quitting the ministry to do something like drive a bread-truck.  After all, everything smells like bread and you can listen to sports talk radio all day! I’ve had several of these over my fifteen years in ministry. But heart wrenching disappointment is not just reserved for pastors within the Kingdom–Christian apologists, especially those with a  presence online, often suffer the same type of depression.

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69 Proverbs 31 destroys preconceived "Biblical Womanhood"
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92 WORLD | Justices reject challenge to California’s gay therapy ban | Daniel James Devine | June 30, 2014
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