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Grace to You Radio

Below is a listing of the resources we've offered free of charge on our radio broadcast recently. For more information and to request your free item, click the button below.

The Real Game of Thrones

There may not be dragons or kings or swords involved, but all across Africa, there is a real battle going on when it comes to the throne. And by throne, we mean toilets. Latrines. Bathrooms .

Evangelicalism’s major turn: the need for ‘generation replant’

For the past 30 years, evangelicals have been learning anew the importance of church planting. Excitement and passion for church planting come right from the New Testament, which is a manifesto for planting rightly ordered churches. A generation of young evangelical pastors have been righteously infected with the vision for church planting. Their heroes are church planters, their inspiration is church planting and their missiology is directed toward the birth of new churches. That must continue. Church planting must remain at the forefront of our mission efforts. The only documentable evangelistic and congregational growth experienced by evangelicals within America’s major urban areas directly traces back to newly planted churches — and replanted churches.

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When is it OK to Quit?

There are several valid reasons to quit your job or other obligations. But of course, you shouldn’t just give it up on a whim without first having given a considerable amount of time and thought towards this decision. Seek advice from people you trust. Pray. Assess the over all situation—is it financially feasible to quit your job right now? Do you have something else lined up? If you back out of helping lead worship at church right now, will they have time to find someone to take your place?

History Could Happen Again

Like Edwards and his spiritual children, we should pray for global revival through the worldwide advance of the gospel. While few of us likely affirm Edwards’s postmillennialism, we can still pray that the kingdom would advance and that the Lord Jesus Christ would hasten his return as the gospel takes root among every people group. We should pray for revival in our own lives, families, local churches, and denominations. And we should long to see that revival escalate into a full-blown spiritual awakening that transforms entire communities through the power of the gospel.

Innovative Apologetics: Darwinian Evolutionary Theory is Unsubstantial & More Than Shaky

Lawrence Krauss debates "A Universe From Nothing" with an astrophysicist

To take an epistemological approach, Krauss starts right off with a deft bait and switch. He starts talking about “nothing” and then proceeds to describe a non-nothing reality. When we talk about “nothing” in relation to the origin of “everything” we truly mean NOTHING. That is the absence of space-time. The absence of zero point energy. The absence of virtual particles. So he is not really addressing the idea of “something” arising from “nothing”. He’s playing a shell game. Next, were these energies and virtual particles operative in the non-material, non-spatial, non-temporal reality that preceeded the universe’s coming into existence? We dont know. There’s no way to know. To assume they were is a HUGE leap of faith. And if we DO assume they were operative where did they come from? The question of origins is still not answered. Then there’s the problem of these subatomic particles whixh appear and disappear at random. Here’s the thing, are these “new” particles that are appearing out of nowhere? Or are they old particles that are disappearing somewhere else and then reappearing where observed? Again, we dont know.

State-Run New Mexico Museum Scrambled to Cover Up Collaboration with Atheistic Groups

In previous articles this week ( here and here ) we saw that New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science (NMMNHS) worked with atheist groups to put on 2014 Darwin Day events that included anti-religious lectures. While the taxpayer-funded and publicly operated museum actively outreached to evolutionary atheist groups to involve them in the events, the partnership excluded participation by groups with other viewpoints, raising serious constitutional questions about freedom of speech and state endorsement of a religious belief, namely atheism. That's bad enough. The situation was made more egregious by a subsequent cover up by the museum, a division of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs.

Church revitalization: restoring the church’s first love

Church revitalization, first and foremost, is not a plan; it’s not a scheme; it’s not a strategy. Primarily, revitalization is a reconnecting with the heart, mind and purpose of the Lord of the church himself; it is a spiritual matter. Revitalization is remembering what God has done, calling for repentance where there is unrepentant sin. Where there is a doubt in the capacity of God we call for faith. We proclaim the Word of God. And we lay out once again what it means to be the church. The goal of revitalization is to help people recapture — as Jesus says in Revelation to the Ephesians — their “first love.”

Who Are Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties?

Last week I introduced a series by Bruce Hausknecht, Focus' judicial analyst, on two cases currently before the U.S. Supreme Court. These cases can potentially have far-reaching implication on the state of religious liberties in our country, which is why it's important that Christians understand what's going on – and what's at stake.

Watching a Lot of TV Has Been Linked to Early Death

The study involved more than 13,200 adults in Spain who were all college graduates, and were around 37 years old at the study's start. Participants were followed for about eight years, over which there were 97 deaths. Those who watched three or more hours of TV a day were twice as likely to die over the study period, compared with those whose watched TV for one hour or less daily, the study found.

Edge of Tomorrow and Tom Cruise’s works-based salvation ethic

Edge of Tomorrow is a Tom Cruise vehicle, but it interestingly doesn’t begin as one. Rather than being the hero, Cruise’s character, Maj. William Cage, is a weasel. The movie takes place in the midst of an ongoing war between humanity and invading aliens, and Cage is essentially the United Defense Force’s PR man - in charge of looking good and wooing new recruits to the cause. When he’s assigned to accompany ground troops as part of a massive attack on the enemy’s front lines, he demurs. “I do this to avoid doing that,” he explains in a huff.

Ask RC: How much detail do we need to go into when evangelizing?

A person brought to an understanding of their need for redemption, and God’s provision in Christ is now well prepared for more. We catechize converts quickly, but not before they are converts. Such a one, I would argue, needs to come to understand the glorious truths contained in the Apostles’ Creed . And from there, the convert, like the rest of us, is called to learn the whole counsel of God. We are called, after all, not to make mere converts but disciples , teaching them to obey whatsoever He has commanded (Matthew 28:20).

How To Have a Good Conversation

Dr. Doug – this is a wise and much needed post. I want to highlight #7 as it is such an important point. So often we feel that if we throw our thoughts and ideas at a person that we can convince them of our beliefs. However, consider how we respond when someone does this to us. We usually just shut off our listening. Why? Because we already believe what we believe and “being told” only causes us to become irritated or ignore a speaker.

He Struggled With Sexual Sin and Suicidal Thoughts; See How God Saved Him: 'It's Never Too Late to Start Over' (VIDEO)

He Struggled With Sexual Sin and Suicidal Thoughts; See How God Saved Him: 'It's Never Too Late to Start Over' (VIDEO)

How Can Self-Denial Be Hedonistic?

The Christian life is a journey to the greatest joy that exists. But “the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few” (Matthew 7:14). Why is that? Because, paradoxically, as Jesus’s disciples learned in Mark 8, in order to pursue our greatest joy, we must deny ourselves.

This Real-Time Map of Lightning Strikes Around the World Is Hypnotic

A small German group called Blitzortung is doing some good work out there: creating a real-time map of the world's lightning strikes. It's crowdsourced by volunteers who set up lightning strike detection kits which instantly relay the information to Blitzotung, and it creates this map . The kits cost about $275 (and, crazily enough, can detect lightning strikes from anywhere in the world) and you can actually be part of the project yourself , if that's your thing.