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How Do We Know the Universe Hasn't Existed Eternally? - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

For those of you who look to science to answer every question, cosmologists are pretty unanimous in agreeing that our universe is not eternal, and in fact begun about 14 billion years ago. You may not like this answer, and so go running toward alternative cosmologies to escape the standard big bang model of the universe. Unfortunately, there is no salvation there either.

The Gospel Coalition - Keller and Carson on When They Experienced Revival

Keller was converted in 1970 at a central Pennsylvanian college where the InterVarsity chapter experienced an unprecedented “awakening” that they soon realized was occurring on other campuses throughout the region. Likewise, Carson witnessed “a singular movement of the Lord” while pastoring in Canada around the same time. Almost two decades later, Keller witnesed in his first couple of years at Redeemer Presyberian Church (1990–91) a reminder of what he experienced in college. “We grew to almost 1,000 people in about two years in the middle of Manhattan at a time when people were leaving the city because of a recession and high crime.”

Starbucks Offers Free College Tuition to Thousands of Workers in Partnership With Arizona State University

Thousands of Starbucks workers will now be able to get their college degrees for free thanks to a partnership between the coffee giant and Arizona State University (ASU) called the Starbucks College Achievement Plan.

CS Lewis: Inventing Religions - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.


Most Christians claim to believe in the sovereignty of God, but many define His sovereignty in a way that ultimately exalts man over God. Scripture continually magnifies the sovereignty of God, but what does this mean? In this lecture, Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. explains what it means to say that God is sovereign and examines the implications of this confession for our lives and ministries.

Seven questions with Paul Pressler about the Conservative Resurgence

We just were friends. We didn’t sit down and say, “You do this and I’ll do that.” The one time he told me what to do was when I went up to Waco, Texas, and had dinner with some students who had been saved from our youth group. … Here were some young people I’d seen saved and their faith was being attacked at a school I was giving money to support. And so I called Paige and said, “We’ve got to do something.” He said, “Well, let me pray about it.” He called me back in a couple of days and said, “Alright, I’ll join you and we’ll do it together. But you have to go see eight or 10 people before to explain what’s going on.” And he gave me the names like Jerry Vines, Homer Lindsay Jr., Adrian Rogers, Jimmy Draper, Richard Jackson, Bailey Smith. So I took a trip around the country and I called these people and I said, “This is Paul Pressler from Houston, Texas. I’m worried about the convention. I think I know a way to solve it, if you’ll give me one hour of your time.” And everybody agreed.

The Briefing 06-17-14

1) Polarization of U.S. exposes deep significance of worldview

8 Grace to You

In a recent, introductory sermon to the book of Acts, I made some observations about the culture in which early Christians lived.  I noted that the environment at the time of the church’s...

No one buying claim that Lois Lerner’s IRS emails were lost - Hot Air

Late Friday, the IRS apparently advised the Ways & Means Committee that the IRS has “lost” Lois Lerner’s hard drive which includes thousands of Defendant Lerner’s e-mail records. However, several statutes and regulations require that the records be accessible by the Committees, and, in turn, must be preserved and made available to TTV in the event of discovery in the pending litigation. Those statutes include the Federal Records Act, Internal Revenue Manual section (which refers to the IRS’s preservation of electronic mail messages), IRS Document 12829 (General Records Schedule 23, Records Common to Most Offices, Item 5 Schedule of Daily Activities), 36 C.F.R. 1230 (reporting accidental destruction,) and 36 CFR 1222.12. Under those records retention regulations, and the Federal Records Act generally, the IRS is required to preserve emails or otherwise contemporaneously transmit records for preservation .

Grace to You

When we assume the role of final, omniscient judge, we imply that we are qualified to judge—that we know and understand all the facts, all the circumstances, and all the motives involved. Therefore, when we assert our right to judge, we will be judged by the same standard of knowledge and wisdom we claim is ours. If we set ourselves up as judge over others, we cannot plead ignorance of the law in reference to ourselves when God judges us. We are especially guilty if we do not practice what we ourselves teach and preach.

I’m now a Dementia Friend

Tell your friends about how they can join you as a Dementia Friend by sharing on facebook or twitter below.

12 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

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The Gospel Coalition - The Day Work Became Personal

The Gospel Coalition is a fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming our ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures.  We yearn to work with all who, in addition to embracing our confession and theological vision for ministry, seek the lordship of Christ over  the whole of life with unabashed hope in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform individuals, communities, and cultures.

The Gospel Coalition - Are You Happy? Pharrell vs. Augustine

The pursuit of happiness is tied to the pursuit of righteousness. —  Like a fish on dry land, we will be miserable if we try to live in a way that we weren’t meant to live. Augustine believed, “No one is happy unless he is righteous” (XIV.25). We are most happy when we align our hearts and actions with the supreme good. When we desire the supreme good “not for the sake of anything else but for its own sake alone,” it will “leave us nothing further to seek for our happiness” (VIII.8). Since the supreme good is God himself, men and women will be most happy when they desire him supremely and delight in imitating his righteousness for its own sake. Unrighteousness and misery result from not loving God supremely and spending our desires on wrong things.  

Missoula resident crowned as Miss Montana

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Todd Starnes - God Redacted from High School Graduation Speech

On Thursday morning, just hours before graduation, Brooks and his parents were summoned to a meeting with the principal. The Hambys were given a notice from the district advising them that if their son “interjects religious content, the sound will be cut off, and a disclaimer to the entire audience must be made explaining the district’s position.”

Why Libertarians Are Wrong About Drugs

Nowhere is this divide more obvious than in the war on drugs. Social conservatives are troubled by drug abuse, especially among the young, and believe that government regulation of certain substances is necessary to curb behavior seen not only as self-destructive but also incompatible with a strong and free community. Libertarians, on the other hand, argue that the heavy-handedness of the nanny state, and the law-enforcement abuses likely to accompany it, present a greater threat to freedom than the prohibited behavior itself. As Milton Friedman put it, “the present system of drug prohibition … does so much more harm than good.”

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Into the Night by Vous Live

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The Gospel Coalition - Evangelism: How the Whole Church Speaks of Jesus

The Gospel Coalition is a fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming our ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures.  We yearn to work with all who, in addition to embracing our confession and theological vision for ministry, seek the lordship of Christ over  the whole of life with unabashed hope in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform individuals, communities, and cultures.

Mavis Staples Remembers Singing with the Band

I don’t want to be gloatin’, you know, but anytime I watch it, it’s refreshing. It’s like the first time. You never get tired of it, you know. And I remember everything about it. I remember every moment that we had doing that. Pops said, “Mavis! Baby, you shouldn’t carry it out so long like that,” when I go, “Heeeyyyy yeeeeaaah.” And I said, “Nah, daddy, that’s the good part. That’s what I feel.” He said, “O.K., do what you feel. That’s the best thing. Do what you feel.”

The Writing's On the Wall

This week we talk to the founder and director of Jesus Culture, Banning Liebscher. Plus, we play a classic summer game, recap the week's news and entertainment, read your feedback and much more ...

WORLD | Books of the Year | June 28, 2014

This year, instead of having one Book of the Year, our committee of five WORLD writers chose an outstanding title in each of three categories—popular theology, history, and analysis. Two more in each category are runners-up, and we’re also spotlighting a book that doesn’t fit in those categories but deserves special recognition.


The most famous Old Testament illustration of the relation between remote and proximate purposes is found in the story of Joseph. At the story’s end, Joseph’s brothers express their fear that he will take revenge on them for all that they had done to him. Joseph’s response shows us a remarkable concurrence at work between proximate and remote purposes. He said, “You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good” (Gen. 50:20). Here, the proximate and the remote seemed to be mutually exclusive. The divine intention was the exact opposite of the human intention. Joseph’s brothers had one goal; God had a different one. The astounding reality here is that the proximate purpose served the remote purpose. This did not absolve the brothers of culpability. Their intent and actions were evil. Yet God deemed it good to let the brothers have their way with Joseph—to a limited extent—that He might achieve His ultimate purpose.

The Gospel Coalition - TGC Releases New Bible Study on Nehemiah

Later this month at our 2014 women's conference  (#TGCW14) about 4,000 women will learn from excellent Bible teachers on our theme “God’s Word, Our Story: Hearing from Nehemiah.” But we don't want the learning to stay in Orlando. We hope women will return home excited to teach other women. To help them and anyone else who wants to join in, we've published a new eight-week Bible study curriculum on Nehemiah. Authored by TGC’s director of women’s initiatives, Kathleen Nielson, along with co-founder and president D. A. Carson, this study is designed to take small groups deep into this significant Old Testament book. Our publishing partner, LifeWay, says of the study : 

Family violence leaves genetic imprint on children

Children in homes affected by violence, suicide, or the incarceration of a family member have significantly shorter telomeres -— a cellular marker of aging -- than those in stable households. The study suggests that the home environment is an important intervention target to reduce the biological impacts of adversity in the lives of young children.

Russell Moore weighs in on Hobby Lobby's China dealings - On Faith & Culture

Kudos to Merrit forcing Moore to admit that Southern Baptist’s Hobby Lobby approach to morality is light-years away from the teachings of Jesus. First, Moore missed the whole point of the question at hand and demonstrated that he couldn’t care less about the abused and enslaved of this world who are not of his own parochial little community (white, Southern, Republican, American, Baptist and male) . So much for God so loves the world, not to mention Jesus’ teachings about how the way we treat “the least of these” is the best indicator of our relationship with him. Second, Merit got Moore to defend himself and Southern Baptists by appealing to the American propensity for denying any consequential responsibility for one’s personal or communal actions. We refuse to connect the dots when it comes to our sin. Moore indicates that to be held accountable for sin any involvement must be direct and personal. This is of course thoroughly American. We can always blame the government (who we argue is not us). We have perfected in this religiously dishonest culture the ability to deny responsibility for the consequences of our theologies, of our words, our politics, and our actions (Jesus included in this list our thoughts as well).


Jim Daly, president and CEO of Focus on the Family, is an expert in fatherhood - in part because his own 'fathers' failed him so badly. His biological dad was an alcoholic. His stepfather deserted him. His foster father accused Jim of trying to kill him. All were out of Jim's life by the time he turned 13. Isn’t it odd - and reminiscent of the hand of God - that the director of the leading organization on family turned out to be a guy whose own background as a kid and son were pretty messed up? Or could it be that successful parenting is discovered not in the perfect, peaceful household but in the midst of battles and messy situations, where God must constantly be called to the scene? That is the mystery unraveled in his book The Good Dad .


Paul, for example, said that he longed to depart and to be with Christ, which was far better than to remain here in this life and in the ministry he had. Historic Christianity has almost universally, but not quite, confessed the idea that the departed saints go immediately to be in the presence of Christ, in what is called the enjoyment of the intermediate state; that is, we are disembodied spirits, and we await the final consummation of the kingdom of Christ, whereby we will experience the resurrection of the body. When, in the Apostles’ Creed, we say, “I believe in the resurrection of the body,” we’re not talking about Christ’s body but about our future resurrected bodies. As I say, historic Christianity believes that there is an immediate transference from this world into the presence of Christ, at least in our disembodied spirit state. For that to happen, some kind of judgment has to take place. For example, Paul would not be ushered into the presence of Christ immediately upon his death without Christ first making an evaluation that Paul was indeed one of his—that he was a justified man in a state of salvation.

Towards a Deeper Theology of Women - The Junia Project

What is this saying about the people of God and our understanding of His will and word if we have to be having this conversation in the first place? Mind you, I speak from a primarily “egalitarian” denominational background where women (theoretically, at least) have always been afforded equal access to the pulpit and to leadership positions. So, maybe I tend to take such “rights” for granted. Yes, I acknowledge that it is indeed a privilege – and a responsibility – to take on such God-ordained roles, but do not all of God’s people – male or female – need to grasp those privileges and responsibilities that God holds out for us? Should we not all participate in the work with which He has entrusted us – no matter what our gender may be? … That being said, I look forward to the ongoing conversation and all that it will reveal about God – and about ourselves! So, thanks for the conversation! (previously posted to Facebook – thought I should go to the source!)

The Gospel Coalition - God’s Forever Family: The Jesus People Movement in America

My primary takeaway from God’s Forever Family is the positive spiritual potential created by stressful cultural upheaval. The Jesus Movement sprang out of the collision of mainstream evangelical Christianity, which had become tired and outdated, with the hippie counterculture of those times. That conflict was used, I believe, by the hand of God to radicalize a whole generation of young Christians. It started, as Eskridge points out, in small ways. One instance was Ted and Elizabeth Wise in the San Francisco Bay area in the mid-1960s. I got to know them a few years later. Ted certainly was a maverick, which I liked about him. But Ted, a dope-smoking non-conformist, was laid hold of by the gospel. In his own words, “Jesus knocked me off my metaphysical ass.” Ted then found his way to a church—sadly, one that had lost its edge. There were no alternatives for new converts like Ted. Both sides tried to make the partnership work. But the parameters of what that church could allow just weren’t bold enough. So Ted and Liz, daring to follow the New Testament, stifled by church tradition, struck out on their own.


Toward these ends—as well as for the sheer pleasure of reading a good book—I’ve chosen a short list, ranging from classics written centuries ago to works from more recent years, all of which offer (in addition to a rich literary experience) various kinds of challenges to most contemporary Christians. Sometimes the challenge is in disturbing material or notions that counter the comfort of commonplace ideas and experiences. Some of the works offer a direct challenge against Christianity or the church. Sometimes the challenging aspect is simply in the work’s level of reading difficulty.

Christians And The Disneyfication of Great Art - Phil Cooke

I’ve never asked Zondervan to publish my work, so that’s not the issue. My frustration is christians complaining about a lack of christian art while totally and completely ignoring or rejecting the christian artists that are out there because they are not white-washed and safe for christian consumption. As for your point about the suffering of historical artists…how do you know what I or other artists have or haven’t suffered? History is great at telling us how those men lived but if you had lived during the time of Tyndale, Van Gogh, Solzhenitsyn you would have known nothing or next to nothing about what they suffered. Just like you don’t know that right now there may be a modern day Van Gogh dying in his bed right now somewhere. As for Michaelangelo he was incredibly famous in his own lifetime and the Sistine Chapel was a paying job (whether or not he liked the price or wanted the job). Regardless of any of this, all art exists because because determined men and women decided to put their blood, sweat and tears into developing the talent needed to make it.

34 30 Abbreviated Arguments for the Existence of God - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Many apologists focus on a few arguments. But did you realize there are multiple arguments for the existence of God? Understand that it would be impossible for one to post an in-depth article on each of these arguments without having written a book. It is not the purpose of this article to present an in-depth look at these arguments. Rather, it is the purpose of this article to open the eyes of the reader to the wealth of arguments that exist for the existence of God. One will note that some arguments, or proofs, are stronger than others. It is not the intent of this article to defend each argument. However, the article does intend to show the strong case for God’s existence when taking all the arguments together as a whole. Most of these arguments were taken from the works of Peter Kreeft. Please see the bibliography and check out his works as he gives a much more detailed explanation of these arguments than what was sought in this article. There may be many more arguments that are not listed in this article. However, the arguments presented are among some of the more popular arguments.

35 The Power of a Two-Letter Word - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

When used properly, it has the ability to stop an aggressive challenger in his tracks, turn the tables, and get him thinking. This modest word is a little giant, putting the ball back into his court and putting you in the driver’s seat of an otherwise out-of-control conversation.

Jerry Coyne's Twisted History of Science and Religion - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

In his latest post on the topic, he promotes the false belief that there is a fundamental conflict between science and religion, and he even makes the wild (and admittedly unproven) claim “that had there been no Christianity, if after the fall of Rome atheism had pervaded the Western world, science would have developed earlier and be far more advanced than it is now.” (For some thoughts on that theory, see this post .)

The Problem of Anonymity in the Mega-Church — Highlands Ministries

Paul describes the church as a body. He reminds us that because we are a body, the eye cannot say to the ear, “I have no need of you.” How much less can the eye say to the ear, “You have no need of me.” Indeed, how can the eye and the ear even speak to each other if they don’t even know each other’s names? That, I would argue, is a nice, organic way to estimate when a church has gotten too big . If I don’t even know the names of those sitting beside me in the pew, I’m pretty sure I’ll find it difficult to do a great job of living out the one anothers.

38 Welcome to Babylon Where Apologetics Must Come Before One Can Even Understand the Gospel - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Revered New Testament scholar D.A. Carson once said that when he used to encounter atheists or agnostics on college campuses it was the Christian God they did not believe in but not so anymore.  Now it is a “god” of their own creation if they have a concept of God at all. I don’t know if you have noticed but we no longer live in a “Christian nation” but in a country as nearly pagan as ancient Rome.

Mess with my stuff! The communal lesson of The Lego Movie

Don’t feel too bad if you somewhat side with President Business. He is, after all, just the extreme version of the kid (or adult) who follows the instructions right down to the last brick, freaking out if pieces from another set even come near. We can’t all be the type that dumps a bucket of random Legos on the floor and comes up with something inspired. In fact, what’s great about The Lego Movie – aside from its endless stream of jokes, including an Abraham Lincoln figure who buzzes around in a space chair – is that it isn’t simply a rant against oppressive order. The movie is equally suspicious of the sort of chaos unbridled individualism can bring.

40 The TC Apologetics Daily

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Will Obama Executive Order Protecting LGBT People from Employment Discrimination Respect Religious Liberty?

"The big question is: will the Executive Order drive out faith-based organizations out of federal contracting?" Stanley Carlson-Thies, founder and president of Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance, wrote in an email to supporters. "The federal government doesn't contract only for aircraft carriers, janitorial services, and IT expertise. It also contracts for research, consulting, and technical assistance, and, increasingly, for social services-particularly USAID and the Bureau of Prisons contract for social services."

‘Feed my sheep’: A shepherd’s call to war

When they had finished breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?” He said to him, “Yes, Lord; you know that I love you.” He said to him, “Feed my lambs.” He said to him a second time, “Simon, son of John, do you love me?” He said to him, “Yes, Lord; you know that I love you.” He said to him, “Tend my sheep.” He said to him the third time, “Simon, son of John, do you love me?” Peter was grieved because he said to him the third time, “Do you love me?” and he said to him, “Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you.” Jesus said to him, “Feed my sheep.”  (John 21:15-17, ESV)

43 Being an evolutionist means there is no bad news - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Being an evolutionist means there is no bad news. If new species appear abruptly in the fossil record, that just means evolution operates in spurts. If species then persist for eons with little modification, that just means evolution takes long breaks. If clever mechanisms are discovered in biology, that just means evolution is smarter than we imagined. If strikingly similar designs are found in distant species, that just means evolution repeats itself. If significant differences are found in allied species, that just means evolution sometimes introduces new designs rapidly. If no likely mechanism can be found for the large-scale change evolution requires, that just means evolution is mysterious. If adaptation responds to environmental signals, that just means evolution has more foresight than was thought. If major predictions of evolution are found to be false, that just means evolution is more complex than we thought.

44 Review of Flight, the Genius of Birds - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

For millennia human beings have looked up at the sky in amazement, wondering what it must feel like to soar through the air like birds. We’ve marveled at this incredible feature of the natural world. The dawn of modern science allowed for better examination of these magnificent creatures, and finally that curiosity turned into an actuality in the early part of the 20th century, as human flight through the aid of machines was finally achieved in the form of one of the greatest engineering feats of human history. Flight, the Genius of Birds (henceforth simply “ Flight “) takes the viewer on a journey into the nature of flight, specifically that of the natural world, and provides insight into the various dynamic cooperative systems that must all be working in unison to allow for such an amazing feature as flight. It is a truly enlightening film that is bound to tickle the curiosity of any thoughtful and open-minded person.

45 Every pastor, youth pastor, and every parent is in competition with the Internet - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Every pastor, youth pastor, and every parent is in competition with the Internet and the information it is spreading. Most young people don't get their news from CNN or CBS, they get it from bloggers. There are about 181 million bloggers vying for the attention of your children. The unlimited amount of online information that people have access to has caused an increase in skepticism that will only continue to become more pervasive. If you don't believe me, go around and talk to young people in colleges and in junior high. Go and make 'truth statements' and you'll hear them say, 'How do you know that's true?' There's so much out there. [For] every kid, even Christians, the age of the Internet is wearing down their convictions because they think tomorrow they'll find something else.

Father Catches Home Run Ball Bare-Handed While Holding Baby, Walks Off Like It's Nothing (VIDEO)

Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki smashes a home run to left field as the father walks out of the tunnel holding his well-shaded baby in his right arm. While the fans around him angle to snag the ball, the dad casually reaches up and plucks it out of the air with his left hand and walks back to his seat. No glove, no problem!

Faith Isn’t About Finding Answers

Faith is about trusting God without knowing all of His plans at one time. Sometimes God is going to lead you down some paths that you do not understand. You know without a shadow of a doubt he is telling you to do something because you keep having signs, an urgency to do it and its like everything is falling into place leading you into that direction. God wants to know that we are going to trust Him and be obedient to Him. Our life is about pleasing God and bringing Him glory. Seek the answers that God wants to give you but please know that God is a God that wants to know that we trust Him and can take His word that He has our best interest at heart without doubting Him. So that may be what is meant when some say sometimes we don't have to know everything before we trust God in what he is doing. I can tell you from experience that it takes patience, faith and an obedient heart to follow God. God is not going to tell us everything from A-Z about his plan for our life. And if you think about it, we would worry to much if we knew too much and our will would kick in and we would think it is unfair that we have to do this and that.

US World Cup Hero Clint Dempsey Says His Relationship With God Is Boosted by Soccer

"In college, I joined a team Bible study. God's Word brought me peace and a desire for a relationship with Him," Dempsey said. "I found that questioning Him and searching for answers through Scripture helped me grow and gave me direction. Now my faith in Christ is what gives me confidence for the future. I know that through both good times and bad, He is faithful and will watch over me."

God Is Sovereign <em>and</em> We Are Responsible

Moreover, the theologians who wrote the Confession affirm the reality of contingency , namely, that from a human perspective, things can occur in different ways. I can choose to eat or not to eat bacon—such a decision is a contingent one. The Confession, therefore, places contingency in the heart of God’s sovereign ordination of whatsoever comes to pass. In other words, we are not forced to sin—Adam was free to sin or not to sin. God’s decree did not force him to do what he was unwilling to do. In this respect, note what the Confession states: “God hath endued the will of man with that natural liberty, that it is neither forced, nor, by any absolute necessity of nature, determined to good, or evil” (9:1). The Confession affirms divine sovereignty and human responsibility.

50 Ask Pastor Matt: Does Genesis 1 Make Any Sense? - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Every week I receive wonderful questions from believers and skeptics alike.  I publish one of those questions with my attempt to answer it here every week.  This past week I was asked if “Genesis 1 makes any sense?”  The questioner read the text and was confused how it was that light is created on day one but the sun and stars aren’t created until day four.  This seeker also was confused by the text seeming to claim that the moon is a source of light and that animals and people are created but the fossil evidence points to a great gap between certain creatures such as dinosaurs and the existence of humankind.  Once again, this is a great question!

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