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3-Minute Clip: Trust Pastors Who Lead by the Book

The church obeys her leaders as her leaders obey the Bible. Authority only reaches as far as it’s based on the book.

What About Those Who Have Never Heard?

What is the fate of those who have never heard? Can they be saved? Do they have knowledge of God? Sean briefly answers these questions.

William Lane Craig debates Daniel Came: Does God exist?

The video of the debate was posted by – Dr. Craig’s organization. This debate occurred in March 2017 at the University of Dublin, in Ireland. The video: (91 minutes)…

Live – The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The seminary community gathers to worship in Alumni Memorial Chapel on Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m.

How do I overcome my fear of evangelism? — Southern Equip

Resources for Church Leaders

You Will Die Without Good Friends

Christian relationships exist to keep us believing. Without Jesus speaking to us through our brothers and sisters, we won’t survive.

I think McEnroe is taking heat for no good reason

Earlier this evening, I saw John McEnroe’s interview with CBS News anchors who grilled him about some remarks he made about Serena Williams (see above). McEnroe said in an interview with NPR …

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The Trinity Solves the First Philosophical Question about Reality

The definition of the Trinity was not invented to solve the problem of the one and the many. Rather, the doctrine of the “Trinity” was formulated to accurately represent three truths Scripture reveals about God: (1) there is one God, (2) the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are each divine, and (3) the three persons are distinct from each other. Given these biblical truths, early Christian writers, such as Tertullian, began to speak of God’s character as triune.

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Man Destroys New Ten Commandments Statue at Arkansas Capitol | The Stream

Nearly three years ago, a Ten Commandments monument at Oklahoma’s Capitol met a similar fate, when a driver crashed his car into the statue, shattering it. That driver was identified as Michael Tate Reed of Van Buren, Arkansas. He was admitted the next day to a hospital for mental treatment and formal charges were never filed. It is not yet clear if he is the same person who attacked the Arkansas monument.

Yes, You Have a Worldview | Stand to Reason

A person’s worldview represents his most fundamental beliefs and assumptions about the universe he inhabits. It reflects how he would answer all the “big questions” of human existence: fundamental questions about who and what we are, where we came from, why we’re here, where (if anywhere) we’re headed, the meaning and purpose of life, the nature of the afterlife, and what counts as a good life here and now. Few people think through these issues in any depth, and fewer still have firm answers to such questions, but a person’s worldview will at least incline him toward certain kinds of answers and away from others….

“Why Does God Allow Evil?” article in Updated CSB Apologetics Study Bible for Students

-good, all-powerful God described in Scripture. If God exists, the theory goes, evil cannot. If evil exists, God cannot. God and evil, like square circles, are logically contradictory and thus cannot coexist. But few philosophers think this argument successful. In fact, even philosophically-informed atheists acknowledge the weakness of this view. After all, it is logically possible that God, though all-powerful and all-knowing, has a good reason for allowing evil to exist. For instance, evil’s presence ensures the preservation of human free will. If we have genuine freedom, then we have the possibility of choosing to do evil rather than good. God is certainly powerful enough to pr

6 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

5 MAJOR Theological Problems with Fidget Spinners

The black mark of Satan’s horns is clearly visible within the beguiling haze of the fidget spinner’s swirls. The devil’s laughing all the way to the 7/11 counter on this one, marketing his unholy emblem to unsuspecting tweens who simply think they are playing with the new hot toy. SMH.

12 Things Your Professors Won't Tell You About God and Science

This is a big one! Too many professors are convinced that Christianity claims the universe is 6,000 years old, and (using the idea in the addressing the previous claim) since the universe has been discovered to be orders of magnitude older, Christianity has been shown to be false. However, the idea that Christianity teaches that the universe is 6,000 years old is false. If this is what you've always believed or been told, tap the link above to discover the truth about the Bible's claims about the age of the universe.

9 The Line of Fire

Check out Dr. Michael Brown’s new TV programs: Word on Fire and Line of Fire TV!

The Briefing 06-27-17 -

With the arrival of warm weather, most of us are able to turn to a stack of books that had to wait for summer. The following is my list of ten recommended books for summer reading. This list must be seen for what it is — a recommendation of ten books I am eager to recommend — books that I found thought-provoking and fun.

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Uncovering torture allegations in Yemen; Ghana rejects former Guantanamo Bay detainees … #WorldTour @onize_ohiks

12 The Briefing 06-27-17 -

As Solomon warned, “Of making many books there is no end” (Ecc 12:12). There is no way to read everything, and not everything deserves to be read. I say that in order to confront the notion that anyone, anywhere, can master all that could be read with profit. I read a great deal, and a large portion of my waking hours are devoted to reading.

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When God gives you a talent, he expects you to use it. It’s like a muscle. If you use it, it will grow. If you don’t, you’ll lose it. If you have a talent but are afraid to use it, or if you get lazy and don’t use it to benefit others, you’re going to lose it. Like the parable of the 10 talents in Luke 19, if you don’t use what God has given you, he will take it away and give it to someone else who will.

The Four Testimonies for the Truth of the Christian Faith: Could It Just Be a Fairy Tale?

Learn more about Dr. Gavin Ortlund: Dr. Fuz Rana and Dr. Gavin Ortlund Gavin Ortlund holds a PhD in historical theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, an MDiv from Covenant Theological Seminary, and a BA in philosophy and religion from the University of Georgia. He is the author of numerous academic articles in journals such as International Journal of Systematic Theology and Modern Theology and has authored several books, including Ascending toward the Beatific Vision: Heaven as the Climax of Anselm’s Proslogion (Brill). He is also a popular blogger and writes regularly for sites like The Gospel Coalition and Desiring God, as well as his personal blog, Soliloquium. Follow RTB_Official for updates! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website:

How Far Is Too Far?

But if we’re able to answer that we’re after more of Jesus in dating and in marriage, the boundaries that once looked so stale, boring, and old-fashioned suddenly become our best friends in the fight. They’re the courageous, faith-filled steps we take to find more of Jesus together. They’re the battles we win together against all of Satan’s worst attacks.

Exclusive Brethren | Apologetics Index

The Exclusive Brethren is the name given (by outsiders) to those among the so-called Plymouth Brethren who, in the mid-nineteenth century, joined John Nelson Darby ( 1800-82) in forming a Christian fellowship which they believed to be based on strict biblical principles. The term ‘exclusive’ was applied because these brethren maintained that it was essential for those who believed in ‘the Truth’ to separate from all others, and to admit to their ‘breaking of bread’ only those who agreed in all doctrinal matters, and who subjected themselves to the same social and moral discipline. The first beginnings of the Brethren movement occurred in the 1820s, when Darby, then an Anglican clergyman in the Church of Ireland, began meeting with others who shared his serious doubts about the validity of Anglican orders and, indeed, about the biblical warrant for any sort of clerical class. These early Brethren were men of education and social position–twelve of the earliest Brethren were, or were training to be, Anglican clergymen (in England and Ireland); five were ministers in Nonconformist churches; a number had private means, including five with titles, and another eight were, or had been, commissioned officers.

Further Proof That the New York Times Peddles in Fear-Mongering Propaganda | The Stream

When it comes to medical care, no one is being denied vital care under this law. Rather, a Christian doctor (or Muslim or Jewish doctor) cannot be forced by the government to perform sex-change surgery if that violates his or her religious beliefs. Once more, nothing controversial or hateful here. Just the protection of our freedoms of conscience and faith. And there is compassion and common sense in the law too. If a gay man wants his partner to have visiting rights, the law does not prevent that. The issue is one of coercion. And all of us, on all sides of the debate, recognize that the government cannot coerce individuals or groups to violate their conscience or their faith.

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Stop Dating Jesus: We Know He Will Come, Just Not When

But waiting for Jesus on the basis of God’s promise also produces hope, because it means the foundation of our waiting is not merely a wish; it’s a certainty grounded in the character of God himself. In Acts 1:10–11, two angels promise that Jesus will return from heaven. That promise produces great hope within us as we cling to it and build our lives upon it. It yields a robustly biblical hope that we will not be condemned at the last day, because Jesus our advocate will rescue us from the wrath to come (1 Thessalonians 1:10).

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The best explanation

Atheists and Christians are both looking for the best explanation of things. The question is: does our experience of beauty, morality, truth and love fit best with the atheist-naturalist worldview or with  Christianity?

Article: Can Moral Objectivism Do Without God? by Peter S. Williams

It is rare that I read an article and while working through it feel tempted to stand up and cheer, "Yes!"However, that is preciously the experience I had while reading Peter S. Williams outstanding article Can Moral Objectivism Do Without God?Williams begins the article with what he refers to as the "most discussed" form of the moral argument for God's existence:1. If God does not exist, objective moral values do not exist.2. Objective moral values do exist.3. Therefore, God exists.The author then puts forth 4 independent reasons why the first premise should be accept: - The argument from moral prescription - The argument from moral obligation - The argument from moral ideas - The argument from moral guilt It is while writing about the second premise that Williams addresses an often confused point in regard to the moral argument. Williams writes: "Writing in his fascinating study of Ethics, Evil and Fiction (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1999), atheist Colin McGinn affirms: When I assert 'this is good' or 'that is evil', I do not mean that I experience desire or aversion, or that I have a feeling of liking or indignation.

Are Your Relational Problems Inherited?

Perhaps you feel you can never be whole on your own — if there’s any hope for a happy life, it depends on the people around you. This is a lie. As much as God loves to give us his grace through the people around us, he does not leave us dependent on them for the grace we need. Indeed, even when everyone around us fails us, we are not alone. We always have Christ’s grace, the Father’s love, and fellowship with the Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 13:14).



Brian Josephson, Nobel Laureate in Physics, Is “80 Percent” Confident in Intelligent Design | Evolution News

I believe that intelligence may play a role in how evolution has occurred. One of the big mistakes of those who attack intelligent design is to regard evolution and God as mutually exclusive, so they say that someone who believes in intelligent design doesn’t believe in evolution, but that’s not the case. Also, I’d say science has disappeared into something political, really, as the statement that “creationism disguised as science” is a totally false view of what’s happened.

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Apologetics: How the Obscenity of the Crucifixion Supports the Truth of the Gospel

With few exceptions, even the most skeptical scholars admit that Jesus was crucified—and with good reason. Not only the authors of the New Testament but also later Christian writers, the Roman historian Tacitus, and quite likely the Jewish historian Josephus mention the crucifixion of Jesus. And it’s highly unlikely that first-century Christians would have fabricated such a shameful fate for the founder of their faith. In the first century A.D., crucifixion represented the darkest possible path to death, after all.

Why Are There Differences in the Gospels?: An Interview with Michael R. Licona - Bible Gateway Blog

So, what were the objectives of ancient authors and how did they write to achieve them? Did their techniques result in the type of differences we observe in the Gospels? As I conducted my research with the objective of answering these questions, I discovered that reading the Gospels in view of their biographical genre sheds light—sometimes a great deal of light—on numerous items that were not so clear previously.

Should Patriotism Have a Place in Church?

Next Tuesday we celebrate July 4th, Independence Day as it’s known for us in the States. And the day itself raises questions about national loyalty for those of us who are strangers, exiles, aliens, and pilgrims on this earth. “Pilgrims and Patriots,” that was our topic back in a past year, in episode 378. But this year we will take a closer look at patriotism in the local church, and the time seems right to pick up an important email from a pastor named Scott who writes: “Pastor John, are there any acceptable displays of patriotism in a church service? I was brought up in a very conservative and patriotic background in which every patriotic holiday was celebrated in a Sunday church service, including Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, the anniversary of 9/11, etc. Elements like pledging the flag and singing patriotic songs were heavily used. Is this okay? I pastor a church that has a history of this, but it makes me uncomfortable.”

TWR360 | Blog

Reasons to Believe emerged from my passion to research, develop, and proclaim the most powerful new reasons to believe in Christ as Creator, Lord, and Savior and to use those new reasons to reach people for Christ. I also am eager to equip Christians to engage, rather than withdraw from or attack, educated non-Christians. One of the approaches I’ve developed, with the help of my RTB colleagues, is a biblical creation model that is testable, falsifiable, and predictive. I enjoy constructively integrating all 66 books of the Bible with all the science disciplines as a way to discover and apply deeper truths. 1 Peter 3:15–16 sets my ministry goal, "Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience." Hugh Ross launched his career at age seven when he went to the library to find out why stars are hot. Physics and astronomy captured his curiosity and never let go. At age seventeen he became the youngest person ever to serve as director of observations for Vancouver's Royal Astronomical Society.

Is Healthy Eating Harming Your Soul?

We serve a creative God who gave us the gift of food not just to nurture our bodies but also to teach us something about Him. Jesus instructs us to ask the Father for our daily bread (Matthew 6:11), and just a few verses later declares that He is the Bread of Life (John 6:35). One of food’s purposes is to point us to the only One who satisfies us heart, body and soul.

When God Doesn’t Give You What You Want

Is God not faithful to me because I am single and desire to be married? Is God not faithful to the family who is trying to have a baby but can’t? Is God’s faithfulness in question when life is hard? Can God not be faithful?

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Not Yet Married

I have been married for forty-eight years. But even now, a half-century later, the days of falling in love and “going with” Noël are still vivid in my memory. They are in a class by themselves. Marriage knows its unfettered ecstasies, but those years leading to marriage were supercharged with never-before and never-since emotions. We need God’s wisdom. And we need his supernatural help to live it out. Marshall Segal is a trustworthy guide. He is conscious of the world but conformed to the Word. God did not leave us without wisdom or power for this volatile season of life. Marshall will point you to both. John Piper, Founder & Teacher,

Six Wrong Reasons to Check Your Phone in the Morning

We each have a role: father, mother, boss, employee, whatever. There are burdens that are coming at us in the day that are weighty. The buck stops with us. Decisions have to be made about our children, the house, the car, the finances, and dozens of other things. Life is full of weighty responsibilities, we feel inadequate for them, and we are lying there in bed feeling fearful — maybe even resentful — that people put so much pressure on us. We are not attracted to this day, and we prefer to avoid it for another five or ten minutes. And there is the phone to help us postpone the day.

Religious Freedom and Discrimination: Why the Debate Continues

Winston Churchill famously believed in the basic cultural unity of those he called the “English-speaking peoples,” meaning, most specifically, Britain and the United States. We’ve historically shared a basic commitment to moral truths including human dignity and liberty, and these commitments have been enshrined in our laws and social life. But Christians in both countries now face the prospect of a disastrous collision between the new sexual liberty prized by the LGBTQ revolution and religious liberty—long recognized in the United States as the first and most foundational freedom.

The Real Meaning of Jeremiah 29:11

God instead promises the Israelites that they will be captive for at least 70 years, and further instructs them to “Seek the welfare of the city I have deported you to” (Jeremiah 29:7). This must have been a hard pill to swallow for the Israelites, so it is unsurprising that God then tells them that “I know the plans I have for you … plans for your welfare, not for disaster.”

Most Anglicans support same-sex couples, survey finds - Premier

For the first time, more than half of Anglicans now believe same-sex relationships are acceptable, according a new British Social Attitudes survey.

This Plane Started Shaking So Badly That the Pilot Asked Passengers to Start Praying

The cabin started shaking so violently that the pilot came on over the loudspeakers and asked the passengers to start praying, twice. They ended up turning back around and heading back to Perth, where everyone was asked to assume a brace position during the landing.

The world's most astonished atheist

Nearly six months pregnant with her second son, she lived in Ossining, N.Y., with her toddler and her then husband, the troubled novelist William (Bill) Lindsay Gresham. Jewish-born and Bronx-raised, Joy had been an atheist since childhood and became a card-carrying member of the Communist Party in her early 20s.

Sometimes God Just Closes Doors

When you stand up for what’s right and end up in jail (as was the case for John); when you have cancer; when you lose your job; when your house is robbed; when your parents get divorced; when you’re sick and laying on the floor and your children ask, “Daddy, are you okay?” Jesus is still Jesus. And he will be enough for you.

In Sex Disputes, Most Americans Still Favor Religious Rights

LifeWay Research conducted the study Sept. 27 – Oct. 1, 2016. The survey was conducted using the web-enabled KnowledgePanel®, a probability-based panel designed to be representative of the U.S. population. Initially, participants are chosen scientifically by a random selection of telephone numbers and residential addresses. Persons in selected households are then invited by telephone or by mail to participate in the web-enabled KnowledgePanel®. For those who agree to participate but do not already have internet access, GfK provides at no cost a laptop and ISP connection.

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It’s Time for More Christians to Address Gun Violence

In a piece on his website supporting gun ownership, Southern Baptist Convention Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission President Russell Moore suggests that gun violence is lowest where community is strongest—and the Church is a keystone community’s keystone. “Both sides of the debate are longing for the kind of civic community that is slipping away in a globalizing, urbanizing America,” he says. “Into this void must step churches that foster and build real communities built on real love and real truth.”

When we are unified in our mission to love and help one another, the gun control debate is reduced to background noise. A Church united in purpose no longer needs to fear the division caused by the debate around personal firearms, and pastors can speak frankly and openly about the problem of gun violence within their communities. At the congregational level, churches can begin working as change-agents within their neighborhoods.

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Making Evangelical Churches More Inviting to Christian Intellectuals

There is a growing crisis in evangelical churches today. However, most evangelicals are unaware of the nature of the emergency or of its looming repercussions. The problem is that many intellectually oriented Christian adults increasingly feel out of place in evangelical churches. They often say that as intellectuals, the typical evangelical church has little to offer them in terms of the life of the mind. Some even feel that their insatiable hunger for thinking and learning has caused them to be viewed as unwelcome within their local church congregations.

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