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How Do We Verify The Validity Of The Gospels? (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace discusses the four part template we use to determine eyewitness reliability. Can this template be applied to the Gospels?

Ten Reasons We Fail To Share Our Faith - Part 1 (Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast #40) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner talks about the first five reasons and provides tips to overcome the obstacles that typically prevent us from sharing what we believe.

Two (Book) Attempts to Understand Rural America

Both books are helpful and important for Christians who care about small places.

Complex organic molecules found on Saturn’s moon Enceladus

From Michelle Starr at ScienceAlert: These findings bolster the hypothesis that, deep under its icy crust, Enceladus could be harbouring simple marine life, clustered around the warmth of hydrothermal vents. Previously, simple organic molecules detected on the little moon were under around 50 atom

Enjoy Watching Jim Gaffigan Try to Write ‘New Yorker’ Cartoon Captions

New Yorker cartoons occupy an interesting place in pop culture. They are theoretically funny, but most of the time they seem to0 “smart” for their own good. Recently, the magazine

This Trailer for ‘Beautiful Boy’ Might Be the Most Emotional Movie Trailer Ever

A trailer for the upcoming adaptation of the memoir Beautiful Boy has just been released, and well, wow. This is a movie trailer that might actually make you start weeping.

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What Does Logic Have to do with Theology?

It is a good question, and I would expect nothing less from the friend who had asked it. Its not just a question those outside of Christianity would have. I would expect only a few people could provide a well-reasoned answer in any given congregation on a Sunday morning. So, let me attempt a brief reply. I know the best way to tackle any problem is to understand what you are addressing clearly. The first step is to define terms (sometimes just doing that can give you an answer). Let’s hear what the Oxford Dictionary has to say:

Five Bad Reasons Not To Study Apologetics

“No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. And I will raise him up on the last day.” (John 6:44) Many quote this verse to show that apologetics is useless in evangelism. Of course, nothing will work if the Holy Spirit isn’t involved. Not apologetics, not sharing the gospel, not preaching, nothing.


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6 God Never Wastes Our Steps

From the time I was twenty-one, I felt desperate to serve God, and I had prayed fervently for him to use me. So, when leaders at my church asked for volunteers to serve on a cleanup team in the youth ministry, I said yes. When the assistant youth pastor asked me to help start a community youth center for at-risk teens, I said yes. When my senior pastor called me and said, “Christine, I want you to be the state director of our denomination’s youth movement, Youth Alive,” I said yes. I was passionate about Jesus and willing to serve in any way that would be useful for the kingdom of God. I had prayed, Here I am Lord, send me.

Stupendous and Super-Colossal Proof and Evidence For God

Wow! Unique apologetics and the answers of what proof really is - see book

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Happy Birthday, Eric!! You are one of the people that encourages me most in my walk with the Lord! I admire how you are bringing people together to talk about the important (and yes, unimportant) things of life! Bonhoeffer was inspiring and wonderful! Blessings!

9 The War for Inner Peace: How Desperation Fuels Contentment

True peace says, “Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord! O Lord, hear my voice” (Psalm 130:1–2). And it also says, “I have calmed and quieted my soul” (Psalm 131:2). Desperation mingled with confidence. Stability alongside restlessness. That is the paradox of authentic peace — of true inner peace in the chaos of our world, steady in Jesus Christ and empowered by his Spirit.

The Bible Has Been Translated Many Times Over, so How Can It Be Reliable?

Christians see the number of translations as a good thing—more people are able to read God’s word in their own language. Others, however, seem to think the number of translations is a bad thing. In fact, they cite the number of translations in order to call into question the Bible’s reliability.

The Eric Metaxas Show - The Show About Everything

The listener favorite shares some miraculous stories of healing around the world.  Listen...

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A Case for the Bible 101: The Bible's Scientific Authenticity

The first thing to note is that the Bible was not written to be a book of science, however, when it speaks of things related to science facts known today it is never incoherent or mythological in its descriptions. In fact, the Bible was giving accurate scientific and medical information thousands of years before their discoveries by humans. Unlike the other so-called “holy books” the Bible speaks about the things of nature, including cosmology, geology, and even biochemistry, in ways that we would speak of them today.

Vincent van Gogh and the Gospel (David Wood) On December 23, 1888, Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh cut off his own ear with a razor and delivered the ear to a girl named Rachel at a local brothel. Many have assumed that van Gogh's ear was some sort of twisted present for a prostitute he loved. However, recent research has shown that Rachel wasn't a prostitute. She was a farmer's daughter who had been mauled by a rabid dog. This new information about Rachel affects our understanding of van Gogh's tragic episode. In this video, I discuss van Gogh and the Gospel. For more on the Gospel, watch these videos by David Wood: "Why I Am a Christian": "What Is the Gospel?":

6 Surprising Stats That Show How Differently Men and Women Feel About Relationships

Men are not from Mars and women are not from Venus. In fact, men and women have a lot more in common than most people think, and a lot of harm is done you try to sort them into little boxes of pre-arranged stereotypes. You end up sounding like one of those unfunny memes floating around Facebook with a joke like “The only difference between a woman and a fishing trip is …” and then you can’t even read the rest because it’s cropped all wrong.

The Difference Between Good Leaders and Great Leaders

Leadership in the church—and especially in the work of church planting—is not gleaned by osmosis. It won’t just “happen.” It takes older leaders intentionally pouring their lives into younger ones. Paul told Timothy to “teach others” what Paul had taught him (2 Tim. 2:2). To raise up young leaders, you don’t need a big leadership program; you need an intentional life.

Infidelity Site Ashley Madison Reveals the Most Adulterous Cities in America

The website Ashley Madison—which claims to help married individuals cheat on their spouses—has revealed which cities are the most adulterous in America.

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What to pray for this week: Let us grasp that to stand for the right to life of all innocent human beings, especially the unborn, the disabled, and the terminally ill is required of us. Download 21 Days of Prayer for Life!

SCOTUS Ruled by ONE Vote Not to Make Pro-Lifers Abortion Salesmen. Here's What That Means.

Justice Thomas answered that requiring doctors to talk about adoption when discussing abortion makes sense. People at abortion facilities are considering that medical procedure. They need to know their options. But women at pregnancy care centers are looking for life-affirming options. So advocating for abortion is not the goal or intent. Pregnancy Care Centers are staffed mostly with volunteers. They exist to offer women other choices, not abortion. Requiring people to act as a sales team for a service they don’t support or sell is a violation of free speech rights.

Is God Real? Are the Laws of Logic Simply Human Conventions? | Cold Case Christianity

All rational discussions (even those related to the existence or non-existence of God) are directed and restrained by the Laws of Logic. Only theism, however, can adequately account for the existence of these transcendent laws . If God exists, He is the absolute, objective, transcendent standard of truth; the Laws of Logic are simply a reflection of His nature. They exist as an extension of His rational thinking, and for this reason, they are as eternal as God Himself. Is God real? Without God as a source for the transcendent Laws of Logic, this question (and any logical journey toward the answer) would be impossible to engage.

Gay Republican Beat by Leftists; Supreme Ct Prolife; Islamists Kill; Bible Law School Shut Down

Author Mike Robinson discusses Gay Republican Attacked by Leftists & Dems, Canada's Supreme Ct ruling that shuts down a Christian Law School due to Gay/Transgender Issues, Muslim terrorists run amuck killing numerous innocent people, the Exclusivity of Jesus and Genesis 3. c

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5 tasks every pastor needs to do today (and every day) — Southern Equip

In 1 Corinthians 2:2. Paul says, “I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” Like Paul, pastors must never tire of preaching Jesus. Pastors do not preach the words of men. They do not preach themselves. They do not preach their own wisdom or man-made techniques. They preach Christ and Him crucified. Jesus himself is the very heart of our message. All the promises of God are yes and amen in Jesus. Christ is all.

25 05/10/14

Frank reflects on the life of Charles Krauthammer who just recently passed away then retakes the topic of his last podcast that focused on the question “What worldview best explains the biggest questions in life?” He deals with some of the most important questions we need to answer. Questions such as: Why is the universe fine-tuned? Why is there reliable cause and effect? Why is there such a thing as evidence? How did life begin? and many more. Listen to find out the answer to these questions.

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Salvation Army backs tax proposals to fund social care - Premier

Speaking to Premier, Jonathan Graham, policy adviser for the Salvation Army said: "There are obviously some very clear problems in how the system current functions and I think a lot of those are to do with how the system is funded and in particular how that system disadvantages people who, in later life, don't necessarily own their own home so aren't allowed to put the value of those homes up as collateral against the costs of their care.

Why Revoice Hurts My Feelings, and Why Nobody Should Care | Blog & Mablog

Whenever something happens that seems impervious to plain reason speaking with an open Bible, one starts to look around for an explanation. How is it possible for something like this to happen? The PCA is supposed to be one of the stalwart evangelical denominations, and we all looked away for a minute and then blammo . Here we all are, pole-axed by the impudence.


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"Rules Without Reasons: Why the Culture Is Eating Evangelicals for Lunch." If left unchecked, this evangelical loss-of-touch with creation and the natural framework within which revealed truths make sense will quickly erode confidence in the Bible itself.

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Officials warn only specialists can identify these clinical benchmarks—I don’t buy that at all. Many kids, and extended adolescent adults, are using gaming to escape from reality. I've seen it from teenagers to grown men.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018 — The Briefing

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Yesterday, by 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court ruled that a California law that would have required pregnancy care centers to, in effect, promote abortion violated the First Amendment’s guarantee of Freedom of Speech. #LibertyofConscience #SCOTUS

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No argument - no matter how persuasive - will be effective

Without the work of the Spirit, no argument — no matter how persuasive — will be effective. But neither will any act of love nor any simple presentation of the gospel. Add the Spirit, though, and the equation changes dramatically. Here’s the key principle: Without God’s work, nothing else works; but with God’s work, many things work. Under the influence of the Holy Spirit, love persuades. By the power of God, the gospel transforms. And with Jesus at work, arguments convince. God is happy to use each of these methods.

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What to pray for this week: Thank God that He is patient with us and is pleased even with our first faltering efforts to fulfill our obligation to our brothers and sisters, born and unborn. Download 21 Days of Prayer for Life!

Cold-Case Christianity Teaching Outlines | Cold Case Christianity

We get requests every day from people just like you who are trying to teach the material from Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels . If you’re a pastor, small group leader, or teacher, we’ve assembled everything you’ll need to effectively communicate the case for the reliability of the New Testament Gospels. If you’ve ever had to make a presentation of this kind, you know the important questions:

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How Do We Save Truth? Interview with Author Abdu Murray

ABDU MURRAY: Thanks for the opportunity to share about the book, Sean.  The title is meant to be a double-entendre.  In and of itself, truth doesn’t need saving but it does need to be saved in the sense that we’ve lost our emphasis on it as a culture.  We’re in a “post-truth” society, which elevates personal preferences and feelings over facts and truth.  We don’t deny that truth exists, we just subordinate it to our preferences.  We think that this will lead to freedom and human dignity and flourishing.  But it won’t.  It will lead to chaos because truth no longer serves as the standard by which to judge human preferences and opinions.  That’s why we’re seeing such vilification of “them.”  Whoever disagrees with our preferences is automatically a villain, even if the truth is on their side.  We need to recover our love of the truth and its primacy if we’re to escape the chaos that so laces our cultural climate.  When we see that truth is the lens through which we should shape and express our preferences, we’ll see the truth that we are made in God’s image and that Jesus redeemed that image at the cross.

How the Ante-Nicene Church Fathers Preserved the Eyewitness Gospel Accounts

The students of the apostles played a pivotal role in preserving and promoting the eyewitness Gospel accounts. While many skeptics claim the New Testament Canon was formed during 4 th Century Church Councils (such as the Council of Nicea or Laodicea), the earliest believers had already preserved the canonical gospels and letters centuries prior . In fact, the early Church leaders prior to the first council at Nicea (known as the Ante-Nicene Church Fathers), began to collect and affirm the canon of Scripture in three separate geographical areas . The first surviving list of canonical texts dates to approximately 170AD in what is now known as the “Muratorian Fragment”, a partial copy of an ancient text discovered in the Ambrosian Library in Milan in the 18th century. This document affirmed and acknowledged Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon, Jude, 1 John, 2 John and Revelation as reliable, apostolic Scripture. The author of the Muratorian Fragment was also careful to warn his readers about Paul’s alleged letters to the Laodiceans and Alexandrians, and a document known as the “Apocalypse of Peter” (identifying these as forgeries).

Yes, Atheists Have Faith. But Do They Have Evidence?

I used to think that Christians had two brains—one was lost and the other was out looking for it. For me, the "faith" of Christianity was an arbitrary decision to dogmatically believe in something despite all the evidence to the contrary. I thought faith was blind. So, when a group of Christians challenged me to investigate the evidence for Christianity intellectually, I thought it was a joke. I accepted their challenge, fully intending to destroy Christianity and rub it in their faces.

10 Reasons Why You Should Trust the Bible

The field of archaeology demonstrates that the Bible is historically accurate. Now, this does not mean that it is inherently “true.” It does mean that it is reliable in its historical details—which gives some pretty good credibility to what else it has to say. If we can trust that the Bible accurately records for us geographical places (Israel, Egypt, Babylon, etc.) and historical people (Herod or Pontius Pilate, for example), it’s very likely it has many other true things to say. One reason I could never trust the Book of Mormon, in contrast, is that most of the places listed in its geography are make-believe. It’s very difficult for me to trust a book that is claiming to be nonfiction when its geography is clearly fiction.

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When Comforting Turns Selfish

A family recently lost their young child. At the funeral, a well-meaning friend says, “Isn’t it comforting to know that God is using her death for good?” The mother stares, nods stiffly, and resolves not to reach out to that friend for comfort in the future. Have you ever wondered why Christians, who should be the most compassionate people on the planet, can say such unhelpful things when hardship hits? We have a whole Bible full of promises that God will redeem terrible situations, and these sentiments should be comforting; but we can often wield them at the wrong time, out of discomfort or fear. In the process we further wound the people we’re trying to help. Instead of trying to paste over evil with biblical platitudes, we must have the courage to acknowledge that evil and suffering are real. We must respect the fact that God’s redemption is often mysterious. Only then can we apply God’s promises to suffering people in a compassionate and loving way. Cold Comfort Blurting out clichés in the face of pain isn’t a uniquely Christian problem. Suffering is uncomfortable and awkward for everyone, and comforters say positive things to try and bring relief as fast as possible.

ADAMS: One Less 'Anti-Fascist' Professor

Professionalism in the college classroom is on the decline. Since the 2016 election, professors all around my campus (UNC-Wilmington) have become much more inclined to use the classroom as a platform to spout political beliefs wholly unrelated to the course subject matter. In the case of one professor, the emotional trauma of Trump’s presidency eventually caused him to become so uncivil and unprofessional that he has now found himself without a job. The story of how that came about can be instructive for conservative and Christian students who find themselves subjected to pervasive abuse in the classroom.

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